have it spill from her veins and her mouth and her eyes and her being

bad | 06

He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: future smut, romance, fluff, angst(?), badboy!au

WORDS: 5 125

WARNINGS: mature themes, language

| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08coming soon ↠ 

A/N: here IT IS! for all you children who are waiting for smut, do not worry, I know. just be patient ;) remember, everything happens for a reason. don’t kill me for this.

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Drug Wars (Pt. 1)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

“She’s a babygirl Yoongi, and I think I’m in love with her.”

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered. 

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

It’s the last class of the day and you can’t wait for it to end. Your head hurts from the pale lights, the stuffy, unventilated room is making you sick and you just want to go outside and inhale the cold air.

Finally you get up from your seat and storm out of the room in the middle of the lecture. For once, the building wasn’t filled with students and you could clearly hear the tapping sounds of your shoes as you quickly rushed down the stairs.

You could feel little bits of fresh air coming in your direction as you neared the already open front door.
The first thing you lay your eyes on when you exit the building is the black G-Class Mercedes-Benz and instantly, you can feel your stomach twisting – you’re excited, but there is fear in your body and you can’t explain why. 

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sudden realization || j. jk

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Summary: ‘Because god forbid Jeon Jungkook to fall in love. Especially not with the arrogant little shit that was Y/N.’

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff

Words: 1641

A/N: Requested!!Okay this was a little easier for me to write now that I have had practicec in smut writing lmao.

part 1 part 2

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In the AM :: Im Jaebum

Hello friends! Mafia/gang au were always my favourite after watching KHR haha. So I finally gave a shot at it! I was really inspired by two amazing tumblr writers so I would like to thank them for motivating me to write after reading their work! A massive thank you to @narika-a who wrote a scenario with mafia GOT7, the plot of this fic is mainly developed from their scenario with Youngjae. And a special thank you to @jungk0oksthighs​ and their amazing mafia au fic giving me the final push to write this! I hope everyone enjoys it!

(Bless the soul who took this picture)

Word count: 28K (Mother of god)

Warning: coarse language, drunk people, smut, unprotected sex, violence, blood

Part 2

Summary: Jaebum is one of the most notorious gang leaders in South Korea. He is merciless and brutal allowing him and his group, GOT7, to own most of Seoul. One day he goes after a young female who happened to be interfering with his business, who ultimately stole 40 grand from him. However, he got the wrong girl. She was nothing but a poor student who worked overtime at night to pay for her rent, and when she’s not busy with school or work her favourite pass time was to give Jaebum a never-ending headache. The girl didn’t steal 40 grand from him. She stole so much more, his heart.

Jaebum pov

I watch her through the tinted windows of my car before wandering to the red digital numbers glowing on the dashboard. It read exactly 2 AM on the dot. A small smirk stretches across my face as I watch her bend over to lock the front doors of the run down pub cueing me to proceed with the schedule. It was all perfectly timed, in exactly 5 minutes she will be in the optimal position. I slip out of the black Camaro closely following her in her haste footsteps as she made her way back to her dingy apartment. At exactly 5 minutes time she stood in front of the dark alley, wasting no time I lunged forward grabbing her by the back of her jacket’s collar and pulled her into the dead end. She opened her mouth to scream so I quickly shut her up by slamming her small frame into the graffiti covered brick wall. She lets out a small cry which was then quickly followed by soft sniffles. Her body quakes under my strong grip and I almost felt slightly bad, just almost.

“Stop crying!” I order turning her around to face her tear streaked face.

Her eyes were squeezed shut in utter terror.

“Yah look at me girly, that’s the least you could do after stealing over 40 grand from my business!”

To say I was taken aback was an understatement when she started to yell.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! I’m dirt broke! Why else do you think I am out this late working at a shitty run down pub in the fucking ghettos?! I already had a shit day with creeps like you trying to take me home so for gods sake just leave me alone!” She screams finally opening her eyes to reveal the warmest (e/c) hue I’ve ever seen.

I would be more appreciative of them if they weren’t full of rage and sending daggers into my soul. I shook my head to clear out the doubts that started to swim in my mind. My perfect plan was flawless to the second but a small detail may have been missed, I may have gotten the wrong girl? No impossible, she must be acting innocent.

“Don’t lie to me!” I yell out in frustration causing her frustration to skyrocket as well.

She flails her arms smacking me in the face causing my already boiling anger to overflow.

“Let go of me you freak! Do you think I would be out here in shit city at 2 AM if I stole 40k from you? No! I would be at home rolling in silk sheets in piles of money you idiot!”

Okay I’ll admit, even though she was infuriating seeing that she was so keen on lying I couldn’t help but find her charming, especially at the wild reasoning she spewed on about. I roll my eyes roughly turning her to face the wall once again.

“Alright, that was funny at first but now I’m done,” I sigh ripping her long wool jacket clean off her back.

The seams of her coat tore open with a satisfying pop along with the plain white t-shirt she wore underneath. I toss the torn fabric across the snow covered alleyway leaving her cold and vulnerable in the cold night air. Her fierce aura left her body as quick as it came as she started sobbing once more, hugging herself as she stood there hunched over with a thin ripped shirt. I could clearly see the cold winter air biting at her bare skin where goose bumps started to form, however I couldn’t seem to find the signature dragon tattoo that was supposed to litter the vast majority of her back. At that moment I knew I fucked up.

“Fuck…fuck I’m so sorry. I-I got the wrong person. Haha surprise?” I nervously grin finally letting her out of my iron grip that will probably cause bruises to bloom all over her body later from man handling her.

Her lips quiver as she spares me one final look with her large doe eyes before bursting out in tears and making a mad dash out of the alley.

“Hey!” I called out, it wasn’t supposed to sound so threatening but I guess being friendly and approachable was not my forte. At my voice she sped up, disappearing around the corner.

“Fuck!” I hiss under my breath, kicking her jacket out of the way to follow her.

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betsforsythetrash  asked:

Alright Smut Queen, I'm gonna need a continuation of Bugheads make out scene but Betty is turned on by Jugheads new jacket, and maybe she ends up wearing it at some point??

Ok, here it is - the long awaited continuation, I really hope it’s what you wanted. This scene actually ruined me because every time I’m like is this too far??? I just remember what we actually saw and I’m like nope! I’ve sinned, my friends, I’ve sinned.
Warning: so much Bughead smut, all of the smut, a little feeling, but then more smut.

You Build Me Up, Believer

“I love you, Betty Cooper.”

Every inch of her froze, the words echoing in her ears as a silence settled over the trailer. The world felt as if it moved in slow motion as she turned to look at him. His beanie had been thrown casually to the side, leaving his dark, untamed waves ruffled and free. His shoulders were hunched in slightly as if he was braced for impact. But his eyes… Betty had never seen eyes so earnest, so open and giving. 

She took steady, paced out steps towards him, unable to keep the grin from spreading across her features. 

“Jughead Jones,” she whispered, heart racing. “I love you.” She could see the weight lift from his body – she had never felt so light herself, as if this was the last thing that needed to be heard before they could give themselves to one another without interruption, without restraint. Jughead looked almost disbelieving, eyes shining in the dim light. He had never been more thankful for the existence of another human being. 

His hands cupped her cheeks as he bent forwards, kissing her once, twice, letting her know just how grateful he was to have her, to call her his own. She inhaled deeply, pressing her body against the length of his front, fingers placed delicately against his neck. He pulled back to look at her, this beautiful creature in his arms. She was smiling back at him, eyes slightly hooded, lips beginning to swell. He grinned, dipping down to grip her behind and pull her into his arms, revelling in the squeal she let out that rang through the trailer. Her arms wrapped around his neck, steadying herself as she looked down at him, loose, golden waves shrouding them both as they fell over his shoulders. 

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the breakup // montgomery de la cruz

summary: montgomery de la cruz, a well-known student in liberty high. he hung with the popular crowd, got into very many fights and was seen with a different girl every week. long story short, he was a total dick. well, that was the case until she came into his life.

word count: 1562 words

a/n: this is based off the song the break up by lany which i have been listening to for weeks. i’ve been having a lot of monty feels lately too so i was inspired to write this. i put a lot of effort into this, i hope you guys like it. also, i recommend listening to the song while reading

you can listen to the song here

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Jumping heart to heart, and it’s starting to wear me down
“He’s a total dick” is my reputation around town

“Alright, I’ll see you around babe.” Monty winked at the blonde. He couldn’t even recall her name. But there he was, leading her on, making her think there was something between them. She was simply a good fuck, a girl he hooked up with last night.

“I’ll see you around babe,” A voice mocked from behind. Monty turned around and found a snickering Bryce. “Damn Monty, who was that?”

“Hey man,” He scratched the back of his neck. “I don’t even remember her name.”

“You’re a fucking playboy. That’s what you are!” Bryce howled, giving him a pat on the back.

They got a pretty face, but they got a pretty empty head
And I want to stick around but damn I’m bored

Monty was currently on a date with the blonde from last week. He asked her out just so he could get out of the house during the weekend. Although deep inside, he was hoping that maybe, just maybe, his brain would flip a switch and view her as more than a something he could play with. Love perhaps. Monty was human; all he wanted was to find love like everyone else.

“What do you think, Monty?” The blonde asked.

He quickly snapped out of his thoughts. “Um no?” He answered, not even having the slightest clue of what she was talking about.

“You’re not even listening to me! I asked if you preferred pizza or salad.” She huffed in irritation. He shrugged in response, obviously not having a care in the world.

“I’m getting out of here. Call me when you actually want to listen to me.” She stood up from the booth and sashayed away. He sighed and leaned back on his seat.

He made up his mind. He definitely did not like her. Sure, she was drop dead gorgeous and her attitude was somewhat tolerable but it just wasn’t working out for him.

Monty looked around the place and spotted a girl. He identified her as Y/N Y/L/N; he knew she went to Liberty High as well. He watched her carefully, she seemed to be enjoying her meal, shoveling curly fries into her mouth and he weirdly found that cute. Then and there, the switch he oh-so-wanted to flip… actually flipped. He was inexplicably drawn to her.

“Here goes nothing.” He mumbled to himself and before heading over to her table.

How the hell do you stay in love
You’re at dinner looking down playing with your knife and fork

Friday was date night for Y/N and Monty. She felt like their relationship lacked something lately so she wanted it to be perfect, already planning it a week before. She was going to cook his favorite meal and then catch a movie at The Crestmont after.

An hour passed and there was still no sign of him. Y/N sighed in frustration. The food was getting cold and they were already twenty minutes late to the movie. She grabbed her phone from the counter and sent him a quick text.

where are you? you said you’d be here at 6

No response.

Just as she was about to press call, Monty walked through the door.

“Hey babe,” He walked over to her giving her a peck on the cheek. “The food looks great.”

Y/N glared daggers at him. “Where were you? I was starting to get worried!”

“Relax. I was with Justin and Zach. We went to grab some beers after school.” He responded nonchalantly.

Anger coursed through her veins. “You blew me off for them? We had plans, de la Cruz.” She detached herself from his grip and headed for the door.

Another day, another argument. He was sick of it. “You’re always breathing down my neck, Y/N!” Monty bellowed from behind her.

