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You Chose the Wrong Side (Peter Parker x reader)


1. Hey Bonnie! Could I please have a Peter Parker fic where he has this girlfriend (the reader) and he’s trying to keep his superhero life and “normal” life separate but they end up colliding and she’s put in danger. Angst (since you’re the angst queen) and she ends up dying or something? I’d appreciate it, thank you 

2. Can you do one where you’re Steve or Tony’s daughter and you’re with Peter Parker, and some villain makes peter choose between saving you or aunt may (or maybe even you and Gwen) and he picks the other? And your dad finds out and has to live with seeing the other person constantly, and peter feels constant guilt.

Past events are in italics

“You can’t possibly save them both, so stop wasting your time and decide who lives and who dies. The choice is yours to make, Mr. Parker.”

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Flood my Mornings: Service

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment:  Thanks (Thanksgiving and Bree’s Birthday)

Late November, 1950


“Bath time, little smudge!”

Bree squealed and, like a shot, went barreling toward the bathroom. Turning two years old seemed to have turned on a tap of perpetual energy from on high: energy to throw tantrums, energy to hate going to bed, energy to form VERY strong opinions about what she did and did not plan to eat, and so on, and so forth for all time. 

However, she had also decided she loved baths, and by the time I arrived at the tub myself, she was already standing on the bathmat, triumphantly nude and brimming with expectation with her toys in hand. I laughed and kissed the top of her head. “One minute, you goofy girl.” 

I poked my head briefly into the living room. “Do you want bath duty or bedtime duty tonight?”

“I’ll take bed, if it’s all the same to you, Sassenach,” Jamie said, looking up from the rolltop. “I’d like to get the rest of the bills paid and ready for tomorrow’s Post.”

“Fine by me,“ I said, taking the chance to stretch my back, already thinking of plopping into bed as soon as humanly possible. “Thank you for handling those, sweetheart.”

“’Course,” he said with feeling, rising and kissing my forehead. “How are ye feeling?” 

“Pretty well, at the moment,” I said, pleasantly surprised, now that I thought about it. “Like death, this morning, but I haven’t vomited once since lunch!” 

“Victory, indeed,” he grinned, kissing me, long and sweetly. 

MaMAAAA?” bellowed Bree, her voice bouncing ghoulishly around the bathroom walls. “Come’on do insee’pyder, please!”

“I’m being summoned,” I murmured against his lips. 

“Go,” he whispered. “Heaven forbid ‘insee’pyder’ have to wait.” 

“Oh,” I called when I was halfway back down the corridor, “I think the electric bill came today. It’s on the counter by the phone with the rest of today’s mail.”

“Thank you, mo ghraidh,” he called back. 

Tub filled, baby inserted, bubbles abundant, I knelt beside the tub and swirled my hands in the warm water. Bree beamed up at me, ready: “GO! Insee’pyder, Mama!”

Alright,” I said dramatically, reaching for the green plastic sandbox bucket and scooping up water as I sang: “Theeeeeeee ITS-Y-bit-sy spiiiiiider went UP the water spout ….”

I raised the bucket theatrically. “Down came the raaaaaain AND—”

The payload released on, “WASHED the spider out,” dousing Bree with warm, soapy water. 

Fizzy giggles emerged through the waterfall pouring down her scrunched-up face as I sang on. “Out came the suuuun and dried up all the rain, and the ITS-Y-bit-sy spiiiiider went UP the spout—?”

“—AGAIN!!!” Bree finished, knowing the drill and LOVING it.

We had just finished washing the shampoo-spider from her hair and ANOTHER rendition was demanded, when Jamie’s voice came from the doorway. “Sassenach?” 

“Yes, darling?” I said absently, reaching for the bar of soap Bree had just knocked into the water. 

“What is the ‘selective service?’”

My blood froze absolutely cold. I whirled on my knees to gape at him, praying that it was a newspaper clipping in his hand, or one of his library books, or—

But it was a letter bearing the words ‘Department of Defense’ across the top. The truth was written on his face, the tightness of his voice, the rigid set of his jaw. “Tis the forced conscription for the war in the east, aye?”

“Jamie—” I staggered to my feet, praying in blind panic. Please, God, no. “Jamie—Please tell me—you haven’t been—?”

To Mr. James Fraser,” he read, 

“According to our records, you have not yet registered with the Selective Service, as is required of all permanent residents of the United States. 

Please report no later than December 15th, 1950 to the enlistment station named below for registration, or risk revocation of your residency status with the Department of Immigration. 


Jamie trailed off, his face a mask of control I hadn’t seen in many years. The sight terrified me to my core—his face of duty, of danger, of great burdens to be borne.  

My hands were shaking as I reached for the letter, as I scanned it wildly for some salvation. “But you’re—you’re not even a citizen! They can’t just force you to go off and fight in their wars!”

“Apparently they can,” he said stiffly. “’All permanent residents,’ it says.”

“Jesus…” There was no way out. “Jesus—fucking—”

“FUN-KING!” Bree squeaked from the tub, sounding immensely pleased. Normally, that would have incited riotous laughter, then stern admonishment and promises between Jamie and I to guard our words more carefully. But we barely noticed. 

My blood pounded so loudly in my ears I could barely hear myself blurting, “We could go to Canada." 

He cocked his head in question. “They dinna fight wars there?”

I gave a jerking shrug. “They don’t usually start them, at least.”

“That’s the coward’s way,” he whispered, his face still stone. “I canna just run.”

“And why not?” I demanded, my voice treacherously close to both tears and shouting.

Why can I no’ take the coward’s way?” The mask wavered, showing his scorn. “Christ, Claire, do ye no’ ken me at all?” 

“And do YOU not know me?” I shouted. “Do you not have the faintest idea what it DID to me to—” It took only the cracking of my voice for the panic to overtake me completely in wracking sobs as my hands went feral. “ —to let you go to your death? For a cause you—shouldn’t even have been dragged into in the first place?? I w—” I choked. I was mere inches from his face, but I could barely see him through the tears. I wrenched a breath from my throat. “—WON’T, do it—again—do you—hear m—?”

Jamie suddenly snatched me hard against him, his voice a cracked moan of despair through his own sobs. “I know, mo chridhe…I know….”

I buried my face in his chest, and could only croak, “Jamie—”

He tried to say something, but couldn’t get a word out. 

We clung to one another with every ounce of strength, swaying and weeping for a long time, until —

“I’m scairt of this, Sassenach.” 

His breath was hot and gasping in my hair. “God, I—dinna want any part of it…. The thought of leaving ye….the—” He let out a sob, and I could feel his tears against my temple, the resonance of his words in my chest. “—Christ, the bairns—” 

He buried his face in my shoulder. “I’m so scairt, Claire.”

“What’s you scairt, Daddy?”

We turned to see Bree standing in the tub, still naked as you please, looking up, stricken.

With a small sound that broke my heart, Jamie released me and crossed to the tub. He lifted his daughter up into his arms and pressed her against his chest, not seeming to notice that his shirt was instantly soaked.

“Daddy? What’s you scairt?” she repeated. 

I had to clamp my hand over my mouth. He clutched her tighter, rocking her, focusing his entire being on love of her. 

“Use-r words, Daddy.” 

Despite everything, he choked out a laugh at that. 

“I’m scairt,” he answered hoarsely after a moment, “of having to leave you and Mama, a chuisle.”  


I came and wrapped my arms around them both, trying so very hard not to slip into panic. This—this was my home, these three people I held—That it might be ripped from—

“Dinna leave though’kay?” Bree demanded, glaring sternly at him. “Okayyyy, Daddy?”

Okay?” I seconded in a feeble whisper.

He let out another weak, broken laugh and leaned down to kiss us both. I could feel his chest shuddering with the sobs he was suppressing. 

The words were in Gaelic, breathtakingly quiet, and he repeated them over and over.

 "I won’t…I won’t.”

When he drew back a long, long time later, his eyes were dry. “Now,” he said, kissing Bree and wrapping a towel around her shivering back, “let’s get ye ready for bed, wee cub. Which storybook shall we have, tonight?”


Jamie resolved never to let Claire or Brianna see his fear of this ever again. 

“I’ll go tomorrow to register my name,” he said firmly to Claire as he held her in their bed that night, “but it willna come to anything, Sassenach.” There are millions of folk they’ll call up before me.” 

“You don’t — ” 

“Dinna fash, mo nighean donn,” he crooned, kissing and soothing away her fears. “I’m staying right here—We’ll no’ be parted—I’m right here—”

But he lay awake far into the night and most nights to follow, praying with all his soul.

Please, God….


Dinna take me from them.



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From the prompts: 

@dlouise2016 said: This may not be appropriate for FMM but in response to your request for Jamie “firsts” & since he is only about 27-28, there was a military draft going on at the time for the Cold War & the Korean War. Since Jamie was certainly a warrior, he must have some strong feelings about war & Claire definitely would with her WWII experience  

@chechzooo suggested: Staying out of the draft

Smithsonian- Peter Quill x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: This is both my first ever Peter Quill fic and my entry for Tay’s AU Challenge! I hope you guys enjoy this!

