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my dad is in town helping me move this weekend. we’re driving home from dropping off the uhaul and he goes “you guys have gotta make this a red state” and I almost swerve into oncoming traffic right then and there, but he goes on to say that he legitimately thinks that Trump is doing a good job and honestly how in the darkest depths of hell are we related

Roleplay Day for 26 Day Birthday Celebration

Okay, so I had a couple slots open for the 26 Day Birthday Celebration, so I decided to do something different for one of the days. 

Starting now until tomorrow (7-24-2017 11:59 pm) I will be accepting Roleplay Q&A.  How does this work?  You can ask a character (from Supernatural (I have not seen past season 11) or Hobbit/LOTR) a question, and I will answer it as that character!  ^^ Roleplaying! :D  I did something similar to this a while back, but I thought this could be fun too!  I will then start answering them tomorrow! :D 

So, feel free to send in as many asks as you have, but please be sure to specify which character you are asking the question for!!! I am so looking forward to your questions!

People who may be interested: 

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Okay so now it is time for The Thinky Thoughts About Actual Hamlet, rather than just The Encounter

tl;dr: the production was iNCREDIBLE, the entire cast was phenomenal, the staging was very interesting and they made a lot of cool choices, it was also one of the funniest productions of Hamlet I’ve ever seen and there were times when I laughed until my sides hurt, but also I wanted to cry very often too, my review is going to admittedly be Biased, but like I said, the entire cast was phenomenal

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this isn't a prompt but i loved the makeup hero/villain thing and i can't get the image of the villain doing an intimidating up-in-your-face dialogue and continually getting tripped up and they keep switching from looking right in the hero's eyes to right above them, until finally they visibly give up, let their shoulders go slack and dip their head and then after pausing to regain their dignity for a second they look back up and ask "is that from the modern renaissance palette?"


listen i want the modern rennaissance so bad but i’ve been like. restraining myself from buying it (for now) BUT HAVE U SEEN THE NEW SUBCULTURE PALLETTE COMING OUT SOON?? IM GETTING IT OKAY THOSE R MY COLOURS. literally im like. praying the redbubble/ ko fi pick up soon so i actually have money for it because that pallete (dies)

listen. listen. im such a slut for makeup im absolutely the villian here

also the villian and hero mentioned in the prompt r from a future project im planning on starting once i finish book 1 of the gwiazdka fuckery, if yu’re into that. They’re femme af and become girlfriends despite being on opposite sides of the power divide, and r cute an gay and its all v healthy. im stealing ur little scenario here for it. this is gonna be how they get 2gayther (together). makeup.


i finished the first book of pjo the other day.. it was good. better than i expected

I am super psyched for Steve in Infinity War and here is why. Obviously he looks like things have not been going so well for him since the Accords. Which makes this the first time that Steve has made a call he thought was best and seen it blow up in his face. Up until now just about all of his decisions–even the risky ones, the ones that broke the rules–have paid off both in the other characters’ eyes and in the narrative more broadly. (Obviously not without a personal cost to him at times, but none that makes him any less a hero.)

Then we have Tony, whose well-intentioned decisions blow up in his face so often he’s villainized by the other characters, the narrative (and as we all know, by at least some of the fans).

So as a Steve fan I’m excited to see him in a new position where he has to question himself (I love angst and character development, sue me). As a TONY fan, I’m excited to see their narrative roles switched for once. Where Steve is the one suffering the consequences of his decision and Tony is the one whose choices are validated by other characters and the narrative. I think it will be a nice change of pace for Tony but also an opportunity for Steve to come to understand him better. To really GET in a way he couldn’t before that sometimes you do what you think is right and it all goes wrong. And maybe with that will come the chance for them to really start rebuilding their friendship. I can’t wait!

Just Risk It

Summary: Trying to convince you to go to your high school reunion, Steve exposes himself.

Word Count: 855

A/N: Idk, this happened when I was trying to see if I could start a drabble series. But then the reader took charge and I kinda like it lol.

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Steve walked into the living room, hands full of envelopes, magazines, and coupon books departments usually sent. He lifted them up as everyone looked at him. “Mail’s here.”

The pile was dropped right in the middle of the coffee table, and as usual, everyone began to shuffle through the contents until they found the envelopes addressed to them. Bucky took the coupons and magazines.

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My rendition of this fic by @destieldrabblesdaily.

You should also definitely click to have better quality.

hello darlings i am sorry i have been gone so long, only two days now until im free from second year physics and can bring you the stuff that i have been planning!

i have been doing a lot of destress sketches in between revision and and doing comission work that i need to finish up, and here is one of them!

i’m getting back into the mchanzone in preparation for mchanzo week, and if you follow me on snapchat you might have seen peeks of the merman au ive been creating (if you wanna follow my username is morrowkei). there is gonna be lots of art to come, soon <3

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If you kill Leliana in Origins, does she still appear in inquisition? My friend just introduced me to Dragon Age and I was reading a walkthrough for the Urn of Sacred Ashes and I found out you could kill her. I don't want to but I'm just curious if you kill her what happens in inquisition

Spoilers inbound, for obvious reasons.

While I’ve never played a world state in which I’ve killed Leliana, I have to say that it’s turned into one of the more intriguing mysteries of the DA canon… because killing her does not stop her from appearing in DA2 and Inquisition.

In this scenario, Leliana’s next appearance is in Kirkwall. When Hawke meets her, they comment on the fact that they’d heard she was dead. Her response: “The Maker knew it was not my time. There is more for me to do in this world.” They don’t really elaborate further. Most people brushed it off as a simple retcon.

In Inquisition, when she’s in Haven praying for understanding and bitterly angry with the Maker for allowing the Conclave to happen, she explains a little more:

Leliana: Once, I was sure I died. I did die. Who else but the Maker could’ve resurrected me? But if he didn’t save me to help the Divine, then why? Why am I still alive?
Herald: Wait, you died?
Leliana: It was right there at the temple by the Urn of Sacred Ashes. We found the Urn, proved the legends were true. But the Hero of Ferelden corrupted them, and all I wanted at that moment was vengeance. It was a fight I couldn’t win, but I didn’t care. And the “hero” struck me down. I awoke later in agony. The ashes were gone. I can’t explain how I survived. 
Herald: You can’t have been raised from the dead. That’s… absolutely… just… no.
Leliana: Believe what you want. I’m still here.

