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betty and jug had a baby when they were 16 and are now 20, their boy was born with a type of autism and everyone felt 'bad' for them he had the type of autism where he wont look anyone in the eye and everything had to be done to a schedule but him and jug have a really good connection. all 3 go out to lunch and their son has a massive tantrum and jug has to settle him and betty feels helpless and has a breakdown, its okay if you dont know how to approach this it was just a thought i had :)

Okay first of all anon thankyou for this beautiful idea! I love it, very touching and I am honored you trusted me with such a concept. Secondly, sorry about the insane wait with this one I just had to take a while to determine how to best go about this.  Also this was supposed to be a little oneshot and turned into like 9 word document pages haah

as for the story I am a little unsure what you will all think as the subject matter was obviously a bit tricky. I am by no means an expert in this field but I did do a bit of research before writing so I hope I don’t offend anyone or invalidate anything. 

So basically I tried to make the symptoms of their child’s autism ingrained throughout the story without explicitly stating what they are but for reference I went mostly with communication difficulty [impaired, delayed speech, repetitive speech], difficulty with eye contact, obsession and slight aversion to touch. 


“Ready Jug?” Betty called from the living room eyes darting around as she mentally ran through the list of supplies she needed for their outing. The blonde nodded her head in affirmation, satisfied that she had managed to cram everything they could possibly need in the day bag.

The sound of two sets of footsteps padding down the hallway of their small home pre-empted her answer before it was delivered from the aforementioned party.  

“Yeah babe.”

Grabbing the day bag off the coffee table and slinging it over her shoulder Betty turned toward Jughead’s voice. She couldn’t help the smile that spread across her lips as she took in the sight of her long-term boyfriend leaning against the door frame, their almost four year old son standing close to his father’s legs- not quite touching.

It was a vision that never failed to make her heart contract and warmth spread throughout her being.

Noticing her smile, Jughead’s lips twitched in retaliation. He raised a dark eyebrow at her teasingly.

“I think your mum’s checking me out bud,” Jughead quipped casting a glance down at Ollie who was idly fiddling with his fingers and watching the floor.

“Don’t flatter yourself Jones,” the young mother teased back, rolling her eyes at him good naturedly, “Okay let’s get going or Kevin’s going to lecture us on the value of respect again.”

Jughead let out a laugh at that, nodding before pushing himself off the door frame.

“Out,” Ollie mumbled glancing up at his father with wide eyes and scrunched brows that made the young man’s heart clench with affection.

“Yeah Ol, she won’t admit it though,” he kneeled down to his son’s level, placing a sure hand on his arm and waiting a moment before picking him up and settling the toddler on his hip.

Jughead grabbed his keys from the bowl near the door before opening the front door.

“It’s not even his event,” he threw over his shoulder to Betty continuing on with their conversation as though there had been no interruption; a norm after parenthood had dawned upon them.

The blonde merely shrugged, moving past him out the door way.

“Yes, although I think Veronica would probably appreciate our punctuality as well, she’s only in town for a few more days and it is her birthday,” Betty replied.

“Birthday,” Ollie mumbled as the pair manoeuvred him into the car seat. Betty smiled at her son, finishing buckling his seat belt as Jughead hopped in the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“That’s right, Aunt V’s birthday,” she affirmed, smoothing down Ollie’s wild blonde curls.  The toddler squirmed away from her touch, his blue eyes flicking to the floor.  Betty removed her hand and sighed.

She tried her best not to take her son’s aversion personally. He wasn’t as severely adverse or hypersensitive to touch as other children on the autism spectrum but it did still bother him. She and Jughead had learned resilience in showing affection to their son. He was mostly okay when the touch was heavy and anticipatory; it was the soft brushes of affection that they would sometimes slip up with through instinct that he would flinch away from.

They had learned to understand and adapt to the quality in their son, but it didn’t mean it made it any easier to have the little person you loved so much recoil from you. Betty cherished the moments when Ollie sought her out for physical affection or comfort and tried to remind herself of those moments during the moments when he shied away from her. She respected his discomfort, but it didn’t make her heart ache any less.

