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Which of your characters are you most looking to develop / plot for?

I’m going to be super unhelpful and say any and all.

As I mentioned before, I recently left my FC, so I’m looking to get involved in a lot of things! Kazha’a and Ellere are my two longest-going characters, both being around two years old. But due to several retcons and a near retirement, neither really have… any development as it stands now!

I love Arshtat to bits, and she’s so relaxing and fun to play. I also love Tala’li, but I admit I struggle with how outgoing he is in comparison to myself. That and I have been approached solely because people think he’s an easy lay in RP, which… he is ICly, but I don’t ERP willy-nilly like that.

Ihzu’to is my newest child, and I would also love to use him, because he makes me fucking laugh. Being brand new, he hasn’t even been given the chance to meet anyone at all yet!

Yeah that was real unhelpful, I’m sorry, anon.

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I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 

Emma Swan Appreciation Week begins tomorrow, April 2nd, 2017, and will end April 9th!

For many of us, Emma Swan is one of the most important female characters to appear on our television screens in recent years. She is a complicated, flawed, amazing character that we’ve watched evolve for 6 long years. As things have been rather tense for our girl lately, some of us thought this might be a good week to spread a little love about the absolute awesomeness of Emma Swan.

This is a pretty loose event, of the “whatever-the-fuck-you-want,” variety. There won’t be any specific days devoted to specific themes, but you can refer to this post for possible ideas, dates, rules, and a nifty tagging system.

  • First, dates. As I mentioned above, this event will begin tomorrow (hmm, I wonder why), April 2nd and end April 9th.*
  • Posts for this event in particular should be tagged with #emmawk17.

Before we get into the fun idea portion of this post, a few rules. There are only 2** and they’re pretty simple.

1. This event is about Emma Swan. As such, all edits, fics, meta, etc., should be focused largely on her. Obviously, the relationships that we develop with those around us will inevitably impact who we are as people, but the majority of your focus should be on Emma Swan. Any and all relationships are allowed for exploration, but keep Emma at the forefront. If you have a question about whether or not your work meets this criteria, you’re welcome to ask me.

2. Keep the goddamn hate to a freaking minimum, don’t make me turn the car around.***

How might you participate this week?

  • Fic, obviously, and of any length. As this is a bit last minute, if you don’t think you have the ability to write anything new this week, you are, of course, more than welcome to re-blog or recommend some older work that does good by Emma Swan.
  • Edits, edits, edits. Got a good poem or song lyric kickin’ around up there that’s v Emma Swan relevant? Make and share with the #emmawk17 tag.
  • Playlists! idk about y’all, but I love me a good themed playlist.
  • Meta and essays. I hate to say it, but, some of us might be a bit nerdier than others. Put that brain to good use and write a short essay about Emma as a character, about Emma and sexuality, feminism, economics, whatever the fuck you want! Remember, keep it loose!

And that’s it! Pretty simple, pretty straight forward. Most importantly, have fun with it! Get emotional. I’ll probably get emotional.

*Although, tbh, y’all should be appreciating Emma Swan every damn day.
**There’s one more. Tag your fucking spoilers.
***I have absolutely no problem turning the car around.

The brain trust that you can also whine to if you have a problem with this perfectly harmless week of fun and feminism: @winterbythesea @mahstatins @the-reason-to-sail-home @swanandapirate@captainwiley @seastarved@ofshipsandswans

Drunken Mistake.

requested by @stressedbisexualwinchester - I have had an idea for this, but i want to read it more than i want to write it, and i love everything you write so. Will you do a fic where the reader is apart of the cast and she turns 18 and she goes and gets a tattoo, and then the boys find out one day or the producers and get really mad, or just tease her for it. I really want to get a tattoo but i have to wait a couple years to get it (sigh). ILY so much. 


Characters- Jared x platonic!reader, jensen x platonic!reader.

Warnings- mild language, mentions of being drunk.

A/N- Before you read this, go and check out the lovely person who requested this, their fics are amazing!

You had recently turned twenty one, which meant you got drunk, which meant you made a stupid decision on getting a tattoo… whilst drunk… not your smartest move.

Stepping into the makeup trailer you smiled at the familiar sight of Jared and Jensen sat on the chairs getting whatever makeup they needed doing done, they turned towards you and smiled, “there’s the birthday girl!” Jared called making you snort, “my birthday was three days ago but thanks anyways” you replied sitting in the chair between them, “did you get drunk?” He asked, you shook your head but smirked at this question, “she did! Look at that smirk” Jensen teased nudging you slightly causing you to throw your head back in laughter, “shut up” you muttered tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Uh, Y/N? What’s that behind your ear?” Jared asked, you furrowed your eyebrows at him, “what do you mean?” You replied confused, he took out his phone and took a photo, he passed it to you. Zooming in your eyes widened, “is that-” you started but got interrupted by Jared and Jensen’s laughter, “you have a penis tattooed behind your ear?” Jensen asked laughing loudly, “but that wasn’t there before…” You trailed off and closed your eyes in embarrassment, the boys laughed even more, “you got a drunken tattoo of a penis!” Jared hollered, you put your head in your hands in embarrassment.

“Why did I let this happen?” You muttered to yourself, you felt a hand rub your back, sitting back up you let out a sigh, “I can’t believe this… I can’t believe I did this” you mumbled, Jensen quickly squeezed you into his side, “you can always get it removed” he said rubbing your arm in comfort, Jared patted your head, “yeah, what do they call it? A vasectomy?” He asked before breaking out into laughter that was soon followed by Jensen, you groaned in frustration, “you guys are the worst!” You cried, making them laugh more.

You were in the middle of filming a scene, you were sat at a diner table with Jensen and Misha sat in front of you and Jared sat next to you.

“We need to think of something, and fast. Dick has already made progress with  SucroCorp, we can’t afford to waste anymore time” Misha said as Cas, Jensen rolled his eyes, “Cas, we don’t know where to begin with this. We have no plan, we’re still waiting for Kevin to translate the tablet… Hell, we don’t even know where Dick is!” He said in frustration, there was a slight pause before Jared spoke up, “what do you mean we don’t know where Dick is? He’s on the back of Y/N’s ear” he said before bursting into fits of laughter, shortly followed by Jensen.

Misha stared between you all in confusion, “wait, what’s going on?” He asked with a small smile on his face, “when Y/N got drunk Friday night she got a penis tattoo behind her ear” Jensen explained in-between laughs, Misha started laughing. You slouched in the chair in embarrassment, “I hate all of you” you muttered, your face flushed red. 

“Aww she’s blushing” Jared cooed whilst pulling you into a hug, you rolled your eyes “I’ll punch you” you grumbled causing the three men to laugh again, Jensen and Misha leant forward and started pinching your cheeks, “aww you’re adorable when you’re angry” Misha teased, you started giggling before slapping away their hands, you pulled yourself away from Jared’s grip and looked at them all, “fuck all of you” you said which sent all four of you into fits of laughter.

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The Course of Honour - Avoliot - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Tags: Romance - Slow Burn - Arranged Marriage - Pining - Past Abusive Relationship - Hurt/Comfort - Space Princes - Court Politics

When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he’s learned.

Okay, okay, first you all need to LOOK AT THOSE TAGS.

So this story by @avoliot is complete at over 110k words, and it is going to be updated twice a week (literally as fast as I can beta it), and I am pretty sure that 110k words of well-written slow-burn arranged marriage pining in space is relevant to basically everyone’s interests. 

I seriously cannot rec it hard enough. I love it. I love Kiem and his dumb puppy dog extrovert face and idiot scrapes (and his perfect cheekbones and his killer smile, literally my main beta contribution to this story was ‘mention how hot kiem is more often please’.) I love Jainan, by which I mean I cry over him constantly and need him to be happy. I love every character, the summary doesn’t even mention BEL, my new girlfriend, please can she come and organise my life.

Also with my secret insider knowledge I can inform you all that this story will eventually contain both huddling for warmth and space pirates. Go and read it now!

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Um, top 5 royai head canons??

Ink, you know the way to my heart <3

  1. Roy doesn’t realize he’s in love with Riza until after Bradley takes her from his command. @stupidsexymustang​ wrote a gorgeous fic about that too! 
  2. This is more suited to the anime canon since they don’t share a hospital room in the manga, but I strongly believe they confessed their feelings one of those nights they spent alone together. (And hey, I’ve written some royai hospital fics like the steaming garbage can that I am.) 
  3. This is a fairly widespread headcanon, but I think the reason Riza only has portions of her array burned instead of it being completely disfigured like she’d wanted was because Roy couldn’t stand how much pain she was in. And this is totally viable for a platonic headcanon as well. 
  4. I don’t think they ever end up dating because of the military, but I headcanon that they make a promise to emotionally devote themselves to each other and just don’t ever end up marrying other people.
  5. This one is also a popular headcanon and I know @the-flame-and-hawks-eye​ mentioned it recently, but I love the idea of them having each other’s dog tags ;-;

ask me my “top 5/top 10″ anything <3

Nocturnal Villagers (Bats, Owls…) -

Imagine playing late at night and seeing that a few of your villagers are still out to greet you and hang out, even after all the cats, dogs, and bears have gone to sleep. You may be feeling like a little bit of comfort on a cold night and the world is quiet because everyone has gone to bed. You pop onto your Animal Crossing game and see that a little owl has come running to you asking you to deliver a letter that he forgot to send to his friend, who just so happens to be a bat.

