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🌠 That night, a strange boy came from the firmament, and Nigel fell in love with a star 🌠

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Toast makes bad graphics when no one asked for them: Favourite Comic Strip Presents Episodes (in no particular order) | Bad News Tour & More Bad News

“Oh I get it, Alan’s called Vim and your mum’s dead.”

“One day we’re getting on fine, you know, looking forward to the gig at Stockport. The next morning I woke up and they’d all buggered off.”

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I got a prompt, smol adam calling tol nigel daddy.

 Why thank you anon! 

It was late at night when Nigel had received a phone call from someone, he obviously didn’t want Adam didn’t want to know about. 
The younger man, stayed in bed, but heard Nigel’s voice balancing between frustration and straight out anger in Romanian. He could even recognize a few curses in the foreign language. 

His lids make themselves heavier and finally he is too tired to listen the end of the conversation. He’ll ask Nigel whats wrong tomorrow morning. 

Unfortunately, Adam doesn’t have the time for the sun to rise that he is woken up again, but this time with a soft voice. 

“Darling. Darling?” Nigel gently nudges him so that the pale blue eyes can look up to him.


“ I must go.”

On those words Adam turns, to slowly open his his eyes and look up to the dangerous man, already in his leather jacket and a small bag next to him on the bed.

“What…Where? Why?”

“Business, Bucharest. I promise i’ll be back soon.”


“Not more than a 4 days if things go smoothly.”

“Who was it on the phone?”

Nigel takes a deep breath, and lets the silence creep into the room.

“An old friend.” 


“ I will be home in a few days. We can talk on the phone everyday, little star.”

“But…” In truth, Adam had adapted Nigel in his routine, and this is the first time Nigel would be away for longer than a day. “I won’t be able to see you.” He frowns trying to figure out a solution for all of this.

“ I know, it’s not the best but i’ll be home fucking sooner than later” He gives Adam a reassuring smile. 

“Skype.” The boy moves to sit, and asks “ Are you bringing your computer?”

“Sky?Yes, why?”

The boy looks into the bag, and takes it out. 

“I don’t have much time, darling”

“It only takes a few minutes.” He downloads the app and slides it back into the bag. “I’ll teach you how to use it.” 

Nigel nods, and leans into give Adam a deep kiss. “I’ll come back, don’t worry.”


“Fucking…” Nigel fumbles with his computer, trying to type the right username and password. “Bucată dracului de rahat”

“Are you sure it is the correct password?” The calm soft voice comes through Nigel’s cell.

“Yes…mylittlestar01″ He mumbles and types for the third time the code in.

“Try with a capital M.” Adam says and this time he hears a sigh of relief. 

“Mulțumită dracu” 

“Now, im going to call you and you are going to press on the green icon.” 

It rings and he sees the pop up of a picture of the nebula. 


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PLL - Unanswered questions

Why did Cece kill Wilden (partly) for Alison? And why have the liars not questioned Alison about this? 

What happened to Ian after he left the church? 

Since Ian’s forged suicide note was constructed from previous A messages, and we know Mona was the “Original A”, how did Mona get access to Ian’s dead body?

If the police were able to accurately identify the body in “Alison’s grave” as Bethany, and we are aware that the teeth delivered to Emily and the finger bones on Spencer’s Veil were real, does that mean A (or the A-team) had access to another corpse?

Are Jenna and Noel responsible for taking Emily to the graveyard the night “Alison’s grave” was dug up?

Since Noel has been aware of Alison being alive, is he aware of the existence of A?

How long has Noel been aware that Alison was actually alive?

What secrets does Alison possess over Noel?

Why did Noel appear to be so distrustful of Alison during his confrontation with Spencer?

Were Noel, Shana and Cece aware that all three knew Alison was actually alive?

Did Shana ever tell Jenna Alison was actually alive or did she decide to keep it a secret? 

Who was Melissa speaking to over the phone during the night of Alison’s disappearance?

