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Today I was rehearsing with the guitarist from the show I’m doing and I was coughing up a lung bc I’m sick and I was just kidding but I told him he needed to bring me a lemon for me to slice up and put in a cup of tea and so I show up to the show tonight to get ready and he sets down a big ass lemon on my dressing room table and then brings out like 5 boxes of Halloween Oreos and for those of you who pay attention to my posts you know what a big fucking deal that is and so long story short I now have a lemon and more Oreos than I know what to do with


At Daiya RPG, hard choices have to be made….

p.s. the credit for the phrase “seven tailed dragon!” goes to kat (@kuroohina). i love this curse(?) phrase ahaha tho in the RPG context it’s just an exclamation phrase….. (sorry kat)

people who act like only parents are allowed to criticize parenting styles are sooooo ridiculous

everyone has experienced parenting from the perspective of the child, which is a necessary perspective to understand if you want your children to have a positive relationship with you. i could say exactly how my parents failed to build a positive relationship with me, long before I had a child of my own.

also: a special very long fart noise to the person who immediately assumed that i must not be a parent if I’m critical of parents who think their small children are brats, especially because “stay at home parent” is right heckin there in my blog description lol

tldr: you’re allowed to be critical of popular parenting choices without being a parent yourself, because you have experienced parenting from the child’s point of view

When I see Harry acting as Magnus it always makes me remember of that quote “the eyes are the window of the soul” because he can makes us dive deep into the complexity of the magnus’ feelings and feel his emotions by only looking at his expressive eyes.

FFXV x Hocus Pocus AU Ideas Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2

  • Noct leads the group to a ladder that will take them out of the sewers.
    • Prompto goes first because Ignis’s arms are getting tired he needs to find solid ground that’s safe to stand on.
      • Noct hitches a ride on his shoulder
    • Within moments of the group climbing out onto the street, Noctis is run over by a car
      • Cue panicking and lots of crying
        • Iris and Prompto are inconsolable 
        • Gladio voicing his concerns about whether or not they’d be allowed to bury a cat’s body in a cemetery meant for people
          • Ignis: “That is entirely too pragmatic, even for my taste”
          • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
      • Prompto is getting ready to wrap Noctis’s body in his shawl when his bones start knitting themselves back together and he comes back to life
        • Noctis: *Screaming at a car that’s probably on the other side of the city by now*  “WHERE’D YOU GET YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE, DICKHEAD– A CEREAL BOX????”
        • Also Noctis: “Why is everyone crying”
        • ALSO NOCTIS: “Everyone’s so tense. Who died?”
    • The Sanderson brothers are getting acquainted with this strange new century
      • In their hunt for Gladio and the others, they stumble upon a man dressed in a devil costume…
        • It’s Dino………..
          • Dino invites the trio into his house. (He wants to sell them jewelry– they seem like real suckers and could probably clean out his Halloween-themed inventory so he can still turn a profit.) He enjoys the attention he gets from Iedolas and Loqi– though he is a little weirded out when they call him “master.”
          • Ardyn isn’t fooled
            • He makes Dino very much regret wearing that costume
              • Fancy that blood is hard to see on dark clothing…
                • I’m sorry, Dino
        • The only good thing that comes out of this detour is that some kids steal the brothers’ brooms while they’re in the house
          • That’ll buy Noct and the others time to figure their shit out
    • Team Gladio decides that they need to get help– Iris has the bright idea of going to the mayor’s house, where Clarus is on security detail at a Halloween party
      • Gladio: “How the hell am I going to make Dad believe me”
        • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
        • Also Gladio: “Prompto, I swear to God if we actually survive to see tomorrow, I am going to FUCKING KILL YOU”
        • Prompto: “That’s fair tbh”
      • They find Clarus at the party. He thinks Gladio’s story is funny at first, but when he doesn’t back down, he starts getting frustrated
        • Did anyone expect Clarus to believe that a trio of zombie witches are chasing his kids around town????
        • Clarus: “Kids, I’m working. Grab a candy apple and go home, okay?”
        • Gladio: “Dad this is fucking serious, okay????”
        • Clarus: “Gladio you watch your goddamned mouth”
        • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
        • Clarus: “The hell was that?”
      • In come the Sanderson brothers
        • These aren’t the villains of a Disney movie. They’re genuinely terrifying
          • I can’t express with bullet points how tense the stand-off between Ardyn and Prompto is
            • Ardyn wearing an innocent smile with something red smeared on his cheek
            • Prompto clutching the spellbook to his chest
            • Surrounded by innocent people who think this is all a joke or some performance planned for the party
              • Why are these kids being so rude to the nice actors?
            • Ardyn has this silky, dangerous air to him. He is all composure and grace and he speaks in a soft, lilting voice
              • But those eyes
                • Ardyn doesn’t cast a spell that forces everyone at the party to dance until they die. He casts a spell that forces everyone at the party to remain frozen in place until they die
                  • Clarus and the other partygoers are completely aware of what’s going on but they can’t move an inch– that’s pretty terrifying
              • Prompto: “We’ll find a way to fix this, I promise!!!”
  • Prompto: *Mounting his broom* “Everyone get on”
    • How the hell do they make this work
      • Iris sits in Prompto’s lap with the spellbook
      • Ignis sits sideways behind them.. in Gladio’s lap
        • Gladio holds onto Prompto and those beefy tattooed arms become guardrails to keep Ignis from falling off
      • Noctis gets off easy. He just perches on Prompto’s shoulder again
      • Definitely something that I Need To Draw
      • But they’re all scared and desperate to get away sooooo there they go
    • Ignis: “Go to the school. I have an idea”

