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Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters

So I watched the first two episodes of Yuri!!! on Ice and if we skating fans already speculated on which skater each character was based on, the show kinda disproved us on some points.

So this is a post mostly aimed at the anime fans who will probably be irremediably dragged into the figure skating fandom because of this anime.

Physically, the characters may look like some skaters but personality wise they can differ massively. After two episodes it’s still early to completely know a character, and there’s much more who are coming, but I think we can already draw some parallels between some skaters and the characters.

One big important point though : I was very glad to discover that no character felt like any actual skaters. The writing staff really created original characters and if some skaters might have served as inspiration, it is very obvious that they are, in some ways, their “own person”.

So let’s start with the comparisons et divergences.

1/ Victor Nikiforov.

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Victor was the easiest to spot because there is only one skater who left a very distinctive print in the world of figure skating and is unanimously called “The Legend” whether you like him or not.

Meet Evgeni Plushenko.

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Evgeni Plushenko is a russian figure skater, notorious for landing quad-triple combination jumps, for having a very personnal haircut, fast feet, great showmanship and performances skills and one of the biggest charisma on ice you might ever see. He’s now over 30, and pretty much broken everywhere (especially his back) which forced him to withdraw from the single event of the last Olympic in Sochi. 

He’s incredibly big in Russia. Like he’s a star. He skated too in the background of the russian participant in the Eurovision few years back (and they won that time). Some said the Sochi Olympics were held thanks to him.

On the ice he can (and could) do pretty much everything. His trademark was his Biellman spiral and spin, which inspired a lot of competiting male skaters to do (Hanyu, Kolyada, Martinez, and a gazillion more) the same as it is a rare move from male skaters but very common for female ones.

Simply put, Plushenko is a Legend if not The Legend of male figure skating. Ask any aspiring skaters which their models are and at one point they will all cite Plushenko as one of them.

Some notable program of his : (you can also just type his name on youtube and watch everything)

The Legendary Program aka Sex Bomb (yes)  watch it so you’ll understand the bath scene. It was his exhibition for the 2000-2001 season where he won his first world title.

His LP program during the team event in Sochi Olympics Games 2014

His LP program during the single men even in Torino Olympics Games 2006 where he finally got his gold medal.

And my personal favourite which was when I discovered him : his 2000-2001 LP at the European Championships

Viktor is the most obvious one, but he is also clearly a “fictitious” character because for now, nobody has made and landed perfectly the crazy program that we saw of him and that Yuri replicated.

In terms of personality, Viktor and Evgeni have this very “hard” underneath personality when it comes to skating and they tell it like it is. Plushenko (also called Plushy) also loves Japan and comes every year to do ice shows and never miss a chance to put on a yukata. Plushy was also known for surprising the audience.

Where they differ :

Plushenko didn’t “retire” because he got stuck artistically (like it’s implied with Viktor) but mostly because after such a long career his body is pretty much broken everywhere, especially his back (he has now metal bars in it). And yet he never officially retired and each new season we wonder if he’s going to try to come back. Plushy is also very supportive of young skaters and love the quads escalation that is happening in the men’s field.

He’s also married with a child, which is a big difference with Viktor :p

Personality wise, I think Viktor is much more outgoing than Evgeni and also much more touchy-feely.

I’ll do the two Yuris in another post

Yuri Katsuki

Yuri Plisetski


Siren Songs Elixirs ~ Fandom Inspired Scents ~ Grand Opening!

I’m happy to announce that my shop is open!  I have a deep love, and certain weaknesses, for characters that touch the soul and leave you changed. They can be found in books, movies, and history. Some of the characters that have inspired me include Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennett, Cyrano de Bergerac, Dragon Age’s Solas, and Jareth the Goblin King. I’ve used these characters as my inspiration and combined them with my love for all natural beauty products. Each body butter, sugar scrub, and salt scrub is made with loving care with the best products because fellow fans deserve the best. 

This is my first offering inspired by Dragon Age Inquisition’s character Solas and his love for those frilly little Orlesian cakes!

Dragon Age Solas - Frilly Little Cakes

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And you humans are so incredibly foolish. You spend your whole lives searching for something that makes your existence meaningful. You believe that you can make yourselves worth something in a cruel and thoughtless world. And yet, you still do immeasurably stupid things: you damn others for their opinions, sometimes only because those opinions do not coincide with your own and you hurt people because in your illusion, your wrath is righteous. And it doesn’t matter what the reason is, whether it is facts or beliefs, you still use that ‘righteous’ reason to justify your hateful actions against others. Does it ever grow tedious, I wonder? Tire you out, exhaust you to be full to the brim with so much hate? I look forward to it, I do, I look forward to the day when someone understands it.
Understands that, no matter what your reasons are, you are still a small human being hurting an equally small human being, and until your gods make their judgement on you, you hardly have the right to do so yourself.
—  Heroesfly, practice writing

I am feeling very gushy about my muse tonight for some reason. This man and his wonderful character have inspired me to heights of creativity I didn’t know I possessed. I have made elaborate tribute videos, I have drawn him, written poetry about him, and pages and pages of fan fiction. He will never know these things but I am thankful for him and his incredible inspiration!