 My sentence prompt was- “That’s not my fault. That’s on you.” And I decided to make it a thief AU just for fun lol

Notes/Warnings: Lurking, stealing, mentions of vandalism and break-in’s, kissing, shouting, arguing, and running(Yes, that’s a warning. I know it keeps you healthy, but at what cost??)

Originally posted by claracivry

 “Peter!” You whisper-shouted. “Focus!” Peter snapped his head back to you and held his hands up in surrender, dropping the little airplane he had been messing with. He crept through the dark halls behind you, following your direction.

 When you first met Peter you had both decided to rob the same jewelry store. You bumped into each other while trying to swipe some high class watches. It was a match made in heaven. At least that’s what the thief community thought. The police, however, couldn’t have disagreed more.

 You two were the modern day Bonnie and Clyde.You had pulled off three jewelry store robberies, four bank heists and vandalized the Lincoln Memorial with pastel spray paint. The police were always one step behind, and you and Peter were living the life you’d always dreamed of. But this, what Peter had planned for tonight, was probably the stupidest thing you’d ever attempted.

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Imagine how your death affects the Mystic Falls Gang

When you died a part of everyone around you died also. You were loved by nearly everyone who met you, and you impacted a ton of people in Mystic Falls. People followed you, you were a leader, a person who was trusted by many. When you died people changed, some became sad where as others used your death to fuel their anger and avenge you. Within 24 hours of your death, the people who killed you got a gruesome death of their own.

Damon was the one who got angry at your death, he killed your murderer and anyone else associated with them. Afterwards he drank a lot and killed some more people. It was deadly but it was his way to cope, you were his best friend, his partner in crime, and his drinking buddy.

Stefan was different, he felt everything, from anger to sadness. He felt it all, and it would keep rushing back. Stefan couldn’t escape your memory you were always there. You kept fighting until your final breath, yes Stefan was sad about your death, but he was grateful that you saved Elena and Caroline from dying.

Elena and Caroline felt guilty, they felt guilty because you saved them and couldn’t save yourself. They wanted to save you but it was too late, they were too hurt and you were nearly gone. If they tried to save you they would have died alongside you.

Jeremy and Bonnie felt as if they could have done something, something that would have helped save your life. Bonnie could have tried harder to get her magic back, and Jeremy could have fought alongside you.

The whole Mikaelson family had a mixture of emotions, some were sad and some were just devastated, of course Klaus kept it together and acted as if it didn’t affect him in any way. They tried yet still put up a wall.

You affected their lives as much as they affected yours. Your life was good, and so was theirs all because you made it better. People who saw you immediately saw a bright light that shined in the darkest of moments. People who didn’t even talk to you saw how much your death affected others.

I’m thinking of you all the while

A/n: Based on Season 6 Episode 22. With Damon and Reader instead of Elena. This was requested as part of the prompts list.I hope you enjoy it.

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Weddings are supposed to be happy. You were gathered with people you loved watching two people who were in love promise to stay in love for the rest of forever. There were flowers, and music. Jo and Alaric were so lucky. This was your dream.

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               - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 991
summary : continues the story from part I … // aka how i wish 8.16 had ended.
my denial runs deep, sorry for so many breaks in the story
* gif by lightwoodxalec

Y/N hooked her arms around his neck, smiling widely. Everything seemed like a dream – him being back, her loving him, Y/N being in his arms in this instant. Katherine being trapped in the tunnels underneath the old church… He pulled her towards him, burying his face in the crook of her neck feeling his vampirism show for a moment and instantly pulled away from her, worried.
   "Sorry. I um –“ he swallowed hard.
   "You need blood. I was just about to ask. Wrist or neck ?”
Kai stared at her for a moment, a nervous smile showing on his face. “You’d let me feed on you ?”
   "Why is that so surprising ?“ she took a step towards him. “Neck or wrist ?”
He took a step towards her and moved her hair from her neck, glancing at her for a second. Y/N gave him a reassuring nod and he wound his arm around her waist, holding her towards him while his fangs sank in her carotid artery. Her warm blood trickled down his throat and unless he was mistaken, for a moment she moaned quietly. Then he pulled away, wiping away a couple drops from her neck with his thumb. Y/N smiled at him, her fingertips tracing the purple/black veins flashing under his eyes.
   "Kiss me.“ she said quietly, his lips crashing against hers a second later while her hands hooked around his neck. Kai pulled her towards him, holding her so tight as if afraid she’d vanish at any moment or maybe run away screaming. Y/N did neither of those things. Everything was so perfect in that moment, he nearly forgot there was quite literally a deadline for them in a few hours until her phone buzzed. Y/N ignored it, her lips moving hungrily against his and then her phone buzzed again, and again.
   "Argh …” she cursed and pulled away, reaching in her pocket. “It’s Bonnie. Hey, did you find a way to save us?”
   "Yes. I found a spell that can pull the Hell fire through the tunnels running underneath Mystic Falls all the way to the Armoury. That is in case Matt and his father don’t succeed in convincing Vicky not to ring the Maxwell bell. But if they fail, I might need um – Kai.“ said her friend, not sounding too thrilled about it. “Will you… two be at the wedding ?”
Y/N looked at Kai, biting her lip. He smiled at her innocently while his hands slid down to her ass and he pulled her towards him. “No, no um. I don’t think we can make it. We have to get Elena out of the boiler room…”
   "He is listening in, isn’t he ?“
   "Um yeah, do you want to speak with him directly or ?”
   "No.“ said Bonnie. “I will need his help to hold off the Hell fire and Katherine has to be trapped in the tunnels at the time, so when the Hell fire gets pushed back, it takes her down too. There is no way she’d survive that and the power contained in it might as well destroy Hell itself.”
Kai listened carefully and his eyes widened. Y/N mouthed ‘What?‘ but he didn’t reply.  He finally had everything he had ever wanted – someone who truly cares about him and loves him unconditionally, someone he loves and cares about immensely and he had to let her go for her own safety.
   "Tell Bon Bon I will be there when the time comes but now we have to go, or Damon will kill me again and I’d rather live and be with you.“ he took her hand, pulling her towards her car.
   "We’ll see you soon Bonnie.” said Y/N, ending the call. A second later she pulled him back, her lips crashing against his while her hands found their way on his chest. Before when she had been pulling out the bullets, obviously she had noticed but now her entire focus was on the way she had ripped his shirt. How his toned torso was right in front of her eyes. There was a time crunch, but she couldn’t stop herself from exploring every inch of his chest with her fingers while Kai tried to pull her after him again.
   "Y/N ?“ he asked, watching her bite her lip. “Hey, come back to me.” he laughed gripping her wrists.
   "What ?“ she looked up at him confused. "Sorry, I spaced out. We have to um… get you a new shirt and jeans. Not that you need them. I am more than enjoying the few. Sucks though. I really loved that shirt –”
Kai grinned at her. “We are on the verge of death and you find the time to get lost in naughty thoughts about me –”
   "Me ? What ? No ?“ she shook her head, running her hands on his bare chest while he gave her the look.  "Fine, yes. Okay. Can you blame me ? You are smocking hot and um .. I’ve loved you for four years now, if you could only see whats happening in my head –”
   "If only you could see what’s happening in my head.“ he smirked devilishly at her. "Let’s go. We can stop somewhere on the way –” he winked at her mischievously.


