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So, I did a thing…

Some of you may not know this, but the reason I joined Tumblr was because of my Marvel (specifically Loki) obsession. Almost 5 years ago I started a blog because of that obsession. That obsession led me to Supernatural, a hole I fell down 4 years ago and one that I have enjoyably not climbed out of nor do I plan to any time soon. 

My other blog has long lain dormant and because it is attached to a separate email, I currently do not have the desire to revive it. So, I’ve decided to make yet another side blog (Lord help me, that is getting out of control) to keep one obsession separate from the other. 

So, going forward, I will be posting about Marvel at @captain-rogers-beard if any of you are interested.

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on tumblr image posts, since the site doesn't allow for editing the image code to include a description (like alt="picture of a daisy"), do screen readers read it as "image" or do you get a really long annoying image URL (like "assets/hfjgjs, etc.")?

Currently, I just hear “image,” thankfully lol. It didn’t used to be like that though. And if the image is an attachment in the body of a text post I still get a gross url on desktop, but not for pictures that are part of photo posts.

Also, if you are making a photo post with more than one image, you actually can add alt text/descriptions!! I just relearned how to do this a few weeks ago. Again, it only works if there are more than one, but it works.

When you are still editing the post but have selected your pictures and all but just haven’t posted it yet, in what I believe is the bottom left corner of each image, there will be a little button that, when clicked, will allow you to type an image description/alt text. Does not work on mobile though, as far as I know.

One of the thing I noticed about the Justice League trailer is the color, it immediately popped out for me, that there was more color at the trailer now than the JL trailer they first released. 

Below are two examples of the same scene but from different trailers:

Justice League trailer 1

Justice League trailer 2

I’d like to think of trailer 2 as something influenced by a post-Wonder Woman world. I think this was one of the things mentioned during interviews about how Wonder Woman will influence future films. 

It doesn’t have the flat look of some Marvel movies, which that popular youtube mentioned. The black are still blacks but this time the color filters are tuned down to make the other colors stand out too.  

The change in coloring (color grading?) must have been studio mandated, WB seems to be playing things smart* now. They’re slowing down, pulling things together and course correcting when they need to. 

(*and yet still no confirmation about Patty Jenkins??? I’m watching you WB!)

So, I don’t know if that new LoK comic is actually out yet or not- you know, T H A T one- but when it does go on sale I’m planning on buying two or three copies, mostly because I feel really bad having shared a post with the leaked images (albeit it was to call out a homophobic piece of shit, but that doesn’t fully excuse it). And, with the extra copy/copies, I want to hold a giveaway.

Would anyone be interested in that?


I watched the s4 trailer of the flash on YouTube and GOOD LORD these mofos whine abt Iris all the damn time for no good reason like have we watched the same show??? Iris is nowhere near useless or “whiney.” it’s so upsetting how much anger people have towards Iris yet these same people wanna eat Ketlinz ass??? They think Iris can’t be a leader because she’s not a “scientist” like kettle or a genius/techy like Cisco. all they did was show Carly (lookin like spoiled milk) for 5 mins and that’s all the comments were flooded with and then the fake concern for HR 🙄 like did u not see Cisco or Iris??? Do you not care abt the people CLOSEST to Barry (cause not once have I seen Catherine care for Barry like Cisco or Iris hell even cap cold cares more abt Barry than her 💀) You must not really care about plot cause I’m excited as fuck to see how this dynamic without Barry will play out and how his loved ones are dealing (esp Iris ) with him being gone. So Keep your hating racist ass comments to yourself cause we all know if the roles were reversed y'all would be saying “"Caitlin”“ is the annoying one and u wish "she were dead” instead of “your beloved” HR Who u all of a sudden care about 🐸🍵

Also one last thing: just because Iris west may not be “representation” for you doesn’t mean she’s not representation for other people
And I see most of you Iris haters/Caitlin stans worship Barry as if he’s some “smol bean” he’s a grown ass man who most of the time, fucks everything up but in your eyes he “does no wrong uwu”

I’ll start working on a set that I’ll probably post in a few hours and it will contain a HEAVY SPOILER for Secret Forest.

So I’m already warning you, if you haven’t seen ep 13 yet or if you plan on watching the show later. PLEASE do me the favour and block at least one of the following tags. I’m 100% going to use them on that gif set:

  • spoilers
  • secret forest spoilers
  • or just block the show’s tags in general: secret forest, forest of secrets, tvn stranger

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Kati, can you please explain the last tags you reblogged? English is not my first language. I don't understand that post.

Right so there’s a post going around implying that the denial from Louis happened only because Harry’s next single will be Two Ghosts and they (whoever they are, Harry’s team, Louis’ team, Sony, Columbia, Syco…) don’t want to take any chances and have fans and the media make it about Larry. The tags I reblogged questioned this whole theory because neither Harry nor Louis would look quite good here. On the one hand it would suggest that Harry would be okay with Louis ‘offering himself up’ to take yet another hit just so Harry could promote his single without tedious questions about who might have inspired the song and on the other hand it would make Louis appear as some kind of martyr (like the tags also mentioned) who doesn’t care that he’s reduced to the scapegoat yet again. At least that’s what I got from the tags. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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While I was scrolling through the 1M+ posts I haven't read yet on your blog I came up with an AU: SiblingSwap. Basically everyone swaps with their sibling. If they don't have one, they swap with some1 who doesn't that is most like one to them. And since Vylad is(most likely) adopted, he swaps with Aph, so on so forth. Idk if this exsists already. If you want I can make a list of people who swap on my blog but it's up to you. Also, the parents swap too.

