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Ok let me break this down. I got put into a game yesterday defending on Eichenwalde. 2 ppl on the defending team left so that’s where me and the soldier came in to fill it. I saw there were no healers which hey - im a mercy main no problem!

THE PAYLOAD WAS LITERALLY .55M (POINT. FIVE. FIVE ) on the goal like just RIGHT. THERE. We held this down for the last 7min of the game and won. You guys, it was one of the MOST STRESSFUL games I have ever played. 

No deaths, also got POTG lol i don’t know if i deserved it but glad to help this team out right at the very last minute. Like… i know this isn’t funny or something but damn was it a VERY CLOSE and very fun intense battle WHEW !

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can you please make a list of alarkling fanfics?

hi anon!! there aren’t as many alarkling fics in this world as i would like(and im bitterly disappointed ok i need even more)  but here are some of my favourites(◡‿◡✿)

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Ashton Imagine: You Meet Oli at a Bring Me the Horizon Concert

Author: Rhine


You let the music wash over you, the drums shaking your bones, the bass resonating in your skin. You could feel your ears start to feel numb and your voice start to scratch from all the screaming you’ve done that night, but you’re having too much fun to care. You can feel the sweat on your body clinging onto your shirt, streaming down your face and threading your hair, though in the strobe lights it made you look like you were glowing. 

You feel a familiar set of arms encircle your waist, his own sweat-drenched shirt clinging onto yours, though you weren’t complaining. You turn back to look up at your boyfriend, his skin just as sticky with sweat as when he’s on stage himself; his bandana holding down damp, curly tufts of hair with a smile as bright as the stage lights on his face.

“Having fun, babe?” He shouts into your your ear, but it translates into a soft murmur in your concert-broken eardrums.

“This is the best night ever!” You yell back at him, turning up to look at him, beaming. 

Ashton had just come back from touring, and managed to secure two tickets to the concert of your favourite band - after 5SOS, of course - Bring Me the Horizon. 

You had been looking forward to the concert all week, shaking so much with excitement that you nearly barreled into Ashton when he came to pick you up earlier that night.

Someone’s excited to me, he had grinned, dimples and all.

Yeah, but not as excited to see five other guys tonight, you had teased, winking cheekily at him.

Ashton merely ruffled your hair and put his hand securely on your waist, guiding you to the concert arena. 

You better not run off to be their groupie after the show, he had growled playfully. Remember, you’re already mine.

You stuck your tongue out at him, too excited to be seeing your favourite band - second favourite band, he’d remind you - too jittery from excitement to pay too much attention to anything else.

And the show was incredible. 

When the boys came onstage, you thought you’d lose your mind. You shrieked and grabbed Ashton’s shirt, jumping up and down while he merely smiled at you, laughing.

When they started playing their songs, you could hardly believe it - seeing them in person, so close to where you were, hearing the songs that you had heard so many times through your speakers or headphones live in person. It was surreal - the way the music weaved through your body and your bones, the bass and words waking something up inside of you that must’ve been asleep all this time.

You felt so alive, seeing the crowd move in all different directions, thousands of pitches of voices singing along to every lyric - being a part of it all. 

You were jumping and screaming, hair flying in all directions as you shouted the lyrics you loved at the top of the lungs. And when you got tired, you rested in Ashton’s arms - sticky skin clinging onto each other, hands wrapped around you like he’d never let go - hearing how his heartbeat matched the rhythm to every single song.

And when the show ended, you were breathless but still running on adrenaline with a camera roll full of blurry pictures and shaking videos of you and Ashton and the band from your seat. 

Slowly, the crowd started to file away, the band having already disappeared backstage after one last song to end the night.

You and Ashton were one of the last ones to leave, the backstage crew already coming out to clean the stage and the seats.

“Ready to go, babe?" 

Ashton smiles brightly at you, dimples showing and eyes glowing from the magic that was the show. His hair is messy, loose curls clinging onto his forehead and shirt glued to his stomach from the sweat - you’re sure you look the same. 

"Yeah - everyone else is already gone." 

You lace your fingers with his, and make your way to the nearest exit.