In the following hours, Kai and Y/N got to know each other better, got Elena out of the boiler room safely, returned her to her coffin and drove with it to the Armoury where along with Rick’s help, they moved it to his car. That’s when things got complicated. During the entire drive there, Kai had been dreading having this conversation with her. How was he going to tell her ? ‘Hey Y/N. I know we just got each other back and all but I need you to leave me for your own safety.‘ He could hear her protesting about it loud and clear, and he hadn’t said a word about it to her yet. There was no way he’d convince her to go without him and he might end up having to compel her, for which she’d most definitely hate him.
A sigh left his lips and he walked over to one of the bookshelves checking out all the grimoars stashed there while Y/N talked with Bonnie. Y/N kept glancing at him every few seconds and Kai tried to smile at her, to hide his feelings but he could tell she knew something was up. It was her thing – nothing escaped her. Not when it came to him.
   "I’ll be right back.“ said Y/N, almost running towards Kai. "Are you okay ? You seem… nervous.”
Kai smiled at her, feeling a lump getting stuck in his throat. “Yeah, well … I’ve seen Hell fire and that’s one of the most terrifying things ever. Almost as terrifying as losing you.”
Y/N studied his face. “That’s not the whole truth. What are you hiding from me ?”
   "W-what ? Not hiding anything.“ he smiled, pulling her into his arms. "Hey, I was thinking maybe you should go with Candice, Rick and the twinsies …”
   "You said ‘you’ not ‘we’.“ she pulled away. "I am not going anywhere without you.”
   "Yes, you are !“
   "The Hell I am !” she raised her voice. “Sorry, I just … No. No! I am staying here! With you. I belong by your side, always and forever.”
Kai sighed and put his hands on her shoulders, gazing into her eyes. His girl looked so determined to stay by his side and with each moment that passed, it seemed her determination only grew. However, as much as it pained him, he couldn’t let her stay. “You will go with Rick and when it’s all over, I swear on my life, I will come get you.
   "I’ll go with Rick.“ she repeated, pressing her lips together, ”Only if you come with us.“
   "You are wearing vervain.” he sighed. Y/N mouthed a 'yep’. “Should’ve known. Y/N, I want you to be safe. No matter how much I want you by my side, your safety comes first. So many things can go wrong –”
   "And that's why I have to say.“ she put her arms around him, resting her head on his chest. "Because I don’t want to lose you, just when I got you back. We both went through so much. I don’t want to spend another second without you.”
   "I don’t want to spend another second without you either. You have no idea how long I have waited for you, but –“
   "No 'but’s or 'if’s.” she lifted herself on her toes, pressing her lips against his. “I love you and if you die, then I die with you. You die I die, remember?”
Kai gave her a small smile. Both of them loved the other so much, they were willing to risk it all just to be together. “I don’t know if I should love you or hate you for not listening to me right now.” he kissed her forehead,wrapping his arms around her. “Feelings are hard.”
   "I wish I can say they get easier with time, but that would be a lie.” she laughed under her breath.
   "Hey.” said Bonnie with a small smile. “Stefan told me what you did. Saving her, healing him. That’s a whole new you –”
   "Does that mean you are starting to warm up to me?” wondered Kai.
   "Let’s not get crazy.” smiled Bonnie. Kai and Y/N both laughed under their breaths. “It means I am willing to admit there is some good in you. Anyone capable of loving someone so much, to risk dying, is capable of change. Who knows, perhaps having her in your life will help you achieve that. Then ask me  again.”
Y/N reached for her friend’s hand, giving it a light squeeze. "Thank you.”
   "Yeah. Now where are Stefan and Damon ? They should’ve been here by now.”
   "Um, they are not coming.” said Y/N. “I talked to Stefan. Damon is refusing to leave until he sees Katherine’s ashes and Stefan is refusing to leave his brother. Last I heard from him, they were going to the tomb to block the entrances to the tunnels where Katherine is trapped, making sure she won’t be able to escape.”
   "What ?!” said Bonnie, pulling out her phone. “They can’t stay there ! What if the spell doesn’t work ? What if –”
   "Hey, Bon Bon?” said Kai placing his hand on Bonnie’s shoulder.”You can do this. Plus you have the mega powerful leader of the Gemini coven by your side. Trust me - I am more motivated to help than ever. It will work.”
Bonnie glanced between him and his hand but didn’t push it away like she would’ve done before. A small smile showed on Kai’s face and he turned towards his girl while Bonnie walked away, dialling her friends.
   "I think she is starting to like me.”
   "Not a chance.” called out Bonnie. Y/N and Kai laughed.
He waited until they were alone and leaned in to whisper in his girl’s ear. “Come with me." 'Where?' she mouthed. "Invisique." he muttered,taking her hand. "Remember ?  I promised to show you from where I got the Bennett blood.”


Around 7PM, Caroline arrived at the Armoury and immediately Lizzy and Josie ran into her arms while Rick grabbed his last travel bag. Bonnie said goodbye to the twins, giving each of them a hug and Alaric rushed them towards the car.
   "Why aren’t you packed up and ready to … go? Wait –“ wondered Caroline noticing how Y/N was sitting in Kai’s lap on the sofa. "Are you two – ?”
Y/N glanced at Kai and both of them smiled at each other. “Yes, Caroline. D-don’t judge.”
   "Don’t have time for judging.“ said her friend, taking Y/N’s hand. "Come on. We have to go and put as much distance as we can between us and Mystic Falls.”
   "Not going with you. I am staying with Kai and Bonnie.“
'What?’ mouthed Caroline, glancing at Kai who was avoiding her gaze. He knew what his girls’ friend would say. That she has to go because it will be safer that way, and he agreed. But how was he to tell her that he had already tried and it had backfired ? It wasn’t like they can knock her out somehow –
   "You have lost your mind.” said Caroline. “Are you okay with this ? I thought you cared about her safety above all else ? Why haven’t you compelled her or –”
   "I tried to. My girl here is 15 steps ahead of all of us. And I do care about her safety above all else.“ said Kai. "You know how stubborn she is.”
   "I am not leaving him, Caroline. Would you leave the twins ?“
Kai brushed his nose against Y/N’s cheek and kissed her neck softly. She turned around starting to say something when his lips crashed against hers. However this kiss felt different. As their lips touched the world around her started to dissolve and she tried to pull away but he held her towards him deepening the kiss until she fell limp in his hands.
   "I’m sorry Y/N.” he pushed her away gently, caressing her face. “As much as I want you to say, it’s for your own good that you leave.”
   "W-wait. What did you do to her ?“ asked Bonnie, starring at them with shock in her eyes.
   "Knocked her out. Hey, Candice ? Promise me to keep her safe in case things don’t work out.”
Caroline gave him a small smile, watching him lift his girl in his arms. “You really do care, don’t you? First you risked your life for her and now you are risking her hating you for saving her again.”
   "Yeah, she’d be pretty mad about it, won’t she ?“ he said, pressing his lips on Y/N’s forehead. "But she’d be alive and hate me. I’m used to people hating me.”
   "No. No, Y/N wouldn’t hate you. If she can forgive you for everything else you have done, then she’ll find a way to forgive you for this.“
   "She’d definitely slap you.” said Bonnie, a little amused.


Y/N’s eyes opened and she shot up straight, looking around. It took her a moment to realise where she was and who wasn’t by her side. He had sent her away, he had promised her they’d be together, always and had sent her away. Caroline’s phone rang and she tried to figure out who she was talking with but couldn’t. “No. No, Rick. Stop the car !”
   "I’m sorry. I can’t.“ he replied. "We have to get as far away from Mystic Falls as we can.”
   "Stop the damn car or I swear, I will jump through the door while the car is moving.“ she warned, but even that didn’t work. She tried to open the door with no luck and when that didn’t work,she opened the window and slipped out through it. Y/N rubbed her shoulder, ignoring the warm blood trickling down her face from where she hit her head and ran as fast as she could in the direction the car had come from. How long had she been unconscious? An hour ? More than an hour ? Less than an hour ? She didn’t know or care her friend was crying out for her to come back. All she cared about was Kai. About half a minute later the car stopped and Caroline got out after her. 
   "Y/N, Y/N Stop.” Y/N didn’t stop and her friend flashed before her. “Stefan just called. We are going back.”
   "What ?“
   "They did it.” grinned her friend. “They saved Mystic Falls. Stefan is alright. Kai is fine too. He is on his …way.”
   "You are lying - “
   "Then I am a hallucination brought upon by your concussion.” said Kai behind her, turning towards Caroline. “Nice job Clarisse. Letting her jump out the window of a moving car ? Really ?! One thing. I asked you for one thi-” Y/N turned around and ran towards him, kissed him then slapped him. “Owh. I had this coming.”
   "You – you ughh !!!“ she kissed him again. "You promised. How could you do this ?”
   "You mean save the world ? Pretty easily actually.“ he grinned, gripping her wrists seeing how she was about to hit him again. "You should’ve seen the fire – it build up like a wall and Bon Bon and I held it off. Then this weird thing happened. Like Bonnie said she saw her Grams and a bunch of other Bennett witches –”
Kai pulled her into a hug, ignoring her fists hitting his chest. “You – you , you sent me away !? You could've died and you sent me away !”
   "I'll always do whatever it takes to protect you sweet cheeks. Even if it means you hate me afterwards.“ he brushed her cheek with his thumb. ”Always.“


