have some otp in celebration of me being done with finals

Gather ‘round Nakamas! (One piece ask meme)

Monkey D. Luffy - What is the thing you treasure the most?

Dadan - Have you ever cried while bidding goodbye to anyone?

Roronoa Zoro - Are you good with directions?

Kuina - Have you ever done something and succeeded, when others have told you that it will not work?

Sanji - What fictional food from any anime/cartoon/book/tv series do you want to try the most?

Zeff - How much do you relate with #growingupwithstrictparents?

Usopp - How many followers do you have?

Kaya - What is your favourite anime and anime characters?

Nami - What is your dream?

Bellemere - Will you tell the truth even if it cost you your life?

Nojiko - Do you have someone who is so close to you that they feel more like a sibling than a friend?

Arlong - What is the most despicable thing you have ever done?

Tony Tony Chopper - What subjects do you like/do well at in school?

Dr Kureha - How old do you want to live to?

Dr Hiluluk - Do you think you have ever influenced anyone?

Nico Robin - Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favourite book?

Jaguar D. Saul - Who makes you laugh the most?

Franky - What are some of the SUPER awesome blogs that you like?

Iceburg - Do you hide your true personality? Why?

Paulie - What are some of your interests/hobbies?

Brook - Do you play an instrument? If so, what do you play?

Laboon - What is the thing you want to draw the most, but know people will be shocked to see it? If you can, draw it.

Going Merry - What is the saddest scene you have ever watched/read in any movie/anime/cartoon/book?

Thousand Sunny - If you are a part of the strawhat crew, what will be your role on the ship? Who will be you be closest to?

Nefetari Vivi - Name one thing you want to change in this world.

Carue - What is your favourite animal?

Igaram - Are you an early bird or night owl?

Crocodile - Are you one of those people who never drinks water?

Daz Bones - Do you like your job?

Bon Clay - What is your sexual orientation?

Mr 3 - If you could do your hair in any style without fear of judgement, how would it look like?

Conis - What is the favourite part of your personality?

Wiper - What is the worst injury you have gotten?

Enel - What superpowers do you want to have?

Rob Lucci - Would you consider yourself evil, good, or neutral?

Hattori - Tell us about your OTP/s?

Kalifa - Lots of bubbles or lots of rubber ducks?

Kaku - Have you ever been mistaken as another person before?

Perona - What would you post with the tag #growingupwithsiblings?

Caimie - Who is your favourite character from any folklore/myth?

Pappug - What are some interesting facts about yourself?

Hatchan - Do you forgive people easily?

Silvers Rayleigh - Do you like history? If so, what culture/civilization is most fascinating to you?

Tenryuubito - How would you rule your own government?/What would you do if you had power?

Shirahoshi - What is one thing that has made you stronger in life?

Megalo - Would you ever want to swim with sharks?

Queen Otohime - What would you do in order to change someone’s mind/persuade people?

Fisher Tiger - Do you put your beliefs into action?

Ivankov -  If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?

Inazuma - Can you post a selfie?

Dracule Mihawk - What do you think of adoption?

Jinbe - What country do you live in?

Buggy - What is the least favourite part of your personality?

Boa Hancock - Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for.

Bartholomew Kuma - Where do you want to go for vacation?

Gekko Moria - Do you like watching scary movies?

Marshall D. Teach - Do you fear death?

Donquixote doflamingo - Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t last year?

Coby - Are you an independant person?

Helmeppo - What are some life values you have learnt?

Monkey D. Garp - Do you have any regrets?

Sengoku - What do you expect to be like in your elderly years?

Smoker - Do you smoke?

Tashigi - Do you wear glasses?

Sakazuki(Akainu) - Do you think before you act?

Kuzan(Aokiji) - If you can change a certain part of the plot of a story/anime/cartoon/tv series, which part will you change?

Borsalino(Kizaru) - What kind of item would you buy from an antique store?

Red Hair Shanks - Name some of the most influential characters, who have very little screentime, you have ever seen in any books/animes/cartoon/tv series etc?

Benn Beckman - Post the most obscure song from your music library.

Yasopp - What would you tell the person (or people) you hurt most if you had a second chance?

Edward Newgate(Whitebeard) - How angry can you get? Talk about one time you were angry.

Marco - If you were a bird, what species would you be?

Portgas D. Ace - Have you found your purpose in life?

Jozu - What is your favourite number?

Thatch - How do you want people to remember you once you’ve passed?

Charlotte Linlin(Big mom) - Do you like sweets?

Kaido - What music do you want to be played at your funeral?

Basil Hawkins - What is your zodiac sign?

Scratchmen Apoo - What is your favourite band/music?

Jewellry Bonney - What is your favourite food?

Urouge - What is your religion?

X-Drake - Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.

Capone Bege - How do you like to take your tea/coffee?

Eustass Kid - What is your guilty pleasure?

Killer - Look around you and pick one item you will use as a weapon in war. What is your reason for picking it?

Trafalgar Law - What is your favourite bread?

Donquixote Rocinante(Corazon) - Do you like the idea of a guardian angel?

Bepo - If your pet could talk, what kind of conversations do you think you will have with it?

Shachi - How old are you?

Penguin - What is your most famous post on Tumblr?

Monet - If you can be any fictional character, who will you be?

Vergo -  What is a word/phrase you dread to hear?

Rebecca - Who are your tumblr friends?

Kyros - Do you want to get married?

Viola - Have you ever became friends with someone you loathed?

Trebol - Have you ever encouraged someone to make a bad decision?

Pika - What are your pet peeves?

Diamante - Do you hate the last boy you talked to?

Sugar - If you can choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would that be?

Baby 5 - Have you ever suffered from low self esteem? Do you still?

Bellamy - Have you ever put all your trust in the wrong person?

Bartolomeo - Which celebrity/public figure do you admire the most?

Cavendish - Do you like the way you look?

Farul - What makes your pet special?

Monkey D. Dragon - Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 25, give me line 10.

Sabo - Who are your favourite big brother characters in any anime/cartoon/tv series/books?

Koala - If you can change your first (and/or middle name), what do you want to change it to?

Gol D. Roger - Who are some of the most important characters (alive/dead) that have set the entire scene for the anime/cartoon/tv series/book etc?

Den den mushi - Do you prefer handphone or den den mushi?

East Blue - Which character has your favourite recruitment scene?

Alabasta - What will you prepare for a desert trip? How long do you think you will last in a desert?

Skypiea - What do you want to do most on that island? What dial do you want the most?

Water 7 - How will you prepare for the Aqua Laguna? Where will you hide?

Thriller Bark - Which place scares you the most on this island? What would you do to avoid your shadow from being taken away?

Sabaody Archipelago - Will you jump on the bubbles like Luffy have done? What activities do you want to try out the most on that island?

Fishman Island - What do you want to do most in that island? What souvenirs will you bring back?

Dressrosa - How will you get people to remember you once you’ve been turned into a toy? What toy do you want to become? 


anonymous asked:

Could you do a preference of your first kiss with everyone from the team? <3

It took all I had to not write a full fic for Loki or Steve, my god.
So this one is definitely more innocent than my last one (with only a few lead ups to sexy times but no actual smut), so have BUCKETS FULL OF FLUFF (and angst.  There’s angst.) Bucky’s is borderline smut, you have been warned.