Arguments weren’t new to their relationship. Y/N and Monty would argue every once in a while but recently it became more frequent. He complained on how she bitched about his actions all the time and how he felt like he wasn’t doing anything right. In her defense, she was just looking out for him. She didn’t want him to get hurt. More importantly, she was afraid of him going back to his old ways.

She stopped in her tracks and faced him. “Since when is it such a crime to look out for my boyfriend?”

“You call that looking out for me?” He gave her a sharp look and chuckled angrily. “It’s called being a-”

“Listen Monty,” She cut him off, voice stern. “I don’t want to hear it.” He opened his mouth to say something but shut it just as fast.

Y/N stared at the floor as minutes of agonizing silence passed. She could feel the heavy tension and she hated it. She couldn’t help but think this was going to be the end of their relationship. The thought of that possibility made her physically sick. She couldn’t lose him. She loved this boy with her all, she couldn’t give him up just like that.

Monty tugged at the ends of his hair and sighed. “I don’t want this anymore, Y/N. I want to be alone.“

Y/N felt like everything was crashing down on her. She swallowed hard, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill. “Fine,” She seethed. “Just leave.”

You think you wanna be alone
Just wait until you’re crying on the shower floor
It hits you in the chest, ‘bout every day you’re done
Cause once you let it go you better know its gone

Monty tried to contact Y/N at least a few times after that night. She didn’t bother returning any of his calls or texts. He tried talking to her at school but she did a good job at avoiding him. She was absolutely dejected and she hated it. She hated how broken she was.

“Y/N, wait up!” Zach jogged over, stopping in front of her.

She bit her lip in unease. “This better be important. I’m almost late for class.”

“Well, uh listen, you gotta talk to Monty,” She scoffed at his words before letting him continue. “You guys need to sort this out. He hasn’t been doing well lately.”

She snapped at the mention of Monty. “And you think I am? Sorry to be rude but I see that this conversation isn’t important. I should get going.” She stormed away leaving Zach dumbfounded.

Just like Y/N, Monty was drowning in the ocean of heartbreak and regret. He felt broken too. He was always over at Bryce’s, getting drunk and wallowing in sadness. When he threw those last words at her that night, he immediately regretted it. All the anger and pain from their arguments the past few days, got to him and he took it out on her. It was all in the heat of the moment. He didn’t just want her back, he needed her back, but he knew that was near to impossible.

It’s never the same, uh, yeah, after the breakup
It’s never the same, love, don’t try to make up

Monty stepped out of the car and headed towards the front door of Y/N’s house. It’s been almost three weeks since their break up and Y/N finally agreed to his request of talking things out.

To say he was nervous was an understatement. He ran his hands through his hair, trying to calm himself down before ringing the doorbell. A few seconds passed before the door opened, revealing Y/N. He stared at her in awe. She looked better than ever, its almost as if his absence hadn’t affected her. In fact, she looked happier.

“You can, uh, come in.” She mumbled awkwardly before opening the door fully, letting him in.

He took a seat on the end of the couch and Y/N walked over and sat on the other end, she wanted to be as far away as possible from him.

“Y/N,” He looked at her, sincerity evident in his eyes. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I shouldn’t have blown you off for Justin and Zach when it was our special day. For fuck’s sake, what was I thinking? I would pick my girlfriend over anything else. I should have been there. I’m sorry for ignoring all your effort and making you feel unimportant. I was so insensitive to your feelings. Y/N, letting you go was my biggest mistake. Please let me make it up to you, take me back.

“Ex girlfriend,” She corrected rather harshly. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose before speaking again. “I had a lot of time to think about us and honestly, Monty, you’re right. I don’t think this will work out. Plus, I’m not gonna allow myself to be treated like shit again.” He could feel his heart shatter as she spoke.

She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry but I think breaking up is for the best.” He simply nodded at her, too upset to come up with a response.

They stood at the doorway, saying their goodbyes. He looked at her for the last time and in that moment, it dawned upon him, that he, Montgomery de la Cruz had lost the girl he loved for good.

I Can Make You Scream (M) // J-Hope (AU!)

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: kia-winningx said: A J-Hope smut? I’ve been searching and searching and I cannot , for the life of me, find one where he is like the school dick. No matter how much I try to deny it I can’t help but think of him as dominant but I’m the kind that would like talk-back and be really cheeky. 

Please note that this scenario contains smut - dom/sub, begging, dirty talking, light bdsm.

I got kind of carried away with this so here is 3.6k words of absolute sin whOOps

You were an average student. You received semi-good grades and your attendance was adequate. You weren’t usually the type of person to intentionally get yourself into trouble for shits and giggles, but there was one person in particular who did – and they knew the exact buttons to press to frustrate you while simultaneously making you want them even more.

Jung Hoseok was in the same year as you, in almost all of the same classes. You met him when you were 12, and now being 18 and in your last year of high school – you could confidently say that you knew Hoseok pretty well.

Back then, Hoseok was a shy and timid child that could barely string together a proper sentence. But now, he had since gained more than enough confidence – acting a little too big for his boots while still being extremely wet behind the ears. To put it simply, Hoseok was the school dick. It’s not that he bullied other students – he was just incredibly rude to them unnecessarily. He roamed the school with his group of friends, casually making students and teachers lives just that little bit more difficult. Whether it was ‘accidently’ tripping someone in the hallway who may have gave him a funny look or causing one of the teachers grief by verbally abusing any authority they tried to have over him – Hoseok knew how to manipulate and control everyone around him.

Everyone except you.

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nobody — p.p.

wc: 1.7k
summary: “no one loved me when i was a nobody!” “well i did!” in which peter forgets about his friends after he gets closer to liz. (requested)

She was completely lost. High school had been promised to be the best four years of her life and she was sure that statement would ring true with Peter by her side. Now however, she wasn’t so sure. Peter had been her best friend for years and suddenly it was like their friendship was a myth.

How could Peter toss her to the side and forget her like that? She had been there through everything and ultimately, she fell in love with him. She hated clichés and the fact that she became one by falling for her best friend somewhat appalled her.

She wasn’t sure if it was because of that or her suspicions that Peter could never like her like that, that she bottled her feelings up and through them into the ocean. She knew Peter liked Liz Allan, the most beautiful girl in their whole school.

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It’s Worth It

SPN FanFic

~Sometimes the fun found at the bottom of a bottle can be deadly…~

Sam x Reader, Dean

6,015 Words

Warnings: NSFW! Murder, Drunkenness, Saucy Language, Unprotected Sexual Activity, Rough Sex, Oral, Just…lots of Smut. Lots of it. Smangst.

A/N: This is my longest one shot ever! Oops. My entry for @winchester-writesRose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge. Happy Birthday! Hope you like it! My prompts were Finlandia Vodka and “are we going to have sex or not?” 

“Does this seem like an insane amount of a booze to you?” Y/N stood at the ornate mahogany bar in the parlor of the Caruso Estate, counting the two dozen or so bottles of top shelf liquor, some of them in various stages of emptiness.

Dean appeared at her side, the vision of professionalism in his tailored navy blue suit. His hand waved around over the tops of the bottles, choosing one at random to pull up and examine. “Finlandia Vodka,” he read. “Hmm, you a vodka girl Y/N/N?” He turned to his friend, a slick grin gracing his lips.

She chuckled in response, shaking her head. “I used to be. That stuff just makes me sleepy now.”

“Huh.” Dean turned the bottle in his hands and then, peeking over his shoulder for any on-looking cops, shoved it in his jacket.

“Are you serious? Stealing a dead man’s vodka?” Y/N questioned his thievery.

Dean chuckled, “What? Mr. Caruso’s not gonna miss it. Besides, I’ve stolen worse.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, “I’ve heard. What’d you ever do with that bottle of Viagra from the nursing home?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” He wiggled his eyebrows and pursed his lips in a flirtatious smirk.

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Summary: You moved to Derry when you were 12 years old, and, to your luck, the monster that haunted the town was nowhere to be seen. However, he had been able to get a glimpse of you–proceeding in taking the chance to sneak into your dreams for the next five years. Until he opens his eyes, yours would stay closed too. And only to crimson dreams.

A/N: I’m so glad some of you are enjoying this! Feedback always appreciated, xoxo. Also, if this isn’t making sense, please let me know. I’m trying to make the chapters shorter than I usually would have in my fanfictions because I frequently lose interest in the complexities and level of information I have to gather, and this usually comes with the expectation that I have to write a lengthy amount. 

Words: 3.6 K +

Warning: Uhh. Raw smut, blood. Uhh.. Dinner? 

His long, white-gloved fingers covered your throat. Grazing your esophagus and pressing down slightly where your temple was, you leaned your head back. Allowing for him to get a better angle of your pulse. Your cheeks flushed and the high-pitched giggles that bubbled on the clown’s lips falling onto you, the warmth of his saliva hitting your cheek and sliding down, sticking to your hair, that sprawled out underneath you. 

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Powerful - Jaime Lannister

You have loved Jaime since you were a child. Everything he had done, the people he had killed and the horrors of the rest of his family did nothing to deter your affections. But now, Cersei Lannister sat on the Iron Throne and grew more, wildly defensive with each passing day. What happened when you tell Jaime that you’ve had enough? ( Words : 1491)

Warnings : Lannister incest of course, and lots of drama???

Originally posted by my-favoritess

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jaime Lannister asked in shock, and in concern. You had just barged into his room, tears running down your cheeks. You simply just shook your head and the Lannister man stood up. “Tell me what happened,” Jaime said softly, hoping a gentle approach would coax you to open up.

“It’s just,” you started but you couldn’t finish. More tears fell from your eyes. Jaime frowned and stepped towards you, his arms outstretched. You leaned into his embrace, wrapping your arms around his neck. You felt more tears fall down your cheeks when you felt his strong arms envelope your middle.

“I don’t know what happened,” Jaime started, his voice eerily calm, “but if someone hurt you, they will fall upon my blade faster than you can imagine.” You buried your face in his covered chest that his words; grateful for his support. You could feel the wet spots, where your salty tears had soaked into his shirt, against the skin of your cheek.

“Sorry,” you murmured, pulling away slightly. Yet Jaime wouldn’t let you go. His arms stayed around your waist and you could feel his chilled, gold hand against your back. “I didn’t mean to come in like that,” you whispered. Jaime moved his arm, brushing his left hand against your face to wipe away some the tears that lingered there.

“It’s quite alright, Y/N. You’ve been a family friend for how many years?” You gave him a weak smile and shrugged. You couldn’t even picture how you looked. Red in the face, your hair messed from being upset; but Jaime didn’t care. “Now,” he said, moving his hand away from your face, “what’s wrong?” His green eyes peered down into your face, as if trying to search for the answer.

“Jaime,” you said quietly. “It’s fine, I swear it,” but the Kingslayer was having none of it. His hand went to your neck, his thumb skirting against your jaw.

“Anything that makes you cry is not fine,” he said seriously. He leaned his head to yours, pressing the softest of kisses to your forehead. You swooned slightly, despite Jaime’s affection being common. Like he had said, your family had been a friend to House Lannister every since you could remember. You grew up alongside Jaime and his family, so you knew everything about him. Everything, included where his true affections lied.