Two days later the gang had gathered around Elena’s body, resting on Damon’s bed. Kai stood next to her along with Bonnie, holding each of their hands while everyone watched. Damon could barely contain himself and everyone else couldn’t tear their eyes away while he continued to chant and siphon the spell away.
   "How much longer?” asked Damon impatiently.
   "Would you stop talking ?“ said Y/N. "He said he’ll do it, then he will.”
   "He already said he’d do it once and didn’t –“
Y/N glared at him and Damon raised his hands in defence. Kai continued to chant in a hushed voice, trying hard to tune out everything happening around him and concentrate on the spell. He wasn’t doing this for Damon or Elena. He wasn’t doing it for Bonnie or to get in favour with anyone in the MF gang. He was doing it for Y/N, for his girl, because getting her friend meant something to her and Y/N meant everything to him. For two days he had been trying to get her to forgive him for sending her away. Two whole days she hadn’t said a word to him. Now he couldn’t help overhear his girls’ conversation with her friend and just listening to her voice was enough to make him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
   "You two still aren’t talking ?” asked Caroline in a hushed voice. Y/N shook her head. “You know, I never thought I’d be defending him of all people but … I was there. You should’ve seen how crushed he looked when he put you in the car and closed the door. “
   "He sent me away.” she whispered. “Don’t you get it ? I spent four years without him, thinking I will never see him again. I never want to feel like this again and there we were, finally together and he sends me away. He didn’t even say 'goodbye’…”
   "He did it to protect you.” insisted her friend.
   "I know, I just… It hurts. What if things hadn’t –”
   "Bonnie ?” said a familiar female voice they hadn’t heard in years. “Kai ? What – ?! Damon !!”
Damon rushed to Elena’s side and Kai barely managed to get out of the way fast enough while the eldest Salvatore pulled his girl into his arms and kissed her for the first time in four years. All Elena’s friends took turns hugging her and Kai stepped away, giving them space, leaning in against the door frame, watching. Y/N’s eyes had light up and there was a smile on her face almost as wide as the one she had had on when he had shown up on her doorstep about a week ago. A sigh left his lips and he turned around, heading in the hallway when Y/N ran after him.
   "Where are you going ?” she grabbed his hand.
   "I’m leaving.” he said with a small smile, scratching his forehead. “You and your friends have a lot to catch up on with Elena. I don’t want to get in the way of the happy reunion.” he said with a hint of bitterness in his voice.
   "Stay.” she intertwined her fingers with his. “For me.”
Kai glanced at their hands together and smiled. “Does that mean I am forgiven?”
   "It means I am not willing to let you go. Ever.” she took a step towards him, cupping his face with one hand. “It means I can't be without you and yes … you are almost forgiven.”
   "Almost ? Wh-what does that mean ?” he took a step towards her until their bodies pressed against each other. Y/N raised her eyebrows slightly. “OH, you are – oh-kay.” he smiled nervously. “I am sorry, for sending you away. I took the choice away from you and …”
   "And ?”
   ”… and I am sorry for not saying goodbye. I should’ve at least said goodbye.“ he sighed. "I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. But I had to let you go because I love you. More than I ever thought I could love anyone and if something had happened to you –” he brushed his palm against her cheek. “–I never would’ve forgiven myself and.. I am sorry. I really am, but I had to stay and help Bonn–” Y/N’s lips crashed against his not letting him finish and he wound his hands around her, holding her tightly towards him. How hadn’t it occurred to him to apologise before ?!
   "Glad to see you two made up.” said Damon, his hands wrapped around his girl.
   "Wait, whats going on ?” asked Elena confused.
   "Nothing. I just have the best boyfriend ever.” smiled Y/N, snuggling closer to him. “Though if he sends me away again, we might have a seriously large issue here.“
Kai tilted her chin up, gazing into her eyes. "Never again. I swear.”


Dear Diary,

it has been four months since Kai came back from Hell and woke up Elena. Its unreal how much all our lives changed in such a short time and for the first time ever – there is no danger. Bonnie went on a world trip, keeping her promise to Enzo to live her life. She is supposed to come home soon and everyone has been sworn to secrecy about the surprise Kai has for her. He is determined to earn her forgiveness and maybe this time – he
will, or at least it will get him a step closer. Stefan and Caroline left on their long honeymoon. They keep sending post cards from all over the world. I got one in the mail today – they are in Paris, having the time of their lives. Elena enrolled back at Whitmore to finish her medical education and Damon rented an apartment on campus so he can be with her, always. I am not supposed to say anything, he swore me to secrecy, but there might be wedding bells sooner than any of us thought. Alaric decided to open a school for the Young and Gifted and much to everyone’s surprise, Kai suggested he helps with that. Slowly he is earning everyone’s trust and I can see how much this means to him. So far he had been the best uncle to the twins (minus the part where he almost killed them a few months back). It took him a while but he finally warmed up to them, seeing how he is the only one around understanding what it is to be a siphoner. Some days it’s impossible to compete for Kai’s attention while Lizzy and Jossie are around. They very much love their uncle Kai and love listening to his stories about the trouble he and Jo had gotten into while they had been the same age. Matt got a bench in the town square and is considering running for mayor and Jeremy comes to visit from time to time… and Kai and I, we have our plans for the future. Even though those involved getting out of Mystic Falls, we decided to stay. At least for the time being.

   "Hey, Y/N?” Kai popped up on the bedroom door. Y/N looked up instantly, smiling widely at him. “You are writing again. Can I read it ?” he took a step inside. Y/N put the pen in the notebook and closed it  
   "Some day, yes. Not today though.”
   "Oh-kay, miss I’ll keep secrets from you.“ he teased, grabbing her hand. “Come on, I have a surprise for you.”
Y/N followed him outside in the hall and then down the stairs in the darkness of the living room. “Where are we going?”
   "If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise.” he whispered in her ear. “Now careful. Two more stairs … make that three.” he laughed nervously, catching her when she stumbled.
Suddenly his arms disappeared and she heard him mutter 'Incendia’. The entire room light up in warm candle light and she looked around. There were flowers everywhere – her favourite, along with a small feast prepared and right in front of her stood Kai, on one knee holding a small black box. Her eyes widened instantly and her smile got wider and wider, realising what he was about to ask her. As much as she wanted to hear him pop the question –
  "Yes !”
   "I didn’t even get to ask.” he laughed nervously. “I had a speech prepared –”
Y/N laughed and knelt down before him, looking at him with heart eyes and nodded,
Kai took a deep breath. “Y/N, you changed my life since the moment we first met.You saw good in me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, when no one did. You never gave up on me and there are no words to describe how much I love you. Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and… I love you. Every day I spend with you, I fall in love with you all over again and I want to be with you forever. Will you do me the incredible honour to marry me and spent eternity with me ?” he asked, opening the box with the ring. Only there wasn’t just a ring in there. There was a small vial, with Kai’s blood. “This um this is more symbolic. I mean, obviously I don’t expect you to make the choice right this second but …”
Y/N cupped his face and pressed her lips onto his, kissing him gently. “Yes. To both.” she smiled widely at him. “I want nothing more but to spend every second of every day with you, forever.”
Kai beamed at her and put the ring on her finger, looking at her hand unable to believe she had said yes to both. "Wh-what is this water pooling in my eyes ?” he laughed, feeling a tear rolling down his cheek. “I’m not sad, I swear –”
Y/N laughed, feeling a tear rolling down her cheek. “It’s called 'happy crying’. It happens sometimes when you are really really happy.”
   "I am.“ he brushed his palm against her cheek. "I am really really really happy.”

   "Hey guys. I’m baack.“ said Bonnie, walking in the Salvatore house. She dropped her bags by the door, looking around at the balloons, cake and welcome back banner. "Hello ? I come home after a five month trip around the world and there is no one to welcome me ?”
   "Bonnie.“ said Kai, flashing before her. "W-welcome back. How was your trip?”
Bonnie crossed her arms on her chest. “Why are you here? Where is everyone?”
   "Oh they are here, but I asked them to give us a moment.“ he put his hands in his pockets, turning his head to the side. "No, you can wait two more minutes okay ?”
   "What ?“ asked Bonnie.
   "Nothing. Look, Bon Bon. I know we had a really rough start and that you don’t like me but… I think I figured out how to earn your forgiveness. I know hurt you in so many ways, in the Prison World and after and, um… Will you forgive me ? I um – I have a welcome home present for you.”
   "And you think a present will magically erase it all ?“
   "No. But I hope it might help.” he waved his hand. “Ta-da.”
   "Hello, gorgeous.“ smiled Enzo.
Kai watched Bonnie’s eyes widen in surprise while her heart began racing faster than ever. A wide smile spread across her face and before he had had time to say anything she ran into his arms, pushing her feet off the ground and wounding them around his waist.
   "Enzo ! How are you here ?”
   "Kai. He found a way to pull me out of your psychic dimension.“ smiled Enzo, his lips colliding with Bonnie’s. Y/N popped up from behind the corner, semi-running towards Kai, who instantly put his arms around her while they watched the young couple’s reunion.
   "So um, Bon Bon –” started Kai, “I don’t mean to interrupt the happy reunion but –”
Enzo let Bonnie’s feet on the ground and she turned towards Y/N and Kai, noticing the ring on her hand. “Wait, are you two –”
   "Engaged, yes.“ smiled Y/N.
   "Wow. That’s um … congratulations !” said her friend, giving her a hug, turning towards Kai. “Thank you for bringing Enzo back. I um … I will never forget this gesture. And about your question –”
   "Yes?“ he smiled, nervously shifting on his feet.
   "You’ve earned it. Perhaps Y/N was right all along and all you needed was … a chance to prove you’ve changed.”
   "Thank you, Bonnie.“ said Kai, hugging her.
   "Um, lets work up to hugs okay.” she laughed nervously.
   "Got it. Sorry.“ he smiled nervously. "I think it’s time for–”
   “–cupcakes ?” said Y/N, pulling out a cupcake from behind his back.
Kai’s eyes lit up and he smiled wider than ever.“Yumm… Cupcakes !”

thetourguidebarbie  asked:

kc canon-ish + sure they're "just friends then" and she wasn't q u i t e ready for him to show her the world (yet), but she was hungry and that girl that she saw get a bit too handsey with klaus at the bar looked delicious okay??

okay, this turned out wayy longer than planned. almost 4k for something that was supposed to be around 1k. eh. bonnie and caroline friendship! post 5x11. no babies. actually includes some plot. smut, so nsfw.

ff. ao3.

