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I'm taking her doing this play as a sign she is leaving.

Okay, you do that.  I’ll be over here taking it as a sign that she’s doing a small project, during what, if the show continues, would be her hiatus. Just like always.

But have fun with your illogical, jumping to random conclusions. 

Please, Stop / Mitsuhide x MC

Kisses with Meaning Prompts

@belxsar: Hello, for your ‘Kisses With Meaning’ prompt drabbles, I’d like to request Mitsuhide with either eyelid, nape, or wrist (you pick because I can’t!) please. Thanks so much! :) Love your writing and your blog! <3

  • Mitsuhide + Eyelid (adoration) + Nape (deep attachment) + Wrist (desire/lust)

It’s a game she comes up with on the spot to test a few things, meant to last only a heartbeat. But looking at him now, and every moment before and after, she knows she will never be able to help herself, not when he sits there so fraught and tidy, refusing to play. There will be a wrinkle in his sleeve and a wrinkle in his brow, as well as a wrinkle in his words and a wrinkle in his calm, and she will want nothing more than to reach out on every plane and see how much more wrinkled it would get under her touch.

She does enjoy it. She can admit that. But it won’t even be the best part.



She thinks him untouchable, invulnerable, as stalwart as a battle ship heaving out to sea, and it infuriates her, because she can see the wear and tear. From the pier she wonders why he doesn’t.

“May I kiss you?”

So she plays with him, poking and prodding with gentle paws, until it’s a glorious mess: the stillness. The fake tranquility that goes washing over him and seeping out through his pores. His brush stills. His breath stills. His eyes still. And every inch of his control frays under an invisible, indomitable, weight.

Like the cat that got the canary, she bares her teeth at him in—

“Leave me,” he says.


“I beg your pardon?”

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Breath (Avatar Gency AU)

So sorry I haven’t been writing much dolls, I’ve been studying but I managed to make time for this little Gency AU. Several anons asked for FireBender!Genji teaching Avatar!Mercy how to Firebend and the idea hasn’t left me since. Also, Mercy is air nomad born and I had a lot of fun writing this ♥

Gency. AU. Avatar!Mercy. AirBender!Mercy. FireBender!Genji. 


Cutting her hand through the hair, she pushes forward. Teeth grinding down as she focuses all her energy into the movement. Striking out, she stops when only a wisp of smoke appears at the center of her palm.

“Genji…” she sighs, letting her stance loosen. “Maybe we should take a break.”

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mun's ships for Cordelia?

oh– ahaha, um, hello anon!! i’m gonna stick this under a cut if that’s okay with you! 

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