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Percico fam at Disneyland!

idk i was just remembering the last time i went to any disneyland and then this happened


140707 TLJ fanacc - call from Hae:
Hyuk just finished shaking hands with a Japanese fan when he got a call from someone. he didn’t even put his phone on his ear but just pressed answer and screamed at the speaker “wae!!!! wae wae wae wae wae wae!!!!!” turned out it was donghae, they talked a bit then hae video-called him kkkkkkk the fan said hyuk looked nervous and self conscious when he got the call.. 

 Missing You  ಥ_ಥ //  D-616 ❤ D-618


You know i know you’ve never said that to anyone just like you know i’ve never said that to anyone.


perhaps one day  ● co-hosts


#overwhelmed by the klaus of it all

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But if ppl reclaimed the slur them it wouldnt matter that gay men are calling each other it, cause it wouldn't hold any power. Words only have as much power as u give them. You choose to be offended

I have a real big smile on my face irl which I hope you interpret as me thinking you’re a fucking moron