Then, at the final epilogue at the very end of Trespasser, we learn what has to be the strangest piece in the Dead Leliana puzzle:

Eventually, Leliana became distant and contemplative, often secluding herself in the rookery with none but her ravens for company. One morning, the residents of Skyhold awoke to a great beating of wings and a vast cloud of ravens blotting out the sky above the fortress. Those who investigated found both the rookery and Leliana’s chambers vacant, with only a single message as explanation: “The lyrium sang thought into being. Now time is stale, and the melody is called elsewhere. Until I am needed. I am free.”

We don’t have a lot of information to really illustrate what this means - so far, this is the first concrete example we’ve seen of magical resurrection of this sort in the series. The lyrium “song” she references is present elsewhere in the canon - both Justice and Cole say that lyrium sings to them, the former saying that it does not do so in the Fade but only in the waking world. Dwarves find veins of lyrium to mine by listening to the Stone “singing”. In Asunder, Rhys says the song that he hears when entering the Fade is so strong that he feels as though he is “about to vibrate out of existence.” In The Descent, it is referred to as the “Titan’s hymn” and a titan communicates to Valta through song.

But seeing that song bring someone back from the dead? That’s new. 

It’s unclear if the Leliana we see in Inquisition is even the “real” Leliana in that worldstate or if she is something else altogether. It’s possible that she is something more akin to Cole who, before the events of Inquisition, truly believed he was the mage who died in the Spire. He had Cole’s memories, his traumas, his same grief and fear. Cole can bleed, he has a physical form that can fall in battle, so the fact that Leliana can be tortured and killed in the Dark Redcliffe Future doesn’t eliminate the possibility that this theory could be true. She could be a spirit that only thinks it’s a human woman… or she could be a magical construct that was newly created specifically to fulfill her role in this story. Of all the characters in Dragon Age, Leliana has made the most appearances throughout the narrative and arguably has had a repeated impact on the fate of the world. She helps the Warden stop the Blight, she assists the Divine in conspiring against the Templars and find a cure for Tranquility, she raids the White Spire to free the mages trapped there at the start of the Mage/Templar war, she pressures Celene into stopping the elven uprising in Halamshiral (which, in turn, places the Empress within a trap set by Gaspard that officially starts the Orlesian Civil War). She aids the Inquisitor in stopping Corypheus and can eventually become Divine - arguably the most influential person in Thedas. 

She’s had a hand in many of the major conflicts of the past decade in Thedas, having only started on this path because she dreamed the Maker had called her to it. And even if she’s killed, it still doesn’t stop her from fulfilling her role in history.

It makes me very curious who or what is exactly pulling the strings in that regard… because it certainly seems like someone or something in-world had a very specific plan in mind for Leliana. 

Involved: Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Okay so i got like, nine requests and messages for this and I wasn’t going to do it so soon but i am genuinely excited about this. I have no idea where i’m going with it, but im excited nonetheless. PSA this has smut so like……look out

Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

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Spider-Man Homecoming: Peter’s age and why I think that impacts the film greatly

Peter Parker is fifteen in this movie. He’s a sophomore in high school. And it shows. This isn’t like when an thirty year old or a person in their late twenties plays a high-schooler and its obvious, Tom Holland (though not 15) looks young. He sounds young. And Holland acts the age he is supposed to portray perfectly. Peter is fifteen. And to many people who will see this movie that doesn’t feel young, I know, but I’m barely 20 and already it feels terribly young to me. Not in a condescending way, I hope, but I look at him and see how much growing he has to do. Peter even says in the film he’s not even worried about college yet. He’s not even a junior. Peter is really young. And I think that’s important.

In a lot of superhero properties they try and downplay the severity of the child hero thing, for obvious reasons, what worked in the 50s and 60s comics doesn’t work as well now. And some of that is here. Tony Stark never tells Peter to stop until things go too far for him, when most real world adults in this age would end his heroing instantly, and taking Peter to Berlin was kinda… yeah bad on Tony’s part, even though he believed that Cap and his team would never really hurt anyone of them. In some aspects we are supposed to use our suspension of disbelief and wave away some of our concerns about Peter Parker’s age. 

And in some ways, no, the movie addresses this. Or at least acknowledges it. And I think that helps and elevates the film. 

Making the audience aware of Peter’s youth increases the tension tenfold. 

Many people have talked about how they have superhero movie fatigue. And I get it, to some extent, specifically in Marvel. Age of Ultron-post I have felt just a little disconnected. And I think it has to do with stakes. The villains are typically STRONG, the plots are WORLD ENDING, and the heroes are INVINCIBLE. And that’s how the first movies were, but now we’ve seen it so many times that I don’t believe anyone can hurt the Avengers. I’ve seen the avengers go through buildings, concrete, and portals. I’ve seen them get smashed to bits and stand back up, I’ve seen them at their lowest and know they will always be okay. Until someone actually dies (which a morbid part hopes will happen in Infinity War) the stakes are no longer there. To me, it seems like they will always get back up.

But Spiderman is different. He’s fifteen. And though I logically know he’s super strong and more invulnerable than normal humans, he is fifteen. He shouldn’t be out there!- my mind screams. But I know he has to be, for himself. They explained his motivations so well in Civil War I have to root for him now. I understand how Tony go sucked in to his enthusiasm and goodness because I am. So I don’t want him to stop. But every time some threw Peter down, or into a wall I gasped. I threw my hand over my mouth like a little old lady and went “oh no”. I was an emotional wreck in the theatre, constantly whispering and reacting and emoting. I promise that’s not normal for me.

Without spoilers, there is one scene where Peter hits his lowest. He is suit-less (that was in the trailers) and he’s beaten up and trapped. And he fights. Captain America, Iron Man, even Hawkeye and Black Widow, I know can get out of there. They are seasoned, strong, greater than I can ever be. But Peter is a highs school kid trying to balance after school activities and taking spanish and going to the dance and I was that kid. I remember being vulnerable in that way, if not physically but emotionally. And Peter fights through it, even when I wasn’t sure he could. Every time he got hurt I thought ‘is Iron Man going to show up?’ I wanted Tony to show up to help this poor child, even if I knew from a screenwriting standpoint Peter had to save himself. But because, emotionally, I wan’t sure Peter could do it alone it made everything so much more rewarding when he could. 