“Thank you,” you whispered, pulling away from him fully. “I promise, it was nothing anyone did. Your hands can remain clean of blood.” Jaime gave you a half-hearted smile, as he still wished to know what had caused you to cry. He knew you far too well. You cried only in the darkest moments. When everything became too much to bear. He had seen you only a few times, once when you had been playing with his sister. It suddenly came to him in that moment. The only person who could get under your skin and make you upset without truly trying.

“It was Cersei, wasn’t it?” You curled your bottom lip between your teeth, unwilling to answer. “Y/N,” Jaime said, stepping towards you. “If it was her, I can talk to her. I can keep you away from her and,” he stopped when you started to shake your head.

“It won’t help, Jaime. You interfering might make it worse.” The Lannister cocked his head and leaned towards you again. “She’s the queen now and she’s your…”

You trailed off at that and Jaime stiffened. You had always had an inkling that there was something between the two twins. Your theories were only hardened when Joffrey came into the world; with his hair like golden spun straw.

“Do you-” you cut him off with a stern look. Your friend frowned and let you speak.

“Yes, I know. I had suspicions before, but Ceresi made it very clear this evening when I asked for your company during my travels to the Westerlands.” Jaime’s brows furrowed at your words, wondering why his sister would blatantly make their taboo romance public. “She said your place was beside her, not near the likes of myself. She said that you were hers and no one else’s.”

“That was not her place to say such things,” Jaime said, feeling angry course through his veins. “She does not control me in that manner,” he hinted at the idea of romance. You merely shook your head again, wondering why you had to love such a complicated man. You had admired Jaime as children, but those feelings had run rampant by now. Somehow, the subject of your affections had never once put that together.

“She said it anyway,” you said, turning towards the door. “I have to pack,” you said trying to suppress the tears that threatened to resurface. “I head to the Westerlands at dawn.” You stepped over to the door, your hand just brushing the knob before it was pulled away.

Jaime’s natural hand tightened around your wrist, turning you to look at him. His face was set, worried and slightly angered. You frowned and attempted to pull your hand free. Despite all your efforts, Jaime remained in your space. The close proximity, and that look in his eyes, made your insides flutter like mad.

“I will come with you,” he said, hoping to sound more calm than he felt. “Don’t let my sister intimidate you. I will let no harm come to you, especially now that you know.” You scoffed and finally got your hand free from his own. Jaime looked down at you with confusion, as if he thought his words would solve your problems.

“Especially now,” you repeated. The words left a bitter taste in your mouth. “When we were kids we’d defend Tyrion from your sister’s evil tricks. When you became Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, I was there, smiling at you. Even when you lied and snuck about, I was at your side.” Everything was spilling from your heart out your mouth, and even Jaime could sense the storm coming. “But you only seem to care when you’re at stake, or when my life is balancing right on the edge. You save me in the nick of time, every time; always. Do you know what that does to a person? Toying with ones feelings after they have committed them to you.”

“No,” Jaime said quietly, his eyes still holding your gaze. He would never show it, but his heart was racing. The beautiful girl he had known since he firs held a sword was confessing her feelings to him. He didn’t know how to genuinely react, so he didn’t react very much at all. You let out a tired laugh and wiped at your eyes. You glanced back up at him, letting him see your tear stained cheeks in the soft light of dusk; letting him see the years of damage on your soul.

“For years I have stayed with you, your family. We have had each other’s backs since childhood,” you said coldly. “Despite all that time, you haven’t even glanced at me the way you look at your sister. The times I hinted at what could be between us, you were looking at her. Because she is powerful. Just as Brienne is powerful in her own right.” Jaime flinched at the mention of his companion. Granted they fought for different things now. “You love strong women,” you finished, “and I will never be enough. Not for you.”

“Y/N,” Jaime flipped through everything he could say to make this better. Then the man realized there was nothing he could say to make up for all that lost time. “I’m sorry,” he murmured and you nodded solemnly. You turned your back to him, taking a deep breath. Jaime took a step towards you then, still desperate to make amends. “Is there anything I can do to show you that you are enough. Please,” he begged, resting his chest against your back. His heart ached at the thought of you leaving him in your state. He wanted to prove he could love you just the same.

His arms hugged your waist, pulling your body flush to his front. He rested his head against the back of your shoulder and you felt his lips brush against the exposed skin there. You suppressed a shudder as his short, blond hair tickled the sensitive skin of your neck. If you let go, you would’ve melted into his touch, just as you had done so many times before. Enough was enough. You pulled free of his embrace, meeting his eyes for what could be the last time.

“Meet me at the gates if you so wish,” you whispered. “If you do join me, maybe we can work through this.” The air around the two of you had changed. With everything out in the open, it hung in the space between your bodies like a body from a tree. You could almost feel his breath on your lips, that’s how close Jaime had gotten. You hand turned the door open and you added, “we ride at dawn.”

You left Jaime, standing in his doorway with his head hung in deep thought. Going against his sister and leaving with you, meant tearing himself away from the rest of his family; his lover. But if he didn’t leave, he would lose his best friend and that was something he didn’t think he could survive. After losing his children, his family, he couldn’t lose you.

However, leaving with you also meant angering an already testy Queen. Cersei had turned vile with her new found power; her heart tormented by the same loss that plagued Jaime himself. Whatever path he chose lead to danger; but whatever path he chose also shone with the hope of possible love.

a part two maybe???


The world around you fades as Rick spreads your legs wide open for him. He’s still fully clothed as he bends over your naked body and ties your wrists to the headboard with a pair of cuffs. Small goosebumps building on your arm as the cold metal touches your skin and he leans down, hovering his lips over yours.
“Blue.” You whisper, staring submissive to his half open mouth.

“Blue, what?”

“Blue, officer.”
Another shiver runs down your spine as he gives an approving hum before kissing you tenderly. Slow, almost lazily he moves his lips while grabbing your cunt. Your eyes widen before you quickly close them, suppressing the urge to grind against his hand.
Warm, silky juice builds on your inner labia, soon moistens his fingers as he conquers your mouth with his tongue. You whimper as he teases your aching core with his middle finger before pushing it deep in your body.
“Oh… oh god, officer. Please.” You plead as he pulls back, watching you from darkened piercing blue eyes.


Not able to give an answer you start buckling and grinding against the finger, moaning as he twirls his finger. A cry in pleasure leaving your throat as he reaches your sensitive spot and keeps the angle for a moment before pulling out. You let out a desperate noise while he licks your juices away.
“Delicious.” He mumbles and sits up to get out of his plaid.
Biting your lips you watch him how he unzips his pants and pulls it down in a quick movement, gasping relieved as his cock springs free. Needily you somehow try to reach out for him while he thinks about what doing next with you.
“Officer, please. Pl..”
You get cut off as the door opens and a shriek in panic escapes your throat while Rick tries to cover you.

“Well that’s some nasty shit I was looking for.”

“Get out.” Rick growls, but eyes still widen like yours.
Blushing you look at Negan to see what he’s doing next, noticing the bulge which slowly builds as he stares back at you. Unwittingly you lick the lips as an unapproved picture running through your mind how they’re both taking you.
“I’m not fucking sure if I should do that.” Negan chuckles. “Your girl seems to want that thick, meaty dick of mine.”
“Is that true?” Rick asks, grabbing your dripping pussy.
“Ye-yes, officer.”
“You wanted him before?” Roughly he slides two fingers in you, letting you jolt.
“No-no. Officer.”
“You’re some kinky shit, Grimes.” Negan snickers, clearly aroused from your doing.
“My girl, my rules.” Rick says and the taller man nods, starting to undress himself.

Rick’s fingers doesn’t leave your cunt as Negan kneels down next to your head, his half hard cock prodding against your cheek.
“Straddle her.” Rick orders as a new torrent of juice leaking his hand.
“Shit Rick, you’re sure?” Negan asks and does what he said. “Don’t wanna make her fucking choke.”
“She’ll be ok.”
Your chest is caged between Negan’s legs, letting you feel how he trembles in excitement as you lift up the head to lick over his length.
It gives you an erotic thrill to see the Saviors leader this dominant and submissive at the same time while you not know what Rick will do next. He’s still not moving and it’s driving you insane that you don’t get the satisfaction you need so badly.

“Wave with your right hand when you want us to stop.”

“Yes officer.” You respond after pulling back from Negan’s dick for a second.
“Heh, can she call me daddy?” Negan looks back, giving an disappointed sigh as Rick probably shook his head. “She’ll stay silent any-fucking-way with her mouth full.”

It’s like his sentence just gave the start signal as Rick grabs your hip with one hand to bury himself in you while Negan shoves his dick down your throat.
With widen watering eyes you start gagging as firework explodes in your lower belly and you’re clenching around Rick. But instead of giving you time to enjoy the orgasm they continuing to thrust in you.
Their groans mix in a symphony of sins.
Negan’s balls smacking against your chin whenever he fills you until the hilt, his hand finding the way in your hair to hold you in position.
“Naughty girl.” Rick growls, slapping your thighs. “Creaming all over my cock.”
“Is it weird that your dirty talk turn me the fuck on?” Negan chuckles breathlessly and even Rick snorts a short laughter.
You whimper from the feeling of being overstimulated, but trying the best to twirl your tongue around the shaft and sucking his thick cockhead.
“She’s a damn pro, A with an asterisk.” Negan groans now deeply. “You trained her well.”
As he’s twitching you’re hollowing the cheeks to suck harder while your tongue massages the frenulum and it has the desired effect. His upper body falls forward and with a harsh groan he grabs the headboard, letting you do all the work while he just enjoys.

Rick hums in approve with your doing and slows down his pace, circling his hips while giving your clit some lazy rubs. You start relaxing under the soft touches and soon your pussy stops squeezing around him and he’s going back to quickens his pace.
Negan above you hisses quietly as you drag your teeth over the pulsing vein and he pounds faster until he comes with a shamelessly loud groan. Warm semen spills over your tongue, down the throat and you swallowing the salty mass before licking him clean. Satisfied Negan pulls out of your mouth, giving your cheek a gentle squeeze and getting from you. But instead of leaving the room after he got in his pants, Negan sits down next to you on an armchair.

Rick’s hovering you again, making a grab for your right breast to twirl the nipple between his index and middle finger while continuing to penetrate you. His body covering half of yours as he leans down to bite your earlobe.
“You liked how he tasted?”
“Ye-yes, officer. Oh..oh god, please.” You whimper as he stills his hips, deep burying in you.
“Would you like to have us both again? Here..” He’s giving you a hard slam before sliding out to press the tip of his cock against your ass. “.. and here?”
“Yes, yes! Officer.”
You’re arching against the cuffs, wrists for sure reddened from the movements as he let go of your ass to give you the final thrust.
It feels like someone knocked the wind out of you as your pussy starts clenching again until it aches. The screams and whines which needs so desperately leave your mouth are muffled by Rick’s hand who has troubles to keep his own orgasm under control. His wet forehead pressing in the crook of your neck, mixing your sweat together.
From somewhere, far away from this place of pure bliss, you hear Negan’s voice. But you can’t concentrate on what he’s saying, instead you’re watching through half closed eyes how he takes off the cuffs and carefully kisses the wounded skin.
“You ok?” He asks and you give him a small nod, still everywhere else than in this bedroom.
“Al-fucking-right, see ya in a week.” Negan winks at you and takes the rest of his clothes before leaving the room.
As you look back at Rick, you can clearly see that a plan builds in his head and you’d be an important part of it…


153. A: Don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. Buy her a dragon.
        B: Because dragons don’t die?
        A: Because it’s hard to say “no” to something that can murder you instantaneously.
158. I’m not a hint taker, you need to speak up.

