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Anytime He Wants

Summary: The reader and Dean are undercover as an engaged couple at a wedding reception. Something shifts between the two hunters. 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,620

Warnings: ABSOLUTELY NONE. This is the fluffiest fluff to fluff. 

A/N: So this is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s RomCom Fluff Challenge, and I had prompt #70 from Sweet Home Alabama “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” (it’s bolded) This is also my first challenge ever. It was a lot of fun to write off of a prompt again! :) Hope this is fluffy enough for you, Mimi! Love you!

Dean Winchester is not a man who does relationships. He’s known for picking up girls in bars, leaving with them for a night and never seeing them again. So when you find yourself undercover, glued to his side as his fiancee for the evening at a wedding reception, it’s a bit weird to say the least. If you are honest with yourself, you have always harbored a crush for Dean since you moved into the bunker two years ago, you just never said anything for fear of ruining the amazing friendship the two of you shared.  

 Every time you’d overheard him flirting with some girl in a bar you had always wished he was flirting with you instead. The words he would use and how he would use them never failed; you knew that if he ever used his charm on you you’d be a puddle faster than anyone thought possible. You weren’t looking forward to him sweet talking you tonight though. The two of you were undercover and if he used it tonight it would just be part of that. Hearing him sweet talk you, only to know in your heart that he didn’t mean any of it would just be too much to handle. However, since the two of you had been at the wedding, he had yet to use any of his usual lines or tricks and it was making you nervous.

You will admit though, feeling Dean’s warm hand on the small of your back as the two of you socialize for the case is comforting. He’s letting you know that he’s right there and he won’t leave for anything. You’re admiring the ice sculpture picked out by the bride when you feel his thumb start to caress your back, and soon you feel a slight pressure to the side of your head. Dean pulls his lips away from your temple and leans down to whisper in your ear, “You know, I never did tell you how absolutely stunning you look tonight, y/n.”

You quickly turn to face Dean, a blush taking up residence in your cheeks as you look up into his piercing green eyes. Remembering to play along you weave your arm under his, and settle it around his waist, your eyes still on his as you smile shyly. “Thanks, babe. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would look. I don’t usually wear dresses like this, you know.”

He chuckles, a rumbling sound that rumbles through his chest and into your soul, warming you from the inside out. “This is true. Comes with the territory, I guess. Just means we should go out more often.”

The way Dean’s looking at you when he makes his last comment causes your heart to flutter, but before you can think too heavily on it Dean says, “Hey, would you mind dancing with me, y/n?” All you can do is smile and nod your agreement as he pulls you onto the dance floor.

As the two of you make it to the dance floor his hand finds its way back to the small of your back, gently pulling you to him, as his other hand grasps yours in his holding your entwined hands over his heart.  You free hand finds its way up to his shoulder. The two of you just sway back and forth for a bit, letting the music wash over you, no words needing to be spoken.

A couple of minutes pass, and as you are glancing over Dean’s shoulder you feel his lips close to your ear as he starts to speak. “I want you to know, that I was serious when I said we should go out more. We don’t even have to go out somewhere to go out. I just want to spend time with you with the intention of kissing you at some point.”

You suddenly inhale sharply and pull back slightly so you can look Dean in the eye, hoping he’s saying what you think he’s saying. “Dean, what are you saying?”

He smiles and softly squeezes you closer to him as he answers you. “Y/n, I’m saying I’d love to take you out. Go on dates with you. Do the romance thing with you. Babe, I’ve fallen for you, and I’ve fallen hard.”

Glancing down at his lips, suddenly you’re filled with skepticism. Now eyeing him, you arch your brow and question. “You? Want to be with me? Like, exclusive be with me? Dean, did you drink the punch? I hear a rumor that they spiked it.”

Dean shakes his head and laughs, then leans forward far enough that his forehead rests on yours. He smirks. “Yeah, I heard that too. But I haven’t had any because I wanted to be sober for tonight. It’s not every day you ask the woman you love to be your girl, now is it?”

Rolling your eyes you pull away enough to rest your head on his chest, your insecurities making themselves known. “Now Dean, why in hell would you want me to be your girl? I’m nothing special. I’m nothing like those girls you pick up in bars. I don’t have gorgeous long hair, I don’t have an hourglass figure, and I sure as hell am not a single digit size.”

