have i mentioned that im bored

when you wake up remembering that you’re supposed to remember something but you don’t remember what it is that you’re supposed to remember


do you love ryan ross? do you want to make his day a little brighter? this is the perfect project for you! the ryan ross letters project is a collection of letters from fans, that will be delivered to ryan in june. i know what you’re thinking: how so? i have talked with daniel (glitterworldinc) and will be giving them to him when i go to la this june. (link to screenshots, for proof)

RULES AND GUIDELINES (boring i know but they have to exist)
- PLEASE do not mention ryden
- no mentions of panic (if you say something like “i’ve supported you since 2005” or smth that’s fine but just nothing like “YOU WERE MY FAVORITE IN PANIC I MISS THE PANIC DAYS” please!)
- if you don’t know if you should include something, just ask me!
- since these letters are going directly to ryan, im going to look over everything individually. so please, don’t try to sneak any of these things in.

you can send your letters to my ask box, or message me if it’s too long!
you can also find me at..
my twitter: manilalatte
instagram: givemeyourattention

the deadline is june 15, because im leaving the 22nd and will not have access to a printer anytime after that. some submissions between the 15-20 may be accepted, but i would really love for everything to be packaged up and ready by the 15th! thank you for reading, and i hope i get a letter from you soon!

-heather <3


“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”

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Spread Friendship And Love 🌸 Give a shout out to 5 of your irl friend or mutuals and say why you love them! Send this to 10 other people once your done 🌼

this is so cute!! okay!!

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Smells Like Sex

Summary: Being old friends with fuckboy!JB isn’t what you expected, but JB wants to change that. I suck at summaries.

A/N: Pretty short something from my old writing blog. I can’t believe I couldn’t think of the word shrug to the point that I had to use an emoji, but I kept it in anyways because I want you guys to know my struggle and it’s hilarious. Enjoy!! - Admin Kiwi 

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since ive been complaining about shit already tonight i might aswell just mention random crap that i’ve been thinking about, but ill spare your dash, feel free to read me rambling about absolutely random shit if you want

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Me in a relationship is a recipe for inevitable disaster. Not because of the other person, but because of me. I’m too extreme, too all over the place, and get bored of people quickly if they aren’t multidimensional and supremely fascinating. (which lets face it - scarce people are) Not to mention, im unromantic as fuck. Idk how relationships are even supposed to work. All the ones i’ve been in have been pretty fucked up. Lone wolf it is…. i guess. As long as i have my art and my passions . Thats all i need and thats mainly what i live for

people don’t dislike andrew because he gets in the way of shipping they dislike him because you could literally remove him out of the show entirely and everything would still be the same

as he is know he’s just there to be a forced het love interest for a show that doesn’t even need a love interest to begin with. 

not to mentioned he’s extremely boring i could name at least 5 different characters who have the exact same character as him.

im not gonna stop you for liking him but don’t shit on people who don’t

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didn't we deal enough with nora's shi*** relationship in her own season now there still keeping it going in S-A-N-A-'S season like i understand willHelm was her love but got this is SANA's season not the noora and willhelm season. i get she's still upset but it's annoying how much screen time she's getting. i don't even like noora currently. her season was really boring and cliche to sorry if you don't agree it's just my opinion 🙈

oh boo im done with william. Even if I never hated him like a lot of people I want no more mentions of that boy in the season. I don’t really want any more of Noora unless it relates directly to her relationship with Sana, ya know? But the Noora/Sana relationship is important to Sana and I think, how Sana views her place in the world. 

You have Noora- who is the poster child for Norway with blonde hair and blue eyes and yada yada. I think her relationship with noora kind of goes hand and hand with how Sana thinks she can fit into Norwegian culture. They are the products of two ‘different’ (i say that loosely) worlds and their relationship IS important.

And no worries! I welcome all opinions so long as they are respectful <3 if we all agreed- how boring would it be? 

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What is your hair care routine? What are your favourite products? I saw you mentioned Castor Oil - what exactly do you do with it? And favourite hairstyles? Sorry for all the questions :))

no worries, im bored and trying not to think abt having someone cut my jaw open tomorrow lol so questions are good

I have my hair dyed once every 6 weeks (cos my own colour is fairly close to the dyed colour so I don’t have to get it done too often), and whenever I have it dyed I also have it (professionally) conditioned (if you dye your hair, be sure to do this! Also do get a toner put in it…some people skip that and that is nuts to me, if you just bleach it your hair will be a mess - you need to bleach it lighter and then dye it a bit darker with toner!). 

