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Morgan isn’t the only one who regularly snapchats about his daily family life though.

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Day 2 of Preyweek !! tuesdayy Doodle

I had some plans another for today, but I’m real busy, I have some doodles instead prey. My skill sets includes drawing the same expression over and over again and changing 70% of how I draw in 10 days

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My edit: The Children of Morgan Le Fay in Italian Arthurian Legends: Pulzella Gaia 

Pulzella Gaia (Merry Maid) is a cantare cavalleresco (chivalry poem) written by an anonymous author of the XV century. In the beginning of the poem, Messer Galvano (Sir Gawain) betted Troiano/Tristano (Sir Tristain): the one who would bring the most beautiful  prey, would win the challenge. Sir Gawain in a lake saw the biggest water-snake that he had ever seen. The knight started to fight with the snake, but it happened that he was in difficult, so pretended to be Sir Lancelot to cheat the beast. But the snake said to him that she had already fought against Sir Lancelot, and that Gawain looked “more wise and more  learned” than Sir Lancelot. After the snake turned into a beautiful maiden, who told him that her name was Pulzella Gaia, and she was the daughter of Morgan Le Fay. They fell in love, but Pulzella Gaia said to him that their love had to remain a secret. When he returned to Camelot, Guinevere and the other knights started to be suspicious towards Gawain, who didn’t want to reveal who is his lover. Guinevere was so angry that wanted that Arthur executed his nephew for having lyed about his lover. In the same time, Morgan Le Fay imprisoned her daughter in the castle of Palaus. Gawain succeeded in rescuing her, and the two lovers could live happily together. 

This isn’t the only poem in which Gaia appeared. She appeared also in another cantare cavalleresco, La Tavola Rotonda, in which Morgan wanted her to marry Sir Tristan, but she refused. She was kidnapped by a cruel knight called Burletta, but Sir Lancelot rescued her.  

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hey guys! i’ve decided to move to a new url (shoutout to @djnof thanks bud)

there are a lot of not so great people in the phandom and that’s made it super hard for me to have a good time on tumblr so i think i’m gonna be gone for a while. i’m trying to focus on things that actually make me feel good?? idk it’s a new trend all the kids are doing it. i’ll probably still post some dnp stuff?? but it’s mostly gonna be aesthetic and shitposting lol (my queue actually has a lot of dnp stuff so you’ll still be seeing that for a little while)

ik i said there are a lot of Bad people in the phandom but i met so many of my favorite people ever in this community and i wouldn’t trade their friendships for the world. i might eventually make a dnp blog again?? but don’t hold your breath lol

thanks so much for your support! pls rb this to spread the word and also pls don’t unfollow me thanks!!!!!!!!

I’ll never forgive the Dexter writers for not putting Debra with the nanny (Aimee Garcia).

I’ll never forgive them for queer-coding Debra to the point that her mere “existence” was damn near queerbaiting.

Instead of doing the obvious thing and making her queer and putting her with a rational, level-headed female character that could challenge her and draw out the compassion and affection in her they…

Put her in one wildly inappropriate or terrible relationship after another. The more unhealthy or abusive, the better. They were constantly punishing her. There was also the thing where they made her fall in love WITH HER BROTHER. All these things better, more interesting, options than another woman, apparently.

And of course, I’ll never forgive them for killing her. 

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Offbeat (Part Five) - Auston Matthews

A/N: OKAY! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! I know it’s been forever but I honestly had huge writer’s block and like I only wrote this because I’m being terrible and procrastinating all my final essays for school! So once again, I’M SORRY!

ALSO, I’m quite aware Kas and his girlfriend broke up but they were together when I started this series so you’ll have to deal with her for the time being!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,050

Warnings: Language

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Thoughts on the Yu twins

-bc of their toxic family, they’ve stuck super close together. Them and Alex. It’s a given with them being twins.
-they do everything together and still do, follow each other everywhere. They’d play outside all day if it was nice enough, and treat their massive house as a palace when it was raining. Playing their little imaginary games in their imaginary world. No one ever knew what they were talking about.
-inside jokes
-picking on alex, pranks as they got older, being annoying little siblings
-coming to Alex when things got bad. Whether with public trials or family issues, big brother was a save haven. He’d let them sit and play in his room while he worked or played games, giving Morgan a dead controller while Avery did other things-using his telescope and drawing. They’d sleep in his bed and he’d take the couch in his room.
-separation anxiety when Morgan went to Talos a year before his sister.
-constant phone calls and gifts
-spending long nights together just talking or gaming