“Betts?” Jughead’s voice broke Betty from her reverie. She blinked a few times before meeting his gaze in the rear view mirror.  His tone was soft and understanding and Betty felt herself falling a little further in love with him in that moment- except it wasn’t just that moment it was a million moments since they were 16 and he had promised her that they would make this work.

She smiled back at him, a small curve of the lips tilting more toward the side of genuine than placatory, before closing the back car door and moving to climb in the passenger seat.

Her right hand immediately found the stereo, while Jughead’s immediately clasped her left, his other holding a firm grip on the wheel as they set off on the relatively short drive to Greendale. Veronica had booked a table at the new bistro that had opened there and although both Jughead and Betty always enjoyed seeing their friends whom were only in town for a short while longer the latter couldn’t deny that the unfamiliar venue caused an uncomfortable pressure to erupt in her chest.

Sensing her unease Jughead gave her hand a squeeze. Betty took a deep breath and let her eyes card over his form, finding comfort in his beauty. His sharp jaw, striking blue eyes and dark hair [still partially covered by a beanie] were features that had only become more attractive as he matured and she still found herself in awe of being able to call him hers after almost five years together.

The windows were rolled down slightly and Betty let the warm summer air calm her as it drifted across her skin. The sounds of the Rolling Stones filtered through the stereo of the truck and Betty couldn’t help but laugh as Ollie bounced happily in the back to the sound. He loved all music, but classic rock was his favourite, something Jughead was exceptionally proud of.

The peaceful feeling didn’t last though. Twenty minutes later they were pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant and Betty could see her friend’s various vehicles littered across the spaces. Her hands clenched nervously once Jughead had to pull his away to park the truck.

“Dad,” Ollie shouted from the back seat and Jughead turned around after shutting off the engine.

“Yeah bud?”

“Dad, music,” Jughead was spun around in his seat now, giving Ollie his full attention while Betty was busying herself grabbing the day bag and Veronica’s present from the back seat.

“We’ll listen to more later, but now we have to go inside,” the dark haired man tried to assure.

“Music!” Ollie’s hands were fidgeting and his eyebrows were scrunched, with a little pout to rival his mother’s best signalling his impending distress.

“Na bud, how about we talk about trains instead?” He placated, quickly unlocking his phone and pulling up some pictures he had saved of the freight vehicles to occupy his son’s attention.

It seemed to do the trick as Ollie grabbed the device eagerly and started babbling nonsensically a few delayed moments later about Thomas the Tank engine and his favourite trains.

Moving out of the car, Jughead came up to the passenger side and carefully extracted Ollie from his car seat, placing the little blonde boy on his chubby legs. Kneeling down Jughead held his hand out.

“Can I have my phone back please?” Ollie kept his blue eyes that mirrored his fathers trained on the asphalt ground, shaking his head.

“Thomas… blue train and Percy-“

Jughead nodded, engaging his son’s conversation.

“Yeah that’s very true but dad needs his phone back now. I promise you can have it back once we’re inside,” he tried to reason with him, ducking his head a little to meet Ollie’s eyes. The toddler shuffled flicking his eyes between his dad and the ground.

Betty bit her lip to hold back a small chuckle of amusement at the stubborn little boy; she knew he didn’t refuse in order to be stubborn but it was still endearing to her to see his eye brows furrowed so much like his father’s.

Moving gently down to kneel beside him, Betty ensured Ollie acknowledged her presence before placing her hands on his arms.

“Ollie if you don’t give Daddy back his phone then he’s going to have to carry you inside and no one will know what a big boy you are now,” she stated in a firm but not threatening tone. Their little boy’s eyes widened for a second, flicking to his mother. She couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at the adorably conflicted look on his face.

“Okay, I guess mum’s right,” Jughead began, moving as though he was going to pick Ollie up. The toddler’s hands quickly shot out, offering the phone back to his dad immediately. Jughead smirked as he and Betty shared a brief look with equal amusement shining in their gazes.

“Thanks little man,” Jughead said pocketing the phone, while Betty smiled at her son in gratitude.

“Big boy,” he uttered offering his hand to his mother to hold as they began to walk towards the front door.

“That’s right,” the blonde agreed, handing the bag over to Jughead.

Jughead paused before opening the door, turning to Betty.