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anonymous asked:

hey i know you already did a mcspirk Hogwarts au but holey moley do you have any more ideas about it because that was truly a blessing

Sure thing anon:

  • Since they’re all in different houses (Bones is in Hufflepuff, Spock in Ravenclaw and Jim in Slytherin <- click them for the original AU), past curfew, they don’t really have a place to hang out together. Yet somehow, Spock still wakes up one morning with both Bones and Jim at either side of him. The other boys in his room don’t even look remotely confused or annoyed that there’s a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff in their bedroom. And honestly, Spock is quite impressed that they managed to sneak in past curfew, bribed the password off a Ravenclaw, and found his bed without waking him up. All three of them skip their first period to lie in bed a little longer despite Spock’s initial protests. 
  • Bones helps out in the Hospital Wing with Madam Pomfrey on Wednesdays after class, and so Spock and Jim have their own date nights then. Mostly they do homework together in the library or they visit Hagrid. For as long as the weather allows it they also like to sit outside a lot and enjoy the lake, or go for a run along the forest line. Their quiet time usually helps Jim relax.
  • The three of them attending the winter ball as each other’s dates. They dance together, get drunk on spiked punch, and spend a lot of time just making out together.
  • Bones and Spock going home over the Christmas break, but Jim’s mom is out doing field research on Dragons in muggle-populated areas, so he’s staying. Both boys think that’s just not done, so Bones drags him home with him. On Christmas morning Jim actually wakes up to the scent of fresh bread, tea, and sweets, and there’s presents for him under the tree and Bones’ parents are so nice. Spock shows up a day later, with some extra presents for them, and Jim’s chest feels tight when he’s in their company because of his love for these two. And they spend the entire Christmas break practicing Quidditch - even Bones, though he really, really hates flying, they’re practicing their magic, and Bones’ dad takes them to a Quidditch game. Jim loves them even more afterwards.
  • Bones doesn’t realize just how much he’s in love with these dorks until they’re up against a Boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts. He’s expecting something with flying, or crashing down or whatever. But instead, the Boggart turns into Spock. He’s just lifelessly on the floor in front of Bones’ feet. And it changes shape, until Jim’s there, still breathing, but Bones is forced to watch the life disappear from those bright blue eyes and he just freezes. He feels like no air is getting into his lungs and he’s just falling into a panic attack because these are his boyfriends, and he couldn’t do anything to save them. Even when the real Spock wraps his arms around Bones’ shoulders and pulls him away from the Boggart, Bones is still just not okay. Spock takes him out of the classroom and just holds him tightly, his hand rubbing over Bones’ back softly to calm him down and Bones is like sobbing into Spock’s shirt and apologizing for being emotionally compromised.
  • Jim’s talking to his Gryffindor classmate Scotty when he passes them and he throws them a sweet smile because his boyfriends are hugging and that’s cute. But then he’s dragged in by Spock and he realizes Bones is just really upset over something and both boys just hug Bones so tightly until he’s calmed down.
  • Jim is still struggling with Potions. He’s literally the smartest in so many things, but he just can’t do Potions well. His attempt to make love potions are terrible and smell like feet and so Spock and Bones stay after class-hours to help Jim create the perfect potion. When Jim asks Spock what it smells like, the initial answer ls “old books in the library”, which, odd, but it’s Spock, and then “the perfume you gave me for Christmas” and “the shampoo in Bones’ hair when he’s just showered after his shift in the hospital wing.” And Jim is literally jumping up and down because 1) the potion’s finally worked and 2) that’s the most romantic thing ever.
  • Jim accidentally kicking Spock off his broomstick with a Bludger during a Quidditch match. He can hear Bones yelling at him over the rest of the audience. Spock’s got a concussion, but nothing Bones and Madam Pomfrey can’t fix. While Spock is in the hospital wing drinking a potion prepared to help him heal, Jim sits with him both apologizing to Spock for hurting him and meanwhile boasting to Bones because Slytherin won the Quidditch match. 
  • Someone else has accidentally drank Jim’s love potion and Bones and Spock just watch him try and escape this girl. “Should we help him?” Spock asks, watching Jim struggling to shake the girl off, and Bones leans in to kiss Spock’s cheek. “Nah.”
  • Spock becomes a prefect in his fifth year. Initially Bones and Jim think that’s hilarious, and surely that means the rules don’t apply to them as much. They change their minds after Spock sends them both to detention for skipping class. They don’t actually talk to Spock again until Spock makes it up to them by showing them the Prefect’s bathrooms. Cue the three of them taking a bath together, loads of bubbles and soap everywhere, and the hot water’s not the only thing making it a lil’ steamy.
  • The boys being genuinely proud of each other when the other houses win the House Cup and they celebrate with butter beers and wearing each other’s colors for a while, even on the train back home for the summer.

Just Jim, Spock, and Bones in Hogwarts, man. It’s so great.

30-Day OTP Challenge Phan Edition // Day 27: Birthday

Genre: Lots o’ fluff

Words: 1.3k

Warnings: lil bit of swearing

Summary: It’s Dan’s birthday, and Dan and Phil finally have a day off to themselves, so they spend a lazy day in.

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the best thing (harvey/mike)

Mike is surprised when he looks up to see Donna standing on the other side of his cubicle wall. He’s even more surprised when she states, “Jessica wants to see you.”

Mike opens his mouth to ask why but before the words form she has turned on her heel and stalked off. Confused and more than a little anxious, Mike caps his highlighter, standing from his desk and shucking his suit jacket on before heading upstairs to Jessica’s office.

She greets him warmly when he knocks on her open glass door, and it does little to ease his nerves. The worst blows come from behind a wide smile, and Jessica may know his secret but that doesn’t mean he’s safe, not really.

He’s so busy mentally preparing for the worst – history has shown that nothing good can come from him being called into Jessica’s office without Harvey – that he actually doesn’t recognize the good news at first. Jessica seems nothing short of amused by his non reaction, and his mind is processing the words but they don’t make sense no matter how long passes since she said the words.

“Can you say that again?” he asks.

Jessica smiles at him. “You’re being promoted to Senior Associate.”

“Why?” Mike blurts without even thinking. He immediately regrets the question, but Jessica is just laughing, amused.

“You’ve worked hard for a long time now. The Voltware settlement was the deciding factor, but we both know it would’ve happened sooner or later.”

“But that was Harvey’s case,” Mike points out.

She nods. “And you were the one that broke it.”

Mike feels like an idiot for wanting to protest, to point out that he would never have broken it without Harvey, that they were a perfect team. The way they feed off each other and make each other better to break their cases was a testament to their working relationship. He’s not sure he would’ve broken that case without Harvey there. But to keep protesting when he’s being offered a position he’s been coveting since his first day and is finally being offered is stupid. Yeah, Harvey might’ve been the point of inspiration that sparked the solution, but it was still Mike.

He still deserved this.

