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The Hybrid- Part 8

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Part 8 (a day early, yeah!)

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Rebekah left Ariel and Klaus in the studio. Ariel was laying on the couch. Klaus had her legs on his lap and he was thinking about what his sister had just discovered. She looked at his face closely. He was looking down at her feet, lost in his thoughts.

“Klaus…” she whispered to get his attention. He moved his head a little towards her. He saw she was worried so he grinned and he placed his hands around her ankles. She let out a little sound of surprised when she was pulled towards the hybrid. Klaus was still smiling when he leaned to kiss her. She kept her eyes open at first. She slowly closed them as she became more comfortable with Klaus’ hands on her body. She placed her hands on both sides of Klaus’ face. He moved his left hand under her right thigh and his other hand on her waist. She moved her hands in his hair and he deepened the kiss.

She broke the kiss to breathe and she kept her hands on the back of his head as she sat up. She had her eyes closed and she pressed her forehead against his and he grinned before he kissed her again.

“Don’t worry, love,” he said. “I’ll find a witch to unlink you to my siblings.”

“I know,” she said and she opened her eyes to get lost in his blue ones.

They were interrupted by someone who cleared their throat.

“You’re so cute,” she said, annoyed. Klaus rolled his eyes and stood up.

“What do you want?” Klaus groaned.

“We already have a witch,” she reminded him. “And I want to be unlinked from you as soon as possible,” she told him.

“Why? You’re planning on killing me any time soon,?” he asked.

She sighed and gave him an unamused look. “No. But the white oak tree is somewhere in this town and we need to find it before our enemies do,” she said.

Klaus sighed. He knew his sister was right. “I’m sure you can take care of this, sister,” he told her.

Rebekah raised her eyebrows. “What, you’re not going to help me?”

Klaus held his hand out to Ariel who looked up at him and she took it and stood up. He looked down and grinned at her and pulled her to his chest. He looked up at his sister. “No,” he answered. “I’m not,” he said and he left the room with Ariel.

When Ariel woke up the next morning she was alone. She found Klaus in the studio, painting. He was talking with Rebekah on the phone.

“I found Sage, she should be here soon,” Klaus told her. Ariel could hear her sigh over the phone.

“Great. Can’t wait. Does she know about Finn?” she asked.

“Do you think she’d be willing to come here if she did?”

Rebekah sighed again.

“I’ll call you as soon as I know more about the white oak tree,” she said and hung up.

“Who’s Sage?” Ariel asked.

Klaus turned to see her walking towards him.

“Hello, love. How did you sleep?” he smiled at her.

“You weren’t in bed when I woke up,” she answered and he grinned and opened his arms. She hugged him and buried her face in his neck.

“Sorry, love,” he said and he kissed her temple. “To answer your question, Sage is an old friend of my brother Finn,” he sighed. “She’s coming to help us. The white oak tree can kill an Original and she’ll do anything to protect Finn. She’s on our side.”

Klaus didn’t help Rebekah in the search of the tree in the slightest. He spent the next few days with Ariel and she had never been happier.

Klaus was keeping touch with Kol who was in Denver for some reason Ariel didn’t know anything about.

Once Rebekah had found what was rest of the tree, she burnt it and now Klaus was looking for Finn. Ariel wasn’t happy he made her stay in the car but he said it was too dangerous for her to be around his brother. Rebekah agreed with him. But they needed him to undo the spell that linked them all together so they knocked him out and put him in the trunk.

Once they were back at the mansion, Klaus threw his older brother on the floor of the entry.

“Gather your witch,” Rebekah sighed. “Get his blood and get on with it.”

“You can’t force me to help you,” Finn said.

“Why force when I can persuade?” Klaus said and that’s when Sage showed p.

“Hello Finn.”

“Sage!” he was surprised to see her and he quickly got up and hugged her.

“What do you know?” Rebekah sighed. “True love prevails.”

Klaus turned to Ariel and took her hand and pulled him closer to him.

“It does occasionally have its uses,” he said and he grinned at Ariel who shyly smiled. “It’s easier than torturing him,” he smiled at his sister.

“I have something to do,” Rebekah said. “What do you need from me for the spell?”