@preciousnewt Here you go, Love! :)

(with Andrew Garfield as the young Remus Lupin)

Remus was never the one to rabmle about his problems. If there was anything that bothered him he would either ignore it or deal with it on his own. Usually Sirius was the one to notice when something was going on and then tell James about it, and of course they would hot leave Remus until he spills it all out!

This time Sirius didn’t even have to ask. At first Remus tried to hide it, but it was inevitable because he was just so obvious. When it came down to girls James was confident, Sirius was smooth and Remus, well if he really, really liked the girl, Remus was just awkwardly shy.

And with those two dorks being his best mates he had to deal with a lot of teasing, especially when that certain someone was around them. One time Remus had to use the Mimble Wimble on them because they wouldn’t shut up!

“James, my friend, don’t you think Remus looks rather distracted this morning” - James looked at his friend, a wide grin spreading on his face “Yes, Sirius, you’re right. Can you think of any reason in particular?” their little gentlemanly chat was simply ignored by Remus, whose eyes had been stuck on your figure for the last couple of minutes.

But his daydreaming didn’t last for too long, he was quickly brought back to reality from Sirius’ voice “Ey,_____, would you care to join us for a second?” Sirius was waving his hand at you, while Remus was glaring a hole in his head. He was making gestures with his hands, kicking him under the table, but Sirius just rose his brows at him and said smugly “Ah,you want to say something? I’m sorry, Remus but I’m not a hint taker you’ll have to speak up”..

“How are you doing, guys? ” your sweet voice ringed in his ears. James was sitting next to Sirius, across from Remus, so your only option was to sit next to him, which you weren’t mad about at all.

“Hello, Remus” you greeted him with a smile, which he returned back, feeling to awkward to say anything.

“James, I heard you are now the captain of the Quidditch team!“ you congratulated him happily. You chatted with them for a while, had a good laugh at Sirius’ Summer stories. “I missed you guys, it’s always a good laugh when you’re around” you said almost hiccuping, and brushed a tear of laughter from under your eye.

As much as you loved talking with the two troublemakers, you couldn’t help but notice how quiet Remus was, but if there was something he would tell, so you just brushed it off. “I have to go guys, it was nice talking to you. Bye! – Bye Remus!” you waved at them with a smile and skipped back to your friends.

“Sirius, you little dunderhead!” Remus hissed, but his friend reached and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt “Listen you awkward potato, this girl is amazing and unlike you we’re not blind! She likes you, smart pants, so get your ass over there and ask her out!”

Remus was just shook by Sirius’ sudden outburst. He ran a hand though his hair nervously “What on Earth should I do? Like buy her flowers?” he asked, voice cracking in desperation.

“No man, don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. You should buy her a dragon.

Remus blinked at his friend in confusion and retorted suspiciously “Because dragons don’t die?” - “Because it’s hard to say “no” to something that can murder you instantaneously.” 

There was a brief silence, the two friends just looking at each other, “Yea, Sirius, I don’t think that’s gonna work. Dragons are too expensive and I’m broke.” - “Who told you love is cheap buddy?”

“You two morons” - James chuckled and took a sip of his drink, but Sirius moved the bottom of the glass upwards, so James was now soaked in pumpkin juice. “Shut up, James.”

Remus has been nervous the whole day. He was told by Sirius what class you had now and to wait you to finish and finally ask you out. Don’t think he didn’t try to protest or even sneak out, but Sirius was just around the corner for ‘moral support’ as he said it himself.

The door of the classroom opened and he quickly turned his back, ready to leave, but reconsidered his decision after seeing the dangerous glare of his watchful friend. “Remus?”

He turned around quickly, facing your smiling face. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you in class?” the air felt thick in his lungs and his mouth was dry. You had unthinkable effect on him. “Yes - I mean no! I mean yes, I was supposed to be in class, but I was actually waiting for you”

What now? How has he supposed to ask you out? His hand reached to scratch his neck, head looking down, he was mumbling sometimes under his breath. “I’m sorry? I didn’t quite catch that.” you told him, taking a step forward, which did not stay unnoticed by him.

He cought in his hand nervously, fingers now rubbing his jaw and chin. “I was wondering if you had any plans for tonight?” his eyes glanced at you for a second, just enough to see you studying his face.

“No, I don’t actually” - you answered, a little smile creeping on your face “Do you have something on mind?” your lips curled up as you teasingly asked. It seemed like he couldn’t find himself a place, thoughts all over the place and heart beating rapidly.

Remus ran a hand though his hair, trying to find the right words, but looking at you - standing there in front of him, just looking so beautiful it made his head spin. “Ask her out already!” Sirius’ hysterical voice broke her silence and Remus took a deep breath trying not to curse at his dumb friend.

“Will you go out with me?” he finally managed to utter the sentence. This God damn sentence. A very heavy weight lifted off his shoulders, he was feeling so relieved.

You bit your lip gently, hugging your books closer to your chest “Yes” you laughed out, eyes sparkling with excitement. “I’d love to.” His face lit up like a Christmas tree, veins pumping so much adrenaline he could do a backflip if you asked him to!

“DID SHE SAY YES?” eyes rolling to the back his head, a very cringy Remus yelled back “yES NOW BUGGER OFF SIRIUS!”

Eyes Closed (M)

G-Dragon: Angst/Small amount of fluff/Eventual smut

A/N: Hello all! This is my first fic that I’m ever posting ever so I’m slightly nervous haha I do have to say though this first part is a kinda long and I thought about breaking this up in two parts but I wanted all the intro stuff to be done with in one go haha. Anyway please let me know what you think and enjoy!

(Masterlist)||(Part Two-A)

Originally posted by leejoxheon

      A brilliant man once wrote: ‘ ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all’  but I can’t help but wonder; had I never met you would I still feel this crippling void of being without you? …I guess I’ll never know.

      What we had was nothing short of a whirlwind romance that ended almost as soon as it began. Or so it felt that way. And for what felt like an eternity I did nothing but hate you, but then again there were the nights I got so wasted I would tell myself if I just heard your voice one more time I would be fine; but I wanted more than ‘just. one. more. time’. Being with you was something that I can only describe as the most addictive dream that I never wanted to end. And being without you, well that felt like a dream too… not one you’d want to have, but a dream nonetheless. But once the mourning had set in and eventually subsided, I came to terms with everything; I was finally ok. Yet here I am almost three months later since we parted ways and I’m practically on the verge of having my first public panic attack sitting on this plane on my way back to Seoul. A place I had avoided like the plague, and all together erased from my memory; just like I tried to do with you. But that is the one place I can’t escape you. Not because I can’t stop thinking about you or any of the memories that godforsaken city holds but because your face is plastered all over the damn place. Kind of hard to get away from someone that’s a spokesmodel for every other company.

      I had shifted in my seat for what felt like the billionth time which was accompanied by a tired side eye from my best friend Saige. The entire thirteen hours and ten minutes of this flight I was riddled with so much anxiety that I: hadn’t slept, hardly ate and shook my leg so much that it felt like it was starting to go numb and possibly fall off at one point. And the entire time she did nothing but shoot me concerned glances of pity and just sighed as she said ‘I know, I know you feel like your heart is gonna fall out of your ass’. That woman is Saint, but I think even saints reach a point when they feel enough is more than enough.

      She groggily turned her body in her seat toward me, looked me in the eye and said “Alex, you know I love you and I’m only saying this because I care about you but..” she rubbed her eye “You are going to hate yourself for not sleeping when you see pictures the paparazzi take of you leaving the airport. As your best friend and PR manager I am obligated to tell you” she leaned forward placing her elbow on the armrest and her hand beneath her chin “You look like you’re going through it*”

      “That’s because I am ‘going through it’ Saige” I scowled.

      She sat upright and slightly tilted her head to the side “Where is the Alex that left LA? The one who was like ‘I couldn’t give two fucks yahddah yahddah yahddah. G-Dragon who? I’m not worried blah blah blah’–”

      “Ahhh! Ahh! shhhhh! We don’t speak that name!” I interjected.

      “–God it’s like as soon as we started flying over the North Pacific you started to loose your shit!” she continued “Listen kid, and I’m only going to say this once. As your PR manager, and because Scooter would have me scalped if I didn’t say this, we already went through this whole G–”

      “Ahh! What did I just say?!” I hushed her with my finger.

      She sighed heavily “–As I was saying, we already went through this whole ‘Ji-Yong–”

      “Saige no! That’s even worse!”

      “–Would you just let me finish?!” she huffed “What I’m trying to say is, that we can’t go through this bad press thing again. We don’t want to squander any of the amazing opportunities you’ve gotten since that whole fiasco. You and I both know we worked so hard to get you back in good standings with the media and your label. I don’t want to have to go through that whole thing again”

      “Gee thanks…” I scoffed.

      “BUT” she said a bit louder “As your best friend of nine wonderful years, you and I– we’ve been to Hell and back together on more than one occasion and this, or any other time you feel like losing your shit in the far or near future, is no different. I’ll always be right beside you.’If you jump I jump remember?

      I furrowed my brow “I don’t think now is the best time to haul in the Titanic references Saige…”

      “Oh for the love of God!’ she threw her hands up in defeat and slouched into her seat “Alexandra Marie McMahon–”

      “Please don’t use my full name…” I cringed.

      “Alright I’ve had it, enough feeling sorry for yourself, enough letting some guy dictate how you feel. He, despite what his ego might make him think, has no power over you. Got it?” She gestured with her hand “Listen when we land you are going to walk off of this airplane and strut your shit into that fucking SUV like everything is peachy fucking keen!”

      The more heated she got the more I started to notice a tiny vein on her neck begin to pop out. There were instances where I was afraid of her, very rarely was I on the receiving end of her rage but when I was it was less anger and more disappointed mother that wants you realize your full potential.

      Saige brushed the hair from her eyes “All I’m saying is at least pretend for the cameras that you are having the time of your life, and then when we get back to LA–Hell, when we get back to the hotel even! Then you can go back to being miserable”

      I raised an eyebrow. I opened my mouth to say something but she held up her hand to stop me. “If it makes you feel any better all we have to do is survive one week. One week Alex, that’s all! Also just remember why exactly we’re even going there in the first place; and it’s not because of J–’him’

      “I know, I don’t want Tim to have a shit birthday because of me. It’s bad enough he ditched us to move out there and part of me wishes he was lonely so he’d realize the horrible mistake he had made and come back to LA but unfortunately for my wishful thinking Tim is like a ray of sunshine that anyone within a ten foot radius wants to be his best friend” I slouched in my seat.

