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Prayer circle for the repeat of last years’ Phxcon SNS concert tomorrow!

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And just so there isn’t any doubts what am I talking about, here’s a little recap:

Hey, Jared baby, what one should do when he can’t reach far enough to touch his man comfortably? 

Ah, thank you, sweetie (●´ω`●)

And then what do you do?

Ah, yes, of course (▰˘◡˘▰)

Hey Jensen honey, what would you recommend if one wanted to feel up his boy inconspicuously in front of everybody?

A hand on his peck, got ya! Cheers, mate!  [vid]

Btw, wasn’t that Jared’s first time singing on the stage? 

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Hey tink, I was wondering if you could give me a little positivity about season 13 with Cas and Misha? All this panel stuff about them laughing about Cas being dead and Singer saying stuff about how they went where the writing was going has really gotten me upset, and I really don't want to give up on this show because it's become a huge part of my life. 💖



Misha is IN ON IT. Come on. They all joke around, they all troll everyone. They know we all know he is coming back because they’ve already SAID SO and Misha is all over comicon so why would he not be in the panel - its all a JOKE and a HOAX.

Because they KNOW they have to keep Misha onboard and Cas in the story. They told a whole story about how show running is CHANGING and how different show runners did things differently and how they are not going backwards and retreading but going FORWARDS.



Cas is going to be a huge part of season 13. He has SO MUCH story to tell just in himself and in regards to Dean, Sam and the overall plot re: Jack. DO NOT WORRY.

On top of that Jared made it clear that they LOVE Misha and it’s NOT PRETEND and they are true FRIENDS.

Yes, the panel was very heavy Singer/Jared and I would have liked some more Jensen/Misha/Dabb and I would like a gagreel and a preview.

But what we got was GREAT and POSITIVE. 

They are not assholes, they are not dicks, they love us and they love each other, they want us to LOVE THE SHOW. It’s gonna be GREAT!

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In this somber look at Dean’s relationship with alcohol, I picture the lyrics being sung by the alcohol, taunting Dean, threatening, and seducing him. Such a good song, chills!


Good morning lovelies! Not sure if you’ve seen this already, but it’s pretty entertaining.

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Happy Birthday Sandee!!

@escabell, I have two of your favorite fellas over here to wish you a very happy birthday… So let’s take a look at these precious wonderful gorgeous human beings *clears throat* LET US BEGIN





And finally… THE LAUGH

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Have a wonderful birthday, Sandee! Hope these two goofs brightened your day.

Why Mary?

Unpopular Opinion: I would’ve much rather had John come back instead of Mary.

Yeah okay, Mommy’s back, but I don’t believe that is what Dean truly wanted. Amara went off of a picture. For all we know, he needed his father.

I mean, think about it, do you think Dean wanted to pull Mary– his dear mother– back into the crossfire? Who’s probably in heaven and happy and clueless to the hell that is her son’s lives. Do you have any idea how much damage can be done to a mother when she finds out her sons went to hell and back multiple times and have died because of HER?

And Dean probably knows this. So– why Mary? Don’t you think John would’ve been smarter? I mean, Dean and Sam have always had problems with their father, and their father coming back could give us a real character with major flaws and quirks that could progress not JUST the story arch but our main character’s development. I mean– Imagine John looking baffled but slowly clapping Dean on the back when he finds out he killed Hitler and stopped Nuclear Armageddon take two or when Dean shares stories about beating the devil or the Darkness and John’s like “I’m still cooler than you.” Then he brings up Chuck and John just shakes his stubborn head muttering something like “I really should find a way to get you boys healthcare. All the alcohol and cheap meds in your blood is getting to your heads.”

Or John finally realizing how strong Sam is and giving him the hug he’s always deserved and caving in and deciding to just sit down and have a beer with him. But he still jokes about him being a college nerd, to which Sam just shakes his head fondly.

Or for the first time John meets Cas and him accidentally stabbing him like Dean did when he comes in looking for Sam. And then he just stares quizzically when the angel and Dean hug and mutters “So– you like dick now? Gotta say, always thought boobs were your thing.” And Dean just guffaws and starts rambling like he always does when people assume he’s gay (I mean he’s bi ppl XDJkJk it’s a pipe dream) whilst Cas looks at John, then Dean, then his crotch and– well you get it. Or when he finds out Cas is an Angel and scoffs, asking him where his harp and fluffy wings are and Cas just squints whilst glaring and unfolds his wings and john doesn’t speak, just gulps and takes a step back whilst Dean looks proud like Cas has just made the Sun shy away and dim down. It’d be so funny, awesome, and adorable at the same time.

