have more of my bubbline doodles

Hi! I’ve been getting asks from people who are wondering if I’m alive/still around, so here are some news: I am! Both alive and around, but I’ve been on vacation to the US to see @beastlyart and @leapofdoom and needed to get a lot of work done before that so I could take the time off with a clean conscience. I might write a post about my time overseas one of the days, but not today.

So, in the meanwhile and since I talked about it with him yesterday, here’s a picture I made like two years ago, for a friend of mine (@eldstunga) who wanted to see me draw Bubbline. I have new art to post too, but I’m one of those people who wants to have a series of pictures before I upload even one of them… I’m also trying to collect finished works I haven’t shown before, since I’m planning to make an art book. More on that later too, I guess~