You feel his body go rigid underneath your hands. His lips connect with the top of your head in a comforting kiss. “Y/n, is that seriously what you think?” He reaches a hand up, lifting your chin until you’re forced to make eye contact. “Of course you’re not like those girls from the bars. I’d hope to Chuck you’re nothing like them.” His eyes flicker back and forth between yours, trying to gauge how you’re taking his confession. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Your hair is so adorable in the morning when you have your severe cases of bed head. And your hips? Holy shit they’re intoxicating, y/n.”

Hearing him telling you what he loves about you is almost too much, and you try to look away as you blush furiously. His grip keeps you from turning away, and he smiles. “Hey, I’m not done honey. The girls from the bars might be single digit sizes, but I can guarantee that’s probably their IQ level as well.” He moves his hand from your chin to lightly caress your cheek as his eyes flicker to your lips, which causes you to subconsciously wet them with your tongue. “You’re like a siren, babe. And there’s no way in hell I have the power to walk away. Not that I’d ever want to.”

Before Dean can say anymore, you raise up on your toes and press a kiss to his lips. Reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck, you press yourself even closer to him. He responds almost instantly by wrapping his arms around you and sucking on your bottom lip. The two of you don’t deepen the kiss, but keep kissing nonetheless until you both are desperate for air. Breaking apart, you smile up at Dean through your lashes. “So, what was that about wanting me to be your girl?”

“Y/n, I want you to be my girl. I want to wake up next to you in the mornings and love you forever.” He runs his hands up and down your back, his smile making you swoon in your head.

You press a chaste kiss to his lips. “And why do you want to be with me?”

Dean thinks for a second, looks into your eyes, and with the utmost conviction says, “So I can kiss you anytime I want.”  And leans in to place a kiss on your lips that is so full of love and emotion, and you’re thankful that he’s holding you because otherwise your knees would give out and you’d fall.

The kiss is making you dizzy, but you’re pulling away from Dean suddenly, you cock an eyebrow and stare at him. He’s got a shit eating grin on his face and you can’t help but break your stare and start laughing as you softly swat his chest. “Dean Michael Winchester, did you just quote Sweet Home Alabama?”

If at all possible, Dean’s grin widens as he winks at you. “Oh, baby. You know it. Sweet Home Alabama might be a chick flick, but I pay attention when you force me to watch those. Jake is a smooth man, and it worked like a charm. I mean, Melanie fell for it when they were six. But ignore the fact that it’s Jake’s line; it seemed like the right thing to say because it’s one of the truest statements I could come up with. Because if you’re my girl I get to kiss you, hug you, love you.. and love you, anytime I want.” His eyes darken as his hands gently slide down from their place on the small of your back to settle on your hips, his thumbs rubbing softly against your hip bones.  And y/n, that’s all I want. That’s all I’ve wanted for a long time.”

Your breathing hitches when you catch his intentions, and your heart soars. Hearing what Dean has to say makes you realize just how lucky you are to have him, and how much you feel the same way. Who knows, maybe you’ve felt the same way the entire time. But what matters is that right now, the two of you both know how the other feels and it’s a good thing. Smiling, you look up at him. “Well then, Winchester. Looks like we’ve got some making up to do.” You pull Dean down into another searing kiss filed with the promise of more to come.

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am i the only one that imagined alex or maggie stalking one another on fb or instagram after they met at the crime scene just because something about them was bugging one another? like can u imagine maggie seeing alex`s pictures with kara as suprgirl and being like "interesting.." someone needs to write this

She would pfft and deny it if Kara asked her, and she’d come dangerously close to breaking his nose if Winn asked her.

But no one asks her, because she only does it on her phone, and only when she’s sure she’s alone.

“Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division,” she mutters to herself, irritated that the arrogant woman – it was her crime scene, dammit – won’t leave her mind.

Irritated that the arrogant woman… does things to the inside of her stomach.

Things that she’s not entirely sure are unpleasant.

She pours herself a glass of bourbon and opens Instagram on her phone.

Just because she wants to check this hard-headed cop out, of course.

Not that way. Just… check out what she gets up to off the job. See if she can figure out if she’s actually any good at her job.

She must be – she knew Infernians, Kryptonians, heat vision, could spot sloppy methods of bagging evidence from twenty yards away – but Alex finds herself needing to know more.

For no reason, really.

To feed her irritation, probably.

She drinks deeper and types her name into the search function.

