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lonely is not the right word anymore. maybe what i’m talking about is quiet. sitting in my own space and letting my mind be curious again. i fill my time now with beautiful books and poetry. i fill the bath tub up and wash away my sins and the sins of old lovers. i’m becoming clean again. my freshly washed sheets only smelling like me. this is what okay feels like, this is what i have needed. 

thomas is like 10 please tell me y’all aren’t looking at real life 10-year-olds saying how hot they’ll look when they’re older and how you’d wait for them to grow up so you could date them like no matter how you put it wanting to date a 10-year-old is gross

like I get it, fiction isn’t reality, but even if he’s a fictional character it’s really weird, especially given this is a dating game

his crush is cute, yours isn’t, little kids have crushes on older people all the time but that doesn’t mean they need to be reciprocated

edit: listen if you try to defend yourself on this I’m blocking you like I don’t care if other games have weirder or grosser stuff, because it’s not the game that’s weird, it’s you, because you like a 10-year-old

I will gladly lose followers over this I don’t even care

don’t get me wrong, id love to see Yang or Ruby save Weiss from Raven..

but ya know what would be even better?

either Yang and/or Ruby coming to save her guns a blazin’, but when they get there, Weiss has already got that shit handled 👀👌🏻

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i dare ya to post shirtless pics!!!!!! she probly like shirtless men!!!!! she probly think it hot!!!!!! n u do too!!!!! hot hot hot hot!!!!!!! mua ha ha ha!!

Hey, there again kookie nonnie! I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else, but as for me??? GUILTY AS CHARGED. I definitely think Matt and Harry are hot. Apparently you do too, since you keep sending me these asks.





how do I get myself to write 2 essays that I have zero will to write and have been avoiding all week

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I think you're awesome and I love seeing you on my tumblr dash. I'm sorry I haven't reached out before, but you're so cool and...well, yeah.

I swear we’ve talked before? I remember that amazing username of yours! Which means we have talked in some capacity so you have reached out, so no apology necessary, fam.

*hugs* I’m actually pretty tepid. *smiles at terrible joke*

so i’m watching tfa for the billionth time, and I started wondering: why was rey left on jakku? bc for some reason I had it in my head that she was left there to protect her from kyle, but he’s only like 10 or so years older than her and he turned the dark side when he was an adult so that wouldn’t be it. now instead i’m thinking maybe she was left there to possibly hide her from snoke. (maybe even some other threat, who knows for now.)

it begs another question though: why did her family never come back? there could be a number of reasons, but to me it seems that they most likely died. especially considering maz (who is canonically force sensitive) told rey that the people she was waiting for weren’t ever coming back.

anyways that’s just one of the many reasons I believe rey is a kenobi and not a skywalker.