Caroline hadn’t planned on coming to New Orleans after she’d left Mystic Falls. Not for a very long time, at the very least. She knew she would eventually. Knew she’d seek him out, but she wanted a few decades, if not more, to roam the world first. She wanted to figure out who she was.

However, she’d barely had time to enjoy all New York had to offer, when Bonnie had appeared, with wild hair and bright eyes, as she’d been roaming around the streets.

The witch had almost startled her, which was… weird, to say the least.

“Bonnie,” she’d exclaimed, before her lips curled upwards, a grin splitting her face. “What are you-”

“Are you busy?” Bonnie had cut in.


“I’m headed to New Orleans,” Bonnie had told her, “and I was hoping that my partner in crime would want to follow me.”

“New Orleans?” She’d raised an eyebrow, her voice raising slightly. “What the hell are you doing there?”

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letsdiscussrobots  asked:

Hello there! Could you write some fluffy Whirl headcanons with a human s/o please? ♥

One order of fluffy birb boyfriend coming up!

-Whirl is like that best friend that pranks you terribly and snuggles up to you at the end of the day, banged up but content after a lot of fun and devious shenanigans.

-You two love to laugh! Jokes, pranks, chaos, drama, salt, etc. You name it and you two are there, most likely making it worse by snickering at it. Bonnie and Clyde have got nothing on you two shit-disturbers.

- Secret fact: it makes him melt a little when you giggle at even his worst jokes.

-You two always go on some kind of crazy, daring adventure together; every day is the day to “carpe that diem right in its face” as he likes to say. Your ideal date is somehow ruining Ultra Mags’ life and then making a wild run for it when he invariably finds out you did it.

-He’s not terribly good at romantic gestures, so instead he tends to show off like mad, and you always go along with it, cheering him on, whooping and hollering. 

-Whirl will always keep you somewhere safe, whether it be on his person ( did I say safe? I meant “safe”) or hidden high up to catch him in action. He later brags about it and you swoon over-dramatically, to which he commences some kind of play war.

-Play wars, half of the time, end up in you getting a scratch or hurt very insignificantly, but you love to make Whirl squirm, so you pretend to fake cry in order to make him freak out and cuddle you.

-You often refer to him as THE WORST™.

-You call each other “babe” and other terrible pet name unironically.

-Secret fact: Whirl is generally regarded as rugged and without a shred of gentle circuity in his body, but you know otherwise. He has his tender moments, though he vehemently denies they even exist to any other person. Like how you kiss him on the side of this face when no one is looking, and he’ll get all flustered and uncharacteristically bashful, and mumbles incoherently while nuzzling you like the giant mess that he is.

- You like to stuff a bunch of pillows and blankets into Whirl’s cockpit and take naps there time to time. Even though he claims to be a precise murder bird ninja con-killing machine, he’ll still tip toe and be extremely cautious while you’re in there. He’ll also shush any passerby that talks above a whisper while you sleep, referring to you ask “precious cargo”.

-Secret fact: Both of you share the same favourite movie franchise: Die Hard, and you will make references to the series at any chance you get.


“That’s where I’m gonna end up one day. Trust me.”
“I’m gonna make a whole lot of money.”
“I can’t wait to get away.”
“We can’t spend our whole lives hiding.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“I’ve been dreaming of a hot meal with you as my dessert.”
“I can’t believe what you are asking me to do.”
“I’ve got some moves that I’d love to show you.”
“How ‘bout a dance?”
“Let me get to know you.”
“You look so handsome.”
“There’s danger up ahead.”
“No one needs to feel alone.”
“I do not want to have to use this gun.”
“I can’t wait to rip this off of you.”
“You’re better without him.”
“We both know you can do better than him.”
“You deserve someone who’s there all the time.”
“You won’t do better than me.”
“No man’s all good.”
“I always knew what I was taking on.”
“You love who you love.”
“Maybe that’s what made me love you all along.”
“True love’s something you don’t choose.”
“I can’t take any more of this.”
“Death would be a welcome friend.”
“Why not raise a little hell?”
“By tonight, it will be over.”
“Him or me?”
“Never killed, but now I have to.”
“See you soon, sugar.”
“Every place that we go, folks will turn their heads.”
“You can’t buy your soul back.”
“I gotta get out now while I still can.”
“Don’t say that. We’re both in shock.”
“How stupid can you be?”
“My mistake is loving you.”
“I would die without you.”
“It’s too late to beg forgiveness.”
“We both could have a perfect life.”
“There isn’t anything good enough for us.”
“The world should be notified.”
“I must be in love, or else I’m going mad.”
“You’re the only piece of luck that’s ever come my way.”
“I’m making love to you and that sure beats counting sheep.”
“Dyin’ ain’t so bad.”
“A short and loving life isn’t so bad.”
“I only hope to God that I go first.”
“A love like ours doesn’t happen twice.”
“When all your days are through, mine will be, too.”
“I haven’t done this since God-knows-when.”
“Just hold me, darling.”
“You don’t have anything to prove.”
“Let’s take it slow. One night at a time.”
“This never happened before.”

Come Back

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
(Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)


Kai and Y/N were best friends even tho Y/N’s friends had tried multiple times to get her to stop spending time with him. To them he was a dangerous sociopath uncapable of any emotions but they didn’t know him like she did. When they had first met , a connection had formed between them. Y/N was the only one not judging him and willing to give him a chance , even before Kai had merged with Luke. Even after Kai turned into a vampire - their friendship was the one thing keeping him from

Lately , however , Kai had grown distant. They still hung out , but it was like he wasn’t really there.  
“Kai ? Are you listening ?” Y/N asked him , trying to get his attention for the 5th time that night. He turned towards her , simply nodding. “What did you think of the movie ? Did you like it? You were so quiet on the way here..”
They had been at the movies earlier that evening and as usual the night ended with drinks at the Grill. Kai had acted weird the whole night. He kept glancing at her and looking away the second he noticed she was looking back at him.
“It was fun.” he said simply , finishing his drink. “I gotta go.” Kai suddenly got up and just left , leaving Y/N alone at the Grill wondering what had gone wrong.

Y/N had tried to call him the next day … and the day after that. Kai wasn’t answering any of her phone calls or text messages. She even asked Damon and Bonnie if they knew what was going on with Kai but all they said was that she was better off without him in her life.
Y/N was starting to get really worried. About a week and a half later , Y/N showed up at the Karaoke bar because Caroline had called to tell her Kai was there. She spotted him the moment she entered the bar. He was getting up on stage. Y/N sat in the back where it was dark and listened to Kai singing. He wasn’t very good at it but it was really nice to see him , tho he seemed a little off. The song he had picked was a slow song about broken hearts and impossible relationships.
Y/N waited until Kai got off stage and sat on the bar ordering a drink and before walking towards him.
“Hey stranger.” she said smiling at him , Kai jumped a little in his seat.
“Y/N ? What .. what are you doing here?” he asked looking nervous, not meeting her eyes.
“You weren’t picking up your phone… I got worried.” Y/N said placing a hand on his shoulder. Kai tensed.
“I’m OK.” he said “Nothing to worry about.”
At the same moment some guy bumped into Y/N and she turned around for a sec but when she looked back at Kai he wasnt there. She searched for him in the crowd but he was gone.

3 weeks later

“Do you have to go?” Bonnie asked.
Y/N sighed , there was nothing keeping her here anymore , specially with Kai erasing her from her life. It was time for her to go and find her calling.
“Yeah. I need a change in scenery , a long one.” she said. “I’m almost done packing and already signed a lease on the apartment. Plus .. I there is nothing for me here.”  she sighed.

Y/N said goodbye to her friends promising to call them every day, got in her car and drove out of town.

A few days later Kai ran into Bonnie , Stefan and Caroline at the Grill. He was kind of hoping to see Y/N but she wasn’t there. Using his vampire hearing he eavesdropped on the conversation and what he heard made his heart sank.

“I miss her. It’s been only a few days but it feels like forever.” Caroline said. “I know New York is not that far away but not having Y/N just feels wrong.”

Y/N had moved away ? Kai thought. No, no. I waited too long…
Kai finished his drink and walked towards the table where Y/N’s friends were sitting.

