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Hey, Taylor!

On behalf of your recent return to Tumblr I have made a new follow list of some awesome fans/blogs that would love the opportunity to be taylurked/followed by you on here!

1. @speaknowswiftly

2. @13alltooswiftie

3. @thegirlinthechair13

4. @youllbeeightynine

5. @lurkinswiftie

6. @potateitoff

7. @beentheretooafewtimes

8. @littletownst

9. @taylor-swift-dance

10. @vesselswifts (it won’t let me link but you should be able to find the blog through the tags)

11. @diamondsinmymouth

12. @alivebackfromthedead

13. @tswiftforever

14. @cseay22

15. @tayloryouaremylife

16. @immaswiftieyo

17. @avei13

18. @standupwithshakyhands

19. @buildingacastlewithswift

Thank you so, so, so much for taking your time to read this 💝😽

I found Jack through Mark’s Prop Hunt videos, and though I don’t watch him as much as I watch Mark, his antics and overwhelming positivity never fail to make me smile. In particular, his Beginner’s Guide video is my go-to for whenever I’m upset or stressed. He truly does seem like a sweetheart, and I wish him so much happiness.

while I haven’t made friends with anyone in the community yet, I have found some awesome blogs:
@dork-iplier, @fluffyjacksepticeye,
@itsfoxyy, @jack-isms

lost-in-these-thoughts  asked:

Do you have some tattoo Jeon and innocent Tae Thanks. your blog is awesome, love it so much!

Heya ^-^ Check out the Badboy!Jungkook tag for previously recommended fics!

  • badboy!Jungkook

Our Red Scarf Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should.Just don’t tell Jimin about it.

Soft (Like You) Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung are definitely not the nicest people you’ll meet in highschool; they’re far from it. at least, that’s what everybody thinks.

✄ Orange is my favourite colour Bad boy Jungkook is dealt community service, but without this shitty hand of luck he may of not met orange-haired Taehyung, who may just be sunshine itself.

  • badboy!Taehyung

✄ Darling, I’ll Show You What It’s All About “Be honest with me, darling,” Taehyung whispered. “Because I would like to get to know you.”(Taehyung thinks that if he were given the chance, he’d gladly give up all his gold and cigarettes for the angel with pretty eyes and reserved smiles.)Jungkook just reads.

✄ We are Bulletproof Jungkook and Taehyung are living opposite lives. One lives in a part of Seoul where there is enough money to live and able to go to school. The other has to fight to survive every day. One has a best friend who is always by his side, the other has got three friends which whom he fights with other gangs. One has got parents who are never there, the other has got no parents. What will happen when the two meet?

I hope you enjoy these! Check the tags before reading ^-^

✄ Admin Amanda

New Sister Blog!

Hello everyone, it’s Path from retirement to announce some awesome news.

FuckYeahRTFanfic is going to have its first sister blog: FuckYeahOverwatchFanfic!

After some thinking, and talking with Tats, I’ve gotten the approval to have an archive blog that is very similar to what she had started and progressed over the years. The archival part is what made the community so great, and its benefit to everyone.

Overwatch is my new home now, and the fandom is full of amazing writers but it’s pretty hard to find what you’re looking for on your own. And inspired by a close friend, I took on the job to give a version of FYRTFF to the Overwatch community

FYOWFF’s first ask box will be opening for the first time this Friday at 7pm EST. 

Come check us out!! Spread the info! The OW community needs us!

looking for bangtan blogs!

heyo everyone, vaughn here!! i’ve been inactive on tumblr for a while now, but i think i’ve reached my threshold. i miss all my friends and the fun of keeping up with bangtan! i’m gonna make my return officially, however, before i can.. i need more lovely people to befriend! i somehow managed to remain mutuals with the 70+ blogs i follow, but i wanna expand my friends list!! 

tl;dr please reblog this post if you reblog 80% or more of bangtan, and i’ll check out your blog! :D

crimson-fallen-angel asked:

Hi! Your blog is awesome :D! I am having some trouble deciding on what POV to use for my story. In the long run, third person (past tense) seems like it will be more effective, but for the early parts of the story, first person present seems to be a bit better for capturing the emotions of my protagonist. My story has a very dark, somewhat fantastical tone. Any tips?

I try to take a “never say never” approach with a lot of writing theory, but generally speaking, using first-person present for the early chapters and third-person past for the later chapters probably wouldn’t be a good choice. Unless you can marry that transition to a plot element, I think it would probably confuse the reader. But–if there’s some element or event or something that makes this change make sense, that’s probably fine. 

Again, this is just my opinion, but you’re the writer of the story, so you really need to go with your gut instinct. If nothing else, try it out and see how it works. If you get beta or critique partner feedback that says it’s not working, you can always fix that in a subsequent revision. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

PSA - Hiatus lifted...kinda

So over the last week I’ve done so much thinking I’ve literally given myself a migraine over it. 