She doesn’t have to scroll long before she finds that infuriating grin, that gorgeous hair, that…

She knows she shouldn’t, but she does it anyway.

She clicks and she scrolls – slowly, more slowly than she would ever admit to – through photos of the detective sitting at a table with her hand up, a confident but somehow still soft, but somehow still edged, somehow still unreadable, expression on her face, in something just off black and white; photos of the easy-bake local cop sporting a gym bag and a confident, head-tilted stare that captivates Alex for longer than she’d care to admit; photos of the hardcore, unshakeable detective shrieking with apparent laughter on the back of a tall boy with a silver earring and dapper shirt, banter that’s cuter than Alex would care to admit in the comments section between Sawyer and some kid with the username arodriguez_nottheballplayer.

She idly slips over to the boy’s instagram and finds that Maggie is all over his, too, at Pride parades and activist events, at college visits and a high school graduation, the boy beaming with his diploma and the detective on her tip-toes, kissing his slightly scruffy cheek, his skin darker than hers but his eyes just as bright.

Alex wonders how the apparently hard-ass detective wound up so full of smiles around this kid, and she wonders if maybe he’s Maggie’s Kara.

But no, Maggie can’t have a Kara.

Maggie can’t be a person to Alex.

Maggie’s just a local cop who got in the way of her investigation, who impeded on her territory, who stepped into her jurisdiction.

And is, apparently, refusing to leave.

“Hey M’gann, what’s the wifi this month?” Maggie wants to know, and M’gann smirks.

“Morn made it up this time – guess.” She grins as Maggie laughs into her beer and types in the quiet but ever-present alien’s name into her phone, and she goes immediately to Instagram.

“My lab is not an easy bake flipping oven,” Maggie mutters to herself as she searches the name of the overly self-assured, overly hot – that suit, my god, why would she do that to a person? – secret service agent who’d trampled onto her crime scene earlier today.

“Ooh, new hot date?” M’gann asks as she passes behind Maggie with a tray of north Bravakian ale. “She’s cute.”

Maggie rolls her eyes. “Come on, M’gann, you know I’m still with – ”

“Yeah, I know, and you know I don’t think you should be.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Maggie sighs and drinks deeply and squints as she scrolls through photos of Alex with pursed lips and smoldering eyes that set Maggie’s core on fire; older photos, it seems, of the secret service agent with shorter hair, a few with longer hair; a few of an apparent game night with two men with broad smiles and collared shirts, and a pretty blonde who makes Maggie’s stomach twinge with unwarranted and completely inexplicable jealousy; and even a couple in the field with Supergirl, their easy, intimate rapport clear even from the way they’re standing, from the ways they’re looking at each other.

“Interesting…” she murmurs.

“What’s interesting?” M’gann wants to know, and Maggie closes the app on her phone, knowing she shouldn’t be going down this rabbit hole, she shouldn’t be looking up photos of some – beautiful – woman just because something’s bugging her about her, just because she can’t get her out of her mind, just because…

“Nothing. Nothing. Just someone I met in the field today.”

M’gann arches an eyebrow; she doesn’t need her telepathy to know better, but she doesn’t push.

“Scotch? On the house?” she offers instead.

Maggie grins and pushes her empty beer bottle at her friend.

“Only if I can interest you in a game of pool when you get off shift.”

“You know you have no chance, Sawyer,” M’gann laughs.

Maggie thinks of that agent – Alex Danvers – her name feels better than she wants to admit on her tongue – and shrugs.

“I’ve got hope.”

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OK SO I'm getting into Seventeen so hard core now that I've watched all of their MV's I need to know anything and everything about them!!!!!!! LIKE NOW!!! I BEG! ANYTHING! THAT CAN GET ME A HEADSTART! Like If they had a concert in the US next year I WILL GO SO FAST! What have u done to me? thank you though!!!


Lol! I got a similar message like this, so I’ll give you the run down!

Bias ruiner Mingyu (Hip Hop/rap team): Amazing rapper | Tallest | Smiles a lot | Great! cook | SEXY AF!

Don’t fuck with The8 (performance team) (Chinese): This little nigga can turn flips and shit | has piercings in his ear | Loves his members a lot | the cutest singing tone to his voice.

Wonwoo (Hip Hop/rap team) : Handsome as fuck! | Deep/Sexy voice | Rapper & damn good at it | Seem like he doesn’t talk much but has a lot of personality!

