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so please don’t take my seunshine away

i don’t understand how people could think that depressed/angry/loud music is bad for kids and leads to bad things these motherfuckers got me through the absolute WORST time of my life i never would have made it without chester’s voice to soothe me and calm my soul. fuck. i’ll never forget you.

To conjugate verbs (and adjectives) in the present tense 아요, 어요 or 해요 is added depending on the final vowel in the stem and whether or not the word is a ‘하다’ word or not.

When the stem has a final vowel of ㅏ or ㅗ, the 다 is dropped and 아요 is added:

가다 = 가요* (to go)
알다 = 알아요 (to know)
오다 = 와요* (to come)
놀다 = 놀아요 (to play)

When the stem ends in any other character, the 다 is dropped and 어요 is added:

먹다 = 먹어요 (to eat)
마시다 = 마셔요* (to drink)
읽다 = 읽어요 (to read)
싫다 = 싫어요 (to hate)

When a word ends in 하다, 해요 is added:

공부하다 = 공부해요 (to study)
일하다 = 일해요 (to work)
운동하다 = 운동해요 (to exercise)
전화하다 = 전화해요 (to talk on the phone)

*Vowel contraction is used here, generally for ease of pronunciation



hello ♥ okay;;; first, it seems like i’m crying but actually i was kinda drunk and i had tears in my eyes bc i was seeing memes and crying over them before taking pics. i was tagged by my cute bbs @jooheonster, @mxrays, @urmomstax, @hyungjooki, @jinkimon, @hoshisage, @changkyunsprincess, @hyungwvn, @limechangkyun, @silverkyun, @httpkihyunnie, @babywoon, @hcangkyun, @joohoneymoney​ and @h-sh for the bias/self tag game! thank you so much, ily all 💞💖🌷💗💘💓

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Honestly the more I see theories about how Livvy isn’t dead or how she could come back annoy me and I don’t think I’ve disagreed more with half the fandom than I do now. Yes, it fucking sucks and yes, it’s not fair. But that’s life? People die, innocent people die for no fucking reason at all. That’s life and isn’t something you can avoid and it’s so fucking relatable for readers to see the characters they love dealing with and going through things they have. It makes it more real.  And if the shadowhunters really are leading into the darkest time they’ve ever seen, then yes people are going to die, innocent, young people who don’t deserve it are going to die. There’s going to be risks, and those risks have to matter because then what the fuck is the point. If no one dies, or if only evil/bad people die, that cheapens it and will tell people who have had loved ones died that they were just terrible people, but guess what? They weren’t terrible. They were decent people who shouldn’t have dead and that’s what Livvy (and every other innocent person) represents

ive been tossing around an idea for a ~*~*~zine~*~*~ bc thats what the cool artist kids do and its basically a high fantasy butch to femme spectrum and then maybe some of them kiss sam gave me the idea and it is Very good

can we all stop pretending that Majima hasn’t beat women and kidnapped A CHILD among other violent behaviour towards others in his lifetime pls  😇 😇 😇 😇 😇

Imagine a few months down the road, Robert has given up on chasing after Aaron and is trying to rebuild his life. He’s seeing a therapist to deal with his issues and he’s learning to live his life on his own.

Aaron has used his time alone to focus on himself. He’s in a good place, mentally. He’s fought his demons and let himself heal. And he misses Robert. After all they’ve been through, he still can’t stop loving him. He wants him back.

Robert shots him down the first few times Aaron asks him for a drink. But Aaron won’t back down, so Robert starts avoiding him altogether.

And one day, Aaron is at THE layby and he calls Robert, asking him to come pick him up. He makes up some excuse about his car breaking down and having a meeting with an important client and twenty minutes later, there’s Robert.

When he gets out of the car Aaron is standing next to his, biting his lip with a guilty expression. Robert looks at him and says, “Car’s not really broken, is it?” Aaron shakes his head. Robert approaches and leans on the car next to Aaron.

Then they share a conversation, the first in months, but certainly not the last. Little by little, they let each other in, they build their relationship back together again, only this time, it’s forever.