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My Favorite Anime

Many of us have watched a lot of anime through the years, but there will always be that one list of anime in the back of your mind that become timeless and close to your heart. No matter how many years have passed they still remain the best of the best,  because let’s be honest, anime is not what it use to be.

This will include series/movies/OVAs. there are also many series in this list that i couldn’t decide which i love the most, so there isn’t a particular order.

Ghost in the shell

I really like the Ghost in the Shell franchise, but the 1995 animated movie was my favorite. the execution of the animation and the story/plot was definitely something special, and no matter how many years have passed it still remains one of the best. The fact that the Matrix was inspired by the GITS 1995 movie supports my point.

The music for stand alone complex by Yoko kanno was awesome.

Rurouni Kenshin - Trust and Betreyal  OVA mini series. (the franchise better known as Samurai X)

You guys have no idea how much i love this OVA, because not only am i a sucker for symbolism and everything that has to do with Feudal Japan,  but because this mini series did a wonderful job at conveying  so much wisdom and depth. It has something poetic about it. to me it’s a masterpiece. 

i have the DVD somewhere around my house, but, i can’t find it and i’m freaking out about it,  cuz from what i’ve heard you can’t find that original version anywhere anymore since it was discontinued , so basically it’s a rare relic.  3 :’D

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Omen | Final

Plot: Love was always found in unexpected places. It is an event which occurs which had great meaning, and was always regarded as good. You just never thought that you would find it in the one person you hated – your housemate’s beloved boyfriend.

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, college au!

Warnings: infidelity, language, smut

Notes: This is the final~ I hope you enjoyed. DON’T ASK FOR MORE I’LL JUST IGNORE THOSE ASKS :) It is what it is. PS I CANT STOP STARING AT THIS GIF PLS HELP ME I AM SO SOFT FOR THIS MAN. 5k Words

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Guys My Age (Yoongi x Reader)

Summary: “Guys my age don’t know how to touch me, don’t know how to love me good…” After dumping her cheating, chronically-stoned boyfriend, Y/N Y/L/N swears she’s fucking DONE with guys her age. Enter Min Yoongi, Y/N’s old crush– who also happens to be her father’s coworker. Y/N and Yoongi run into each other at a club, where Y/N’s only goal is to come for the first time in months. Yoongi is more than happy to help her reach it.

Warnings: SMUT, cursing, age-gap

Word count: 6,034

A/N: Has anyone noticed my Hey Violet obsession yet? I’m thinking of doing something for “Unholy” next after I finish my “to-be-completed” list… let me know what u think ;) Follow for more or subscribe to me on AO3, where I’m listed as MelWinchester/PichiWrites. notes and reblogs help me out ever so much! Love love love <3 (gif not mine)

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Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Words Count: 1126

Warnings: Angst, Smut

A/N: Lately I write more Derek’s one-shot
I love him so.. lol
This is my first very smut, and I hope you like it.
So.. enjoy it!

If you want be tagged in my fics, just ask me!
Feedback is always appreciated **

“So you’ll help us?”
Scott is behind me, and continues to beg me to help him and his pack against the new Alpha.
Derek Hale.
Every time I hear his name, my mind is invaded by thousands of memories of him and me, when we were dating. We were young and naive; we had already organized our future together. We would have went to college, then we would have bought a house for living together, and maybe one day start a family. All this, before the fire at home Hale. After that tragedy Derek left Beacon Hills, without even saying goodbye. No call, no message. Not even a letter.
And then after all these years without being heard, he is returned. And everything changed. Now we know the existence of werewolves, hunters, and my brother Scott.. he’s a werewolf. And Derek is the Alpha now. And Scott needs help with him, so that he doesn’t something wrong with his pack.
“Scott, I don’t want to get into this mess. And I want nothing to do with Derek.”
“Y/n, I know. And I don’t ask you if the situation were not so serious. There’s something.. strange in the city. A new creature, and it’s not a werewolf.”
I snort. Beacon Hills is no longer the quiet town and normal that I knew. Now the problems haunt us.
I get up from my desk, placed in one of the school’s classrooms; after college, I felt too far from home, so I decided to teach in my school. I take my bag and jacket, and I head into the hallway, toward the parking lot.
I promise to myself to have nothing to do neither with the werewolves, nor with Derek. And I know that Scott is my brother, and I should help him, but.. I don’t want to suffer again.
Because I suffered, when Derek has forsaken me; I cried, day and night, I sought him, but it did not help. And after all this time I have started to live again, accepting the surrender. I never want to feel this way.
Scott and I head out into the parking lot, to retrieve my car and go home, when we both hear a female voice screaming the name of my brother.
“Hey Scott!”
Scott turns to see who is calling him, and so I do. All that I can see, however, is the black Camaro slowly stops not far from us, and the guy that’s driving. Derek.
At his side there is a girl, blond hair that glides softly on the shoulders, and lips covered with a dark lipstick.
She’s Erica, the girl that Derek has bitten, and that is now his Beta.
I feel something forming in my stomach, like a deep hole.
I try to remain unmoved at the scene in front of me when I see Derek turn his eyes towards me and Scoot. Although I can’t see his eyes because he wears sunglasses, I feel Derek’s gaze fixed on me. I know he can hear my heartbeat accelerated, but I also know that he can hear how much I’m mad at him. I look away from Derek and his Beta, and I look back Scott.
“I’m going home.”
“Yes.. I’m going to Stiles. And y/n, please. Think about what I told you.”

After stopping the car in the driveway, I wait in the car. Thoughts are too many, and I can not delete them from my mind. After his return, he sought me Derek; he wanted to apologize for leaving, and leaving me alone. I told him that he could leave again, and that I did not want to see.
I did well, I keep telling myself that day. I no longer fall for it in his games.
Nevertheless, all I do is think about Derek, since he returned to Beacon Hills.
Even if I try, he’s always in my head. He did not go away ever.
I take a deep breath, and I get off the machine. Entering the house, I notice there is no one; surely my brother is still with Stiles, while my mother is doing duty at the hospital.
Tired, I go up the stairs, until arriving at the door of my room. When I enter, I took a stroke, seeing a shadow move quickly into the room. Suddenly, I see a shadow step forward and coming toward me; as soon as I see him, the memories go up again to the surface.
“Derek.. what are you doing here?”
He tries to get close to me, but I raise a hand to him, which touches his stomach. His hand touches my face, but I run it right away from me.
“You have to go.”
“Don’t do it.. Please. Derek, go away.”
I turn around and try to open the door of my room, but Derek is behind me, and closes the door with a hand. His body touches mine, while I am stuck between the door and Derek. I feel his face closer and closer, and his lips brush my ear.
“I went away once already. I will not leave you alone.”
I breathe slowly; how can I believe his words, after what he did?
“You should’ve thought of that before.”
Suddenly I hear Derek’s hands travelling over my body, and stop on the button of my jeans. I know I should stop him, I know he shouldn’t even be here, in my room, so close to me, but if my mind wants Derek to go away, my body wants nothing more than to get closer to him, to hear his naked skin touching mine.
I can’t think of anything but Derek’s hand, which slowly comes into my panties, and touch my clit. A feeling of pleasure suddenly invades my body, while I feel the Derek’s erection rubbing on my ass.
“Damn y/n.. You’re so wet.”
He rubs his body with mine, and I hear him while he moans; I hate him, but god.. I love this moment so much. I missed Derek so much..
I start to cry, while I think of the hurt that he made me, while I moan with pleasure. One of his fingers enters inside of me, and then two. I cry, telling his name, and I feel my orgasm approaching.
“Derek, please..”
I don’t even know if my request to stop or continue. I just feel my head, and my body, exploding with pleasure, anger, remorse..
I come, echoing the Derek’s name.
I feel the Derek’s hand running on my body, while he leaves wet kisses on my neck.
“I still haven’t forgiven you.” I say breathlessly.
“I know. But this is a good way to begin to redeem myself, don’t you think?”

You miss me? (Redemption Series : part 2)

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Kalagang #10

1x12 I Can’t Leave Her

Already final episode? Oh, wow. Well, here we are. Last Kalagang moments of season one. I had fun rewatching all of their scenes as well as analyzing the development of their beautiful relationship. And I can’t wait to write more about Kalagang moments in season two! Hope you guys enjoy season finale post.

Previously on Sense8, Wolfgang and Kala had their first kiss. But even after Kala admitted her feelings towards Wolfgang, he still went to see kill his uncle.

Original post [x] @willgorsksi

And so far, he’s doing fine…I should say, until he finds out – actually Will tells him – Sergei was wearing a bulletproof vest and more of his men show up to kill Wolfgang. There’s no place to run, he’s out of bullets…he begins to think ‘this is it’. Not surprisingly, Wolfgang thinks of only one person. Kala.

Original post [x] @kalagang

He visits her, instead of letting her visit him. I think Wolfgang didn’t want her to see or be in his violent world…even if nothing would actually hurt her. Wolfgang lets out a heavy sigh. He doesn’t want to say what he’s about to say. He is not sure if he could even look into her eyes when he tells her that he’s about to die.

Kala obviously senses his emotion. Fear also takes over her body.

Original post [x] @sensatesgifs

He’s almost panting when he looks at her and says he’s come to say goodbye. I think in that moment, Wolfgang was more scared of not being with Kala anymore than of dying.

The way Tina delivered that line was so on point. Kala is like ‘really? seriously? you couldn’t come up with less reckless plan than THIS? and you still decided to go to your uncle after what I did to stop you? I even let you kiss me!’

Wolfgang: How was I supposed to know he’d be wearing a bulletproof vest? Who wears a bulletproof vest in real life?

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

One of the many things I love about these two is even in the most serious and life-threatening situations, they create this strange mood of romantic comedy. And I’m sure when Wolfgang said that line, most people were thinking ‘dude, you carry a rocket launcher in the back of your car. I mean, who has that in his car in real life?’ Hmm. LOL.

Kala: [What are you doing?] I’m not like Sun, I don’t know how to use my fists, but…that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.

This is the moment when our little innocent Kala shows her badass side. I love that she took the courage to be in that dangerous and violent environment – places where she wouldn’t dare to go – for Wolfgang. To fight for him.

Original post [x] @stilesbanshee

And Wolfie is definitely turned on by badass-Kala. He’s thinking ‘I thought I knew the reasons of loving her, but nope, this woman is full of surprises and I’m starting to love her more.’

There is no doubt, no fear, no hesitation in her voice. Only the determination to save Wolfgang and love towards him.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered


Original post [x] @alyciadebnamcareys

I just wanted to put this GIF because it’s Wolfgang in the fire. The fire – more like an explosion – which was created by Kala. This image sort of made me think that this fire, symbolizing Kala, has protected Wolfgang. However, we soon find out that fire meant something else to Wolfgang in his past.

Original post [x] @reyskywalkker

Wolfgang reveals to Sergei that it was none other than Wolfgang himself who killed his father, Anton. Wolfgang strangled him to death, but what made Anton Bogdanow completely disappear from the world – from Wolfgang’s life was the fire. So, in a way, fire might have been something Wolfgang hated for it recalls the memories of that day. Maybe not. One thing for sure is that fire is the last memory Wolfgang has about his father.

But we all know that fire means something different to him now. It makes him the warmth of the sun he felt with Kala on the rooftop of Ganesha’s temple, a bonfire she walked around in her wedding, and the light inside of Kala that makes her shine and beautiful…but also reminds him that he is the darkness.

Wolfgang: [Oh, God. Why?] You know why. You always knew. And still, you did nothing. […] You said…your blood is in my blood. So is his.