To be continued…

Peeping Stiles--Complete

Sooooo about 3 years ago I wrote THIS ficlet and I had enough response to it that I decided to continue it. But then I ended up writing myself into a hole and got stuck. So the last chapter sat in my drafts for 3 years and I wrote other things instead. WELL I’m happy to say I FINALLY finished it thanks to some brainstorming help of my writing friends and it is now posted and complete!!!

The latest chapter is Chapter 5, but I’m sure you’ll have to start from the beginning since it’s been so long, so… Read on AO3


Stiles doesn’t mean to go out there, isn’t even sure why he thought it was such a good idea to go into the preserve alone, especially so close to the Hale house. There’s literally no reason for him to be there other than the fact that he can’t help himself, that he’s so drawn to Derek and wants him so badly it hurts, like if he can’t see him, even if it’s only a glimpse, every day he might die.

Maybe he realizes that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s how he feels and he’s tried so hard to ignore it, to press on, to act as if he still hates Derek, finds him annoying and frustrating enough to suggest killing him to others, but none of it is true. Every time he has to act flippant or non-chalant in regards to Derek he feels a pang of guilt, hopes to god the werewolves around him don’t hear the tick of a lie in his heart every time he says he hates Derek. No one’s ever said anything (because no one knows this crush infatuation obsession he has over Derek, not even Derek, and god he thinks he would die if Derek did find out).

Read More on AO3


 Since this post that Janel and I made, a few of you have sent me recommendations for LGBTQIA+ books so I thought I would make a kind of always growing list for people. (In bold are the books I have personally read and can give you details on if you message me). The list is sooooo long, which makes me super happy, and please make sure to message me if I am missing one you love! Also, currently working on adding Goodreads links and genre to all of these to make things easier.

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The Wire and Amok Time

It’s no secret that the Star Trek TOS episode “Amok Time” and the Deep Space Nine episode “The Wire” have quite a few uncanny parallels. Many fans have already pointed this out, but I wanted to write a more detailed analysis for these two episodes for ages. So here it is.

In the beginning of both episodes the audience is lead into a casual setting, with Jim and Bones (TOS) walking along a busy corridor and Julian and Garak (DS9) having their usual weekly lunch. However the plot develops from this point pretty fast.

Spock, who previously refused a physical in sickbay now shows obvious signs that something is amiss. He refuses food and shows an uncharacteristic outburst of temper. 

While Garak and Julian wait for their food, they get into an argument over Cardassian literature, nothing new here. (Seriously sometimes I think arguing is how Cardassians flirt.) But Garak is more aggressive than usual and there is a sum of four moments where he has to stop talking, because his body is exhibiting signs of miniature seizures. 

