have no idea what i did

Remember back when you could have more than four dialogue options?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.  And so does the Cascadia team.  We liked it.  We liked it a lot.  People have been trying to figure out a way around it since day one.
Well friends… take a look what we did!
I think we can officially declare Cascadia team member Neanka a genius for figuring this out. 


Since yesterday, I feel like shit. I feel ashamed. And sad. Embarrassed because ONE OF US did what they did with a nice guy like Rory.

I get that most of us also feel very very angry with whoever got his number and texted him non-stop. Personally, I would like to know whoever did that, but it wouldn’t be greatest idea. But I hope this person knows that they affected THE WHOLE FANDOM.

But how to move on from this episode?

I think that despite what happened, as fans, we all need to come together and think about our behavior the next time some of us have the opportunity to meet Katie, and about our online behavior too.

We need some guidelines and boundaries, so here it goes a few things I think we’ll need to do:

• Rory is obviously upset, plenty of us already apologized to him via Twitter, and that’s great, but LET’S GIVE HIM A BREAK. He needs some time to recover and move on with his life, so whatever he tweets next, do not respond. Just let him be.

• To all of you (like me) who wants to know the person who did that: JUST NO. The person it’s getting so much hate already, but we don’t want them to do something stupid like hurt himself/herself.

• LET’S STAY UNITED! It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been a Katie’s fan. No one it’s more because they follow her work since Merlin or less because they’ve fell in love with her for Supergirl. We need each other, we need to stay united no matter the Fandom.

• LET’S FORGET ABOUT HER BRITHDAY! And this goes to whatever personal information SHE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T WANT TO SHARE! Do not ask her about it if you meet her, do not encourage someone to ask, don’t ask about boyfriends or girlfriends or anything personal at all. That’s what led us to this situation, unfortunately.

• KEEP LOVING HER! Let’s shower her with love and affection and admiration if we got the chance. Let’s not embarrass her with inappropriate Fandom questions or whatever, let’s just… LOVE KATIE AND HER AMAZING WORK.

If you guys want to add something to the list, feel free to do.

But whatever happens next, LET’S CONTINUE LOVING EACH OTHER. She united us, and we’re here to stay…


after did a little touch on kendall’s hair i made this because i remember someone told me to do korean hairstyle, so there you go :D

i need more extra small planes and hopefully the polycount won’t be that big.

and also do you guys have any name suggestion for this hair? because i don’t know what’s that guy name and i have no name idea cause i just want to do this few minutes ago.

Wrong Brother (Fili X Reader)

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Request for @thealbersclan   Hi hi hi!! Love your stuff!! Could I please do a request?? How about reader x Fili. Fili wants to get reader a present to show his affections and he is unsure if reader likes him. He has no idea what to get her so Kili tries to talk her up to get ideas. Reader Gets the wrong idea and tells Kili she’s not interested in him(Kili) and she actually likes his brother! ❤️  

Authors Note: FOR @thealbersclan SO SORRY this took so long, I’m in the middle of exams and have been stressing out. But I did promise I would get this done, so I’ve taken a break from studying to finish this. Hope you like it

Word Count: 1,254

Fili was a Prince. Heir to the throne of Erebor. A member of the First Company who reclaimed the mountain from a Dragon, for crying out loud! So why did he find this so difficult? Was it just not meant to be? Why did her heart seem so out of reach?

Fili sighed loudly and his shoulders dropped slightly as he maneuvered his body to rest more comfortably in the tree. Yes, you heard correctly, Fili was currently perched in a tree, waiting for his brother to walk through with (Y/N), the young dwarrow that had stolen his heart.

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While raiding a rogue Chitauri base, Peter Quill and his crew did not expect to find Loki among their stolen goods. Or that Gamora would recognize him.

[I have never written Gamora POV or really much of Gamora before or any of the other Guardians, just…noting that, you know, for no reason.]

Gamora had a bad feeling about the job from the beginning.

They’d been hired to deal with a nest of Chitauri that had started raiding Centaurian space. Not a large nest, they were informed. Small. Easy job for the famous (infamous?) Guardians of the Galaxy.

Some days Gamora really wished they could change that name.