“Hey.” he said , Bonnie glaredat him as if trying to decide betweet melting his face off or ripping his heart out. Kai shifted uncomfortably. “Where is Y/N ? Is she coming here later? ” he asked , pretending he hadn’t eavesdropped.
“Why do you care?” Caroline asked.“It’s not like she is the one who shut you off…”
Bonnie let a small laugh. Kai tried to keep calm , he turned to Stefan.
Stefan sighed and answered his question. “She moved away Kai. To New York.”
Kai’s eyes widened in (fake) surprise. “Do you .. um … do you have her address ? She um … left some things at my place , I think she might want them back.”
Bonnie and Caroline both shot glares are Stefan , shaking their heads in disagreement. Stefan gave Kai a piece of paper with Y/N’s new address.  
“Thank you.” Kai said , a wide smile on his face. He was going to find her , and he was going to get her back. Y/N was the only good thing in his life and he didn’t want to lose her.

“Why did you give him her address ?!” Caroline said angrily in a hushed voice.
“Because …” Stefan took a sip from his drink. “.. Y/N loves him and clearly our little psychotic friend loves her too.” he said smiling.

Kai got in his car and drove to NYC the same night. He could hardly wait for the morning to come. When the first sun rays showed up , he was already in front of Y/N’s new place. He got up to the 5th floor , took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Shortly after Y/N opened it.
“Hi.” he said.
“Kai ? How … What … ” Y/N stuttered. She never thought she’d see him again.
“Can I come in?” Kai asked nervously. Y/N nodded and stepped inside.
He looked around - her new place wasn’t big. It had a small living room with a tiny kitchen corner and a fire escape right outside the window.
“What are you doing here ?” she asked , Kai turned around to face her. A flash of anger in her eyes , saddness too but also happiness. “I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore.”
Kai took a deep breath before speaking. How was he going to tell her what he wanted without sounding selfish ? “Please come back to Mystic Falls.”
“Why would I go back ? There is nothing left for me there.” she said crossing her hands on her chest , looking at the floor.
“I am there.”
“You shut me out , remember? I didn’t even knew you still cared…” she said , her voice barely a whisper.
“But I DO care about you ! Would I be here if I didn’t ? Just … Please come back with me.” Kai took her hand and squeezed it a little. “Please ?”  
Y/N looked up at him , her eyes had started to water. Kai touched her face. He couldn’t stand seeing tears in her eyes.  
“I can’t go back there , Kai. I just can’t. There are just … there are just too many memories everywhere I go.”
Kai cupped her face and touched her forehead with his. “I’m there. We can make new memories , better ones.”
“What are you talking about , Kai?” she said pulling away from him. “Do you even … ” Y/N said , tears starting to roll down her cheeks. He had no idea why she left Mystic Falls. How could he ? There was nothing left for her there because he had abandoned her. It took her moving away for her to realise that she had feelings for him. “Do you even know why I left? You shut me out ! My best friend , the person I care and love most in this world … and you shut me out.”
“Y/N …” he said , wrapping his hands around her pulling her into a hug. “I shut you out because I didn’t know how to tell you … ”
“Tell me what ?” she asked , wiping tears from her face. A flicker of hope sparked inside her.
Kai touched her face , gently wiping another tear rolling down her cheek. “I am in love with you!”  He said smiling. “And I know it is extremely selfish of me to ask you to go back to Mystic Falls with me but - ”
Y/N didn’t let him finish “I love you too Kai.” she said smiling and kissed him before he had time to say anything else.

Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.27 Dark Promise

(AN/ Hey Guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, this is a real quick update, so thank you to everyone who supports this fic and let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/27/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 27- A Dark Promise

“Look at your daughter then look at my kit,” Marian instructed to the Hopps matriarch, before taking a gulp of her beer “they love each other just like any other couple, nature had nothing to do with it.”

Bonnie was quiet for a few seconds, she then opened her can of beer, downed half of it with one gulp before saying to Marian “Fine, let’s talk.”

“Ok, there’s one thing I want from you before we continue any further,” Judy demanded “I want you to apologise to Nick and me.”

Nick noticed Bonnie’s fur stand on end and whispered to his girlfriend “Wrong move carrots.”

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Only You

Request: Stefan x reader? The reader is chubby and she was friends with Elena, and they get together, Elena gets really mad about it and ignores them, and the reader was depressed and Srfan helps? Fluffy/smutty? – Anon

Pairings: Stefan x Reader

Warnings: swearing, slight angst, (not really deatiled) smut

Word Count: 1547

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

One thing you don’t want in your life is drama, you’ve had enough of that in your fair share in high school. You weren’t exactly miss popular but being friends with Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, and Tyler was a way to earn some respect in high school. You always told yourself that you weren’t pretty enough, being chubby an all, but your girl friends have always told you the opposite.

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Word count: 954

Part 1

“What are you talking about?” You asked Elena, completely beffudled. You couldn’t even think straight because of all the alcohol you drank. It was one of many girls night out you, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena had. It was always funny, goofying around, and od course asking eachother inappropriate questions. Yeah it was true you didn’t have a boyfriend in a while, but hooking up with a guy for one night is not the best idea. Especially if you’re drunk.

‘Oh, c'mon! You’ll thank me later. No not later. Tomorrow.’ Elena said, putting her arm on your shoulder, laughing more than it was actually funny.

‘You guys are so drunk. And crazy’ you said and got up, heading to the restrooms. As if being drunk wasn’t doing any favours to you, you felt like someone’s following you. Watching your every step. Since the moment you walked into Mystic Grill to the moment you ordered your first drink. You tried to convince yourself it was just in your imagination and a consequence of too much alcohol in your blood stream.

'Guys, I think I’m gonna head home.’
'Already?’ Caroline asked, pouting.
'Yeah, I don’t feel well and I have to get up early tomorrow.’
'Party pooper’ Elena said, and danced at the same time. You just laughed before taking your jacket and your purse, walking out of the Grill, chilly spring breeze hitting your face. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you walked through dark-ish streets of Mystic Falls.
You’ve never walked this slow in your life. Thank god you weren’t wearing heels because who knows how the hell you’d get home. Maybe with a broken ankle. Or barefoot. Yes, definitely barefoot.

You finally reached your house, taking out your keys and unlocking the door, stumbling over your own feet.

'Dammit!’ You mumled, throwing your purse on the couch and took off your shoes. Entering your bedroom, you took your clothes off and put on your PJ before heading to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Suddenly you hear a noise. Like someone knocked over a lamp.

'Hello?’ You asked, now fear going through your body. 'Is anybody there?’ No response. You quickly rinsed and went to your bedroom, getting into your bed.
Minutes passed and you tried to forget about what just happened so you turned off the light and rolled onto the other side, falling asleep.

Even in your sleep you felt like someone’s right beside you, watching your every move, even whispering something in your ear or touching your arm, painfully, touching your arm. You quickly opened your eyes and you could’ve sworn you saw a dark figure standing in front of your bedroom window. You shook your head and went back to sleep, trying not to think about it anymore because it would either keep you up all night or make you call someone to keep you company until you fall asleep.


'You guys are rude’ you almost whispered, hungover taking over your body. Every word, every step, every whisper just felt too loud. Hightened.
'There, now you know how vampires feel when everything is heightened’ Caroline said, laughing.
'Ha ha, very funny.’
'Hey, that guy over there’ she pointed at him (wow), 'is looking at you. Like all the time.’ You turned around and smiled at him.
'Maybe I should-’
'No!’ Bonnie snapped at you, making you, Elena and Caroline look at her in confussion.
'Why not?’ You asked.
'Remember that guy Damon and I met in prison world?’
'You mean the one who killed his own family and is a complete sociopath?’
'Bingo. That’s him. Kai Parker. So, y/n, stay away from him unless you want to end up like his family did.’
'Noted.’ You said, assuring Bonnie you’d stay away from him, feeling frightened now more than ever because you had nothing to protect yourself with. Well, you did have magic. Bonnie taught you some of the spells, but you were far from being as good as Bonnie.

Girls left, leaving you alone at Mystic Grill. You need some time on your own. You were writing something in your notebook when you heard a male voice.

'Hi gorgeous’

You looked up and saw him. Malachai freaking Parker. The worse of the worst. Your heart started beating like crazy, even though you kept telling yourself to calm down. He would never do anything that would make him to reveal himself in front of all these people. Right?

'I… I gotta go.’ You stuttered, trying to get up, but his hand gripped your shoulder, feeling the pain you’ve never experienced in your life before. It made you sit down again, squirm under his grip. He let you go after a few seconds, the pain completely disappearing.

'What… what the hell did you just do to me?’ You gasped.

'Oh, I just siphoned some of your magic. Thanks for that btw. Hey, how do you know Bonnie?’ He asked, taking some of the leftover fries you had on your plate.

'Siphoned? What does that even mean?’

'I just showed you what it means, duh.’ He said, laughing, crossing his arms.

'Yeah, I don’t have time for this so..’ you got up but he caught your arm again, this time without siphoning.

'Tell your friends, if I don’t get what I want, I’ll siphon every single part of magic you have in your body and let me tell you, it doesn’t end well. Oh and, thanks for that little part of you. It was very refreshing.’ He said, getting up and walking out of the grill, leaving you stumped and very confused. You grabbed all your stuff and quickly went to Salvatore’s house, knowing everyone will be there.