I’m creating miscellaneous NPC’s for my D&D campaign and I’m realizing I really suck at creating male characters. So far I have character sheets for 5 women, 1 man and 1 agender character.

Gonna have to find some portraits to inspire me.   

I’m getting real tired of seeing all these posts complaining about how Harley Quinn is going to be portrayed in Suicide Sqaud. Look, I love Harley, she’s one of my favorite comic book villains, hell comic book characters in general, of all time, but I’ve seen so many posts going around that really don’t seem to understand her. She’s a villain, she’s a bad guy, she’s insane. You’re not supposed to want to be like her. Suicide Squad is not “ruining” her character. She’s always been like that. She was never meant to be some sort role model for young girls. I keep seeing posts about how “she’s going to send a bad message to girls”, like, yeah, she’s a fucking super villain. She’s batshit crazy. Why does every female character have to be some sort of inspiring symbol who represents women everywhere? Can’t they just be an interesting character? The Suicide Squad is made up of bad guys forced into performing dangerous suicide missions. None of these characters are admirable people. If you’re so impressionable that you look to every single female character for guidance on how to behave, then Suicide Squad isn’t for you. 

Help! More Demon Hunter RP blogs wanted!

Hey there! With the upcoming patch introducing the Demon Hunter class, I’m sure some of us out there have already created character and inspiration blogs dedicated to our new OCs. 

If you’re one of them and want a new follower/mutual, please reblog! If not, please share this to help boost! If you know someone, tag them!

 Thank you!

orochi as promised ! * U * I was pondering how i should make her “casual” clothes, and I suddenly thought of tsukuyo for some reason aha
so yeah her clothes are based on her default // battle outfit and…tsukuyo (人*´∀`)

for those of you requesting i draw characters in other outfits, hoshido / byakuya will always have some asian inspired ones and nohr / anya will be more victorian or modern ones ! because I think it fits the theme a bit, haha ~
whispers i have a good kinu one planned muahaha

Okay dokey, sooo as you know this is an inspiration blog for some fictional characters I have created. I post bits and bobs on here of what they’d look like or stuff they do, tagging the character at the bottom of the post with a hashtag.
One of my very close friends, @inspo-maniac, the other day was like, “your RP is so good! Why don’t you write a story with your characters?”

I missed creative writing, and now I’m at university I do have a little spare time on my hands to do such things! But I want to do it for you guuyyss!

Reblog this with the hashtag of my character you’d like to read about the most! I’m sure you can get the jist of the character by searching their tags here on the Tumblr rather than stalking their Twitter!!

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Hey, Look, I’ve Started a New Blog

Hello there!

So, I talk about autistic representation a lot on my other blogs (@myautisticpov and @lcmawson), but I thought that there should be a dedicated blog for just listing canon representations of autism in media.

The format will be three blog posts a day, all of different media types (e.g. one book, one movie, and one tv show). Each post will have an example of a piece of media with a canonically autistic character, along with a rating aggregated from reviews by autistic people.

(Or just general notes on how it holds up as a piece of representation, if no formal reviews are available.)

I’m using the same criteria as my YouTube reviews for what counts as “canon”, meaning that, at a bare minimum, the creators/writers/actor have to have said at some point that they drew inspiration for the character from Autistic people.

(With the exception of gross actors who draw inspiration from Autistic people in order to portray a supernatural being who is clearly not Autistic. *cough*Benefist Cumbunch*cough*)

This is NOT a headcanon blog.

I love headcanon blogs, don’t get me wrong, but headcanons are not representation and I am specifically looking for canonical representation.

The aim here is to build a resource so that Autistic people, and family members of younger Autistic people, can both find representations of themselves in media, and know if the representation is any good before watching/reading/playing/listening.

Everyone deserves to see themselves represented, without having to risk their mental health on uncertainties.

Asks should be open, so any suggestions for Autistic characters can be sent there.

I’ll be the primary moderator (Mod Lucy), and my friend Mod Elsie will help out once she finally gets around to setting up her Tumblr.

I am currently a published author with canonical Autistic characters in my works, and Mod Elsie is aspiring to do the same. If any of our works are featured here, we will put a disclaimer in the tags. Reviews will be aggregated from third parties (primarily reviewers who self-identify as Autistic) and all posts will contain links to those reviews. No review that we are aware of will be left out (certainly none from Amazon or Goodreads ever will be).

Okay, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the blog, and I would greatly appreciate any signal boosts to help us get going.

Thank you!

Full Confesson:

I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve been struggling lately because of my depression and anxiety. This past week, I started playing Rune Factory 4 again to try to cheer myself up, and it’s been working. I’d forgotten how much fun it is, and some of the townspeople (Nancy and Blossom in particular) have told my character some things that have inspired me to do my best for the rest of the school year and graduate on time. It’s funny how the game that nearly caused me to fail Algebra II might have just saved my high school career.