“Did I tell you that you look gorgeous today Betty Cooper?” he asked in mock concern. Betty laughed, finding herself appreciating his ability to ease her nerves all over again.

“Shut up,” she murmured pecking his lips, before following him through the doors of the restaurant.

“Betty!” Veronica’s enthusiastic voice rang across the room before the young woman morphed into a blur of raven hair and purple fabric, practically throwing herself at her best friend. Betty laughed at her friend’s antics, holding her ground firmly as not to jostle her son- who was still holding her hand- too much.

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This Tired White Flag

He doesn’t remember how to exist as anyone other than Captain Flint.

Read on Ao3

Flint felt stripped raw, like a layer of skin had been flayed from his back. His shirt pricked at his skin and Thomas hands burned where they touched him, too much, too intense.

It hurt but he couldn’t pull away.

Thomas kissed him and it took him too long to remember how to kiss back. God, when was the last time he had kissed anyone? When was the last time he has even wanted to? Thomas pulled back, hands cupping his face beaming at him through watering eyes.

“James,” Thomas said, with the same reverence that had made Flint so uncomfortable a decade ago. He wasn’t ashamed anymore, but it caused his gut to twist just the same. He couldn’t bear the way Thomas was looking at him. He couldn’t bear to look away. “James,” Thomas said again, caressing Flint’s cheek with his thumb. “It’s all right, we’re going to be all right.”

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Jamilton and Stand By Me Florence And The Machine :D

When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we’ll see. No, I won’t be afraid. Oh, I won’t be afraid. Just as you stand, stand by me.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Alex asked for the thousandth time, “I don’t want to pressure you into this.”

“Yes, Alexander.” Thomas tapped the steering wheel anxiously, “I’m sure. Haven’t been surer of anything in my entire life.” He gave his boyfriend a tight lipped smile leaving Alex unsure of his sincerity.

“Don’t just say that.” Thomas rolled his eyes as Alex continued to press the issue, “This is a serious decision, Thomas. Once you’re out, you’re out. You need to be ready to come out and I want to make sure that you’re making this choice because you want to come out. Not because I’m coming out.” Alex reached a hand out to lay it over Thomas’s hand that was resting on the gear shift.

Thomas’s eye darted between their hands and Alex’s face. He took a few moments to gather his thoughts before replying. “I don’t know what you want me to say Alex.” Thomas sighed, “Am I scared? Of course. Am I ready? Who fucking knows?” Thomas flipped his hand over to grasp Alex’s, “I know I have no idea how my friends will react. I don’t know what my political allies are going to say. God only knows what my parents are gonna do. But I also know if I don’t come out now then I’m never going to do it.” As they pulled to a stop at a red light Thomas turned to look Alex in the eye, “Because right now I have you. And if I don’t come out right now then I won’t have you anymore.”

“Babe-” Alex tried to stop that train of thought, “I wouldn’t- I wouldn’t leave you.”

Thomas shook his head to interrupt Alex before he could go on. “You would and I wouldn’t blame you. We’d last maybe a year but after a while you are going to want more and you’d deserve more.” Thomas took a deep breath, “I know things are going to be hard. I know there are going to be some rough nights. But when those nights come you are gonna be there. When it gets tough you are going to be there. So, I am ready. I can take any shit that’s going to be thrown at me as long as you stand by me.”

“I think I can do that.”

On the Nature of Daylight

Here’s a little thing I drabbled out a bit back on Skype while talking to @knownoshamc​, and since it’s Flinthamilton week I thought I would expand upon it some more for the ‘After the reunion’ theme. So there, have a small thing. 

“If you had known, back in London, that this was going to happen — us, Nassau,  piracy, the war, all of it — would you chance to change it all at its beginning?”

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How does one break into the animation industry? Do u need a degree? Cuz i am dirt poor. Also what should an art porfolio consist of?

Hi! These days it’s nice to have a good art degree to have a good base in drawing, aesthetics, Art History, etc! For a good base sake! 

But some people do break in to animation with no degrees! All that matters when applying for the next job in Animation is Portfolio!

For a job as an Animator that will definitely mean a good, consistent Animation Showreel! with strong character animation (or effects animation!), strong posing, strong gestural drawing, good knowledge of space and timing (all of this can be learned with the right resources!)