Original post [x] @sense8gif

Here, we really get to see a monstrous side of Wolfgang. The monster that was created by his own father and himself. Feels no remorse. Heart filled with pain and rage. Only the darkness exists in him.

Wolfgang: My father was a monster. And so are you. And so am I.

Original post [x] @fyeahwolfiekala

When Wolfgang says ‘and so am I’ you can see the sadness has consumed him for a moment. It just shows how much he hates himself for who he is – the exhaustion and despair after God knows how many times he tried to redeem himself.

Original post [x] @sense8sgifs

Sadness immediately turns into anger as Wolfgang pulls the trigger. When Wolfgang shoots Sergei, to me it felt like he was thinking of someone. He was shooting as if the person sitting on that chair was Wolfgang himself.

When Wolfgang killed his father, he hoped this monster inside of him would go away. However, it didn’t happen. Instead, when he grew up Wolfgang realized he became just like his father. He is so desperate to get rid of his monster, but still can’t find a way. And I think that’s another reason why Wolfgang looks so furious because he knows no matter how many times he kills off monsters like Anton, Steiner, and Sergei, it won’t get rid of the monster inside of him. It would only make him more like them.

Wolfgang: That’s why you have to marry Rajan.

Wolfgang thinks she deserves happiness – something he cannot give her, at least that’s what he thinks. He believes he will always be that monster. The darkness that she’s afraid of (Kala said she couldn’t sleep with all the lights off in 1x07). He thinks he doesn’t deserve her.

Another reason why he tells her to marry Rajan is – Wolfgang has never experienced this kind of feeling to anyone until Kala. And as much as it makes him feel alive and different, he is also scared. He’s afraid he might get hurt by this unfamiliar emotion. (Max Riemelt also mentioned this in Facebook live session)

Moreover, after showing his monstrous side, Wolfgang knows for certain that Kala will never be able to look at him the same way as before. So Wolfgang decides to push her away first, because he thinks he won’t be able to stand her rejection.

Original post [x] @ladyofglencairn

But what Wolfgang didn’t know is that Kala’s feelings towards him are stronger and deeper than he imagined. Wolfgang may think she cried because of fear and disappointment; when in fact, Kala was actually crying for him because she felt his pain. If Kala was truly disappointed by Wolfgang’s monstrous side, then she’d have looked away. But Kala never takes her eyes off of him because she still sees something beautiful and good inside of him. She feels his love towards her as well as her love towards him.

Kala: [We have to wake her up] [How?] [I don’t know] I do. Set her down.

(@tidesandtowers​ thanks for pointing out this scene for me!) This is not Kala and Wolfgang’s interaction, but when Will tries to find a way to wake Riley up, Kala appears to help them. Kala seems she was still crying and trying to recover from what happened between Wolfgang and her – more likely the pain she shared with Wolfgang. She talks to Will in a quavering voice. This highlights how much Wolfgang means to her – how much his presence has grown in her heart.

Original post [x] @amanitacaplan

I thought it’d be nice to put the ending scene. Always gives me chills. Besides, even after he pushed her away, Wolfgang appears right next to Kala. What can I say? KALAGANG IS THE ENDGAME!

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Maybe you can answer this for me and I'm going to preface it by saying I have no qualms with Kennett. Anyways can you explain to me what Kol did on TVD (I don't watch TO) that was so significant to have him shipped with Bonnie in a way that would boost her character because this was a ship well before TO. I legit barely remember him, he was obnoxious (his characterization) and kinda threatening, but beyond that I draw a complete blank on him. Was he very charismatic or something?

I think tbh with you anon that we all just wanted a decent love interest for Bonnie. Bonnie and Kol had several admittedly small moments but viewers felt that between them even in them they had a lot of chemistry. 

Even if you watch Nate and Kat at a panel there’s mad chemistry there same with Kat and Chris/Kai and Bonnie.






There’s also an attraction because while both Kai and Kol are dangerous Bonnie was able to overpower and out smart them both twice. Which is nice because Bonnie gets to be powerful and have agency in a scene not just be subservient to others.

Kol has not only spent his while life studying and working with witches he has a deep respect for them (partly because he used to be one as a child.)

This was taken from Kol’s wikia:

  • Kol had been good friends with witches throughout the centuries, stating how he respects them and holds them in high esteem. This stems from his love of being a witch before becoming a vampire. His interest in witchcraft and magic continued even as an Original and not being able to use it directly anymore.
  • Having studied witchcraft with witches for centuries, Kol is quite knowledgeable in the arts of witchcraft and magic, even creating his own spells such as the spell he taught Freya in An Old Friend Calls.
  • During the time he spent with witches in Africa in the 14th Century, Kol traveled in Uganda and gained a knowledge of medicinal herbs and remedies from a shaman.
  • Kol’s time with witches led to his fear of Silas, as the witches often told stories that Silas would return and bring the end of days.
  • In his travels, Kol learned of a magic called Kemiya, which he taught to witches so that they could create his dark objects for him, which allowed him to utilize magic as a vampire. He later teaches this to Davina and practices it himself when he possesses Kaleb.
  • The dark objects Kol was shown to be responsible for creating with his witches included The Devil’s Starand the bracelet Davina used to make Mikael obedient to her. He had the witches create them so that he could use magic through the objects without being a witch himself, as they were designed so that anyone could wield them.
  • Elijah admitted that Kol was a master of his craft, despite his mischief.
  • Davina once told him he had a “freaky witch encyclopedia brain” because of his vast knowledge.
  • Most of his dark objects have since fallen into the possession of the O'Connell family.
  • However, he often displays his vampire visage on The Originals due to the ancestors cursing him through the spell Davina used to bring him back, making him lose control.

if you want video footage of him saying that then this clip:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u12iRxg3_w&ab_channel=patriciamoberg at 11:48 has kol saying it and there’s also this:

Taking this into consideration Kennett could have been a really fulfilling relationship for Bonnie because being with Kol could have developed her as a person pls iit would have been interesting and endearing to watch.

As for Kol, he was very charismatic. There’s just so much to say about him.

@koriginaladdict made an amazing post on why one should love Kol, you can find it here: http://koriginaladdict.tumblr.com/post/136193123152/20-reasons-to-love-kol-mikaelson

But here’s my own personal one: 

  • He’s kind of the perfect juxtaposition of being one of the most levels headed and rational/pragmatic Mikaelson and also being the most chaotic and volatile and it’s really interesting to watch
  • Nate Buzz is an excellent actor
  • He has a very childlike playfulness to him as well as a dangerous edge
  • He’s consistently the one to call Klaus out while the rest of his siblings seem to be completely devoted to him (Rebekah and Elijah and Freya slightly although she’s more neutral) or completely hate him (Finn) Kol simply say what he doesn’t like and says it. He consistently challenges Klaus (verbally or physically )  
  • and although Klaus has daggered him many times it’s clear he’s not afraid of him. In fact, it  does seem like Klaus has a healthy fear of Kol in some ways because he’s so unpredictable
  • He also wasn’t afraid to tease Klaus.
  • Kol is funny like he has some good one liners and he’s very quick to make light of situations even when they’re very bleak or sinister
  • He’s anti-Damon AF

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These are just a few things. I would definitely go back and watch Kol’s old tvd scenes on youtube.

(None of these gifs are mine)

Svt. at Halloween! All Units Reaction: “To You Having a Severe Phobia!”

Anon: Ooh can you do a SVT reaction when their S/O has a phobia of the ocean?

Anon: Can I request a Seventeen reaction to their S/O who has a phobia in blinking doll like me…. (;´д`)ゞ

Hey guys!! I made this a Halloween post just cause it was cool - I have mixed other phobias into it as well so there’ll be quite a mixture! Anyway here you go! I’ll link the LIST HERE and requests are still open! <3 

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


“Hey, you need to see this!” Coups gasped, eyes wide as he hurried over to you with the laptop. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. “The ocean covers 70% of the earth Y/N and we’ve only explored like…”

“No, no, no!” you shouted shaking your head at him and closing the lid of the laptop just so you wouldn’t see the video. “Coups, don’t tell me anything about the ocean…please I beg you.” 

Your voice cracked as you squeezed your eyes shut for a moment. Coups didn’t know what to do, as he watched you hug your knees to your chest. “Hey, did I say something…I’m so sorry Y/N…” 

Seungcheol instinctively wrapped an arm around your shoulders feeling you shake ever so slightly. It hurt him to see you affected by something he had done. 

“It’s just…I’m petrified of the sea. I can’t even look at it…I…I’d rather just…” you stammered but he simply hugged you a little bit tighter not needing you to explain. He understood fully. 

“It’s okay Y/N, everyone’s scared of something! I’m sorry for not realising sooner,” he said quickly planting a small kiss on your forehead. 

Seungcheol could feel you relaxing against him just at his words. And, to be honest, he felt a whole lot more confident because of it. “Now, come here,” he teased, tackling you out of your shell. In that moment the pair of you collapsed off the bed with a thud.  

“What the hell are you two doing!?” Seokmin bellowed from somewhere inside the dorm. 


Jeonghan had been completely oblivious of your phobia of dogs. That was right up until he had decided to take you on a late night stroll. Your hand had been entwined in his as you two wandered so he instantly felt the jolt when you froze in place.

“Y/N? You okay?” he asked quickly, stepping closer. 

As the dog walkers drew nearer he could see you wrap an arm around yourself and try to step out of the way. Your head had dropped to the ground, your eyes searching everywhere but in the direction of the animal. He caught the slightly tremble to your shoulders straight away.  

It was then Jeonghan clued in to your phobia. He didn’t even need you to elaborate. Instead he jumped in front of you, tickling your waist quickly and making cute faces at you as a distract from your thumping heart.

“Y/N, look what I can do,” he laughed stumbling ever so slightly as he pulled another cute face at you. He had quickly managed to distract you, so much so you didn’t even acknowledge the dogs as they trotted passed you.

“Thank you,” you whispered to Jeonghan as the two of you continued to walk.

He smirked, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and hugging you closer. “Don’t worry about it Y/N.”  


“Get that out of here!” Woozi cried instantly as he saw Vernon and Seungkwan pull out a blinking doll. The dainty doll even creeped him out, but he knew when it came to you it would be an entirely different situation.

“Hyung, what?” Vernon groaned shaking his head as he continued to laugh about how weird the doll was. 

Woozi came from nowhere, quickly moving Vernon from the chair. “Get it out of here, Y/N has a major phobia of them. If they see it…” He heard the knock on the door and knew it was you. 

He had found out about his best friends phobia whilst you were watching a video online. The doll came from nowhere and you broke down into tears. 

“Y/N what? What do I do?” Jihoon had asked, a slight tremble to his own hands as he panicked. “Are you hurt?’

You shook your head. “No, no…it’s not you Jihoon I promise! I just am petrified of those dolls…they just…”

He suddenly laughed. Not because of your fear but because of how scared you had made him. “Shit Y/N, I thought I’d like scarred you or something!” 

“Get it out of here! Now!” Woozi warned hurrying to the door. He smiled widely at you as you stumbled through the front door, hair messy, but food for the entire dorms in your arms. He quickly grabbed some of the boxes. “Why did you buy so much?!”

“Well you guys eat so much…and, shit this is heavy…” You dropped the stuff on the counter not catching Woozi as he snatched the doll from Vernon’s hand, hit him with it, and then threw it out the window.


Hoshi had invited you round the dorm to watch a movie with him and the boys, like always on a Saturday night. You were sitting on the floor together, eating a bowl of popcorn, when Wonwoo had subtly pointed out you were crying to Hoshi. 