The two of you are almost out the door when you hear a shuffling from the stage and turn to look back, only to see none other than Oliver Sykes himself - the lead singer of Bring Me the Horizon. The tattoos and messy hair was a dead giveaway. 

He didn’t seem to notice the two of you, but your jaw drops and you tug Ashton back to the stage, despite his feeble protests.

"Why are you pulling me, women - oh.”

The two of you stopped in front of the stage, still unnoticed by Oliver, who seemed to be looking for something.

“Hi, um - Oliver?” You squeaked out, partially from your hoarse voice and partially from your nervousness of seeing the band’s singer just mere meters away from you. You could see every intricate detail of the ink on his skin, clearer than any picture that you’ve seen through the internet. 

He whips around, shocked that the two of you were still there. “Um, hello?”

“I just wanted to say - um, I actually - I just really, er - ” You fumble around with your words, not quite sure what it was you really wanted to say. Frankly, you didn’t plan this far ahead - you saw him there and wanted to say a hello, and then completely blanked out about what would happen next.

You never thought you would get to meet the Oliver Sykes, let alone talk to him.

“What she means to say is that she’s a really big fan of yours and she loves your music.” Ashton covers for you before you end up looking like a loser. “Like, a lot.

You nod enthusiastically at Ashton’s words, smiling at Oliver brightly without trying to shake too much.

“Is that so?” Oliver smiles slightly at you.

“Yeah - I’ve been listening to you guys since the beginning and I’ve loved you guys for so many years. I’ve got practically all your albums and all your songs on my phone.” You manage to squeak out, all your words jumbling out in a rush from your nervousness. 

“You guys are my favourite - ” You start to say before Ashton nudges you painfully in the side, “ - second favourite band.”

You smile brightly at him, casually smacking Ashton on the chest as you do.

“Who’s got your number one spot?” Oliver asks, grinning at the two of you.

“This loser’s band.” You pull at Ashton’s cheek, watching him squirm. “I’m obligated to love them because I love him.”

“That’s how you get the best fans.” Oliver winks at Ashton, and he laughs. 

“I got lucky with this girl.” Ashton grins, rubbing his sore cheek. “I’m Ashton, by the way. From 5 Seconds of Summer.”

He extends a hand and Oliver takes it, shaking it firmly. 

“I knew you looked kind of familiar, kid. Oliver Sykes. You might know me, I just played this awesome show.”

You and Ashton laugh, and you feel Ashton’s hand snake around your waist, his long fingers hooking onto one of your belt loops.

“Oh, trust me, I know. This girl has so many posters and pictures of you that I’m starting to forget that I exist." 

"Ash!” You bump his hip playfully.

“What’s your name, love?” Oliver asks you, his eyes friendly. 

You introduce yourself, and he shakes your hand - you touched his hand! - smiling at you.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you.” He says, his accent sweeping you off your feet. “I’m lucky to know I have such wonderful fans like you.”

You blush tomato red and look at your scuffed shoe, mumbling something incoherent about albums and music.

“Anyways, we’re sorry for bothering you.” Ashton says apologetically.

“Nah, I was just looking for a bracelet I dropped during the show.” Oliver waves his hand nonchalantly. “Must’ve swung off my hand while I was playing or something.”

“We can help you look for it, if you want.” You offer, biting your lip. Truthfully, you weren’t quite ready to leave yet, and you still were still a bit starstruck over seeing Oliver.

“Sure, why not.” Oliver grins. “Come on up - my eyes are getting a bit rusty anyways.”

You and Ashton hop onstage eagerly, waiting for instructions.

“Well, it’s thin and braided and brown - might be a bit hard to find, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see it.” He explains.

The two of you nod and start looking around - or rather, exploring the stage. You wander to the edges of the stage, peeking backstage to see if you could the rest of the band with no luck. 

While you quietly snooped around creepily, Ashton came up from behind you and squeezed your sides, causing you to jump and yelp, which made Oliver turn around in surprise.

“Ashton!” You whisper-yell, hitting him on the arm as you felt your cheeks heat up. From the corner of your eye, you can see Oliver smile at the two of you before continuing his hunt.