There are so many other jobs in animation though: Storyboard artist, Background artist, Visual Developer, Character Designer, etc ! Take a pick :D they are all very creative in many different ways ! The portfolio might need to be changed depending of what job you’re applying for!



to learn more about the different roles!

Nowadays there is SO SO much online and in books that I know if I haven’t had any animation classes but had bought the right books, work and experiment, follow the right webpages with great animation reference and great artists who share their knowledge, I would still, somehow, end up in animation! 

Cheesy, but if there is a will there is a way! :D Talking with artists, showing your latest progress, even listening to animation podcasts to see how a lot of professionals in the industry made their career! All of this will bring you closer to the industry, to finally get in and then learn even more !

Here’s some of the books I totally recommend:

- “Your Career in Animation - How to Survive and Thrive” by Dave B. Levy

- “Illusion of Life” by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas

- (I LOVE THIS NEXT) “Character Animation Crash Course!” by Eric Goldberg

- any “Art of…. “ movie that you like! Highly recommend any Kung Fu Panda movies books, How to Train your Dragon (all have amazing character designs and gorgeous Visual Development works!)

- “The Animator;s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams

there are so many :D and a lot of material from these books is online or can be bought for cheaper as PDF files or e-books!

For Podcasts I REALLY recommend:

- any of Chris Oatley Academy podcasts with very interesting interviews and insights about the animation industry! 

- ToonTalks and the Animation Podcast - both interview very known names in the industry like Eric Goldberg, James Baxter, etc !

Sorry for the long text! :)

I hope this helps you somehow in your pursue for a career in this crazy, fun, hard working, fun, head-wrecking andxamazing fullfilling industry :D

'Lost Boys' TV Reboot in the Works at CW From 'Veronica Mars' Creator
Sutherland in ‘The Lost Boys’

Rob Thomas, who is behind The CW’s ‘iZombie,’ is prepping the updated take on the 1987 Kiefer Sutherland vampire movie.

By Lesley Goldberg                         

The CW may shift from The Vampire Diaries to The Lost Boys.

After a multiple network bidding war, the younger-skewing network has signed on to team with Veronica Mars and iZombie creator Rob Thomas to develop a new take on 1987 vampire movie The Lost Boys, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. 

The new take, which landed at The CW with a script commitment, re-imagines the film over seven seasons (and 70 years) with each frame covering a decade. In success, the first run will be set in San Francisco during 1967’s so-called Summer of Love. Each season will see the humans, setting, antagonist and story all change. Only the vampires — aka the Lost Boys — will remain the same.

Thomas will pen the script for the CW’s take and exec produce via his Warner Bros. Television-based Spondoolie Productions banner alongside frequent collaborators Danielle Stokydk and Dan Etheridge. Gulfstream’s Juliana Janes, Mike Kartz and Bill Bindley will also exec produce after the production company came up with the idea to remake the feature film that starred Sutherland, Jason Patric, Jami Gertz, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Read More From Tina Fey to Bryan Fuller, 41 Hollywood Producers Explain the Weird, Personal Origins of Their Company Names

The potential Lost Boys series comes as The CW is prepping to say farewell to The Vampire Diaries — with the Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec series signing off after its upcoming eighth season. The series was once the cornerstone of the network but has recently been topped by DC Comics entry The Flash, which now ranks as The CW’s most-watched entry.

Reboots continue to remain in high demand as broadcast, cable and streaming outlets look for proven IP in a bid to cut through a cluttered scripted landscape that is quickly approaching 500 original series. Key to the remakes is having the original producers involved in some capacity — which The Lost Boys has in Warner Bros. — as more studios look to monetize their existing film libraries. Other reboots in the works this season so far are Varsity Blues at CMT and L.A. Law, though the latter does not yet have a network attached.

The upcoming broadcast season features a number of familiar titles, including MacGyver (CBS), Training Day (CBS), Frequency (CW), Lethal Weapon (Fox), 24: Legacy (Fox), The Exorcist (Fox) as well as Taken (NBC).