      Saige nodded “Speaking of Mr. Sunshine himself, what did he say to you to make you lose your cool? It’s like the second he said whatever the hell triggered you, you completely shut me out. So spill, what did he say?”

      I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as I mumbled the heart attack inducing news I had received earlier from Tim.

      Saige furrowed her brows “you wanna try that one more time but in English this time?”

      I mumbled louder.

      “Alex I’m serious, I’m going to–”

      “HE FUCKING TOLD ME JI-YONG WAS GOING TO BE AT HIS STUPID FUCKING PARTY OKAY!” I stood up from my seat causing the stewardesses to stare “are you happy now?!”

      “Very. Got you to actually feel something other than feeling sorry for yourself” she had a smug look on her face “well with that being said we still have about thirty or so minutes before we land so if you’ll just excuse me your highness I’m going to take a well deserved nap”

      Still standing in the same spot as I stood with my mouth agape, staring at my now dwindling out of consciousness best friend in disbelief. I look over my shoulder only to have the stewardesses quickly look away. Feeling embarrassed I quickly slunk down into my seat again and let out a big sigh “It’s only one week Alex!” I mimicked “Pfft, one week. How in the Hell does she expect me to make it through this with whatever remaining sanity I have left in me?”

      The only possible way I see myself making it out of this is by doing the same damn thing I did to get away from him the first time…drink until it doesn’t hurt. And why wait until the party? No time is better than the present. I sat up in my seat and motioned for one of the stewardesses “can you bring me some champagne? Oh and leave the bottle here will ya?”

      The redheaded stewardess knitted her brows together “B-but Ms. McMahon, we’ll be landing soo–”

      “Well then in that case, times a’wastin! Better forgo the glass and just leave the bottle” I smiled.

      The stewardess only shot me a weak smile as she turned to retrieve the bottle. She came back with bottle in hand and poured me a glass “I thought it’d be in poor taste to let you drink out of the bottle…we don’t want another incident like the one on the flight to London” she sent me another weak smile.

      My face slowly dropped into one of utter disdain “that’ll be all thank you” I grabbed the bottle from her hands. As she turned to walk away I looked over at Saige’s sleeping form and back to the stewardess. Just great, exactly what I needed. Yet another person to remind me of how much of a fuck up I am.

      I lifted the glass cheersing the air “Bottoms up”

      Ji-Yong threw his head back and closed his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose trying to relieve the onset of a massive migraine. For the past 20 minutes he has had to endure the loud bickering between Seungri and Seung-Hyun, apparently the older of the two had taken a risqué picture of the other and posted it in succession of each other on his Instagram. In the older man’s defence he said he did it out of artistic expression; a modern Statue of David as he put it. The younger man emphatically disagreed.

      “Yah Hyung! Delete it!” Seungri reached for the older man’s phone for the hundredth time.

      Seung-Hyun cackled “Look it’s fine! I added a filter it makes it artistic. Look at all the likes you’re getting”

      “Easy for you to say! Yang is going to kill me!” the younger man threw his hands up “Aish Hyuuuung!”

      “Aww look at you!” the older man took a sip of his wine.

      Still pinching the bridge of his nose with one hand, Ji-Yong balled his fist with the other hand so tight that his knuckles went white. His patience was starting to wear thin and he was far too exhausted to deal with any of their shit.

      “Why do you enjoy torturing me like this? WHY?!” he reached for the phone again.

      “Because look at you, look how cute you are when you get angry!” Seung-Hyun laughed again.

      “Hyung please! I’m tortured enough when I’m constantly reminded that everybody loves GD&T.O.P”

      Seung-Hyung let out another cackle “Okay, Okay I’ll delete it…Guess I should probably delete that video too”

      “YAH HYUNG! I THOUGHT YOU DELE–” Seungri screeched.

      “ENOUGH!” Ji-Yong slammed his fist onto the armrest of the couch; his sudden outburst took the two by surprise. Seungri cleared his throat, opening his mouth to speak only to be hushed by Ji-Yong before he could utter a single syllable. Seung-Hyun on the other hand was letting the maknae take the brunt of Ji-Yong’s rage as he quietly chuckled to himself and into his wine glass. Seungri suddenly began to feel more uncomfortable as he watched Ji-Yong pace angrily back and forth. He threw a side glance to Seung-Hyun but didn’t dare utter a single word and only managed to mouth “What do we do?”. Seung-Hyun only replied by sending him a smug look on his face; to his dismay the older man was tipsy and was of no help at all. Still pacing, Ji-Yong was working himself up so much he started to mutter incoherent insults, Seungri could only assume, every now and again he could pick up some of what he was saying; “Fucking mothe…asshole…fucking can’t…idiot…”. The younger man looked to his inebriated partner in crime but alas yet again he was of no help as he had dipped out of the room at one point without either of the other two noticing. He looked to the heavens and gulped before he slowly approached the man who was fuming before him. With an outstretched hand he reached for the other man’s shoulder only to be startled by Ji-Yong rapidly whipping his head to look over his shoulder.

      “Touch me and you lose that hand…” Ji-Yong glared.

      Seungri had retracted his hand back so fast that he slightly smacked himself on the face in the process. Saying his prayers in his head and gulping again he dared to open his mouth.

      “H-Hyung?” he said timidly.

      The older man turned to glare at him again “What?!”

      “I think you might be stressed…”

      Ji-Yong looked at the younger man incredulously “Oh no, what gave it away?!” he sneered.

      Not letting the older man get to him he spoke with more confidence this time.

      “What I meant was, I’ve noticed these past few weeks…months really…you’ve been so irritable that you’re hard to want to be around. Everyone agrees that we feel like we’re walking on eggshells with you…”

      Ji-Yong scoffed and crossed his arms.

      “Hyung I think you maybe need to let loose~” the younger man wiggled his eyebrows and smiled.

      “Come any closer and I’ll let my fists loose”

      Quickly losing his smile Seungri furrowed his brows “You see this what I’m talking about! Top Hyung even stopped asking you to drink with him because every time you would get drunk you’d either want to start a fight with someone and/or sing, without fail, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ at the top of your lungs!. Not that you have a horrible voice Hyung, far from it, it’s just that the last time you did it you had me in a headlock and sang–no yodeled! Into my ear and I think I may be going deaf…”Seungri absentmindedly touched his ear as he somberly looked to the ground.

      The older man only smiled to himself recalling whatever pieces of that night he could remember.

      The younger man quickly shook away the horrible memories of that night and straightened his posture “Anyway! Young-Bae and Dae-Sung Hyung, well they never actually go out….but if they did I’m sure they wouldn’t want to hang out with you either!”

      Ji-Yong laughed sardonically “If this is your way of trying to get me to ‘let loose’ the only thing that’s going to be loose is–”

      “I know, I know ‘your fists’. Aish” Seungri mocked and instantly regretted it as made direct eye contact with a Ji-Young that looked like he was about to rip his head off.

      Trying to placate the situation, before Ji-Yong actually turned into a dragon and set him on fire, the younger man spoke quickly.


      The older man winced at the maknae’s sudden change in volume “YAH! ENOUGH WITH THE YELLING!”


      Ji-Yong closed his eyes and rubbed the side of his temples with his fingers       “So without yelling, or pissing me off even more… what was this about a party?”
      Treading carefully Seungri cleared his throat before he spoke “Well since we will be back in Seoul tonight I thought it was only right that my favorite~Hyung go out and enjoy himself in his old stomping grounds”

      The older man simply nodded and signaled with one hand to go on.

      With the approval of his Hyung to go on, he spoke with more enthusiasm           “Yeah so then I thought to myself ‘but my favorite~Hyung shouldn’t have to go to a tired old club!’ which is why I remembered a friend of mine is throwing a massive party tonight at his new club in Gangnam”

      “So you want me to go to a grand opening party so your friend’s club will be popular? ‘Cause that’s all I’m hearing” the older man raised an eyebrow.

      The maknae’s eyes went wide “No, no, no! You misunderstand, no one has to know we’re there. All I want is for my Hyung–”

      “Favorite Hyung..” Ji-Yong corrected.

      “Right. All I want is for my favorite~Hyung to relax, have a drink or two, not ‘My Heart Will Go On’ amount of drinks but some drinks…and maybe dance a little…maybe even with a girl” he wiggled his eyebrows causing a small laugh to come from the other man “on the plus side this is kind of like a ‘pre-party’ before the real party this weekend”

      “Alright fine I’ll go, but on one condition”

      “Anything Hyung, you name it I got it”

      “Don’t try to be my wingman tonight, don’t try to set me up; I don’t want to have to make another girl cry because I had no idea who she was”

      “Oh..I forgot about that…but is that it? Pfft easy” a smug smile spread across the maknae’s face.

      “Actually one more thing…” Ji-Yong said in a serious tone “Just do me a solid and make sure I don’t call a number labeled as ‘DO NOT CALL HER’…I don’t need that shit blowing up in my face”

      The younger man furrowed his brows as he nodded. He knew exactly who ‘DO NOT CALL HER’ was.

      “Seungri if it comes down to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and ‘DO NOT CALL HER’…let’s just go with ‘My Heart Will Go On’ even if it means losing your hearing” the older man let out a small laugh.

      Placing his hands on either side of his shoulders, Seungri gives Ji-Yong a warm smile and emphatically says “You got it Hyungie~!”

      This causes Ji-Yong to let out another laugh only this time it was a bit louder “alright, alright” he dusts the maknae’s hands off his shoulders “Well I’m going to head back to my room and get some shut eye before tonight so make yourself scarce until then” he pushed his way past the maknae and out the door. After the door closed behind Ji-Yong, Seungri let out a big sigh of relief but that was short lived as he remembered a text message he had received from his girlfriend earlier ‘Hey babe I’m so excited to see you tonight!~love you my little panda~^-^ oh I almost forgot, Alex landed so don’t forget to give Ji-Yong a heads up about tonight. I know how my sister can be when she’s drunk and we both know how he can be… So glad you already ripped off the band-aid and told him about her being at Tim’s party after all haha I mean why wouldn’t sh–’ A small ringing sound filled his ears as the last part of the text echoed in his head. Seungri not only didn’t tell Ji-Yong about ‘DO NOT CALL HER’ going to her own best friend’s birthday bash but now he was going to have to defuse the bomb that is Ji-Yong when his Hyung finds out that he was withholding vital information about ‘DO NOT CALL HER’ being in the country again and/or possibly running into her one way or another. This definitely won’t blow up in his face right?

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Part 22 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,286

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21  Part 23 Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27  Part 28 Part 29

A/N: Hoping there are no typos in the numbers otherwise that will mess it up. Let’s pray for the best.

You continued to be furiously interrupted by the constant ringing of your phone and Sehun’s phone but you tried ignoring regardless.

“What do you mean you’re coming for me?…” You breathed as you stared aimlessly into Sehun’s face there was nothing about it that you recognised, he was a completely different person. He was a demon.

“Must I explain myself all the time?” He clicked his tongue as he looked down at you through angry eyes. Your phone began to ring again; you let out a little scream as you angrily answered it.

