have my background skills improved at all


Hi everyone!!

I’m still alive!

Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time!
Its just that right now I’m moving to a new home and at the same time I’m finishing illustrating a new book, so a have so much to do!!

I miss so much posting my own drawings. But soon I will have time for me again! I check my tumblr today and realized I reach 17,000 followers!!!

Thanks so much for all the support guys! I will continue practicing and improving my drawing skills, thanks again!! Now I have to go back to work but I promise I will return soon!

Oh, and the illustration is for my zine I’m making!!!! It’s about how Japan inspired me with the trip I did there last spring! The background is a real photo of my travel! Is in Kinosaki Onsen! It’s a beautiful place!!

Hope you like it!! and thanks again!!!


final grade is in and i got an A in my writing class! 


Welp, time to clean off the cobwebs on commissions. This is a commission special that you’ve all been waiting for so here’s the run down:

  • This is specifically for Fire Emblem Awakening characters ONLY. If you requested a commission of Robin, but with different hair colors, builds, etc…, that’s fine as well since they’re technically in the game. c:
  • I’ll only do 3 at a time. If one commission is finish then the net in line reserves the available spot. I’ll add a reserve spots on my commission info page soon.
  • This will last one month from July 15th to August 15th so y’all have more chances to get a spot.
  • If this works out okay then I’ll make more commission specials in the future.
  • Don’t even ask for a complex background because that’ll take too long, and my skills are still improving so yeah. Just either simple, designed/pattern or no background is fine for now.
  • PayPal payments only plz.

If you want to know how it works, then I have a commissions page here to help you out.

Paypal/email: tiuanarui@gmail.com

Please don’t ask me questions that have already been answered on the commissions info page. They’ll probably be ignored or deleted so save us the trouble.

If you can’t commission me, that’s fine, all you gotta do is reblog to spread the word out as many times as you want, but don’t go overboard.

Okay I think that’s it for now. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions via askbox or fanmail, and i’ll respond as soon as I can. Thank you! c:


littlerubyrue has been stuck with me all day with absences of quiet and listening to me ramble as I do sketch doodles.

These were for her while I am doodling XD the first is of our two mod ponys (aka us as ponies) i’m playing Fantasy Life on my DS and shes making Ruby kiss ponies.

And the second is of her Nameless pony hitting on my two ponies Cherry Flip and Mistletoe. Cherry flip having none of it while Mistletoe sits shyly.