have i mentioned recently that i loved this character


I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 

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Found the super secret blog a while ago, but just thought I'd mention here and now how much I enjoy both the secret blog and sdm. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and Carl and Ted the animators are some A+ characters :)

*starts being less sick today, realizes he’s missed all kinds of asks and such*

Aww, thanks!

I really appreciate the support, and have loved making y’all laugh… lately, SDM’s opportunities has grown a lot.

Not only have there recently been – in my opinion – some of the most-fun posts ever, but the world of what’s possible has expanded big time. 

After the Carl & Ted Rudolph discussion post did so well, SDM’s material is now officially infinite.

See, that post had nothing to do with Scooby-Doo, animation errors, or derpy frames.

It was just a short standup-esque routine I wrote about Rudolph, expanded into a small sketch with two characters of my creation, plus some illustrative frames to make it more engaging… and then, humblingly, it somehow got 395 notes.

Carl and Ted are the perfect bridge between the Scooby posts and other humorous topics… they can have a discussion on anything, and it automatically fits into the SDM world.

Fans are rightly wary of new things… no one wants something they enjoy to change, and possibly start sucking. You have to earn their trust, and for that exact reason I’ve introduced new stuff to the blog, super slowly, for the last half-year or so. 

Gotta prove to the world that they can trust anything they see on SDM to be enjoyable, and that a different type of post doesn’t mean other content is going away.

Carl and Ted are a great framing device… anything is funnier if they’re talking about it, and people are far more willing to give something a chance if the post involves them.

Wonder what they’ll talk about next.

Am I the only one who is terribly unsatisfied with the Magi cover? I never questioned Ohtaka’s choices regarding the covers but this one is really NO. I’m not talking about the art, that is beautiful as always but … Sinbad???? Again??? Although I love him he already had lots of covers (not to mention that his last solo-cover is very recent and he also was on a back cover) while some characters deserved it better like:

- Jafar
- Empress Kougyoku
- Morgiana
- Chibi Arba
- Yamato and Muu

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Last song listened to: Too Long by Daft Punk, I just love their music and this one makes my heart soar

Last book read: I reread Firebringer by David Clement-Davies - if you haven’t read it I highly suggest giving it a go

Favorite color: Teal, hands down

Top 3 shows: Miraculous Ladybug, obvs, I’ve recently found love in Voltron Legendary Defender, and naturally Avatar/LoK. Honourable mention to Castle, and trash like Dance Moms, coz I’m shit

Top 3 characters: I’m gonna put forth Adrien because he’s so sweet and pure, Lance because he’s basically me but cuter, and I love Toph. She’s a bamf.

Top 3 ships: Adrienette, Klance, Zutara…
((Also Tokka, Korrasami, Heith, Hance, Shatt, Shallura, Alya/Nino, Chlobug, Mericcup only three ships this is terrible I can’t just pick three))

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What you REALLY should say to characters at the Disney parks!

There’s a post floating around listing things to say to the characters at the Disney parks, and having worked in the parks, I’d actually say a lot of those are bad conversation starters. Compliment the princesses on their dresses? Ask Tigger if he’s a boy or a girl? Show Eeyore your muscles? No, no, no.

Here are some ACTUAL conversation starters if you want to have some fun character interactions! These are just the princesses, if people like these/use them then I’ll make another post with more characters.

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i really love fanfic with autistic characters too, do you have any recommendations? :^]

Recently, i really got into “Kindness is not a four-letter word”, a Sherlock AU fanfiction in which John and Sherlock met way earlier and Sherlock is diagnosed as autistic.

I also love “Harry Potter and the trouble with Neurotypicals” and there are lots of very nice Autistic!Newt Scamander fanfics on archive of our own, like “Finding the words”.

Those are the ones that i can think of right now, on top of those that i have already mentioned, but i’m sure there’s still plenty of good fanfics with autistic characters to find.

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Sick whiny Sammy, geeky games, language (again if you aren’t Cap you won’t notice ;))

Word count: 1400ish (short I know sorry!)

A/N: So this idea grew out of the boys recent rock, paper, scissor games. I am really just having a little fun at the boys expense - mostly Sammy’s but I love them both to death so bare with me here. 