What the fuck is it Minseok!? Now is a very bad time. Very bad!” You hissed down the phone as you wiped your bleeding finger on your sleeve.

Please tell me you know where Sehun is!”
Your heart thumped a little at the sound of desperation in Minseok’s voice. For the most part Minseok was a pretty mellow kid and so desperation wasn’t something you were used to hearing from him you were getting a bad feeling much like you had been ever since everything had begun to turn upside down.

He’s with me now…why?”

Put me on loud speaker! Now Y/N!” He growled at you. Minseok had never spoken to you in such a manner before. You wasted no time in putting him on loud speaker, urging him to speak up.
Sehun don’t you dare fucking do any of it.”

“Do what?”

“Put your knife down.”

“How the fuck?—it doesn’t matter. No. I don’t know what you know, but no. I won’t”

“This is stupid Sehun! Reiji has got you and Baekhyun exactly where he wants you. Along with Nel, K and Tay. Do you really think you’re about to benefit from this? This has gone too far Sehun stop it! Reiji’s confiscated Baekhyun’s phone and he’s under house arrest, if he makes one wrong move it’s all over for him! Stop this or you’ll be next.”
You frowned at your phone in your hand, how did Minseok know all of this?

“Hang up.” Sehun growled at you, his eyes burning holes into the back of your skull. You shook your head, waiting for Minseok to carry on talking him out of whatever it was that he was planning on doing.

He shot his arm out and wrapped his hand across your throat slowly and steadily applying pressure, your eyes widened as you realised that you were finding it harder and harder to breathe, he was slowly strangling you. “I said hang the phone up now.” He whispered it this time and it was more sinister than the first. You tried to swallow but failed as you pressed the ‘hang up’ button on your screen. He released his hand from your neck and frowned at you. “I have a knife in my pocket and you’re daring to defy me. Fucking low class people, you’re all really fucking dumb.”
You took in a sharp breath, allowing the oxygen to rip through your lungs. You were crying now, not because of the social slur but because of what was happening.

“Sehun I don’t understand what’s going on.” You allowed tears to spill down your face; you were seriously confused and scared at the same time. You had never been so scared of anyone in your life. “What’s going on with you and Baekhyun? Why have you—”

“Stop asking me fucking questions, we’re going to the car. Now!”

Baekhyun’s P.O.V.

He woke up shaking on the cold ground, the last he remembered he was knocked out with a concoction of drugs which K had forced him to swallow. Shit was an understatement of how he was feeling right now. Ever since Minseok had told him about Ten Lee, Reiji had become increasingly hostile towards him, suppose he knew? Baekhyun couldn’t help thinking to himself. He had to get out of here, the cellar of Tay’s apartment, but the gash on his right leg was making it increasingly difficult for him to move. He was on his way to warn Sehun about Reiji. But he never ended up making it.
Baekhyun groaned in pain as he slowly dragged himself up from the floor and towards the creaky wooden steps which, mind you, looked as though they would collapse at any given moment. He had been given an ultimatum before he was knocked out cold and that was; ‘to destroy Ten Lee or suffer the consequences’. Baekhyun was confused since he had just assumed that Ten Lee was dead, but now he was being told to kill him instead, that was something he most definitely hadn’t signed up for. Baekhyun slowly dragged himself down the hallway and into the living room, it was dark inside and out and he could hardly see anything. They had confiscated his phone and kept him locked in several hidden locations for what seemed like forever. Reiji had promised that if he found any trace of Baekhyun trying to contact his ‘clique’ for help then he would end some of them there and then. Starting with Y/N.
He dragged himself over to the side of the living room feeling for the lamp switch and switching the light on. He then began to hurriedly sift through the draws, before anyone got back. Looking for his phone desperately. His hand came to a stop as it hovered above a device. It wasn’t his phone but it belonged to Tay. He quickly switched it on and opened the messenger application.

: Mum. Don’t worry I’m okay, I’ve just been studying so hard lately and I end up falling asleep at a friend’s house. I lost my phone I need you to go inside my diary and send me that number I’ve written in green on the first page.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Sehun please stop this, please.” You begged him, tears running down your face as he dragged you through the large house.
You ended up at his parent’s house. It was absolutely grand. Their taste was expensive and honestly you were expecting nothing less from them. There were glass statues everywhere and a bottle of the finest wine on display at every corner you turned.

“Shut up.” Sehun hissed brandishing the knife throughout the house. You could hear mumbling coming from of the rooms and it became apparent that Sehun was out to kill his parents.

“Sehun stop, you can’t do this.” You whispered as you pulled on his sleeve. They’re your parents you’re not supposed to be doing this. They raised you, they’re the reason you’re here.”

He stopped abruptly, yanking your arm so hard that for a moment you thought that he had pulled it out of your socket.

“You’re making the situation worse right now, so shut the fuck up. Next is Baekhyun, so you can see him suffer before it’s your go.”
You bit your lip as you stared intensely into his eyes, silent tears still spilling down your cheeks.

“Sehun please stop this, this isn’t you. What has Reiji done to you?” You placed your hand over his as he looked at you blankly for a second, it was silent but it felt like it was forever.  You felt a weird sensation take over you the longer he stared at you and a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach before he pushed your hand away.

“Get off of me and keep your mouth shut.” He whispered in your, venom lacing his tongue. He dragged you closer to the sound and swung the door open pushing you onto the hard wooden floor. You looked up to see a man laying on the bed with nothing on but his underwear, his hands were digging in to the waist of the skinny woman on top of him whom was also in nothing but her underwear, their eyes widening in fear as they were glued onto the knife in Sehun’s hand. Sehun let out a sadistic yet sarcastic chuckle as he looked down at the people on the bed.

“This scraggly bitch? Pathetic. Absolutely disgusting.” He yanked the woman by her hair dragging her off of the man and dropping her with force onto the hard floor. You could see the veins popping up in Sehun’s arm and throat now, adrenaline coursing through his body. “You’re a poor excuse for a father you know that right?” He eyed the man up and down, his grip tightening around his knife.

“Sehun, what the fuck are you doing?” His dad shuffled back on the bed pulling the covers up over his body. You stared up wide eyed at him from your space on the floor, the woman next to you was crying now; her shoulders shaking violently.

“Tell your whore to shut up.” Sehun huffed as he took a step backwards into her direction; his eyes still focus on his father.

“How dare you call my fiancée—”

“Shut the fuck up!” Sehun hissed as he squatted down beside the woman’s trembling body. “She won’t be your fiancée for much longer. She’ll only be a memory.” He smirked in her ear as he began to trace the knife around her throat, allowing the blade to catch her skin every now and then; leaving small blobs of blood here and there. “So I assume you’re the bitch that daddy was cheating on mummy with, huh?” He said in a mockingly childish voice as he pinched her thigh, instantly leaving behind a bruise. “But you knew he was married and had a kid right? Pathetic. You’re a dirty woman did anybody ever tell you that?”

“Sehun stop this now!” His dad shouted from the bed, hesitantly sliding off.

“Shut the fuck up!” He shouted back, his face was a bright red. He focused his attention back on his father’s fiancée. “You’ve already planned a wedding yet my parents haven’t even finalised their divorce, do you know how disgusting that is? I bet your parents are proud of you, you piece of scum, and you’re high in class for what? Look at you; you can’t even be more than 8 years older than me.” He pulled a strand of her hair and then smacked her hard in the face causing her to cry out. “You destroyed my family, you destroyed my life, you destroyed my psyche and mentality along with it too. You’re the worst kind of person. I want you to know that before you take your last breath. I really want you to come to terms with what kind of a sick, corrupt human being you really are. You’re a dirty rat and I really hope the guilt and the dirtiness of your ways is ripping through your body and tormenting you this very second, you’re a home-wrecker does that feel good bitch?”

You sat there in silence, all that could be heard was your heavy breathing. You weren’t sure what had come over Sehun but at this point it was looking irreversible, he was completely fuelled with anger, the way in which he looked at this woman was telling you that there was no going back and there was nothing you could do about it, all you could wonder was if whether or not what he said about you and Baekhyun being next was really true, and if it was you were in very deep trouble. You were a breathing casualty, a breathing fatality waiting to happen.
Sehun’s father began to take a step closer towards them on the floor, never taking his eyes off of the knife which was now positioned at her thigh.

“Come a step closer and I’ll kill her.” Sehun hissed as he held the knife closer to her thigh. His father was still inching closer.

“Dad I mean it!” Sehun yelled this time, but his facial expression had changed; now you could see panic and uncertainty settling in as his hand began to shake along with knife he was holding. “I’m not joking dad mo—”
Without warning Sehun’s father lunged forward at Sehun and a chorus of screams rang out in the room, one of them being you. You could hear screaming and crying and you were becoming disoriented, you had no clue what was going on until you looked over at them properly your eyes widened.

“Oh Sehun…” his father gasped, his breath bated as he clung onto his mistress. “What have you done?!”
There was a big rip in her thigh, blood pouring out. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and hitting a pitch and volume that you thought was impossible for such a small person. “SEHUN!” his dad screamed. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” He ran up to grab his phone from the bed side table. “Hello, yes I need an ambulance and Police. 32 Witherton Crescent, off the side of Departo. Hurry.”

You looked at Sehun in panic, you had only just noticed that his hand was bleeding too, the knife directly inside the middle of his palm, he was still crying out in pain, before you acted on impulse. Standing up you grabbed Sehun’s wrist and pulled him up to his feet. You dragged him out of the bedroom and through the huge house. The only thing on your mind at that precise moment was to get him out of that situation; you couldn’t let him get arrested; although you knew he deserved it you just couldn’t let it happen. The hesitation in his eyes at the last second let you know that the old Sehun that you had grown to be friends with was still in there somewhere; you dragged out into the cold air and frisked his pocket for his car keys once finding them you quickly opened the door.

“Get in, quickly!” You shouted “We need to get out of here fast.”
Sehun’s father clearly didn’t love him near enough as much as any father should love their child and so you knew letting Sehun go down would be an absolute breeze for him. You panicked as you stared at Sehun’s hand. He wasn’t going to be able to drive. “Shit, I don’t know how to drive.” You mumbled as you bit your bottom lip.

“Well now is your chance to learn.” Sehun hissed through gritted teeth and unbearable pain, he was squeezing his wrist so as to slow the bleeding down; the knife was still planted firmly in its place. You nodded your head and jumped behind the steering wheel, you were scared. In fact you were absolutely terrified but you had to get the both of you out of there, at that point you were an accessory to the attack and now you were likely to be in trouble too. Plus you were low class trash and everyone knew that low class trash were always the guilty ones from the get go. For you it was more likely to be ‘guilty until proven innocent.’

“Can you drive faster?!” Sehun yelled from next to you, barely being able to keep his eyes open.

“Don’t fucking shout at me! This is your fucking mess Sehun, what the fuck were you playing at trying to kill people, I thought you possessed a higher IQ. You bastard!” You turned a corner, knocking over a stray cat as you went but that was the last thing on your mind. “Sehun what the fuck were you thinking?”

“I don’t know…”He breathed, letting a new tone of voice slip past the pain.