Jessica is talking at him and he’s smiling and nodding along, not really paying attention to the words. His mind is all white noise, the excitement and nerves and pride blocking everything out. That is until some of Jessica’s words crash through his filter.

“… I know Harvey wasn’t exactly thrilled about this but…”

It’s like all the happiness melts out of his body. His heart starts thudding in his chest and he can feel the anger welling within.

Harvey didn’t want him to be promoted.

It feels like a betrayal of everything he thought his and Harvey’s relationship was about. Why isn’t Harvey happy for him? Why does he want to keep Mike down? Not that he wanted to unnecessarily romanticize their relationship or anything, but he thought over the last few years he and Harvey had gotten to the point where they were more than just colleagues. He cares about Harvey, wants everything that’s good in the world for him, wants him to achieve anything he wants to achieve and will happily help him reach any goal. Didn’t Harvey feel the same about him?

When he leaves Jessica instead of feeling elated he feels furious. He goes straight to Harvey’s office, only to find it empty.

“Where is he?” he asks Donna, who is of course still at her cubicle.

Donna looks up at him and her face immediately falls. “What’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you get called to Jessica’s office and Harvey leaves work in the middle of the day and now you come looking for Harvey looking like you want to murder him in his sleep. What’s wrong?”

Mike ruminates on that for a moment and when he realizes he immediately blurts, “Wait, so he didn’t tell you?”

Donna shakes her head, showing nothing but concern.

“Where is he?” Mike repeats, because Harvey is against Mike being promoted and he’s left in the middle of the day and has somehow managed to keep everything from Donna and Mike just needs answers.

Donna shrugs. “He said he was leaving for the day and to tell you to keep working on the Ferguson settlement paperwork.”

Fuck that, Mike thinks. Said thoughts must be showing on his face, because Donna says regretfully, “I honestly don’t know where he is.”

“I’ll find him,” Mike declares, and he heads back to his desk to grab his things before walking out of the office.

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Erron Black x Kung Jin From Fluff to Smut and Back to Fluff

So I decided to continue on again with this little fanfic series of mine Click Here for Previous “Chapter”. I guess this one will be the last one. But it does contain smut as you can see from the title so if you’re not into that you don’t have to read it but it’s not too hardcore (cause I’m not the best at writing smut in the first place and it’s short) and I guess I wanted more of a comedic fic than a plain smutty one! So it’s supposed to be comedic not so serious! Anyways here it is. And feel free to tell me what you think!

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this is so long omfg. let’s go!


  • okay there was a LOT going on here, let’s start with the fun stuff:
    • “she broke up with you? who would do that?”
    • maggie “drink something a little harder and lose my cool” sawyer, be still my heart.
    • maggie calling alex a nerd. girl, you work for the science police.
    • alex suggesting a pinball bar.
  • that entire scene with alex and winn. alex is like, here is a whole lot of super personal details about maggie. winn: what’s a maggie? isn’t that exactly how it goes though? THIS THING HAS BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE VERY QUICKLY. everyone else: who da fuck is this thing? and then they worked some kind of wizard spell and managed to make winn’s crush on kara both not the worst thing ever and also a totally pointed reference. good job, show! and then alex’s face murdered me, part 1.
  • ”we’ll go and celebrate singledom,” says the girl who has never enjoyed dating and from the sounds of it has never actually been in a relationship. this entire scene is like a fucking master class in unravelling a plot point around your active story. maggie is well within her rights to be like, hold up what’s going on here? and alex’s response of utter confusion is perfect because it sets up maggie’s “my bad, then.” even if i hadn’t read the interviews with the show runners about this, i’d still have said at this point HALLELU THE SLOW BURN LIVES, because ngl, that very first scene had crushed all my dreams. but then. BUT THEN. (then that scene ended with alex’s poor confused face murdering me, part 2.)
  • (then alex was about to blurt out her gay awakening, only to be interrupted by kara’s. HEY LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT IN A MOMENT. ALSO ALEX AND KARA. ALSO IN A MINUTE.)
  • “my whole life has been about being perfect–” “OH GOD IT’S HAPPENING.”
    • this was perfect. perfect perfect perfect.
    • chyler smashed it out of the park with this amazing balance between alex’s absolute terror of the unknown and complete wonder that she may have finally solved this puzzle. alex’s face murdered me, part 3.
    • alex walked out of that scene BUZZING, and god, what an amazing thing to see. because it’s always scary, but it’s not always the most terrible thing on earth, and it was just so nice to see that on tv for once.
    • and maggie! this was about alex, not about the ship, and it was played in such a way that made me fall a little in love with her. thankyouforbeingafriend.mp3
  • and so the slow burn is saved! SAVED! because “wow this new girl is really neat and i think i want to kiss her???” isn’t the making of an otp. let them be buds. ALEX COULD DO WITH A FRIEND. A FRIEND SHE WILL EVENTUALLY MAKE OUT WITH, BUT STILL A FRIEND.
  • i’m emotional, don’t touch me.


  • alex and kara! science fairs! scary movies! punk rock music! this little glimpse into the tiny danvers sisters, post-alex’s broken arm! god, alex really did take her job of looking after kara and teaching her so seriously, you can just see all the steps from there to 2 years ago and alex’s spiral once she lost that part of her life as they both went off to college.
  • (and again, magical storytelling: let mon-el find his thing… ALEX FIND YOUR THING.)
  • but also, i adore that alex genuinely was going to tell kara, even if it did get interrupted. HEY NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT WHY.


  • lena showing up at kara’s work to ask her out on a date!
  • lena showing up at kara’s home to ask supergirl out also on a date!
    • (i paused this scene to type some words and i looked back up to see i had paused on lena staring at kara’s mouth and just started LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY LIKE OH MY GOD WHERE IS THIS EVEN GOING BESIDES GAYTOWN???)
  • kara showing up on lena’s balcony was clearly an homage to supergirl’s love for other wealthy CEOs made me cackle like a lunatic, i think this is the point where my brain started leaking out of my ears
  • “kara and i will see you tomorrow night”
  • i’m just loving every damn thing they’re doing with lena at this point
    • so doctor cadmus is mrs luthor. this very explicitly gives us context for where lena was coming from with her little alien detector, far more than the vaguely defined lex. they’ve set it out: she’s the daughter (and probably sister) of a alien bigot, and she was raised to be one, too. she is one, even if she wraps it up in empowering humans to protect themselves.
    • but she’s also secretly trying to sabotage the crime gangs her mother in funding.
    • and she’s actively fraternizing with aliens in public.
    • and there’s the whole blah blah i just want to do good blah, which in the context of being a capitalist libertarian is so much whatever BUUUUUUUUUT.
    • “you can’t live in fear. you more than anyone must understand that. time and again you risk everything to see justice done, is it so hard to believe that i feel the same way?” AND THEN, “are you one of those people who thinks there’s no such thing as a good luthor?”
    • WHAT DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT HER MOTHER’S INVOLVEMENT WITH CADMUS? because i’m pretty sure it’s something.
    • so is she trying to bring her mother down, or is she about to get a rude awakening that will drive her into the arm of team supergirl. i honestly can’t tell at this point, and i love iiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  • i ship them so much oh my god.