Who did Mona give the pills and bullets to in Season 3x13? If it was Wilden himself, does that mean Wilden was an official member of the A-team? Or was Wilden taking orders through Mona?

Who were the individuals that tried to push Aria off of the train? Was it definitely Melissa and Wilden?

Why was A blackmailing Wilden?

Why did A force Wilden to blackmail Melissa?

Why were Melissa, Shana and Jenna afraid of Wilden?

Why were Jenna and Shana afraid of Melissa?

According to Jenna, Garrett told her that Wilden saw Alison the night she went missing. Alison never mentioned to the girls she saw Wilden, so was Jenna lying?

Melissa stated to Spencer that Shana and Jenna saw Wilden set fire to the lodge; however, Shana admitted to the liars that it was in fact her who started the fire (or at least helped Wilden to). Why did Shana and Jenna, who was also at the lodge, lie to Melissa? Or was it in fact Melissa who lied to Spencer?

Who was the individual Alison was sleeping with?

As we know Shana was the individual Jenna met with on the day of the masquerade ball, what was her purpose for being there?

How did A manage to get a photo of Alison in the hospital when she visited Hanna in Season 1?

Was Shana an official member of the A-team, or was she just acting on her own? Were any of the A scenes during Season 4 (prior to the Season 4 finale) Shana?

Who was Wren speaking to on the phone in Season 4?

Who was Mona referring to when she stated she didn’t realise where Wren’s loyalties lies? And what secrets was Wren keeping from Mona?

During the night lodge was set on fire, we see Mona speaking to (A) Red Coat on the phone, assuring her it was safe to land; at this time, we see (most likely) Jenna turn on her torch, presumably to view who was getting of the plane. Toby follows the girl with the torch, and Spencer tries to directly follow the Red Coat who got off the plane, but eventually loses sight of her. We know full well the Red Coat who exited the plane was wearing an Alison mask; however, what it is uncertain about what occurred that night is what happened to the Red Coat who exited the plane. We know a Red Coat was found burned, but judging from what we saw that episode, I find it too difficult to comprehend the Red Coat that exited the plane was able to disappear from Spencer’s view, avoid detection from the other individuals who were near the lodge, including Alison, and remove Aria, Emily, and Mona from the burning lodge. In fact, the only way Red Coat could have accomplished this was with an adequate amount of aid, so the questions are: Who helped Red Coat during that night? Was it somebody else who pulled the girls from the fire? Why was Hanna left in the lodge during the fire?

Who hit Toby over head? Was it Shana, Wilden or Nigel? If it was Nigel, does that mean he was on the plane also? If so, does that mean Nigel exited the plane after Red Coat? Did Nigel have some form of alliance with Jenna, and thus Shana?

According to Nigel, it was Cece who paid him to make a flight plan on the night of the fire, yet from what we’ve learned from the show , this would appear to be a lie; in fact, if this were true, it would mean that Cece truly is the A Red Coat, or was at the very least convinced or blackmailed by A (or the A-team) to attend the event as a decoy; it could also be that Cece has been playing both sides on the show with the A-team and Alison. The questions revolving around this are: Why did Nigel lie about this (if he did)? If Nigel was on the same plane as the A Red Coat, does that mean he is aware of her identity? Or did Red Coat simply wear the Alison mask on her way to the lodge?

Considering how the A-team seems to possess multiple Alison masks, why did the Black Widow bother returning to the lodge? Was she simply spying on Toby and Spencer? Or was she ensuring there was no incriminating evidence against her there? 

Is the Black Widow a separate individual from Red Coat?

Who wore the Red Coat and the Emily mask holding the guilty sign? Was it the A Red Coat? Or could this Red Coat have actually been Jenna - who has also wore a Red Coat- or Shana?

Who tried to kill Jenna in 4x09?

Why was Jenna so afraid of Cece Drake?