The fav show I mention is Big Bang Theory and if you are not familiar with the game watch this video

Never in your life would have imagined Sam Winchester would be so whiny when he was sick. I mean you had seen the guy be beaten, stabbed, shot… and barely a groan came over his lips but now he was down with the flu he had turned into the biggest baby you had ever seen. He was rolled up in about ten blankets in his bed and he was miserable. It was nothing more than the flu which he had more than likely caught from you so you knew for a fact he couldn’t be feeling half as bad as he was acting.

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i was tagged by the lovely @hobikenobi (have i mentioned how much i love ur url bc damn son) to do this cute aesthetic and questions thing so here we go!! 

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relationship status: in love with french fries
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top 3 shows: Prison Break, Friends, Brooklyn 99
top 3 characters: Bucky Barnes, Joey Tribbiani, Gina Linetti
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Bumbleby? For the otp meme.

Ok now I actually have to comment for this one because I feel like my about/rules (I forgot which) may have misled some people.

I actually really like Bumbleby. I had one bad experience with it before when I was kind of forced into it in forum rp but I have been loving every Yang blog I’ve seen so far so I would be more than happy to ship it since the muns are also so cute/enjoyable from what I see. @ you Yang blogs. I’m watching y’all and I love your work. Please keep it up. I’ll mention some of my favorites that I’ve recently been interacting with here in no particular order: ( @aureumdraconeus, @firecrcker, @armcdandrcady ). I love you all and I really appreciate your takes on Yang since she’s one of my favorite characters in the series.

The only issue with Bumbleby for me is that I think that (if it’s taken from a point in my Blake’s main verse), it’ll take lots of time to develop (just like any other ship, really, but ya kna) because my Blake is very hurt over what happened to Yang and holds herself accountable for what happened to her. She feels like Yang felt responsible for her and that led to her losing an arm which is something that Blake sees as the end all kind of ordeal between the two of them (like her severed arm represents the severing of their relationship even as friends). She can’t forgive herself for what happened to Yang even if Yang comes to confront her over it (I am presently still working out a thread regarding such a scene with the wonderful @aureumdraconeus, in fact) and it sucks to write for me since I love the two girls so much separately and even together but their relationship is just in such shambles currently (in Blake’s mind) and she will need time to get over what happened before she can even look Yang - or any of the other RWBY girls - in the eye again, Yang being the one she’s most anxious around and hurt for, hence why my writing will not presently show any sign of love for Yang beyond extreme admiration for her fortitude unless it’s a thread specifically dedicated to them being a couple (i.e: the Valentine’s Day threads).

TL:DR; Yes, I love Bumbleby though I quite literally love every and all ships so sorpresa! I haven’t run into a single one I dislike so ye.

Also the gif:


||June BPC: Just One More Page|| 2. Wings. Y’all. I seriously love wings. Like, a lot. Birds, flying children, whatever, love it. So I was kind of sad to discover that I’ve only recently begun accumulating books where characters have actual physical wings most of the time, although there should be an honorable mention to Six of Crows and Magonia.


I wanna talk to y’all for a sec listen up.

I’m a fan of both League of Legends and RWBY.  I know both fandoms rather well, and I actively participate in both (as much as I can anyway, League’s fanbase has decreased a lot recently).  I am aware of the League fandom’s bad reputation and I’d like to say something:

The FNDM has surpassed the League fandom in terms of shittiness.

You guys don’t respect each other, you don’t respect the characters you claim to love, you’re loudly sexist towards the male cast, even if you say you’re not, you have a clear prejudice against hetero ships, and you blatantly disrespect the creators.  Not to mention you’re completely obnoxious and refuse to accept when members of the female cast are even slightly problematic.

Compared to the League fandom’s ONE crime of disrespecting each other based on skill level in-game, even though they’re genuinely pretty pleasant towards each other out of the game?

League of Legends has an extremely dedicated fanbase, members don’t care about gender apart from the rare fuckboy, there are MANY ships of MANY sexualities, and all characters are respected, even if they’re disliked.  They also accept that, on some level, all League characters are problematic.

I’ll put it simply FNDM, you’re being horrible fans, but more importantly, you’re being horrible people.  I have run into one, one, of the infamous jerks of League of Legends, playing a character I knew I was no good at playing and that I was bad at the game.  I can’t even count the amount of jerks in the FNDM that I’ve come across.

If RWBY becomes the next League of Legends, where no one looks at or considers a truly good product because the fandom is toxic and horrible, just remember, that’s not Rooster Teeth’s fault.

It’s yours.