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omg can I request a sim please?? can I have a cool gal, with super long dark hair and dark skin. she loves the city, dancing, and girls. her style is super hip, but casual. I really hope that's enough 😭 anyway I own all packs except vampires, you can you all the cc you'd like!! Thank you so much 💕💕

tbh i have no idea what ‘super hip’ even look like ;-; so i did my best!! i hope u like her :’)

Sage Bacon - she/her

Traits; creative, dance machine, romantic

CC List:

Skin Details 1 (Collection) 2 (Niunai) 3 4 (Nose Mask) 5 (Body Redness) | Makeup 1 2 3 4 | Hair | Glasses | Acc Tied Shirt | Nose Ring | Choker

ORIGIN ID: oasisgxth

Please remember to check ‘include custom content’

TOU: Use however you like. Do not re-upload or claim as your own. Can use as base. Please tag me if used!

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Non-asexual, aro Newt who loves his work with magical creatures more than he loves people. Everyone wonders why Tina married him, but they like each other's company and have a cute, strong platonic relationship where Tina makes sure Newt takes care of himself and Newt lets Tina help take care of the creatures. - G

“Tina! Did you disturb the billywigs again?!”

*Tina trying not to giggle while she levitates* “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Newt and Tina worry about each other most every day. (Newt with his dangerous creatures and Tina with her auror job.)

“Newt! Can you please eat a meal if I prepare it and bother to bring it to you inside your suitcase? Especially since you’ve been down here since this time yesterday afternoon?

“Tina, PLEASE. You’re the only one the runespoor likes.”

“Newt, I am not risking a highly venomous bite from its right head just to find out what its scale texture is.”

Newt and Tina cuddle and sleep together most every night.

“The griffin’s baby is coming, Tina! We’ll finally have a new little one!”

“… Newt dear, you do remember our own child was born three weeks ago?”

That’s not what I meant and you know it!

*Tina cackling*

“Scamander, why is there a quintaped, a.k.a a class XXXXX beast, in my bedroom?”

“I dunno, Goldstein. Maybe because I’m studying its reaction to wixen surroundings to see if it’s truly a beast or actually a transfigured person as the legends say.”

“And what are your preliminary thoughts?”

*disappointed sigh* “That it’s a transfigured human.”

“WTF Newt then we need to call the Ministry asap to un-transfigure them”

“Tina dear, have you seen Rita Skeeter’s new article? Apparently I’m cheating on you with a silver-haired beauty.”

“Unless it’s a hidebehind I don’t believe it.”

Newt and Tina love each other more than anything. It’s other people’s loss if they don’t understand.

- Ravenclaw Mod

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I have no idea where this is going (Clones? Surrogates? Ninja magic? Has Hiruzen's favorite student gotten into Tobirama's old DNA samples and been cultivating children in vats again?) but I'm just picturing a scene in some restricted hospital wing where a middle-aged Kagami, gingerly cradling baby Shisui, and Danzō, awkwardly holding a tiny Kotetsu, just stare at each other in dumbfounded shock - how did this happen? And what do we do now?


Oh god, this would be hilarious. And also ridiculous. 

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...I stopped reading Smoulder to focus on school and so now I'm catching up on the last seven chapters and I have no idea who the first OTP is on the padlocks and I don't know if you've already said them but...Yuri & Viktor and Marinette & Adrien, right?


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I just realised I never actually revealed who the initials on the padlocks from 32 of Smoulder oh my gosh! MY SHIPS!!! GOSH DARN IT!!!! >.< what a silly sausage I am!

You got 2/3 ^O^ as did  most people! The one most people got stuck on was GL + RR <3 

Ok so drumroll!!!! And the names carved into the padlocks were………

1. Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov (headcanon that Victor treats Yuri to a trip to Paris for whatever reason, and they both decide to do it because they are both gigantic saps).

2. Marinette and Adrien (you cannot tell me Adrien didn’t drag Marinette off to do this the second they became official. That boy is the biggest romantic there is lol and Mari was somewhere in between dying of squee and rolling her eyes the entire time lol) 

3. Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) and Raven Roth (one of my first proper ships from my Teen Titans days- love them still. BB probably did it to surprise Raven and she actually thought it was sweet enough to give him a peck on the cheek, in PUBLIC *gasp* and poor BB passed out).