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Sending you a character: Madara! (really did you expect anything else lol)

Is there truly anyone other than Madara? (to Madara, the answer is, of course, NO).

  • First impression
    • The first attractive Uchiha.  Too bad he’s batshit crazy.  Voted ‘Most Likely to be an Actual Bag of Salt in a Trench Coat’ 15 years in a row, by Obito and the Zetzu Gang.  But damn if that wasn’t the most badass character introduction I’ve ever seen.  Let’s pause the episode and look up some fanfiction (I literally did this ahaha)
  • Impression now
    • The second most attractive Uchiha (Shisui beat you there, because he’s not crazy and I love his personality).  He actually is batshit crazy (who would willingly live in a cave connected to a tree? Only you Madara, only you). Probably obsessed with his hair.  Very fun to tease (in fact, he’s my favourite character to poke fun at.  Sibi likes to torture Madara a lot little bit 
  • Favorite moment

Originally posted by ohthatsyowaifu

    • LOOK AT HOW EXCITED HE WAS AND THEN HOW DISAPPOINTED!!!  Pouting Madara is my favourite Madara.  Have I mentioned recently that I love teasing him?  That is the essence of how I write him XD
  • Idea for a story
    • So many!  I actually have a MadaSakuKaka story that is veeeery roughly started.  The premise is this: Kakashi and Sakura are celebrating their engagement, when the doors to the restaurant open, and both start panicking.  Why?  Because their ex just walked in the door.  That ex?  Madara, of course.  Both Kakashi and Sakura start kind of panicking, because it was a bad breakup, and neither knows the other dated him.  Things get interesting from there, if you know what I mean (insert all the winking faces—no, insert Jiraiya’s pervy, sorry super pervy grin).
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Hashirama was a bad friend.  He didn’t fight enough on Madara’s behalf, and didn’t support Madara half as much as a man grieving over losing the last member of his family needed.  Instead of standing up for Madara when people were discriminating against him because they found him intimidating, Hashirama is shown (again and again) just doing what everyone else (the village, the daimyou, Tobirama) wants him to do.  If Hashirama made more of an effort to be an actual friend instead of treating Madara as a means to an end (ie to form the village) then Madara would have been happy and not gone off the deep end.  Hashirama was right that Madara needed something/someone new to love after Izuna’s death, but at the first sign of resistance to his ideas, Hashirama would always give in.  And Madara is the type of person who doesn’t think he should have to convince others to care for him.  It’s either you do or you don’t (and if you do, then it’s completely).  Hashirama showed that he didn’t really care for Madara as Madara, he cared for him as the Uchiha Clan Head.  And once Madara had relinquished that position (or been kicked out of his clan) then Hashirama didn’t really see any value in him.  Hashirama wanted Madara around for selfish reasons.
  • Favorite relationship
    • I really respect Madara’s relationship with Izuna.  We don’t see a lot of them together, but I really like the Uchiha Version™ of love (even if it makes them go a little crazy).  It’s the type of Ride or Die love that Hashirama couldn’t give Madara, and maybe because of that, all other forms of love are seen as lacking—pale imitations—to an Uchiha who loves so completely.  Could any type of love ever measure up to that level of devotion?  I don’t think most people give that much of themselves to others, and maybe that’s why Hashirama couldn’t fill the gap Izuna left in him.  I totally understand why the Uchiha go crazy when their loved ones are gone.  If I had to chose a fictional brother, you can bet your ass it would be Madara.  He’s far from perfect, and he’d probably be overprotective and snappy because of it, but he’d have your back no matter what.  And I’ve found, in my own life, that those types of people are indispensable.  There is nothing more reassuring, more confidence boosting, than knowing that no matter what you do, you will be unconditionally loved.  When you have that type of love, you feel like you could conquer the world.
  • Favorite headcanon
    • This is actually something that I think @thetoxicstrawberry or @kunoichi-ume brought up, I can’t remember.  But I like the idea that, when she was alive, Madara’s mother used to brush his hair for him at night, making sure it was always tame and tangle free.  (I think that) when she died, he cut it off in his grief, and then automatically regretted it.  He has never cut his hair since, although he doesn’t give it the care his mother used to, which is why it’s so wild.

Here is the ask meme!  Send me a character, OC or canon, or even a pairing. Coming up next is Kakashi then Shino, Tenzou, Gai, and Genma, Hidan, and Adult!Obito but I’d be stoked to answer this for anyone else!

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Do you think Orihime is a mary sue?

Ooh, this question is always fun to answer— I had a really good reply to this on my last blog, but I didn’t save it before I remade so I’ll try to duplicate it here to the best of my abilities!

I’m going to do a point-for-point comparison between Orihime and the TVtropes definition of a Mary Sue, since I feel their definition is the most detailed and unbiased (despite the fact that I do not like the TVtropes page in general, but I digress).

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You've mentioned that you're kind of done with writing fics from Rhys's pov but does it mean you'll stop writing acotar related fics altogether?. I mean.. I really enjoy your writing & I'd love to read something about secondary characters as well? Amren (and Vamren..) and Lucien and Helion .. would you ever consider writing about them?

Hey boo! No, I’m not done writing fic. Despite some recent frustrations, I’m determined to find a way to write more for this world. It’s too wonderful to quit, haha. I just am not sure entirely what yet, though I am open to writing those characters if the inspiration strikes! :)

I was talking about it only recently but I have too many ideas I want to work on simultaneously… just - where to even start??

There is a Trespasser scene I’ve wanted to do both as a comic and a drawing, then there’s this idea for a DA4 trailer storyboard/ animatic… As well as the DA4 companion challenge, a character sheet for Tamlen, about half a dozen smaller fun comics (not to mention the rest of what’s on the drawing list), and also stuff for two original stories (mostly character sheets and concept stuff at this point, but eventually I’d love to do longer comics for both). Also: an Inquisition fancomic, although I’m not sure people would be so keen on reading it (I’d still like to do it). Then the background story fic for Tamlen, as well as two new tarot card ideas I had…. *screams* 

Too many ideas, I’m overwhelmed.

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Sick whiny Sammy, geeky games, language (again if you aren’t Cap you won’t notice ;))

Word count: 1400ish (short I know sorry!)

A/N: So this idea grew out of the boys recent rock, paper, scissor games. I am really just having a little fun at the boys expense - mostly Sammy’s but I love them both to death so bare with me here. 

The fav show I mention is Big Bang Theory and if you are not familiar with the game watch this video

Never in your life would have imagined Sam Winchester would be so whiny when he was sick. I mean you had seen the guy be beaten, stabbed, shot… and barely a groan came over his lips but now he was down with the flu he had turned into the biggest baby you had ever seen. He was rolled up in about ten blankets in his bed and he was miserable. It was nothing more than the flu which he had more than likely caught from you so you knew for a fact he couldn’t be feeling half as bad as he was acting.

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Why I think Carrie and Quinn will end up together...

This post has been demanded of me from several different parties so I hope what I write does justice to their own thoughts and feelings on this pairing.

It’s always difficult answering a question like this, simply because it’s so huge in scope and there are, as I see it, several contending factors as to why I think that Carrie Mathison and Peter Quinn will end up together. Please bear with me folks, as you know I don’t do short posts. Go make yourself a coffee, find a nice comfy seat and settle down. The factors that I list below range in their importance but are all things that come to mind with regards to their relationship. Together, they all combine to suggest heavily to me, not just as a fan of the show, but as someone who teaches this shit for a living ;) that these two will end up together.

Contending factor number one: Quinn is literally the only person that Carrie can trust.

Journey back with me here. Way back. Like to when we first laid eyes on our beautiful Peter Quinn. Watch Carrie.

External image

Carrie isn’t sure what she makes of Quinn at first. Maybe I’m being biased, but we can tell that she likes him but somehow doesn’t want to like him. She’s worried about losing control of the investigation perhaps, because someone she doesn’t know is being introduced into a case that is, quite literally, very close to her heart. She asks Virgil to look into him straightaway.

Then, we have this scene.

External image

In this scene, Quinn states that he is very likeable. Carrie replies with a coy smile that this is a ‘matter of opinion.’ Here, she is being sarcastic with him, obviously, to try and regain control of the situation but, for me, she can’t help it. She agrees with him. He is very likeable. When they are investigating Brody, she trusts him, implicitly. Straightaway. Despite the fact that she did ask Virgil to look into him, she doesn’t really end up finding out much about what Virgil and Max find out. She sees for herself. (More on this later)

And reliable. He is extremely reliable. This is a strange thing for someone to say after only knowing them a few hours, and Carrie is no doubt sceptical but the relationship that develops between Carrie and Quinn is one of complete implicit trust.

