have i told you guys that i love mindy kaling lately

stealing bases by poetictragedy, Explicit, 6288 words


Dylan never thought he’d be going on a date with a baseball player but he is. More specifically, he’s going out with Tyler Hoechlin, shortstop for the San Francisco Giants, and someone that Dylan has had a crush on for quite a while.

And Tyler doesn’t know that Dylan has a serious baseball fetish so he takes him to the batting cages… where he only enables Dylan’s fetish and that prompts him to take what he wants.

The Late Show with Mindy Kaling  by halfhardtorock, Teen and Up Audience, 2680 words 


Hobrien ficlet based on appolsaucy’s prompt “Hoech fails at acting while Dylan rockets to success.”

The Greatest Catch by dinglehoppersaplenty, General Audience, 2226 words 


Tyler brings Dylan to the Annual Hoechlin Clan Labor Day Barbecue. Dylan is nervous, but Tyler knows his family will love him. Tyler is right.

The song remains the same by PaddyWack, Teen and Up Audience, 1059 words


When Hoechlin invites Dylan to his parents’, Dylan says yes without giving it much thought.

Make Yours a Happy Home by popfly, Explicit, 24517 words


Tyler turns his head slowly to see Charlotte’s dad watching them, lips rolled into his mouth and dimples in his cheeks. 

“Daddy!” Charlotte throws herself off the bleachers and her dad grabs her just in time, making an “oomph” noise and propping her on his hip. “Mr. Hoechlin was showing me the dances I get to do in gym.” 

“Oh was he.” Charlotte’s dad still looks like this is the best thing he’s seen all day, eyes sparkling in the sun. He’s wearing plaid shorts that are way too big and a white tee shirt that is almost too small, and it’s clinging to him. Tyler figures he’s probably sweaty from the heat of the day and the exertion of the game and he can see the cut of his abs through the damp fabric and he really needs to stop staring at the father of one of his students and also he needs to not be crouched like a bunny right now. 

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Danny and Mindy

The first scene with them! They’ve come a long way already in the last few episodes. She’s over at his place even after Leo’s asleep and he’s calling her “Min” and they’re having playful banter and I just missed it so much. I really think the elevator scene in the last episode was Danny finally turning around. He seems happier than scruffy Danny in 4x14 and even last episode, and just mentally healthier and I do wonder if he’s already getting therapy. I shouldn’t think like that though because I don’t want to get my hopes up.

I said I want him to be in this episode especially given the nature of it and I’m so so so glad he was. I was pleasantly surprised he was there to say the least. It was always going to be a topic of conflict for them raising Leo. Danny being Italian and catholic is a huge part of who he is, whereas that’s not necessarily the case with Mindy’s heritage and that’s okay. And I think him bringing up “showing Leo where he came from” was something else that triggered Mindy to think about her Indian heritage, along with what Neil said. This whole interaction really reminds me of season 2 (ignoring the actual content of what they’re saying).

Speaking of content of what they’re saying, never has the word “Parmesan” made me laugh so hard. It was like seasons 1-3 Danny. And Messina’s delivery is beyond perfection.

As for the last scene, I’m so very proud of both of them. Danny comes in all hot-headed and stubborn and probably planning on an argument and lots of yelling. I think Mindy was anticipating the same thing. (I won’t say this often but I understand his anger here, she should have told him she was planning on shaving Leo’s hair) but it ends with them chatting like they used to and finally in agreement. We haven’t seen that in a long time. I love how Mindy said she usually goes along with what he wants because she doesn’t often have a strong opinion, but she has a strong opinion on this. That’s one of their main problems. I don’t think Danny ever meant to control Mindy, he just thought she was okay with what he wanted because she never really argued until it was too late. But it’s important that she tell him that sometimes she wants things a certain way and he needs to accept that.

I’m also proud of Danny. He actually listened to her and reassured her “you make good points” and really softened up and agreed with her. I love that Mindy was shocked because it shows how much he’s grown lately (it’s still only a little bit, but it’s happening). I liked that she admitted she should have asked him about shaving Leo’s hair (remember the therapists note about not taking responsibility for her actions?) and I like that he thanked her and said he’s glad they had this talk. They’re showing appreciation for each other and realising it’s better to communicate than to let things fester. And again, “you look pretty” reminded me of season 2, before they got together but they were best friends and he was already a goner. It was like it wasn’t relevant but he HAD to say it. She looked pretty and he had to let her know. (And she did look pretty, Mindy in glasses is my kryptonite)

I think it’s important to remember that when they filmed this episode, Messina wasn’t there. Danny being in this episode was obviously important enough to them that they filmed his scenes at a later date. They’re purposely showing his growth, guys. It’s happening. And him and Mindy are learning how to communicate. Right now, it’s only as parents but it could only mean good things for their relationship being that lack of communication was their biggest issue. I really hope we see more of this playful banter between the two of them. If they get their friendship back before getting back together that would be GLORIOUS ❤️