  • mon-el’s first day of school work! kara you nerd, i’m surprised you didn’t buy him a lunchbox. tbh, i’m still loving the hell out of their entire storyline and the way it’s being used to forward kara over and above everything else, like god this show how you do me so right.
  • that mon-el is as bad a liar as kara, but also less manipulative (bribery coffee!) is interesting, especially in light of the whole kryptonians are snobs vs daxamites are party boys.
  • once again kara’s grossed out by humans and aliens doing the sex thing, my sweet little prude.
  • no strip clubs for you, little daxamite!


  • “that was close.” “yeah, for their car.”
  • they finally put some of the cgi budget into showing kara carrying someone for real!
  • everything about winn and james, including and most especially winn poking james in the bruised ribs
  • twooooo mentions of cat, bless their socks
  • science saved them!
  • kara/potstickers otp
  • “soon you’ll learn your fico score!”
See You Then

A/N: I wrote this for featuringluke and thehalcyonclub’s blurb night and I’m quite tired so this might not be that great, but here it is. 

“So your new single has taken off big time, am I right? I mean, within a matter of weeks it’s been released and just shot right to the top of the charts.” Your face grew warm as you rested your elbows on the table, leaning closer to the microphone as you tried to keep your hands over your cheeks. “I think personally it deserves to be at the number one spot and I’m hoping we get to announce you for number one this morning. Sorry 5sos, but you’ve had the spot for way too long.”

“I would shit my pants if I kicked 5 seconds of summer out of their top one spot.” You gasped, pressing your hand over your heart. “It would feel awful to steal that away from them.”

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anonymous asked:

what did you think of the kabby moment? i thought it was so intimate and so them

okay, yes, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here for meta and I am finding some. To my shocked delight okay let’s have a waffle shall we? 

That finale was…Weird. I still haven’t sorted out most of my feelings about it yet but I think “Go to him” was my favourite line in that episode and one of my favourite lines this season.

 I love that Clarke can see Abby and Marcus’ relationship, how it’s evolved, how it’s grown, how much she cares for him. the look on her face in that scene as she watches him shatter under the weight of what he’s done; what he just tried to do (neatly paralleling the way she shattered for the same reasons at the very beginning of this episode after Clarke woke her up) contains about a thousand spoken lines of dialogue that are never needed. One look and that’s it, Clarke knows, the audience knows just how deeply she cares for this man. 

And I really do love Clarke’s line. Because we’ve all had a bit of a debate about how Clarke would react to the whole Kabby thing. She loved Jake so fiercely and there’s so much complicated and confused history with Jake between mother and daughter (which still hasn’t adequately been teased out and resolved as far as I’m concerned) but I sort of think, for me, this little scene was perfect for showing how Clarke feels about Abby moving on after her father. 

I expect more reaction to their relationship in the next season (surely we’ll get some more reaction? Though at this point I’m not saying surely anything with this show) but in that moment I think that was a beat of this episode that played out perfectly. Clarke - who just watched the woman she loved walk away from her and die again can empathise with her mother’s need to be with Marcus right now and she lets her go. 

I don’t think it’s quite ‘giving her permission’ that sounds a little more controlling than what I’m trying to go for here but I think it’s acceptance, really. Clarke accepts her mother’s choices, her mother’s need to be loved and to love. Abby is brimming over with love, she is so full of it and she needs someone to give it to, she needs someone to cherish and comfort and hold and be with and Clarke understands that.

 So this is a gentle moment amidst the chaos of what’s happened and it’s just something that Clarke can do for Abby after all Abby has done for her. It’s Clarke’s way of saying I know how you feel and it’s okay. It’s less permission and more of a blessing; not just to go to him in this moment but to stay with him. If he gives her hope, if he gives her back the love she lost and the happiness she deserves Clarke’s okay with that. 

And I think that moment and all of the weight behind those few words is so important to Abby? Because I think Clarke is one of the only things that would make her consider her relationship with Marcus. That’s the reason that she doesn’t go to him immediately after she sees him break down, both literally and figuratively it’s Clarke. Wanting to make sure Clarke is physically recovering but also not wanting to push this on her until she’s ready and this is Clarke telling her that she’s ready; that it’s okay; she’s fine (figuratively and literally - she feels fine physically and she’s fine with what’s taking shape between Abby and Marcus) so yes I have a lot of feelings about “Go to him” 

Then there’s the way the actual going to him is written and played and I think you’re right nonnie, I think it’s absolutely, perfectly them. I think it contrasts quite nicely to the Murphy/Emori hug/reunion of a few minutes ago. I think it could have played out like that, calling each other’s names, the dramatic running to each other and sweeping each other up in their arms but I like this better. It’s gentle, it’s tender, it’s empathetic and understated and them. 

I got similar vibes and talked about similar things with the reunion scene in 2x08. I didn’t want the fanfare and the dramatics because it’s just not them. What we got was perfect then and what they gave us here was perfect again. 

I love, love, love the gentle hand on his shoulder. The thought that Marcus might not want her there with him is almost unthinkable after everything they’ve been through (and the reason he took the damn chip in the first place) but in light of what’s happened I think it’s incredibly important that that first touch, that first person that approaches him, her, does so in this way. 

It’s questioning. It’s tentative. It gives him the ability to pull back, to withdraw, to ask for time to himself, it gives him agency. It gives him choice. It reminds him that he has choices again after the City of Light because from the moment Jaha held that gun to her head all of his choices were stripped away. 

So for paralleling and contrasting I think it’s incredibly important that she’s the one that returns them to him; reminds him that he can choose now. And I think it also reminds him that he didn’t have choices before, when he climbed the tower, when he attacked and killed but he has them now, he can reject her if he wishes, he can pull away if he wishes, he can choose. 

There’s absolutely no dialogue between them in this scene (and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there was any dialogue between them at all in that episode) and you know, circumstances dictated most of it but not that scene, that scene the complete lack of dialogue was deliberate and I’m in love with it. These two have been through so much together; they have so much history and I think this scene reminds you of that. 

They’ve transcended words in that moment, they don’t need them to know each other, to understand each other, to comfort and love each other and it’s just beautifully framed and played (Paige and Ian do so fucking much with relatively so little in that scene, the emotion, the relief, the comfort, the reassurance, the intimacy that they manage to convey in that moment is utterly staggering) 

From the moment her hand touches his shoulder the world dissolves around them. The camera focuses only on them, the people in the background become little more than blurred out shapes; this is their moment, their time and I think it reflects the feeling that’s inspired in both of them. Most of the scenes like this between them, even way back in season 1, these little beats between them are almost always shot like this: to the exclusion of everyone else but them. 

Those people around them don’t matter right now; the other people reuniting and celebrating, the things they’ve done, the things they were forced to do, the death, the chaos, the end of the world, it all fades away, becomes a blurred shape in the background. In that moment all that matters is them. They have each other again; everything they went through was worth it; they’re here, they’re found, they’re safe, it’s over, they’re home. 