So there you have it! Those were the names on the padlocks! Although this means that in Smoulder!Verse, Yuri on Ice and Teen Titans exist in the same universe as ML.

Teen Titans….ML…. @kryallaorchid????  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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AAAAHHHH idk if you already have an idea to use in saeyoung's after dark prompt, but... What about jealousy sex? I was waiting for the requests to open again so i could ask for this one for everyone, but OH WELL ANYWAY HERE'S WONDERWALL: what if MC have a very close and also very attractive friend, making Saeyoung jealous and eager to show who does she belongs to? With marking and orgasm denial and everything to make her beg for him and convince the whole neighborhood they live in sin?

Hey lovely! 

I did choose the prompt already- HOWEVER- you will be glad to know that it does incorporate your idea quite a bit. Jealous/possessive 707 is what starts the whole ordeal hahaha. And yes… everyone will know they live in sin my dear

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Both Iris and Caitlin Chose to Stay With Savitar

Or tried to, at least.

Iris wanted to stay to keep HR safe, rather than letting him sacrifice himself. In doing so, she chose her friends over herself.

Caitlin chose to stay to suit her own ends - which were never explained - when Cisco was begging her to see she was being used by Savitar. In doing so, she chose herself over her friends.

I would love for this to be intentional and for her to explore next season what that choice meant about her, particularly in comparison. However, they never really explained WHY Caitlin was making the choices she was outside of “for reasons that are mine. My reasons. But I totally have them, though. Reasons.” So I’m not holding my breath.

I also am not holding my breath because they could never quite bring themselves to commit to the idea that Killer Frost WAS Caitlin. If they did, her “finding herself” next season could be really interesting because we would get to see her struggle with the choices she made, rejecting the easy excuse, and trying to figure out both what this means about who she is and who she wants to be from here. I think there are times in life you CAN discover you aren’t who you wished you were, and it can be really interesting to see a character to through that, have that moment of self-awareness and self-reflection, define for themselves who they really are and who they want to be, and then fight - even against their own nature - to be the person they want to be.

But, yeah. Next season I’m expecting an episode of cursory guilt, reassured again by others as being unwarranted as “it wasn’t your fault” and then she accepts Frosty isn’t really her and she comes back and this really interesting potential for self reflection and growth for her as a character in her own right will be swept under the rug and forgotten.

Which is a shame because if you’re going to make that kind of parallel and make the two characters make a different choice, you should explore that and what that says about those two characters, even to themselves.

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Okay so! I texted him "what's up with us I know you said you needed time but can u get an idea on what's going on so I'm not completely in the dark" and he said "I just don't understand anything right now you know I have a girlfriend(I didn't) just give me some time" and I said okay and let it be until he was ready to talk, so he finished school a week before I did bc were in uni and have different schedules and I kinda thought he'd just ghost me even though we live in the same town (1/?)

So he moved out of uni before I did and the weekend I moved out (weekend before last) he texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out and talk so I said yes obviously so we went to his families cabin for The Weekend. THE WHOLE WEEKEND and he told me how he broke up with his girlfriend and told her that he was having some personal issues but didn’t tell her that he’s gay and he’s most likely not going to tell anyone so we’re kinda dating but like in secret bc he doesn’t want anyone to know (2/?)

I don’t want to be upset with him because clearly he doesn’t feel comfortable to come out but at the same time I kinda feel like a dirty little secret and I know I shouldn’t feel that way because now I know that he does want to be with me and he’s not playing games with me anymore so like That’s good and we text and talk all the time can u believe my luck he’s so cute and sweet (and rlly good at kissing) okay takk for listening 💚

ahhh thats..actually sweet? i feel like u kinda helped him start becoming more himself? i hope he’ll be able to be like,, open with ur relationship in the future , i wish u two the best!:’) (keep kissin him. kissin is good) <3

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What if Ciel was a part of the Phantomhive boyband?

Sebastian would have made the P5 dress up as cats WAY before Blavat could use the idea for the S4. I’m actually surprised that it’s the S4 who do that, not the P5.

The P5, however, did dress as girls in canon. In this AU, Sebastian probably would have dressed them as girls earlier than he did.

IOW, major payback for the earl and Nina playing dress-up with Sebastian back in ch116….

