have i mentioned that i ship this

Taken from the Reader Letters in Star Wars #24 (Marvel, 1979). 

As I mentioned, we bought a bunch of really old Star Wars comics last weekend. My husband was just reading this issue and he started gleefully reading this letter and response to me.

This feels, uh, kinda like something tumblr might appreciate in these pre-Episode 8 and 9 Times. 😉

“Do Jughead and Betty even have anything in common?”

You mean, aside from the sleuthing?

Literally the reason they got closer and fell in love in the first place was because they were both writing for the Blue and Gold. They’re both writers, that’s what they have in common. Jughead mentions Betty reading his manuscript and critiquing it, so supposedly they do spend some time offscreen bonding over their passion for writing. You don’t have to ship them to notice that stuff. I don’t ship Archie and Veronica but that doesn’t mean I didn’t notice that the show purposely made them both singers.

It’s painfully clear to me that this show gave a lot of thought into establishing its ships. While it’s important to show couples supporting each other through difficult times (As Betty/Jughead and Archie/Veronica have both done), the show also establishes that these pairings also share common interests, to make it more believable that they would click well together. For Bughead, it’s writing (Jughead seems to lean toward non-fiction, and Betty journalism). For Archieronnie, it’s music/performance arts (with a dash of songwriting on Archie’s part and dancing on Veronica’s part).

Do I think the show could have done a better job showing this more clearly? Absolutely. But does that mean it’s not there? No.

Fandom button maker!

Okay so! Life has sorted itself out again and my last ever undergrad (gasp!) exam is over so it’s time to get serious about this button thing - which you can totally blame on @harry-dearhart and @getinthefuckingjaeger.

As you may know, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, this fandom has a distinct lack of affordable merch. I mean, we just don’t. Unless it’s the product of some very dedicated fan the legit creators have given us very little. To that end I have come across a button press in Argos with inserts that we could buy as a fandom and ship out for the price of a stamp. 

So, the button maker is £100 for the machine and 500 2.5″ button inserts. 

If we got 10 people to donate then the machine would cost us £10 each. If we got 20 people to donate then the machine would cost us £5 each (see the pattern yet?). 

We’re a fairly large fandom, so I have no doubt that we could even get 100 people to donate £1 each and everyone would be happy! Heck, this button post got 412 notes! The more people who donate, the cheaper it will be for everyone.

As for the art I’ll only accept donations of work from the actual artist, or author if it’s a memorable quote, and I’ll thank you not to offer someone else’s content without their knowledge or consent!

The buttons would be free for anyone who wants one (because we can’t have nice things in this fandom), sent out for only the cost of a stamp for postage, so thats 30p if you live in the UK, and 90p if you live in the US, the most expensive would be Australia at £1.15.

So please DM me if you’d like to donate so I can jot down your name, and that goes for anyone else who has already said, sorry guys but my inbox if a bit muddled right now so I’d like to start from scratch. If you can’t donate then please boost this in the hopes of reaching those who can! 

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Damiiz, if you're reading this, happy 1 year anniversary of your blog! You're the best blog to have a ship comic that is beautiful and heartwarming. Not to mention your art is excellent and I love every single one of it. I can't believe I followed your blog but I love every art you posted and I never regret it. Hope you have a good day! :D

T///T that’s so sweet, thank you so much derpgreen! Time runs so fast I didn’t even notice it’s been 1 year already, I’m glad I’m here and glad I have you guys with me ♥ Have a good day too!

Follower Give Away!!!!

Hello all! I have recently been able to get some extra spending money and decided that I would like to do a give-away for my followers. I have acquired 7 fidget spinners that will be free to go to a new home.

The Rules of this give away will be that each like and reblog are considered an entry each. Each blog is allowed two entries. I would prefer the people reblogging to be my followers.

The give away entry time will be completed Monday, May 29th, 2017. I will make a post mentioning the winners at midnight, just as the day turns to the 30th.

Each person will have to message me and I will send pictures of the spinners that are available for each winner to choose from.

