have some crying feels guys

over [matt murdock]

prompt: you and matt were great friends but he cut you off once he started patrolling the streets so he would keep you safe. you, on the other hand, can’t get over it until you know why he pushed you away like that.

a/n: this is inspired by a prompt i saw ages ago when i was too scared to write, however i can’t find the link to the blog and im sorry!!!

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Staring at the ceiling fan of your apartment was never an ideal Friday night. Not like you had anywhere to be, not anymore at least. You were never a very social person so your circle of friends was relatively small. Only people you’ve really connected with were the friends you made in collage - Matt and Foggy.

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anonymous asked:

Did you see the hashtags on @hesitantpluto's call out post, it seems like she doesn't feel like it's been figured out.... P.s Your blog is my favorite blog on heere, and I hate that people are judging you, and making false accusations

That was all before we talked it over. we’re chill now. (I think anyways.) anyone who rebloged or liked the post don’t know that though so I’ve been getting some… stuff.

Some of their accusations I believe are justifiable in some ways but most of them are just assuming things. Thank you though, It helps a bit to hear people still like this blog.

I’m really not feeling the best now though. I for sure at this point won’t be answering any asks with art tonight. I really need to focus on not doing anything I’m not supposed to. So that goes for everyone, Sorry but I can’t update much tonight. 

MC stopped replying to me. Well. I guess it was either gonna be this or me sabotaging myself by not talking to him anymore.

I just want to say to you folks that I’ve been having a really rough time sorting out what I want since I graduated, after completely losing myself somewhere along the way, and it’s safe to say that starting and running this blog has been single best and most important thing I could’ve done

It’s been an absolutely glittering beacon of terrible science puns and giant nerd-outs and I would not trade it for anything and even if that sounds lame or WHATEVER I’m really proud of this thing and I’ve met and talked to so many incredible people here and you’re all going to be just exponentially more incredible the more you do and if you’re reading this I LOVE YOU and I’m very emotional right now don’t look at me

Agent Carter ep 4 spoilers below the cut.

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