Ashton gives you the puppy dog eyes before laughing. 

“It’s cute how you think others can’t tell that you’re clearly snooping around.” He whispers in your ear, causing the hairs on your neck to stand up.

“I’m not snooping around!”

“Well you aren’t doing a very good job of looking for this bracelet.”

“Shut up, Ashton!”

“If you wanted to collect a piece of his hair I could always pluck one out for you.”

You smack him on the arm again, and he bounds off playfully, giggling to himself.

After a few more moments of looking around, your feet nudges something strange - upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a worn, braided bracelet - just like Oliver had described.

“I think I found it!” You exclaimed excitedly, bounding back to the two boys, who were staring at you.

You held up the thin braid for them to see. “Is this it?”

“Yeah - thank you!” Oliver grins widely, reaching out to take the bracelet from your hands before pausing, his hands stopping in its tracks. 

“You know what, why don’t you keep it?” He says after a moment of consideration. “Think of it as a thank-you gift for being such an amazing fan.”

“Are you serious?” You gape at him, eyes wide. It was clearly no Tiffany bracelet with its worn and frayed edges, but it was a bracelet from Oliver Sykes. That he wore

“Yeah, definitely.” Oliver smiles at you. “Finders keepers, anyways.”

“Whoa, thank you so much!” You beam, and before you can stop yourself, you have your arms swung around his neck, engulfing him in a tight hug. It takes a moment for you to realize your spontaneity - you practically jumped on the poor boy - but you merely grin to yourself when you hear Oliver laugh and feel him hug you back.

“Any more moves like that and I might just lose her for good, man.” Ashton sighs loudly, shaking his head as some loose curls bounce around his head.

“Don’t worry - if she runs off, I’ll have her delivered to you, free of shipping charges.” He jokes as you punch Ashton lightly in the arm, giving him a quick peck on his cheek to rid his face of his childish pout.

“Um.. one more thing?” You ask timidly before you and Ashton turn to leave, bouncing on your heels nervously. “Can I have your autograph?”


You and Ashton finally left the arena a full hour after the show ended, a new bounce in your steps, Oliver’s bracelet tied securely on your wrist, a dozen photos of you and Olver and Ashton on your phone, a CD signed with a cute memo - for the sweetest fan I’ll ever meet and her curly boyfriend whom she should not forget because he’s alright too - and the brightest beam on your face.

“Looks like you got the most out of that concert, didn’t you?” Ashton eyes your gleeful steps and permanent smile etched on your face.

“It was the best nice ever!” You enthused, practically dancing on the streetlights that you passed by. “We jammed out and met Oli and I got a bracelet and an autograph and a bunch of pictures and oh my god, is this all a dream?”

“You’re cute when you fangirl.” Ashton laughs at your loopy form, the dim streetlamps weaving strands of light in your hair that matched the sun in your smile.

“What, you aren’t jealous that I’m fangirling over a band member that isn’t you?” You teased, jumping off the streetlamp and staring at Ashton, a smirk on your lips. 

“No, because I can give you something better.” He grins, something mischievous in his eyes. 

“And what’s that?” You tease.

“This.” Ashton presses his lips to yours, his hands gently cupping your face. You feel yourself lean back a little at his sudden movement, but he stables you with his sturdy hands, and you can feel him smiling in your kiss.

When he pulls away, you’re left dazed and breathless, running on more adrenaline than you were before. His hazel eyes are so close you can almost see the flecks of gold from the streetlamp shining into them, a hint of childish mischief in them.

“I can also give you some excellent post-concert waffles, if that counts for anything.” He whispers, voice breathy.

“You had me at waffles.” You murmur, still dazed. “You sure know the way to my heart, Irwin.”

“Like no other man.”

“Shut up and give me some waffles.”

He laughs and throws you over his shoulder despite your shrieks, his laughter mixing with yours as he runs to the nearest all-day breakfast store for a midnight snack. 

Needless to say, it was one of the best days you’ve every had.


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140125 + in Seoul Concert (Day 2) - Fancam

BIGBANG acoustic encore performance of “Bad Boy”

© partnervi

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