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moving her arm made sparks dance before her eyes, but she extended it until her fingertips reached the line of chalk, and there not an inch from chaol, the thick white mark separating them. 

and in that moment, somehow his face was the only thing that mattered. she stirred, and couldn’t stop her sob as her body erupted with pain that made her lie still again. but she kept her focus on his brown eyes, on his tightly pressed lips as they parted and whispered, “get up.”

requested by @fcyre ♡♡

  • someone pretending to tell the truth: carlos de vil is straight!!!! he loves jane!!!!!!!!!! it's so obvious!!!!!!!!
  • me, telling the cold hard facts: carlos de vil is gay and idk why you're trying to pull the forced heterosexuality card for this dave

good end:

it’s the next big comic con. lauren is fielding questions. someone asks about “laith.” her face lights up. she is finally proud of us. it took us over a year but we have finally seen the light. she throws us some laith-y bones as a token of gratitude. she elaborates on how they’re 100% compatible now. we rejoice. all is well in the world. 

bad end:

it’s the next big comic con. lauren is fielding questions. someone reminds her that “laith” never became a thing. she continues to be disappointed in us. we are ungrateful and lazy and set in our ways at the expense of our own happiness. she does not throw us any bones at all. she insists that they are still not 100% compatible and refuses to discuss it further. we cry. all is terrible in the world.

the choice is yours, fandom. 

anonymous asked:

If your taking requests, will you draw your favorite regeneration of the Doctor and companion (regardless of whether that version of the Doctor traveled with the companion) because I love Doctor Who so much!

I am bad at picking favorites (and mismatching Doctors and companions is fun) soooOOOOOoOo…

here is Eight and Martha Jones

and also Ten and Romana I

alisahaibabe  asked:

FIRST OF ALL YOUR HEADER!!! second are you actually dating this wife of your life or what ??? Gimme those mushy details

OH LORDY In the GroupMe chat I’m dad and for some reason (I don’t remember ahaha old man memory) we got on the topic of the babadook and I said I had a family of dads (because of our corny humor tbh). Then one of the kiddos said it reminded them of a family of babadooks sitting at a table but with Daichi heads LMAO

@xeylah (bless their soul) Made the picture and I was !!!! SHOOK™ and made it my header because why wouldn’t I??? LMAOx2

AND I’M !!!! (We’re not but a guy can dream right?????) WOW ANA IS …. I THINK ABOUT HER ALL THE TIME !!!!! I’M WHIPPED™ OMFG

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YES, you have joined the tododeku shipping. There is no going back now that you're in.(insert evil laugh) Ps your art of bnha is awesome 👏

I stepped into bnha hell and tododeku was my consolation gift. I’m such a happy boy. 💖