have some face yo

headcanon where carmilla can’t see her own reflection because she’s a vampire so she stares at mirrors sometimes, hoping to get a vague outline or a glimpse of what she looks like and when laura finds out, she pulls carmilla down onto her bed and as she traces her features gently, she describes carmilla’s face to her while an image of herself appears in carmilla’s head

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Did you hear about the haunted house with a basement full old women? It was a real whine cellar!

“Wow, you’ve got me in stitches here, buddy. Way to creep it real. Here, have some candy, grey face. Trick or treat yo’ self.”


A/N: …I just sort of wrote this on a whim. Though basically this short fic takes place 20 or so years after Ford was sucked into the portal, and after so many failed attempts completely breaks down. I dunno if something like this has been written before, but oh well. *sh ove s this in yo ur face* Here, have some feels asdasf.

Hope you all enjoy reading.

Word Count: 1,025

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