The thing that supports this for me most is the fact that Quinn is hired to kill Brody. We know this. But Quinn, on numerous occasions, has the opportunity to take out Brody but doesn’t, because Carrie is with him. Technically, he disobeys a direct order. This is further underlined in one of the last scenes of Season Two, when he appears in David Estes’ bedroom, stating that he won’t do it because it will wreck a woman they’ve already wrecked.

External image

Quinn, Mr. Reliable for David Estes and for Dar Adal. The person who always comes through and does what he is told, refuses to carry out a direct order. And that’s not because he likes Brody. Lord knows he hated the man. But because he doesn’t want to hurt Carrie.

This is a completely selfless act. Hell knows, he could have been fired for it, or worse. But he doesn’t care.

Similarly in Season Three, Quinn is not in on the play with Carrie in the mental hospital. He is the only person that goes to see her out of pure caring.

External image

Yes, I know Saul went to see her. But I suspect that this was just to check that they were still on track. Quinn is shocked, devastated even, to see the state that she is in. And even though she is horrible to him, he still offers to provide a character reference for her. And he is the only person to show up at her hearing. We also see the pain he is going through here, seeing her in such a state.

External image

Quinn is steadily emerging as the only person that Carrie can truly rely on. Saul has always been highlighted as this person, but for me, this relationship begins to unravel in Season Three. The play worked, yes, but Carrie is upset with Saul for leaving her in the hospital. Whereas Quinn, even though he doesn’t know the play, states outright that…

External image

He is genuinely concerned about her welfare. I would wager that even had he known the play, he would have been the one to go to Saul and say, 'Enough of this shit, Saul. Get her out of there.’

Similarly, when Quinn finds out that Carrie is pregnant, he doesn’t tell a soul. But is immediately upfront and honest with Carrie that he knows. Carrie, though she is pissed at him at the time, will have respected this. We know that Carrie hates secrets and admires honesty. For me, it’s one of her only redeeming qualities! And Quinn brings it out of her (More on this later, too)

In Season Four, this trust has grown to the point where Carrie demands Quinn’s presence wherever she is, despite what he is going through. Yes, Carrie is very selfish here and only thinks of herself, but she does it because Quinn is literally, the only person she can trust.

She insinuates this in Season Three when she states that it meant a lot that Quinn went to see her in the hospital. While she does trust Saul, she knows that he would do anything to save the mission, and to protect the play. Pretty much anyone in the CIA would have done that. Hell, Carrie would have even done that. But Quinn, no. He looks out for Carrie’s welfare.

Yes, it’s selfish of her to demand his presence in Islamabad in Season Four. But she does it because she trusts him, wholeheartedly. And Quinn, despite what he’s going through, cannot say 'no’ to Carrie.

This trust isn’t really put to the test in Season Five because it’s there already. But my point is that Quinn is the only person that looks out for Carrie. He’s the only person that cares about her above the mission itself. This is proven, even after two years in deepest, darkest Syria. Even after we see a coldness, a distance and a darkness in Quinn in the first three episodes of Season Five that we haven’t seen before (as SenseMisapplied knows full well, I’ve never bought into the Quinn is dark scenario). But when Carrie’s name is put in the box, we know that he’s not going to go through with it.

He puts her safety above the mission. Always. To a desperate degree in Season Five when Quinn literally lays down his life to protect Carrie’s safety. And more importantly, asks for absolutely nothing in return. Carrie is right to trust him. He would literally die for her.

Contending Factor Number Two: Quinn and Carrie actually like each other and bring out the best in each other.

Carrie doesn’t truly like many people on Homeland. I never bought into the whole romance with Brody for exactly this reason. Her 'love’ for Brody was fuelled by obsession and danger, rather than a genuine like. She hated what he had done, how he had manipulated her, and yet she couldn’t help but be drawn to the danger that he offered her. I always feel this is interesting because the anger and hatred seethes from her when she arrests him in the hotel.

I’ve never seen her look at Quinn like this. Why? Because she actually likes him. Because she trusts him. Because he’s seen her as Brody never has and still wants to be around her. Because he empathises with what she’s going through.

Not only this, but I think they bring out the best in each other. Hear me out.

Carrie is selfish. And her actions regarding Quinn, too, are often selfish. Especially at the beginning of Season Four, when she simply demands his presence, kind of ignoring the fact that he’s going through something really quite damaging.

However, at the end of Season Four, as we know, she stays behind, at great personal risk to herself, to get Quinn back. She puts herself in a hell of a lot of danger in that crowd. But she does it for Quinn.

We don’t see 'this’ Carrie around anyone else. We just don’t. With Saul, she’s all about the mission. Hell, she was even misguidedly ready to sacrifice Saul for the greater good. Quinn, by the end of Season Four. No. She’s not ready to sacrifice him. Say it with me people, 'I can’t lose you, Quinn!’ (This is, once again, one of the reasons why I think the writing for Carrie was so off kilter in Season Five) She wouldn’t have left Quinn for nine days. She just wouldn’t. Sorry, don’t buy it.

We see her liking the way in which he fits into her home life in 4x12. She smiles a genuinely happy smile when she sees him with Frannie. When he stays behind to help her sister with the dishes after her Father’s wake. This also fits in with the trust thing I mentioned earlier. She can always trust him to be there because she is everything to him. She has never had that dedication from anyone. Especially not Brody, as he was a terrorist, so there would always be trust issues. And could she trust him as implicitly as she does Quinn, around her family? I’m not so sure. (Yes, I know Brody would never have hurt Frannie, BUT Brody was just as manipulative as Carrie which is as damaging as it is dangerous)

And once again, in Season Five. Quinn’s capture and subsequent time in hospital show that these two characters bring out the best in each other, because that like is turning slowly to love.

I’ve said before about how 5x10 and 5x11 and maybe I can get on board with 5x12 (maybe!) prove that Carrie is realising that she loves Quinn. We don’t see Carrie like this with anyone else. She is visibly upset with the risks they are having to take with Quinn’s health. (I’m going to talk more about this later)

In 5x12, as I mentioned in my recent analysis, I think we see a very beautiful and pure side of Carrie and this is because of Quinn. Gone are the selfish days when she would wish for something for herself. I always think it’s interesting to compare Carrie’s prayer scene here with her conversation with Quinn in the church after Sandy’s funeral.

She’s quiet, she’s contemplative. She is bearing her soul, and putting her heart on the line, and trying to have faith. And this is all for Quinn. This is, for me, showing how Carrie has changed as a person since Season Four. Her prayers for Quinn’s life are pretty much the only selfless thing she does in Season Five.

Quinn brings out the best in Carrie. And, I would also put my arse on the line and say that Carrie brings out the best in Quinn. This plays a little into something we were discussing on Twitter yesterday. I’ve never bought how Quinn belongs to the darkness. Despite what he wrote in his letter. For me, Quinn has always been someone who was born into the darkness but was always reaching for the light.

And that light, as it’s underlined very clearly in the letter, was very largely centered on his feelings for Carrie. Quinn’s feelings for Carrie are, and have been for a long time now, a massive part of who Quinn is as a character. That trust I’ve discussed, the fact that he always looks out for her wellbeing above any one else’s. That completely selfless and all consuming love. That, 'I would die for you’ kind of love. And that is a beautiful and HUGE part of the show now. And it is one of the best things about Quinn’s character.

This fits quite nicely into my last and most important point.

Contending Factor Number Three: The Quinn and Carrie relationship is the heart of the show, and has been for a long time. We just haven’t realised it until now.

The relationship between Quinn and Carrie is the only one we’ve actually seen develop on screen. Say what? Bear with me.

The C/S relationship was just there as was Carrie’s relationship with Max and Virgil and Estes. We accepted that there was a longstanding relationship there. We accepted the work relationships and so on etc etc. The C/B relationship didn’t even develop. Carrie jumped in head first without really thinking about what she was doing. They got drunk, they had sex, they went to the cabin. They played each other, they manipulated each other. There wasn’t trust.

External image

Definitely wasn’t trust.

But Quinn and Carrie are very different. From their first meeting in 2x04, they just get each other. They fit each other’s rhythms. They come up with the same plans. They complement each other perfectly.

External image

They encourage each other. They trust each other. They just get each other straightaway. Carrie, who finds it very hard to trust people without first gaining the upper hand, trusts Quinn from the outset in 2x11. She discards the idea that he may have had something to do with Abu Nazir getting away. This again, for me, is incredibly significant. She hasn’t known Quinn for that long. But they 'get’ each other. They connect. They just work.

External image

Thank you, Farah for your insight.