Jun (performance team) (Chinese) sexy and shady as hell | boy can D A N C E! | full of charisma 24/7.

He literally sat there and watched Vernon choke.

Vernon (Hip Hop/rap team): Mixed w/ Korean (dad) and White (mom) | funny af | voice is even more attractive when he raps | nice lit flow to his transition from Korean to English in his raps| handsome af! | hood | likes trap | dresses urban/Hip Hop style| has a woke mom that supports Black people.

S.Coups(Hip Hop/rap team) : The leader | The way he raps is sexy!! |  Dimples!! | wants to be with Nicki Minaj | So nice and caring! | “Dad” of the group.

Jeonghan (vocal team): Soft voice | Singer | Use to have long ass gorgeous hair | One minute he’s cute! the next he’s being sexy af | bites lips a lot| “Mom” of the group.

Naega Hosh aka 10:10 aka Hoshi (performance team) : Creates Seventeen dances | smart and creative | amazing dancer | so funny | getting sexy year by year wtf!! | Has ear piercings

Joshua Hong (vocal team) : from the USA (Los Angeles) | Church going man | so sweet | smooth/sexy speaking voice| big cat eyes | Said would date ANY race | King of bad rapping | King of  funny rhymes | plays guitar | also has ear piercings.

Woozi: (vocal team) Suga’s long lost brother | Producer | Hates doing aeygo | not a touchy person | Raps and sings | shortest member. | He’s cute af, but don’t say that to his face!

DK (vocal team) SIDE PROFILE ON FLEEK! | Sexy nose | boy can SANG! | Love his laugh | smiles and laughs a lot | loves compliments on his singing | funny!

Seungkwan(vocal team) : The personality of the group | so so very funny | this boy can S A N G| HE HITS THOSE HIGH NOTES! | Sassy diva | likes to spin like a ballerina | Cries every time Seventeen wins an award | Known for his cute chubby cheeks but he’s losing them slowly :(

DINO(performance team): Maknae | great dancer!!! | great at freestyle dancing! | boy can rap! | cutest brightest smile | laughs and smiles a lot |  it’s like he has a permanent smile and it’s so cute!! | “Jeonghan’s baby”

They kill album sales every time they have a comeback and their albums stay on the charts for months and months. They are known as “Monster Rookies” since they have so much success and only debuted  last year in 2015. It would take me awhile to list their accomplishments, but I’m proud and their so humble and love their fans.

Welcome to the fandom of ‘CARATS’ (💎we use the diamond emoji a lot)

Okay, so I know we always say Lance is literally Sokka but imagine if somehow they met, like maybe the ATLA universe is actually on another planet or something

Can you imagine what good friends they’d be

It’d be terrifying for everyone


They’d prank people together, try and wingman each other. But also they’d talk and I just

“Yeah there’s this angsty guy Keith and he has a lion that shoots fire.”

“Fire, you say?”

“And this princess… I kinda have a crush on her. She’s gorgeous, got like, really long white hair–”

“Oh, man. I dated a princess with white hair once…”


Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re Dean’s best friend, and when Dean brings home his new girlfriend, she really hasn’t taken a liking to you.

Warnings: Cursing, brief fight scene.

Requested by me~! I had this random idea and decided to roll with it!

A/N: If your name is Victoria, you might want to change the other girl’s name.

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

“Dean’s doing what?!”, you exclaim, lifting up your arms in shock.

“He’s bringing a girl back to the bunker”, Sam repeats, chuckling at your reaction. You just gape at him, mouth open and all. “I know, I know. It’s a surprise to me too.”

Never once in the five years you’ve hunted with the Winchesters have you seen the infamous Dean Winchester bring home a girl. Ever.

“Her name’s Victoria and her parents were hunters. She quit a while ago though”, Sam explains. 

Well at least she wouldn’t be as freaked out by the weapons everywhere. 

“Are you going to be okay, Y/N?” Sam asks, putting a soft hand on your shoulder. Of course, Sam found out your feelings for Dean a while ago and encouraged you to tell him. But, Dean’s your best friend and you couldn’t risk losing that. And besides, the girls he chose were tall, skinny, and beautiful and loved clothes and nails while you dressed comfortably and loved shooting and hunting. 

“Yeah, Sam. I’ll be okay.”

The next few hours pass quickly and you hear the bunker door open. 

“Guys, we’re here”, Dean’s gruff voice calls out, making you shiver.