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So, I'm super new to Black Sails. I just binged it. Can you tell me what the general consensus on tumblr about the ships is? How popular is SilverFlint? Is it favored over Thomas/Flint?? Etc.. I just wanna be a part of the community and need to catch up 😶

oh my it’s difficult to say!!! and i have a train to catch soon but i’ll try my best and obviously would love to talk more later!

honestly, from what i’ve gathered, these two are equally liked which seems impossible but the people I follow seem to ship both with almost the same degree of ferocity. personally i prefer silverflint (even though i know some people who claim their relationship is ~~brotherly…. hehe) because over the course of the series i’ve grown to love them and their journey and what they mean for each other, whereas thomas was always just there, kinda in the background and obviously a big factor (in many ways) in james’s life but not really… hmm, ~~relevant anymore? I never expected they’d bring him back, so I just got used to thinking about him in the past. Of course he was and never stopped being important to james, but I deeply believe that what james was doing he was doing not only because of thomas but because he was an idealist and wanted to see his (their) vision through because he believed it was right. and john was there every step of the way, he basically made james and then unmade him and he saw everything of him and he loved him because and in spite of that - this is something thomas was robbed of because of their parting. so when they meet again in the finale, they are both - but mostly james - different people, not the same james mcgraw and thomas hamilton we caught a glimpse of in the second season. they will make it work of course, but it won’t be as easy and as natural as it was with john.

that said, i do believe silverflint and flinthamilton are equally loved here, at least by the people i follow. i also adore silverflintmadi <3 and flint x miranda :) what about you???? do you like one more than the other, or do you like them both? i’m very curious!!!


For this, I remember Sam telling me early on, “You’re gonna be on morphine, you’ll be doing a lot of drugs, you’re gonna be very focused. I don’t see you eating much throughout playing this character.” I think the only time I ate during the first season was on the pilot, I ate some McDonald’s french fries. I hadn’t been eating much getting ready for that and going through the ringer of my own personal training. I was devouring fries during that scene like nobody’s business. They might have had to tell me to slow down at one point. I get on this regimen. I worked with Paul Thomas Anderson once, and he said, “It’ll do something to your face.” For a guy like that, if you can see that he’s going through something and everything’s a bit more sunken, it’s less work you have to do as an actor when the camera’s actually rolling

brenderesa and thominho being best friends (◡‿◡✿)

teresa and thomas arguing about the stupidest things and then hugging it out only to have brenda and minho roll their eyes and be like “we’re dating these dorks and we love them" (✿◠‿◠)

brenda and teresa thinking they finally have some alone time only to have thomas and minho jump out and scare them just as things are getting good (◕‿◕✿)

brenda and minho training together while teresa and thomas pretend they need a break but really they’re just swooning over their respective partners (✿ ♥‿♥)


One thing that really bothers me about the current characterization in the batfam (more so in new 52 than rebirth but still) is that the characters apparently can’t have any overlapping traits?? Like if tim is good with computers then the rest of the family has to be useless with them, and that’s not how it works. They all had the same training with Bruce , their backgrounds and other stuff might make them better at some things rather than others sure but that doesn’t mean that each is allowed to have only one skill.

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You've been targeted for a dare-challenge. Your challenge is to write a drabble about Jimmy going back to Downton to visit Thomas or Thomas goes somewhere and happens upon Jimmy! I dare you. Have fun!


(Call this a preemptive bandage for later today. Grossly unedited and written in an effort to procrastinate like a boss.)


The letter that came with that day’s post was not what Jimmy expected. For starters, it was from someone he didn’t know – someone named Andy Parker – and the lettering looked as though a primary schooler had penned it. But the return address was Downton Abbey and the missive within the envelope was urgent. 

I APOlogize if THis is veRy foRwARD, But I wAsn’T suRE wHAT ELsE To Do. I kNow you ARE MR. BARRow’s spEciAL fRiEnD. HE KEEps your LEttERs iN his NIGHTsTAND, wHIcH Is How I FouND youR ADDREss. I KNow LoNDoN Is QuITE FAR, BuT IF You couLD mANAGE it, I THiNk you miGHT FIND TImE To viSiT DowNTowN DowNTON AGAIN MR. BARRow NEEDs you. PLEAsE. 