WTNV Tarot

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES - Carlos The Scientist

“A person of integrity. Someone who can be counted on. A closer. Dependable. Self sufficient. Conscientious. Persistent. Traditionally, interesting, attractive, beneficial, important, helpful, successful.  When reversed, the Knight of Pentacles represents a workaholic, turned inward, perhaps due to excessive devotion to a pursuit ”


When I was thinking of who to put as the Court cards Carlos was the perfect Knight of Pentacles; he fits the upright and the reversed qualities spectacularly.  In addition, I feel like the reverse fits the quantities that we allocated to him before he had more characterization back in Year 1, while the upright fits the qualities we have learned about him more recently.


Did I mention that I really love Carlos and how it’s so damn refreshing how we have a scientific character that is in love with the world and endlessly fascinated by it instead of being droll and cynical?

Props to Cecil Palmer for being interested in watercolor and coming up with the idea of Carlos being majestic on the sand dunes while Alicia’s dog stands in the distance.

Click Here for the Masterpost of WTNV Tarot Cards!

I made two new Night Terror OC’s based off birds that I recently encountered!

On the left we have Lauren who is a Western Blue Jay. She helps out characters in her training arena master moves, combos, etc. She loves to encourage her students and is very outgoing despite being slightly vain and aggressive around possible Eastern Blue Jay characters.

-How I chose her spirit animal: I spotted a flash of blue fly right outside my window and was stunned how beautiful and vibrant that blue jay was.

And on the right we have Wallace “Winchester” the Pileated Woodpecker prankster. As mentioned he’s very mischievous and loves to mess around with other dreamcasters but when he’s not pranking other birbs, you’ll find him flying around taking notes as professional journalist- meaning he’ll take key notes on phobias and report them to higher ups (such as Jasper)

-How I chose his: I was walking over to my mom’s to get a lift to work when I hear a caterwaul of a “HAHAHAHAHA” fly over head , startling me. I was able to gaze at the form to recognize it was Woodpecker. I often see common yellow-shafted flickers but seeing his kind is specialty cuz that’s probably the third one I’ve seen in my life.

Night Terror (and mention of Jasper) belong to Rebornica

So, recently I wrote a meta diving into Killian’s identity, both in respect to hope and in terms of role function, primarily highlighting that Killian’s role very much centered around being a disappointment and being rather powerless, and therefore led to him feeling unworthy. I wanted to expound on this given the sneak peak (others have surely covered some of what I will mention he so sorry if it feels redundant).

I feel like the sneak peak with him being rather ill tempered about those squiggly lines (he likes them less than poorly cooked mutton), while consistent with his characterization in that he is often the one who dubiously snarks about the plan, is also an extension of what I mention above. 

We saw shades of this in his face when Snow remarked to Emma that they had no clue how long they would be in the Underworld and in the realization that Emma isn’t sleeping. We know from conversations with Emma that Killian didn’t want them to follow him down to the Underworld because he feels he doesn’t deserve it.

At face value his comment seems rather abrasive and tactless- and it is. There is nothing wrong with admitting that it is and wanting to flick him in his elf ears for it, but there is also nothing wrong with highlighting the human reason behind it- for the very reason that humans make mistakes. It isn’t an excuse for the behavior, it is an explanation that helps us understand it.

In a lot of ways it is entirely reminiscent of Regina’s comments directly after Emma took on the darkness. Her knee jerk reaction was to denigrate Emma, that was a face value reading, when in reality the reaction has to do more with her own guilt that someone sacrificed for her because she feels unworthy of that sacrifice. Those feelings are distressful and often get displaced on the very people who are trying to help. Regina said as much that they are similar in this way in The Brothers Jones and it continues to hold true.

Killian has a storied history with Liam and Emma of devaluing himself and feeling unworthy, and those feelings are only exacerbated now that it isn’t just Emma, but family and friends on the line. His reaction seems to be “this plan seems shoddy” when in reality it is “how could you all come here and risk yourselves for me without a better plan, I am not worth it.”  It is not “you are stupid” it is “you are stupid to think that I am worthy of the danger you are all in.” 

Killian may want to fight for a future with Emma, but that doesn’t mean he fully believes he deserves one, particularly when the situation for the heroes becomes more dire with every episode. He cannot save himself- he requires the heroes to do that for him, and at every turn he becomes even more powerless to at least keep them safe and help them succeed,

Killian is fine playing the hero to fight for others because he sees value in others, but Killian will always bristle against people fighting for him because he continues to see little value in himself.