In contrast to Julian’s failed attempts to drag Garak into the infirmary, Jim orders Spock to undergo his physical. That is how the audience learns that Spock is dying of an hormonal imbalance. 

In the Wire this happens a bit later, when Garak’s body collapses under the strain of his mysterious sickness and the additional amount of drugs and alcohol he took to keep the pain at bay. But just as Spock in Amok Time Garak, too is going to die unless something is done. 

There are two general themes in both episodes: the intense shame/anger both Spock and Garak feel and the impending loss of control (that later leads them to almost kill their only friend) as a result.

For Vulcans it is completely uncharacteristic to let an outsider even know of Pon farr, since Vulcans pride themselves in logic and this is the one time every seven years they completely lose it. Therefore Spock’s first reaction to the whole debacle is shame.

Wherein Garak…well it’s Garak. He couldn’t tell the truth to save his life, quite literally. And since the implant that is killing him was basically a farewell present before he was sent into exile I can understand why he shrouds this particular part of his past in secrecy. Julian came closer to him than anyone in decades thus fermenting Garak’s frustration about this, his exile and his current condition into extreme bouts of anger. 

And while Jim has to fight his best friend because Spock is under the influence of pon farr and thus can only see him as a rival…

…Garak attacks Julian while he suffers from the consequences of extreme withdrawal. (He turned his implant off and therefore his endorphin supply and basically quit cold turkey).

But even though the settings and the details differ from one another, some of the fight scenes themselves are eerily similar. (Surak hold me they even included the asphyxiation in DS9. Here’s to you, Theodore Sturgeon!)

In the end both Spock and Garak are saved, because of their respective best friends, who BOTH took great risks to do just that. Because while Jim “only” risks his career by disobeying orders and rerouting the Enterprise to Vulcan.

Julian sets off on his own and visits Enabran Tain, the most dangerous man in Cardassian Space. He risks his life to get the specifics on Cardassian biology he needs to save Garak. 

There is a lot (believe me A LOT) more I could list here, but these are the parallels that stick out the most, because in the general plots of these episodes they almost mirror each other.

And on a completely different note, because of course the writers of “The Wire” couldn’t resist the temptation of including one of the most infamous scenes from the TOS universe. 

So naturally they included what many fans (me too) have dubbed “The Sickbay Scene” from the Motion Picture Movie. Which is the very same scene that is widely regarded as the moment that Kirk and Spock finally got together after their separation. But that’s material for another meta.

1/100 days of productivity ☆.。.:*・° 28.05.17 - “show me what you’re made of,” ☆.。.:*・°

some othello revision for english lit and business revision cards.

sorry that I haven’t posted in sooooo long, I’ve been super busy focusing on maths exams and other stuff. I’ve done C1 and C2 and just have D1 left in a few weeks time! & then there’s Year 12 mocks to prepare for as well. It’s going to be a super busy half term but I have just been chosen to be a senior prefect and I am really enjoying school at the moment!

quick! before the official avengers academy look of frank and matt comes out!
my own setting for the avengers academy au XD

matt: smart-ass who has fingers sensitive enough to read printed books but would read braille in public

frank: would read poetry and write diary war journal

the-true-space-fandom  asked:

any good fanfic recommendations? monochrome or ladybug preferred

Weeeeeeeell, ladybug is a ship that i found cute but I’ve never read any fanfic of it. BUT! If you are searching for Monochrome fanfic believe me I am your woman OwOb

Okay first of all, You’ve got to read @texanredrose​ mono fics which are well known to be numerous and fucking great :

- Fighting for Us : A very long military AU one shot that is always a pleasure to reread =w=

- Speak Now : A one shot semi-canon au that take place after the events of Vol 3 ( way waaaaaay after )  where Blake and Weiss are both idiots stuborn dorks

- Looking Back : A one shot modern AU this time. Blake asked Weiss to prom and got shot down. But maybe there’s more to that~~

- Defector : So this one’s sorta an “what if Blake was still in the wf and  was about to attack Weiss Schnee” AU one shot

- Black Cat Song: This is Hallowen! This is Hallowen!~~ Do you like Hallowen ? Do you like Christmas ? Do you like Nightmare before Christmas ? Well then this fic is made for you! Multiple chapters, mono fluff and angst with happy ending, what more could you ask for =w= ? (IF IT WASNT OBVIOUS THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE )

- Saga of the Dango : Only pure fluff where Blake get jealous of a dango and is ridiculous as always =w= ( with elderburn )

- Pour Enough : A prohibition AU, with Blake as the bartender speakeasy and Weiss as the bar’s new singer. Pretty much love at first sight =w=( even if Blake will deny it hehehe )

- It’s Funnier In French : ( i actually helped a little with this one uwu ) A one shot AU with German runaway Weiss and French Blake “I just used the most terrible pick up line ever and I’m so embarrased” Belladonna

- Of Love and Politics : Modern AU with Weiss as the governor daughter and Blake as an escort. Bonus: Weiss telling Jacques-ass to go fuck himself like the queen she is!

- Wrong Side of Heaven : A. Fucking. Angel/ Demon AU! With Blake as a Fallen Angel and Weiss as a pride Demon, what are you even waiting for?!

- Joint Venture : Blake and Yang both has internships at the SDC after graduation, working under COO Weiss and CEO Winter. And of course these 2 dorks has crushes on their hot boss, while their boss are mourning because they’re sure their cute interns are dating each other

- Loyalty : Read it. Just. Read it. This tex first mono fic ( and first rwby fic ) and also the best entrance in a fandom ever. But before you comment on it and point out incoherences : wait till the end. Everything will became clear.

Okay so that is for all of Tex mono fics. Now if you have already read all of those I advice you @keena-kapu​ mono fics

- Remnants of Heart : A PIRATE AU MONOCHROME FIC! Seriously you have to read it, its awesome =w=

- The Rock AU Monochrome version : Everything is in the title =w=. Also veeeery NSFW  and hot and reeeally great

- “For the last time, I AM NOT JEALOUS!” : Yeeeeah, Weiss is totally jealous hehehehe

You also have some of @redsuitwriter​ fics too :

- Two Kingdoms : A very interesting Medieval AU

- Where Flowers Bloom: Very fluffy, adorable story with elderburn and pyrruby in bonus =w=

- A Mile in Her Ears : Weiss thought she could win against her gf at a game of strip poker. It didnt really turned out the way she wished hehehe

They probably made more mono fics but idk them all so if you do, i would love you forever if you could tell me about them

And @donesses :

- Blake Has a Nightmare :  Everything is in the title except the fact that Weiss comfort Blake like the totally straight gal pal that she is no homo right

- Scars : A pretty good and very interesting retelling of the RWBY canon with mono, nuts and dolts ( and a jaune that i like for once ziuoefhoaeijfoaeid )

And if that still is not enough, here are some of my personal favorite fics :

- Catnip : Heh come on now, what mono shipper doesn’t know Catnip :3 ? ( if you dont, god im so jealous cos now you’ve got so much to read! )

- Weiss vs Zweinophobia : Where Weiss decides to help Blake overcome her “fears”

- Darling we’re chess pieces : By god, please. For the love of god read it. Its a fucking Monochrome one shot modern soulmate AU. But not the kind you might think, and its just soo good hnng

- Winter’s Blessing : Before asking the “big question”, Blake wants to know if she hasthe approval of the great Oschneesama =w=

- An Evening At Malachite’s : Weiss is dragged into a strip club by Yang and Ruby, and though she did complained at the beginning she end up with a pretty good surprise =w=

- Belladonna Lilies : I mean…..why would you want to read that….It’s just a Fantasy Victorian era monochrome AU……with 71 chapters…..and slowburn….nothing to see here right :3c ?

- The House of Belladonna-Schnee : Having four children isnt easy, and Blake and Weiss know that more than anyone hehehehe

Phew, there’s probably a lot I’ve forgot but anyone can feel free to add moar to this list if they want ^^

Anti doesn’t have his gauges and Dark doesn’t have his tie…

But in every single appearance they have made, they’ve had these features…

So why do they not have them in this video?