“Just your blood and your blessing,” he answered. “Where are you going?” he frowned.

“I have some unfinished business with Damon Salvatore,” she had an angry and serious look on her face. “Ask Sage what he did to me, and you’ll understand why retribution is in order,” she said before she left.

Klaus looked down at Ariel who shrugged. She had no idea what the blonde was talking about.

“Come, I have a job for you,” he said and she followed him in one of the several living rooms of the mansion.

Bonnie was there and she looked both angry and worried.

“Keep an eye on her, will you?” he said and she nodded.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I have some business to take care of,” he said. He kissed her forehead and he smiled at her before he left the room.

She looked down at Bonnie who was frowning at her.

“You know he’s playing you, right?” she told her and she frowned. She didn’t say anything and she sat on the couch in front of her. Bonnie sighed and shook her head but opened the huge book that was on the coffee table and started reading the spells in it.

Klaus came back an hour later.

“Tic, toc, I should be hearing chanting by now,” he said.

“I’m still studying the unlinking spell. It’s not that easy, especially under duress,” she told him.

“You’ve been warned,” he threatened her. “If you’re looking for a way to send for help, I will kill anyone who comes to your rescue.”

Ariel frowned. He was never that scary with her.

“This is the spell. I just don’t know if I’m strong enough.”

“Then you should have a little more faith in yourself, Bonnie. Your energy helped my mother linked us. Honestly, I think someone isn’t trying very hard,” he waited for an answer but she was just looking at him in silence. “Very well,” he said and he took his phone. “Kol! How’s the weather up there in mile high city?”

Bonnie had a worried look on her face.

“And how’s our friend?” he asked and then he showed a picture of Jeremy to Bonnie. “That’s Jeremy. Playing fetch with his new puppy,” he said. “Thank you Kol. We’ll be in touch,” he hung up. “So, Bonnie. How about that spell?”

Bonnie got back to the book and starting studying the spell again. Klaus sat down next to Ariel and he took her ankles and put her legs on his lap which made her fall on the couch with a laugh. He smiled back at her and he tucked a lock of her red hair behind her ear. She propped herself on her elbows and kissed him. He pushed her back against the couch and she giggled as he started to kiss her neck.

“This could go a lot faster if you kept quiet,” Bonnie interrupted them. Klaus looked up at the witch and chuckled. He helped Ariel sit up, her legs were still on his lap and he kissed her in silence this time. She smiled in the kiss as her fingers ran through his hair. But they were interrupted again by a scream coming from a room of the mention.

“What was that?” Bonnie asked, startled.

“I wouldn’t let it bother you, love,” Klaus told her before he kissed Ariel again. But she was worried too and broke the kiss.

“Well, it does bother me,” Bonnie told him and he sighed. “You bother me,” she said. “The way you use people to get what you want it’s not right! How long before you get tired of her and kill her?” she yelled at him and Ariel gasped at her words.

Klaus frowned. Now he was angry.

“How dare you?” he groaned. “Talk about her that way? Like she’s just a toy?”

“Isn’t that what she is?” she asked and Ariel let out a little scream when Klaus pushed Bonnie against a wall, his hand on her throat.

“You don’t know anything, witch,” he groaned. He looked at her with a threatening look.

“Klaus,” Ariel gently placed her hands on the one that was strangling Bonnie. He looked at the red-haired’s beautiful eyes. He couldn’t resist those eyes. He released the Bennett witch. He couldn’t kill her. He needed her to do the unlinking spell.

“I’m going to hurt the people you love if you don’t do the spell,” Klaus threatened her again. “Because that link threatens the people I love,” he said. “Now, I know it’s in the grimoire, and I know it requires the blood of my siblings, so, here we are,” he said as he handed her the blood of his siblings then Ariel’s.

Bonnie started to do the spell. Klaus pulled Ariel to his chest and he watched carefully to make sure Bonnie did everything right. Once she was done, he accompanied her to the entry where they met Rebekah.

“Oh, leaving so soon?” she mocked.

“Be nice, Rebekah,” Klaus told his sister.

“Thank you, Bonnie,” she said with a fake smile. “See you in physics class,” she said before she walked away.