I love the gentleness in this scene. I love that that’s the way they chose to play this, that that’s what they chose to emphasise here in this moment: tenderness, the comfort and strength of a gentle touch. This episode was full of a lot of life-changing violence for both of them: Marcus tried to kill Bellamy (and likely harmed several other people climbing the tower and in that final assault) and Abby shot another human being dead to protect her daughter. Both of these things will haunt and shape and change them both.

And so as a counter to that; as a striking contrast I’m so grateful that they played out this reunion scene that way? This isn’t a time for dramatic, rough declarations of love and commitment (as the kiss was in 3x09: that was a moment that called for heat and passion and rough hands and thoughtless, raw emotion; it worked beautifully as a culmination of that episode arc and also a culmination of their relationship to that point) but it wouldn’t have worked in that reunion scene.

I’m glad they got that tender moment. I’m glad it was filled with gentle touch and choice and intimacy. After the violence they’ve experienced and perpetrated in that episode, this final closing moment being so full of gentleness is important I think; really important, and hopefully frames their recovery arc for next season (but I’m not holding my breath) Even when Marcus’ accepts her and they embrace, their hands, those hands that are both now blood-stained, both marred with violence, remain so gentle on one another’s bodies and I think that’s why I love the deliberate tenderness of that scene: because when they have the choice this is how they are and it makes a striking contrast to the things that were forced upon them in this episode.

Going back a little bit to what I said about the shoulder touch being super important for reasons of choice and agency as a reminder from her to Marcus that he has those again I love the way the rest of the scene plays out. Even when he turns to her she doesn’t immediately pull him into her arms, she lets him see her, lets him take her in, lets him understand that she’s all right, a little battered and broken but she’s okay, she got out and she’s still here with him.  

She lets him process his emotions and I’m probably moving onto the point of the meta where I inevitably start ‘Lauren you’re reading too much into this’ but this is important to me and I don’t fucking care. Marcus Kane is introduced to us as an incredibly cold, closed off character. He does what needs to be done when it needs to be done and he makes decisions based on logic and reason, there’s no room for feelings, no room for mercy, no room for friendship. There is only the very black and white mentality of right vs wrong; needs done vs doesn’t need done, that’s about it.

And this is something that’s built into the core of his character and the core of his arc (which I have talked about way too much already, we will not rehash that here) but the point I’m driving at is that we realise, as those layers are peeled away, that Marcus feels everything incredibly deeply. That feeling, that emotion is what’s driven his character arc: the need to make amends, the need to be better, the need to change, the need to grow, the need to help and heal.

But it’s something that the narrative around him resisted because the characters around him (largely Jaha though I’m not blaming him entirely) used that unfeeling mask to their advantage. “You are not weakened by sentiment” is along the lines of what Jaha says to him early on; I have faith that you can do what needs to be done because you’re not weakened by feelings. Weakened. That’s an important word here because Marcus’ mask was for so long something he perceived as a strength, it enabled him to do what needed to be done and a big chunk of his arc was overcoming that mentality, that mask.

So this scene is incredibly important to me because Abby here validates and empathises with his emotions. Abby has been one of the big driving forces behind Marcus’ character development because she challenged those ideals, right from the beginning she challenged him to become the man that deep down he’s always been. She has always been the one to draw a more vulnerable, emotional side from him, she has always been the one to welcome his emotions and this scene I think hammers it home.

I can’t remember ever seeing Marcus breaking like this. I can’t remember Marcus ever leaning on someone for support as much as he does with Abby here. Marcus completely breaks down in her arms in this scene and it’s a stunning moment for his character arc but also for their relationship development. His emotions are valid, they are validated by her, by her presence, by her comfort, by her hesitation, every second she spends here offers him choices and empathy something he’s had too little of since his arc began.

Marcus shouldered the weight of impossible choices; choices that no-one else would make so that compelled him to do so. Choices that mirrored the one he made when he took the chip for Abby when Jaha held a gun to his head, choices that weren’t really choices at all. And to make those choices bearable he stripped himself bare, stripped himself of every emotion, every feeling, every bit of humanity he had.

This scene is about Abby returning and validating both of those things for him. The hesitation, the gentle touch to let him know she’s there; he’s not alone, and the choice of whether to accept her or not. She lets him see her, lets him process then slowly sinks down beside him and only then, only when he’s been given ample choice to pull away and instead leans into her does she fold him into her arms and allow him to break down. This scene makes it so clear how important his agency is to her and it also makes it clear that he isn’t alone.

He doesn’t have to go through everything alone anymore, he doesn’t have to suffer in silence, he doesn’t have to withdraw and shut himself away for the greater good. She’s here; she’s here and she will love him, she will support him through whatever comes for them and however he reacts to it. She will be his pillar of support as he has been hers and their entire peoples’ for so long, she will let him be less than strong, she will let him have that ‘weakness’, those emotions he kept hidden for so long, she will let him shatter and tell him that’s okay and help him pick up the pieces afterwards because she knows he needs this.

As another beat in their character and relationship development I think this is so important for them to have (because he performs the same role for her) Both of them at the beginning of this series are isolated; both of them are reckless and self-destructive; both of them are largely alone by choice; both of them are shockingly independent (Abby in particular, I need to make a proper post on this) they have a very ‘if you want something done right you do it yourself’ mentality; they don’t let other people in; they don’t let other people help them.

This moment then, this bit of empathy and acceptance is so incredibly important for both of them. They have someone that they can rely on, someone who will help them, someone who will shelter and protect them so they don’t have to be strong, someone they can trust who will support them so they don’t have to do everything themselves. Someone who will love them and care for them and defend them until the end of this world and beyond. They have someone they can let their walls down with, someone they don’t always have to be incredibly, impossibly strong for all the time.

They have a partner.

That’s how they end this season. As equals. As partners. As two halves of one whole the supports and completes and heals and helps the other. The first season they ended as allies, a tentative truce based on the things they needed and shared goals. The first season they ended as friends; a unit, ready to work together and support one another. This season they end as partners – as lovers, as support, as everything to each other.

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Favorite Olicity kisses?

The true answer: all of them.

But I’m going to pick my top 3, in no particular order.

3.01 The first kiss

Gif source

When Felicity asks him to tell her he never loved her, Oliver’s emotions completely take over. He can’t have her think for a single second that he didn’t mean everything: when he told her he loved her in the mansion, the look they shared on the island, all the moments inbetween S2 en S3 of longing looks and small touches full of desire and affection, him finally asking her out, the date where they were so full of nerves because of how important it was to both of them that made it perfectly perfect - until it got blown up. 

He can’t cope with her thinking he didn’t feel all of it. So he throws himself - ever so softly, but fiercely - into a kiss with her, to show her, to assure her, to do this one thing he’s wanted to do for eons.

And then it hits them: they’re kissing each other. They’re kissing the person they’ve been in love with for such a long time. It hits both of them like a ton of bricks. Their love gets cemented into their bones, forever. The emotions course through their entire nerve system, making them wrapped in each other, completely blind to where they are. It feels amazing, it feels so right. They can’t stop. They don’t ever want to stop.