You will have to be willing to give me an address and a name to send the package to. I will ship out of the US because the weight of the packages will not be too much to require a large shipping fee.

Good luck to everyone!

  • I have never seen an episode of Holby City in my life. I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned on Australian TV. But naturally, after my occasional foray into the Jemma Redgrave tag and because I follow pretty smart people I became aware of the 'Berena' ship. It looked like the sort of ship I'd get completely invested in if I decided to start watching a new show (I really don't have the time to be invested in more ships). But the fandom seemed clever and the gifs I saw looked great and it looked like a wonderful ship. I continued to follow the JRed tag and I was delighted that she'd be appearing at MCM London while I was over there. And when I heard Catherine Russell was announced too I was excited for those who were over the moon. How perfect!! Today the lines for photos with the two were a logistical disaster, but while I stood waiting for my solo with Jemma I couldn't help wishing I was part of that fandom. There were so many people in the line, I was amazed! While I stood watching Jemma and Catherine just chatting as we waited for photographers, I understood this friendship that has garnered this huge following. They were delightful and I'm afraid I'm probably going to have to watch some Holby City now...

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1, 2, 6, 14

Because you didn’t mention a specific fandom, im just gonna use GOT because that’s my main

  • What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?: J*nsa. Like, crack ships are always gonna exist. Sansa is this fandoms bicycle, you can find a fic with her and just about everyone….but just the sheer size of support for J*nsa…sibling cousins who have NEVER interacted in the books. Who had maybe 3 scenes together in the last season which were interpreted by some as romantic?? Like…sansan I get. Tyrion and sansa I get. Theres at least SOMETHING for fandom to take and run with. But jon and sansa? I don’t get it. Not at all.
  • Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?: Probably Arya Gendry.
  • Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?: I don’t think so.
  • Unpopular opinion about your fandom?: 95% of the fandom hates Petyr Baelish and I resent it lmao. So its like…my own unpopular opinion makes me at odds with them which is an unpopular opinion. Yeah?
External image
So, I was rambling a little bit...

Klavier Gavin directly mentioned Herr Forehead in his song Guilty Love

And we all know how fangirls are. I’m sure the Gavinners fangirls have a hundred thousand theories about who Herr Forehead might be.
Gods, surely they even created blogs and YouTube channels to theorize about it. And eventually they will have to came across the lawyer that Klavier faces the most in court. Please, they could even go watch one of their trials, we’re talking about fangirls.

And some of them will surely start shipping Klapollo. They could even request a song about the prosecutor falling for the defense attorney

(I would make that my ringtone)

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No Journey's End has chapters from the POV of Tonks, and I was curious as to what role she will play in NJE. Canonically Tonks ends up with Remus ( I think you mentioned somewhere that Remadora was your favorite canon ship) and her love for him is a defining aspect of her characterization and her role and actions in the story. How will TNER!Tonks differ from Canon!Tonks, and will she have any romantic interest in anyone (fulfilled or unfulfilled)?

i’m completely undecided on any ships except for snarriet, entirely from being a wishy-washy person who can’t plan worth a damn. 

i found the concept of remadora interesting in canon, though i can’t say i remotely cared for its execution. and it… bothers me, honestly, that tonks’ entire function in the narrative seems to have been…. providing an orphan godson for harry? idk, maybe i’m being unfair; but i wanted so much more for her character than we got. she’s miserable, then she has a baby, then she dies. and teddy grows up a happy orphan. um??? (i have an unreasonable fixation on teddy for this precise reason lol)

i enjoy reading remadora fanfic because those give the relationship some life and explanation that, from the narrative, was completely lacking. (a lot of that is down to the limited POV, but jkr in general does not write romance in a way i respond positively to.) and i just find the idea of remus and tonks together super cute. so there’s that.

but in the main, adding tonks into TNER is my way of exploring her character, since canon didn’t give me enough. as with creating asteria from nothing, and hermione moving into best friend position (plus daphne, tracey, and narcissa doing their things), i just wanted to make more space with the girls and women, because HP is a very dude-focused text. my issue with most canons out there is, “i need more ladies,” and tonks is one of them.