Quinn is always there for Carrie. He sees her during a lot of hairy moments both in Season Three and Season Four. He’s not afraid to call her on her bullshit. He’s not afraid to tell her when she’s crossed the line. And Carrie doesn’t have anyone else like that BECAUSE everyone else puts the mission first. But Quinn brings a morality to Carrie. Lord knows she needs it. Especially in Season Four.

But when their relationship is directly addressed in Season Four, some audiences were all hesitant, thinking, 'is this pairing really right?’ They’re both too damaged. They’d end up killing each other! I kind of agree. Mainly because they’re not ready to be together yet. The connection is there but both characters need to go on journeys before they’re ready to be together. This SCREAMS OTP.

And even though it is a 'long time coming’ we finally see Carrie realising what Quinn means to her at the end of Season Four and at the end of Season Five.

I would also like to draw attention to the following moments.

External image

External image

(Whoever Carrie is, she’s a lucky girl)


External image

Oh and the fact that Astrid refers to Carrie as Quinn’s girlfriend. These are not just casually placed in. They are written as directions in the script. The writers have told the actors to interpret these scenes in certain ways to ensure that they are interpreted a certain way by the audience of the show.

These long looks by Quinn in Season Two and Season Three are put in there so that the audience starts to think, 'Hey, I think Quinn might be starting to feel a certain way about Carrie.’ These looks are so heavy and full of meaning from Quinn’s side. When Carrie asks for Quinn’s help, time and time again, and he just gives it, no questions asked. And we know the underlying reason behind these looks. The writers were writing, ever so carefully, that Quinn was falling in love with Carrie. This trust, this friendship, this honesty, it was developing into something way more important than the missions that they were carrying out.

And in case we didn’t realise what we’ve been seeing because they’d been slapping Brody and Carrie’s relationship in our face for three seasons, Dar comes out and tells us what us diehard C/Q fans had known for a long time.

External image

Quinn has feelings for Carrie. It’s out there, in the open, for us all to see. He knows that this makes him weak. We know that this makes him weak because we have seen that Quinn will put Carrie above the mission. And this is OTP writing. Particularly for a show like Homeland. Carrie and Quinn, are, as we stand here at 5x12, each other’s weak spots. In a show where they have to make life changing decisions that save or sacrifice hundreds, hell, even thousands of lives, at each turn, characters that are each other’s weakspots SCREAMS OTP.

It happened with Jack and Kate on Lost. It happened over and over again with Buffy and Angel. Hell, it happened with Tony and Michelle on 24! (I know Tony went bad in Season Seven, but you get my drift.) These characters put their love for another character above the greater good.

And if we think about the scene (one of my favourite C/Q scenes) when Quinn tells Carrie that she’s fucking a child. And she says, 'What’s it to you anyway?’ Don’t we all just wince and think, 'Ouch, elephant in the room!’

Even more evident when Carrie notices Quinn looking at her in a certain way

External image

'Why are you looking at me like that?’

We all slap our heads and think, 'Carrie, you’re so stupid!’

I’ve talked in depth about 'I can’t lose you, Quinn!’ For my part, I don’t see this as romantic, at all. I just think she’s realised that hell, she doesn’t want to do this without him. She needs him. She’s not sure why, yet. But she knows that she needs him. And for someone like Season Four Carrie, who doesn’t want that weakness, who is willing to sacrifice SAUL for the mission…. Yeah, this is kind of a big deal.

4x12 is wow. I’ve mentioned before, and I will mention again how we see a major shift in the way Carrie is acting towards Quinn in this episode. Almost to the point where when I was watching it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I loved what I was seeing. But couldn’t believe I was seeing it this soon. But it makes sense when you think about it. I’ll explain.

When Carrie has to leave Quinn in Islamabad, we see that she’s realised that she needs him. And this need really transfers when she’s back in normal life. She’s distant, she’s not functioning properly. Genuinely, in this episode, she looks lost. And then when Quinn comes back, she looks so found. This, again, SCREAMS OTP.


The way she looks at Quinn when she lays eyes on him outside the church. Everything about how this scene was shot SCREAMS OTP. She is distracted, talking to friends and family, at her Father’s funeral. Then suddenly, someone comes into focus in the background. She is visibly moved and physically relieved to see him. She walks away from her family and falls into his arms.

When Carrie and Quinn are together, Carrie can make sense of things. Everything seems easier with him around. You can visibly see the tension leaving her body when she knows that he’s all right. Her whole demeanour changes. (This AGAIN underlines the bad writing for Carrie in Season Five) She lets her guard down during this hug and it is beautiful to see. We’ve never seen this from Carrie. EVER. Her moments with Brody were more like 'Let’s shag in the cabin and plan a life together that will never work.’

(I’d also like to raise the point that Carrie and Brody’s reunion after MONTHS apart in Season Three wasn’t even emotional.)

Do we even know how long it’s been since they were in Islamabad? I can’t recall, but I would wager it was a lot less time.

My views on Carrie and Quinn and the kiss are well known. While she realised in 4x11 that she needed Quinn and that she didn’t want to lose him, for me in 4x12, she realised that that need could actually be romantic.

Hell, even Maggie sees it when they’re walking out of the door together.

But what I think is really interesting about the kiss scene, as I posted on Monday, is how Carrie reacts to it.

I think Carrie is taken aback and terrified by how she feels after the kiss. She has been thinking in this episode, and I challenge anyone to doubt me on this, that maybe she does like Quinn as more than a friend. She seems confident when she is around him, perhaps thinking that this could be good.

She wants him to kiss her, you can see it in her eyes.

External image

But when he actually does, all that confidence goes out of the window. The game changes. For me, I think this is because she realises that this is it. This is a future that could genuinely have a shot at working. This is a healthy, normal, stable relationship. This is Carrie’s worst nightmare in many respects because it’s a real relationship. It’s not doomed like Brody. Or meaningless like her countless other sexual hookups. She can’t manipulate Quinn like she did Brody because he sees right through her bullshit. He knows her, he has seen her 'at her worst’ and wants to be with her anyway. He accepts all of her.

Carrie hates this loss of control. And she panics. She immediately makes the jump from kiss to future and runs away.

'Quinn, I’ll just fuck it up.’


External image

Quinn talks her round, addressing her insecurities, providing the valid reasons why they would work. And you all know I just love when she’s looking at him and her eyes are smiling because she’s talking to her heart. 'Could this man make me happy?’ Yes. 'Could this actually work?’ Yes. 'Could I fall in love with this man?’ Yes.

It’s incredible acting from Claire.

External image

But still, she’s hesitant. And again, this is very very un-Carrie. She takes a very very different tactic with Quinn. She doesn’t dive straight into bed with him as she has done with every other good looking man in her life that she’s taken a fancy to. And this for me, again, SCREAMS OTP. The fact that we haven’t seen Carrie and Quinn have sex also feels very significant. We know the sexual tension is there. It literally jumps off the screen. And yet they haven’t had sex yet. No, they’re saving that. I hope they save it as long as possible. For me, the longer they don’t have sex, the more it confirms that they are the OTP because it underlines their relationship as different from every other 'romantic’ relationship that Carrie has had.

I’d also like to share my thoughts on the C/Q phone conversation in 4x12. Which is heartbreaking, but underlines why they’re not ready for each other yet. 4x12 is very centred around Carrie’s feelings for Quinn (which we haven’t seen so clearly before this episode) but I think it’s also very interesting in how it shows Quinn’s feelings for Carrie.

He’s so confident after their kiss. We know how much this moment means to him. Especially after everything that happened between them in Season Four. All those many many romantically heavy moments in Season Four where nothing is confronted but the emotions are there.

He reassures her, underlining how confident is is of his feelings for her.

'I know how this goes, it ends badly.’

'Till it doesn’t.’

External image

Quinn knows he’s the right guy for Carrie in this scene. Heck, he’s even cocky. He is so sure of his feelings for her. He knows her shit. He knows that she needs to get out as much as he does. He’s noticed the shift in her in this episode.

And then, he drives away. Carrie runs away from him (literally) to Missouri.


He finally calls her with his, 'I can barely contain myself and how excited I am about what happened last night..’ and he coolly comes out with 'I’m wondering about you.’ This scene is amazingly acted by Rupert. He’s trying not to be excited, he’s trying to protect himself and to stay calm and collected.

External image

He probably couldn’t think of anything else to say. There aren’t really words for 'I’ve been in love with you for two years. Last night meant everything to me.’ He probably gathered from her hesitancy that she didn’t feel their relationship on the level that he did but the fact that she might. The fact that she could. The fact that she had kissed him back. That was everything.

I love how he offers to fly out. He wants to see her, maintain the level of intimacy they had that night. Maintain that closeness. And she shoots him down. And he can’t handle it, because she is everything to him. My stomach drops for Quinn when he speaks to her. His tone of voice is different, even though he’s trying to be normal.