But then they do. Reality hits them while they desperately want to hold on to their moment of the world standing still around them. Both of them keep gravitating towards each other. The desire to start a new kiss and maybe deepen it, to keep breathing each other in, to feel the brushing of each other’s lips for just a second longer, to hold her in his hands so close to him for just a moment longer. To keep holding on to each other, because in that moment it’s the only thing they ever want to do. 

But they can’t. Because Oliver doesn’t know how, and Felicity needs him to know how.

4.01 The kiss in the loft

GIF source

It’s just so full of love.  It’s spills over on screen, you’re practically tripping over it while watching. They’re blissfully happy. They made the decision to be a part of the team again while still being able to live their lives the way they want to for the rest of their lives: together, in love and being loved. Oliver just looks so content, genuinely happy and so in love in this moment, more so than we’d ever seen him on the show before

This kiss and the whole moment itself also makes it very clear to me that they know each other. Their movements, their minds, their bodies, the way they physically express what they desire, the way they just know by the way they pull each other close what’s about to happen (spoiler alert: some good old, amazing sexy times). Oliver deepens the kiss, and Felicity knows, understands what Oliver’s desire is in that moment. The same way Oliver knows that when Felicity wraps her arms around him and answers his strengthening of the kiss with as much desire as himself, he feels, knows, understands that she feels the same wanting as he does. It’s a sort of “routine”, a little intimate dance they’ve done numerous of times by now. That loving building up to a more heated moment is clearly something they enjoy and love taking their time for. That reveling in each other, that simple moment of pure love and desire that courses through them. It makes them so happy that they both know and understand that about each other and it makes them love each other even more. Which ends up with more loving kisses and the circle of love keeps spinning…

4.09 The kiss in the limo after the proposal

GIF source

I don’t really know how to explain this one, I just simply love this kiss. How it’s so visible, how they both come together in the middle and give a gentle, intimate, loving kiss, fully capturing each other’s lips. How they’ve clearly not been able to stop giving each other little pecks of love. How they so sweetly brush each other’s noses in pure affection for one another. How Oliver’s utter adoration for her is so apparent. How Felicity’s love for him is so clear. How they’re so intertwined with one another, hands and lips and everything else, as much as is socially acceptable to be in the back of a limo with a driver in front. How every single movement tells you that they can’t wait to be home, alone together, reveling in happiness, celebrating their engagement the only way they really, really want to right now: making sweet, intimate, affectionate love to one another.

(*lovesick full-on heart-eyes mode sigh*)

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Please talk about your problems with the SG-1 finale?

Sure! I’ll collate some of the rants in my Unending tag here for you. :-)

I have a lot of problems with Unending. So I’ll start with the things I don’t mind about it.

I love that Sam learned to play the cello. It’s random, sure, but I’ve always wanted to learn to play drums and I assure you if I suddenly started taking drum lessons and playing drums an hour a day everyone watching the show of my life would be like, “LOL, drums!? How random!” And it seems like one of those things she might have always wished she’d done but never made time for, because she was focused on school or her career. So I like the idea that she had one beautiful thing that had nothing to do with space or science or the SGC to turn to while they were stuck up there.

I loved the little scenes we got of the team celebrating holidays together, just enjoying each other’s company.

I thought Cam sort of losing it from boredom and frustration was entirely realistic. 

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Zude- The Proposal

Another concept from beasardo- Jude would like to propose to Gideon but he’s afraid to ask him (or how I wish HTF season three would have ended)

Tapping his hand on the table Jude once more fidgeted with the collar of his shirt. Lionel had invited Jude out for a nice business lunch to get away from the stress of The Area. Much to her dismay however being around Jude was actually becoming a lot more stressful then The Area ever would be. They hadn’t even received their starters yet and Jude was driving her crazy. As soon as he started tapping his foot she snapped “Jude what the hell is wrong with you? You’ve been acting like someone put a mafia hit out on you since you walked into the restaurant” her tone held a mixture of exasperation, concern and curiosity.

All at once Jude’s posture slumped as he rubbed his eyes “sorry I didn’t mean to be annoying I’ve just got a lot on my mind” he sighed. Over the time that she’d known him Lionel had become very close to Jude, she understood better then anyone how delicate he was and how much he needed to be cared for just like her. So seeing him upset brought out all of her protective instincts “is it Zero because I’m honestly not above hiring at hitman or at the very least firing him” she deadpanned.

Sometimes Jude was slightly overwhelmed by the fierceness of Lionel’s friendship, because he wasn’t used to someone being so determinedly loyal to him. The very thought of her sacrificing the good of the team just to protect his feelings helped Jude to relax and even put a little smile on his face. However, his thoughts soon turned back to the problem he was currently facing “It’s nothing Zero’s done he’s amazing actually. There’s just something I want to do and I’m not sure how he’ll respond,” he explains still not sure he wants to announce his plans to anyone yet. That is if he even goes through with it. To calm his nerves Jude attempted to take a few calming breaths.

With one eyebrow arched Lionel leaned back in her chair “if you want to try being the one on top I’m sure Zero would roll with it” she responded as if she was commenting on the weather. Jude literally choked on his own breath “that’s not what I meant at all” he explained his cheeks reddening with embarrassment. Jude knew for a fact that Gideon didn’t mind him being on top but that was a different situation completely, those are very private tender moments when he was allowed to call Zero by his actual name. Saved for a few seconds by the waiter arriving with their starters gave Jude a moment to compose himself.

Just as Lionel took a bite of her starter Jude spoke “I think I want to ask Zero to marry me” the words rushed out him like a damn had burst. This time it was Lionel’s turn to choke “really?” her voice was full of excitement. Everything in her demeanor had changed all of a sudden she was beaming with pride and happiness as if Jude was proposing to her. Stunned by her reaction it took awhile for Jude to speak “yeah everything between us is just so perfect and I want to make that commitment a real commitment for both of us you know? I mean we’re building a house together I want the promise of a life together to go with it I think he and I both really deserve it” he explains the passion and yearning in his voice is undeniable.

Moved by his words Lionel had to blink back tears “Jude that’s beautiful! Why are you so scared about it?” she asked softly. Running a hand through his hair Jude sighed, “Zero’s complicated and I’m worried he’ll think it’s stupid and you know how much he hates labels. Plus he’s never even called me his boyfriend” just admitting his worries made him doubt his decision. Not missing a beat however Lionel snorted “Jude everyone except you apparently knows how much Zero loves you he’d do anything for you. Trust me he’d never say no to you. So how are you going to do it?” she asked excitedly. Clearly her tone left no room for discussion apparently this was something Jude was going to do and Lionel was going to make sure of it.

The rest of their lunch was a blissfully happy affair with Lionel coming up with the most over the top proposal suggestions. As they left the restaurant Jude felt like for once in his life he wasn’t carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Lionel linked arms with while typing something on her phone “can you give me a lift back to the arena? I got an uber here,” she inquired off handedly. They both knew he was going to drive her just like they both knew he didn’t mind her using him a guide dog as she kept her eyes on her phone. Even as they drove to the arena Lionel’s attention was fully directed towards her phone. Not that Jude minded he had bigger things to think about like how he was going to propose to Gideon.