Throughout this movie, when Peter messes up I understand, he has so much learning to do. When he losses I understand, he isn’t as experienced as the bad guy. When he gets mopey, sad, or indignant, I understand because he’s a teenager of course he’s angsty. I am willing to to forgive and empathize with Peter instantly for things I would not be so lenient with adults about. Though I adored Civil War, I rolled my eyes at almost everyone in that movie at least once. There was a better, more adult way to confront this. But Peter is not expected to behave adult-like or maturely, at least not from me. He’s just trying to help and he can make mistakes along the way. 

Peter’s youth and inexperience and vulnerability reinvested me in a world where logically I know he can never lose. But because the adults in this movie acknowledged that this was a kid, because the movie took time to experience school and what Peter should be doing instead of running around in tights, because Holland showed that beneath that innate goodness and strength, Peter’s still immature, I felt for this kid. This young kid trying his best touched a point of empathy with me these movies about Gods hadn’t touched in a while. And I think that’s beautiful. And I think it’s important.

So I put our Tabaxi Ranger into a hostage situation. He’s locked in a cell until he finds a small trapdoor under a bunch of barrels. He makes his way out of the cell through a flooded corridor with no gear whatsoever. A minute later, he is approached by 3 giant crabs from underwater.

Ranger- “Oh okay, well I pull back my bow and-”
Me (DM)- “No you don’t, all of your gear was taken, remember?”
Ranger (OOC)- “Oh yeahhhhhhh. Wait… how am I supposed to… oh god.”

After this statement, roughly 5 minutes of intense thought was seen circulating through his mind. All until…

Ranger (OOC)- “Okay boss, I’m ready.”
Me- “Okay, what do you do?”
Ranger- “I ready myself for when the first crab strikes me, as he does I will grab his claw and redirect it towards another crab, cutting its claw off. I will then use the crab claw as a weapon.”
Me- “Holy shit dude… okay the crab strikes you, roll dexterity to catch it, and strength to gain control of it.” (Rolls nat 20 and 18) “Okay you have control of it, now roll dexterity to guide the claw perfectly and seamlessly. Also roll to hit. (2 more ridiculous rolls later.) “You hit… as the claw of the crab in front of you strikes the one behind it you hear a sickening crunch as the crab’s chitin is ripped asunder, until soon enough it severs through. You now have The Claw of Crabbing. It deals 1d6+1 damage with a chance to grapple.”
Ranger (OOC)- “Okay sweet. Is there any way I can do this to all of them and be a dope ass crab-man?”

Needless to say, in the end our Ranger managed to cut off another claw and the back shell of a crab as a makeshift shield. And I expected him to simply run

Doctor Who S10, a summary

• this doomed, fucked up planet was generously gifted with a ray of perfection by the name of Bill Potts

• gay love transcends the boundaries of space/time

• in order to truly help and understand people, grief and all negative emotions should be accepted as a natural part of being human, instead of treated as abnormal. I’m pretty sure Inside Out covered this

• Bill Potts’s smile could cure cancer

• talk shit, get hit

• the 12th Doctor is Doctor Disco or embarrassing space granddad. There is no inbetween

• loving your mother to the point that you’ll do anything for her is of course a good thing. Killing people for her might be taking it a bit too far

• I would die for Bill Potts

• 12 needs a hug

• fuck capitalism


• consent is so very fucking important oh my god

• fear! is! not! consent!

• Bill Potts is perfect have I mentioned

• have movies not stressed enough how dangerous creating dodgy shit in science labs can be

• where is UNIT when you need them jesus

• NASA’S gonna have a fun time explaining to the world why GOD SAVE THE QUEEN is written on Mars (mind you they’ll probably cover it up. Or UNIT will. Again, where tf is UNIT)

• Nardole has the self confidence we should all aspire to have

• it’s a shame none of us could have voted for Bill Potts tbh


• last series: ravens breaking our hearts. This series: crows breaking our hearts. Magpies rumoured for s11

• Bill Potts deserves so much better like????? She is literal perfection and she’s suffered so much?????? Why??????

• is there a support group for companions who have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for the Doctor to show up

• the Master is one of the Faceless Men, confirmed

• I’ve never been remotely interested in self-cest until now but I will literally sell my soul for an extra 10 hours of the two Masters dancing and flirting while the Doctor rolls his eyes in the background

• we’ve seen time/space transcending puddles, we’ve seen space zombies, we’ve seen the show call out whitewashing and homophobia, we’ve seen Mondasian Cybermen return, we’ve seen two Masters. What we haven’t seen is the s9 soundtrack lol

• seriously where tf is the s9 soundtrack

• also can we please have the s10 soundtrack immediately pretty please thank you and goodnight

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Baywatch au

Originally posted by cassamlooch

Yeah, after that YOI official art with the swimsuits, I’m shocked I haven’t seen a bunch of Baywatch AUs. Imma be real and say I’ve never watched Baywatch but here we go anyway!

–”No, I’m not drowning for YOU,” is a phrase said to both Phichit Chulanont and Michele Crispino on the daily. “Where is the hot Japanese lifeguard? I need to drown in his eyes.” Being Yuuri’s coworker is a thankless job, unless you consider constant viewing access to his six-pack a ‘thank you.’ Many on the Baywatch team do.

–Viktor Nikiforov, being a pale Russian and a movie star, doesn’t spend a lot of time on the public beach. He is dragged there one day by Christophe. Even though it’s Yuuri’s off day and he’s lying on the beach with his twentieth beer and a comforting Phichit, he still hops up and ‘rescues’ Viktor from the shallow water.

“Oh my god,” Viktor breathes, or at least thinks he does, because in actuality it just comes out as a long gay gasp. Yuuri pushes his wet hair back and smirks down at the man in his arms.

“Thought you were having some trouble,” he hiccups seductively.

“I’m in trouble now,” Viktor hyperventilates. From then on, they go to the beach every day. When a flustered Yuuri, upon his thirtieth day of ‘saving’ a drowning Viktor, asks if maybe he needs some swimming lessons… the rest is history.

–Despite giving Viktor swimming lessons every day, Yuuri still ends up talking to him during regular lifeguard working hours. 

“Makkachin can’t swim,” Viktor bemoans. “I was so worried until you SAVED HER.” Yuuri’s seen the poodle doggy paddling happily around the shallows before. He will never tell Viktor this.