It’s a strange question that we can’t really answer at this point, but it’s obvious it wasn’t them. So it wasn’t Dark and Anti, obviously. But it was Mark and Jack making fun of the egos. Mocking them. Jack posted that he’s not done yet, so THIS could be when the fun REALLY starts… :) Again, we noticed this video was made on June 23rd of 2017, sooooo long before it was uploaded. Why? Well, the editing probably took a bit of time, yes, but this video was obviously the 18 million subscriber special! They purposely made fun of the egos by doing a collab because it’s what we ALL wanted! However, the video seemed a little… weird in the sense that at the end, it got a bit silly. Come on, do you really think powerful egos like Dark and Anti would get eaten by a dog? No. But it wasn’t the real egos. That’s why they didn’t have those features we all see them have…

Like Jack said, they’re not done. So Chica didn’t eat them… It was all just a joke, of course! They were making FUN of the egos! Because we all wanted to see them so badly… SO they pretended to be Dark and Anti for our viewing pleasure… Now, since Mark and Jack poked fun at them, I assume they’re not too happy. That’s why they’re not done. That’s the reason why Anti didn’t have the gauges and Mark didn’t have the tie. It’s because it wasn’t them. They’re going to make Mark and Jack pay for making fun of them… Because they’re not finished yet. Chica didn’t eat them, and they’re not done. They will keep dropping hints until it’s time

OCTOBER 31ST, 2017.

prettyrebel1955  asked:

Can u name all the things that make rivamika beautiful?

Hello there dear and sorry for the late reply.

I don’t know if by RivaMika you mean the ship itself, or the fandom as a whole, but sure, I can list some of the things I think make RivaMika so beautiful.

  • Mikasa’s first impression of Levi, which was the reason why she, unlike everyone else, wasn’t afraid of talking back to him or arguing with him, because, to her, he was just the midget that beat up her precious Eren mercilessly, and needed to pay for it sooner or later.
  • Levi’s secret protectiveness of Mikasa, him attempting to teach her the right thing and guide her so as to not commit the same mistakes as his. He even got himself injured while saving her, because he realized how Eren was her weakness and how she moved so recklessly, putting her life in danger, in order to save him, which she would have failed at without Levi’s help.
  • Mikasa being a secret admirer for Levi and his skills, which got her to observe the way he fights, and learn from his moves, and then attempt to test them out in the battlefield. This shows that despite the little grudge she held for him, she still acknowledged his strength and respected him for that, which is amazing.
  • Levi’s not-so-obvious tenderness with Mikasa. When she would stand up and argue with him, he never mistreated her, which was admirable, considering Levi always used force in order to discipline those who tried to act rebelliously, such as Eren and Historia, even with Hanji, he used harsh words, although he still respected her, even with Nile, he was disrespectful, although Nile was in Erwin’s status. And yet, he treated Mikasa quite differently. 
  • Mikasa’s sorrow for Levi’s injury, her feeling of responsibility and half-assed attempt to apologize, which not only is considered as a development for her character, for she was showing that she cared not only about Eren, but also about her captain’s safety, and the consequences of her actions, but is also a development–a turning point in their relationship.
  • Levi’s trust in Mikasa, acknowledgment for her strength, and pride in how far she developed, which was shown when he asked her to team up with him and kill the enemy, who was at that point humans instead of their usual enemy; titans. This shows that he believes in her abilities, actually he always believed in her abilities, and he was only scared that her attachment to Eren would lead her to a sooner death.
  • Mikasa’s acceptance for Levi’s leadership, putting her trust on him, and her obvious less attachment to Eren. While she was ready to risk everything for him at the beginning of the series, she is now more considerate about her actions, having learnt from experience that everyone’s life matters, and she shouldn’t risk their lives for a single person’s. This, of course, doesn’t mean that she cares about Eren any less, for she already showed concern for him, but she came to accept that her feelings must be put aside, and all of this is thanks to Levi.
  • Humanity’s strongest duo, in which both Mikasa and Levi team up to kick ass on the battlefield, always going ahead of the rest of the team in order to clear the path. Their relationship finally developed to a point where they put faith in each other, work hard, cover for one another, kill without hesitance, and guarantee a successful mission. Neither of them was a team-work person, but together, they make the strongest battle duo ever. This is a huge development for the two of them especially. They used to work individually, trusting no one but themselves, but they have over come that to accept working together, and this is beneficial to everyone. The rest of the team must now learn from them, and Levi and Mikasa must be the source of courage for the rest, to kill the hesitance everyone else is feeling about killing humans, which are more or less the true enemy of mankind itself.
  • Last but not least, Levi being still protective of Mikasa, even though he knows exactly how strong she is, he was still ready to rescue her if needed when they made their attack on Kenny’s team. 
  • Also, Mikasa’s amusement by pissed-off Levi is worth to be pointed out.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, but yeah, this is all I could think of about what makes the RivaMika ship so beautiful in my eyes.  After all, I’ve had a very good journey being a RivaMika shipper.