Once they were outside the area Lionel finally turned her attention back to Jude “there’s a problem with the generator or something can you come in and help just for a little while? Then you can go home and plan the biggest proposal ever I promise” her begging tone and big eyes had him nodding in seconds. Anyway it would give him the perfect excuse to see Gideon not that he ever really needed an excuse. The arena was oddly empty when they entered the doors but before Jude could comment on it a huge scream echoed through The Arena coming from the court.

Without even looking at each other they both made their way towards the court the door to which was open. The lights were off as they entered “hello? Is anyone in here?” Jude called out into the darkness. As he spoke one the spotlights hit his face “who’s there?” he asked putting his hands up to shield is face from the light. The light lowered from his face onto the floor and began moving towards the court confused Jude followed the light. Soon he found himself in what must have been the middle of the court alone. Just a he realized Lionel was no longer at his side music started playing.

More spotlights appeared around Jude revealing the devil girls surrounding him all dressed in white outfits. Jude had never been more confused in his life at what was happening, were they trying to prank him or something? As if he was in some sort of musical the girls began dancing to the music. It was like he’d stumbled into their dance rehearsal and they’d yet to notice. It wasn’t until Kyle and Ahsha started dancing at him forcing him to walk backwards that he realized this was planned. Kyle winked at him before she and Ahsha pushed him onto a chair.

Then they disappeared into the darkness just like the rest of the dancers. At this point Jude was beginning to get annoyed with it all “seriously guys I don’t really know what’s going on but does someone want to explain?” he asked a little nervous that maybe Jelena was playing a trick on him. Just as his imagination was beginning to run away with him Gideon appeared in front of him. Looking like angel in a blue suit without a tie. Jude breathed a sigh of relief “want to explain what’s going on?” he asked as he stood up.

Gideon grinned shrugging a little as Lionel appeared by his side “we’re celebrating of course” she announced kissing him on the cheek. Crossing his arms Jude raised his eyebrows not enjoying being left out of whatever they’d planned “what are you guys celebrating?” he asked a little sulkily. Lionel put her arm around Jude’s shoulders “you don’t have to worry about the team anymore I sold it” she declared as if it was the most ingenious thing she’d ever done.

Jude just stared at her as if she’d lost her mind “you sold the team without even consulting me? How could you that was my legacy? I know you thought I lost faith in you but we would have made it through! Who’d you sell it to?” the words tumbled out of his mouth in a flurry of anger. Lionel just smiled even brighter at his anger. Gideon put a calming hand on his shoulder “she sold the team to me for an extremely cheap price actually” the words may have come out of Gideon’s mouth but somehow Jude couldn’t process it.

Eventually Lionel had to close his mouth for him “relax Jude The League never wanted to sell to Jelena and Terence they just didn’t want me in charge of the team. Zero had the great idea to the sell the team to him instead because the board adore him and they know you’ll do a great job running place,” she explained calmly.

Jude’s mind was racing with thousands of thoughts all at once when he realized something “wait me? You want me to run things?” his voice wavered with shock. Gideon smiled brightly “of course you! I’ll be playing ball as the star of the show and you’ll run it! We both know I like you better as the boss and together we’ll own this town” he responded winking at the end. Another thought occurred to Jude causing him turn to Lionel with a worried expression “but what about you?” he asked quietly. At his worried frown she laughed, “Like I’d let you boys have all the fun meet The Devils new PR director,” she exclaimed excitedly.

The entire thing was so surreal everything he’d ever wanted was standing right in front of him. Feeling slightly overwhelmed Jude did the only thing he could think of by grabbing hold of Gideon and pulling into a passionate kiss. From his their side Lionel wolf whistled and from somewhere in the darkness people cheer. Pulling back Jude grinned at Gideon “I can’t believe you did all this?” he whispers stunned. The twinkle in Gideon’s eyes becomes a glint “oh I’m not done yet” he announced.

Right on time the lights in The Arena all turn of to reveal all of their friends or at least their business associates. The Devil Girls are holding a banner that says MARRY ME STUPID! Jude’s eyes widen as he reads the banner and his gaze locks onto Zero holding a ring in his hand. Before Gideon could even ask Jude pulls him into another kiss. The Arena explodes into a round of cheers and confetti begins to reign down. When the happy couple finally pulls back they rest their foreheads together “so I’ll take that as a yes then?” Gideon teases. Not even bothering to answer Jude just nods absorbing every detail of this perfect moment. Slowly Gideon reaches for Jude’s hand and slips on the engagement ring “wifey did good?” he asks this time it rolls off of his lips like a prayer. Laughing Jude nods “wifey did perfect” he whispers before pulling Gideon into another searing kiss.

The Fifth Anniversary (Part 1)

This story is set sometime in the future in which Connor is a successful author who still vlogs (kind of like John Green) and Troye is a famous singer who now tours a lot. Enjoy!

In their posh duplex in Los Angeles, Connor Franta, a successful author of many self-help books, is busy listing down ideas on how to celebrate his and Troye’s, his longtime boyfriend, fifth anniversary. Sitting on a huge U-shaped grey couch with a notepad on his left hand and a black pen on his right, Connor has been brainstorming for three hours by now. Still, nothing special has come to mind.

“Okay,” he sighs, “let’s go through it again.”

First on the list: a surprise trip to Florida, where they publicly showed up together on Playlist Live and left together for the first time–indicating that they are a couple to their fans. It was a bold move on Troye’s side, especially, with his label persuading him to appear single and available during that time.

“Nah,” Connor shakes his head. “It’s nothing really special.”


Second: a romantic dinner cooked by Connor and their friend, Hannah Hart.

“That was the second anniversary! God!” He begins to sound frustrated.


Third: a Lany or Tove Lo concert, reminding them of their first songs together.

“Now, we’re onto something,” Connor whispers to himself. He smiles a little and goes online to buy concert tickets. After visiting the artists’ official websites, he finds out that all of the good tickets are sold out.

“Another dead end,” he mumbles. He can always buy festival tickets for them, but it doesn’t really scream “FIFTH ANNIVERSARY”. Plus, they might get mobbed by fans that happen to attend the same concert.

Connor really needs this to be special–something they could look back and remember fondly. Sadly, this can’t be done today.

Troye will arrive in a couple of hours from New York from his sold-out national tour. He even negotiated the dates with Emma, his manager, so he could come back to LA just in time for their fifth anniversary.

“What will I do?” mutters Connor while banging the notepad on his head. He curses himself for being a procrastinator and too busy for their relationship, even though he’s the one staying at home almost every day.

He then decides to use the “I’ve got something cooking for you, but not today” excuse. “I’m such a terrible boyfriend,” he says to himself while getting his car keys to pick up Troye at the airport.

After what seemed like hours stuck in continuous traffic jams, Connor finally arrives at LAX.

After about five minutes, Troye and his bodyguards come up to where Connor’s been waiting. Troye immediately waves enthusiastically to Connor to get his attention. They both smile widely once they have eye contact with each other. Connor runs as fast as he could to get to Troye. Troye, on the other hand, can’t move freely because of his bodyguards but he extends his hands for a hug. Just like a melodramatic movie, they both hug each other tightly once Connor leaps into his arms while crying tears of joy.