And so because my hair is dyed I only wash it once a week (on sunday lol) with joico shampoo and conditioner – and on that day I first put castor oil in it for a few hours, and then I put a hydrating mask for a few hours from joico. The castor oil really helps keep it shiny and it has a lot of fats in it that make your scalp very healthy and so your hair grows more quickly (seriously…it works…). Also, if you want to keep your hair healthy take a vitamin. I take sugar bear hair vitamins :3 two a day! 

Then after I wash it, I put joico heat protectant spray while it is wet and I let it air dry. After it is dry, I then use Moroccan oil on it and that is about it! It dries kind of wavy which is actually v pretty but I always straighten it cos I like it a little more smooth/sleek. I only straighten it once a week tho cos I like it with a little wave and if I straighten it on sunday or monday, the natural wave comes back into it the next day and it looks really perfect, like I blew it dry! haha 

Idk if I really have favourite hairstyles cos it so depends on the person. A hairstyle could look amazing on one person and horrible on another. For me, I like just plain long hair with a little wave in it. Kind of like a 70′s look. My hair is like about mid back length but I’d like it a little closer to my waist (I had to cut it up a little shorter than I like cos I had a bad dye job (which cost 600$!!!) and it broke some of the pieces…but now it is back to normal, thank god!!!). I don’t really wear my hair up a lot, but if I do, I like a high pony tail or bun or a french twist. Often I’ll also clip up the sides really high cos it shows off my ears and my ears are v cute or so i have been told lol. 


remember how i kept mentioning that oc thats gonna be in Forces??? :)))

this Davorin i love him dearly. hes a vampire. be gentle with him. i have many other ocs as well but he fave

like i said i cant draw so i go to character creators (this one is called Dreamselfy its very good except. no body options) and my sister has almost all the sims and gave me her origin password s o >:)

i also made him in Dragon Age Inquisition (i had to make him a female elf tho bc Cullen and im complete elf trash fight me 1v1) but i lost those photos bc they were on my old laptop but he looked g ood. i remade him on ps4 and my new laptop but i dont wanna boot it up. anyways i love Dragon Age 

i do wanna start rping him one day and when Forces comes out i can use the character i make of him as a ref so he can be in the Sonic world. thank u sega

send me exodus asks!
  • call me baby: what's your favorite song on the album?
  • transformer: who do you want to make a solo debut first?
  • what if...: send me what if scenarios!
  • my answer: 3 things you love about [insert member]
  • exodus: what was your favorite pathcode teaser?
  • el dorado: you found a map to the legendary city el dorado! which member would you bring with you?
  • playboy: name a member who's constantly wrecking your bias list
  • hurt: what's one time where you felt personally victimized by exo?
  • lady luck: chanyeol and tao are MOANING into your EARS. what is your response?
  • beautiful: post a selfie bc ur beautiful ;)
  • first love: who was your first bias? are they still your bias?
  • promise: write a letter to your bias/exo as a whole

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Hey when you get this ask list five things that make you happy then send this to the last 10 blogs that reblogged from you!

I may have already done this but lets do it again.

1. okay so im going to mention this again (i already did it on my other one) but tHE SCENE BETWEEN ALTÏR AND MALIK MMMM GOOD SHIT 


3. playing the piano/learning the theory work. currently, in class, we’re doing the concerto through time and im really enjoying it? even though people say its boring, i really like it.

4. turn season four w/ confirmed tallster

5. @notmuchartart <3 <3

(6. my history blog bc im learning a lot)

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Maybe you could do young Hanzo being drunk af with his s/o? Thank you! Love your blog! <3