And when she 'rejects’ him, even though she doesn’t, he runs away. That confidence is shattered. Quinn is very much a victim of his own love for Carrie here. He’s been dreaming of this moment for so long and it doesn’t go exactly the way he planned. So he runs away. This proves that he’s not ready.

The fact that Carrie finds out from her Mother that her bi-polar disorder was not a hindrance to her having real lasting relationships and the fact that this gives her the push to call Quinn is hugely significant. She decides that she is ready to take that step, to confront that fear and be with Quinn. She decides she’s ready to truly be with someone, without that safety net. She is all in because being with Quinn is a massive deal. It could wreck their friendship and would completely change both of their lives. But she’s ready to give it up, for him. This also SCREAMS OTP.

But then he’s gone. This man, who Carrie has finally decided that she wants to be with. He’s gone. They miss each other by a matter of hours. This also SCREAMS OTP.

By the time we get to Season Five (holy cow, I’ve written 9 pages!) Carrie and Quinn are the characters that we, as viewers, are most anxious to see together. Regardless of the time hop, regardless if you’re a shipper or not, viewers are waiting to see what happens between these two main characters.

As a further point, the fact that they decided to 'go there’ with Carrie and Quinn also underlines that they are going to 'go there’ with Carrie and Quinn. They introduced an explicit romance between Carrie and Quinn in Season Four. It’s two main characters. They can’t ignore it now.

External image

“Jeez, what are we supposed to do? Call the cops, it’s already out there!!” Harry from 'When Harry Met Sally’

Sorry, I digress. To take a quote from a 5x04 review by AV Club;

“Carrie and Quinn aren’t ideally compatible, and these aren’t the ideal circumstances for their long-awaited reunion, but as soon as they appear on screen together, Homeland makes more sense than it has all season.”

This is the point I’d like to make. Because of everything that happened in Season Four, we have been waiting for these two characters to get in a room together to see what would happen. To see if anything has changed. This underlines their relationship, AGAIN, as the most important one on the show. Because this is what viewers have been waiting for. There is a 'heaviness’ laying between them in this first scene. Despite the fact that Quinn tries to be all cold, it takes us all of five seconds to realise that he still loves her. You’re not subtle, Quinn.

External image

He can’t resist taking a jibe at Carrie’s new domestic bliss. Carrie confronts him about their near-miss and tells him that she hasn’t stopped thinking about him. I do, genuinely think that she is trying to rekindle their closeness here, by bringing up their past relationship, but Quinn is, again, acting all distant and cold.

External image

It doesn’t matter now.

Except it so clearly does. There is also the reintroduction of the elephant in the room with these two again in this episode which again, SCREAMS OTP.

How do I look? Like someone else.

The whole, 'You’re not the woman I fell in love with.’

Sing it with me, ‘There’s such a distance…. between us. And a million miles…” We’d like to thank Adele for sponsoring this episode.

Except when they’re back in action together, back in their professional partnership, back kicking ass where they belong, it’s like they’ve never been apart. And it’s underlined once again that Quinn is definitely still in love with Carrie.

External image

And again when he literally sacrifices himself to keep her safe. This again SCREAMS OTP.

And then we have Carrie being self involved, lusting after cabin sex with Jonas and just generally not being Carrie. This is the period in Homeland Season Five that just doesn’t make sense. Say episodes 5x05 to 5x09. After everything that happened in Season Four, and how Carrie said she wasn’t going to leave Quinn in 5x04, how she puts herself at risk to get help for him… she leaves him. And seems distracted and 'Oh dear, oh dear’ when Jonas tells her he is dying as opposed to, 'I can’t lose you, Quinn!’ 'Take him to a fucking hospital, Jonas!’ which would have been more in line with the Carrie we know.

Even though Carrie does show some remorse when she’s talking to Otto, she still doesn’t do anything about it. And this isn’t Carrie. She doesn’t just run away and do nothing. Especially where Quinn is concerned.

And when it’s actually underlined that she waited nine days and waited for everything else that was going on to be sorted out before she tends to Quinn… this is just unbelievable. As in, I genuinely don’t believe that Carrie would have waited that long. With Quinn being in the state that he was, the Carrie we knew from Seasons Three and Four, and maybe even Two (as she does go and visit him in the hospital after the Gettysburg attack), would not have just left him way down on her priority list. Just no.

My views on 5x10 and 5x11 and 5x12 are well known. So I’m not going to hash over them again. But what I will say is that they underline more than ever, that Carrie and Quinn will end up together.

In 5x10, we see the physical agony that Carrie feels seeing Quinn in that much pain. We see Carrie’s complete devastation when she thinks that he is dead. The way she sits silently at his bedside at the end of 5x10, feeling sad, and feeling guilty for how she neglected him. As though she is re-realising that he is her everything, and how could she have been so stupid and so careless?

External image

5x11 and the famous 'I’m here, waiting for you.’

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. This is pure emotion. I would compare it to the hug in 4x12 in terms of one of the moments when we see Carrie’s true feelings for Quinn. As I’ve said before, every line Carrie says to Quinn when they’re bringing him round is rehearsed and is there for a reason. 'It’s me, Carrie.’ 'I need to talk to you.’ 'It’s really important that you wake up.’ They’re all so staged, so calm, so emotionless.’

But this….

External image

This is pure love and pure longing. In that moment, she would have waited forever. We even have a cut in there to establish this statement as different to the ones before. And the fact that Quinn shows response to this statement of love, and not her other statements again SCREAMS OTP. He didn’t respond to, 'Quinn, it’s me, Carrie.’ or 'It’s really important that you wake up.’ No, he responded to her saying, with all that love and all that longing, that she was waiting for him.

Real subtle.

While I’m still unsure as to what is going on with Carrie’s feelings for Quinn in 5x12 as it didn’t follow on logically from 5x11 as again, the writing for Carrie was all over the place, I still think her fear of what 'could be’ with Quinn is there. I still think she’s afraid of what she feels when she’s around him. The same sort of fear that characterised her crazy road trip to Missouri and the way she felt after she left Dar Adal’s house at the end of Season Four. That feeling that this could be it, and what if he’s gone?

I’m not sure what motivates Carrie’s decision to mercy kill Quinn at the end of Season Five. Perhaps it’s what Dar said, although I suspect she thinks that she’s fulfilling Quinn’s wishes because of what he wrote in the letter. (FYI, the fact that Quinn’s letter was interrupted also SCREAMS OTP) These declarations and moments are always interrupted with OTPs.

However, now we pretty much know that Quinn is alive and she doesn’t go through with it, we have once again, a Homeland season finale that is centred around the relationship between Carrie and Quinn. This also SCREAMS OTP. Our lasting realisations from Season Five are that Quinn loves Carrie. We’ve heard it in his own words. We also have Carrie by his bedside, and our close memories from 5x10 and 5x11, wherein we see just what Quinn means to Carrie (which again, they haven’t shown us a lot of but they do, when it counts!)

This establishes, as all the seasons have done in different ways, how the relationship between Quinn and Carrie is really the one that matters. They are friends, they are colleagues, they trust each other implicitly, they’re not afraid to call on each other’s bullshit, they put each other above the mission and they’re not afraid to put themselves in danger to save the other. This has developed into a real lasting love between both of them that has and is powering the show.

It’s the relationship on Homeland. It just is. Despite the writers saying that they weren’t gonna do the 'will they, won’t they,’ that’s exactly what they have done. And they’ve used a shit load of tried and tested techniques of the 'will they, won’t they’ OTPs from other shows in order to do it. Especially with holding off on C/Q sex when they’re not afraid to show Carrie having a lot of sex.

Maybe they said they weren’t gonna do it to try and establish Homeland as 'different’ from other shows. But from all the looks between Carrie and Quinn, the 'elephant in the room’, the near misses, the sacrifices, the keeping them apart, they are using all the tricks in the book with Carrie and Quinn to underline that they are the one true pairing of the show.

Okay, I’m done.

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #5

Back again with the weekly recs! All are gen unless otherwise noted. Previous recs are in my fic rec tag! There have been quite a few. This week appears to be mostly an enormous pile of fluff. Kind of balances out the pain some of my earlier lists, hopefully. Some of these are ones I forgot last week, so the list is kind of long, too.

I’ll see you when the morning comes by calmdad
Words: 1,683
Author’s Summary: A quiet moment between a princess and her steward while the Castle of Lions still sleeps.
My Comments: A part of me regrets making Allura into kind of a bad guy in my recent fic. It’s really not her fault. She’s under a huge amount of pressure, too, maybe even more than the paladins. This fic highlights that really well, and gives her a moment to depressurize with the only person who really understands everything she’s going through. The ending did me in. So sweet.