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let me love on people

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST, I could never do one of these without first mentioning my bestest friend and unbiological sister, Emily ( @thepromiseofredemption ) like okay, YES, our ships are all things wonderful and fabulous, and I am MORE than thankful that writing various dumbs in love has introduced me to this PRINCESS of a person, but she is so so so much more than just at writing partner at this point t b h. ( even though I could ask for no better - Emily’s writing is absolutely LOVELY if you haven’t noticed, and her BRILLIANCE in writing everything from awkward tol beans to smirking puddles of earl grey never leaves me anything short of ASTOUNDED. even if she usually comes back to haunt me with angst :^// ) but !!!! she’s just such a wonderful, talented, kind, and positively hilarious person to know, the BEST viewing partner for canceled British sitcoms and Georgian prostitution dramas, and as far as Disneyland accomplices go, she’s got no PARALLEL. ( haha… get it. ) talking to her is always enough to turn a bad day around, and talking to her until the wee hours of the morning is undoubtedly a FAVORED pastime of mine. ( especially when we get to talk in person ) just a beautiful person inside and out, and I couldn’t imagine myself without her. 
    ( also I’ve never seen anyone that looks more like a friend of rapunzel in my life so Disney wake up. ) 
  • secondly! everyone’s favorite Brit Bitch, @trickstercaptain, to continue with the trend of unbiological older sisters. idk if you’ve noticed, but Lottie writes Jack beyond amazingly. she has such a sophisticated, informed, and genuine grip on his character that takes his flaws and perks in stride, as well as managing to construct his deliberately obfuscating language ?? idk how she does it. && I honestly couldn’t imagine Jack/Esme without her influence t b h. even if I am the one tormenting her with angst 90% of the time, she’s such an absolute DELIGHT to plot with, and never fails to remind me how profound Jack’s affection is for my 5′2″ ball of hatred & anger…….. even if Esme clearly knows better :^))))))) more importantly, though, Lottie is probably one of the most significant mentors I have in my life. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times she’s guided me through 2 am freakouts. whether it’s been school essays, Johnny Depp crises, or just general mental despairing, Lottie has always and ever been a solid & safe voice of reason for me to come to ——— ever since the days of the 100 page long skype messages, coinciding with 50 page long tumblr fanmail. basically she’s practically a genius and I love her and trust her 100% even if I call her mean names. it’s all out of love (✿◠‿◠) 
  • YIKES I’m on my last person ???? okay this is gonna sound shady af but I’m going to select yet another ship partner because… well. …… ANYWAYS. @lionwept has earned the honor of becoming the last ( but not least ) on this list of Devoted Affection. I don’t have anything Serious and Profound to say about Emily bc she’s literally a Human Meme just like her muse. ( or human cheeto, however you prefer to look at it ) but !!!! because of this, she never fails to make me laugh, even with topics that should probably be serious ?? remember that time Alex divorced Esme because she wouldn’t take a cheeto bath with him ?? that’s Emily 4 u. I should also mention though that the memeing is always SO WELL WRITTEN. she is such a poet, her words quite literally have a body and soul of their own, and reading any reply of hers always leaves me BREATHLESS. ( Esme too, but that’s probably bc Alex is kissing her nine times out of ten. but w/e. ) I pretty much approached her out of basically nowhere and said ‘WOW our kids are much alike !!!! they should kiss !!!!’ and Emily was like ‘yeah!!!’ so in short she accepted my eccentricities from the start and now I think about her when I see Oscar Isaac. tru friendship. 

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Do you have any gay ships for this blog? Canon for the blog or just seemed to be a good idea?

Oh yes, a few! Queen Athrenna, who Feuriah looked up to her whole life and totally had a crush on was lesbian and had her own harem of females she cared for. Athrenna herself has a few ships I adore xux Not to mention the Queen herself has dabbled plenty of times with females, she’s canon to have two male mates but in the past she’s been with plenty of females as well as males, not really having too much of a preference. 