Drunk! Young! Hanzo

  • Hanzo isn’t the Type for large partys, the only Partys he won’t refuse to attent are those who consist of his S/O and his Brother Genji. With them he lets loose. Drinking , laughing and telling Stories is what those evenings are about. Thought some are better at handeling Alcohol than Others, his S/O and Genji are more used to drinking and Hanzo on the other Hand never actually drinks a lot,but when he does it’s always fun for his S/O and Genji.
  • As the Night goes on and the Alcohol Level rises Hanzo will get touchy. First sliding his Hand innocently to his S/Os Waist, then slowly making its way down their Back and continuing to lower his Hand slowly.
  • Likes to dress up his S/O in his Clothes,specifically those he is currently wearing. With each layer his s/o gains he’ll lose one. With a smile he’ll undress himself of his Kimono and dresses his S/O in it. Meanwhile Genji facepalms and suggests jokingly to do their Hair like Hanzo. Agrreingly Hanzo nodds and gasps loudly at his own Idea “The Dragon Tattoo!” he giggels, looking for a Marker, then drawing outlines of a Dragon on their Arm.
  • Before he reaches his Alcohol Boundary Hanzo will have turned to the complete Opposite he usually acts like, constantly smiling, flirting, laughting and being more and more touchy and cheeky.
  • When his S/O or Genji remarks that he’s been the whole Evening/Night without something to cover his Chest with, he’ll awnser that he won’t be needing it tonight anyway all while failing to wink at his S/O, wich will be,together with Genji, their Asses off, nodding unimpressed “sure”
  • If it happens that Hanzo got drunk on a greater scaled Party he’ll keep enough  self control to not get too out of Character but it will be enough to lighten his mood. Making flirty and cheeky  requests to his S/O. “Mind If we get to a quieter Room, Love (Or Babe when he’s a little too over himself) “Or we could leave anytime you want, you look bored” (In Reality he’s the one bored out of his Mind)
  • Will flirt a lot “ Did I ever mention how beautiful/handsome you are? Not one in this World could compare to you” “I’m so gratefull to have found the Love of my Life im my Youth” and when he gets impatient he’ll start to make his Advances a little more obvious “There are a lot more Things we could do that are far more enjoyable than this”
  • When Hanzo and his S/O are finally alone he’ll drag them to his Room, kissing them hard and wanting. Impatiently covering them both in hazy kisses on their Necks and Shoulders. Finally having reached their Room his S/O will pin him down on his Bed, trailing with their Finges over his Muscles, giving him Butterfly Kisses that usually make him flustered and tremble, confused by the lack of the awaited Response they’ll look up to their now sleeping Lover.Softly smiling they lay beside him and cover them both in a Blanket.
  • Is the kind of Person who won’t admit that he passed out or vomitted. “I’ve never done such Thing!”

You guys have to Thank the lovely @femalewookie   for helping me with the Ideas and Motivating me to write Headcanons. She’s amazing please check her out! She too writes awesome Headcanons (Especially for Hanzo and Genji.I know how thirsty ya’ll are,so there have an amazing Writer(and Artist)to visit and Love)

On the topic of SU pre-series history

Just something small i´ve been thinking about since i miss show so much. Contains lots of pictures as reference material- evidence is critical when you´re proving some point. Kinda long :D

Ever since we first learned about Crystal Gems being aliens (which is, from episode 1 XD ), there´s always been a concern regarding pre-series history. From 78 episodes which already aired, we learned some informations about this topic, but I feel that every single time we learn something new, it just raises more questions.

We have gems.

 An intergalactic species of super conquerors invading other planets and sucking their rescources to create even more gems, leaving colonized planets absolutely wasted - 

We have Clusters.

A monsterous during-and-after war horrific experiments with shattered gems.

We have gem caste system.

Even through there were various hints inside show-including Ronaldo´s theory:

(“They’re here to hollow out the Earth! It’s part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form, you can read all about it…ON MY BLOG!!”)

But we “officially” got some comfirmation During Episode Back to the Barn:

( “ A peridot with a pearl, what would they say back home?”)

And in next episode, Too Far:

(”You outrank everyone on your team, they should be listening to you! You’re a strong, singular, fully-functional soldier, despite the fact you’re defective.”)

then few episodes later during The Answer and Message Recieved…

(” Among those Gems was Sapphire, a rare aristocratic Homeworld Gem, with the power to see into the future. Assigned to her were three Rubies, common soldiers, with a mission to protect her.”)

(Peridot: My diamond! Peridot, reporting in.

Yellow Diamond: Which peridot?

Peridot: F- Facet-2-F-5-L, Cut-5-X-G.

Yellow Diamond: I’m not interested in the puny thoughts of a Peridot.)

And Homeworld is show that they openly uses literal slaves and even worse, since Pearls are only considered as things or more correctly “accesories”.

And, of course, there was Gem War.

A war lasting 1000 years.

-small intermission- 

The idea of War being present in cartoons is not Steven Universe-only of course. There is Adventure Time for example. (the very show that Rebecca Sugar worked in before she left working on SU).

Whats more, we got this much info about SU backstory in only 1 and half season. There will be at least one more season.

Im just wondering how @stevencrewniverse​ will do it.  There are still many questions left.

Like how can Crystal gems succeed against Cluster?How could possibly something like gem experiments be unnoticed by Rebellion?

(” This is where they’ve been. All the ones we couldn’t find. They’ve been here the whole time! 

Rose couldn’t have known. 

This is punishment for the rebellion!

It’s not our fault!”)

Will we see more of Pearl and Rose´s history?

How did first first conflict even started, what triggered it that Rose and Pearl decided to rebel.

Will we get more info from gems who were participating in war, such as Lapis and Jasper?

(” Did you even wonder who I used to be?!”)

(” I was there, you know. At the first war for this garbage planet. I fought against your armies. I respected your tactics.”)

Jasper would be probably better source, as Lapis spent war being trapped in mirror, but Lapis is more likely to share actual info…that is, if the conflict between her and Crystal Gems is resolved.

or maybe

we might get

an entirely new gem?!