“I don’t know, I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it so badly, but I couldn’t. But then he got closer and I panicked…”
You took a quick glance at him before looking back at the road ahead of you, a tear was running down his cheek as he focused on the knife still stuck in his palm.

“Stop crying…this is your fault…” You tried to say with conviction but you failed. No matter how badly he had messed up you felt sad for him and you felt obliged to get him out of the situation.
“You can’t go back home now, you know that? Neither of us can right now, we need to lay low.” He let out a grunt. “But first we need to do something about your hand.”

An hour and a half later and you and Sehun were sitting in his car, you him and silence. You had managed to bandage up his hand and now you were in a desolate area of nothingness that you never even knew existed. Your first exam was supposed to be in a week’s time, the thought of it was a joke now there was no way you‘d pass.

“I’m sorry…” Sehun breathed. “I always manage to fuck shit up. It was all a mistake…I’m a mistake…everyone would be better off without me.”

You rolled your eyes as you turned to look at him.
“Don’t say that Sehun, that’s not true.”
He laughed in disbelief as he turned his head to look at you.

“After everything I’ve put you through these past couple of weeks, you’re telling me you don’t hate me? You don’t wish I could just… disappear?”

“Of course I don’t Sehun, you’ve been an absolute asshole and idiot, but the better memories outweigh the worse ones.”  And for reasons beyond your understanding you found yourself reaching out to stroke Sehun’s face. Your eyes widened in shock at your own actions as you quickly withdrew your hand. “I know…don’t touch you I’m sorry…”

“No…  I want you to touch me.” He whispered, his voice was softer than ever now, as though he wasn’t shouting at you a couple of hours ago,. “Please…” He reached for your hand and dragged it back up to his face, placing it on his cheek. You found yourself stroking his face again, not even bothering to pull away and suddenly you felt a knot tying in your stomach, it felt strange almost like the knot you felt in your stomach when you used to start at Baekhyun softly and innocently biting his lower lip. “I never wanted to do this to you, I’m so sorry… You know how I feel Y/N, I promise you that this was never my intention. Not really.” It was silent for a while as you stared intently at each other, you frowned slightly as Sehun bent his head down and started leaning in towards you and before you could ask what he was doing you felt his lips on top of yours. However this time around you didn’t pull away; instead your hand was grazing its way through his hair and you felt that you were enjoying the sensation of his warm soft lips on your own. The kiss was tender and sweet and it got better with every lingering second. He began parting your lips with his tongue, when suddenly you pulled away at the sound of your phone buzzing in your pocket. Your breath was fast as you looked him in confusion, your chest heaving up and down

“What the fuck just happened?”
He shrugged at you as he bit his bottom lip nervously, maybe your body reacted that way automatically out of pity for his situation.
“Well whatever it was it’s never happening again, do you understand?” You frowned as you dipped your hand into your pocket and looked at the message on your phone.

“What the fuck?…” You whispered as you looked at your screen in confusion and astonishment. A row of numbers showing up. “What the heck is this?”

4448 4447777 22-23355449998866.
444 5566-6669 444 333882225533-3 887. 4446 44466 8777666882255533. 333444777-77778 4448 927777 64446677773366655, 844-4447777 8444633 44487777 633 2663 777733448866. 4446 877727-733-3 44466 666-6633 666333 84433444777 44666887777337777.


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Hiraeth - James Potter x Reader

Request: Could you write James Potter and Ravenclaw reader please? She and James met accidentally, maybe when James got into trouble again and was trying to hide and he ran into her while minding her own world or something. Since then she’s harbored unrequited feelings for him but she knows she doesn’t stand a chance against Lily and is always haunted by the fact that she’s the complete opposite of the girl James is in love with. Just right after Lily finally agreed to go out with James, (1) Sirius accidentally blurts out reader’s feelings (Sirius knows because, well, he’s Sirius), and James confronts her about it. James really loves Lily, but deep down, in all the time they spent together, he might have come to be slowly drawn to the reader, although he’s not aware of it. No happy ending, and lots of angst. I hope this isn’t too detailed. Thank you :) (2)
Hiraeth: A homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was.
Warnings: My English, language, broken hearts, feels. Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.[ Also, the reader has dark brown eyes- you can ignore it if you like]. Part II??(maybe if requested)
Word Count~2.3k
Pending Requests

You were minding your own business, trying to balance four books and a cup of hot tea as you were about to enter your common room.It had been a hectic day; a series of unfortunate events, one bad thing after the other. You just wanted to relax a bit and then go to sleep to numb the stupid feelings. But your screwed up fate had a different plan. 
Someone bumped into you, making you drop the books and spill the tea on yourself. You let out a yelp when the hot tea made contact with your skin but all the air left your lungs when that someone fell on top of you, sending you both to the ground. 
You didn’t realize that your head never hit the floor as you had your eyes closed, too afraid to witness your own death. A large but soft hand was protecting your head and neck as another was wrapped around your waist.
Once you understood that you weren’t dead, you opened your eyes, only to be shocked by the fact that two big, hazel eyes were roaming your face. The proximity was overwhelming.
For a couple of seconds, you were just laying there, not saying anything, too much aware that his entire body was on top of yours. Suddenly, he seemed to remember the reason he was running as a faint blush became visible on his cheeks.
He gently got off of you and stood up while he extended his right hand to help you up as well. And suddenly, you seemed to remember the pain caused by the hot beverage. You wanted to say something, maybe even scowl him for bumping into you, but no words ever made it out of your lips. He seemed to struggle as well, judging by the way he was awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. 
“I’m sorry for the mess. And also, just go with it” he quickly apologized and informed you. You went from confused to completely bewildered as your eyebrows furrowed.
 "Wait, what?“ you breathed out but before he could answer McGonagall, rushed towards you with a furious look on her face. 
“Mister Potter, you cannot possibly believe that you will get away with it. Detention, every night at eight o'clock with Mr. Filch- for the rest of the year. And 100 points will be taken from Gryffindor” she simply, yet angrily informed him. You had never seen her truly mad at him or his friends and it wasn’t like her to be unfair, but taking one hundred points from his house, was a bit much. So, naturally, the punishment must have been equivalent to his ‘crime’.
“I have no idea what is going on Minnie, but let me tell you. I was with Y/N almost all day long. She was tutoring me” he lied smoothly. Two things; firstly,  he had put you in a very difficult position - you would have to lie to your Professor if you wanted to help him and verify his story and secondly… he knew your name? How was that possible? You had barely exchanged two words all those years. He was the famous James Potter, one of the Marauders, a very good-looking guy who aced his classes and won every Quidditch game. And you were you.
“Is it true miss Y/L/N?” she asked you, clearly not believing James and thinking you would spill the truth. And then you did something you never thought you would do.
“Yes Professor. He needs more than just tutoring. He is clueless when it comes to Potions” you informed her and you surprised yourself with how natural it came to you. She raised an eyebrow but trusted your words.
“Very well. Miss Y/L/N. Mister Potter” she nodded at you, turned on her heel and left. You waited until you could no longer hear her steps and you turned to James, giving him a pointed look and waiting for an explanation.
“Um-thank you” he told you and he was about to leave but you grabbed his arm-Quidditch worked wonders- to stop him, demanding an answer.
“I just lied to a teacher and saved your ass. I think I deserve an explanation” you firmly told him. He was surprised and awed. He had never really talked to you, although he always noticed you when you were around. It was a bit strange, really. You were a smart Ravenclaw but you weren’t the typical one. You hanged out with everyone, you were sweet yet cunning and now you stood in front of him too determined to receive an answer. He found himself a little too captivated by you.
“Um. I blew up a toilet?” he shyly admitted. Your eyes grew wide but you failed to hold back a chuckle. His eyes met yours and you felt a jolt of electricity running through your veins. You instantly knew that you had gotten yourself into a big mess. 

Months went by but not a day, without thinking about him. It felt like your brain didn’t have any other choice. Something about his eyes and the way they would lit up with mischievousness every time he thought of another great prank made you vulnerable. Maybe it was his smile too. A smile like that was very difficult to forget, if not impossible.
He had forced himself into your life and now you couldn’t think of anything else. But you knew the bitter truth. He would never look at you the way you wanted him to. He only had eyes for one particular red-haired, Gryffindor girl. She was everything you weren’t. Their golden girl. Hogwarts’ sweetheart. Smart, kind, sweet, funny, lovely, beautiful, secretly a rebel… his. She was perfect and you wanted to hate her for that. You were always haunted by the fact that you would never, ever, stand a chance against her. She was so fucking frustrating because she was so lucky and she never even knew.
Each day that was passing by… it felt like a new torture. You would wake up, plastering a fake smile on your face, carry on with classes and all the assignments, joke around with people… and each day you were becoming more and more numb. You wanted to. You needed to.
Friends. You had tried to convince yourself that being his friend was all you wanted but you were lying. You couldn’t help it when he smiled… your heart stopped and when he laughed… that sound became all you ever wanted to heart. You felt the need to apologize. ‘I’m sorry. I love you’. That didn’t stop you from being around him, being his friend, his 'mate’, the one person he wanted to talk to, the one he would playfully flirt with. He enjoyed your company. As a friend, of course. Right?
You could see that he didn’t feel the same. You knew it. It was painfully obvious. Every single time he would look at you, he was looking at a friend. Every time he would look at her… he was looking at the sun. His reason of existence. And you were falling for him… every day. But falling wasn’t a problem… hitting the ground was.
“Hey, what’s up?” Sirius asked you, bringing you back to reality. You two had become close over the past months. You knew everything there was to know about him. You guessed he knew everything about you too. Everything. Because he was the King of unrequited feelings.
“Nothing much. Just tired, you know?” you sighed. He gave you a look that meant he could understand the reasons why. You were getting tired of falling for him, of giving a fuck when you knew he would never return any of it. Sirius didn’t answer and he didn’t try to stop you when you stood up and left. He felt bad but he knew that you didn’t want his pity.