At first Soonyoung had thought it was something else. But you were shaking uncontrollably in his arms, your eyes squeezed shut, but the tears seeped through. “Come on,” he whispered in your ear lifting you off the ground. 

He would have carried you away if he didn’t think it would cause a scene. Instead Soonyoung walked you to the bathroom and sat you down. “What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked quietly wiping the tears from your cheeks. However he was concerned with how much you were shaking.

“I’m…there…” you stammered in an attempt to tell him. But, it all clicked. Hoshi remembered your panic attack at the zoo once. 

“Snakes,” he whispered shaking his head. “I’m sorry jagi, I should have warned you. I completely forgot…” 

You let out a small nervous laugh, finally opening your eyes as the shaking stopped. “It’s okay. I can’t expect you to remember everything…”

“I’m your boyfriend jagi. I should remember stuff like this.” He smiled widely at you leaning forward and kissing you. “Look, if you want we can skip the movie and go for a walk or something?”

You shook your head quickly. “No! Apart from the…yeah…” He laughed at how you couldn’t even say the words. “Anyway…I want to find out who did it Soonyoung!” 


“Hey Y/N look at me,” Joshua said quickly, a smile on his lips as he spun you around on your heels. You laughed loudly, gripping his shoulders in surprise. 

Joshua had taken you to see the local carnival only thing was he didn’t realise there would be clowns. He was your best friend. He’d known about this phobia of yours since you were kids. Although, he’d never known why, and he never asked.

“What’s wrong Jisoo?” you asked about to turn back to look at the carnival when he grabbed your chin. “Hey, whatcha…”  

“I thought you had like ice-cream on your face…” He kept peering over your shoulder watching as the clowns neared. “Wait, wait no…there is…” He smeared his finger gently over your cheek, watching as you shook your head about to turn around. 

“NO!” he cried, and cupped your face in his palms and planted his lips on yours. He didn’t know what else to do. But as his lips touched yours, he could feel how much he had wanted to do. 

You smirked against Joshua’s lips, pulling yourself ever so slightly against him. “What did you do that for?” you whispered, pecking his cheek as you pulled away. 

“Um…there was…” Joshua laughed suddenly before grabbing your hand. “Maybe we should just watch the rest of the carnival, Y/N.” He glanced behind you, to where the clowns had disappeared. 


Jun didn’t know what to do when he heard you scream from somewhere inside the apartment. He instantly hurried in the direction of your scream dropping the cutlery he had in hands with a clatter. 

“Y/N!” he cried only to find you cowering on the floor. Your whole body was shaking uncontrollably but your face was frozen. Your eyes wide, filling with tears that didn’t fall as you stared at the same place. Not even acknowledging that he was there.

“Y/N,” Jun repeated calmly remembering the last time this had happened. “It’s okay,” he said peeling your hands from around your knees and holding them still. In his brain he kept going over what you had told him. 

You shook against him, trying to tear your hands away as you said quickly, “It’s in there Jun…it’s in there!” 

Jun knew your phobia of spiders was overwhelming, so it wasn’t a surprise when that monster of a spider in the bath had sent you into shock. He took your hands in his forcing you to look at him. He smiled widely at you. Jun knew if he said anything it wouldn’t make you feel any better, so instead he lifted you off the floor. 

“You’re going to be okay Y/N,” Jun said planting a kiss against your cheek and helping you into a chair. And, while Minghao preoccupied you in the kitchen Jun disappeared to try and capture that spider. Only problem was, it wasn’t there when he got inside. 

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Easter Hunt - Reader x Dean x Sam

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Warnings: None - just a lot of Easter fluff.

Word Count: 1640 (give or take a few)

Dean and Sam walked into the library after spending the better half of the morning shooting rounds at target practice. It almost felt like they were going to bring the whole place down with the way the gunshot sounds bounced off the walls and echoed to every inch of their home. They took a seat at the library table and poured themselves a glass of whiskey, each taking comfort in the silence.

Wait. Silence? That couldn’t be right. There were three hunters in the bunker the last time the duo had checked.

“Have you seen (Y/n)?” Sam asked, being the first one to realise that they were down a hunter. Dean took a sip of his drink and leaned back in his seat. Just once, he wanted to relax and not be bothered with something trivial like the lost case of (Y/n).

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Part 6

Summary:  Hidden in the shadows of your brother’s endless mistakes you wanted to finally feel something. An old enemy confides in you after various mishaps and you realise you have more in common than you thought.

Tags: Reader Insert, Female Reader, Winchester Sister, Series, Season 10 - 11, Eventual Smut

Relationship: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, angst, SMUT, PURE SMUT

Author’s Notes: It took me a long time to write this and be somewhat happy with the outcome. I hope you enjoy it. I’m taking one-shot requests on any SPN character at the moment. 


The Cure

“Sound like your mother?” Dean addressed the king of hell like old friends, the pair had been chatting over the events of Dean’s earlier encounter with the witch, Rowena. Earlier that day she had painted herself in alchemical symbols and pagan ritual sigils, casting a few boys hurling at Dean and the hunter had fought them off with ease, sending Rowena on her way with a warning. She had decided to play a scene to Crowley, injuring herself and throwing him a misconstrued story of how Dean had beaten her bloody, the Demon knew better than to believe her.

So there sat Dean Winchester, talking to Crowley in a calm fashion over a drink. After a few moments of silence he decided to approach Crowley on a piece of information the witch had spilled previously.

“So you’ve got the hots for Y/N, right?” The demon choked on his Pinacolada, Dean’s jaw clenched the way it usually did when he was above boiling point below the surface. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

The demon beside him eyed the unhinged Winchester with considerable caution.

“Whatever gave you that idea? I told you my mother lies.” Crowley tried to diffuse the situation, but it obviously wouldn’t work, it appeared to Dean that he was trying to crawl into bed with the youngest Winchester, their beloved sister, but in truth the demon king wanted so much more than that.

“And so do you pal. Funny, I didn’t mention Rowena said anything about you trying to win my sister over… If you so much as touch Y/N, I will kill you.” Dean said calmly but firmly, sipping again on his neat whisky as he stared dead ahead. “Seems her and Sam do share something afterall.” Dean’s eyes crinkled as he laughed, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Care to share the joke? I know Sam likes to cohort with demons, I remember the Ruby fiasco, but I don’t think your sister would even dare.” Crowley snorted derivatively and continued to drink.

“Only because she knows I’d kill her too.” If Dean didn’t have the mark, Crowley would have thought he was joking, but with his current situation the hunter was unpredictable.


Sam had promised to tell you that morning what was responsible for sneaky phone calls to Cas, however morning had come and gone and Sam was nowhere to be found; he didn’t return that evening either. Dean was busying himself with chores around the bunker, insisting he was fine and avoiding speaking to you entirely until he too disappeared from the safe heaven, presumably to do what you had done the night previous and drink himself into an alternative mood.

You opened up Sam’s Netflix account and began storming your way through ‘Once upon a Time’, compelled by the story of Rumplestiltskin and Belle, you hated to admit that despite your line of work you had a beauty and the beast complex.

You had immersed your attention entirely on the show until Dean staggered through the door, the smell of alcohol hit you, you elder brother plonked himself down beside you and picked up the remote controller.

“You watching this crap?” You shot a cold look at Dean and snatched the controller back.

“Yeah, I am.” You brother sighed and stared disinterestedly at the television set, his brows furrowing in response to the story line.

“So that creepy Scottish dude is in love with the princess and she loves him back even though he imprisoned her? I think that’s called Stockholm syndrome.” He grunted, you could see out of the corner of your eye Dean shifted in his seat, was there an undertone to his voice?

“Fine. Here.” You shoved the remote into his chest as you stood to resign to your room for the night, not wanting to hear anymore from Dean.

“Rowena stopped to say hello to me today…” You stopped dead in your tracks; you knew Dean was now devoting his attention to you very carefully. “She mentioned that she visited you yesterday on your way to the bar…” You slowly turned around.

“Yeah, and?” You tried to act casual.

“So, the mother of Crowley pays you a visit and you don’t mention anything? You did mention that Crowley asked for your help after you straight up lied to my face, but you didn’t say what with. Care to tell me why the demonic royal family is after you so badly, enough to turn you into a demon?” He seemed… normal, his tone wasn’t odd, his body language wasn’t off either, this had you worried severely.

You shrugged. You had nothing you wished to share with your brother, especially not what transpired between you and Crowley the night before. “She was rambling on about how she wanted us to back off from him, nothing much. I told her to go to hell.” Dean smiled, but it wasn’t his usual humorous smirk, it was etched in darkness.

“That’s not what she told me… Seems someone is overly fond of my little sister.” Your heart stopped. “Crowley also paid me a visit.” Your chest felt tight, your breathing became heavy, it almost stopped entirely.

“You know she’s a liar…” Your tone was barely more than a whisper.

“Funny, Crowley said the same thing. I swear, if anything is going on between you two, so freakin’ help me…” You cut him off.

“Nothing is going on Dean, why would you even think that?” You jaw clenched tightly, you wanted to hightail it out of there as fast as you could. “I’m going to bed.” You grunted, trying to escape. Your brother turned into a monstrous predator, moving quickly to block the exit.

“You’re not getting out of it that easy. That rose was more than just a friendly peace offering, wasn’t it? What happened last night?” Fear flashed through your eyes. Damn, he was persistent.

“I already told you, look I don’t know if Crowley is trying to get on my sweet side because he’s trying to control you or get information but I didn’t tell him anything. I refused to help with his Rowena problem…” Your voice was pleading and desperate. Dean didn’t relax but he took a step aside and let you pass. You expected him to follow you but he didn’t.

You raced to your bedroom, closing the door in a hurry.

Adrenaline coursed through your veins, you found the bowl on your nightstand, you spilled the bag of ingredients across the bed searching desperately for the right ones. You hurriedly grabbed what you thought were the right fundamental elements to brew up a summoning concoction, throwing them into the bowl, you lit the black candles and drew the summoning circle around the bowl on the floor in chalk and struck the match. The ingredients simmered away to ash.

“Shit.” You muttered to yourself, it appeared it didn’t work, you threw open your bedside draw looking for your notebook.

“Hello, darling.” You jumped, it appeared the spell did work after all. “You know you could have just called me.” Crowley stood in the centre of the room, a very smug look plastered to his face. Your heart stopped beating entirely.

Something was burning inside you, like a flame… A familiar sensation pumping through your veins like ecstasy made you feel light headed, you couldn’t stand it anymore. You’d had a taste of the King the night before, you wanted him now more than ever.

“Well I’m not really that kind of girl. Didn’t want to seem too desperate…” You sighed in relief and laughed a little, relaxing more in his company.

“So you summon me instead? I’m flattered.” He didn’t move from the spot. “I take it by the look of panic on your face a certain someone knows more than he should?” You nodded. “He cornered me about my apparent affection for you…” His expression shifted, there was a hint of sadness in his face that you had only ever seen once before, when he was bound to the chair in the dungeon, the day you had wiped the sweat from his brow and his eyes closed to your touch…

“Yeah he knows a lot… No thanks to your mother.” Rolling your eyes you took a step closer to the demon before you. Your hands trembling and your chest feeling as though it were on fire.

“Well,” he spoke, finally he found his footing and moved closer to you, “looks like we’ll just have to disappoint him, won’t we?” Crowley snaked a hand around your hip and pulled you flush against him, clicking his fingers the world fell beneath your feet until your weight found ground again. A dark chamber emerged in your vision, adorned in gothic furniture and grotesquely beautiful demonic art. You didn’t take much time to appreciate it before your mouth found Crowley’s.