–”I’m going to join the Baywatch team!” Announces Sara Crispino. She pulls open a life jacket to reveal her bikini.

“Oh hell no,” says Michele Crispino. Unfortunately, he is not in charge of hiring.

“Nice to have you,” says Mila Babicheva. She spent her younger years training dolphins, and everything about her is gentle and yet exciting. Sara requests being on her guard stand immediately. They have a beach wedding the very next year.

–”Rescue yourself!” Yurio hollers. 

“You can’t say that,” sighs the head lifeguard exasperatedly.

–Seung-Gil is the fiercest sea turtle activist Phichit has ever met. “I would die for the life of a single sea turtle,” he says, tone completely dispassionate. 

“Uh,” says Phichit.“How about we just start a hashtag instead?” When it’s trending and Seung-Gil’s sea turtle foundation has received millions in donations, he stands at the foot of Phichit’s guard stand for thirty minutes. “Can I help you?” Phichit calls cheerily.

“Yes,” Seung-Gil says, “come kiss me.”

“You’re supposed to say you need mouth to mouth resuscitation,” Phichit complains. He climbs down anyway. 

–Later, Viktor and Yuuri spend a lot of time walking along the beach at twilight, holding hands quietly and listening to the gulls.

“You saved me, you know,” Viktor tells him quietly, as the sun sinks into the waves. “I was drowning and lost and you saved me.” Mere months ago, Yuuri would have assumed Viktor just meant saving him from the water.

“That’s my job,” he replies instead, and pulls Viktor down to lie beneath him in the sand, kisses him. “I do love my job. But you saved me too.”

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ive always appreciated ur fandom discussions, but in this case, ur defense of the sup*rcorp fandom is misplaced. what the sup*rgirl cast did was unprofessional but u aren’t around 2 see how that fandom behaves. they aren’t ‘passionate’ theyr obsessive & terrifying. they’ve been harassing cast, writers, crew & press all season. its not advocacy its throwing a tantrum with threats & slurs. this isn't a response to ppl just shipping. the cast had no prob w/sup*rcat last year. what changed was fans

Do you really believe that your dislike for a ship fandom changes the narrative of my thread?

Are you trying to convince me that because certain people in a fandom are obnoxious that the mockery and ignorance being displayed in that video towards a non-canon queer ship is valid?

That the few people in that fandom who don’t know how to respect the line between fandom and actors means the entirety of that fandom (including the quiet folks, the folks who keep to themselves, the folks who freely share their art/stories, and the folks who are respectful despite whether or not you’ve witnessed that respect) is abusive?

Are you really going to sit here and tell me what I do and do not know about the pervasiveness of bullying and abuse across fandoms, both shipping and non?

“U aren’t around 2 see how that fandom behaves”?

Oh really? Please, tell me more about what I do and do not see.

Do you think that because I do not actively participate in a fandom or ship that I am ignorant to the dialogue that’s happening within it? Is my not ranting about something evidence that I know nothing about it?

You don’t know me as well as you think you know me if you thought you were coming into my Asks with real intel. I’ve been in fandom for over two decades, my friend. I shipped the OG non-canon relationship that set sail to the abbreviated word SHIP when it was still airing live, Friday nights at 9PM on FOX.

I know how fandom works. I know how fandom has changed. I have watched it change for more than twenty years.

If you think I don’t see folks crossing the line, throwing fits, invading people’s privacy, then you haven’t been paying that much attention. If you think that a Black woman in queer fandom has never seen a threat or a slur, the ignorance here is yours, not mine.

I’m glad you have appreciated my discussions in fandom until now but in this case, you’re allowing your personal bias against a ship overwhelm a very real and necessary discussion that I willing to have with or without your anonymous support.

This isn’t just about Supercorp. It’s about folks in entertainment not knowing how to interact with and within fandom. It’s about folks in entertainment constantly praising canon het ships (whose fandoms are just as if not more abusive for their pervasive homophobia) while sidelining, making a mockery of, and belittling queer ships.

It’s about people who want to call themselves allies, cite all their “gay” friends, and hashtag “Love Is Love” in June… but can’t see how their mockery of a subtext queer ship and a fandom full of queer folks perpetuates harm against queer ships and the very real queer people who enjoy them. Very real queer people, some whose only affirmation comes in the form of interactions with queer fandom.

Somehow Katie McGrath still manages to interact with this fandom just fine. (I see that often, do you see it?) Somehow, I know plenty of decent people in the Supercorp fandom, do you know them?

In your mind, this is the one and only ship in the whole entire entertainment world that has abusive people in it but no, I’m the one out of bounds?

Look, I’m going to tell you something. You can take it or leave it. I suggest you write it down.

Some people are just fucking rude.

Some people don’t know or care to respect boundaries.

Some people are stalkers, unabashedly.

Some people are racist.

And some people have the nerve to come into another person’s asks, presuming to know what that person does and does not know about fandom, while trying to silence their concerns based on something as ridiculous and inconsequential as a ship bias.

These people exist in all facets of our lives. They are everywhere. In everything. They even like the same things we like.

That doesn’t mean they have to represent us.

Your bias against Supercorp is not more important this conversation. I truly and honestly don’t give a fuck what you think about that fandom. I don’t give a fuck about shipping wars, period.

Queer folks are being made a mockery of and for some reason, in your mind, the existence of loud and heinous folks in a fandom is supposed to negate the validity of my concerns about how unprofessional and homophobic a show’s entire cast has presented itself to be?

Never mind my concerns about het fandoms using that mockery to further bully queer fandoms. Literally your only concern in this matter is that I have something to say about a show’s cast making a mockery of queer ships because YOU, center of the goddamn universe, have an issue with Supercorp?

I’m afraid this is one more discussion that you are not going to agree with me on, my friend. Because trust me when I say, I sure as fuck don’t give a shit what you think about what I have to say or which queer fandom is worthy of benefiting from it.

You can keep these trash ship war thoughts to your goddamn self.

Got7 React to: Getting caught being naughty with their girlfriend


He would be embarrassed and angry that Jinyoung decided to just throw the door open and reveal your naked body to the rest of Got7

“Can’t I ever have some damn privacy?!”

Originally posted by jypnior


“It’s not what it looks like.” 

Originally posted by defwang


He would start laughing at the horror on Mark’s face when he caught you guys having sex. 

“You’ll knock from now on, yeah? I’m busy, can you close the door?”

