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Okay so when we first see Beverly go home, we can hear the TV playing in the background right?

Okay so pretty much how the dialog goes is:

Woman: The sewer is a great place to play with ALL of your friends! Just follow the water into the drains and away you go! When you’re with your friends in the sewers you can be as silly as a clown!


So we pretty much got a tip off about what the main source of the problem (Pennywise using the sewers to eat the kiddlings) from about 30 minutes into the film. And to me that is really genius of the writers and shows how much they had payed attention to detail, like that small thing is something I missed until I watched it a second time and then proceeded to loose my shit all over again about how this film is amazing

Like this is reason number 718578191665381 why “IT” (2017) is a fucking bombass movie

(Also just to jog your memory this is the show that was on the tv)

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can't think of any really AU-worthy but Can't Take My Eyes Off You + SuperCorp pretty please

omg thank youu you’re the best  💕 💕💕  (and really the song doesn’t matter bc i will just make it into a random AU that comes to mind while i hear it, so this is great!!)

The ballroom instructor’s assistant is unfairly beautiful.

Kara hasn’t been able to take her eyes off of her since she walked in, and it’s absolutely been no help that she’s taken up the spot right across from Kara.

The sentiment isn’t exactly shared. “Nice of you to finally join us, Lena,” the instructor—Veronica, as she insists to be called—says, not bothering to conceal her glare at her assistant.

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quick sketches of an AU me an @xallanch were chattin abt, where an ancient egyptian mokuba was the vessel of the bewd. meet princess Adena! 

they’re not related by blood, seto found her in a similar way that he found kisara. poor kid can’t seem to catch a break in both lifetimes.

Pennywise Imagines Hate:

For those who hate on those who write Pennywise x reader imagines and stuff, they should be comfortable about writing about them. I myself is still dealing with writers block and because I like Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise version and so do some people, I’m going to continue writing imagines about Pennywise and possibly Bill Skarsgard as well in the future. I enjoy writing imagines for fictional and real people  and I wanted to start this blog for that reason alone to share my creativity for writing. I’m already feeling the hate for writing an early Pennywise imagine I wrote so…

Also, I’m going to go to Hawaii for a few days and I’m not entirely sure if my uncle’s house has wifi so. So we’ll see if I can continue writing while I’m there, maybe a few pictures here and there. 

Anyway, I feel comfortable writing about Pennywise because this character is the only thing I can think of during part of my writers block. So please stop hating my imagines and many others. Please stop spreading hate on characters you don’t like.

I wanna draw something but I don’t know what

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wow..when did that happen smh and they’re thinking of bringing him back /post/165607385226/the-fact-that-scott-even-as-an-adult-whos-been

Charles has some comic book nonsense going on in his head so i guess you arent supposed to blame him, but im more concerned with scott anyway. its a huge fucking deal for him to say no to Charles and stay with jean in the hospital.. scott standing up for him self and disobeying is a big deal ! it shouldnt be ! but scott knows it is. and the flinch when Charles goes to hit him. …

6x13 Rewatch - “The Same Boat”

I just rewatched “The Same Boat,” because reasons, and I don’t know if I thought of this before, or if I didn’t really get the connection except for in the abstract, but I just realized how much of an impetus this episode was in Carol’s decision to leave ASZ. Because of all that happened in 6x14, I think it muddied my perceptions of what happened, or I just was so pissed off by that point in the season that I couldn’t wrap my mind around this episode, and how it played into what Carol said to Morgan in the last episode. 

When Carol is standing next to Maggie, outside of the kill floor, she says: 

“I think I might have killed 18 people…20. I should’ve killed Donnie, too, in the woods. I had a clear shot. I didn’t miss. None of this would’ve happened if I had just killed him.”

“Don’t think about it.”

“I can’t stop.”

In the very next episode, Carol has a talk with Daryl when he says he should’ve killed the people in the forest. Then at the end of the episode, she is there when he is digging a grave for Denise, who died because he didn’t kill those people, like he thought he should have. (I think now, in retrospect, she is imagining that it could have been her digging a grave for Maggie, and what bad things could have happened because of her hesitation in killing Donnie.)

I don’t think I ever quite connected the entire series of events in that way before. Carol tells Morgan that if you love people you will kill for them (as is shown in how she doesn’t hesitate to shoot Chelle when she attacks Maggie), and if you can’t or won’t, then you can’t be around them because you will be a liability. Carol sees this battle within herself on whether or not to kill people (a battle that’s tormenting her soul) as a weakness and a liability that will cause those around her to be in danger, so she removes herself from the equation. 

Her leaving never quite made as much sense to me before because I don’t think I could quite put it all in context, but now I think I get it a little bit better. I’m just a little bit slow on the uptake. 

I just wanted to let you know that you are completely loved and supported by the universe,
during each and every second,
Until the very end of time.

You will never be alone.

How the team finds out Lance is Bi

*teams is at a male only populated planet*

Shiro: I wonder why there’s only males here.

Hunk: At least, I think they’re all males?

Pidge: *nods* Yeah, Allura and Coran both told us that this is a male dominate planet.

Keith: *I don’t know, he just, licks his knife or something edgy like that*

Shiro: Lance? Are you okay? You’ve been unnaturally quiet.

Lance: *folds hands, crouches down, and deeply inhales*

Team: ……

Aliens: …..


Keith: jeSUS CHRIST!

Hunk: *whispers* hallelujah it’s raining men

Lance: AMEN!!!