His lips ghosted over yours before biting your bottom lip, you whimpered and opened your mouth to allow him access, fighting against him for dominance, eventually you gave into the heated kiss and granted him access, letting your tongues dance against one another. Your hands laced into his dark hair as his dexterous fingers made easy work of your shirt, unbuttoning it to reveal the flesh of your stomach.

He parted from you to take a step back and eye you, his hazel orbs full of something you couldn’t place, he turned his attention to your neck, gliding his tongue over the spot between your collarbone and throat. You moaned as your head fell backwards, goading him further.

Gliding the jacket of his suit over his shoulders, he shrugged it off in a hurry and it dropped to the floor, forgotten. You could feel your weight being forced back towards the bed, you allowed it to happen, gladly.

Crowley’s hand slid under your back, popping the clasps of your bra and removing it from your body with expert precision. He breathed in the site of you before him as you were now exposed to him.

“Beautiful,” he muttered before kissing your neck once again, moving slowly down to your breast, his tongue dancing over your erect nipple. You let out a moan, arching your back as your nerves were electrified to Crowley’s touch, you knew you were a hot writhing mess below, all you wanted, all you needed was for the demon you’d grown so fond of . For so long you’d fantasied about this moment, about Crowley ravishing you, and finally this was it, but it was softer than you expected, more passionate… The way he often held himself with such confidence was so appealing to you. You had an affinity for the darker things in life, but this was a new level of darkness and yet somehow Crowley was being so delicate with you, like you were glass and he was afraid to break you.

He undid the clasp on your jeans, sliding down the zip and slowly removing the offensive garment that remained in the way of his view, slipping down your panties along with them, wasting no time at all. His hot and burning gaze on your body only empowered you more, you parted your legs for him and he softly inserted a finger into your centre, his thumb caressing your clit in circles, you hissed and arched your back, moaning loudly as he slipped another finger into you, working you quicker.

“Y/N, you’re so wet…” His voice was so low and husky you moaned softly.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to do this to me Crowley,” you studied his expression closely, he seemed shocked, a smile tugged at his lips reaching his eyes, he looked so charming. In that moment you knew that this was more than lust or desire, the feelings you had for Crowley were beyond anything like you’d ever felt for anyone. 

“Well I won’t leave you waiting any longer, darling” he spoke softly as he lowered his jaw to your soaked entrance his beard scratching along your thigh, his warm and textured tongue brushed over your mounds of sensitive flesh, he teased you and your throat caught, you couldn’t even let out a moan the sensation was mind blowing. Your hands raked through his hair, encouraging him more as his tongue slipped into your hole, flicking the corners of your entrance, your breathing became so heavy, a knot began to build inside you as you moved your hips to his tongue movements, you were so close and Crowley could sense this by how tight you were around his wet appendage.

He pulled his tongue from you, giving you one last lick up your front, earning that moan that had been building for some time. He sat up on his knees, removing his paisley tie and black shirt, tossing them over the side of the large bed. His weight shifted until he was above you; leaning up you kissed him softly, tasting yourself on him. He groaned into your kiss, you wrapped a leg around his torso and pushed against his body until you were on top, straddling him, the king of hell. In that moment you felt powerful. It was your turn to torture him. You laced kisses down his torso, making quick work of his belt and sliding off his pants, springing his arousal free. You took the base in your hands, sliding your tongue along his shaft, he hissed with pleasure. You took the head of his cock into your mouth delicately, swirling your tongue around the tip. His profanity encouraged you to to go even deeper.

You could taste his warm liquid spill when you did something to over excite him, your tongue working him to the edge of oblivion. Hollowing your cheeks you took as much of him in your mouth as you could fit, wrapping your hand around the rest and pumping him until he was breathing heavily, you could feel pulsations in his member, he was close. His fingers laced into your hair as he groaned your name. You drew your head back from him, climbing up to meet his lips with your own. Crowley cupped your face with one hand, his fingers still wound into your hair with the other. You lowered your clit onto his wet cock, sliding against him, begging him to fill you,

Crowley let out a feral growl and flipped you over pinning your hips against the satin sheets, lining his cock up with your entrance. He slid inside you without warning, stretching you out.

“Fuck,” he moaned, sliding out of you and slowly edging back in. You couldn’t hold it in anymore you practically screamed in ecstasy, he began fucking you so slowly it was painfully blissful, your bodies fit against one another perfectly, your nerve endings felt like white hot fire as he worked your folds with his cock so perfectly. 

“Crowley,” you moaned, the sound of his name spilling from your lips in such a guttural manner was all he needed, he began pumping into you, faster and faster, until the sound of bodies hitting each other filled the room along with your collective moans.

One hand propped him up as he angled himself with you, another held your leg up to force himself into a new spot, hitting it only a few times until you were seeing stars. You came undone around him, moaning his name as you spilled yourself all over his cock, sending him over the edge. A few more thrusts and he spilled his seed inside of you. The pulses from his cock making you ride out your orgasm even further.

He didn’t remove himself from your entrance for a while, instead he laced your neck with kisses, finding your mouth with such fierce desire and passion you didn’t even know he could give.

At that moment neither of you had a care in the world, all your current problems seemed to dissipate to nothing in the aftermath of bliss.

But as ever fate came knocking, or ringing. Your phone went off, eye of the tiger filling the room with its upbeat intro. ‘Dean’ flashed up on the front of your cell phone, the funny picture you had taken and put as his caller ID panicked you. Why was he calling you? The last time you spoke to him you were in the bunker… “Shit…” You cursed at your mobile. Before you had a chance to answer it went to voicemail. There wasn’t much you could do to squirm your way out of this one. You whined into the pillow. 

“I’m sure you’ll think of an excuse darling, I wouldn’t worry too much.” And with that Crowley’s phone went off. 

“Bollocks.” He muttered under his breath. He let it ring a few times. You could see the front of his screen had ‘Not Moose’ written across it. Your heart was racing. Dean knew everything, he must have… You remembered the evidence you had left sprawled in your room. You cursed yourself for not locking your door again.

As soon as Crowley answered he didn’t even have a chance to speak, you could hear Dean’s voice barking down the other end of the phone like a savage dog. 

“What did I tell you Crowley? You touch my sister and I’ll kill you. Next time I see you, you’re dead!” Your brother sounded hoarse, his outrage must have turned the bunker upside down. 

“Hello to you too squirrel. Thanks for the friendly warning but -” You knew Crowley was going to feign innocence to protect you on this one, you did the best thing to diffuse the situation… You grabbed Crowley’s phone. 

“Dean I’m able to make my own choices as much as you’re able to make your own mistakes. Worry about yourself for once.” You quickly hit the red cancel call button and handed Crowley his phone back. 

His expression was one of disbelief, he thought you’d be ashamed of what you had done, that you’d lie and wriggle out of it whatever way possible but you owned it, you told your brother to back off and for that he admired you even more. 

“You’re remarkable you know that?” He spoke softly, the compliment came out of nowhere, you gave him a warm smile and nestled closer to his body. 

“I’m aware I’ve done remarkable things, but I’m not remarkable as a person. You on the other hand, you surprise me more and more.” Crowley’s arm fell over your shoulder as he brought you even closer to him. He kissed the top of your forehead lightly, another tender action which left you wanting to explore whatever was forming between the two of you even more. 

You both stayed like that for a fair amount of time, you lulled off to sleep on the king’s shoulder, completely content for just a brief moment..

Just another observation, but this time it’s about Dean and Cas(s).

Before the questions come rolling in as to why I write Castiel’s nickname “Cas(s)” this way, see here for information.  https://youtu.be/RVKuMwg5wMQ

Okay that said let’s get on with this observation while we’re all still relatively young and not bored. ha ha.


This is going to be a long post and it may piss off the anti’s so be warned that this is about Dean and Cas(s).

I’m going to dissect the hell out of some parts of the episodes 9x06 and 9x09 and 12x01 and also have a little fun with the GIFS for a bit so if it’s not your thing, then just keep scrolling.

Starting with 9x09: Dean was crushed when he was told by Cas(s) that he became an Angel again. It’s obvious in Deans eyes, expressions and his tone that he was not happy about it.

Why does Castiel’s Angel status matter so much to Dean?  Well it matters a great deal when you love someone. A someone who was once at a distance, then you rein them in and you’re close only to have them pushed out of reach again.

Dean doesn’t like nor trust other Angels. He thinks they’re all dicks. Dicks with wings as he calls it and you know what? He ‘s right. And sometimes Cas(s) is included with that insult. 

But the humanity Cas(s) held mattered to Dean on some level. Whether it be romantic or otherwise, I’ll let you be the judge but this is how I see it.

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Not an Option (Part One)

Pairing: Reader X Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock BBC)

Prompt: You are a private investigator and you get put on a case with the infamous Sherlock Holmes. While at first your high intellects clash and cause arguments, it isn’t long before you both begin to warm up to one another.

Warnings: Mention of a violent crime scene

A/N: A couple of you guys said you would be interested in a mini-series coming out of my little picture set imagine (Imagine you and Sherlock working together on a case and Sherlock begins to develop feelings for you), so here it is!

*I do not own these GIFs* *I do not own BBC Sherlock* *I do not own BBC Sherlock characters*

Introduction: The case was basic on the surface. A man was found murdered in his flat above the bakery he owned. His body was found at 8:37pm by a woman who he had been seeing for the past few months when she was coming over to his place for a date. She called the police and that was how the famous detective Sherlock Holmes was assigned to the case. She then called the man’s family and that was how you were assigned.

“How many times must I tell you, I do not need some idiotic private investigator with a beer gut and a ketchup stain on his shirt breathing down my neck.” Sherlock growled in annoyance as he made his way down the hallway and away from the crime scene he had just finished combing over. 

It was almost 9:20pm and for him and John the night had just begun. The case, while at first appearing to be boring to Sherlock, had proven itself otherwise. When the detective and his partner entered the crime scene the smell was the first thing they had both noticed. Sage. Then it was the cryptic message on the wall written in the victim’s blood. “Go Away”. Lastly, it was the man’s body. A unrecognizable symbol carved into his chest.

“And how many times have I told you, this is not an option. Whoever the hell this guy is the family of the victim hired him to help out.” Lestrade bickered back while following the two men down the dark hall. “And besides if they’re that frustrating for you to work with just ignore them, you already ignore half the things we say to you.”

“More than half.” Sherlock mumbled as his foot reached the stairs that went down into the bakery.

Due to your taxi having to take a detour you had only shown up at the crime scene ten minutes ago. You had been informed that the detective you would be working with had already come and was upstairs examining the flat that the murder had taken place in. Considering how much you hated working with others you had decided to situate yourself at the front desk of the bakery and begin your research of the man whose family had hired you. 

It was the stampede of feet coming down the wooden stairs that peeled your eyes away from the screen of your iPad. The blue light illuminated your face as you looked up right as three men came out of the stairwell. 

“You must be the detectives I’m supposed to work with.” you spoke in a calm voice from your spot at the front counter of the bakery. “My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 

“Nice to meet you.” the shorter of the three men with gray hair stuttered slightly, as he walked over to you. He had a limp. He smiled as he stuck out his hand for you to shake. You placed your iPad down on the counter in front of you and stood up, gripping his hand firmly. 

Your father had always told you that a handshake was a fundamental piece in how a person would shape their first impression of you, especially in law enforcement. Police officers and detectives didn’t want to shake hands with a limp noodle and then have that limp noodle as their partner. Or at least that was what your father always said. 

“John Watson.” the man introduced before backing away and making room for the other man with gray hair to introduce himself.