And the RivaMika fandom as a whole is pretty cool yo! We have great artists, amazing fanfic writers, and although most of them left, we still get more and more people joining the RivaMika ship everyday!

Thank you for the question, my dear. I really enjoyed answering it!

Assassin: Chapter 2

A/N: SOOOOO, for some reason this series takes me forever to right. I think it’s because I have nothing to go but the books, so I have to come up with certain details on my own ! But in any case, here’s the very long awaited ‘part 2′. I am writing a Dylan O’Brien smut and a Dave Hodgeman smut before I post the finally part to Workspace. Okay, that’s it. LOVE YA BABEZ !

WARNING: Mention and use of guns, Strong suggestive language. 

Parts:  [1]

Originally posted by i-fuckworldus

I’m in a small white room. The floors are white, the walls are white, the long slender buzzing lights above my head are white. I’m seated at a metal table with matching metal chairs and I’m not sure how long I’ve been there. They’re hard and cold, making it difficult for me to get comfortable. In front of me is a large square mirror with a puffy red eyed girl staring back at me. She sad, very sad in fact. I don’t recognize her at first. I want to take the girl in my arms and tell her everything will be okay. Even though I’d be lying. But I know this sad girl…

It’s me.

There’s a tall black door behind me and it opens quietly and then shut again. A man with thickly rimmed glasses and blonde hair strides past me, setting a large file down before me. He takes his seat across from mine lacing his fingers over one another and resting them on the table. I don’t know this man but his eyes are kind eyes.

“You know why you’re here, don’t you?” I don’t know why he’s asking such a mundane question. Of course I do, does he think I’m stupid?

I only nod in response.

“You’ll have to use words for your responses, dear.” This angers me. He’s talking to me like I’m a small insolent child, which only does the opposite of what I know he’s trying to do which is sooth me.

“Yes.” I grunt, clenching my jaw hard.

“You’ll have to disappear.” He says as if the statement is a casual one. “No one can know you exist.”

He has a faint sympathetic smile on his lips and I have half a mind to smack it off of him. My father did not raise a princess. He raised a soldier, and I am not the weak little girl this man thinks I am. There’s a strong pang in my stomach that almost physically knocks me back at the sudden thought of my father. I hang my head to hide the emotion. Not forty eight hours after my father dies, and the agency’s jumping down my throat to recruit me. I meet the man’s eyes again and his lips are parted like he’s going to say something but I don’t give him the chance.

“What do I have to do?”

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Getting played

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 775 :)

You had called Jay to ask him what time you should be ready for the little date that you guys were supposed to have late in the day, but he had told you he wasn’t feeling very and that he couldn’t do it anymore. You were a little bummed because you were supper excited but you didn’t want him to feel bad and told him you guys could always do something another time. 

Jay had lied to you though. There was an event that suddenly came up and he planned on calling you to take you with him but the guys didn’t want you to join them and Simon put him under the pressure that he had to do, so he lied and said he wasn’t feeling good.

While you were home you went to a close pharmacy and bought him cold medicine and then also went to the grocery and bought stuff to make soups no other foods.

Jay had texted you and told you that he will work extra today so he doesn’t have to go back the next day and just rest at home which you thought was the best for him.

So when Jay came back home he found you in the kitchen cooking up something.

“Hey babe” he called out, and you turned around to him. 

“Heyy, how are you feeling?” you asked and put your hand on his forehead to see if he had a fever. Which he didn’t and that was good. 

Jay noticed when you got closer to him how you had your makeup and hair perfectly done and that was probably because you got ready for he canceled date.