During this point of the show, Shana actually hated Alison, and when Spencer and Aria overhead Shana and Jenna speaking, Jenna was seemingly afraid, declaring that they have to tell the truth. Considering how Shana actually started the fire at the lodge and was in fact working against Alison, why was Jenna so scared, when she could have potentially revealed everything about her enemy easily? Did Shana decide not to tell Jenna Alison was actually alive and Jenna was simply arriving to her own conclusions? 

If Shana and Melissa were on a “team”, why did Shana neglect to tell Melissa that Alison was alive?

Who was the Red Coat living in the Dilaurentis basement? Was it the A Red Coat? Or was it actually Cece whose Red Coat had a missing button? 

Since the Red Coat that attended the hoedown had a button missing, does that mean it was actually Cece at the hoedown? If so, why was she there, even though she declared to someone over the phone she was not returning to Rosewood?

Has Cece wore the Red Coat on more than one occasion?

Why was Cece dressed in A’s attire when she went to Ezra’s? Was she simply just spying on him?

Is Cece an official member of the A-team?

Were there three Red Coats when A trapped Emily in the saw?

In Ezra’s lair, Aria finds a picture that links Alison to the night of the lodge. Does that mean Ezra was at the lodge? If not, who took the photos of Alison at the lodge? And if Ezra wasn’t there, who gave him the photo?

Why was Cece wearing the clothes Mrs Dilaurentis gave to the anonymous figure during the night of the bridle fashion? Were they working together? Was it Cece herself who met with Mrs Dilaurentis that night or somebody else?

Who turned Cece into the police?

In season 4x22, Spencer has dirt on her bed, alongside a note from A; later during the episode, Mrs Dilaurentis makes a sarcastic and almost blatant hint that she knows Spencer had received a message; does this mean Mr Dilaurentis was aware of the ways A was tormenting the liars?

Who was in the Dilaurentis house when Mrs Dilaurentis was in Spencer’s room? Cece was on the run at the time and appeared to stay clear from Rosewood. Was it “Charles”?

Why did Cece tell Holbrook about Alison being alive? Was the picture of Alison in the Red Coat taken by Ezra?

Is Alison even aware that it was Cece who revealed to the police that she was in fact alive?

Who scared Shana out of Rosewood?

Why did Cece show up at the ice ball? And who got the Alison masks?

Where did Cece and Alison go when they left the ice ball? Was it A (Charles) in the mask hiding behind the shelf after A attacked Hanna?

Why did Jenna bother to befriend Alison? Does Jenna actually know anything about what is occurring or is she just being manipulating for her own safety?

Who took the photo of Spencer following Alison the night of Alison’s disappearance?

What happened to Ian and Melissa after Garrett and Jenna left the Dilaurentis house? 

Where was Jessica Dilaurentis during the time the NAT club was in Alison’s room?

Was Cece actually at the Dilaurentis house talking to Melissa that night or was Jason too drunk/high to remember?

Cece stated to Emily that she Alison the night of Alison’s disappearance, and that Alison was worried about the NAT tapes; however, when revealing to the liars what happened that night, she mentions nothing of seeing Cece. Why would Cece lie about seeing Alison that night?

Cece stated to Ezra she witnessed Spencer and Alison fighting, further indicating that she was around that night; if she was, what was Cece’s purpose of being there that night? And why was she dressed so strikingly similar to Alison?

How long was Melissa by the Dilaurentis house that night, considering a significant time passes from Jessica burying Alison to Alison being saved by Mrs Grunwald?

Who attacked Mona in her house? And why hasn’t she revealed any of the individual’s features to the liars?

Why did the liars only recently reveal they knew Mona was aware Alison was alive all this time, instead of trying to gather more information from her when they should’ve in 5A?

During an end credit in season 4 (Episode; Bite your tongue), Tippi the bird calls the individual (seemingly A) Board Shorts; however, Ezra is supposed to be Board Shorts. We also know full well that Tippy is now in A’s (Charle’s) control. Why did Tippy call A Board Shorts, if Ezra is Board Shorts and not A?