“Greg Lestrade.” he smiled. He was blushing. Even in the dimly lit room you could see the red tone in his cheeks. Not many detectives or officers pictured a person like you when they thought of private investigator. Most of them imagined either an old guy from classic detective movies or a man with a ketchup stain on his shirt who was just trying to suck money out of people without doing anything. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” you introduced yourself back, shaking his outstretched hand as well. “I’m the private investigator the victim’s family has hired.” 

“It’s very nice to meet you.” Lestrade nodded. 

Your eyes then moved to the third man who was still standing silently at the base of the stares. He was fixated on his gloves. You watched as his hands worked together to pull the gloves up over each other. 

Lestrade must’ve noticed your look. 

“That’s Sherlock Holmes, he doesn’t have a conscience or any understanding of what socially acceptable things are so don’t get offended if he says something rude.” Lestrade warned as if that was a disclaimer he gave to almost everyone who had to work with the mysterious man.

“You’re a bit of a try hard aren’t you?” Sherlock suddenly said as if on queue.

“Like that.” Lestrade sighed, bringing his hand up to his face and rubbing his eyes. 

“Sherlock, play nice.” John warned. He glanced at you briefly only to see that a small smile had curled onto your face.

“And what makes you say that Mr. Holmes?” you questioned, crossing your arms and leaning your weight back on the counter. His question didn’t offend you. It intrigued you. 

“Your hair is brushed, your wearing a freshly cleaned blouse and ironed pants, your heels are new and although they’re clearly a knock off brand you still paid a good amount for them.” he began. He finally looked up at you as he continued. “Your lipstick compliments your skin tone perfectly, your makeup is fresh which means you put it on when you found out about the case. You only recently arrived at the crime scene and you immediately got to work while most women would make small talk with the police officers or at least be curious enough to walk upstairs and see who they are working the case with. You want to make a good impression on the family that hired you by doing good work but yet you also want to make a good impression on me by making sure your appearance is acceptable by social standards.” he finished. 

You could see in your peripheral vision John and Lestrade rubbing their hands on their heads in embarrassment, as if their child had just vomited in the middle of the grocery store aisle. 

“You’re right, I am a try hard.” you chuckled after several drawn out moments of silence. You pushed your body off of the counter and walked up to Sherlock, stopping once you were a few feet from him. “So what’s your reasoning?”

“Excuse me?” Sherlock asked, furrowing his eyebrow slightly in confusion.

“You’re cleanly shaven and it’s almost 9:30 at night. You’ve showered within the hour considering that your hair’s wet and it hasn’t rain in London for almost a week.” you began. Now it was your turn. “You took a mint to hide your coffee breath. And you’re just as guilty as me on the freshly cleaned shirt and ironed pants front. So if I’m a try hard than what’s your excuse for pulling your appearance together so much tonight? Maybe you’re a try hard too but considering the way you talk to people I’m assuming you know your ten times smarter and you also know that you don’t have to impress anyone.” you finished. 

The bakery went into silence once again as you and Sherlock kept your eyes locked on one another. After a minute of him not saying anything back you turned and grabbed your iPad before placing it into your bag and throwing it over your shoulder.

You noticed that John and Lestrade were looking at you with their mouths wide open. It was clear that no one had ever deduced Sherlock. 

“I’ll get a taxi.” you chuckled, laughing at the expression on the men’s faces before you exited from the bakery, the bell on the door jingling as it opened and closed. 

“I have a feeling she won’t be breathing down your neck.” John spoke after a moment of him and Lestrade starring blankly at Sherlock. However, Sherlock wasn’t looking back at them. His eyes were fixated on your figure through the glass window.

“I have a feeling he might want her too.” Lestrade whispered to John, noticing where Sherlock’s eyes were looking.

The Duchess - Part 6

Summary: She hated him, for everything he had done to them, the damage he had caused, the suffering and pain he had left behind. She hated him… Didn’t she? Emilia comes face to face with the leader of the Saviours and is confronted with his true nature, which in turn has her questioning her own.

Warning/s: Eventual smut, slow burner, profanity/swearing, graphic descriptions of violence.

Pairing: Negan/OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5  

No gifs are made by me unless otherwise stated. All credit goes to the original creators.
A/N: THIS IS A LONG ONE SO HUNKER DOWN! I couldn’t leave you another whole chapter without Negan, so I combined two as a thanks for all of your lovely support. 

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She couldn’t have been asleep for more than a couple of hours which meant she had a fair while to wait before she’d see the daylight again. She had two choices, stay here and hope they bypassed them or move and risk being heard. If she remained where she was and they discovered her, it surely meant the end for her and Logan…

If she moved maybe she had more of a chance, it would be harder for them to find her but in turn she’d be stumbling around in the dark and had more risk of running head first into a walker.

She listened hard, all of her senses were on high alert. She knew she was around 50 miles away from Alexandria, which was a days travel on foot, whoever these people were they could have a vehicle.

She jumped hard and pulled on Logan’s fur as a loud, high scream pierced the air around them, drifting from somewhere ahead. Then gun fire, the anguished screams of another person, she could hear them begging whoever was injured to say with them… Then more gunfire.

Then more screams.

A shot

Then silence.

She closed her eyes for a moment as the imagined scene flew up unbidden from behind her eyelids. Why had they used guns, the fools. That would have attracted every walker in the area right too them.

She clung to Logan, every noise making her jump.

She didn’t sleep any more that night, her heart raced in her chest and she was sure it was as loud as the gunfire had been, was sure it would draw every walker to them.

She didn’t know how much time had passed until she heard the shuffling, it had felt like hours but could have only been mere minutes. It sounded like a lot of them, gurgling and groaning and stumbling their way through the forest.

A herd.

And she was stuck right in their path.

She sucked in a deep breath as panic seeped into her bones, her arm tingled at the rush of oxygen and she felt light headed as she thought about the possible outcomes.

She’d never forgive herself if her foolhardy venture ended up with Logan being… No.

She wouldn’t think about it.


She trusted her dog and so laid in total silence beneath him, the large tree was their only cover. She listened intently as she heard them bounce off the rope surrounding the clearing and continued in another direction.

She felt every single second of the minutes and hours that passed, her muscles screamed from the constant tension in her muscles but she was too afraid if she moved they’d hear her. Her fists were still clenched in Logan’s dark fur as she held him atop her, fearing that if he moved they’d get him.

Silent tears tracked their way down her face as the stench of rotting flesh surrounded them. She was grateful for her nose being buried in Logan’s fur, his familiar scent comforting her as they waited together. Fear overwhelmed her, fear of moving, of being discovered, of the rope snapping or a twig giving way beneath their combined weight, fear of Logan shifting or one of them tripping and managing to get through…

As she ran through the many scenarios in her mind time passed slowly, she had never wanted to see anything so much as another sunrise, but she knew that if it rose whilst they were in the midst of the herd, they were done for.

Silently she prayed.

Gradually the noise seemed to lessen over time, fewer groans and dragging footsteps led her to believe that the bulk of the herd had passed them and it couldn’t have been in better timing as the sky was beginning to lighten ever so slightly. She could just see the glimpse of sky through the canopy of trees.

She remained where she was, her whole body felt as though it was on fire having had constant adrenaline rushing through her for the last few hours. She thought she’d either pass out or throw up when she moved. She hoped that she was at least away from the walkers if that happened.

The sky was beginning to glow now, before it had been a dark navy as the sun began to rise and now the sky was a glowing red and orange.

Suddenly she heard her mothers voice in her mind.

“Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”

She refused to acknowledge the feeling of dread that filled her stomach, it was just her mothers superstitions rubbing off on her and she wouldn’t let them influence her now.

She had just enough light to see her surroundings and as the shuffling had lessened she risked a glance to her right to see their situation.

A few bodies lumbered their way through the trees, only visible as dark shapes shifting in the minimal light. She shifted slightly to try and look behind them, to see if there was a way out. They didn’t have much time now before they would be bathed in sunlight. She couldn’t see round the thick tree which had kept them hidden all this time, not without moving and Logan firmly remaining in place told her he was against that idea.

She loosened her grip on his fur and felt somewhat guilty as clumps came away in her sweaty palms. She couldn’t believe she had been gripping that hard and he’d not even made a move or noise, again she felt her heart swell for her loyal pup.

The sky was lightening by the second, now stained with pink and yellow and the dark shapes became more discernible. They were still surrounded, though now by a massively reduced amount of the walking dead. She would have guessed during the darkness they were in the midst of a herd of at least a hundred walkers, now however she could guess more or less ten of them were straggling along at the back.

Logan shifted and she knew that was her signal to move. His warm heavy weight lifted, hitting her with a blast of cold air which helped alert her further. He was silent as he moved, his paws settling into the leaves beside her without even a crunch. She sat up as slowly as she could, hoisting her bow and ignoring the pain in her arms knocked an arrow, on one knee she surveyed their surroundings.

Her movement had attracted attention and the walker closest groaned loudly and stumbled towards her, arms outstretched whilst his exposed guts swung from the slit in his bloated stomach.

Disgust curled her lip as she pulled back and glanced briefly to her side at Logan. He was gone.

Panic shot through her and her eyes darted around the area. She couldn’t see him. Surely she’d have heard him if anything had happened?

She loosed the arrow, fear for her best friend now driving her as the wood hit home and lodged within the eye socket of the disembowelled walker. It fell with a thud, drawing the attention of the remaining.

She had five arrows left and at least double that were now all heading for her, enclosed in her self made rope circle she realised just how pathetic it looked. They bounced off the rope but kept coming, she fired her arrows one by one, the adrenaline coursing through her veins as she knew she couldn’t miss a single shot, and she didn’t.

But she still didn’t have enough arrows.

Once she had run out she threw her bow over her shoulder and bent down to retrieve the hunting knife, her eyes still frantically scanning for Logan. She didn’t realise she had been backing away until her back hit rope and fingers clutched at her clothing.

She gasped and jumped forward, spinning quickly to see an open mouth full of teeth and a black, rotten tongue snapping at her. The walker seemed aggravated to have been so close and not gotten a taste and lunged forward, his head pushing through the two lines of rope as he toppled forward into her inclosure. She took her advantage whilst he was on the floor and lodged her blade firmly into his temple. The body stilled and she breathed, finally noticing the growls and thudding of bodies dropping to the floor around her.

She span to the noise to see him and relief filled her just as much as fear as he leapt at a walked and ripped at its throat until its head was dislodged from its body.

“Logan!” She hissed as another walked stumbled towards him. He shot out of its way just in time and sped into the trees, a long low howl striking her to the very core as she realised what he was doing.

“No!” She whispered as tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched him lead the walkers away.

She leapt into action and retrieved her arrows, not having time to untie her rope Emilia grabbed her pack and ran after them. She stayed alert, well aware her crashing footfall through the forest was alerting everything with ears to her presence, but she wouldn’t lose him.

Each walker she came upon she stabbed through the back of the head, lodging her knife upward from where the neck ended and head began and swiftly removing it and carrying on her pursuit. Her chest burned and her breaths puffed out in clouds of air as she ran until she could run no more.

“Lo-gan!” She called, bending over with her hands on her knees, knife dangling from her fingertips as she panted. “Logan!”

She heard a low howl, and her head snapped around to the echoed noise, it had come from back the way she had come. He had circled round for her only to find she had disappeared.

“Fuck. I’m coming!” She cursed and retraced her footsteps back, running past the bodies of the fallen walkers, some she had killed and some she had come across with their heads ripped clean from their bodies.

