have part of my face

should be packing but I finally washed this shirt and wanted somewhere to wear it today n there’s a marriage equality rally in the city so now I am on a train lol

My thing for @lmfonedaymore!! Yes it’s 3 am and I’m in pyjamas but I was really excited to contribute

thank you for coming up with this, it’s a super cool idea!!

Martin Amol, a survivor of a distopian Outback. Cold, cunning, and jaded, he’s been living out his days rebelling against the cruelty of the ‘Colonies’, small domes, dedicated to ‘education’, ‘law’, and ‘health’. 

That is, if you’re perfect, obedient, and intelligent. If not, have fun surviving in nuclear fallout Austrailia, complete with slavers, marauders, and the ‘Rebellion’.

This is a rework of an old story and lemme tell you, I love Martin something fierce. My S O N.