I also have Havok and Luminous, which eventually becomes canon when Hov becomes the Krimson King with Whisper as his queen. Though, that becomes more of a polygamous relationship.

There’s another lesbian ship involving Pearl, an old WL character that needs serious revamping, is shipped with a friend’s char BUT waiting on that 8,D

I don’t have a lot, forgive me o’tumblr do not smite me 8,D but those are my favorite ships as of now. I do headcanon a few Skylanders to be gay (or LGBT, just all that sweet jazz) , like Torch, Punk Shock, Astroblast, Hex, Fryno, and maybe a handful others. Actually, a lot of my characters aren’t even hetero; they eventually end up being bi, or poly most of the time 8,D #1 poly char being Gattle’Bat who just, does not care what he’s with lol

~Weird Hyenas


Valentine’s Day Text Series - Finish the Heart!


Everyone gets some love, except Lance lol


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Lance and Keith’s love/hate relationship? because it gives me freaking LIFE lol

so now we’re into the stolen centuries arc I think it’s a fair assumption to say that the unaccounted for deaths Kravitz mentioned in crystal kingdom are from their deaths exploring the different planes
Merle has 57 deaths total, so given everything I know about Merle Highchurch, you cannot convince me that since he knew he was gonna revive on the StarBlaster that whenever he was told “we gotta run quickly to the ship, or we’re gonna die!” that his immediate response wasn’t

shipping your own OCs

shipping one of your OCs with 4 other OCs and not knowing which pair should be canon

Laucy VS Camren

Well, this is not a theory. I got up to these pics and they hit me like a truck. I’m not a morning person, but this even overpowered what an alarm could do.

I admit I wasn’t on the best state to see these pics because I just got my heart broken. So seeing the 1st pic posted on wildflyme’s instagram was breaking my heart even more because I’m a camren shipper af.

These pics are so sensual, yes. They both look really happy. With the fragile state of me right now, even the 1st pic had me so down and sad because my ship has lost in the middle of nowhere LOL. It felt as if my heart was ripped to two.

But again, this is media. One thing that is consistent about me wherever I am on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) is that I don’t trust media anymore. MTV is one of them. I don’t even believe in Billboard, then how can I even trust MTV? This is the link


After all, we all know, these are from a photoshoot in November 2016.

There are many possibilities out there, but I’m just gonna narrow them down to 2 possibilities here. If I list all the possibilities one by one, it might end up like a novel. It’s better to just focus on two.

1. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article and Camren was NOT real or even if Camren might be dating at some point

2. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article, but Camren IS real as well

You know, when you read these 2 possibilities, you will feel like, “No, I think..” or “Wait.. but..” Save it. Let’s just focus on these 2, because I know it’s a never ending debate if we talk about all possibilities.

But now, let’s see the big picture and let’s stop with “No, Camren is real” and “No, Laucy is real” debate. Let’s look at another point of view here. What if both ships are real?

For me, the 2nd possibility is what I believe. You know I don’t trust media anymore just like what I said earlier. But, what was mentioned in MTV is STILL one of the many possibilities, right? We can’t just exclude it just because we are denying that Laucy is real.

Laucy might be real at some point (or not). They mentioned they dated on and off for a few years. They have known each other since high school. The context of “a few years” might be around 2 - 3 years. That’s my definition. 4 years for a relationship for me is a long time. I can’t define it as only “a few” years. But, what if this happened before Camila and Lauren met each other? Or what if this happened before Camila and Lauren realized they fell in love with each other? For God’s sake, this might happened during the X Factor as well, and Laucy & Camren might be a complicated love triangle (okay, I’m delusional but this is one of the million possibilities out there, right?)

It was mentioned in MTV article that they did this photoshoot as part of their coming out. It was mentioned “They did really like each other” but there was no timeline mentioned about when they had the relationship. It was only mentioned “They dated for a few years”.

Those photoshoot pics might break my heart, but I’m not losing my Camren heart. No.. Why? Because of these.

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I’m sorry but they look really happy here as well? Or are you still gonna call me delusional?

Well, these gifs seem too friendly though. But these iconic moments will always be in our minds.