And just imagine how quick the BMOL issue would’ve been solved with John back on board. He wouldn’t join them under any circumstances, unlike Mary, and when he finds out his son is being tortured I’m 100% certain he’d shoot Toni point blank. And, while John was tough as rocks, he’s respected greatly by a lot of hunters and with his words Not one would say yes or even consider the brit douchebags. He’d shoot Hess without hearing a single word on her side and he’d have gotten Mick onto the boys side much quicker through a guilt trip or something. And don’t even get me started on Ketch, Bastard wouldn’t even know what’s coming to him. John’s ruthless when he wants to be, but he’s also smart (albeit a bit hotheaded)

So– with all this and probably more in perspective– why throw a blank canvas into the fire and not a developed work that will bring not just more power but character to both our protagonists, the rough story arch, and the work himself? I mean, it’s kind of lazy throwing in Mary. Yeah, feelings and all the “I haven’t seen her since we were kids blah blah blah” card– but I just don’t get it. Dean has only seen Mary up until he was four (without regard to his time travel meetings) so really– there won’t be many feelings other than sadness and happiness towards her (Maybe a bit of shock value from us that lasts about an episode until the hype is gone). But with John, the man who raised Dean the way he is (tying in a lot of emotional and mental issues that could really help develop Dean and John’s characters more) and the one who threw both boys into this whole mess with just a phone call– him coming back would bring so many emotions into the picture. And the season would’ve been a lot more interesting.

All I’m saying is, I’d rather have John in the picture (apparently Jensen did too so–), trying to make up for his sorry ass of a father after spending time in what I assume is heaven, than Mary disappearing for episodes at a time without any real purpose but to make the boys a bit sad (it takes the boys talking about her to remind me she’s banging Ketch. No really what’s up with that whole thing).

She really just feels like a plot device. I mean, even the ending glossed over her. If John was in her place, I imagine him standing up to the devil or at the very least not being stupid enough to even get himself in that situation. Or if he does get in the situation, he would probably start teaming up with all the survivors he can find (including Bobby who would probably try and shoot him first) to beat Lucifer down and find a way to return to his boys or die fucking trying. He’d have a better chance and we would actually feel some sort of emotion towards him because, to put it simply, we know him more. John Winchester wasn’t an abusive father (physically at least– or so I hope), he was a Soldier– still a dick– but a soldier.

Mary wasn’t a civilian by any means, but she was sheltered in heaven for years without understanding why she was back. Even she wanted to go back. I just feel they butchered her character. We’ve had eleven seasons to build up this picture of badass Mary Winchester who loves her children more than anything– not this somewhat ignorant and dethatched huntress that turns her head to her sons when she shouldn’t have. It took Dean telling her he hated her to wake her up, what do you think that says about her?

I love Mary, I really do, but I would’ve preferred John. Sorry.

Update: I appreciate all of your replies and thanks for trying to clear things up a bit for me. Whilst I love Mary– I really do and you can’t argue that she isn’t a fucking badass– I still would’ve enjoyed seeing John interact with the boys. And I still stand by the fact that John WOULD be intimidated by Cas, to some degree at least. John is brave, ruthless even, but he is also very smart. He won’t argue or sass or try and annoy a multi-dimensional being who can render him a bloody smear on a wall (even though we know Cas won’t do it doesn’t mean John would know) So, whilst he may not show it, almost 100% sure John would be weary or intimidated by the bundle of power that is him. Lets not forget he isn’t as keen on Angels (unless he is, though this is unlikely as they weren’t in his journal) as he is Demons and would keep all defenses up until he knows everything there is to know about them. John is still human– human’s fear and he isn’t an exception. As for BI Dean? Let a girl enjoy her fictional character dreams. I’m not hurting anyone and I’m not stating it as a fact that he is Bisexual. It’s not like I’m calling Jensen Bi. I’m calling the MADE-UP character Dean Bisexual because I feel that he is.

Okay, so anyway, Thank you and good night!

PS: But seriously– wouldn’t it be hilarious if John bashed a vamp’s head in or something with Lucille.




anonymous asked:

If I ever do get the chance to meet Jensen, does he believe that Dean is bi? I'm bi and Dean being bi was incredibly impactful for me growing up and watching the show even if it wasn't stated. And if I ever met him, I'd want to tell him how important this was for me, but is he not a big fan of Destiel? I'm pretty new to the fandom.

I can’t say for sure because I’ve never personally spoken to him candidly about it, but the public opinion that he’s given again and again is that no, he doesn’t.

But that doesn’t mean that he will not be supportive and an attentive, active listener should you decide to talk to him about it some day.

I’m A Lucky Girl

Title: I’m A Lucky Girl

Characters: Jensen and Reader

Word Count: 1034

Warning: Absolutely none

Request by @captainemwinchester said: I saw that your requests are open. May I request a Jensen x reader. The reader is an actress on supernatural and she’s at a convention with Jensen, and she is super nervous. He is just so sweet to her and super friendly.


“Huh?” Looking to the seat next to yours, Jensen was giving you his “I already know the answer” look. “Oh, yeah, just a bit.”

“You’ll be fine, Y/N. Jared and I will be right there the whole time.” Jensen gave your hand a quick squeeze before relaxing back into his seat. “Just a hum a little Metallica during the flight, it might help.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to try that.”

Closing your eyes, you let your head fall back and your body relax a little. You’d just finished your first year on Supernatural and it was time for your first convention.

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