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Ok like WTF George Eacker

Phillip happily asks how your show was and you still shoot that pure drop of sun shine like fuck you I hate you you’re disgusting;;;;;;

Time for a long post...

Emmerdale has been pissing me, along with a large percentage of the Robron fandom, off thoroughly. To begin with… PROBLEM #1: Rebecca Fucking White. Why is she even still on the show (no offense to those who like her as a character this is my personal opinion.) All she’s done is somewhat backtrack robron’s relationship. We all know Emmerdale won’t be splitting the boys up any time soon unless they want to suicide bomb the show and all the ratings so why have this prolonged storyline? If this doesn’t end with Aaron and Robert talking about their insecurities and how they can better their relationship and going to therapy (that last bit is a stretch) then I will actually FLIP MY SHIT SO HARD. If this is not the outcome, WHAT WAS/IS THE POINT OF THIS STORYLINE (i mean okay I get it “plot, plot, plot” but they’re only angering probably their biggest source of viewers lets be honest). Rebecca White could have been a great character (emphasis on COULD HAVE BEEN) if her cards were played right. This storyline consists of about the same four things. Robert needs something from Rebecca, she needs something in return, she’s coming on to Robert, and Aaron’s jealous and even more self conscious. Then Robert (I love Robert to death do not think im hating on him just to hate on him. He is my child and I love him dearly) has a go at Aaron saying they can’t have this happen again and lets it go thinking its alright (Yes I know Aaron doesn’t know what we know and Robert thinks everything is sweet and dandy but god man OPEN YOUR EYES). At this point there isn’t really much to salvage of Rebecca and I (personally) think she should just be booted. My next problem comes from Chas. Chas. Chas. Chas. How much of an emotional rollercoaster can I be put on in such a short time. One minute, she’s pushing about the wedding, then she’s saying Aaron should be worried and she expects him to drop it like nothings happened. HOWS ABOUT YOU KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT LIKE A GOOD LITTLE GIRL. I DONT WANT TO BE MAD WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE. A lot of Aaron’s insecurities stem from Chas in the first place with her leaving him with Gordon and just in general. Plus she made it worse by basically saying she wouldn’t deal with him any more because he didn’t like and wouldn’t live with Carl. Can’t Emmerdale just take the hint we don’t want jealous Aaron anymore, its so overplayed by now. Let’s get into mental illness and Robert’s insecurities of being with Aaron. I want the wedding and journey to the wedding to go as smoothly as it can (in soapland anyway). That is my rant. I apologize for this long post.

some OC stuff :u

i was playing around with a different coloring technique and also testing out some kyle t webster brushes I just bought :D 

the characters’ designs have changed considerably since i started this pic but i was just using it for coloring practice so whatevs! 


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Aaron reacting to being told that “no one else comes close” to him

#look at this precious little baby who can’t believe he ever would be that important to someone yet someone would put him first.


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Aaron Dingle + his thick cute fluffy scruffy beard I’d die for to touch ;3

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