That’s when both Bonnie and Ariel saw Damon in the other room. Bonnie looked horrified.

“Oh my God,” she breathed out.

“Yeah, you’ll have to excuse the mess. Apparently, Damon hurt her feelings,” he said like it was the most natural thing.

“Bonnie…” Damon begged.

“Go on,” Klaus said. “Help him. Save the man that turned your mother into a vampire,” he waited for her to move but she didn’t.

“Just get me out of here,” she said and he grinned.

“Very well.”

Once she was gone, Klaus walked towards Ariel who was looking down at the floor. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him. He placed two fingers under her chin and made her look up but she kept her eyes down.

“Are you okay, love?” he asked and she nodded before she moved her hands to his back and hugged him, burying her head in his chest. He stroke her hair before he kissed her temple.

“Are you going to kill me once you’re done with me?” she asked so low he almost didn’t hear her. Her question made his heart break. It hurt him so much he started to tear up.

“No, love. I’m never going to be done with you,” he said and that’s when she looked up. She had tears in her eyes too and she looked exhausted.

“You promise?” she asked. She looked so fragile he was afraid he would break her. He looked down at her.

“I promise,” he said and he slowly leaned to kiss her. He had never kissed her more gently. He had never kissed anyone that way before. She tiptoed and she slid one hand in his hair and she placed the other one on the back of his neck. His hands moved to her lower back and he lifted her off of her feet and she moved her hands to each side of his face and she rested her forehead against his and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he smiled and in the next few seconds he was laying her on his bed. He kissed her lips, her cheek, her jawline, her neck…


Klaus groaned. “What now?” he rolled on his back next to Ariel.

“I’m here! Let’s do this!”

“Is that Stefan?” Ariel asked. “What does he want?” she was scared.

“Don’t worry,” he told her before he kissed her temple. “Come.”

She followed him in the room where Damon was being tortured. Rebekah was already there. Ariel took Klaus’s hand and stayed closer to him when she saw Stefan. He had a bag in his hand.

“What do you want?” Klaus asked and Stefan threw the bag at his feet. There were stakes in it.

“I’m here to make a deal,” he said.

“Stefan what are you doing?” Damon managed to say despite the pain.

“Eight stakes made of white oak. The part of the Wickery Bridge you forgot to burn,” he said.

Klaus turned to look at his sister and gave her an angry look.

“That’s impossible,” Rebekah shook her head.

“Actually it’s not,” Stefan said and the Originals vampires turned to look at him. “Finn is dead,” he said.

Ariel felt Klaus squeeze her hand a little tighter.

“You killed my brother?” Rebekah asked with a threatening tone.

Stefan didn’t answer. He took two steps towards Klaus and Ariel stayed close behind him.

“Damon in exchange for the last weapons that can kill you,” he said.

“And how do I know there aren’t any more left?” Klaus asked.

“Because there aren’t,” he answered, looking at him in the eyes.

“Let’s be certain, shall we?” Klaus said and he looked down at Ariel before he looked at Rebekah. The blonde opened her arms and Ariel rushed to her sides.

Stefan looked at Ariel with a guilty look. He knew what he had put her through when he didn’t have his humanity and he regretted it now. Ariel had both her hands on Rebekah’s left arm and she was looking down at the floor.

“Leave,” Klaus told Damon.

“No,” Damon groaned.

“Come on. Leave,” he repeated.

“Nik, he’s my plaything not yours,” Rebekah whined.

Klaus ignored his sister and put a hand on Damon’s throat. “I said, go…home,” he compelled the vampire.

Damon started to try to leave. He pulled to get his hands free from the animal traps, screaming from pain. As Klaus watched Stefan’s reaction he chuckled and told Damon to stop.

“Stop before you hurt yourself,” he laughed. “I can see that you can finally be compelled. Now. Minus the stake that’s in my brother, how many more stakes are out there that can kill me?” he asked.

“Eleven,” he answered.

“Eleven!” Klaus echoed. “Really? So not eight, then?” he told Stefan.

“You really shouldn’t have lied,” Rebekah told him.

“I’ll get you the other three,” Stefan said.