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do you watch friends? there was a scene where phoebe complains that she's 30 but still hasn't had the perfect kiss. joey runs out of the coffee shop, kisses her & then says "now you can say you've had your perfect kiss." it was quite sweet. can you write a mini klaroline prompt based off that?

Thanks for the prompt nonnie and I’m sorry this took so long to do, I actually had it half written then managed to delete it and have had trouble getting the motivation again. And yes I adore Friends and this scene : )

I also want to tag @thenerdyunhealthybrit who gave me a Friends drabble prompt AGES ago and I never got around to it. Hope this will suffice, luv : )

I’ll Be There For You

“Well, that’s three months of my life I’ll never get back,” Caroline sighed, flopping onto the café’s couch next to Bonnie defeatedly.

“And another one bites the dust,” Enzo murmured, not even bothering to look up from his newspaper as Kol began to hum the melody of the aforementioned Queen song.

“It’s a little too early for your poor excuse of a comedy duo sketch, isn’t it?” She scowled in their direction. “Urgh. What’s wrong with me?”

“Well…” Kol began.

“You’re not being helpful,” Bonnie chided, giving her boyfriend a knowing look.

“She makes it too easy,” he argued, poking out his tongue.

“I meant,” she replied tersely, choosing to ignore his usually childish behaviour. “Why do I always pick the wrong guys?”

“I thought James was perfect relationship material,” Elijah offered, mimicking her premature and totally unfounded predictions and calmly taking a sip of his tea. “If I recall correctly he’s a lawyer, Harvard Rhode Scholar, has an impressive stock portfolio and likes the opera.”

“You really should have known from that opera nonsense,” Klaus interjected.  

Caroline turned to give the middle Mikaelson a weary glance. When they’d first met the Mikaelson siblings after Kol and Bonnie began to date all those years ago, his crimson lips and dimples had disarmed her briefly but then she found out just what an arrogant smartass and womaniser he was and the spell was well and truly broken. 

“It’s times like these I wish you’d not listen to anything I say just like your brothers,” Caroline said to Elijah, while choosing to ignore Klaus. She figured that unusual perceptiveness he possessed was due to Katherine’s influence over the eldest brother since they’d recently begun dating.

“Well, he must have done something wrong,” Katherine observed, snatching the last salted caramel macaron before Enzo could get his greedy hands on it. 

“Oh yeah, he did.”

“Oh, let me guess,” Rebekah offered. “He couldn’t dance like that Max fellow with the two left feet? 

“Yeah, you had bruises for weeks from memory,” Klaus shared.  

“No, it has to be Sam and his questionable fashion choices,” Enzo observed. “But between you and me, I don’t mind a good turtleneck. It can get a little nippy in New York City in the winter, after all.”

“Turtlenecks haven’t been in fashion for a long time and anyone who’d pay so little for a suit needs to have his head examined,” Klaus interjected again. 

“No, it had to of been the laugh,” Kol chuckled. “Do we all remember Nathan and that weird noise he emitted that sounded like a dinosaur dying?” 

“How in the world do you know what a dying dinosaur sounds like?” Katherine baulked. 

“I concur with Kol’s comments, just this once.” Klaus mumbled. For someone who showed zero interest in her love life certainly had a lot of unexpected opinions.

“You have to admit, it was pretty bad,” Bonnie whispered, not quietly enough though to avoid a dirty look from her best friend. 

“Is my love life really that entertaining to everyone?”


“Kol, zip it,” Rebekah warned, slapping him across the head for extra effect and some sisterly revenge. “It can be very difficult to find a good man, believe me.”

“Well, when the woman in question is your bossy, big sister then it’s not that surprising,” Kol shrugged. 

“Enzo? Are you going to defend me here?” She baulked, looking to her boyfriend who was still immersed in his newspaper. 

“You let him get to you every time, darling. You know just saying,” he murmured, his hand finding hers comfortingly. 

“Don’t take any notice,” Katherine said. “He’s hopped up on caffeine. As soon as he’s coming down from his high we can all pester him incessantly and pepper him with retaliatory insults.”

Caroline wasn’t unfamiliar with their usual banter and while she mostly found it entertaining, today she wasn’t in the mood. When would she find the guy who was going to change her perception on things, challenge her daily and give her the perfect kiss she’d craved? Call her a pathetic romantic but she’d been waiting for that kiss for almost thirty years and right now wasn’t sure it would ever happen. 

Her birthday was coming up in a month and it had taken all her strength to stay with James to that point. Yes, he was perfect on the outside and she was pretty sure would kill any job interview or parental interrogation but she wanted more. She wanted her perfect kiss and couldn’t wait any longer. She was running against the clock, after all. 

“Care?” Bonnie interrupted waving her hand in front of her face. “We lost you there, which isn’t entirely unexpected in this crowd. What was wrong with him?”

“It doesn’t really matter. I suppose he just wasn’t right for me,” she mumbled, feeling the hot water welling in her eyes and dreading having to explain her sudden reaction. “I actually need to get to work.” Before anyone could object she left, pulling her coat across her chest to ward off the winter chill.  

“Caroline,” he shouted, she’d know that familiar accent anywhere given its ability to cause a few niggling sensations down below. Why did her name have to sound so good rolling off his tongue? “Wait up.”

“What do you want Klaus?” She growled, turning around on her heel quickly and somehow finding herself rubbing against his chest teasingly, those necklaces in full view peaking out teasingly beneath his familiar henley. 

“What was wrong with him?”


“You didn’t say, no doubt due to my brother’s lack of tact as usual.”

“Oh come on, it’s growing on me,” she shot back sarcastically. 

“That’s when I know you’re delirious,” Klaus joked. Caroline was trying to ignore just how handsome he looked in that charcoal, fitted jacket and dark jeans. 

“And you must be too wanting to know about my latest relationship, I mean you’ve barely batted an eyelid.”

“Not sure where you’ve been all this time, love,” he smiled. Moving closer and fastening a stray lock of hair behind her ear, surprisingly her slightly. “Now, what did that ass do exactly and should I kick his ass?”

She was momentarily winded, struggling to breath because he felt so warm against her body and his spicy aftershave so enticing as it filled her nostrils. 

“All I wanted was the perfect kiss before I turned thirty, let’s just say he couldn’t oblige.” She noticed a slight tugging at the corners of his mouth, afraid she’d summonsed the arrogant monster from within.

“I can’t promise perfect but I’d be willing to try and help you out?” She was frozen now, wondering exactly what this would mean for their friendship but his close proximity only made her want him more. She figured you were only thirty once and as his mouth covered hers she realised just how good it felt. 

His lips massaged hers, slowly at first, almost like Klaus was relishing in the initial contact as Caroline melted into his embrace. She felt his tongue slip into into her warm and waiting mouth. She groaned against his lips unable to stifle the unfamiliar feelings he’d caused from just one kiss. 

The sound of a car horn broke them from their reverie and moving apart, albeit reluctantly. They continued to stare, their blue eyes unwavering their breathing slightly ragged. 

“I suppose I should, uh, get going,” Caroline said, finally managing to find her voice. 

“I suppose you should then, love,” Klaus smiled, those dimples making a sudden appearance.  She managed to tear away her gaze and make her way down the sidewalk even if her legs felt like jelly and her heart was racing that much faster. 

Fast forward three years and her friends relished in telling that particular story at their wedding reception but both the bride and groom liked to argue who really was the one to make the first move and if in fact it was the perfect kiss. 

Caroline liked to play her cards close to her chest to avoid inflating that already impressive ego but Klaus figured he had the winning hand given she’d agreed to marry him at all. 

post card - bonnie/damon - 1/1

prompt: please, come with me

read: ao3 | ffnet
please try to leave a comment / kudos!

It was always coming to this. She knew it. He knew it. Anyone who ever met them knew it.

“You’re leaving.”

Damon’s luggage is by the door. He’s not taking much with him, but it’s enough to say that he’ll be putting Mystic Falls behind him for a while. Maybe even permanently.

He looks up, watches her walk down the hall, her arms crossed loosely over her stomach. “Figured it was time. Stefan’s pretty much over the whole ‘killed a small village’ thing and Caroline’s getting pretty good at playing the supportive wife. Think newlywed central might need some Damon-free time.”

She stares at him searchingly. “How long is that supposed to last?”

He frowns and drops his gaze to the floor. “It’s too much, Bon. Too many memories, too many mistakes… In a few years, they’ll move on, too. And they should. We all should. Because whatever mojo this place has, it isn’t good. Once it gets inside you, it’s like an infection. I’m tired of letting it twist me up.”

She nods slowly. “So, that’s it? You’re just gonna run away again?”

“I prefer to think of it as a slow ride toward freedom… Might hit up a few sandy beaches, set down roots somewhere with a few less ley lines criss-crossing all over town.”

“And, what, just send a post card every once in a while? Dear Bonnie, living the good life. Wish you were here. –Damon.