Here’s a particularly cruel idea: Sebastian having the earl be a cage dancer….

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Did u notice in preview that it appears that jaocb shoots Michael in the back?!?!?! Plz don't let that happen Michael being shot and possibly die no no no plz no.

from what i saw, it looks like they’re trying to set jacob up for the murder he committed but framed michael for.  that’s what the blood is for, that’s what the cabin would be for.

does jacob actually shoot michael in the back?  i have no idea.

but my guess for their final showdown always involved michael besting him, and coming just short of killing him, and then not doing so because perhaps mike was there, and he didn’t want to kill in front of him…so jacob goes to prison instead.

but i really don’t know.  i would just say that that promo is purposely cut that way to make things look a certain way, but that may not be the case.

even if michael were to be shot (again, that would be weird and unlikely, given lincoln was just shot too) then it certainly wouldn’t be anything that killed him, as i know for sure they’re not going that route again.


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did you ever get the genetics tests back? i've always wanted to do one of those they're so interesting, what company did you do it with? 💕

I did it with Ancestry but I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about them just taking your family tree and using the background from your surname???? But I have no idea! I’m still interested, but still waiting!

viktuuryy replied to your post “i honestly think about yoi every single day when will the movie be…”

Did I ghost write this or

i feel like i might have been channeling the collective thoughts of the whole fandom while writing that post

viktornikiforow replied to your post

I even dream about YoI, step up your game, Alli

sameeee, don’t doubt my devotion and level of obsession! lmao i actually dreamed that i was practising a figure skating jump the other night! i was really bad at it at first, but tried really hard and could land it without a problem in the end! when i woke up i remember thinking it must have been some kind of an axel bc it had forward take off and 1,5 rotations but the take off and landing were both on the same foot?? HOW DID I EVEN REMEMBER THIS I HAVE NO IDEA. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ANY OF THIS LESS THAN A YEAR AGO? but anyway i googled those specs and what you know, it’s an actual jump called the inside axel lmao

vodkawrites replied to your post

I agree with all of these questions!!! There’s so much I want to see in a 1.5-2 hour movie!

IKR everything i want to see isn’t ever going to fit into that time frame aaaaaaa DDD: BUT I’M GOING TO LOVE THE MOVIE NO MATTER WHAT, there’s just no other way

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dID SOMEONE SAY GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? I have so many feels after the second one I could use some good old fashioned fluff. Peter sometimes misses the closeness of other people and craves physical affection. A certain /type/ of affection. He gets shitfaced one night & confides in his team. When he's sober he has no idea why his teammates keep smirking at him & poking his ribs until Rocket finally just tells him what he said & tickles him so that he "won't have the energy to be embarrassed"

Omg cuties❤️❤️ I love it yes. Drunk confessions are such a cute trope

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When did they talk about Dans dad showing Phil how fake snow is made? Was it on a live show?

actually i published this with the wrong clip consider this a placeholder

okay I have no idea what this is, I’ve never heard of it before and human dan and phil archive @oqua12 hasn’t either - let me know if you remember something more specific, anon? 

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I've seen people confirm that ReySky is dead because Luke was practically a solitary monk. But I'm like: ???? Because it depends on when he decided to be like that, besides Rey was only born 10 years after Ben, so we do not know anything at this time? But everything looks good because apparently Obi Wan can make son with anyone, but Luke does not?

Luke has only been solitary for six years, according to the antis’ precious book Bloodline that they also love to insist debunks ReySky. We have no idea what Luke was up to before any of that except for a vague understanding that he looked for Jedi stuff and trained some kiddos. They’ve even been so good as to conveniently make a point out of the fact that Luke keeps his personal life private, so conveniently we have no idea what Luke did in his free time.

So no, there’s been nothing timeline-wise or Luke lifestyle-wise that debunks ReySky, and I really wish people would stop twisting fanon and what we actually know together in order to claim our theory’s been shot down. It’s not true in the slightest. 

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I had no idea you were into Ronmione ;;w;; That drabble were so adorably sweet tho XD Thanks for writing it, you're the best <3

omgggg!!! THANK YOU??? I don’t know what I did to deserve so much love? YOU are the best!! <3 Thank you so much for your message!! :3

Originally posted by tiredwitch

And I’m totally into Romione! I love them! :)