At this point she thought she may pass out, her legs burned and her chest pulsed with warning as oxygen set her lungs on fire but she refused to stop until she found him. She had been running across the dirt road which cut through the forest when a set of large paw prints leading up caught her attention. She looked in the direction of the clearing they had spent the night in and saw the tracks had come from that way. Had he realised she wasn’t there and continued up? She knew he could have tracked her, found her, but if he knew she was coming maybe he was leading her to something.

She followed the tracks, happy to see the large paw prints but knowing the gnawing dread in her gut wouldn’t be assuaged until she saw him.

The tracks led her back into the forest, she was up about 5 miles from where they had been the night before when, whilst tearing through the trees, familiar eyes pierced hers and she let out a happy laugh as she ran at the black, furry figure which was sat next to a fallen tree. She launched herself forward and wrapped her hands around him, his large tongue licked the side of her face once as she muttered how happy she was to have found him into his fur.

Then her eyes slid sideways and she realised what he was sitting next to. It was two bodies, they must have been the ones who were caught by the herd unaware last night, the two they had listened to as they die. She pulled the black scarf around her neck up and over her nose as the smell hit her. The first man had been torn apart, there was a large open cavity where his stomach used to be and a single hole in his head. She looked to the other figure and realised what must have happened. He’d shot his friend as he was being ripped apart and then himself when he realised there was no escape.

She let go of Logan and shut off her feelings as she opened her pack to take whatever she could from them.

She’d nearly lost Logan for their stupidity.

She picked up the gun from the undergrowth and was about to deposit in her pack when a carving caught her eye. Her gaze jumped over the two bodies and then back to the handle of the gun. A baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. They were saviours.

The image of Negan flashed into her minds eye and she shook her head to dislodge it, taking a little satisfaction knowing these couldn’t be good people. Not if they followed him.

They had been carrying a lot, food, weapons and even medicine. She wondered if they had been separated from a larger group, perhaps raiding and stealing from another group nearby. Emilia shouldered both her pack and the one they had been carrying.

She was slightly disappointed not to be able to head on and look for more but she simply couldn’t carry anything else on foot. She motioned for Logan to follow her and he did, his head pressed into her hip as they walked and she rested her hand on his neck as they made their way back to the dirt road, knowing that following it would lead them home.

“You scared me you know.” She said as she looked down at him, he only looked at her as he panted, his tongue and teeth dripped with blood and only now did she rub her cheek where he had licked her. “That’s fucking disgusting Logan.”

She wiped her face on her shoulder, fully aware she was just smearing the blood across her cheek.  Still she ruffled the fur on his neck, pleased they had made it out of there together as they walked together.

A couple of hours had passed judging by the position of the sun when the low grumble of an engine caught their ears. They both diverted from the path, Emilia ducked behind a large tree and looked back up the road, trying to catch sight of the vehicle. The sunlight glinted off the windscreen and it wasn’t until she could see the driver that she smiled with relief. She’d know that hair anywhere.

She stepped into the path and waved, Logan took her cue and reappeared at her side as the car slowed to a stop and she opened the door to let him in, getting in behind him.

“Mind if we catch a ride back?” She turned to Michonne who eyed her with a grim smirk, her gaze lingering on the new pack and blood smeared cheek.

“Sure… What happened to you?” The engine started and Emilia laughed, she delved into her bag as she explained their night, finding the remaining can of dog food she passed it back to Logan who stuck his head straight in.

“He deserves the rest of that for what he did.” She concluded and Michonne looked at her in disbelief.

“Jesus.” She looked back at the road, seeming tense as if she was deciding whether or not to say something. Emilia gave her time, enjoying the cold wind on her face as they drove with the windows down. “I found The Saviours and their compound. We’re massively outnumbered and outgunned. There is nothing we can do to fight.”

It was the first time she had heard Michonne speak with an air of defeat and she looked at her friend in shock.

“That big, huh?”  Michonne only nodded, her hands gripping tightly to the steering wheel. “Well then I guess we can only keep on doing what Negan wants until we find another way.”

When Emilia spoke the name of the leader of the Saviours Michonne shot her a strange look and chewed over what she was about to say.

“He’s got his eye on you.”

“Ha.” Emilia snorted, rolling her eyes. “He’s just a self important, egotistical jackass who thinks he’s gods gift to women and that we’ll all fall at his feet if he flashes a smile.”

“I agree.” Michonne said as she turned to look at the woman beside her. “But be careful. It’s you he’s singling out. Don’t do anything stupid.”

The conversation died then as she briefly mulled over Michonne’s warning before her thoughts turned to having a shower at home, she missed being able to have a hot bath but it wasn’t an easy thing to come by nowadays. Her daydreaming was interrupted as Michonne cursed loudly and she realised why as they pulled up to the already open gates of Alexandria.

The Saviours were here.

Both women exited the car quickly and Logan stayed at Emilia’s side as they entered, Negan’s many men loitered around the entrance as they leant against the vans smoking and drinking. All eyes were on them as they entered and they aimed to quickly make their way past.

Michonne was ahead of Emilia and walked up toward the storage lockup quickly, assumedly to check what was being taken. A large bald man stepped in front of Emilia as she made to walk past, blocking her route.

Michonne looked back but Emilia shook her head once, telling her to go on, saying she could handle it.

“Well what the fuck we got here?” The man laughed and looked over to his friends, all of whom laughed and jeered from their place against the metal side of the van.

“Move.” She said, glaring at the man who took a step toward her, only to hesitate as Logan snarled at her side, his upper lip pulled back to show his large, sharp teeth.

“You better tell your fucking mutt to heel bitch or i’ll make it my dinner.”

Before any of them could react she had her bow drawn and aimed as fury pulsed through her veins, the sharp metal tip was inches away from the brutes eye socket and he looked shocked as his friends withdrew their weapons and yelled at her to drop hers.

“Say that again.” She spoke, ignored them. How dare he threaten Logan after what he had just saved her from, after the hell they had been through. “I fucking dare you.”

“Oh yeah?” His voice quivered slightly and he didn’t move any closer, although he tried to uphold his false bravado she could see through it. “What, you gonna shoot me?”

“My arrow in your eye socket will be the least of your problems.” The large, bald man got the insinuation and his eyes slid down to Logan at her side, clearly now noticing the fresh blood staining his teeth as he snarled and snapped at the man. “I have often wondered what would happen if he bites someone with rotten walker blood is on his teeth… Do you think you’d get infected? Shall we find out?”

“What in the ever loving fuck is fucking going on? Why can’t you fucking people get the damn message I swear to-” The familiar deep voice approached from behind the large balding man who blocked her path and field of view. His speech stopped as he approached from their flank and saw who it was and what was going on. “Well, hello there Duchess, I was wondering where the fuck you were.”

“Out scavenging. For you and these dim witted morons.” She could feel his eyes on her but she dared not look away from the man in front of her. Her arm didn’t even quiver as she held the tension in her drawn arrow.

“Lower your fucking weapons.” Negan spoke to his men who did as he said, the bald man frowned in protest and opened his mouth to complain before the authoritative voice spoke again. “You fucking move back from her unless you want your dick ripped off by her fucking guard wolf and an arrow in your eye. I don’t think she’s fucking around.”

He did as he was told and stepped away, his eyes narrowing on the pack at her shoulder and she lowered her bow slightly, the tension easing as she allowed the arrow to rest but didn’t put it in her quiver, just in case.

Negan entered her field of vision, his eyes tracked over the blood on her face which was probably mixed with tears and dirt. She clenched her teeth and swore to herself she didn’t give a damn what she looked like. She’d been out scavenging she wasn’t going to look clean and fresh as a daisy. He handed Lucille off to Carl who was stood behind him, his hollow socket fully exposed as he bowed his head. She frowned at him for a moment in confusion before that voice captured her attention then.

“Well, aren’t you the most fucking beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.” For a split second she thought he’d been talking to her… Then she realised his eyes were fixed on Logan who was still at her side, his snarls having reduced to low growls now that the other man had moved out of her personal space.

She saw Negan take a step and looked around, everyone was watching. The whole of Alexandria knew Logan and his temperament, it was as if they were all waiting with bated breath to see him lunge at Negan. Well, she wouldn’t let her dog be shot because they wanted a show, begrudgingly she warned him.

“I wouldn’t… He doesn’t like strangers. Men especially.” Those dark eyes flicked up to hers as he smirked cockily and crouched, his arms resting on his knees as he met Logan’s eyes.

“I’m sure we’ll be best of fucking friends.”

She snorted in disbelief. “Yeah right, okay. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If he rips your throat out we aren’t responsible and they aren’t allowed to shoot.” She pointed toward his men who were watching the situation with morbid curiosity and fear.

“Yeah yeah sure Darlin’, no one shoot if the dog moves. Happy now?” He flashing his white smile at her before looking back to Logan. “What’s this beauties name then?”

“Logan.” She said, finally putting her arrow back in her quiver and her bow over her shoulder to free up her hands to lay one upon Logan’s neck, attempting to calm him anyway she could. If Negan was determined to do this, she hoping her lack of hostility would show Logan not to do anything that could put them in danger.

“Well, hello there Logan. You are fucking magnificent!” He extended one large, tanned hand toward her dog, leaving it handing in the air between them, waiting. Logan continued to growl, the hair on his back and neck was raised upward as he held Negan’s gaze, she patted his neck and sighed.

“I told you, he doesn’t like men.”

“Sure he does.” Negan said tilting his head at Logan. “He just hasn’t fucking met a real man yet.”

She rolled her eyes, his alpha male, macho rubbish wouldn’t work on Logan. She was just hoping they got out of this encounter alive.

Then, suddenly, the air appeared to shift and she stood amazed as Logan went quiet, licked his lips and stepped forward, butting Negan’s hand with his head once as the man in question grinned from ear to ear.

“Theres a good dog!” Negan scratched Logan behind the ear once and stood, now toe to toe with her and she suddenly wished she hadn’t holstered her bow. “See, he knows who’s in charge. Does his mistress?”

She clenched her jaw and couldn’t resist rising to the bait. “Don’t get cocky, one word from me and he’d rip your throat out regardless.”

“Oh I don’t fucking doubt it Duchess!” His eyes glinted with hunger as they roamed over her. “Hell if I got to sleep in your bed every night i’d rip any fucking throat out you asked me too.”

“Can we get through now?” She decided to ignore his previous statement, heeding Michonne’s warning with determination not to stoke to fire.

He swept his arm out behind him and turned on the spot, hit tongue touched his teeth as he spoke, his southern accent slightly more pronounced. “After you Darlin’.”

She stormed past with Logan at her heels, she could have sworn she heard him chuckle with glee behind her but she didn’t turn to look. She heard a swoosh of air which could only be Lucille as he took his weapon back from Carl and swung her up onto his shoulder before his longer strides meant he was walking along side her.

“Where is Rick?” He asked her, his eyes watching her carefully as they walked, Logan trotted along between them.

“I was about to ask you the same question.” She turned to look at Carl, a frown pursing her lips before she looked back to Negan. “I’ve been gone two days.”

Negan stopped suddenly and she turned to face him, irritated that her wait for a shower was being prolonged.

“If you weren’t with fucking Rick out there, who did you go scavenging with?” His tone sounded deadly but she didn’t know why, didn’t know what she had done wrong this time so she went on the offensive.

“Logan.” Was all she said before storming ahead, only to be stopped by a strong hand on her bicep. Logan growled in warning at her side as she swung around and faced him again, he was now holding his hand up to Logan to show he meant her no harm before he looked back to her.

“You were out there alone for two days with just your fucking dog? What happened why are you covered in blood and dirt? Why is Rick sending out a fucking woman alone?” Fury seemed etched into his features as his jaw jumped with a tic.