The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Words: 9,198 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: “What is happening?” Allura demands, her voice loud in their ears. “Paladins, did you find Shiro?” “Uh, yeah, we found him,” Hunk stutters. Shiro’s gaze flickers up, small and impossibly young. “He’s…uh. He’s fine?” Or, the de-aged!Shiro fic everybody nobody asked for.
My Comments: DE-AGED SHIRO DE-AGED SHIRO DE-AGED SHIRO! ::claps hands like a monkey:: I am a gigantic sucker for deaged fics, and oh golly this one is fantastic so far. The first chapter is pure action/adventure, but the second chapter is where the story really seems to begin, and everyone is perfect. I can’t wait for more.

There’s No Place by Devils_Little_Angel
Words: 3,548
Author’s Summary: Home
[hohm]noun1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.2. the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.
My Comments: Tagged with ships, but essentially platonic. There’s lion bonding and paladin bonding and sweet, sweet Lance and Keith interaction. It’s a warm mushy cuddle pile of a fic, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Until the Storm Passes by thequietone8
Words: 2,147
Author’s Summary: “‘Pidge? Why are you up?’ 'So I’m… Uh… Scared of thunderstorms?’ Yeah let’s go with that…” More like Shiro gets woken up by frequent thunderstorms on the planet Allura hides the castle on. Pidge tries to help him (and succeeds!).
My Comments: Sweet little fic with clever Pidge wiggling her way through Shiro’s barriers. They’re adorable. More cuddling!

Millennia by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 1,275
Author’s Summary: The Blue Lion muses about her life, and her pilots. Both past and present.
My Comments: Golly, I love Lance and Blue so much. Blue’s perspective is really interesting and deep, and goodness, she loves Lance almost as much as I do, possibly more. And Lance loves her back, and shows her so in the sweetest, most endearingly childlike way you can imagine. I am verklempt over this fic.

Smoochmaster by kankrisredsweater
Words: 3,617
Author’s Summary: A friendly debate between Keith and Lance turns into a full-blown competition. The task? Kiss everyone on board the ship.
My Comments: You could read this as shipping or polyamory, but I just see a whole lot of affection here, and it’s wonderful. Everyone is adorably in character. I love how well they take the competition and how accepting they are of kisses from the two hotheaded young idiots. The ending was ridiculously satisfying.

Study in Sleep Habits by Hunk by chocolateandnerves
Words: 1,157
Author’s Summary: Hunk sleepwalks. It’s a wonder no one notices until he’s in their bed.
My Comments: This fic is perfect. The only problem is that now I want Hunk to sleepwalk into MY bed and cuddle me all night long.

See What We’ve Become by Reign_of_Rayne
Words: 13,776
Author’s Summary: They were not ready. Caught by surprise when a Galra team infiltrates the Castle of Lions during a supply run, Shiro and Pidge must fight together to save Allura, Coran, and the other paladins. But Shiro’s mind is working against him, and Pidge can’t produce miracles.
My Comments: Okay, here’s some action/adventure to break up the fluff. This feels like an episode, quick-paced and exciting, but with some great character moments. Fun read, if a little painful at times.

Snapshots and Other Bonding Moments by cheshireree
Words: 4,388
Author’s Summary: Four moments between Lance & Hunk and One moment spent with Team Voltron.
My Comments: Do you like the idea of Hunk and Lance as childhood friends? I sure do! This follows them from first meeting to current time, in moments of joy and heartache alike. They’re both such wonderful supports for each other, and everyone around them too. Truly the legs of Voltron. 

Mama Holt by GriffinRose
Words: 6,940
Author’s Summary: After an impromptu vacation to Earth, all the paladins come back with a few things from home. Lance brought pictures, Hunk brought his family’s cooking, Shiro brought books, and Pidge…well. Pidge brought her mother. AKA Mama Holt adjusts to her new life in space and slowly adopts everyone.
My Comments: Oh, goodness, it’s so good for the Voltron team to finally get some support. Having Pidge’s mom come along after a visit to Earth makes sense, and it’s also practically NECESSARY for the team to function. Lance finally gets mom hugs, Pidge gets someone who makes sure she sleeps, and Coran gets someone he can complain to about all the children he has to deal with now. It’s a great concept and I want it to happen in the show.

Dream Lions by earthstar
Words: 2,207
Author’s Summary: Shiro has been plagued by nightmares ever since he escaped the Galra. He had expected tonight’s nightmare to be the same, but then it took an unexpected turn.
My Comments: I am a big fan of lion bonding, and a big fan of Shiro getting an ally to help him with his nightmares, and this solution just about does it for me. All I need is for it to happen in the show. (Hmm, that’s becoming a refrain in these recs.)

The Comfiest Mystery by angelsaves for chaoticallyclev
Words: 1,130
Author’s Summary: Somebody is putting blankets over the paladins when they fall asleep in awkward places.
My Comments: SO satisfying, omg. I love it.

Space Is Cold by borrowedphrases
Words: 1,152
Author’s Summary: Lance is a pain in the butt, but Hunk loves him and worries about him anyway.
My Comments: Hance. Cute, sweet, adorable, loving Hance. My sweet summer boys. Just the way I like them.

Fake It by WashiPuppy
Words: 8,994
Author’s Summary: Without the presence of other people to drown them out, the thoughts inside his head were getting too loud. Loud enough to drive him from his room in a desperate attempt to escape his own stupid head for long enough to sleep. It was too loud in there, and too honest. He needed to be around people, otherwise he was just left with…Just himself, and the agitated, twitching feeling of his own skin. A tale in which Lance and the Blue Lion have a one-sided conversation, Hunk is a Lance Whisperer, Pidge notices lots of things, Keith gets the wrong end of the stick, and Shiro gets a new nickname.
My Comments: It is a known fact of Voltron fanfic that an insecure Lance requires a wise, comforting Hunk. This should be chiseled in stone somewhere. It practically already is. But yeah, I love this. Some snark and humor in there, too, and the characters feel like themselves.

Some of my favorite WIPs also updated recently and I read them eagerly. I’ve recced them before but I gotta mention them again because they’re just so good. If you haven’t read them yet, do it now.

Blood Brothers by ptw30 
Aid by Haurvatat
Like trust falls from towers by kinosternon

MC Shoots a gun and doesn’t fail at it - KBTBB Request!

So I received this request a little while back, but I thought it was a very awesome idea and concept from @richbidder-jen, where the MC shoots a gun and doesn’t fail at it! - possibly use scenario where her bidder is in danger?

Thank you so much for your patience my lovely followers! The past 3-4 weeks have been so stressful. I won’t go into details again as I mentioned it in my last musings post recently. But not writing frequently had left me feeling even more disheartened, so I’m really pleased to be posting this finally! After working on it over 3 weeks, it needed to be posted tonight! 

TRIGGER WARNING - This head-canon features scenes of a threatening nature that might unsettle some readers, including characters in danger and held at gunpoint as well as some references to stalkers. Please do not read if you think this may affect you. 


Baba - When Baba had been threatened by a crime boss that the gentleman thief had stolen from; his concerns were more for you than himself.
‘Baba, I don’t need a gun,’ you frowned, trying to insist that you were fine, though your boyfriend was adamant.
‘These guys are no joke. They have no respect for women and would not hesitate to harm you if they think that it will get to me.’
Taking your hands in his, you could hardly ignore the concern in his imploring eyes as your shoulders dropped in defeat.
‘If I agree to this; then as soon as it’s over, promise me I don’t have to keep the gun.’
‘I promise. This is just for your protection…’
While you still felt uneasy about the prospect of having a gun in your possession, you could tell just how much Baba cared about you as he pulled you into his arms.
‘I’ll keep you safe pretty lady…I promise.’
While Baba had made a point that you not go anywhere along for the time being, you had been amazed by the other bidders holding the same views on the matter.
Though there was one slight hitch with Baba’s plan. You had never touched a gun in your life, let alone fired one.
There was only one man that could help you on that front.
‘Soryu, please…’
Thinking you would need to accept defeat, you had been about to leave the mafia boss’s office when Soryu, apparently seeing the worry in your expression, heaved a sigh.
‘Don’t go telling the others I did this, or you’ll regret it. I can’t have anyone thinking I’m going soft or any other ridiculous notion,’ he remarked, folding his arms across his chest.
‘Thank you! Thank you so much!’ you remarked, feeling as though something of a weight had been lifted, though Soryu continued to regard you seriously.
‘You’d better pay attention. I’m not going to waste my time on you.’
Assuring him you wouldn’t, Soryu finally nodded, looking satisfied as he handed you a small card with a time and location on it.
‘Be there. If you’re even a minute late, the deal’s off,’ Soryu remarked, reminding you somewhat of Eisuke in that moment, though you didn’t dare say it.
For the first couple of weeks, everything was relatively quiet and uneventful. Though just as you began to think that perhaps the danger had already passed, you were proven wrong.
Stepping out of the elevator on the penthouse level after work, you had been about to round the corner when you heard an unfamiliar voice.
‘Don’t worry boss. No one’s around and these rich people ain’t gonna be armed. He’s not gonna have his guard up in this place given Ichinomiya’s stringent security.’
Taking out your mirror from your handbag, you could feel your heart rate increasing as you noted the gun in your bag. Easing it in front of you, you could just make out the one guy. His back seemed to be to you, but you didn’t want to draw any attention to yourself.
Where was everyone?
As it dawned on you that the bidders were scheduled to hold a meeting, you knew they would be coming back soon, but not soon enough.
Hearing a door, you stole a glance around the corner to see the assailant slipping into the suite you shared with Baba.
Slipping out of your shoes to avoid making a sound, you took the gun from your bag and phone, slipping the latter into your pocket as you carefully made your way towards the suite.
Finding the door still slightly ajar, you were able to nudge it as you heard the assailant tell Baba to put his hands behind his head and get down on his knees. Looking through the mirror in the entrance, you took a deep breath as you pushed the door open quietly, bracing the gun in your hand.
Trying to remind yourself of everything that you had been taught, you could see Baba kneeling down, and while he didn’t make eye-contact, you knew that he had seen you.
Taking the safety off, the click seemed to sound louder than it ever had in practise when the gunman turned to you.
Hearing Baba shout your name, you pulled the trigger, striking the hitman squarely in the shoulder as he dropped his own weapon, with Baba tackling him to the ground from behind.
Hearing the sound of rushed footsteps, you couldn’t move as you heard the familiar voices of the other bidders as they burst into the room.
As Mamoru took over from Baba, your boyfriend rushed to you as you dropped to your knees, the gun slipping from your shaking hands as he took you in his arms.
‘You’re okay…thank god…I was so worried…’
Feeling tears in your eyes at Baba’s words, you finally returned his embrace, hugging him tightly as you looked over his shoulder, your eyes meeting Soryu’s as he gave you a look of undeniable pride.
As Baba kissed your forehead, he cupped your face in his hands.
‘You saved my life…’
‘Of course I did…I love you,’ you responded, as though it were the most natural thing in the world.
‘I love you too beautiful lady…I promised I’d keep you safe and once again, you saved me first,’ he whispered, holding you close.

