have some cool sprites

Chandelape/ Glass Monkey

Infernape is always such a challenge for me, but I had a lot if fun coloring this guy. The original sprite art is by Marshadow.Giveawayz on instagtam. They have some pretty cool fusion sprites. You should go check them out.

One more fusion will be up tonight so stay tuned!

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The combination of two ‘fakes’, makes a real; Davehalsprite^2  ◥▶◀◤
- Shoutout to @jaboody for introducing me to just about the saddest character and @davspriite for ‘creating’ him. I’m in love. *robotic caw* ;y


Giveaway Announcement

I got the job! And so did Kasey, it was an accident. He came in to get a sub while I was having my interview, he mentioned he’d like to apply so they gave him an app and hired him on the spot. He was still in his pj’s, I was so proud.

So, we are moving forward with this giveaway!

There will be two big winners, and a few mini prizes through the whole giveaway.

1st place (Artist) - A Perler “Booster Pack”

  • Perler Beads! You will recieve at least a dozen colors, all sorted into individual bags.
  • Pegboards! At least two large connective boards, and a few small shaped boards.
  • Ironing Paper! If I’m unable to pick up any of the perler brand paper, I will send precut parchment paper (which is what I use for all of my projects).
  • Masking Tape! At least one roll of tape for those of you that do the masking tape method before ironing.
  • Candy! Some sugar to help you get through a big project. I’ll send you a message asking what type of candy you like best, and if it’s available in my area I’ll include it. I live next to a “gourmet” candy shop, so things like giant jawbreakers and seafoam are options! Also, if you don’t like sugary sweets I would be happy to get you a bag of pretzels or combos, or a few slim jims if that’s your thing.

Mini Prizes - Each “runner up” will get a goodie bag. Runner ups are chosen randomly, every 250 notes I will run names through a random number generator and they will recieve a goody bag. This can change at any time, for now I’m capping the limit at 5 but I will increase it to 10 if there are a lot of notes.
A Perler “Goodie Bag”

  • Perler Sprites! You will recieve a package containing some cool sprites, from volunteers that have offered to participate. If you are an artist and don’t want a sprite (but why wouldn’t you?) I will send 2 random bags of 1,000 beads (sorted).
  • Candy! Same as above, a package of candy or any other treat. I can buy almost any type as long as it’s available in my area (Michigan), and if you’d prefer a different snack just let me know!


  • You must be following this blog.
  • Reblog to enter, like the post for a second entry.
  • Artists need to send me a message after reblogging and liking the post so I know who will use the prize given to them. There will be another good prize for a non-artist, that is a secret until the end so don’t worry about that.
  • You can win a mini prize and the main prize, but you can only win a mini prize once. If you don’t want the mini prize, just let me know and I’ll pass it to the next person.
  • You have to be comfortable with providing your home address. If you are under 18 your parents will need to give you permission to give out your home address.

Reblog as many times as you want until December 1st, 2014. I will try to send out all prizes no later than December 15th, 2014. International winners are welcome, but due to shipping costs some alterations will be made. Message me for details. Good luck everyone!

Current list of shops donating prizes -