have some flowers while i'm here

Aperitivo summary
  • Jack: @god why
  • Chilton: Here have some flowers while i say you "i told your so"
  • Margot: *not-so-subtly checking out Alana*
  • Will: I totally would have dropped all of you in a second and ran away to Italy with an attractive and rich older European man.
  • Mason: *Chokes on bodily fluids*
  • Alana: Honestly i'm just going to not give a fuck anymore and flirt with Margot
  • Bella: *Slowly suffers until she dies in Jacks' arms and causes a world-wide tidal wave of utter misery*
  • Hannibal: *Literally writes a condolence letter to Jack*
  • Bedelia & Chiyoh: Off drinking somewhere to cope with Will and Hannibal's constant pining