“Yeah, that would be nice,” Klaus said. “Or since you lied, maybe I’ll just compel your brother to chew his own tongue,” he said.

Ariel didn’t like hearing this. Whenever Klaus threatened someone, she always got scared.

“What is wrong with you?” Stefan asked.

“What is wrong with you?!” Klaus echoed, angry. “Do you really have no appreciation for me? I have given you someone to hate, to loathe, a target for all of your anger so you don’t have to turn it on yourself. I have given your life purpose, as your friend… And considering that you are still alive despite what you’ve done to Ariel…I really think that you should be thanking me,” he said.

“Enough!” Stefan yelled and in the next second he pulled a stake out of his jacket and Klaus’ back was against a wall.

Rebekah caught Ariel by the arm as she was trying to get to the hybrid.

“Step down,” Klaus said, slowly, with an angry and threatening tone. “Or you both die.”

Stefan stepped down and gave the stake to Klaus.

“There. Now you only have to get me the other two,” Klaus said.

“This is ridiculous,” Rebekah sighed, annoyed.

“What are you doing?” Klaus asked her as she set Damon free.

“I brought him here, I get to release him. My rules now. Bring us the stakes and you both live. Take your brother as a sign of good faith,” she said before she stepped out of the room.

Klaus sighed and walked towards Ariel. “Bring us the stakes. All of them. Or I’ll wage a war against everyone you love. I hope I’m being clear,” he told Stefan before he left the room with Ariel.

They joined Rebekah in the living room. Ariel sat on the couch and Klaus went over his sister.

“I can’t believe Finn is dead,” she said.

“Good riddance,” Klaus said, pouring himself a drink. Ariel was shocked by his answer. His brother had just died. “He was an embarrassment, Rebekah.”

“He was still our brother. Mind your tongue,” Rebekah told him, angry.

“Fine, let’s all say a prayer for Finn, who slept in a box longer than he lived as a man.”

Rebekah looked at him, dumbfounded.

“He was a lovesick fool. He’s better off in death,” he said and Ariel couldn’t hear any more so she left the room. Klaus watched her leave and he realized, maybe, he should have mind his tongue.

“Nice. Say that in front of the woman that adores you, “lovesick fool””, she told him. He looked ashamed and looked down at his feet before he looked up. “Is that how you would speak of me if I died?” she asked.

“Well, you let the Salvatores loose with two stakes that could kill us, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough,” he told her. “And since when did you have a soft spot for them?”

“The Salvatores may fight like dogs but in the end they would die for each other. At least they know what family means. You destroyed ours.”

“I wanted a family. They just didn’t want me,” he answered. “And now we’re unlinked. We’re no longer responsible for each other.”

“So, are you leaving?” she asked, like he would never do that. He would never leave her behind.

“As soon as I get my stakes, I’m gone. I’m going to take Elena and use her blood to create a new family of hybrids,” he told his sister.

Rebekah crossed her arms over her chest. “What about Ariel?” she asked and he frowned.

“What about her?” Klaus asked.

“I heard what you promised her, earlier,” she said. “You’re going to break that girl and she’s already pretty damn broken.”

“I can take care of her,” he told his sister who shook her head.

“You can’t even take care of your own family,” she said. “You saved her life and without you she is alone. How will you know if she stays by your side because she loves you or because she’s terrified of leaving you or of being alone?”

Every word was stabbing him in the heart. Every word was true.

“You have a family, Nik! And maybe that girl will help you realize, if you just stop being so paranoid for a minute, that you are loved! You don’t need a hundred hybrids as a family and a hundred hybrids will never feel like a family!”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Now go to her. You just said you’d rather be dead than in love, who knows what’s going on in her head right now.”

When Klaus opened the door of his room, he had no idea what to expect. Ariel was in bed, under the cover and it looked like she was sleeping. He got into bed and laid down next to her and put a hand on her waist and he pulled her back to his chest. He kissed her neck and he waited for her to say something but she didn’t move.

“Love,” he said but she didn’t say anything. He sighed. He got under the cover and put his hands over her stomach and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her neck again and whispered in her ear.

“You’re all I have, too.”