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May I have some mermen Kenma x human s/o?

  • Kenma was beyond surprise to come into contact with you, especially considering that not many humans came to Antarctica. Apparently you were doing some research and admiring the scenery when you stepped onto a weak patch of ice, falling through instantly.
  • Honestly, he debated saving you because he was scared about what would happen if the secret about mermaids got to other humans, but he couldn’t sit by and watch you drown.
  • Adrenaline was pumping through his veins as he found the strength to hurdle you back through the hole you fell through, hauling himself up beside you. Your lips were blue and skin turning pale. There was only one option left.
  • He thanked the Sea Witch, Lana, everyday for bestowing healing powers upon him. He’s never used them until now, and thankfully it worked. He had never been so relived to see anyone spit up water.
  • He couldn’t seem to move as your gaze locked with his, the colour flooding back into your face as you seemed to get a grip on your surroundings. Everything was still a bit blurry, but-Is that a tail???
  • Kenma sat frozen, unsure of whether to run or stay put. The first words out of your mouth were not what he expected. 
  • “Thank you for saving me.”
  • All he could do was nod before slowly sliding back into the water, tossing one more glance over his shoulder at your shivering form.
  • “W-wait! Will I ever see you again?”
  • Kenma only shrugged, not wanting to make a commitment to you, but secretly he was excited to start a forbidden friendship with you. In fact, even when you did leave Antarctica, he migrated to the ocean closest to you (you told him where you were going of course).

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May I have some mermen Oikawa headcanons with an human female s/o??? I really love the idea of the mermaids au :3

  • He’s a hopeless romantic that dreams of having a love story like the Little Mermaid, minus losing his beautiful voice of course. When he first met you, he said that his dreams were finally coming true after all.
  • He loves to serenade you with love songs passed down in the mermaid community. His voice is actually quite lovely. He never fails to make you swoon every time.
  • Since he is a prince in the Antarctic Kingdom, he’s not always able to spend time with you, but when he does he always has a gift. It’s different each time, although your favourite had to be a hair pin he mad out of jewels and shells. It was gorgeous.
  • There have been a few times where he’s come up onto land (or rather ice) to come talk to you. He’s always bringing you something from his world to look at and you do the same. It’s so interesting to learn about the world below from his point of view.
  • Oikawa was hesitant at first, but eventually he decided to bring his pet seal along with him to meet you. The sweetheart took an instant liking to you and at that moment he knew that you were special.