Originally posted by jacksonwangblog


He would be so embarrassed that Jackson caught him receiving a blowjob. He would avoid him for a few days to avoid being picked on. 

Originally posted by chattyang


“You have about five seconds to get your perverted ass out of here.”

Originally posted by markificent


He would think the situation was funny until you didn’t talk to him for a week. 

“C’mon, they’ve seen you suckin’ dick before. Why are you mad?”

Would only make the situation a million times worse. 

Originally posted by marksseunie


Would beat Youngjae’s ass after catching him giving you oral then proceeding to pick on him after.

“At least I have a girlfriend. Now all you have is a black eye. Walk in without knocking again.” 

Originally posted by umma-jy

Jealously With a Twist: Teen Wolf

Originally posted by teenwolf

A/N: All the Gifs used are not mine! A combination of Fluff and Smut so its now call Smuff, but there’s no smut in this, just sexy scene. I’m rambling, I’m sorry but i hope you all ENJOY!

Warning: Cursing, Sexy scene but not Sexy Time, Booty Slapping, & Alpha/Beta/Omega structure for some of the imagines.

Scott McCall:

“So Alpha, tell me do you get jealous often?” You asked Scott leaning against the coffee table swirling your finger on the wood softly. He looked at you and down at your finger movements before meeting your eyes, his glowing red eyes staring back at your eyes “No what would give you that idea, the fact that my eyes or red, or that I was removed from the lacrosse field?” He asked cocking his neck slightly. He was fuming with anger, claws showing, red eyes, heavy breathing kind of anger and you knew exactly why, you looked down to what you were wearing “Does the jersey bother you that much that you went Alpha on the field? Scott , he’s a child.” You said gesturing to Liam’s jersey looking at Scott which only angered him more.

“Yeah, a child whose jersey is wrapped around my girlfriend’s body.” Scott said lowly approaching you carefully until his hands were lying on both of your sides resting against the coffee table “If you scratch Coach’s desk, he’s going to flip.” You asked softly staring into Scott’s eyes “You think I give a shit about his desk? I give more of a shit of why YOU’RE wearing his jersey.” Scott said leaning closer to your face causing you to hold your breath. You didn’t want to tell him the truth because it was only going to anger him more, and after the anger had settled he would hate himself for not being there, just as you were going to open your mouth.

“NO LIES. THE TRUTH (Y/N)!” He yelled causing you to jump in fright but he didn’t care at this point all he saw was red. “I.. I was attacked on my way to the game.. some guys came and tried to .. tried to hurt me… Liam was walking to the game.. he saw them.. as the tried to … hurt me.. he saved.. me.. Scott .. he saved me..” was all you said before sliding down to the floor, tears had began to stream down your face, you couldn’t control your fear, your hurt, your feelings. “Baby.. I .. I’m so sorry..” Scott said sinking to the floor sitting in front of you, without thinking you threw yourself into his arms and continued to cry.

“I was so scared Scott.. I felt so useless..” you said softly through your tears, Scott sat you in his lap cooing at you, while stroking your hair trying his best to calm you down “I’m sorry I wasn’t there baby.. I’m sorry you went through that.. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you..” he kept repeating as he softly rocked you. “Jealous or not McCall.. I love you.” You said softly as he kissed your forehead “This is so much better than watching you play lacrosse.” You said laughing causing Scotts chest to throw a fit of laughter.

“Man, I am on lucky guy huh?” He said kissing your hair, holding you tightly to him, protecting you.

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Stiles Stilinski:

Malia Tate. Must you continue. Ever since you and Stiles had gotten together she was always showing up at Stiles’ house asking him for help and of course since your lovable, sweet and oblivious boyfriend couldn’t see that she was just doing it on purpose he didn’t put a stop to helping her. You knocked on Stiles door to hear rustling and a couple of giggles just as you were going to open the door, Malia swung it open with a smile on her face “Hello (Y/N). We were just talking about you.” She said smiling at you which made you feel weird on the inside, as you looked over to Stiles you noticed it immediately. A kiss mark. On his cheek.

“It seems I’m interrupting something. If you’ll excuse me.“ You said turning around, running out of Stiles house trying to keep your tears at a minimum ”(Y/N)! Wait up babe! What the hell!“ He said catching you and pulling you back to him "Why are you leaving?” He asked looking at you confused, you said nothing but point to his cheek, he raised his eyebrow grabbing his phone to see what was on his cheek “Babe. Seriously?” Was all he said, just as you were going to walk away he grabbed your hand “Baby, Scott’s mom came by earlier, she gave me this kiss. Malia even mentioned it to.. wait, you thought?” He asked drifting away.

“No, baby I would never cheat on you.” He said wrapping an arm around your waist pulling yourself closer to him “So why have you a Malia been hanging out all week then?” You asked softly not trusting your own voice. “What’s today? Thursday right? Isn’t there something really important going on this exact Thursday?” He asked looking around and then it hit you “Shit.” was all you said before slapping your forehead “Yeah, so busy thinking I was cheating on you, you forgot. 6 months.” He said pulling you towards his house.

“Okay but that doesn’t explain Malia.” You said standing your ground on the fact while walking to his house “You’ll see.” He said before covering your eyes with his hands carefully walking you into his house, usually you would be amused but you weren’t exactly in the mood to receive a surprise. “Ready? 3…2…1..” you heard Stiles whisper in your ear as you opened your eyes to reveal a beautiful candlelit dinner “I couldn’t get the reservation in time, so Malia helped me with the idea. I don’t know how but that’s why we were spending more time together baby.. do you like it?” He asked fidgeting with his hands waiting for your reaction, you grabbed his hands looking up at him “Baby, I love it.” You said tiptoeing to kiss him.

“No reason to be jealous baby. You have my all.” He said holding you tightly kissing you once more before ushering you to your seat “I better Stilinski.” You said sitting in your seat, looking over at Malia, Scott and Liam “They will be serving us tonight.” Stiles said smirking causing you to laugh “Oh god, this is an anniversary I’m afraid you won’t be able to top.” You said laughing hysterically.

“Oh my love , trust me. I will.” He said taking you hand and placing a gentle kiss on it giving you a quick wink. Now you had to see what else Stiles had up his sleeve.

