have i mentioned that im bored

  • what she says: im fine :-)
  • what she means: how dARE they put johnny depp as gellert grindelwald. how FUCKINGN DARE TJEM. he's a lying abusive dick who beat his wife multiple times and then scared her to death and discredited her for trying to speak out??? HE SHOULDN'T HAVE A FRICCKING CAREER ANYMORE??? WTF?? -not to mention that he's not even that good, like i dont even like him as an actor anymore but that's just my opinion whatever- BUT SHIT SERIOUSLY??? like grindeldore is my otp. i love grindelwald as a character- i see him as reckless and utilitarian but not purely evil, I think he's such an intense and interesting character and not at all the usual villain- i think the new movies were SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO MAKE HIM LOOK AND FEEL intense and interesting BUT theY ended up choOSING THAT GANGSTER-LIKE PIECE OF CRAP????? WHY?? i feel personally hurt. jo fucking rowling i don't trust you anymore. istg this is the last time you fuck with me. yall david yates and whoever tf idk don't know shit about harry potter. i dont even want to see these movies what am i doing why am i wasting my money

I don’t think I have ever mentioned this on here but I have Crohn’s disease and I am always in and out of the hospital for my treatments and I get sick really easily because of my immune system and honestly the only reason I found out about dan and phil was many years ago I was bored at a hospital and stumbled upon them on my old shitty laptop

Since then I have obviously become literally dan and phil trash #1 and got to go to tatinof and meet them and idk I am just feeling so in my feels right now I am seriously so grateful for them it literally hurts my heart they deserve the world

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but im arab and have none of those traits nir am i from the aryan race?? I just think it would suck if in the future everyone had brown eyes and black hair thats boring and kinda depressing

fine, internalized racism, then, but it doesn’t excuse you from sending it to me, a mixed person, on a blog that plenty of other people of color read. none of the things you mentioned “losing” are exclusively white traits and are in literally exactly 0.0% danger of dying out, and it makes it sound like people of color breeding with white people are like somehow dirtying the gene pool and corrupting their precious recessive traits

Get To Know Me Tag

// Hey there guys, I was tagged by @ask-artist-jin, not trying to kiss any butts here but she is the reason I decided to make this ask blog. U w U  Her art is extremely cute and unique~ Also it’s amazing that she mentioned me, I haven’t been having a good day so that really cheered me up!!

So anyway, warning, I’m a bit boring XD No surprise there~ Lolol -Kit

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story time!

So I’m really bored and I don’t know why I feel the need to share this but it just randomly came to me… cutest thing I’ve ever done for someone:

So one time (long long long ago) I was talking to this guy and we were talking about his favorite snacks or whatever and he happened to mention it being fortune cookies. So being young and naive at the time, I thought OMG! I have a cute idea. So i spent like two weeks putting together this cute box of fortune cookies, got this takeout box and tissue paper, even removed all the “fortunes” and put in new ones blah blah blah. Fast forward to the date and I THOUGHT we were having a good time whatever. So I was like hey I got a present for you.. and so I gave him the box and he opened up the first cookie and it said “would you go on a second date with me?” …. Needless to say, I never got a second date and he was so weirded out by the whole thing he stopped talking to me and ghosted. 

Moral of the story is: Guys are assholes lol and don’t waste your time doing cute shit that people won’t appreciate. Maybe that was too much for a first date, but hey! I was young and I thought it was cute. 

Track # 11 on Mafu’s album is Sora wo Kakeorite (空を駆け下リて) which is like “Running Over The Sky” and even the title itself is giving me Soramafu vibes already because it’s the “love song” that Mafu has mentioned before that he’s writing. He mentioned how difficult it is for him to write love song lyrics. He described it as a “school romance” and specifically requested the graphics to be a cute girl with black hair who seems to like reading. 

You know what else had a girl who seemed to like reading and has black hair?


edit: You know what else kind off ran over the sky?

Hey everyone! Sorry for the super long hiatus ((”NO ONE NOTICED” yells the masses “ITS TRUE BUT LET ME PRETEND” i say)) My schedule got way crazy with wedding junk and life junk and I am a shambled mess. A disorganized chickpea. But good things! We finally figured out a lot of boring shit about our dumb wedding and picked the nerdiest day of all to do it!


But tragically I dropped a lot of tumblr stuff and im like i feel like i am slightly overwhelmed and missing things and that i need to art???? 

Also please remind me if i need to get you something or draw at you because as mentioned before I am super spacey and all over the place! hahahahah! disastrous. However I have a lot of super fun things planned and I miss drawing stupid fun shit for you all <33333 Also everyones cosplays and art and super nice things you say and likes???? just you guys are the best best, I’m rambling I’m supposed to be running out the door right now but instead I’m still typing? why??? also if you’re like omg shuttup just art only no one cares about ur life, blacklist “parksnarks” ALSO the recent drama with the 1OO??????? 


we will discuss but i have to go? 

The signs according to every post on tumblr:
  • Aries: *is like 5ft tall* FITE ME RN BITCh
  • Taurus: *someone somewhere on the other side of the world mentions food* did someone just say food
  • Gemini: 2 faces. can't be trusted. sneaky ass bitches.
  • Cancer: *goes outside* *violently starts crying for no reason*
  • Leo: hahaha, I know I'm better than you hun (; *sassy hair flip* kourtney, mind grabbing my uggs for me?
  • Virgo: *takes out Febreeze spray gun* *violently starts shooting it at anything anyone touches*
  • Libra: "haha and then what ;)"
  • Scorpio: emo. probably listens to fall out boy. dark soul. will probably murder you.
  • Sagittarius: adveNTUROS1!!1!! NEVER SAd dO THEY EVEN HAVE EMOTIONs??2??2!
  • Capricorn: boring asf.
  • Aquarius: 12 year old going through their "iM A REbEl!1!" phase. never cried while reading tfios. aliens.
  • Pisces: one fish two fish red fish blue fish. probably cries enough to fill up an entire ocean (which they swim in:))

guys i really need to share something with you, i have a big dream, which probably i wish to become true soon, so when im done with the high school in 3 years, i really really want to move out from hungary to england (maybe london or brighton), or im not sure yet, and i really want to go to a collage or university , or maybe if i can’t make it atleast work there. i was thinking about Oxford or Cambridge, but I’m not sure i can make it. anyway, i really wanted to tell you this because it’s a really important part of my life. :-) I hope one day i can say i make it, because I really want to achieve it, and I think I’m gonna one day.