When Lily agreed on a date with him, your world came crashing down. You didn’t know how to feel or to react. You truly didn’t want to be happy about him because he was happy with someone else but then the way his eyes sparkled with euphoria made your eyes watery. You tried to turn your frown to a smile. You failed.
You left.
“Where is Y/N?” James asked, after a while. He hadn’t seen you all day and he wanted to share his happiness with the world. At least, that was what he told himself. Sirius arched an eyebrow at him.
“You can expect her to be thrilled about you and Lily, now can you?” he sarcastically informed him but he realized the impact of his words when it was already too late. James frowned. Why wouldn’t you be happy for him?
“Why wouldn’t she?” he asked, deeply hurt and… wait, what was that new feeling? Sirius tried to avoid answering the question because he would give your secret away. A secret you hadn’t told him. A secret that wasn’t his, to begin with. “Just answer the damn question, Sirius!” James exploded when five minutes had passed and not a word had come out of Sirius’ mouth. Remus was just standing there, not knowing how to stop what was coming. Because he knew too. He didn’t know what would be better.
“Because she is in love with you, you idiot” Sirius finally told him. James’ face fell, became pale and his heart almost stopped. His eyes couldn’t focus on anything… he kept staring into space. Sirius knew he had messed up.
He also knew that his friends had fallen for each other but one of them loved another. He could see how much James cared about you. You two weren’t friends. You had never been. You just tried to keep your lies to yourselves but Sirius knew that friends don’t sleep together when one of them had a nightmare, friends don’t treat each other like you two did. And James knew it too. Deep down, he did. But then again, if he wasn’t your 'friend’ someone else would be and he couldn’t, he didn’t want to imagine someone else holding you against his body, touching you or even talking to you. Loving you. He had screwed up. He had to find you 

“Y/N! WAIT. PLEASE” he shouted as he ran towards your common room. You were about to enter and leave everything behind you but here he was. Stopping you from letting him go. You wanted to scream at him, to yell 'WHY?’. Just one more step, you thought. That was all it would take. One more god damn fucking step.
“Please, wait” you heard he begging you. How many time did he have to break your heart? You swallowed your emotions and turned around.You weren’t ready to face his sad eyes, his furrowed eyebrows, his trembling lip. You would never be ready to say goodbye but you would have to.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked softly as he came closer. You wanted to avert your glance but he held it your eyes locked. His bright eyes met your dark ones for -possibly- the last time. He was close enough for you to feel dizzy. He still had that impact. And you had realized that this would hurt more than the hot cup of tea he had spilled on you the first time you met. Because you hadn’t crossed paths. You had collided.
“You love Lily and you’re happy with her. It’s okay if I’m not the girl of your dreams or the one you dance with. I just want to be the girl you’ll think about 20 years from now, while you’re staring at your morning coffee, wishing you hadn’t poured so much milk in because now it’s too creamy to resemble my dark brown eyes” you whispered, a single tear running down your cheek. You stared at his breathtaking eyes for a second and you smiled a bit forced, a bit melancholic. He hadn’t moved but he felt broken. He wanted to make you stay. Somehow. To do something before you entered your common room and never talked to him again. Because he knew. This was-
“Goodbye James”. It was a pleasure meeting you, even if it crushed my heart. 


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Rally Effect

Draco Malfoy x Reader
Where Draco saves the reader during the Battle of Hogwarts
Word Count: 1214


Draco has made mistakes before.

But never -

Never quite like this.


There’s smoke, scratching at his tonsils and gripping it’s teeth around his lungs, as he sprints down the hallway, away from a memory that feels more like a crime scene.

Crabbe is dead, now. Bones kissed to ashes in an angry swathe of fiendfyre.

And Draco -

Draco has blood crusting beneath his fingernails; has a cinder scar marring his cheek and pinstripes that have been ripped down the middle so that both sides - so that his side - can see.

A mark that had meant so much fucking more, before.

Before the fire and the before the war and before Draco had watched Dumbledore’s body break bones against the ground.

Things are different, now.

And Draco is still running.

He can hear skull-haunting screams outside; manages faintly to make out the sylablles of a curse being bellowed. He can hear the world crashing down around his ears, Goyle no doubt still bent, catatonic, over Crabbe’s burnt body and Potter having run off to save the day.

Draco thinks, somewhat bitterly, that it might be all of their last.

Another green-spark-of-light scream fissures in the air. Cracks itself against Draco’s eardrums as he focuses on the sawed-off sobs of his breath and the sound of his shoes scuffing stone. Focuses on anything and everything except for the situation - the war - at hand.

He turns a corner. Catches his fingers against toothy brick and stops -

There’s a girl, with her fingers splayed against the wall and her wand a good foot or two away.

There’s a death eater, with his hood pulled back and his hand perilously pointed.

Draco has just enough time to register who she is - a seconds worth of rewound memories: her alignment with the wrong side and her ties to the wrong family and her blood, spilling fast, spilling dirty, across the dungeon floors.

She’s not on his side.

She’s a mistake.

And Draco’s terribly good at making those.


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CEO: Part Seven. [smut]

A/N; So this series went on hiatus for a while I apologise. I have been in a mood with it because I hit a block. However much encouragement from @rememberstilinski and @dumbass-stilinski has ended up with me posting it. I really hope that you guys enjoy it! <3

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 6,257

Inspired by this song

Part One  Part Two  Part Three Part Four.  Part Five. Part Six. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey 😃Maybe a Bellarke Fic were something dramatic has just happened and they go back to their room and suddenly everything is silent and calm and they clean each other's wounds? Maybe in cannonverse ? Your blog is amazing and you are a blessing thank you

Omg thank you :’) I’m sorry it took me forever to get to this but I hope you like it. Not TOTALLY sure if the title is 100% applicable but it’s super bellarkey anyway so. ALSO! This is 4x06 spec

Hello Love, My Invincible Friend


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: G, I guess
Words: 1,441

On her forehead there’s a slash from which blood trickles in a steady flow into Clarke’s eye. She feels a bruise blossoming across her cheekbone. Her head pounds in her temples and between her brows, a sharp ache that rears its ugly head with each second that passes.

But Clarke has jumped hundreds of feet into violent waters. She’s opened her own stitches and slit her skin to cut deals. She wrestled a damn jaguar and survived.

She’s dealt with worse.

Bellamy has too, but that doesn’t quell the fear bubbling in Clarke’s gut like a waking volcano when she looks at him now.

His jacket is thrown onto the bed, leaving him with only his t-shirt to veil the gash sliced along his bicep. Blood drips in a curtain down his arm, staining the fabric of his shirt and falling in thick drops to the floor. With his opposite hand, Bellamy tries rolling up his sleeve to get a better look at the damage. When he fumbles, frustrated, Clarke crosses the room to help him.

It’s the first time since Trikru attacked them on their way to Becca’s lab that Clarke has seen the injury, and when she does, she can’t help the shallow breath she sucks in. Bellamy tenses. Clarke knows the blood makes it look worse than it actually is, but even so, she can tell slapping a band aid on this one won’t fix it.

Over the lump in her throat, she says “I need to clean this,” and hurries to the attached bathroom to wet a cloth. “And stitch it.” She grabs her first aid kit from their traveling bag. “And probably amputate it.”


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Loki Laufeyson Drabble (1.)

Originally posted by cheers-mrhiddleston

Requested by @sammi-faye I hope it’s what you had in mind ;P 

| 🔥🔥🔥  red hot | 

35. “I’m here now and I’m never leaving you again.”

66. “Death doesn’t scare me. Living scares me.” 

Her eyes glanced around the large sleeping chambers, everything finally seeming like it was in its place and back to normal. Though nothing physically had changed, the atmosphere was altogether different. (y/n) hadn’t felt this peaceful in months but now, with Loki lying near her in bed - their bed - things were as they should be. 

She shuffled in his arms, swinging her own around his slim waist in an attempt to pull him closer. The smooth skin of his chest was on full display and she couldn’t help but let her fingers run across it, dancing along the hard dips of his abdomen. Her small fingers paused when she reached a thin scar, a new one, decorating the area above his right hip. 

Loki knew that it was only a matter of time before she found it. His little queen was nothing if not observant, noticing if even the tiniest thing is amiss. He attempted to shush her worries before they could begin, pulling her up to be eye level with him on the plush pillows. His lips busied themselves on her shoulders and neck, placing light kisses wherever her night dress had fallen. 

“It was nothing-” 

“It does not look like nothing.” 

Loki sighed, his forehead pressed against her warm cheek. 

“It would take a lot more than an arrow to harm me, little Queen, do not be afraid of death.” 

The aura of the room had now shifted, becoming far more tender and vulnerable as the couple looked into each other’s eyes. (y/n) shifted, delicately slotting her legs around her lovers to straddle his hips. Loki smiled at her motions, sitting up a bit so that they could press their lips together easily. She sighed against his hot mouth, toying with his bottom lip when she pulled away. 

“Death doesn’t scare me. Living scares me.”

Black eyebrows shot up in confusion and concern at her words, his mouth opening and closing as he searched for what to say. She decided that more clarification would be necessary, rubbing her thumbs soothingly across his sharp cheek bones. 

“Death is unavoidable, it can happen to even the Gods. My concern would be what I would do without you. Life would not be worth much without my husband to enjoy it with me.” 

Loki’s appearance softened, taking her hands away from his face and grasping them tightly in his own. 

“I’m here now and I’m never leaving you again.”

She smiled at the God, knowing that he would never be able to keep that promise but also that she had already forgiven him. While engrossed in another passionate kiss, her fingers moved skillfully to the hem on the breeches he wore to sleep in. They slipped under the thin fabric to find him extremely hard and already leaking from the tip. 

Loki groaned as she began to work the silky flesh, rubbing small circles against the swollen vein down the middle like he had once shown her. He was about to complain when she stopped without warning but was mesmerized as he watched her drop her sleeping gown onto the stone floor. He removed his own clothing, then, taking her carefully in his arms to hover above her. 

Red and purple marks began blooming across her chest from the sudden attentions of his mouth and she squirmed under the attention. Her nipples were sore from his ministrations and her inner thighs were becoming uncomfortably sticky. His cock twitched against her stomach, painting her with the evidence of his arousal. (y/n)’s hips jutted up on their own accord, causing her to drag her wet folds across his sensitive flesh. 

Loki knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer as his erection began throbbing painfully. His hand quickly reached between the two sweat slicked bodies, guiding the tip to rest hot and heavy at her entrance. Angry crescent moons formed where her fingernails dug into the flesh of his back, urging him on like she was almost animalistic with her need. 

He dropped his forehead to rest level with hers, trying to compose himself before he lost all control. (y/n) continued to rock her hips upward in a blind search for release that she knew from experience only he could give her. Small whimpers left her lips when he finally began pushing into her, showering her with kisses to distract from the initial discomfort that came from being away from each other for so long. Loki was large in both width and length and she cried out when her walls began fluttering to accommodate him.

Uncontrollable curses fell from his mouth when his hips finally met hers, their bodies both shuddering at being fully joined again. He knew that she would need to time to adjust to the feeling, but it took every ounce of will power he had not to pound her into the mattress until she was screaming his name. She delicately licked and nipped at the skin of his shoulder, her eyes finally meeting his in an identical state of lust. 

“Make love to me, my King?” 

Whimpers and gasps rolled from her like waves when he began thrusting, slow and deep. He knew that neither of them would last and was desperate to prolong their pleasure as long as possible. A sharp change of angle was all it took for her to come crashing down from her high, legs shaking as she held onto him. Loki moaned into her open mouth, tongues playing with each other while he chased his own release. 

(y/n) tugged at his earlobe with her teeth, licking a broad stripe and then whispering to him. “Please, Loki, I want to feel you let go inside of me.” 

His hips sputtered from the unexpected intensity of his orgasm, cock twitching as he released everything he had. She reveled in the sensation, having never felt more loved and wanted than she did in that moment. When he regained his breathe he carefully pulled out and watched, amazed, as his seed spilled onto her legs and the sheets.  

Her small laugh brought him back to reality, hands tugging his arm to urge him up. The two basked in the glow for a while, holding and stroking the one that they loved so fiercely. Loki’s finger tips traced invisible patterns on the bare skin of her back and when she stopped humming an unknown ballad, he allowed himself to follow her into sleep. 

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