have kids with me plz

The funniest thing a Tony stan has ever said to me is why I find Tony being a father figure for Peter as odd and forced when I’m fine with Alfred being Bruce’s father figure. Alfred Pennyworth was a an important part of the Wayne family when both of Bruce’s parents were alive. Tony barely knows Peter. He swooped in and ended up recruiting him as a barely of age Avenger by showing him a shiny new suit. It was the most natural and beautiful thing in the world to see Alfred, this butler at first, now become a dad like figure to a sad orphan kid. Please take your Tony stank bullshit and leave me and the DC world alone.

If Tony even touches T'challa’s movie, I’ll fight everyone involved in the mcu esp RDJ with my bare hands 💪🏾💪🏾

I’m trying to roughly ink these but I’m tired so here’s this one for now.

I headcanon that under that helmet, Mac had the WILDEST hair. Like, borderline shonen-manga-protagonist hair. Solely because he never fucking washed it.

(An acceptable alternate theory would be that he actually had glorious princess hair a la Finn the Human.)


This isn’t a sacrifice you should have to make. We can figure this out. If it makes you happy, that will benefit our kid - kids! - more than anything.

RadFems (at least ones here) scare the shit out of me. Just because of how close minded they are about things.  Even if the woman is okay with said thing, I often see them say “Oh hun, you are so mind washed! You don’t really wanna do x thing!  Here instead let me show you exactly what you should do instead.” (Much like people do when a woman wants to do something that doesn’t me marrying a man or having kids :O Shocker~ )

Plz, I know we need to fix things still even in 1st world countries. But don’t try to tell me how to live my life.