first off, I only have 7k posts so hah, second, never go far back on my blog it’s cursed, and third, good AU


here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓

So Guillermo’s trailer for “the shape of water” came out and i havent seen one post yet talk about how the main character is actually mute and communicates using ASL!!!! I mean thats huge. I mean not only is this such a neat spin on the little mermaid being mute but shes a disabled MAIN CHARACTER and the movie isnt some drama about her disability rather its a fantasy love story and her disability is merely a part of her character. This-this is just huge. Like they could have had her using pen and paper the whole film or something but no. She uses ASL. Im just, for a lack of a better phrase, speechless

the more I think about it, the less and less sense it makes for Terra to be one of the Darknesses in KH3 because like

in literally every moment after Xehanort possesses him we see Terra fighting back. in the Graveyard, in Radiant Garden, and now in darkness limbo as 0.2 showed us, ten years later, we always see Xehanort struggling to control him. why?

because he can’t.

at no point can he fully, 100% smother Terra’s influence.

the only time Xehanort and Terra seem to coexist “peacefully” is during the Apprentice-Xehanort arc – during which time their hearts were sealed and memories presumably lost.

and considering this series is constantly stressing how intelligent and farsighted Xehanort is I just can’t imagine he’s actually stupid enough to count Terra among his 13 when he knows full well by now that Terra is a force to be reckoned with. Terra would require far too much focus and effort to maintain a hold of, because a) IT DIDN’T WORK TWELVE YEARS AGO AND IT DIDN’T WORK TWO YEARS AGO SO WHY WOULD ANYTHING HAVE CHANGED, especially when b) we’ve seen that Terra’s only gotten stronger and more confident since BBS?? and c) I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: Terra was impossible to control with Xehanort’s whole heart inside him. attempting to control him with only 1/13th of his heart is just? asking for failure? I mean really?? why don’t you just carry around a ticking time bomb while you’re at it man

So baby pull me closer to the backseat of your Rover ~♡○°

This is Dλke March Chicago’s statement on what happened and I need to break this down, because my rage over this anti-Semitic dumpster fire of an event cannot be contained:

  1. “Sadly, our celebration of dyke, queer, and trans solidarity was partially overshadowed by our decision to ask three individuals carrying Israeli flags superimposed on rainbow flags to leave the rally.” The flags in question were not “Israeli flags super-imposed on rainbow flags.” They were Rainbow flags with Magen David on them. That is not the same. At all. Either these people are incredibly uneducated about basic symbology, and therefore have no business running an event like this, or they knew these were not Israeli flags per se, but felt uncomfortable with public Jewishness. 
  2. This decision was made after they repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Chicago Dyke March Collective members.” Given that the flags were not Israeli flags, this second sentence can only imply that the organisers saw participants who were being openly, visibly Jewish and then immediately took it upon themselves to go up and quiz them about their beliefs on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to make sure that they were “the right kind of Jews,” before determining whether or not they could stay. Because they were not carrying Israeli flags, and were not commenting about the conflict, the only way they could “express repeated support for Zionism during [their] conversations” was if they were confronted about their politics on the grounds of merely being Jewish and asked to pass a loyalty test. Moreover, in the account from Ellie, the Persian Jewish woman whose statement I posted earlier, there was absolutely no discussion where she “proclaimed Zionist leanings.” In fact, she maintained that she was not in the least attempting to make a statement on Israel and was only there as a proud Queer Jew of Colour—yet they ejected her anyway because her Jewishness was “triggering.”
  3. We have since learned that at least one of these individuals is a regional director for A Wider Bridge, an organization with connections to the Israeli state.” So, again, they were totally unaware of her affiliation at the time of questioning. There was no indication that she worked with this organisation at the time. They are openly admitting this. They didn’t know this particular woman’s politics until they saw her Magen David and grilled her on her beliefs.
  4. “A Wider Bridge has been protested for provocative actions at other LGBTQ events and has been condemned by numerous organizations.” The labelling of this incident as a “provocation” is staggeringly insidious, as Jews have been accused of being evil provocateurs with ulterior motives for literally centuries. The implication is that Jews are evil puppet masters attempting to infiltrate and derail gentile communities, and the accusation has frequently been weaponised to either incite or excuse anti-Jewish violence. This has been true throughout the world over, from Germany to Iraq to Ethiopia, and now Chicago. It is a coded message branding Jews as perfidious and untrustworthy. “You can’t believe anything they say about what happened because they are known liars who will deceive you for their own gain in every way possible. Do not trust any Jew who has not submitted to you and proven themselves beyond any reasonable doubt.” 
  5. “The Chicago Dyke March Collective is explicitly not anti-Semitic.” Did you read your own statement, or…?
  6. “The Chicago Dyke March Collective supports the liberation of Palestine and all oppressed peoples everywhere.” *Except the Jews.

@fangirlart5  I think that’s too many things for just one post, haha, so I chose favorite official arts (since I think I already have a draft about moments somewhere). 

I probably would have included some of the newest ones as well, but we only have photos for now so I can’t yet (^^ゞ.

But well, these are some of my top favorites, I hope you enjoy them! (*^∀゚)