Soryu - It wasn’t the first time that the Ice Dragons had faced problems with rival gangs. You knew that Soryu could handle himself. But it still weighed heavily on your mind as you went to visit the Ice Dragons one afternoon.
At Soryu’s insistence, you had been assigned a protectional detail, though you couldn’t help but feel uneasy at the constant presence of such daunting bodyguards.
Heading towards Soryu’s office, Ryosuke was on hand to greet you as he chatted with you happily until he heard Soryu’s voice calling his name.
‘Y-Yes sir!’
‘Stop harassing my woman.’
Trying to suppress a giggle at Soryu’s awkward jealousy, you headed into the office, feeling relieved that the bodyguards wouldn’t follow you as you shut the door and let out a sigh.
‘You seem tense,’ Soryu noted, coming to envelop you in his arms.
‘I’ll just be glad to be able to get around by myself. Are you sure this is really necessary?’
‘I have to ensure your safety…If any of those thugs laid a hand on you…’ he murmured, trailing off as he held you a little closer.
You knew that Soryu was concerned, but you had to admit that having those guards around was making you feel more on edge.
‘I can take care of myself Soryu…I learnt from the best didn’t I?’ you asked with a warm smile, looking up from your spot against his chest as Soryu breathed deeply.
‘I wouldn’t be able to stop worrying about you if I told them to stop watching over you…Unless…’
Seemingly thinking it over; Soryu suddenly let you go as he headed over to the other side of the office, behind his desk and to the safe that he kept hidden in the floor.
Following him in curiosity, Soryu pulled out a sleek wooden box, finished with silver fastenings and emblazoned with a dragon.
Opening it up, Soryu revealed a gun, much smaller than the one he typically carried.
‘I had been keeping this for you just in case you ever needed it.’
‘I had it specially ordered for you. I though you could use it the next time we went to the shooting range. But it will do just as well to protect you.’
Suddenly the bodyguards seemed like a better idea.
‘Soryu, I’ve never shot anyone in my life…I couldn’t shoot anyone…’
‘It’s just for your safety. I know that you could at least wound someone if you needed too.’
Placing the gun in your hands, you couldn’t deny that it was light, the shape of it fitting perfectly in your hand as you took in the silver finish.
Taking a deep breath, you seemed to hesitate for a moment when Soryu leant in and kissed your forehead.
‘It’s just another precaution…’
Trying to remind yourself of that as Soryu reassured you, you finally nodded in agreement, seeing a gentle smile touch your boyfriends lips as he kissed you.
‘That’s my girl…’
A few days later; Soryu had gotten through all of his work considerably earlier than expected and had invited you to stay at his condo after work.
Taking him up on it willingly, you had stopped by to pick up some ingredients for dinner before walking to Soryu’s condo.
As you were going there anyway, Soryu had dismissed your bodyguards for the day. Though as you approached the condo, you realised something was very wrong.
Seeing Soryu’s keys still in the ignition of his car, you glanced up to the windows, thankful for the lack of light outside as you went around to the back entrance.
Putting everything down, you had remembered the gun Soryu had given you. Taking it out of your bag, you took a deep breath as you reminded yourself of everything Soryu had taught you.
Hearing heated voices from inside, you cowered slightly at the sound of glasses smashing from within the living area.
Carefully creeping through the condo, you steadied your hands as you stole a glance down the hallway and made out a single figure stood over someone.
Easing towards them, you raised your gun, with your heart feeling as though it was beating a mile a minute.
It was only when Soryu was punched, hard, that you let out a small sound.
As the attacker rounded on you, you kept your gun aimed squarely at him.
‘So this is your best line of defence, Oh? I have to say, she’s cute. Maybe we can find some use for her,’ he remarked, his eyes trailing over you in such a way that you couldn’t shake the feeling of disgust.
‘Step away from him…’
‘Or what? You’ll shoot? Don’t make me lau-’
Pulling the trigger before he could even finish his sentence, the assailant screamed out in agony as he fell to the floor, clutching his leg as blood began to trickle from his kneecap.
Rushing forwards, Soryu warned you he was armed as you aimed your gun once more and told him to push his weapons away from him.
With little choice but to comply, the gunman had pushed aside his own weapon as you checked him over, before collecting the other gun and quickly freeing Soryu.
As if on cue, Ryosuke and Samejima came bursting in with several other Ice Dragon underlings on hand.
Struggling to comprehend that the danger had passed, you maintained a tight grip on the firearm, your hands going white as you lowered to the floor, breathing deeply.
Once Soryu had managed to gently ease the gun from your shaking hands, he pressed featherlight kisses to each one, as if to reaffirm that you were safe.
‘Thank you…’ he whispered in your ear, the warmth of his voice breathing life back into you as you suddenly wrapped yourself up in his embrace.
‘You’re safe…’ you murmured, as if reassuring yourself that it was really over as Soryu held you close.
‘Thanks to you…It’s all thanks to you.’
It had been Soryu’s every intention to protect you; but ultimately, it had been you that had proven just how strong and capable you truly were.