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Classy Dogs(P.7)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.7)
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


The last week of school had been pretty uneventful, disregarding the obnoxious and very long text messages I constantly got from Jackson. Then there was Amerie and Emery who seemed to think we were best friends despite the rude remarks made at the mall or the fact that I had nothing in common with them.

Even though Newt had stepped back after our talk, the two girls still seemed positive I’d be a perfect fit for Peter. He wasn’t a bad guy, he had been assigned as my biology partner and he was actually fun to hang out with. He was always making sarcastic remarks about the teachers lectures, there wasn’t a day I didn’t laugh when we were partnered up. 

Today, I woke up early and got a little bored, I did my hair, my makeup, wore one of my cuter outfits and headed to school. 

I seemed to stick out more now than I had the last few weeks I’d been there and I instantly regretted the choice to dress up. I leaned back in my chair waiting for Peter to show up and Biology to get started. Newt was in this class, but his partner was Thomas. 

Whenever me and Peter were laughing, I tried my best to avoid looking at him. The one time I did, he was staring over at us and his expression was easy to read. He was clearly annoyed. 

“Well don’t you look stunning.” Peter said as he made his way over to me, Thomas and Newt sliding into their seats across the way from us. Newt looked me over with a small smile, before pulling his books back out. 

Originally posted by darkpeterpanouat

“Thank you.” I said with a light smile. I laid my book on the table leaving it open on the page we’d be using today. 

“Okay, everyone…Eyes up here, please.” The teacher spoke, pointing at the white board. “Science projects start today. You and your partner need to come up with something for the fair in two weeks. Today’s lesson is going to be set aside so you can all brainstorm ideas and figure out what you want to do.”

My eyes shifted ever so slightly over to Newt, he was watching me closely, when his eyes caught mine he turned his attention back to the front and slumped back a bit in his seat. 

Originally posted by mrxsvngstcr

“Science project, huh?” Peter grinned, turning his seat towards me as he shut the books on the table. “Well partner, we should brainstorm.” 

I didn’t hesitate, I’d been thinking about my science project since school started, since before I moved to this school, of course I hadn’t expected to have a partner, but it’d be helpful. 

“Do you like dogs?” I said, looking up at Peter and tilting my head. He looked a bit confused, but smiled nonetheless. 

“Dogs?” He chuckled. “Y/N, don’t you think we should be thinking about science projects?”

I grinned, nodding. “I am. Do you like dogs?”

He raised a brow. “I suppose I do, I have two of them.” 

Perfect! My smile brightened. “Are they well behaved?” 

He nodded. 

“I know what we can do for our project.” I said, setting my hand on his in excitement. He turned his attention to our hands and then smiled. 

“Well then…My house or your house after school?” 

My eyes sparkled with anticipation. “Yours…If I can bring my dogs with?” 

Peter let out a light laugh. “How many do you have?” 

“Four.” My tone was sheepish, a bit embarrassed that I had so many, though there used to be more. “But I can chose two and you can use two?” 

“Sounds like a plan. Do you need a ride?” 

I smiled and nodded “Sure, I wouldn’t mind.” 

I spent the rest of class explaining the project to Peter. My plan was to use cameras focused on a dogs eyes to prove that they can detect human emotion by focusing on the side of the face that expresses more emotion than the other. The right side. 

There was more to the project that I wanted to do, but the bell rang and we ran out of time. “I have to go to my locker and get some stuff…Do you want to meet in the parking lot in about ten minutes?”

Peter nodded. “Sure thing, meet you there.” 


Peter jogged over to Newt and Thomas, Newt sighing softly as he watched Y/N head in the opposite direction. “So what are you two losers doing for your project?” Peter asked with a grin his eyes trained mainly on Newt.

“Haven’t decided. Probably something related to video games so I have an excuse to play them while studying.” Thomas answered, Newt rolling his eyes. 

“What about you and Y/N?” Newt asked, trying to sound uninterested. 

Peter smirked. “I can tell you we’re gonna beat you at the science fair. She has some genius idea to show how dogs read human emotion.” 

“Left Gaze Bias.” Newt replied, knowing full well what Y/N was aiming for. 

“No, dude…They look at the right side of the faze.” Peter said, rolling his eyes as if Newt had no idea what he was talking about. 