Soon they make their way into the kitchen, practically glued together. Victoria is gorgeous, you have to say. She has long, curled blonde hair, a light complexion, and long legs. She’s wearing a dark blue dress and her makeup is done to perfection. Subconsciously, you look down at yourself- A band t-shirt of Dean’s, loose jeans, torn up combat boots. You also remembered you didn’t wear makeup unless it was a very special occasion, and your hair was put up in a high messy ponytail. You frown briefly before plastering on a fake smile.

“This is Victoria. Victoria, this is my brother, Sam, and this is my best friend, Y/N”, Dean gestures, grinning widely. 

“Nice to meet you, Victoria”, Sam gives a friendly smile before going back to work. 

“Ditto”, you smile too. But, she just glares at you, blue eyes in slits. Great first impression, I guess.

Breaking the silence, Dean decides that everyone should watch a movie, which you all agree to. You sit next to Sam and Dean and Victoria sits on Dean’s other side, snuggled against his chest. Waves of jealous flowed through you, but you pushed them away for now. 

As the beginning credits begin to roll, you almost squeal in excitement as you see the title of your favorite movie pop up on screen.

Before you can express your excitement, Victoria pops in. “Ew, I hate this movie”, she spits out, making a face.

Dean flinches, because not only is it your favorite movie, its one of his too. 

Dean clears his throat. “Um, yeah, I do too. Bad choice I guess.”

You and Sam frown instantly. Dean, being the most cocky son of a bitch you know, just gave into a girl’s demand.

You roll your eyes before leaning back and relaxing, trying to ignore the obvious kissing sounds next to you. 

Before you know it, you’re out cold, and so is Sam next to you. The ending credits are rolling, but not that any of you noticed. Finally, Dean broke away from Victoria and took notice of the ending movie. 

“Oh, it’s over already”, Dean sheepishly smiles, before taking a look at you. You’re curled into the couch comfortably, making sure to avoid Sam’s long limbs, which are spread out everywhere. Dean’s expression visibly softens as he sees you stir in your sleep. 

“I’m going to the lady’s room, babe”, Victoria breaks the fond moment, standing up. 

Dean only grunts in reply, looking at you again. This time, he notices you shiver in your sleep. Deciding the couch wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep, he gently scooped you up in his arms and carried you to your bedroom. Softly, so he wouldn’t wake you, he places you on your bed, tucking you in the covers. He takes a minute more to admire how peaceful and at ease you look. 

Suddenly, Dean feels emotions he hasn’t in a very long time. He hadn’t noticed it until now, but he had always liked you more than a friend. He admired your bravery, your humor, your immense loyalty. And when you almost died on a hunt a few years ago, he felt so broken, so hurt. 

Shit. He’d fallen in love with you and didn’t even know it. 

Fighting his emotions, he forced himself to walk out of your room, only to be face to face with a fuming Victoria. 

“What the fuck were you doing in there Dean?”, she snaps, tapping her foot obnoxiously. 

“I was putting my friend to sleep”, Dean says simply, even though its not true. 

“You know what I think Dean?” Victoria moves closer. “I think you’re a lying sack of shit”, she spats out, and drawing her hand back, slapping Dean hard on the face. 

You had heard the arguing instantly and stood by the door to listen in. And once you heard the hurtful words Victoria had said and the slap that echoed through the halls, you lost it. You harshly opened your door and strode over to Victoria, right past Dean. 

“You bitch!” you yell, bringing your fist back and landing it swiftly and powerfully on her nose, making an audible snap. She stumbles back, but not before landing a weaker blow on your jaw. Infuriated now, you tackle her to the ground and begin landing blows over her “flawless face”. 

“You listen to me, honey. If you ever, and I mean ever, hurt Dean again, my knife will be quite acquainted to your back, you hear?”, you threaten as a groggy Sam pulls you off of her. She only nods, and scrambles to her feet to leave. 

Adrenaline flows through your veins, but you soon relax against Sam’s arms, and he lets you go. 

You look over at Dean, who is holding his bruised cheek and open mouth gaping at what just happened. 

“Oh crap, let me get you some ice”, you softly mutter as you notice the obvious black and blue adorning his face. He lets you go, but not before giving Sam a shocked look. Once you return with the ice, Sam’s gone and Dean’s sitting on your bed. 

You sit next to him, lightly pressing the ice to his wound. He sighs in relief briefly.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”, Dean asks, rubbing your slightly cut knuckles. 