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Derek Hale:

You were waiting on the steps of Beacon Hills High waiting for Derek to come pick you up, like he promised but as twenty minutes passed you felt less and less sure that he would be coming at all “Hey, (Y/N) still waiting?” You heard Isaac say as he sat next to you on the steps with his lacrosse gear “Practice is already over?” You said in pure shock, watching Isaac slowly nod his head trying not to screw Derek over. “I’ve been waiting for an hour and a half and he’s still not here.” You said giving up hope that he was coming at all, you grabbed your things in defeat “Hey, let me walk you home.” Isaac said grabbing your bag that felt like pure rocks.

“Thanks Isaac.” You said leaning into his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around your waist “It’s okay, I’m sure he has a good reason (Y/N/N).” He said softly as if praying Derek had a good reason. The walk was quiet but that was alright because you weren’t really in the mood to talk about anything and Isaac understood that seeing as it was the third time this week that Derek stood you up. You had finally reached your home to see Derek sitting on your porch with flowers and a small smile, that immediately dropped when he saw Isaac’s hand on your waist. “So what’s this?” Derek sneers referring to Isaac’s hand which was still at your waist.

“Well since you don’t know the first thing about being a boyfriend and keeping your promises, someone has to right.” You said roughly as if it was a slap you had been waiting to give Derek “(Y/N) watch yourself. You wouldn’t want your little lover boy over here hurt would you.” Derek said with his eyes glowing red. You marched up to Derek, not fearing his temper “Derek Hale. I dare you to injure that boy because if you do I’ll never forgive you.” You said likely threatening his authority “Don’t forget, your Alpha position doesn’t effect me. Never will. So don’t you dare disrespect your Luna by treating her like one of your pack members because I can ruin your life.” You said softly tiptoeing to kiss his cheek.

“Bye Isaac, thank you for walking me home AGAIN. Now if you’ll excuse your Alpha because me and him have to talk.” You said threateningly causing Isaac to jet down the block “GOOD LUCK ALPHA!” Isaac yelled picking up full speed until he was no longer seen on the block, Derek turned to face you.

“Am I really in trouble?” He said smirking “Derek, three times in one week. Hell yeah you’re in trouble, now get your fine ass in this house because you got some explaining to do.” You said rolling your eyes as you walked into the house with a sour Alpha following behind you.

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Chris Argent:

You were doing your rounds at the hospital when you noticed a familiar name “Argent, C” you rushed into the room to see Chris Argent trying to unwrap his bandages “I’m sure you gave the nurse a hard time to put those on.” You said leaning against the door “Shit. (Y/N). Yeah, she wasn’t my favorite nurse, you know that.” He said winking at you, causing you to laugh.

Every time he was at the hospital he would always find a way to get caught or in trouble just to see you, he always flirted with you and you couldn’t complain because Chris was such an attractive man.

“Ah, Mr. Argent. Trying to gussy up to my girl are we?” Doctor Monroe said reading off Chris’ chart list, you rolled your eyes at the statement. Doctor Monroe had been trying to get into your pants from his first day at the hospital “Oh are you in a relationship? Funny, she never mentioned you when I took her out to dinner.” Chris said calmly and collective as he looked at Doctor Monroe’s expression.

“Well then, you shouldn’t be led on Mr. Argent. So yes me and (Y/N) are together.” Monroe said trying to mimic Chris’ calmness, you began to swat Chris’ hands away and started to rewrap his bandages “Are you sure we’re talking about the same girl because this lovely nurse has already agreed that her heart is mine?” Chris said grabbing your arm and pulling you closer to him “Isn’t that right (Y/N)? You’re all mine?” He said lowly causing you to stare at him mouth slightly open due to his movements and questions “Of course Chris.” You said in a blank state.

“Therefore Doctor Monroe, you have the wrong girl.” Chris said giving the Doctor the side eye as he watched him walk away, still holding you close to him “With all that said, how does dinner sound?” Chris said lowly in your ear “It sounds lovely, Chris I never knew you were the possessive type.” You whispered still in shock “Honey, there are so many thing you have yet to learn about me.” Chris said pulling you away winking at you slightly “Thanks for bandaging me up.” Chris said kissing your hand winking at you, as you blushed and walked out the room trying to breathe evenly.

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Liam Dunbar:

You were laying on the bed trying to replay the conversation that you had overhead between Liam and Scott.

“What if I hurt her Scott? What if she doesn’t love me then what? What if it takes over because if anger what am I going to do?” Liam said punching the locker next to his causing you to jump in place. “But what if she likes you too Liam? Then what? Sit here like an idiot and get mad anytime a guy gives her attention?” Scott said leaning against the now beat locker “Scott, I can’t… I don’t want to hurt her..” Liam said with pure fear in his voice “You won’t. Come on, let’s go before someone sees you.” Scott said walking into the bathroom with little Liam following behind him.

You tried to grasp who and what they were talking about when you heard a knock on your window, causing you to turn your head in the direction to reveal Liam Dunbar standing there awkwardly, you quickly opened your window allowing him to enter “Liam, what the hell are you doing at my window? You know I have a door that you can knock on?” You said standing with your hands on your hips. “(Y/N) it’s 3 am. What sane person knocks on a door?” He asked sitting on your bed shutting the window behind him. “Okay, you got me. So what’s up?” You said sitting next to him causing him to shift uncomfortably while blushing. “It’s me.” You said staring at him grabbing his hand “You were talking about me weren’t you?” You asked looking into Liam’s guilty eyes “I knew you were listening.. shit..” he said looking down trying to pull his hands away, you cupped his face causing him to look at you.

“Kyle, Jake, Caleb. I paid them to flirt with me just to see if I was right about my accusations. You like me Dunbar?” You said looking at him “You paid them? What the hell (Y/N).” He said looking at you confused, but you had no answer for his other than bringing your lips down to his, the kiss quickly turned into a feverish heat of need. He softly broke the kiss “Why did you do that?” He asked softly in your ear “What kiss you?” You asked looking away feeling ashamed of your advances until you felt Liam’s hands pin yours to your bed as he slowly dragged his tongue softly down your neck “No, pay them to flirt with you. (Y/N), do you know how dangerous that is?” He asked gripping onto your hands tightly causing you to look at him, his eyes gold and dilated. You had seen his gold eyes before when he was angry or threatened “That was a bad move for such a pretty girl. Do you know what happens when someone tries to take what’s mine?” He said kissing your neck softly.