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Your other expressions can lie, but your eyes will never lie. These gifs are heart-warming to be honest.

Then, these indirects.

Lol, I’m sorry for being extra on this. But have you realized that the article confirmed yet killing Laucy at the same time?

I’m NOT losing hope on what I call as true love. I might be so lowkey about it on my instagram and twitter accounts cause I use those platform for another purpose. I never posts about Camren there. But here, in Tumblr, I’m quite vocal about it. I might not be as intense as the other Camren accounts, and I might be lowkey about it, but since the very beginning my fan account was made, I AM a Camren shipper.

You have your right to believe what you wanna believe, but I believe in true love and that revolves around Camren, because the way Lauren looks at Camila is love.

P.S. Guys, I don’t know why but on my phone the pictures shown are only a few. Even the indirect pics are only one which is shown. Is it like that in your phone as well? Because I posted this using my laptop. If you see it from the laptop or computer, you’ll see all the trolls lol

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Did you and Rumlow have a sexual relationship?

since brock rumlow is a helicarrier-sized douchecanoe, and there is mercy in the universe, no. we did not.
please. i do have some taste.

Hi Overwatch community. I don’t ship by race, sexuality or gender. I ship because I feel like a character has an emotional connection to the other.

Blue Skies

A/N: Happy Birth @snogfairy! I know I missed it last year but look!! I made something! Fantasy and everything <3


Pairing: Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 4506

Rating: T

Part: Oneshot (Angst) (Fluff)

Lucy loved flying.

She loved the feel of air whipping through her hair, of the strain on her back muscles as she rose herself high enough to find a current she could rest on, the crisp scent of pure oxygen that swirled above the clouds.

He favourite part of flying, however, had less to do with the act itself and more with the company.

“Bet I could reach that cloud that looks like an upside down cat first!” Natsu called, wings beating steady and strong as he held his position beside her. His wings were coloured like flames, yellows and oranges shimmering in the down of his feathers and close to the arch of bone that structured them, reds a rich jewel tone at the tips of his feathers with blacks and greys scattered along the outer layers like hidden shadows in the forest they played in.

“And what do I get if I win?” Lucy asked, grinning at her best friend’s challenge. While Natsu may be fast, Lucy was faster, not weighed down by a seven-foot wingspan and coiled muscles. Lucy’s wings were much more modest in length, only six feet across, but she knew they were beautiful in a way that was unmatched in her hometown. They were pure white with a soft golden undertone from the down feathers, silver tips of her outer feathers reflecting light and creating a glow that surrounded her like a halo in the moonlight.

Or at least that’s what Natsu had told her that one night they had stolen a bottle of strawberry mead from the guild kitchen and had picnicked along the edge of the lake under the light of the stars.

“I’ll fix all damaged boards and doors in your roost, but when I win you hafta cook for me for a week!” Natsu crowed, circling Lucy in an effort to expel his growing restless energy.

“My roost is damaged because you keep crash landing in it,” Lucy pointed out sourly, following Natsu’s movements as she kept her face towards him as she talked. “I mean I leave the window open every night, how you keep overestimating your landing is beyond me.”

“So you do leave it open for me,” Natsu leered, rising slightly so he could look down at Lucy. She felt heat crawl along her neck and she pouted at being caught. Stupid boy.

“Go!” Lucy shouted instead, allowing herself to drop slightly into the current below them and get a quick boost as she shot towards the cloud Natsu had pointed at.

“Cheater!” Natsu howled, following quickly on her heels. Lucy kept her arms close to her sides, laughing as Natsu cursed her loudly, voice barely carrying through the air rushing past them, words lost to the wind. Time blurred as they raced, Lucy’s heart pounding and sweat starting to bead on her temples and hairline, whipped away before she could fully register their creation. Lucy saw Natsu start to crawl into her peripheral, his eyes glinting with competitive joy and challenge. She swore under her breath, pushing herself to beat harder and cut through the air before her, weaving through different air currents and timing her beats of her wings for the most energy gained, every decision made in a millisecond through reflex alone.

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