“Not exactly.”

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hi i just hit 200 followers so here’s me appreciating everyone 


@diorgalore/ @ofworstbehaviors: an amazing writer with amazingly developed characters. val was the first one i got to interact with ( she’s my favorite mistress. DFBIUJ ) and from then we have developed dean/juliana ( MY ANGST BABIES ) and beckett/chloe. i’m not sure why none of our ships can have happy endings and too many mf problems but i don’t really complain bc i love the angst tm. phone home soon baby. ur my fav camila. 

@prcud: julian/andy is literally both so fucking angsty and shippy at the same time. i love them so much. ur literally my favorite stas to write against and you are just one of the softest, cutest babies i’ve ever met. i enjoy writing with you dearly because i know i will always be getting quality content :’) and i love when you send me ask memes because i always get excited that you’re thinking about our ships too i love u sis

@maesterpieces: every time i read our threads i get a headache . BFIUDN our ships cause me so much pain and anguish i love them so much and i just want them to be happy. i just want caleb and lola to have a kid . and get a nicer house . and also lola to quit being a fuckin indecisive bitch . and i want julian to kiss ronnie on her head and snuggle with her and tell her he loves her . i just want fluff . except i fucking love our angst . you’re one of my fav people to write against baby. 

@brckenones: i always have so many threads with you and i never get tired of them. all your characters are a fresh breath of air and i love the fact that if i don’t feel muse for one thread i have others to reply to and we con constantly write together. you’re one of the sweetest people and you completely understand my riverdale opinions and agree with them which is so crazy and i love it and i love ben and meredith and i just want archiebetty season 2. you’re such an amazing writer and u always add fcs that i’m in love with and even tho we have os many i always secretly want more ;’)

@ofcataclysmic: you have given lola some of the best ships of her life and i love it because every time i write her against u i am hurting ( alex .. my baby ). i also love rocco and your writing bc i fucking . love angsty gangster shit and i just wanna strangle him but also hug him . we r truly the worst at im’ing each other like literally never get one another’s messages FDBIJS but it’s ok bc we’re still gal pals n i love u sis 

@safcri: bonnie and clyde literlaly have nothing on scott and kerris . but listen . we have the ugliest ships . CDBJSK i’m so excited to write blake against you and i love rory and i love when gunner calls her a child and i love your whole entire blog and i love our text threads and i love corinna and salvador’s messy ass annoying ass relationship and i just love . i have nothing else to say . BDFUSN except i want mORE . 

@wearyhands: WE JUST STARTED OUR NEW PLOT BUT I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED LIKE I CAN’T BELIEVE WE FUCKING WIVES .. n i can’t believe hunter is so soft for keila just like i’m soft for u and i just wanna protect ur muses and we have like 10 different text threads going on right now but it’s pretty great and ur just . precious

@saintedlys: callie and tristian . my original otp . your level of writing is still something i aspire to get to even now like you’re literally just so amazing and i’m in awe every time we write even if it’s been half a decade . also thank u for introducing me to dev patel. 

some people i have threads with and wanna get to know better: 

@prepaids / @comcta / @ofserein / @bcngerz / @maripcsas / @ofsycophants / @demcntia / @aimlessheart / @khcleesis

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Keep Your Apology

Summary: (modern AU) The reader and Bucky are a Bonnie and Clyde like duo, running from the law and letting nothing, especially not a group of spandex wearing “heroes”, stand in their way.

Pairing: Bucky x Male Reader (Unisex first chapter)

Words: 776

Warnings (Will update for each chapter): Violence, drugs, crime, swearing.

A.N: Hi! I haven’t written ant fanfiction in a long ass time so how about some BuckyxReader angst to get me back into it haha.

Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Steve slammed the folder on the table in the conference room drawing attention to himself.

“Bonnie and Clyde again?” Natasha asked eyeing the picture paperclipped to the front.

Steve placed his hands on the table and hung his head low. “Third time this week. We have a lead though.”

You and Bucky had become infamous. You stared small, but every time your crimes became more ambitious. Car jacking became grand arson, drug possession became murder. You both knew there’s no coming back from the life you had chosen.

You  sat at the small table in the corner of a sketchy motel room. The blinds drawn shut and the window in the back unlocked for quick escape. Bucky sat on the bed and counted the cash from your latest heist while you did some kind of new drug that a kid on the street had sold you.

“You know we have to sell that, right?” Bucky shook his head and smirked at you.

“Mmhmm,” you cooed, “I just want to see what this shit can do.” You slowly made your way over to were he sat on the bed. His eyes followed you the whole way. As soon as you were close enough he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you to him. He flipped you over onto the bed and pinned you down by your wrists, trailing kisses down your neck leaving marks on the spots he knew would drive you crazy.

The drugs kicked in and everything he did to you felt 100 times more intense. You became aware of the hand rested on your hip holding you onto the bed, his metal hand still on your wrists above your head. Your hips pushed against his hand desperate for friction. Just as he was about let up you heard police sirens getting closer.

Bucky climbed off you and started running around the room grabbing everything he could. The money thrown into a bag. Then the drugs and the burner phone into another. You got up and grabbed the second bag from him while he barricaded the front door with the bed. You were out of the window and Bucky was soon to follow. You sprinted to your car that was in the parking lot of the run down convenience store next door.

You managed to get to the car without being spotted but there was no way you would be able to drive off. The cops had closed the road and no one was allowed in or out. You grabbed your gun from the bag you carried and Bucky started up the car. He smiled at you while you loaded the magazine and turned the safety off. You turned in your seat so you could aim back as you drove away, before driving Buck pulled you in by the neck for a rough kiss and you almost forgot about the problem at hand. He pulled away however and started driving quickly.

“Hey babe, there’s one problem,” he looked at you with an anxious expression, “I’m high as hell.” You laughed as you leaned out of the window and started firing at the cops who thought they had you surrounded. You really had no intention of hitting them, you just wanted to scare them and give them a reason not to follow you.

“Y/N up ahead!” You turn around so you’re facing forward. You fire on the police officers in front of you only they’re not dressed as police officers. There was a man standing at the front of the group, he wore a mostly blue skin tight suit with a star on the front, he was holding a red white and blue shield, there was another in a bird costume, the sight of which made you giggle, and lastly someone in a high tech suit floating just a bit off the ground.

“Ooh he’s cute.” You pointed through the windshield at the one in blue but Bucky was too distracted to notice your flirtatious comment. He swerved off the road and went around the group, but it was pointless. Bird Man and Techie were on your tail and you couldn’t seem to shake them until you leaned back out of the window and shot Bird Man in the shoulder. Both of them had stopped their pursuit and you and Buck were in the clear.

You didn’t stop driving for hours. The drugs had worn off and now you were at an all time low. Bucky still smiled at you and you smiled back. He told you that you were amazing and you grabbed his hand before falling asleep to the sound of the wind.

martinstilinski replied to your post: cant believe the tvd writers hate caroline so much…

i’m a caroline stan and that ending IS good for her because she actually got some agenda back which doesn’t focus solely on being a mother or her love life, she’s running a school for supernatural children and living her life happily may i add and you all have a problem with that? stefan isn’t the only love of her life, she said that tyler was before too so she’ll fall for someone new and yes klaroline has some problematic moments but so does steroline when stefan beat the shit out of her

i have mixed feelings about caroline’s ending. while i like her starting up a school and doing what she loves by helping supernatural children, im also upset about the fact that she will have to outlive all her friends and every important person in her life. bonnie, elena, her OWN children, etc. how is watching your kids grow old and die a happy ending? almost every vampire on the show had at least one constant. the mikaelsons had each other, stefan had damon and lexi, the heretics had each other, etc. so yeah im upset caroline ended up alone in terms of vampirism, plus the girl was literally widowed on her wedding day, people have the right to be upset??

her last scene was of her receiving a letter from her abuser which had romantic implications, so are you really saying her ending didn’t focus on her love life? especially when yall use that scene to preach about your klaroline endgame…..

and when stefan beat the shit out of her? you mean that time when his emotions were turned off and he couldn’t control himself? the whole reason his emotions were turned off in the first place was so he could get out of the deal with the devil faster in which HE MADE to save caroline’s children. every vampire without emotions has done awful things. elena tried to kill caroline, damon killed tyler, stefan tried to kill elena and actually DID kill enzo, etc. you really cant compare klaroline to steroline in that aspect because klaus has been awful to caroline WITH his humanity on. the first thing he ever did to her was try to sacrifice her in his ritual, then he forced her boyfriend to give her a lethal bite, drove said boyfriend out of town making caroline miserable, stabbed her with a coat rack and bit her yet again, the list just goes on


This post is stereotypical, and some people won’t fit the descriptions. I care about your feelings, so this post will contain Plec bashing, Damon bashing, Delena bashing, and anyone who is a fan of them.

If you decide to go on some crusade against me, after I’ve just warned you, that you won’t like this post, you need to get a life. It’s much easier for you if you scroll past this post. 

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