“What?” You asked breathlessly “I have to mark them.” He said lowly and he then bit down softly on your neck sucking on spot until he was happy with the size. He rose from your bed opening your window “At school, I better see that mark. Or else you won’t like what comes after it.” He said before disappearing from your room, you were confused at his statement until you looked in the mirror and saw the bright red mark on your neck “Liam. Fucking. Dunbar.” You said softly already planning his funeral with a smirk on your face.

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Jordan Parrish: 

You were leaning in your chair with your eyes traveling his face trying to see if he would give you any information by his movement or expression but Peter was a professional when it came to the Sheriff’s department, so you thought a different approach would work better.

You walked over to the front of the desk laying your hands on the sides of Peter’s chair causing him to shift “What is this bad cop, good cop? Honey we both know that it’s not going to work on me.” he said calmly his every word hitting your face “Oh, honey, this isn’t good or bad. This is my hidden attraction for you. I have a thing for criminals in chains.” you whispered softly in his ear causing him to shift uncomfortably “What?” he asked looking at you in pure shock as you smirked leaning against the desk now “Seeing as your weakened by something you didn’t expect I’ll allow someone else to interview you.” You said grabbing your files, walking out of the room to bump into someone hard and psychically hot.

“Shit.” Was all you said as the burning person grabbed your hand and forcefully led you to Sheriff Stilinski’s office. “Want to explain yourself?” Jordan asked you standing in front of you full of authority. You were trying your hard to focus on him but you couldn’t get passed how hot he was pissed off “Well baby, I needed Peter to talk for the departments well being, so I did what I had to do.” You said sitting on the desk not wanting to stand “To hell with the department, do you have feelings for that criminal?” Jordan spat out the words causing you to become putty in his hands “Parrish.” you purred stretching to grab his uniform shirt pulling him closer to you feeling his heat radiant off of him.

“The only man I’m interested has to be single handedly the hottest man on this earth, literally, he burns as hot as a third degree burn yet is alive and I love him and everything about him.” you said wrapping your legs around his waist pulling him closer “And he is the only man that I want, so Jordan Parrish, shut up and kiss me.” you said softly leaning into his lips waiting for them to connect “Not now. Later.” he said unraveling himself from you and throwing you over his shoulder walking out of Sheriff Stilinski’s office gently slapping your ass. “This is all mine.” he said softly looking in the direction of Peter knowing he would be listening.

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Peter Hale:

“Only you would be the one to get caught in something so stupid Peter.” You said cautiously pulling out the bullet lodged into Peter’s chest. “God all you do is bring yourself hell and pain huh?” you ask stitching him up “Is that why you find me attractive?” he said smirking through the pain that was now coursing through his body “Not at all.” you said rolling your eyes looking over at Derek who sat on the couch watching you and his uncle interact “I don’t know why you bother pay him any mind. Hes an old man, you need someone young and ready to take you to heights you’ve never been before.” Derek said smirking laying into the couch causing his uncle to tense up “Is that truly necessary?” Peter grinded his teeth staring coldly at Derek watching him shrug.

“(Y/N), don’t you feel it necessary?” Derek asked grabbing your hand causing you to jump in surprise. “Whatever the hell is going on between you two leave me out of it thank you.” You said packing your medical gear “Peter please, try not to burst your stitches because I won’t be coming back tonight.” You said grabbing your coat ready to exit “Why? Got a hot date?” Derek said now full of curiosity.

“Well if you must know. I do actually.” You said smirking walking out of the loft without a single word. “We’re going to get your girl.” Derek said throwing a jacket at Peter as he shortly followed after you, trying to stay out of sight. When you had reached your home you quickly changed into your shorts and tank top throwing yourself on your couch, with your popcorn on the coffee table and just as you were about to start “Game Of Thrones” you heard a knock at the door “Coming!” you yelled not really wanting to open it.

Once you reached the doorway and opened the door you saw Peter standing there looking inside your home “Are you alone?” he asked confused causing you to laugh “Well, I was until you came. Wanted to see my hot date?” you asked walking into your house sitting back on your couch “I was expecting someone yes.” he said walking behind you closing the door as he made his way to your couch “Your date is the TV show isn’t it?” he asked looking at the screen “No actually. You are.” you said smirking “You think I don’t know how you feel about me? The only reason you even came is because you were angered by the idea of me being with someone else.” you said moving next to him.

“So what if I was?” he said pouting pulling you closer into his side by wrapping an arm around you “Nothing, I would say that it’s cute that you actually have feelings Peter.” you said kissing his cheek “So hot date night?” he asked grabbing the remote which caused you to nod as he began the show. “Best date night.” you said snuggling into his side smelling his cologne and feeling his heartbeat.

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Isaac Lahey:

“Seriously? He was ALL OVER YOU!” Isaac yelled at you causing you to flinch, he had never raised his voice at you before “Isaac I pushed him away! BUT I’M ONLY HUMAN!” you yelled back feeling anger rise inside you because he knew you weren’t the strongest person in this world. “So his lips, just magically nearly touched yours? Huh?” he spat looking at you in disgust “I slapped him Isaac. Were you even paying attention?” you asked grabbing his jersey pulling him down to look at you.

“Isaac Lahey, you better calm the fuck down. Because you’re acting like a child right now. You know I would never hurt you, so stop it.” you said softly looking at him sink into the ground shaking harshly. “(Y/N), how can I relax.. He’s more open than me, handsome, funny, and isn’t afraid to show you off like you deserve..” he said softly, his voice cracking in between his sentence “How can I compete with a guy who’s beyond me.. I was lucky enough to get you to agree to be my girlfriend because we both know that you’re way out of my league.” he said softly now the tears slowly beginning to slide down his face.

You sat next to him softly cupping his face in the most gentle way possible hoping he would flinch to your touch, as you turned his head he looked into your eyes “Isaac, baby, listen to me. I don’t need a man who is trying to show me off as a prize, I don’t need a man who is openly funny, who flirts with other people, I don’t need anyone who isn’t you. You are my rock and I am your anchor. You can’t get jealous because you feel threatened, Isaac there is no one else that could threaten this relationship. I love you.” you said kissing his forehead, holding his hands squeezing them for support.