For one thing, I’ve decided I’m going to keep Eris. For the vast majority of you who don’t know, she’s actually been a character that has been bouncing around in my head for around 6 years. She is way too important to delete this blog.
More importantly, I have made some really awesome friends on here. And there is other people that I am really, really keen to talk to, and thread with. I don’t want to lose those people. I would also really like to thank a couple of people who reached out. I really appreciated the kind words said and offers of support

That said, I am probably going to be here a lot less than I have been prior to going on hiatus. Coming on here I still see all the threads and am reminded of the reason for aforementioned hiatus, which is simply not pleasant. Also, I am about to start work and school again.
As such, I will be dropping threads. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to thread with you, it’s simply a fresh start. Working through all this and starting new threads may take a while, but I would rather persist slowly than not at all.

In aid of this fresh start, I have created another blog. When I first started rping on tumblr, I really wanted to make a Rowena, but felt like I couldn’t at the time. I have now, and she can be found here. I’m currently a lot more active there.

If you want a way to contact me ooc that I will check every day and isn’t limited to computer. Feel free to drop me a message and request my skype, or I may be at Rowena.

Thank you all for being incredibly patient with me. Please know that I appreciate you all so much.

~ Ari

‘BB-8 is the best wingman Poe can ask for’

“Okay buddy, today is the day,” Poe says tying a small ribbon he’d stolen from Jessika’s craft basket around the wildflowers he’d picked in the forest that circled the base. Poe gets a small beep in return that sounds like a question and Poe looks down to BB-8 who is waiting patiently by his feet.

“What do you think?” he asks as he holds out the small bouquet he has assembled; he watches as BB-8 examines it carefully. “It’s for Finn,” he continues, smiling when BB-8 lets out a sequence of excited beeps and whistles. “Yes, I’m going to tell him how I feel, that’s why I said today is the day and you’re going to help me. What do you say BB-8, be my wingman?”

Poe laughs as his little droid does a series of spins all the while beeping its little head off before coming to a stop to open a small compartment and extending his light torch in his now custom way of offering thumbs up.

“Okay,” Poe says taking a deep breath as he opens the door to his quarters. “Let’s go.”

Poe and BB-8 walk down the quiet halls of the base, it’s noon and that means most of the staff are at the mess hall but Finn since starting his training in the med bay was known for taking a later lunch to let some of the other medical personnel get something to eat first. With that in mind the duo head for the medical wing. When they get there, there are only a few medi-droids, Major Kalonia who has been training Finn in first aid and trauma care, and Finn himself. Major Kalonia spots them first, her eyes darting from Poe to the flowers in Poe’s hand to Finn and back again. The Major smiled, shaking her head in silent amusement and stands heading for the door where Poe hovers.

“Good luck, Commander,” she murmurs as she exits.

Poe gives her a grateful look, nerves preventing him using words. Poe looks over to where Finn sits, he hasn’t noticed them yet, his focus on a medical datapad in front of him. Poe takes a moment to take him in, how happy and healthy Finn looks after months of pain and recovery.

BB-8 now used to Poe getting lost in his new favorite hobby of staring at Finn rolls into him, giving him a small nudge and when Poe looks down the droid gives him a look that can only be described as impatient.


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Hi guys! I thought it was about time to do another one of these because I follow and have gotten to know some really awesome people and blogs! 

Whether we may talk or not, I just wanted to show my thanks and appreciation to my mutuals. 😊 Thank you for continuing to follow me and for keeping my dash fun and entertaining. Some of y’all create some seriously amazing content, from writing to gfx to gifs to fanart to hilarious shit posts, and I envy your kick-ass skills! And thank you to those of you who tag me in stuff that always make me happy. Love you all!!  💕 💕 💕

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do you have a blog that posts lots of fall out boy? do you want to gain more followers and follow some awesome new blogs? here’s what you have to do…

1. have a blog that posts primarily fall out boy


3. follow the person that started the follow train ( dont-touch-my-juice )

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this is a great way to gain new followers and follow some cool new blogs. maybe you’ll even make some new friends. have fun!

Please Like/Reblog if you...

Post or re-blog the following bands;





Red Velvet

SNSD/Girls Genration

Teen Top


Super Junior


Or any other kpop band!

I am a new kpop-only blog and I’d love to have some awesome things to reblog~! Thankyou!

First BOTM of 2015!

last month of 2014 is nearly over woah

so it’s the time where I’ll be picking 5-7 blogs to be in my “cool blogs” tab for all of January! (yay)

I will be picking blogs that:

  • follow me
  • reblog this
  • are mostly 5sos/1d
  • I’ve noticed to be awesome, have a cool blog, have helped me in some way, or just been nice 

if I choose you then you will be in the tab for the whole month and I will follow you :)

i will decide on either the 31st of dec or 1st of jan depending on how busy i am those days

~pureblud’s midsummer follow forever~

ok so its almost july (like how wtf) and im just feeling really blessed to have found more gr8 blogs and i joined some really awesome networks, so i wanna give a little shout out to everyone :’) SO under the cut is a list of blogs that are one of the following: a beautiful mutual, a blog that is so beautiful it kills me, or both ; either way, thanks for being you, stay gold ponyboy

@aaronminyardt @abbyskane @adampairrsh @adamparrvish @agentcartrs @alrightevans @amyskhaleesi @anakcin @andrewminyrd @aprhodites @aprhrodite @ashryvaer @astcriagreengrass @athxnes @atwells @aurror @autisticraphael // @bensolcs @bipoe @blackthorny @bleuczerny @bluesargenth @bluesargznt @bluesev @brianconners @broedameron // @calliiiope @chudleycanon @cleair @crystalreed @cznery // @dawnsapphic @difindo @dracvo @dreamingcourt // @evansdeer // @fantastlcbeasts @feministbluesargent @freckldbellamy // @g4nseyiii @gansgay @ghcstking @gildedhands @gincvraweasley @ginevravweasley @gnseysblue @gwcnstace @gwenllianns @gxnnyweasley // @havilliardes @hcneyduke @hcrndale @heartrenders @helensgansey @henrictta @henryvcheng @herhmione @hermionegrangcr @hnerycheng // @ibuzoo @idrise @illuminosity @invydia // @jaimelainnister @jamescarstairs @jamespotte @jammespotter @janegansev @jehaanly @jostiens // @kingrenly // @larajaensong @lilycolloway @lilycvans @lilypottar @lindseymorgan @llquidluck @loranhale @lunah @lunavlovegood @lynchsronan // @malfouy @mattwiilds @meraudurs @mickeydobbs // @nasagay @neiljostun @neptuncs @noahczercy @nxrcissamxlfoy // @odyssess @opalpxrrish // @paperstown @parrvati @persesphcne @perspephone @poppypomfrey @pranksterprongs @pristineparkinson @pvrabatai @pvreblooded // @quidittch // @ravcncycle @reguvlus @reneevalker @reneevvlkr @reneewalkar @reneewalkeur @renehwalker @rexcovrus @rhyesand @richavdgansey @richrdganseys @ronwesley @rxchardgansey // @saintdraco @sargenys @scottmcclaws @shxdowfax @siriusblacc @slythierins @softczerny @squlbs @stcrgczcr @stcrwar @sunbhaks // @taatoine @thefirstorders @thescrethistory @timeturnr @tomriidle // @vertaserum @vongcgh // @wayland  // @188px

+blogroll +networks (i probably missed someone, check these for more great blogs)

🚂🚂🚂YouTuber Follow Train🚂🚂🚂

do you have a blog that posts lots of all/any of the following???

-tyler oakley

-troye sivan

-dan and phil

-connor franta

- the holy trinity (grace/hannah/mamrie)

do you want to gain some new followers and follow some awesome new blogs? here’s what you have to do…

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this is a great way to gain new followers and follow some cool new blogs. maybe you’ll even make some new friends. have fun!


can’t believe it’s nearly the start of a new year

it’s the time where I’ll be picking 7-10 blogs to be in my “cool blogs” tab for all of january! (yay)

I will be picking blogs that:

  • follow me
  • reblog this
  • are mostly 5sos/1d
  • I’ve noticed to be awesome, have an amazing blog, have helped me in some way, or just been nice

if I choose you then you will be in the tab for the whole month and I will follow you :)

i will decide on 1st of january around 9pm aedt

woke up to 9,000 followers this morning. Which is absolutely insane as I am nothing more than a humble nerd. But thank you so much! When I started this blog a little over a year ago I never imagined it would get this big and it has been such a good time. I have made some awesome friends through this blog and y’all are just a joy in general. So again, thanks for all the support and cheers to the pjo universe for being so endlessly fascinating. xxx 

OOC: 10,000!!?

I have reached 10,000+ followers!!   holy crap!   

I started this blog off of my mini comics thinking that I would shut it down within a month because no one would like it. I WAS PROVEN WRONG!   

I almost want to cry. thank you guys for supporting my art so much!! especially to those who have been following me from the beginning! I have met some really awesome people because of my blog whether is be from people actually recognizing me at conventions or just from messaging back and forth online. THANK YOU!  

I have finished my hiatus and will get back to answering questions but I also want to do something for reaching so many followers.    I can do a giveaway (of artwork), another one of those “behind the scenes” videos were you all ask me(the mun) questions and I make a video of myself answering them, or a new mini comic (you guys can vote on a topic/story line for this one) 

choose which one you want me to do and put your answer below!