have i posted too many selfies yet

For all the Aces that aren't posting cards or selfies

Because they’re not out yet
Or they don’t feel like they look good enough for selfies
Or whatever reason
You are amazing
You’re very beautiful (Unless you’re uncomfortable with that word but I have many other adjectives! You’re also handsome and lovely and cute and adorable and flawless and awesome and )
Today is your day too, even if you don’t post.
I love you all

My shirt says “Whatever floats your goat,” which is a thing that I say which I picked up from a friend a few years ago, and which is also a thing that I had no clue any other person in the entire world said and yet apparently it is a common enough saying that I found this at JC Penny when I wasn’t even shopping for myself

Hey BP

Thanks for giving the opportunity to submit to your beard themed blog.  I myself have only taken up “bearding” within the last year and the complements I’ve been getting from it really help inspire and motivate me where before I didn’t have a very positive self image. Here is a submission I’d like to add to your blog that I’ve yet to use anywhere else. I’m curious as to how many of your awesome followers might follow my blog as well from one of your posts (first time I’ve submitted anywhere).  Feel free to repost any of my #selfie tagged post on my blog as they too likely fit in your theme. Often times when other beard blogs reblog my selifies I get a whole bunch of awesome pagonophiles :) 

If you can post my blog link along with the photo that would be great…either to the homepage or the selfie page is fine by me.

Thanks again!


anonymous asked:

Friendly reminder that they still haven't filmed the ubykotex extra stuff yet, also that Steph is clearly sitting on a huge pile of bts stuff and that there will probably be some kind of mini press tour thing for the release of Almost Adults. Nat is very into her instagram aesthetic haha and Elise's phone can't deal with it so too many selfies will never be their style, most pics come from others posting them.

I was scrolling through my asks and have just seen this… Oh yes. Yes. YAS.