“I love that you’re more reserved, and only funny when it’s me and you, I love that you only show me off when you want to because you want to genuinely show others your happy not because you want anyone to envy you. I love you for you Isaac Lahey. Now stop second guessing yourself so I can show off my incredibly sensitive and loving boyfriend.” you say kissing his lips softly getting up from the floor pulling his arm up in the process as he smiled at you “I love you (Y/N).” he said wrapping an arm around you dipping you slowly kissing you intensely before exiting the room to face Beacon Hills once again, but as always you wouldn’t be facing it alone. Not when you have your rock and he had his anchor.

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Theo Raeken:

You’d been avoiding Theo like wildfire for about a week and you could tell that his patience with you had come to an abrupt halt as he had now cornered you in the girls locker room after cheer practice. “Care to explain where the hell you’ve been all week?” he said smirking but the yellow eyes glaring at you painted another picture “Of, me. I was just hanging out with Stiles and Scott, why? Did you need me?” you asked pushing past him as you continued to pack your belongings “So youve been avoiding me all week to whore around with two other guys?” Theo said lowly and as badly as you wanted to snap his head off for his comment you kept your cool because you didn’t plan a week’s worth of shit to screw everything up in a second. “I wouldn’t say ‘whoring’ around, more like being tutored to not fail math.” you said slamming your locker facing Theo smiling.

You walked out of the locker room and made your way to your car that was waiting for you in the parking lot “And where do you think you’re going?” he asked swinging your keys between his fingers. “Theo, I’m tired I just want to go home. If you’re offering to drive that’s great.” you said ignoring him and anything he had to say about your previous comment. You sat in your car as you waited for Theo to begin driving you home, the car ride was silent and uneventful but you kept fidgeting in your seat because you couldn’t wait to see his reaction for his surprise. “Okay, were here.” he said still gripping the steering wheel with anger “I have something to show you..” you said opening the car door making your way to your door “What is it? A portrait of you and your two new boyfriends?” he sneered causing you to laugh. “Nope, something way better.” you said opening the door to your home.

You swung the door wide to watch his reaction change, you were a bit afraid because Theo hadn’t celebrated his birthday for a long time since his sister had, passed. “Please don’t hate it or me.. I worked so hard for this Theo.. I know you are fond of parties but I felt like you deserved one.” you said drifting off “I don’t deserve anything (Y/N). I’m a monster and you know it.” he said softly looking over the banner and presents laying on the floor of the table that had food and a cake you had made from scratch.

“No Theo, you’re wrong. You do deserve this, if you’re a monster then what does that make us? No one in this life is innocent.” you said grabbing his hand “I haven’t celebrated my birthday in so long, I completely forgot I even had one..” he said softly looking at you “I made sure to be well prepared considering I’ve never done anything like this.. Hence why I needed Stiles and Scott ot help me..” you said looking at the ground “So you ignored me all week to plan out my birthday.. And I call you a whore….” he said now feeling hatred wash over him “Hey I know you get jealous fast and just to crazy ideas.. I know you didn’t mean it.. But I would never cheat on you. Just because you’re a smart ass doesn’t mean you don’t deserve happiness.” you said walking him towards his cake.

“I don’t deserve happiness.. But you are more than I’ve ever deserved in my entire life and yet I’m blessed to have you.. I should be banished to hell for touching and corrupting an Angel.” he said lifting your chin with his finger slowly planting a kiss on your lips “Oh darling, me and you both know we have a one way ticket, so cut your shit and make a wish.” you said smiling at him as he pulled you in front of him causing him to lean down “I already have all I can wish for in one person.” he said blowing out his candles kissing your neck before swiping his finger across the frosting and wiping it on your face “THEO!” you yelled as he ran away from you laughing. Yes this was true happiness, just the two of you together.

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Brett Talbot:

“Why are you even with him (Y/N)! He’s an asshole.” Liam said grabbing your arms trying to enlighten you with some common sense. “We use to make fun of him being a part of Douche Ford and now you’re dating him!” Liams eyes were now gold and his claws had escaped his knuckles “Liam, I like him, I think he’s an asshole sure but guess what, I didn’t like Haydn every mushy but you went BEHIND my back and dated her at least I’m telling you the truth.” You said backing away from Liam until you bumped into someone who grabbed you by your waist “There’s no need to ruin your friendship with (Y/N), Liam because she loves you as a brother and as much as it pains me to say this she really does care for your well being. I don’t dream of hurting her but if you don’t believe me you can have your whole pack hunt me down, if she hasn’t killed me herself.” Brett said looking at Liam watching him calm down.

“There’s no need to worry about her attention going else where because you guys will always be her family, but I’ll be her boyfriend. She’s an amazing person and I would hate to ruin the friendship you have with her and the friendship that started to grow between us again.” Brett said watching Liam smile lightly “Yeah L there’s no reason to get jealous, you will always be my best friend.” you said walking out of Brett’s arms to hug Liam.

“And you’ll always be mine (Y/N/N).” he said hugging you back “Plus we can still make fun of Douche Ford.” you whispered in Liam’s ear causing him to laugh “I can hear you.” Brett said sighing loudly “Good.” you said pulling apart from Liam walking back to Brett, who held your hand and began to walk you out of the corridor “Hey Talbot, if you break her heart or ruin her, we will kill you as a pack. Mark my words.” Liam said lowly eyes flashing so fast and then changing back to their regular form.

Brett nodded smiling as he held you closer to him kissing your forehead “I think I have more to worry about than you. You’re the real heartbreaker here babe.” he said slapping your ass quickly while kissing your cheek “Mhm. Got that right Talbot.” you said winking at him.

Signs as things Stiles has said

Aries: “I’m too upset to come up with a witty way of how I’m going to kill you.”

Taurus: “You’re killing people. To death!”

Gemini: “What a dumb idea. Do it.”

Cancer: “I can’t take waiting around like this, ya know. It’s nerve-wracking. My nerves are wracked. Wracked.”

Leo: “Do you wanna just try making out for sec? Just to see how it feels.”

Virgo: “Someone needs to sex me right now!”

Libra: “Sorry coach, I haven’t seen him since the last time I saw him.”

Scorpio: “Personally I’m a huge fan of ignoring the problem until eventually it just goes away.”

Sagittarius: “There may have been a bit of maiming, a little mangling, but no death.”

Capricorn: “I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense.”

Aquarius: “You swing for a different team but you still play ball, don’t ya Danny boy.”

Pisces: “Sounds like the beginning of a heartfelt story, but I’m gonna pass.”