“I wan’t alone, I had Logan. I didn’t want anyone else, I don’t trust them to have my back and I wasn’t going to babysit. Maybe if you didn’t keep turning up days ahead of schedule we wouldn’t need to split up to find somewhere which hasn’t already been picked clean of supplies!” She hadn’t noticed she was approaching him as she got more and more riled up until she realised their chests were practically pressed together. She refused to back away however and show a weakness to him.

“Okay Duchess.” His tone had completely reversed and was now calm as he looked her over. “Point taken, are you hurt?”

She shook her head once. “No, like I said down there. Logan saved me from a big herd and all I want now is a shower here-” She dropped the pack she had recovered from the bodies of his men at his feet. “It was thanks to your men using guns rather than knives Logan and I almost died. Thankfully we didn’t, but your two didn’t make it. I recovered their things. I’m going to take a shower now.”

She walked away, not turning back to acknowledge him as he called out to her.

“You’ve got ten fucking minutes Duchess and if you aren’t at Rick’s house I’ll come and get’cha. Even if you’re still naked as the day you were born!”

She ignored him and the thrill of embarrassment his words sent through her. She refused to give him any form of reaction or proof he got to her.

Nonetheless once the door to her house was closed she sprinted up the stairs shedding clothes as quickly as she could as she laid her weapons down in her bedroom and shot into the shower. The cold water hit her but she didn’t have time for it to heat up, she scrubbed at her face and body using the small lemongrass soap she had stashed aside. It has barely been touched and she refused to analyse why she was suddenly using it now. She washed until the water running down the drain was no longer stained with dirt and blood.

She used a small amount of shampoo, taking care not to knot her hair as she didn’t have any conditioner to help detangle her mane. Once rinsed and just as the water had some warmth she turned it off and jumped out, quickly towel drying her hair before wrapping it around her torso and peaking outside the bathroom door.

She breathed a sigh of relief at the only sound being Logan’s soft snores and quickly got dressed into the only other pair of trousers she owned. They grey jeans hugged her legs tightly and she jumped up and down to get them over her legs.

They were a bitch to get on but she never got caught on fences and there was no excess material for walkers to grab.

She pulled on her combat boots, a bra and a black tank top before looking sadly at her jacket. It was filthy and certainly in no fit state to be put back on. She took a deep breath and looked around for something else, anything else, whilst fully aware the clock was ticking.

She felt too exposed without a jacket or long sleeved top but grit her teeth and took her frustration out on her hair as she dragged a comb through the already curling strands.

Emilia slung her bow over her shoulder along with her quiver and headed toward the door, Logan stretched and yawned before following her and as she turned the handle and pulled the door open she was hit by the autumnal breeze

She walked quickly down the steps and towards Ricks house, the chill of the air combined with her damp hair and lack of sleeves sent goose pimples up and down her arms.

She wrapped them around herself and rubbed at her bare skin, practically jogging to the house only to freeze suddenly in shock as she spied Negan and Carl on the porch.

Part 7

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Night Terror - Theo Raeken


A/N: My friend requested this and I hope it was good enough. This is by far my favorite one I have written so far. Hope y'all like it.


Summary: Theo and the reader are in bed and Theo has a night terror and the reader comforts him.

Word Count: 2,000

Request are always open.




It felt like forever since you last slept in your boyfriends arms. You almost forgot what it felt like to be in the arms of someone you loved. When the Skinwalkers took Theo to hell, you were so broken up about it. You knew that what Theo did was wrong, and he deserved to be punished, but you thought he didn’t deserve to suffer eternal hell, getting tormented by his sister. You tried to move on, tried to find love like you and Theo had, but nothing worked, eventually you just gave up. No one could replace Theo.

When you were with Theo, you felt safe, loved and wanted. No one could make you feel the way Theo made you feel. You always got to see the real Theo, the Theo that he tried to hide from everyone else. You’re the only one that believed Theo will change since coming back. Slowly but surely has been making progress. The pack still doesn’t trust or like him but they are becoming more okay with him being back. You’re going to do everything possible to help Theo get better, to show the world that deep down, he’s still human and not a complete monster.  

Since Theo has came back, he has been more helpful and actually has told the truth the whole time. It’s a small step but it’s still better then nothing. It’s going to take a while, but it’s going to be worth it. After all, you’ll do anything for someone that you love.

You were deep in thought when a sound brought you back to reality. It was Theo. He was sleeping next to you with his arms around your waist, like he would do every night before going to hell. Theo’s grip on your waist slowly started getting tighter around you. You thought nothing off it beside Theo just missing you. You snuggled back into him and felt him relax a little.
This wasn’t strange for Theo, at least not since he’s been back.

Ever since Theo came back, he’s been more clingy to you, and not in a bad way. He’s just afraid that he’s going to be sent back at any minute and he doesn’t want to leave you again. You found it quite adorable but you couldn’t blame him. With everything he went through down in hell, you would want to be close to someone as well if you went through the same thing. Theo told you everything that he went through and it broke you heart. You knew hell was well, hell, but you just couldn’t imagine having to go through it every single day for months on end. Whenever the both of you would talk about it, Theo would break down crying thinking about it. The one person who refused to show emotion for the longest time, doesn’t care anymore. He knows that emotional pain is real pain.

You could hear mumbling coming from Theo but you couldn’t make out what he was saying. He let go of your waist. You turned around to see Theo tossing and turning. He could begin to feel himself panicking, his body becoming restless and fanatic, tossing and turning from everything going on inside his head. He was having another night terror. Theo has been getting them a lot lately, but he never liked to talk about them. Talking about it made him feel weak. You never pressured him into talking about it until he was ready. That’s the only thing you could do, you had to be there for him no matter what.  

“No, don’t! Tara stop please” Theo was shaking in his spot, the night terror getting worse.

“I’m sorry” Theo kept repeated multiple times, each time his voice start breaking more, like he was about to cry.

“Theo,” you tried to wake him up, “babe, wake up. It’s a night terror. It’s not real” but no luck.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to stop” Theo’s voice was completely broken now. It broke your heart. You had to wake him up.

“Theo! Wake up!” You start to shake Theo and he shot up breathing heavily. He was frantic, looking around the bedroom thinking he was still in his night terror. You noticed it right away.

“Hey, Theo, it’s just me. It’s y/n. You aren’t in your night terror. Nothing can hurt you here.” You are trying to calm him down and when you said your name, Theo looked right at you and he noticed it was really you and hugged you tightly.

“She won’t leave me. She won’t leave me alone” Theo whispered rocking back and forth in your arms, it was barely audible. You wouldn’t have heard it if you weren’t right next to him.

“Baby, who won’t leave you alone?” You didn’t know who was tormenting him in his night terrors, it could have been anyone. You knew in hell he got pulled down by his sister, so it was a good bet that it was her in his night terrors.

“T-Tara. My s-sister. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” You felt bad for Theo. If anyone in the pack saw Theo like this, they wouldn’t believe he’s the same person that killed Scott, put Lydia into a catatonic state and broke up the pack. This was a completely different Theo.

“Shh, it’s okay Theo. She can’t hurt you anymore. I’m here and I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I promise Theo.” You comforted him, rubbing his back as he held onto you softly crying. You didn’t notice until you felt water on your chest, causing you to hold onto him tighter resting your chin on his head.

The both of you sat like that in the dark for a while until you heard a faint snore, Theo was out. Laying back down carefully so you wouldn’t wake him up, with Theo arms still around you and his head on your stomach. He looked so peaceful for once. When he was awake you could see how drained and tired he was. His eyes were bloodshot, like he hasn’t slept in weeks. He’s broken. Theo only shows that when he’s alone with you, when he’s with the pack trying to help, you wouldn’t tell he was broken and fragile. He had his cocky snarky attitude. That’s his way of putting his walls up.

Theo’s walls are always up, they were extremely hard to break down and get through. You were the first one to the crack in the walls. You kept pushing until it broke down. You got to know the real Theo. Theo never bothered to put the walls back up when you were around. He knew you would just tear it down.

Eventually sleep took over you and you went into a deep slumber. Theo still on your mind making sure he was okay, even in your sleep. He needed to talk about his night terrors, it’s not healthy for him to keep it to himself.

Soon the sun was shining into the shared bedroom waking you up. Rubbing your eyes you realize Theo wasn’t in the bed anymore. Getting up you walked out of your bedroom and into the kitchen to see Theo at the sink hunched over with a cup of coffee next to him.  Walking up to him you wrapped your arms around him and rest your head against his back earning a sigh from Theo.

“How long have you been up?” Asking Theo, you look over to see a bunch of coffee cups on the counter. That many can’t be healthy.

“Since three am” looking over at the clock that was on the stove, it  showed that it was currently noon. Nine hours, that explains the many coffee cups.

“Why have you been awake for so long? You must be tired.” Grabbing Theo by the waste and turning him around so he would face you. Sleep deprivation clearly hitting Theo hard. He needed to talk about it, he needs to stop putting it off.

“Baby you need to tell me what happens in your night terror so I can help you. This isn’t healthy. Let me help you.” You calmly told Theo. Theo knew he couldn’t keep this inside of him anymore. It was eating him alive and he had to tell someone about it, but only to the one person he trust. That being you. You were the only one there for him through everything. The one person that didn’t leave him, that trusted him. You were everything to him.

Theo was hesitant to say anything at first, like he was debating in his head if he should talk about it or not. “It’s my sister. She appears every night.” He stopped and looked at you seeing if he should keep going. You gave him a nod to keep going, letting him know that you’re here for him.

He took a deep breath and kept going, “I wake up in the morgue, it’s cold and dark. I keep banging on the door until it opens. Then I hear it. My name. It’s Tara, my dead sister. She chases me through the hospital.” He stopped, trying to collect himself so he can finish. “I get stuck, I can’t open the door. Tara walks towards me giving me a look. Then she rips my heart out. Well, her heart out. The scene of her in the creek freezing to death and the doctors surgery to place her heart in my chest plays over and over while it happens.” He went quiet for a minute.

You were about to say something but he cut you off before you could get a word out, “That’s what I went through down in hell. Every single day. She would find a different way to torment me, but at the same time, it was the same each time. It was like a reminder that I’m a monster that killed his older sister. A reminder off all the bad things I’ve done.” You could see the tears starting to stream down his face. You wiped them away with your thumb.

“Oh Theo. I’m so sorry. Yes, you did bad things, but you learned you lesson. You are changing. The dread doctors control your life for so long. They are the reason that everything that has happened.” You truly did feel bad for him, even after all the things he did you couldn’t hate him or blame him. “I love you Theo, I forgive you for everything that happened. I know the pack doesn’t, and even if they never do forgive you or like you, just know I’m here okay. You are not going back. You can’t be defined by your last forever.”

“God what would I do without you. I love you so much y/n” Theo said before placing his lips on yours giving you a soft but meaningful kiss.

“You need to sleep Theo, come you look dead tired. Let’s go back to bed.” You grabbed his hand and walked back towards the bedroom with Theo following right behind you.

Climbing back into bed with Theo laying on your chest like he was earlier. You wrapped your arms around him while playing with his hair. The both of you talked for a little until Theo finally fell asleep. You weren’t tired but you knew Theo needed you to be there with him, to make him feel safe. Normally it was Theo who made you feel safe, but that was before everything that happened. Eventually Theo fell asleep listening to your heartbeat reminding him that you’re still here. It kept him calm and relaxed. When Theo was with you, everything felt right. You took the pain and misery away from him. You made everything okay. You bandaged up his broken pieces.  He was thankful for you. You were his anchor and both of you knew that.