“I’ve missed you so much, Con-con,” says Troye under his breath. “It’s been too long.”

“Aw, come on, Tron, three weeks? Remember when we could handle being apart for three months?” Connor wipes his tears with his own hands, breaking the embrace.

“I was so strong back then. It’s just, I’ve got crazier about you after all these years.” Troye tries to smile while sniffling, a result of his own crying. “Oh, God, Emma is going to kill me. She told me not to cry as that can very much affect my vocal chords.”

Oh, right, the second leg of the tour. Troye is going to be away again. It brings Connor’s mood down for a few seconds.

“Don’t even think about that, Con-con!” Troye exclaims. “Tonight is our night, remember?”

“I am not!” Connor retorts.

“Yeah, right,” Troye giggles a little. “You wear your heart on your sleeve, you know? Anyone with some sort of sensitivity can tell how you feel all the time.”

Shawn, one of Troye’s bodyguards, suddenly taps Troye’s right shoulder and says, “Boss, I hate to interrupt but we have to keep moving. Ben’s got report that mobs are starting to form in the other terminal, expecting you.”

“Oh!” Troye says. “I see.”

“Should we execute the plan now?” asks Shawn.

Connor’s left eyebrow begins to raise. What plan?

“Yes! Pronto!” Troye answers Shawn with a sharp nod.

Shawn turns to Connor. “Give me your keys, please, Sir. It is an order.” He extends his right hand to Connor.

Connor turns his head back to Troye. “What the…”

“Just do it! Give the man the damn keys, Con! We don’t have much time!”

“Fine!” Connor snaps, slightly confused but feeling left out at the same time. This surprise is none like the others. Usually, Troye gives him an almost unnoticeable, but still, heads up or some sort of clue if there is going to be a surprise. After handing Shawn his keys, Troye grabs his hand and runs towards the parking lot. As Troye grabs his hand so tightly, Connor is forced to run too.

“Where are we going?” Connor shouts at Troye. He can only see the back of that Australian’s head but he swears Troye is smirking devilishly right now.

“You’ll see, Con!”

“Seriously, Troye?”

“You’ll just see! You’re going to love it!”

Part 2 will be up soon!

Fan Theory - Hook and the Underworld

One of the most exciting parts of belonging to such an ardent fandom is celebrating each new development between our OTP while hypothesizing on likely future events, using spoilers, rumors, and parallels as ‘evidence’.  With that being said, I both rejoice and fear the conjecture that can be made from the most recent round of clues…

The parallels in 3x12 strongly suggest Emma will find her 'home’ and her TLK by the end of 3B (many other posters have finely detailed these theories, so I shall refrain from doing so here.)  But most importantly, her path to these goals seems driven by her connection to Hook - so similar to Henry’s role in Season 1 - leading many of us CS shippers to fill to bursting with hope that he will be that home and ultimate love for her.

Enter the latest round of 'spotty’ information.  With reports that Hook and Dr. Whale have been sharing scenes - shortly after those mysterious pictures of Kansas made their way around the web - one wonders if Hook has been injured and if Emma will have to save him in the same way that she did Henry in 1x21 (hmmm and isn’t it interesting that the episode in question would be 3x21?)  Again, this evidence seems very promising for our OTP; after all, a well-timed TLK has the power to right almost any conceivable wrong.

But those of use who relish in gleaning clues from the writers’ tweets, interviews, and 'between-the-lines’ non-statements know that they love to keep us guessing, have planted clues for future seasons throughout past episodes, have a deep love for Star Wars (very relevant here, I’ll get to it in a moment), and have dropped enough hints that a major game-changer is on its way.  Not to stir up any trouble (who am I kidding; that’s the entire point of this post) I offer a few humble theories for the end of 3B and possible direction for 4:

  • Keep Us Guessing: I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but the amount of propaganda from the cast interviews, tweets, and spoilers supporting CS has been incredible; and therefore, I am naturally suspicious.  It’s not that I don’t believe CS is endgame, because I FIRMLY do, but from a writing standpoint, I wouldn’t be surprised if Emma’s love story spanned the longevity of the show.  Hers is the only one that is being explored in real time; why would they match her up with happily-ever-after before the final season?  Again, I’m still fervently Team CS, but I don’t think their path is quite done.  We are all expecting a TLK at the end of this season – and we may still get it – but that doesn’t guarantee us hearts and flowers from here on out, and really just the fact that we think it’s coming is reason enough for the writers to throw a wrench in things.
  • Clues in Prior Episodes:  Remember those flying monkeys in the story book in Episode 1?  Yeah, me too.  How about Medusa showing up in the Enchanted Forest?  Did anyone else find that particular story thread to be a bit out-of-place?  What purpose could a spotlight on Greek Mythology play in a show about fairy tales?  I don’t know about you, but my money is on foreshadowing.  I recently saw a post in which Emma was sent to the Underworld to rescue – you guessed it: Hook! (swanspirate and captainswanandclintasha) While it initially sent my heart in a frenzy the more I thought about it, the more plausible it seemed.  If Hook is paralleling Henry, it would make a lot of sense for Hook to be separated from the group – presumed to be in mortal peril – and for Emma to have to save him.  That we had a mention of Greek Mythology already supports past tendencies to set up future seasons well in advance, and when you combine the conjecture that Hook and Dr. Whale just filmed Hook’s swan song (no pun intended), wouldn’t it be interesting if his soul did have to be rescued from Hades?
  • Star Wars:  Are you still reading?  Excellent, because this one is my favorite.  The writers and Colin have both referenced the influence of Han Solo on Hook’s character.  We’ve seen it several times – coming back on the Jolly Roger/Millenium Falcon to help the heroes; the burgeoning relationship between the princess (Emma/Leia), so naturally I find myself wondering what will be Hook’s Carbonite?  If we stick with the potential theory that Hook will be put into peril – perhaps even venturing to the Underworld – I think Hades makes one helluva Jabba archeotype.  Enter Princess Emma/Leia to save him, and the ultimate show down between good and evil ensues.  Oh, and if you’re still hedging about the Greek Mythology, consider that we KNOW Hook has scenes with Ariel…perhaps King Triton makes an appearance too…
  • Major Game-Changer:  Continuing with the Hades/Underworld hypothesis, if Hook ‘dies’ in 3B - with or without his TLK from Emma -  and she goes to save him, this would be an epic game changer not only for the plot, but also for Emma’s character.  This would be the first time she’s fought for romantic love rather than put aside her own hopes in order to be everyone else’s savior.  By saving her own savior, she’s choosing to go after her own happiness.  How amazing would that be?

So, yeah…this was just one massively long conjecture spawned by some great theories and some great conversation (thank you doddplaza).  I am rooting for TLK and a happy ending just as hard as everyone else, but if any of the above ends up coming true, I have to admit; I wouldn’t hate seeing Emma go after her man!

Edited Thought: Its been pointed out that the Pegasus sail was also a hint toward Greek Mythology.  I imagine the gods might be pretty upset at the one who destroyed it…