“Yeah, no big deal”, you mumble, shrugging your shoulders. “I’m sorry for beating up your girlfriend.”

He slightly chuckles. “You did give her quite the shiner huh?” You laugh as well. “But…”, Dean says a little quieter. “Why’d you do it? She didn’t hit me that hard.”

You let out a sigh. “I don’t know. She just said some pretty awful things to you and she didn’t have to hit you.”

Dean’s eyes soften as you continue. “No one should ever have the right to treat you like that, Dean”, you say softly.

“Thank you, Y/N, really. I’m sorry she treated you so poorly. I guess I’m not good enough of a friend to stand up for you. I’m so sorry”, Dean whispers the last part, looking deep in your eyes. “And the truth is”, Dean holds your hands in his much larger ones. “I’ll never love her as much as I love you. I love you so much sweetheart”, Dean smiles, liking the way the words flowed out of his mouth. It’s been years since he’s told anyone that. 

Hope rises in your stomach. “I love you too Dean, as a friend I guess-”

Dean cuts you off. “Darling, I love you a hell of a lot more than as a friend.” You can’t help but smile widely, eyes gleaming.

Dean smiles too, eyes crinkled as he pulls you close to him.

He lightly presses his slightly chapped lips to yours in a sweet chaste kiss. You’ve kissed a few people, but none have ever felt like this before. 

Dean softly presses his forehead against yours. “You’re so perfect”, he whispers, still smiling.

With a huge grin on your face, you mutter the phrase Victoria especially hated the most. 


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I’ve been waiting all season for these twenty seconds. 

My Hero - Austin Carlile

Hiya, could you do a austin c /alan ashby one where you go to a high school reunion & you bump into your ex bf and he starts being really condescending to you & austin defends you then you go home and he says you’re perfect & smut/fluff love u guys x

Well you said Austin twice so I decided to do it with him. Wasn’t into writing smut so I left it implying… hope you like reading c: 2,379 words - written by Emma.

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Hakuryuu could stay in Belial djinn equip for the rest of the manga and I'd be more than okay with it. He looks as good as Alibaba in Amon djinn equip in my opinion (love it when guys in manga have long hair). Thanks so much for the gorgeous scans & translations! Cannot wait for the full chapter to be released. PS if Sinbad really is siding with David, you need to put your manga man on a metaphorical leash, Dany hahaha! <3

ME TOO, he looks amazing! i love the white hair, it suits him! while i find Hakuryuu to be really handsome („ᵕᴗᵕ„), i think Alibaba is more on the cute side, but he does look really good with long hair, he should let it grow! we need to see those pretty long blond hair when he’s not in his djinn equip too ^^

Ahhh you are welcome ♥ thank you for reading!! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)  the credit for the japanese raw scans goes to tieba  ⸜( ˙˘˙)⸝ and yeees! me too! this looks really good, doesn’t it? i can’t wait either :3

Hahaha if only i could Σ(゜゜) xD but for some reason, i don’t think he’s going to change his mind again; maybe because there was too much focus on Sinbad’s thoughts in those chapters he and Alibaba spoke and then they reached an understanding with Ugo and even with Arba… and those thoughts and introspection on his actions felt really honest in my opinion, that’s why i think this might just be a cliffhanger to create tension and nothing more, i could see sinbad making a come back on david’s arguments at this point…  plus, wouldn’t it become a bit repetitive if they became allies again? D: …  *crosses her fingers in hope that she’s right about this *  ∑(゚∇゚|||)  


I fumble and search the web
I see the aesthetic pleasures of bodies every day
I know I may not fall into the model category
I do not have the long lines or gorgeous hair
I may not have the gentle curves that some find pleasing
But that’s more than ok
I can find pleasure in appreciating others
For everything you see of me there is more….
My goofy short punky hair
Is my “ this is me"attitude
My strength hides in my short well muscled calves
My small chubby hands hold a touch that soothes ,heals and excites
My unstoppable spirit and fiercely loving heart are housed in a girth that some find distasteful
The tits that turn some on are attached to the rest of me
I love it
The parts of me do not equal me
Nor should your parts equal you…
we are all more than the sum of our parts
We laugh differently and love differently
We deal with life as each of us can
It’s these differences that hold our attention
Love your differences! Embrace the things that make you who you are! Be the best "YOU” that you can be. The people who matter will love and appreciate you for exactly these things.

Memories Over Objects

Title: Memories Over Objects

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Could you do a dean x reader one shot where the boys force the reader to cut her hair (if she wants to keep hunting with them) and she gets super upset and makes dean do it because she feels more comfortable with him? - anonymous

Word Count: 1074

Warnings: swearing, fluff, slight angst

Note: I haven’t written in a while, sorry if this is a mess :/

You and the boys had just gotten back from a mildly successful hunt. The three of you ended up finishing the job, but your long hair got in the way of it again while you attempted to attack one of Crowley’s demons. As you were about to gain the upper hand to the male demon, he used the advantage of your hair and flung you against the wall.

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I spend a lot of time thinking about how Supernatural would be different if Dean or Sam had been a girl and we’d had a brother-sister relationship instead. 

I imagine that John would have raised them to be equally tough and capable of hunting, but Dean would still look around nervously when he brings Samantha to a seedy bar (one time a guy tried to grab her ass and left with a broken nose and two missing teeth). Sam would keep a close eye on Deanna and possibly stay overnight in the Impala outside the house of whatever guy she went home with, just to make sure she’s okay. The siblings always have each other’s backs; that wouldn’t change. But they’d have new threats to look out for, and that would give the show a different type of edge and a really amazing opportunity to deal with various issues women face in everyday life, especially with the type of life the Winchesters lead.

But that’s not all. Charlie and Deanna would have had a field day LARPing together. You know Gabriel would have been flirting like mad with Sam every chance he got. Instead of various suits and ties, Deanna would have this massive array of little black dresses cause she knows she’s got a smoking hot body and she plans to use it to her advantage whenever possible (demons still warn each other about what happened to Travis after spending the night with the elder Winchester). The siblings would be constantly mistaken for a couple so they eventually just roll with it and develop this really elaborate backstory if somebody asks. At Stanford, Samantha might have been a cheerleader and certainly the top of her class. Dudes would always try and offer Deanna help when she worked on the Impala but then she would stun them by knowing more about cars than they did. Samantha would work out a ton and guys everywhere would be constantly shocked that this oddly tall girl is kicking their asses in fights. Deanna would spend half of her time complaining about periods. Samantha and Jo would have been best friends.

After Swan Song, maybe Deanna went back and lived with Lance and they had a child together. Can you imagine her learning how to be a mother after having virtually no role model for that growing up? Sam finding out that he’s an uncle after returning from hell. Bobby finally hearing about their baby and insisting on receiving constant updates and pictures. The two of them crying just as much as Deanna when she returns to hunting and has to go through the guilt and pain and turmoil of leaving behind this tiny, green-eyed baby.

Imagine Kevin, newly minted member of Team Free Will, being an awkward high school kid and trying to figure out how to act around Samantha, who is this super tall, super gorgeous, super terrifying girl who can kick his ass but also has a smile that shines like the sun and a laugh that fills the room. Just think what a massive crush he would have on her, and maybe those feelings are returned just a little bit, but there’s an understanding that hunting is the kind of lifestyle where you just can’t become attached like that. Imagine Samantha realizing that Gadreel killed Kevin while using her as a vessel and going and shutting herself in his room for a week, only coming out after Dean makes her favorite food and promises that they’ll track down the angel for revenge.

Picture Demon!Deanna, a stunning girl with red lipstick who dresses all in black leather and lace-up boots, winking at men and getting them to follow her outside of the bar, then her eyes flicking black right before she kills them. Imagine Crowley trying to make her stop flirting with the waiters and bartenders until he realized that they could get free drinks that way. You just know that all of the demons in hell would have been gossiping about Crowley’s new girlfriend until he hears about it and throws the biggest fit any of them have seen in a long time.

Samantha would have gorgeous long wavy hair that somehow never gets tangled in fights. Or maybe Deanna would be rocking a pixie cut and constantly getting mistaken for a boy because she wears John’s leather jacket (it’s about four sizes too big but it smells like the Impala so she refuses to take it off).

I have a lot of feelings about the female!winchesters

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Hello dear Alyssa! I have an important question I hope you can answer, which Disney princess is Harry? 😌👸🏻

oh, that’s an easy one!  he’s ariel.  he’s a mermaid - he even said so himself! 

he and ariel both have beautiful voices, gorgeous hair, a taste for adventure, and a longing for freedom.  

he’s just a little mermaid. :’)