For the first time since Theo being back, he finally had a peaceful Tara-less sleep.

Ragethirst highlights: City of Darkness

You guys.

You guys.

I honestly don’t know if I can do this movie justice. There was just. So Much™ going on. But I will try.

Also, shout out to Chuch’s brother, who bravely joined us for his first ever Ragethirst and somehow managed to keep up with us. Truly a worthy soul.

  • We begin our journey with the villain nutting to Wagner-esque music. We know he’s a villain because he listens to classical and waxes rhapsodic about wine. (He didn’t actually nut, but suffice to say we know what Collin Chou’s O-face looks like.)
  • His #1 henchman is basically Chinese Snape with more scimitars per square inch.
  • While Snape is busy killing people, the villain offs a guy with… an ice cube. (The victim wet himself, we crossed piss off the kink bingo. Not five minutes in.)
  • Cut to a K-pop looking boy (Joe about pissed herself) aggressively playing guitar. He runs afoul of more villains, plays the guitar at them, kicks everyone’s asses, and runs into a herd of cyclists to escape.
  • Listen. I lost track of the “plot” right about here. Basically all I can do is give you random highlights of things that happened from then on, but don’t expect any of this to make sense.
  • Donnie’s at the supermarket shopping for his cop boyfriend, who’s talking to him on the phone. Donnie scolds him that he wants to make him some good food for once because Pen only eats crap stuff. (Seriously, you expect us to read them as straight?)
  • Guys with machine guns burst into the supermarket. Donnie tells Pen they’re making a movie, holds the phone up to one of the bad guys, realizes they’re not making a movie, and proceeds to kick ass.
  • Random point of interest: Donnie wears tracksuits almost exclusively throughout and I hate that he looks so good in them.
  • Pen, aka cop bf, shows up as the villains have two people hostage and he and Donnie proceed to Road to El Dorado them. 
  • This is getting long already, Read More it is.

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Ice - Nick Amaro

Nick Amaro x Reader

Imagine: You’re Nick’s partner and you found out Nick lied to you and was sneaking behind your back.

Her older sister was back in town. It’s been years since she’s last seen her. She’s never had a good relationship with her older sister. Who could blame her? An older sister was usually someone to look up to. However, this wasn’t the case. Instead, she was the one picking up after her older sister’s messes. This went on for years, straight into their adult years. It was exhausting and stressful. The responsibility wore her down. She’s family, but it wasn’t right. She was the younger sister, so why did she have to always pick up the slack and work twice as hard?

The last time she saw her sister, she snapped, she couldn’t do it anymore. It was 10 in the morning, her sister had burst into her apartment, trashed. Honestly, there wasn’t a moment she hadn’t seen her older sister drunk as a spring breaker. Her older sister was rummaging through her apartment, looking for money.

She couldn’t have her older sister dragging her down anymore. Not when she was thriving in the police academy, and she was working the force. She kicked her out and told her to never bother her again. That was the last time she saw her. 10 years later, her sister was standing right in front of her precinct, talking to her partner.

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Slave to Pleasure [19]

(gif not mine credt to the original owner)

A/N: SURPRISE! With all the feedback I got from the last update I knew I had to show my gratitude with two consecutive updates <3 

Warning: Disappointing lack of sexual content, terribly written fight scenes and HELLA PLOT TWISTS. 

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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x02

Season 1, Episode 2 - “Amuse-Bouche”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Another week, another rewaaaatch.


“Amuse-Bouche” is interesting because it’s the first non-pilot episode, so the procedural format they roll out sets a framework for what this show is going to be moving forward, letting you settle in, as it were.

Or at least, that’s how it would be on a normal show. On Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, they give you fucking MUSHROOMIZED PEOPLE, and by the time you’re 35 minutes in what should just be a random hallucinogenic horrorfest case has managed to transmogrify into Personal Threats To Will Graham, because This Creep Is Creepily Into Him And WILL Drag Him Into His Creep Embrace. Oh honey, it’s only the second episode. I spent most of this rewatch helpless with grim laughter, ha ha ha, god.

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mouses-blog  asked:

Why do you like Erika, Sugar?

So this was a topic that came up during the stream I did last night and I wanted to write it out since I couldn’t really go into depth on why I like her so much in the middle of playing.

Spoilers n stuff under the cut.

I also acknowledge I got really carried away but I like to cite things.

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Behind The Scenes 2 (1/16)

Author’s note: Well, I’m finally back with part 2! So just as a general warning, BTS 2 is rather dark, so I will for sure be putting warnings along the way! Sorry for any errors. 

Genre: Its a bit dark

Word count: 1776

Summary: Intro; How life has been for you since becoming BTS’ prisoner.

Other Parts: HERE 

This GIF is mine. I made it based off of this scenario series.

It’s been 4 and a half months, 4 and a half long months of being a BTS prisoner. You hated everyday of it. For the longest time you’ve felt dead inside. You barely ate, you barely slept and you barely spoke a word.

You missed your family, you missed your friends, you missed your apartment. Most of all you missed your freedom. You didn’t have your own money. The car was gone. You had no access to your phone or laptop. You weren’t allowed to do anything unless it was approved by Rap monster, sometimes Jin if Rap monster was out. You even had to ask if you could go to the bathroom. Things were only more intense when you all were out of the dorm; you were constantly supervised by one of the members or by the manager. Worst of all was that Rap monster would interrogate you for any little thing you did. If you did something as simple as suddenly standing up from the corner of the room, he immediately questioned you.

In order to not raise any suspicions about your new life, Rap monster continued to pay for your place for one month and then “you” stopped renting that apartment because “you” were going to move.

Since Rap monster had your phone and laptop, he knew whenever your family or friends were trying to contact you. To make all this easier for him to deal with, he made “you” cut ties with all your friends. You didn’t know how he did it, all he told you was that your friends hated you now. He even deleted all your social media accounts, so that no one would ask why you weren’t posting anything anymore.  

You were allowed to speak to your parents, but never in person, only over the phone. You were only allowed to talk to them once a week for 25 minutes max while Rap monster was there right besides you. As a way to explain why you were so distant, you told your parents that you were taking your college classes and that you also got a job. You explained that you didn’t really have too much time for yourself and were barely going to have time to talk to them.

Every day you dealt with Jimin’s verbal abuse. No matter what the schedule was, you for sure woke up to an insult and fell asleep to one, assuming you were able to fall asleep.

Jin didn’t have your back against Rap monster or Jimin or Jungkook anymore. He was rather neutral with you. He never helped you, but he never went out of his way to make you feel worse. It was more like you did not exist to him. The only times you interacted with him, were when Rap monster made you help him with chores or when Jinjin would come over. He was nice to you in front of Jinjin, but when you helped him with chores, he was very short tempered with you. He would snap at you over any little thing you did wrong. Luckily, (at least for the first two months or so) Suga and Jhope had enough time, or held back from getting high or drunk to stay with you while you had to be with Jin.

Since you weren’t dealing for Rap monster anymore, the manager took over your role. He seemed in on Rap monster’s plans. He didn’t question the fact that he had to make the delivers nor did he question the fact that he had to monitor you from time to time. Your biggest clue was that fact that he quickly came over that first night as if it was a regular thing. He wasn’t shocked about you being cut and crying or over Suga and Jin being all beat up. With the manager, like with the boys, you didn’t say much. You tried to be as easy to work with as possible. You were scared that he hated you as much as some of the members. You were basically an extra chore of him and you didn’t want to get on his bad side either

You began to notice that the stylists at the company didn’t bat an eye over the members coming back with cuts or bruises or swelling. They like the manager, just went with whatever was going on. The stylists and other staff didn’t really talk to you before, but now they didn’t really acknowledge you when you sat in the corner of the room while you were with the boys.

Since you were stuck the guys where ever they went, you all usually returned to the dorm at 10pm or later. Depending on the things he had to do, Rap monster only gave you enough time to wash up and then he’d lock you in the room you shared with Jimin. Jimin would go to sleep later than when you were locked in the room, so when he decided to go to bed he would have someone else lock the door behind him.

The only time you had more time outside the room were on days where Rap monster left or make a deal, when you were doing chores, or when Jinjin was over (he didn’t sleep over anymore, he would come over in the mornings and spend the day with Jin and then go back home).

Over time you grew a bit closer to V, but not as close as you were with Suga and Jhope. Despite his kindness, he only let himself get so close to you. He would try to help you out, but more times than not, when he sided with Rap monster and Jin over you, Suga and Jhope.

In the beginning of it all, the only thing that made this ordeal not feel as bad was the fact that you had Suga and Jhope by your side. They always had your back when it came to dealing with Rap monster, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook. Sometimes when the others were already in their rooms, they would sneak into your room (when they weren’t drunk or high) and would talk to you and try and lighten things up for you. Only out of loyalty to them, Jimin never told the others that they would do that, but he would definitely threaten you about it.

However, as the months passed by there was more stress on all the members. With all they had to do and then the added stress of looking out for you, you noticed that Suga and Jhope turned more to their beer and pills. Jhope spent less time looking after you so that he could go to his room and get high. He would go to your room less and less. 9/10 times that Suga would go to your room he was drunk. And 9/10 times he would vent to you like he used to.

By the fourth month, it was the time of recording their music videos, they were stressed with writing, dancing and practicing. All that made them so tired. Even though he got the album done, Suga would still try to work on his new mixtape. Some days he would stay behind at the studio to finish it up or to practice some of the choreo.

If it wasn’t Suga venting out to you then it was Jhope letting you know how much pressure he felt. He was stressed about having to get all the guys to learn the choreo perfectly. Even with Jimin’s help, it took a lot to get it all done when they needed to be ready. The idea of promotions and the tour also stressed him out too. You noticed as he took his pills more often and more pills at a time. He would constantly run out of pills and immediately go begging to Rap monster. Rap monster, being the asshole he was, would only give him a new batch only when Jhope was completely out and when he noticed that he was starting to go through withdraws.

You went day by day like this for 4 months. Things were routine until it was almost time for the videos to be released and for promotions to begin. You noticed that the stress wasn’t only affecting Suga and Jhope, but all the members. Jin would even fight with his ex over the phone or in person even though it had nothing to do with why she was there. He and the others were getting at each other’s throats over stupider and stupider things. Whenever Jungkook would get upset, he would just shut down and dramatically leave the scene, making things worse. Jimin seemed to like to take his anger out on whoever even so much as looked in his direction.

Rap monster seemed very stressed out too. Having you at the dorm 24/7 seemed to blow up in his face. You were a lot for him to deal with. Honestly, you slightly enjoyed the fact that his own plan wasn’t exactly working out for him. However, because of this you grew more and more fearful of your own life. You never knew if he was going to go back on his word and just decide to kill you.

As a way to try and physically save yourself, you made yourself as helpful and as easy to deal with as possible. You didn’t fight him or the other members. You tried your best to just stay quiet and mind your own business. You began to think that maybe, just maybe, you can get on everyone’s good side and Rap monster will let you go one day.

Although you were doing your best to be helpful, by staying out of the members’ way, you were still paranoid. You would stay up late at night thinking of what might happen to you.

It was already four and a half months of dealing with them and you didn’t think you could take it anymore. You couldn’t take the fear of not knowing what day was going to be your last.

The same thoughts always kept you up at night. “That monster is going to kill me one day! I feel it. It’s going to happen soon. I just know it. He’s not going to let me be stuck under them forever. BTS as a group is only going to last so long. Fuck! Fuck it! If I’m going to die anyway, I should at least try to beg for my life! Maybe he’ll actually let me go… If he kills me, he kills me… I don’t want him to kill me…”