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  • Me: *talks about Fandom A for hours*
  • Other Person: Can we talk about something different?
  • Me: Ok. *starts talking about Fandom B*

color doodles from a while ago. 
*coughs* that i almost forgot about 

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is it true your dads cancer has developed to stage 4? there's been rumors. if so i'm really sorry and i'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers. your father was the highlight of my childhood and i hope he feels better soon. sorry for prying!

“Friends and supporters, This is the update I never wanted to write. During moments of distress and heartache, time can become a friend and ease us down the road from our pain. Our hearts become a little lighter and we allow ourselves to hope. But as many of you know, cancer has its own agenda. Stefan’s post-surgery diagnosis revealed devastating news - his condition has progressed to Stage 4. As his wife Steina said, “life expectancy is significantly impaired.” Despite the best efforts of his excellent Icelandic medical team, and Stefan’s personal heroism, there is no apparent cure. There are always experimental processes, and they will be woven into the fabric of Stefan’s care if at all possible. But for now and the immediate future, family and friends are concentrating on being positive, giving Stefan whatever he needs to recover from his most recent surgery, and regain his energy for as long as possible. He is an extraordinary man - do I need to tell you that? He is moving beyond fear to a courageous and practical frame of mind. He has plans for several projects which I am certain will delight his fans worldwide. And so I come to the part of this message where I put on my fundraising hat. You have all been so generous and kind these past few months, as our running total will attest. Can you do more? It’s hard to ask, but that is my job and I’m going to keep asking until people start throwing rocks at me. I want us to raise a staggering amount so that Stefan will not have to bear the additional worry of his family’s future, at least in the short term. Thank you for your kindness and your concern for our friend Stefan. Help spread the word!” - As written by Mark Valenti (who is in charge of the fundraising). 
The paragraph is copy pasted from the gofundme site that you can find here: https://www.gofundme.com/2tm9tqk

In other words, yes. It has been confirmed that it is terminal. He will not grow to be an old man. There is no way of saying how long he has left and believe me when I say that it’s frustrating for us too. I would prefer to not answer further questions on the matter and while I’m not upset with any of the people who have contacted me or sent asks, I would like to ask you all to contact Mark and watch for updates on gofundme as well as on the facebook site rather than contacting me directly. Thank you all for the kind words. 

omg you guys my likes section is almost EXCLUSIVELY mad sweeney

i………………………………love him so much and AG was so satisfying BUT IT TOO IS OVER

that being said, i’m still going to spend most of the summer doing American Gods work, because it was so refreshing. after the wringer spn put me through, i really was trying to make mountains out of molehills. i do have a few spn comic ideas to get to, tho!

SO IN REGARDS TO SPN CONS I’M WORKING! my plans for the rest of the year (which are subject to change, but this is the basic overview!) are:

  • CHICAGO, IL JULY 14-16
  • NEW ORLEANS, LA OCT. 27-29

sanfran might still be on the table, but it’s a bit too far off to tell right now. i love seeing everyone’s faces with my traveling comic show HOWEVER i might need a month to get my bearings at some point :’)

anyway here’s that gif of me with my cat band again


i have 0 excuses okay i just saw @joliemariella‘s tags on my silly drunk Pap animation and 

look at all those friends

c’mon Sans, gotta carry ‘em for SCIENCE (and friendship)

y’all i’m practising rick’s face ‘cause i don’t think i have it completely dominated yet so here’s another quick sketch of his bitch ass face. (i don’t know who’s the other dude, he just appeared while i was drawing)

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Hi Emma, could you make a fic rec with stories that deal with mental health / mental illness? Thank you so much! <3

Here you go! Please keep in mind to heed any tag warnings and the fic descriptions to avoid any triggers (and if you have any trigger-related questions, feel free to ask me). ❤️

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Imagine Woozi calling you on your birthday so that he could wish you but gets interrupted by the other members who keep screaming birthday greetings to you in the background.

BONUS: Despite the other members interrupting him and overall making it hard to have to a peaceful conversation with you, Woozi isn’t bothered by it one bit since it’s because them that he is able to hear the sounds of your adorable laughter through the call.