“What are you doing?” he asked nodding towards the stove. 

“Oh I’m making you a soup since you said your not feeling well. It’s should be really good if your feeling a little sick” you said.   

“Oh and I also got you some medicine just in case that way you don’t have to leave and get some”
“And I stocked up on your favorite drink so you could stayed hydrated" you told him and Jay started feeling bad and guilty. 

 "If you want go ahead and take a shower, and the soup should be done by then" you told him. 

 "Okay" he said and went to your shared bedroom. 

 When Jay came out he was done with his shower and changed into his comfy clothes. 

 You guys were eating the food you made and Jay was super quiet. You figured he may not been feeling good so you let him be. You were just talking about you day at work and a cute puppy you seen while coming back home. 

“Babe are you not feeling good” you asked. 

“No I’m alright right now” he said. 

“I’m sorry” he suddenly said guilt in his voice 

“Sorry for what babe” you asked him confused 

“For today” he said and looked down at the table 

“Oh babe it’s fine. It was just a date, we could always have another one when your free and your feeling better” you told him, sweetness coming from you which made Jay feel even guiltier. But he stayed silent “

Really babe. I’m not mad or anything. Your health is the most important to me so don’t feel bad. Plus this is nice too. As long as I’m with you I’m happy” you told him He just nodded. But deep down he felt like shit for treating you that way. 

You were too good to him, and taking care of him. You didn’t even complain about the date being canceled or if he works for late house. You were just always making sure he took care of his health.

“I’ll make it up to you” Jay said. 

“You don’t have to babe” you told him sweetly 

“I want to, I feel really bad” he said

“Okay, when you feel better we could plan another date” you told him

Jay was really regretting it so he really wanted to make it up to you and start treating you better. He wanted this date to be something different and he wanted to go all out. 

He ended up taking you to the fanciest restaurant that had the best food, then he took you for dessert to one of your favorite places that you always talked about, and a long walk at the end of the night and ended it with giving you a necklace as a gift. Jay worked extra hard on that date which surprised you because he never done anything like that before, they were either low key dates or dates at one of your places. 

Sorry if this is shitty and short, I just feel really bad that I haven’t posted for sooooo long. I’m really trying to get back with updating on a regular basis, I have scenarios that just need to be edited and fixed up and hopefully I have them posted soon. 

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What type of wedding (ring, dress, venue/location) do you think Eren, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Jean and Mike would have?

Ahhhh!! This is sooooo cute! 

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  He seems to be someone inclined to a more “rustic” wedding - what with him growing up in Shiganshina. Honestly, he couldn’t care less about what his s/o would wear - be it a simple white dress or a fluffy one. But considering the rustic theme, a flowy, white dress would suit the occasion. The ring would be something gold, not much stones. (How funny would it be if Eren used his hardening ability and took a shard from his “titan shell” to use as a ring.That sounds a lot like something he’d do. LOL)

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happy trans day of visibility!

here’s a collage of photos of me (some terrible, some actually good because i learnt how to take a selfie, some acne-filled, and some with flower crowns when those were the proper aesthetic) from 2011 to 2017.

today is a great reminder that trans people exist and, more importantly, that we are beautiful, powerful, and game changers who also happen to be people at the end of each and every day. today is also a good time to think about my own transition these past seven years and honestly? i feel proud of myself, younger and more courageous than i can exactly remember being in recent memory, but regardless, still me, authentically.

we talk about “being authentic” a lot in trans communities, articles, books, blog posts, tweets, and youtube videos — i’ve thought on that quite a bit today. personally, honorably, perhaps even selfishly, the first picture is the best approximation of who i am and who i’ve always been. i feel like i have effectively transformed that mental image of myself that i always held deep inside — a little boy, scrawny with chubby cheeks and a big smile — into the man that i am and, on this trans day of visibility, this is its own blessing and its own transition that did not chronologically correspond with my physical or social transition.

my hope is that other trans individuals have, can, and/or will find their own version of this because it is a nearly indescribable experience of contentment and pale, but steady joy.

i would also like to thank each and every one of you who has followed my journey and transition over the years — your kind words and messages of advice did not go unnoticed and i could not have asked for better resources to go through my teenage and early 20s with.