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im startin to get Depressed™ bc i’ve been so lonely my entire life n i just want a cute gf to have movie nights with, just once (1ce) in my life but apparently that’s too much to ask when u’re a lesbian in this society

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I'll pay you 4.20$ if you write that brooding dude vs asexual girl thing. It is awesome and to deny the world of this greatness would be blasphemy.

Actually, that post WAS based on two characters I already have.

It’s actually plot relevant too, his ex boyfriend.

This is also the story where there’s three gay couples:

-troubled research experiment and his former boyfriend who betrayed him in the past and works for a different, non-government extralegal organization.

-admiral and colonel who have to keep their relationship secret not because they’re military or even gay, but because it’s illegal for humans and non humans to “associate” (arguably, though, the law mostly applies to heterosexuals, because they might create offspring…you don’t have that problem with gays).

-two headbutting friends who were raised together by the same woman, they’re a minor couple though, they’re support cast, it’ll take A LOT for them to admit their feelings for one another.

But there’s a more relevant lesbian couple than them.

Scientist and her glamorous, flamboyant former assassin girlfriend.

But anyway.


That story is really…

It’s the one I don’t plan on writing immediately because the universe is really dense?

Like that’s my greatest story, I think.

So sorry.

But I dunno, my last series definitely had a few hetero bait and switches.

Main character isn’t straight, second main character isn’t straight, pansexual antagonist, trans female chaotic neutral…

Come on, get on board with the animentality lgbtrain.

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I'm really sorry to hear that. I think taking a break would be best. Take things at your own pace for a while. Losing a loved one can really weigh on a person. Take it easy, do everything you need to do and come back when you're ready. Best of luck.

Thank you. Yeah, I’ll probably take what seems like a delayed break. I actually have a few fics already edited and stuff, which I’ll post over time, so most readers probably won’t notice anything until a week or two later when I don’t have anything else to post. Basically, I’m just doing things day by day. 

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What if Shiny Chariot is a reincarnation of Izetta? What if that means that whenever there's a new Shiny Chariot, Izetta's soul moves from the old one to the new one? What if Diana is a reincarnation of Finé? Does that mean that Diana and Akko really are soul mates?


But I hc that like… Ursula is Izetta after the war, after she recovered and got her powers back. Since Izetta claimed she used the last bit of magic in the world to defeat Sophie, people think magic doesn’t exist anymore. But Shiny Chariot comes along to show it is still very much alive, and then witches are practicing magic left and right! Once she’s brought magic back to life, Izetta/Chariot goes back into hiding as a professor. I’m 100% convinced that Ursula has a certain blonde wife back at home c:

sorry i keep deleting mea posts djdkd i just have so much anxiety over posting abt it. anyway i know that i basically already do this, but i wanted to reiterate after a lot of homophobia ive seen lately both in fandom and irl that ur safe here, and that my top priority will always be making lgbt folk feel welcome and loved bc that’s so hard to find and i understand that sometimes it just needs to be said out loud. sometimes you just need that reassurance and i guess i wanted to provide it here even if it’s something as silly as a blog idk sorry if this is weird for me to post.


hey guys, so as some of you may have already noticed I haven’t posted much (at all, I’d actually say) lately, I’ve been on hiatus since mid january I think? but I never came around making a proper post as to why, until today.
I’m currently on my last year of high school, I’m graduating this june (and yes, I’m 16, I was lucky enough to skip one year back in primary school so yeah I’m graduating early), I can say this has been the complete worst, most depressing, tiring and saddening school year I’ve ever had; I’ve been extremely depressed and stressed and I just want to get everything over with; I’ll try to post sporadically (been trying actually, but I don’t have time to do anything lately) but I think the hiatus will last ‘til I graduate. 3 months seem like an eternity.
No, I’ve not forgotten every person I owe a pjoawards2k16 prize, I apologize deeply and I’m sorry none of you have gotten an answer as to why I haven’t posted them, I really do wish you guys forgive me and sorry for failing to do them (and if you guys still want the prizes by the time I’m back I’ll be happy to do them and compensate you all for the extreme delay).
I’ll be back guys! I really do miss this, from the memes to the pretty pictures I get to see every day on my dash, and specially with the following book in the trials of apollo coming soon I’ll be happy to share more things with you all.
I’ll take a year off before going to college, so I’ll be spending a lot of time here as soon as summer begins, and if things go right I’ll travel to the USA (and hopefully see the tlt musical!!! O Boi).
But yeah, I think the text above covers most things that have been going on, I do have to say that when I come back I’ll post a lot of overwatch as well, aka the latest obsession of mine (started playing like 2 days before christmas and I’m proud to say I’m already halfway to my second prestige).
Hope you guys understand, I’m itching to be back!

I was browsing the nintendo store and was kind of saddened to see that they are dividing their gift ideas by gender.

So out of curiosity I decided to see what they were marketing to me, as a woman. Is it just going to be cutesy games like nintendogs or something?

The signs are not good. Is this going to be a ‘men play consoles women play handhelds’ stereotype or something? Lets scroll down…

Huh. Well Pokemon is the next big handheld release. So lets see what they’re marketing to men?

…the same thing…? 

literally the exact same thing.

They posted the same page twice, and just changed the pronouns in the captions.

Nintendo doesn’t care what gender you are.

They just really, really want you to buy Pokemon.

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3

support nonverbal autistic people 💞

support hyperverbal autistic people 💞

support autistic people who can talk “"normally”“ 💞

support autistic people who can technically speak but have a lot of trouble with wording 💞

support selectively nonverbal autistic people 💞

support autistic people who are nonverbal sometimes 💞

support autistic people 💞💞


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

- Today on: things Kirishima Eijirou pulls off