have some bad gifs

damn city folk

I’ve got a weakness to the underwater aesthetic so I decided to give it a shot, myself! The way anime liquid recolours everything but the purest white to various shades of aqua and there’s lovely attention to detail to movement, it’s very pretty~ 😻✨

My attempt is only 4 frames and kinda choppy, but overall I’m rather pleased with the result! It’s also so much fun drawing Goku’s hair when it actually moves around :’3c

Poor Goky gets pretty frustrated in this part of the anime, mostly considering his son, friends and Vegeta are getting the crap beaten out of them while he can only sit there and feel it, but he sure makes an interesting fight commentator! I love his internal monologues and the framing and all that jazz 😺🎵

“When we got on stage in Chicago, it was crazy. It was a rush, because we honestly didn’t think people would care, and that’s the truth. But it felt like we didn’t miss a beat.” - Pete Wentz

I haven’t animated in so long??


take me from the dark


a series of unlikely crossovers: