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Hello <3 I was wondering if you could tag some of your favorite blogs? I need new people to follow

Hi! Sorry this is kinda late because I just saw this butttttttt :

Everyone of these peeps runs a quality blog and I love seeing them on my dash so check em out!

💜Follow Forever💜

I’m back with my 3rd follow forever! I have been on tumblr for about 6 years now but this is my very first kpop blog and the fact that I have 1500+ followers now is insane to me. Thank you all so much for following my mess of a blog. I have met some seriously awesome people and made some amazing friends! So here is to my friends and mutuals who make my time on Tumblr worthwhile!!! ^_^

Honorable mentions aka people who I am friends with or talk to regularly are bolded!

@shownx @hyungnu @kimyumbin @hyungjooki @lostinmonstax

@girlinawardrobe @jooheonster @tomatoholmes @1leeminhyuk

@twowice @silverkyun @minpuphyuk @cngkyns @kkngie @babywoon

@daisydokyung @jookkul @urmomstax @monjinki @ckihyun @m0nst4x

@tinytaehyun @supersaiyum @wonkyuna @wonhyu-k @hotseok

@wonhosflower @in-wonhos-dreams @wonhos-monbaby @mxmb-candyy

@jackseung @thequirkyone @laviette @wonhopes @seoulscapes

@floofta-x @chiqkihyun @kihqun @spicyramyeonmonbebe

@takeagoodjunglook (new friend ^_^) @wonhontology @ikonic-monbebe

@ukihyunnie @eternally-nocturnally @musical-dragonlord

WOW! I cannot believe I have 1000 followers. Thanks to everyone who decided to follow me and especially those who stuck around. Below are some awesome blogs that have made my time on this site enjoyable so you should totally check them out! 

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you know that the trend of adding reaction gifs of those cis-hetero-white-guys to everything is really annoying and no one likes it and you should really stop

oh i’m sorry

is our fandom annoying you?

i guess it’s a good thing nobody’s making you be on this blog then

live and let live and all that

people don’t come here to get pissed off, usually.


This is a call out post

Hi ya’ll! Mod Foop here.

If you are seeing this, you either follow us here at weekend writing marathon (Yay! Thanks!) or you are friends with someone who does (You have some pretty awesome friends).

One year ago today, this lovely little blog popped into existence thanks to the lovely @tellthenight​ because she wanted to encourage others to write and give us all a place to go for references, to be able to celebrate out accomplishments, no matter how small or large, and to have a general feel of community for all of us.

This is not an easy job. It is thankless and time consuming. And Elle never once complains or mentions how hard it is, or the time it takes. She praises everyone’s work, she recognizes all the other mods and admins like we are the ones doing more than just scheduling start/stop/praise posts.

She is an amazing human. She likes to hide behind the blog and not be acknowledged for all that she does for each of us. So i’m calling her out.

Elle, we thank you so much for everything that you do for us. Once upon a time a year ago I flailed over this when you told me about it. I participated so often you brought me on board as a mod and then later as an admin. Back then it was only the three or four of us and now we have a verifiable crew that is dedicated to helping each other and everyone else out there write.

That’s pretty incredible. So to make sure that you get the recognition that you deserve, I want everyone who has ever participated, or used a resource/reference, that has been posted, anyone that may have seen a stray 1k1h post on a friends blog and decided that, yes I do in fact need to write, to reblog this and tell Elle thank you.

Tell Elle how this blog has helped, if you made friends, feel part of the community she has created here, if you just want to say thanks at all for anything that her creation may have helped with.

Show Elle how we appreciate her. Don’t be shy like she is.

Thank you,

Mod Foop

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aside from yourself, could you recommend any other blogs with great Peter Parker fics? Thank you!!

I’d love to recommend some!! I’ve been very busy lately so I haven’t had time to read many fics (or respond to Asks!! Sorry!!) but these are a few blogs that have written some really awesome Peter Parker fics:

@notawarriorjustyet - @tomsh0lland - @tomhollandish (this blog has also written some VERY good Tom Holland fics) - @fandoms-archive (they have this one Harrison Osterfield one that is SO CUTE) - @stallingdemons - @soccermomsteve - @lotsoffandomimagines - @lemonphlochte (I fell in love with an Avengers Chatroom on their blog) 

Extra: @avengersandlovers She is a NSFW blog that writes SPECTACULAR nsfw Avengers pieces. No Peter that I have seen but she does other Avengers. I love her stuff. (18+ tho!!)

Of course there are WAAAAAAAY more amazing blogs that put out amazing content but these are the few that I’ve been reading from lately!! Hope this helps!!! xx

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Do you have some tattoo Jeon and innocent Tae Thanks. your blog is awesome, love it so much!

Heya ^-^ Check out the Badboy!Jungkook tag for previously recommended fics!

  • badboy!Jungkook

Our Red Scarf Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should.Just don’t tell Jimin about it.

Soft (Like You) Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung are definitely not the nicest people you’ll meet in highschool; they’re far from it. at least, that’s what everybody thinks.

✄ Orange is my favourite colour Bad boy Jungkook is dealt community service, but without this shitty hand of luck he may of not met orange-haired Taehyung, who may just be sunshine itself.

  • badboy!Taehyung

✄ Darling, I’ll Show You What It’s All About “Be honest with me, darling,” Taehyung whispered. “Because I would like to get to know you.”(Taehyung thinks that if he were given the chance, he’d gladly give up all his gold and cigarettes for the angel with pretty eyes and reserved smiles.)Jungkook just reads.

✄ We are Bulletproof Jungkook and Taehyung are living opposite lives. One lives in a part of Seoul where there is enough money to live and able to go to school. The other has to fight to survive every day. One has a best friend who is always by his side, the other has got three friends which whom he fights with other gangs. One has got parents who are never there, the other has got no parents. What will happen when the two meet?

I hope you enjoy these! Check the tags before reading ^-^

✄ Admin Amanda

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This blog looks awesome! May I have some headcanons for Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Law getting ill, please?

Lol way to choose the people least likely to get sick.  I love it.  I love these nerds.



  • Sick?  How can Luffy be sick?  He’s Luffy
  • Well the most obvious cure for this is eating all the meat he can
  • Is confused why Chopper can’t just magically cure him back to instant health
  • If it’s the type of illness that makes you not want to eat anything….
  • The whole crew is horrified and semi-convinced that Luffy will die
  • The most annoying patient Chopper will ever have hands down


  • Denies that he is sick
  • “If I’m sick, could I do this?”  Attempts to wield his swords and immediately passes out
  • Thinks he can miraculously not be sick through sheer willpower
  • (It doesn’t work like that Zoro.)
  • Claims that even though he’s sick he can still kick Sanji’s ass
  • Sleeps 3000x more


  • The type of person who thinks he’s dying when he has a cold
  • Wants Nami and Robin to nurse him back to health
  • Is incredibly distraught that he can’t cook for the rest of his crew
  • Loves it when someone dotes on him while he’s bedridden
  • Claims he can still kick Zoro’s ass despite being sick


  • The type of person who says he’s still fine even though he’s dying from the plague
  • Seriously Bepo, HE’S FINE
  • Claims he knows what’s best for himself because he’s a doctor
  • Is his own worst enemy
  • Is the asshole that infects everyone else in the ship with his cold
  • Needs to be locked in his own room to rest

Omg thank y'all so much! I have 100 awesome people who, for some reason, liked my blog enough to want to follow me lol. I really do appreciate all the love I receive on here. I get so excited when I get notifications and messages! I honestly had no intentions on interacting with as much people as I do, let alone entertain the idea that people may actually like what I post when I started this. Stay stoned 🌿☁

Also HUGE shout out to @holmojawn who was the first person to ever reach out to me and tag me in her posts ❤. You are a lovely kind soul. Its so rare for me to click with people naturally but I love you chic 💖💋💖💋💖

I’m tagging the first 10 people who followed me!



Hey 👋🏽 The names Kristina 💙 I’m 23 years old.
I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Just looking for friends and people to hangout with butttt I’m always down for international communication and long distance friendships. Sooooo hit me up I’m friendly and 420 friendly 👅👅. I’ve submitted here before and have met some awesome people.

My blog: http://tsndcs.tumblr.com
SC: go_feena
INSTA: tsndcs

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Hey there! This blog is awesome! Can I have some rock Lee or Yamamoto jealous scenario? I'm a loser for these two ;-;

I did a headcanon for this anyways because it didn’t take me long and it cheered me up a little. TOTALLY agree anon, Rock Lee and Yamato are just the best! It was a hard pick, but I have some Rock Lee requests coming up already and no Yamato ones so I picked him instead! If you want Rock Lee jealous headcanons you can submit them on Friday or Saturday when I open the ask box. Thank you for the kind words and enjoy! :)

Yamato Jealousy Headcanon

  • Yamato is a little insecure when it comes to his partner talking to other men – he’s just an anxious type of person and worries about all the outcomes. He will be seething if some other guy is obviously flirting, making his s/o laugh too much or brushes or touched his partner’s body in anyway. Yamato would try his damndest to separate his partner and this person who is a threat immediately.
  • He will bring it up to his partner in private later. Yamato isn’t nervous to talk about the hard issues when he’s with someone, working things out before they become a real problem is his solution. But while talking about it he can become a little bit of a spaz in front of his partner, like his hands will flail out all exasperated and he’ll sigh and huff a lot.
  • Even gets a tad jealous when his partner talks to Kakashi too long or in a joking manner, mostly because Kakashi’s more of a smooth talker than Yamato. In any public setting he tries to hide any of those signs of envy, he knows it’s unbecoming, but sometimes they slip out and he’ll make a backhanded remark. He never holds a grudge about it though because he realize that’s just how Kakashi is even if it makes him jealous. 

Hey, Taylor!

On behalf of your recent return to Tumblr I have made a new follow list of some awesome fans/blogs that would love the opportunity to be taylurked/followed by you on here!

1. @speaknowswiftly

2. @13alltooswiftie

3. @thegirlinthechair13

4. @youllbeeightynine

5. @lurkinswiftie

6. @potateitoff

7. @beentheretooafewtimes

8. @littletownst

9. @taylor-swift-dance

10. @vesselswifts (it won’t let me link but you should be able to find the blog through the tags)

11. @diamondsinmymouth

12. @alivebackfromthedead

13. @tswiftforever

14. @cseay22

15. @tayloryouaremylife

16. @immaswiftieyo

17. @avei13

18. @standupwithshakyhands

19. @buildingacastlewithswift

Thank you so, so, so much for taking your time to read this 💝😽

looking for bangtan blogs!

heyo everyone, vaughn here!! i’ve been inactive on tumblr for a while now, but i think i’ve reached my threshold. i miss all my friends and the fun of keeping up with bangtan! i’m gonna make my return officially, however, before i can.. i need more lovely people to befriend! i somehow managed to remain mutuals with the 70+ blogs i follow, but i wanna expand my friends list!! 

tl;dr please reblog this post if you reblog 80% or more of bangtan, and i’ll check out your blog! :D

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Are there any other dailies you would recommend?

Be prepared for a big list haha

The blogs that made me want to make a daily pokemon blog aka the ones I followed before I made this blog:

@dailyribombee @mimikyudaily  @dailyflygon @maybe-eevee @volcaronadaily @occasionalumbreon @dailyvulpix

Some of my favorite blogs:

@occasional-dapperkyu @occasional-flydreigon @askwitcheon @dailyhoppip @daily-reuniclus @dailyshinylycanroc @weeklynightdaze @divinerofthestars @ask-morningbell @leafeondaily @dailyskitty @occasionallylucario

More awesome blogs:

@flygon-daily @lycanrocdaily @weeklygiratina @occasionallygardevoir @dailyditto @dailyxatu @dailygoopdra @askmareep @ask-a-zapper @morelull-magic @daily-midnightlycanroc @dailyshinycutiefly @vulpix-daily @dailyshinyampharos @askblobreon @dailylatitwins @zorua-daily @decidueye-dailyreport @the-almost-daily-lampent @occasional-paper-cuts @ask-galactic-lion @dailycrystalvaporeon

I probably forgot some but yeah here have a list of awesome blogs ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Any mutual(s) whose blog you would like to recommend? I am in need of good SVT blogs oh my gosh

csyeahhH!!!! not everyone’s a mutual here but these guys are some awesome high koalatea blogs i have the honor of seeing on my dash?! (imma split them up into like gifmakers/content makers/other awesome rly cool blogs bc organization yipee)

gifmakers: @hanwooz @mountean @wonnhao @hoon-seok @wonshi-17 @mienghao @blondkwan (sideblog: @jooshua) @seugcheol @vitaminniedk @12fools @soonynqs @lseokmin @minghaon @withjunhui @seungkvvan @jeonwuu 

gfxmakers: @minghaou @minygu @seveanteen @jeongahn (side blog: @juhni@joshsua @syua @cafewoozi @95shua @hughosh @jecnwonu @mintgu @doekyum

other really awesome as hell blogs: @97skmn @iludk @ilovejun @17dad @ilovesuga @jeonghhan @tookorean @darlinggyu @plantsoo @snoozyseokmin @03highlight @spicyjunhui @highlightsvt @dotkyeom @sassyminghao @momjeonghan @dattebayoxx

hhHHhHH they’re the people i see most on my dash but if you’d like more you can check out my blogroll!