We can expect big things coming.

But I guess, in the end, it all depends on future…

(” No one can see the future. I can see options and trajectories. Time is like a river that splits into creeks or pools into lakes or careens down waterfalls. I have the map, and I steer the ship.”)

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Humus and carnist 🐝✨

Humus - What are your favorite vegan snacks?
Ben n jerrys chunky monkey ice cream w a banana, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce is a huge weakness of mine (even just the bananas,
Pb, and choc sauce..), fries fries fries FRIES, avocado toast, warmed pita with butter and seasonings(particularly w garlic salt) or hummus, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered coconut, Pringles (they currently have a chicken taco and Jamaican jerk flavors that are vegan that I LOVE), choc chip cookies (especially with frosting!!), cupcakes 😍😍😍

Carnist - What made you go vegan?
omg Ok so my story is really long and boring and Im sorry lol.
(Tw for abuse, drug mention) so my mom was a vegetarian until I was like 16, and so vegetarianism was pretty normal to me growing up and for a few years (like maybe 13-15) I was vegetarian and was on the peta website trying to learn things about different animal rights issues. I’m not exactly sure what specifically at that point had gotten through to me. But when I was 13 I went through some pretty violent trauma and so I empathized very strongly whenever I watched videos of what animals had to go through for things like meat or fur. And I did try to be vegan for a few months, but I had few resources in terms of anyone showing me how, and I still hadn’t made the full connection of how violent and immoral all exploitation is, I didn’t know dairy and eggs are just as violent as the meat industry and are also integral to the meat industry. so although I was fighting with rednecks in class over hunting and meat and fur, and trying to make as many essays or projects about animal rights, there was SO much I didn’t know. And then I hit a really rough patch in my life when I was 16, I was doing a lot of drugs, became homeless, and I guess it all slipped away from me because I had yet to fully “make the connection” even though I already knew it was wrong. I was also surrounded by a lot of shitty people at the time who hounded me for being vegetarian and eventually tricked me into eating a meat pizza while I was blackout high. After that I just gave up on vegetarianism and went back to eating meat until I was about 20(so like 4-5 years ago). I had about a year of clearing my head of the really heavy drug use, got away from all those crappy people, and I happened to see the clip from Apocylpse Now where they slaughter a real bull. And then it all came rushing back to me. and as an adult, I was more mentally equipped to do thorough research myself. I first stopped eating meat that night I saw that video, then not long after that I learned how terrible dairy is. then I went plant based and called myself a vegan, however it took like 6 more months before I started to fully grasp the concept of speciesism and realized that as humans we are always unlearning our speciesism and human supremacy. I realized things like breeding and horse riding (something I grew up doing) were also Very wrong, etc etc. And now here I am today :) and I will NEVER AGAIN make the mistakes I made then. I still have a drug problem now, but I’ve also now “made the connection” so no amount of being black out fubarred or being tricked/shamed into eating animals will change me

-mod sky 🐺💖



i like cheese dips and popcorn and potato chips of any kind honestly. and veggie sticks and yeah french fries. one of my fav ‘snacks’ lately has just been entire cans of garbanzo beans?


i dont have a good story or anything i think one day the ~pushy~ aggressive vegans of tumblr just finally got through to me and i watched earthlings and went vegan that night

-mod dog

Track # 11 on Mafu’s album is Sora wo Kakeorite (空を駆け下リて) which is like “Running Over The Sky” and even the title itself is giving me Soramafu vibes already because it’s the “love song” that Mafu has mentioned before that he’s writing. He mentioned how difficult it is for him to write love song lyrics. He described it as a “school romance” and specifically requested the graphics to be a cute girl with black hair who seems to like reading. 

You know what else had a girl who seemed to like reading and has black hair?


edit: You know what else kind off ran over the sky?

i hate wedding shows just for the women who are like “im not a BORING bride…like i’m not like ‘wear a boring white dress and have a boring white wedding with boring white decor’…like i REALLY like…harry potter…and i’m gonna have live rats for my party favors…did i mention im quirky…for our vows we aren’t going TRADITIONAL…instead we are going to spit in each others mouths as a sign of our love…our entertainment is a flashmob by some random college kids…my dress is a mid-2000′s halloween costume of morticia addams…my wedding will be held in the gorilla pen at the local zoo…. My friends know that i sometimes squat down and shit on the floor because y’know…im just so random and quriky”

and then they complain about everyone else’s wedding the whole time like “two out of ten…a little tooooo traditional for my sake…could’ve used more screaming”

akaaaaay so I’m vv sick and bored, so I wanna do some hcs. I have no idea how to open the ask box tbh so maybe comment? Idk man

edit: oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i can only do part 1-4 cos im not caught up yet.. ;-;

- Slug