have some off doodles

wary….its an all around good idea just to leave her alone…

(back from dead!; istg i draw more than just jasper in sweatpants, lmao, but bonus doodle:


agreste’s mornin view.


last thoughts

I’ve seen people make these three friends and it’s so pure and wholesome that I just have to agree

therefore: casual hangouts~

anonymous asked:

heyyy sorry if it sounds like im dumping all my problems to you but i felt like i could talk to you comfortably. do you have any old fire emblem doodles that'll help me shake off some evil sadness blobs im experiencing right now? todays not really the pinnacle of good days :')

AHHH NO ANON ITS TOTALLY OK ;;;__;;;!!! it makes me happy that you can trust and talk to me comfortably TT!!! i havent been sketching a lot of fe lately, but i have a little lucina+grandpa marth log i have sketched in my head!! here a few twitter doodles and scraps i didnt upload!! hopefully these cheer you up!!

i tried drawing my feh team at the time reacting to damaged sprite m!robin hehe… i dont use this team now but im v fond of my girls ;_;

i did some m!kris studies when the compendium was going around. hes rly cute

here are some sketches from a while ago. i think i was having a style crisis and decided to doodle fe characters. (from left right, top bottom): lute, takumi, ephraim, micaiah

taku!bun always cheered me up when i was sad so i like doodling him to..

i honestly hope your day was better/gets better anon ;;;__;;; im kind of in the same boat as u with midterms coming up and everything but sending lots of love your way<3<3<3

“I…saw a strange creature today, one not from our planet.” The ethereal being spoke at last, it’s ‘voice’ low and musing. “It was like…a human, from the late planet named Earth, but had a bird’s wings for arms and feathers protruding from his head like antennae.” The others listened quietly.

The ethereal being continued. “It was standing upright, it’s legs rooted into the ground as if it had been growing there since the beginning of time. The most distinct thing I noticed about it was the face. The expression on it’s face was one of indescribable pain. Such an immense agony that this face held, it was as if it would collapse in on itself at any given moment. But it didn’t. It didn’t. And I approached this creature, wondering what it could possibly be, wondering what it was DOING here, and–”

“And?” One of the other shining figures interrupted. A few of the rest shuddered abruptly towards the one that interjected, as if in annoyance. The first of the beings, the one that was telling the story, showed no sign of noticing this interruption. It continued to speak, but this time, it’s ‘voice’ was tense with a wavering worry.

“As I approached it, I felt a great force of livid anger wash over me, the source being from the stone creature. And that is when I first noticed that it was not alone…a phantom of some kind, shimmering like a white nebula, hovered by it’s side, one with eyes of white fire, alive and bright. I didn’t dare move closer. This phantasmal apparition continued to stare at me, with a silent challenge in it’s bold eyes. It didn’t take me until a while to understand what it was doing there.”

“It was protecting the other one.”

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Hey darqx! Your art style really cheers me up somehow, it's very clean sketchy sorta lines but at the same time there's so much detail and it's incredible! Also, how do demon-Izm's eyes work? Does he see kinda panoramic view like is typical of animals with horizontal pupils? Full color? I wish I could talk to you more like I get to talk to Gato and EP but I know there's a huge time zone difference ahah... I have a whole bunch of questions but I don't wanna overwhelm ya!

(´∀`)♡ HHHHHHH i’m yelling cos that is so lovely of you thank you?? You guys liking my art or being happy to see it gives me life like you wouldn’t believe. Also AHAHA yeah timezones are the devil… I s2g everyone i know is in America or thereabouts 90% of the time |D What are you guys all doing over there??!

Yes kinda! Demon!Izm has full colour vision and a bit of a wider “normal” field of view than a human, so his blind spot is further back. For eg if you look straight ahead and hold your hands up parallel with your ears, you cant really see them unless you turn your head slightly or look off to a side. If Izm did that, he’d be able to see his hands in his normal field of view whilst technically still looking straight ahead. It makes it harder for people to sneak up on him :B

Dino sketches during training.


@ask-kimdaily I cannot express how thankful I am for the fact that this one got here in one piece and not lost in the got dang mail like the zine (I’m still hella bitter at usps fite me) Also I’m v thankful that your lovely art has blessed the bts side of my shelf I’m love you <3
I put the sticker on joonie’s frame cause that’s exactly how I feel: how dare this ball of sunshine and life look this cute in my house- what a pleasant outrage!

Thank you for all your hard work Kaye, keep up the good work buddy!

[Say your prayers. Offer your sacrifices. Be silent. You are in the presence of the god Anubis, who rules the afterlife. Get on his good side, and you might just survive the trials of the underworld. He visits the mortal world every now and then to check on things- and particularly takes interest in the modern month of October, when death is celebrated the most.]

//Hello! This is Rice’s Halloween costume. He’s very, very extra. Go ahead and ask him stuff, touch his tiddy, or interact. You can also still ask regular Risotto stuff, just specify which one you wanna talk to/interact with. He’ll also be participating in the @jjbahalloweenball ! This Rice is a lil more regal, but if you offer him chocolate, he’ll be easily tempted to do what you ask and he’ll show a much more curious side. Happy Halloween <3