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DISCLAIMER: I am not, in any way, hating on the BB members! I’m not saying that I agree with why haters bash the members, I’m saying that I can see a sense of why they’re angry or bitter or just plain hateful, but definitely do not agree with them.

Haters are always going to be present in the K-Pop world, whether I like it or not. Unfortunately for me, BIGBANG is no exception, no matter how hard I, and a lot other VIPs, try to defend them.

G-Dragon seems to be the one with the most hate. Some people still cling on to his marijuana incident in an attempt to ruin his reputation, and a lot of haters hate how apparently “swaggy” and “arrogant” and “selfish” he’s become. On some level, I agree with them - GD’s done pretty stupid things in his life, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love him with every fiber of my being still.

Seungri is next, and only, in my opinion, because of that stupid sex scandal that happened years ago. Haters need to move on. Seungri doesn’t deserve the hate, and I hate how he still gets shit for it. He works incredibly hard to provide good entertainment and some ungrateful people lack decency and throw it back into his face. If that eye-bagged life-ruining shameless idiot wants to have sex with a girl, he can go fucking get it. I’ll even throw in a dozen towels for good measure. You go, panda.

I’m not quite sure with Taeyang and TOP, but I’m certainly aware of people who think that Taeyang has become a “GD copycat”, a “ghetto-wannabe” and even a hypocrite. With TOP, I know how some VIPs are unsatisfied with him because he doesn’t seem to hang out with the BB members a lot and seems uninterested in continuing to be a BIGBANG member. The hate towards them isn’t as bad as GD’s and Seungri’s are, but it’s still incredibly rude and mean and I hate it.

I tend to ignore these hateful comments, because they’re basically feeble means of ruining their reputations. It’s almost boring, really, to read them over and over again, because they’re just pathetic and incredibly repetitive. But when people have the galls to go against Daesung, that’s when I get really pissed off.

Kang Daesung is literally the nicest idol I can think of. He’s sweet, he loves his fans, he does his best at whatever he does, and from what I know he’s not fond of going out and partying. Bless his sexy-chested soul, he’s an embodiment of a smiling angel, and the rest of the BB members clearly love him, as well. This is precisely the reason I always get shocked and disgusted when people hate on him for being ugly. This is also the reason I always lash out when people use his car crash as a means of winning pathetic fanwars (i.e. YG’s full of drug smugglers and murderers). Like hoooooly shit, okay? I can bear people hating on GD, Seungri, Taeyang and TOP no matter how fucking stupid and ridiculous those hateful, barbaric statements sound, but I will not, in any circumstances, allow people hating on Daesung. No way in fucking hell. He has done absolutely nothing wrong and there is literally no reason to hate on him. Haters who bash him for being “ugly” in their eyes and/or give him shit for a car accident that was, WHO WOULD’VE FUCKING THOUGHT, an accident, and something he almost actually killed himself over are, in my opinion, wrong in the head, because Daesung might not be your favorite member of BIGBANG, but it’s fucking impossible to hate him.