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Tonight On: There Are Too Many Similarities Between Sakakura & Komaeda For It To Be a Coincidence:

  • Both have Type O blood.
  • Both have a signature green, long-waist jackets.
  • Both have some parallel connection to Naegi (Komaeda being a ‘darker parallel’ and Sakakura being an ‘unlucky parallel.’)
  • Both loathe Junko Enoshima.
  • Both are upset they were unable to kill her themselves.
  • Both of them willingly amputate their left hand.
  • Both of them get impaled by a spear.
  • Both of them state from the very beginning that they’re willing to die so long as the people who matter to them survive.
  • Both are gay.

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weaponized humans betrayed by the men who held the most power over them. destructive forces bent on seeking recompense. no one they’ve killed has been innocent. deal in blood and weapons and shadows. twin thorns in daredevil’s side. 

Anna and Elsa Vs. The Stan Twins

Hey everyone! So I watched Frozen last week and as I was watching it I realized that Anna and Elsa have some BIG parallels to the Stan twins from Gravity Falls and I really want to share my findings

Here’s what I noticed:

1. They had a close bond as kids

2. Something occurred between them that caused Ford and Elsa to push their sibling away from them. Stan and Anna were away from their sibling for a while. They really missed their sibling. 

3. Elsa and Ford both enjoy life on their own and think they found where they belong. 

4. Stan and Anna go visit their sibling, but it turns out to be a disaster. They both get hurt by their sibling. 

5. Stan and Anna sacrifice themselves just for their sibling, despite them not being so nice to them before.

6. Ford and Elsa huge their siblings, realizing just how much they care for them, feeling bad for their mistakes

Finally 7. stan and anna are fixed and things cool between the siblings. They start to bond again

Wow. They have so many parallels. My mind is blown. 

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the assumption I've been going on is that Wish!Robin came from David's "what you deserve" wish, working on ths same idea that Regina could use Aladdin

That’s def a possibility. I’d go as far as to say the possibility that makes the most sense. Assuming that the wish treated Mayor!Regina and Queen! Regina as two separate entities, and deemed Mayor!Regina guiltless for stuff done before they were split, it would make sense that it would go, “You get your dead boyfriend back, and you’re a snake now.” 

(Which, side note. Charming, my dude, I love you but that was one of the most poorly worded wishes I’ve ever heard in my whole life. I mean, how do you know what set of morals the wish is going to use to judge what she deserves? Because, if it was using mine, Regina would have poofed into solitary in a triple security prison but, using someone else’s, it would have poofed her back in her Mayoral office with a fresh appletini, ya feel?)

It’s kind of funny though. Because, for that to make sense, the wish would have to treat Regina as both one person (for the wish to work on both parts of her) and as two people (for each side to get something different) at the same time. Genie wishes aren’t usually that nuanced.  

It’s also funny because, I just checked the transcript and this is exactly what he said, “I wish… that the Evil Queen gets exactly… what she deserves. And “Regina” encompasses both sides of her, but “the Evil Queen” has really only used to refer to the “bad” side of Regina since this arc started. I feel like Charming was pretty specifically only targeting that half of Regina, which I feel *should* be possible since he was specific enough and Aladdin wasn’t doing that genie thing where you dick around with the wisher (though, honestly, it didn’t seem like Aladdin was actively granting wishes so much as being a passive conduit for the wish granting) and, as far as I know, that’s not a limitation on wish magic. 

Anyway, we shall see how they choose to explain this, but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that makes more sense than this.  



So a while back I was watching Lilo and Stitch with some pals and this scene really seemed to have some parallels with Amethyst… obviously Ame does have a family, one that loves her very much, but this scene seemed to resonate with her thoughts on “home” in On the Run and I just really wanted to draw out a scenario with this dialogue..  


Pines Twins + parallels pt.2

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I'm cracking up at these psych quotes, what a great show. And putting them in Merlin context is gold. Keep up the excellent work as always!! :)

Thank you so much!! I love Psych so much - it was my first favorite TV show - the definition of hilarity and my ultimate comfort show. I actually wrote a Merlin Psych AU at one point…I think Shawn and Merlin have some interesting parallels that go beyond humor :) Glad you like the blog!


steve writes down new things he wants to experience, bucky writes down old things that he has already experienced but are still new information to him. bucky writes to remember the past, steve writes to try to move on & adjust to the future despite being haunted by the past. they are both standing with one foot on each side; straddling the thin line between the present & the past. they are men out of time.

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