Newt scoffed, smirking to himself. “Right. So…When are you guys starting?”

“Now. We’re gonna go get her dogs and head to my house.” Peter answered, once again watching Newt’s reaction. 

“Cool.” He said shortly before heading off towards his truck. Thomas turned towards Peter and tried to keep himself from laughing. 

“I thought we were backing off, Newt learned his lesson.” Thomas said, shaking his head at Peter. 

Peter raised a brow. “It’s not about that.” He glanced over his shoulder, smiling when he saw Y/N making her way towards them slowly. “He backed off…Doesn’t mean I have too.” 

“Fuck.” Thomas said with a roll of his eyes. “Do I have to give you the same lecture?” 

There was a snort from Peter as he glared at Thomas. “First of all, what I do with any female, is my business. I’m not your little puppy like Newt is. Second…I’m not remotely interested in her like Newt was or is…But you can’t deny the fact that she’d be a great fuck.”

Thomas smirked. “You’re an asshole.” 

Originally posted by scotts-b-a-eta

“So are you.” He grinned, waving him off before heading towards Y/N. 

He linked his arm with hers, winking at Thomas as he led her to his truck to go get her dogs.

How Scorpion Will Be Bigger and Sexier in Season 2

Walter O'Brien’s genius will face the ultimate test this year: a “will they, won’t they” relationship.
When Scorpion returns for its second season on Monday (9/8c, CBS), Homeland Security pulls Team Scorpion in on an urgent case, but not before Paige (Katharine McPhee) can do what she does best: get in touch with her emotions. Specifically, she reveals to Walter (Elyes Gabel) that she kissed him while he was unconscious at the hospital. Walter, because he is Walter, freaks out very privately.
“That [knowledge] will reverberate emotionally but on a deep level throughout that episode when he realizes what exactly happened in that hospital room,” executive producer Nick Santora tells TVGuide.com. “It will culminate in that episode [with] a much more cognizant kiss between the two characters. We’re going fully conscious on this one.” Exec producer Nick Wootton adds, “This kiss won’t be so much of a crime.”

Despite locking lips again, Walter and Paige won’t decide to become a couple right away. “As the season goes on, it makes for some complexity in their relationship,” Santora says. “The team has always lived by the idea of the greater good. Does [a romance] fall into the category of the greater good or does it put Scorpion at risk?” And yes, this means the attraction between them will be more palpable than ever.

Check out what else to expect this year on Scorpion:

Clear and present danger: As usual, Team Scorpion will have to save the day under dire circumstances, often with only a few hours’ notice. “One week they might be stopping a nuclear-powered satellite falling from orbit toward the ground, which if it strikes, the sound would have the same effect as an A-bomb to capturing a war criminal in a foreign country to possibly stopping a runaway train.” Also expect the guys to visit Cuba and Eastern Europe, go underwater, and one team member will even land behind bars.

Walter’s trauma: If you recall, Walter was in an accident that landed his car on the side of a cliff. He’s now going through some physical therapy for his hand and the aftereffects of a concussion. Meanwhile, his team has been sidelined since he’s been in the hospital. “They haven’t been able to take cases, and we see how fractured the team is, how distracted these guys are without Scorpion. And so they’re all very very excited to get back to it. What we see … is that Walter may have come back too soon and that this may have very drastic consequences.”

Walter gets a bro: For once, Walter will make a friend outside Team Scorpion, a fellow named Ray Spiewack, played by Kevin Weisman (Alias, Hello Ladies). “He’s a guy who gets nailed for a nonviolent misdemeanor now and then; he’s more of a nuisance criminal,” Santora explains. “[He] has a heart of gold, lives in his ‘72 Gremlin… In short, the question this relationship asks the audience is, what can the smartest man in the world get out of being friends with possibly the dumbest man in the world? And the truth is, as we learn, maybe a lot. But Ray is a unique, strange, off, but lovable character.”

Turning a new Paige: While Paige has always fulfilled the emotional component for the team, she’ll add more tangible contributions this year as she tries to make them into a “commercially viable association that can actually do jobs outside of the government sector,” Wootton says. “What we’ll see is this is like herding cats, and also that these guys … do great work but they’re still not quite ready for prime time.” Also, expect her to take on some of the more physically dangerous roles, not always by her own free will. Meanwhile, her son Ralph (Riley B. Smith) will be doing some college work but also helping Team Scorpion on the runaway train case.

C'mon get Happy: Paige and Walter won’t be the only ones dancing around each other. After Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) failed to show up for his date with Happy (Jadyn Wong) last season, she clearly doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again. But Toby is nothing if not persistent (read: annoying), which makes for some delightful scenarios when they’re working together. “They both have to move on with their lives now that Happy has said, ‘I value our friendship more than romance.’ So they have this void now that they decide to be friends, and how do they fill it?” Santora says.

Sylvester’s woes: Sylvester (Ari Stidham) has a more clear-cut relationship with Walter’s sister Megan (Camille Guaty), who unfortunately suffers from multiple sclerosis. Santora says, “We established him basically falling in love with a woman that he knows is gonna die. Sylvester’s biggest fear is his mortality, and he has to face it head on.”

The fearless leader: Meanwhile, we’ll find out what Cabe (Robert Patrick) has been doing when he left Homeland Security, but clearly he’ll jump right back into action when they reinstate him. “Hopefully this season we’ll see Cabe get to the point where he can get past the loss of his family that he loved so much and maybe start to rebuild a life for himself outside of Scorpion,” Santora says.

The new boss: Alana de la Garza joins the show in a recurring role as Adriana Molina, the new director of Homeland Security. No-nonsense and stern, she’s also gunning for Team Scorpion to succeed.

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Our Alone Time || Thomas & Kelly

Thomas smiled to himself as he was cooking up some food for him and Kelly. Kelly was planning on coming over to his flat in a bit so they could have their little date tonight and he couldn’t wait to see her. Things have been going very well between them, but it was mostly about the sex and more training. They liked to be intimate, but he wished they could’ve talked more about what’s been going on and how they feel, but he knew Kelly didn’t exactly like sharing her feelings so he put it off. Tucking his buttoned up shirt in a bit more, he listened to the music as he focused on the potatoes he was cutting up and placing on a pan. Everything was going to be done soon so he didn’t want Kelly to rush with whatever she was doing. Pulling out his phone, he quickly texted her; ‘Food is almost ready but no need to rush, it’ll still be warm once you’re here’ and pressed send before focusing back on the food.

austinado  asked:

so i had this unhealthy obsession with thomas the tank engine until i was like nine and i think its beginning to resurface in the form of me wanting to desecrate every single respected monument available with "thomas is a really useful engine" and im not sure if i should do it and make some sort of worldwide conspiracy from it or maybe drown my sorrows in cold drinks

i dont suggest you destroy priceless artifacts to get your jollies off. 

i think the most honorable way to do this is to just lable it on your own person. Do it relentlessly, buy Thomas the tank engine merchandise to fan your petty flames. Make it a part of you- your identity- the core of everything you know yourself to be. You will find soon it will no longer be for the giggles. Your life will be consumed by your own joke and your loved ones will worry about you. you wont hear them calling for you as you descend into the black as coal void. But you wont be alone. People will recognize your devotion, and at first pass it on as just a short lived passion. Play your cards right. Incorporate it into every conversation, lace everything with deeper meaning. “How is Thomas the tank engine really useful? Does he have more use than just a mere train? What does this individual see in him that I do not. surely I am missing something” Let your entire being be some convoluted message of a different tomorrow. you will sure to gain loyal followers in turn. 

Soon the act of desecrating the world’s cherished idols will be that of a child’s sluggish toss of a stone with weak, short lived ripples, “thomas is a really useful engine” wont be written on the face of lady liberty it will be in the air. Quietly, in everyone’s minds. It will stain like blood in our earth, and much after your death will it crackle angrily like the unrelenting flame that is the evolution of religion. It will grow beyond anyone’s comprehension and Thomas will become more absolute in it’s existence that you will have ever been physically, mentally, cosmically. Over shadowed and snuffed out by your own creation. Then will your soul rest? Has the sacrilege of humanity itself enough to quench your maniacal ways? You sadistic smear of human filth? You are why men created law, you are why children fear the dark.