Ota - Ota was well known by his “angelic artist” persona. Very few people had actually seen behind the facade and the true man underneath that false smile.
You were one of them.
But while you had undoubtedly found love in Ota’s true self, others had found a target.
As a talented artist, Ota was also a great asset to the auctions. Every piece of artwork, from painting to sculpture was carefully evaluated by Ota to ensure it’s authenticity.
While his skill was much appreciated by the bidders and, by association, the patrons of the IVC, there were those who despised him for it.
Believing Ota to be corrupted for his role in the auctions, a group had taken it upon themselves to blackmail him.
At first it hardly concerned Ota. After all, threats were always a possibility for anyone with status or money. Though when you had discovered the threats against your boyfriend, you couldn’t deny the fear that gripped you. Unfortunately, the other bidders weren’t entirely helpful in supporting your take on it.
‘Ota you need to report it…’
’What do you think I can say to the police? I’m being blackmailed, which is likely due to my participation in illegal auctions?’ Ota responded, looking entirely too casual about the whole thing.
‘Mamoru?’ you sighed, hoping to get some help from the slacker detective.
‘Sorry kid but the brat has a pretty good point. If you get the police sniffing around, they’re only gonna turn up things that these guys want them to turn up. It’s a no brainer.’
‘So what? You guys just hang around on the penthouse level and hope that no one tries to make good on their word?’ you responded incredulously.
‘You seen agitated Koro, do you want a walk?’
‘Unbelievable…’ you sighed.
‘If it’s wrong for your girlfriend to be worried, then fine. But I’m not Koro anymore and I can’t believe with a detective, mobster and master thief among you, that no one is taking this seriously.’
Leaving the suite without another word, you headed back to work, though not before putting your phone away in your locker. The last thing you wanted was to be harassed by the bidders when you were in such a bad mood.
While it surprised you that the bidders did appear to keep their distance for the rest of the day; you had been grateful for the space.
When you had finally finished your shift, you discovered a message from Ota, asking you out to dinner that evening.
Sensing his guilty tone by his lack of teasing, you headed up to the penthouse level in the staff elevator, thinking you wanted to get changed first.
It was only as you stepped out onto the penthouse floor, that you noticed things seemed unusually quiet.
Despite your earlier frustrations, you couldn’t help but wonder if you had gotten too worked up over the whole situation.
That was when you felt it, a sharp holy of pain in between your shoulder blades.
Obliging to the unfamiliar voice, you began to walk as directed, following his demands as you were led into the penthouse lounge.
Finding the other bidders seemingly backed into a corner, Ota’s eyes widened, losing all sense of calm.
‘Let her go!’
‘What do you care? Isn’t she just your pet?’
‘She is innocent…’
‘Innocent? Hardly. Who discovers an illegal auction and does nothing about it?’
Looking up to the man who seemed to be in charge, you couldn’t help but feel your anxiety spiking as you noted the lack of masks.
They weren’t afraid of displaying their identities.
Being forced to your knees, you felt a hand grip your hair, pulling you back harshly as Ota and the other bidders looked on, defenceless to help you.
Looking over at the coffee table; you could see both Soryu’s and Mamoru’s guns. Out of reach and out of their hands.
Feeling a pair of eyes on you, you glanced up to meet Soryu’s gaze, finding him looking between you and something to your left with his eyes before returning his attention to your captors.
Having followed his line of sight, your breath caught in your throat as you discovered the muzzle of a gun peeking out from the hem of the nearest criminal.
You knew if you could get the gun strapped to his ankle, you might just stand a chance…
‘She has nothing to do with this!’
‘She has everything to do with this!’
Taking your moment amidst the arguing, you jolted forwards, seizing the holstered weapon and firing it above you, aiming directly for one of the light fixtures.
As the chain broke; the crystal chandelier swayed violently before snapping completely.
With the assailants darting out of the way as the chandelier dropped and shook the floor with the force of it’s weight, Soryu and Baba were on their feet. Having threatened them with guns only, the bidders hadn’t been bound. Using the commotion to gain the upper hand, you whirled round, turning the gun on your captor.
‘On your knees. Hands behind your head.’
You barely recognised your own voice as the words left your mouth. With little choice but to comply, the man who had taken you was now powerless to fight back. Soryu, Baba and Mamoru had taken care of the rest. It was honestly the most active you had ever seen the detective.
Once you were finally able to lower your gun; you felt as though your legs might give way when a pair of arms slipped around your waist.
‘It’s okay…we’re all okay.’
His voice was like a pillar of strength, but his slightly trembling hands hadn’t escaped your notice.
Turning into his embrace, Ota held you tightly, as if he was afraid you might disappear.
‘I’m sorry…for everything, I’m sorry…’
‘I love you,’ you whispered, feeling a warmth against your skin as you realised Ota was crying into your shoulder.

Mamoru - When you had discovered that Mamoru had been in an ‘officer involved shooting,’ you had dropped everything and gone straight to the hospital. Though not before Eisuke had gotten a company car and driver to take you there.
You knew that Mamoru had been targeting a drug ring that was had been operating within Tokyo for the past few years, but it was only in recent weeks that the police had gained solid leads from leaks within the infrastructure of the gang itself.
While you had known from the start that dating Mamoru would come with it’s share of anxieties, you had tried your best to remain positive and supportive as his girlfriend.
Though times like these had you wracked with worry.
After finally locating your boyfriend, you knew you were getting close when you were able to hear the profanities coming from behind a nearby curtain.
‘Jeez doc, do ya think you could take it easy?!’
Seeing your boyfriend look up to you, he had been about to speak when a groan of pain left his lips instead.
Hearing a clink of metal as another shard hit the dish, you tried not to look at it too much as you went to your boyfriend’s side and took his hand.
‘What happened?’
‘Typical raid…some asshole though it would be a good idea to put a bullet right into my shoulder,’ he remarked, clearly trying to make you feel better, but failing miserably at it.
‘I’m okay sweetheart, really,’ he encouraged, his voice softer than before as he gently cupped the side of your face with his free hand.
‘I’m afraid the wound was quite deep Detective Kishi. You’re also going to need a couple of stitches on your forearm.’
‘Well this day just keeps getting better. That’s the last time I get outta bed in the morning,’ he grumbled, though you squeezed his hand, urging him to be polite as you bowed slightly to the doctor.
‘Thank you for taking care of him.’
Nodding to the pair of you, the Doctor left you alone to fetch some more supplies necessary to treat Mamoru’s wounds.
‘Are you sure you’re okay?’
‘Yeah…I’m more pissed off about the guy that got away.’
‘One escaped?’
‘Yeah, but it’s fine. Half the guys in the precinct are out searching for him,’ he said airily, seemingly uninterested by it. Though you couldn’t help but feel concerned.
‘Is he the one who shot you?’
‘Nah, we got him, just gotta hope the one who got away wasn’t armed like some of the others.’
Trying to put the thought out of your mind, you changed the topic, hoping that it would make you feel more at ease.
‘I’m really glad you’re okay,’ you said quietly, feeling an arm wrap over your shoulders as Mamoru averted your gaze.
‘Yeah yeah, don’t go gettin’ all mushy on me right now,’ he grumbled, though you could tell he was blushing slightly.
Once the Doctor had come back and began to stitch up Mamoru’s other wound, you had gone to get a soda from the cafeteria, but was stopped by a nurse on your way.
‘You’re with Detective Kishi aren’t you?’
‘Would you mind signing a couple of forms to get his belongings back?’
‘Oh, of course,’ you nodded, following her to the desk and filling out the necessary paperwork, knowing that Mamoru wouldn’t feel like it when he came to leave.
Though as you went to pick up the bag containing his weapon and credentials, you heard a gunshot ring out down the corridor.
Before you had time to react, the double doors leading to another ward burst open.
‘Everyone, down on the ground, now!’
With another gunshot, you were forced to drop to the floor, knocking Mamoru’s belongings off the counter as you crouched down.
‘Please sir, this is a hospital, we don’t want any-’
As the Doctor was struck hard with the butt of the assailants gun, you looked down to see Mamoru’s weapon just within reach.
‘Kishi! Get out here so I can finish what my brother started, you son of a bitch!’
Taking deep breaths, you hoped and prayed that Mamoru would remain hidden, but of course, deep down, you knew that it was never even a choice.
‘Ease up. No one needs to get hurt,’ Mamoru breathed calmly, walking out with his hands raised.
How could he sound so calm?
‘On your knees Kishi!’
‘Come on…let’s just talk about this. Why do something stupid and make things worse for yourself by killing a cop? Just give me the gun…’
‘No chance,’ the assailant snarled.
‘On your knees!’
With the gunman distracted by Mamoru, you gingerly slipped Mamoru’s gun out of it’s holster, putting it just out of sight as you watched the scene unfold. You knew there was no way you would be able to get Mamoru’s gun to him…and that only left one option.
Tightening your hold on the grip panel, you felt as though your heart might burst out of your chest from the way it was pounding.
Though as you heard the familiar click of the hammer being pulled back, all doubt in your mind disappeared.
As the gunman turned on you, you pulled the trigger, hitting your target squarely in the shin. Watching him fall to the floor, screaming out profanities, Mamoru was quick yo seize the formers weapon.
Seeing SWAT come rushing in at the sound of gunfire, you slumped back against the desk, breathing heavily as you lowered Mamoru’s gun.
As Mamoru crouched in front of you, cupping your face with his free hand, you let out a shaky sigh of relief as you looked into his eyes.
‘It’s okay baby girl…it’s over…’
Bringing you into his arms, you rested your head against his chest as he held you close.
‘Thank you sweetheart…’

Eisuke - You often wondered how long it would be before something like this happened. Running a black market auction was bound to invite trouble at some point. Though Eisuke’s reaction to your concerns was arrogant, as always.
In spite of that; you hadn’t let the subject go.
After the incident in the casino some months back, where mobsters from a rival gang had infiltrated Tres Spades during a perfectly legal event, you couldn’t help but wonder over the number of people who would disrupt an illegal auction.
A week before the IVC, you had felt uneasy, as though someone were following you.
After getting some groceries one afternoon, you felt as though you were being watched as you walked back to Tres Spades. Though the moment you turned around, you were unable to see anyone.
You hadn’t intended to tell Eisuke, presuming that he would shrug it off. But as always, your boyfriend could read you like an open book.
‘It’s nothing…’
Trying to argue that your were fine when Eisuke questioned you; he stopped you from going any further with his piercing gaze as he stood in front of you.
‘Tell me what’s going on,’ he remarked, his voice firm as he regarded you seriously.
You were convinced that you were being ridiculous. After all, you hadn’t actually seen anyone following you, let alone watching you. But as you felt Eisuke’s fingers intertwine with yours in an encouraging manner, every argument you had formulated against telling him, suddenly vanished.
‘I feel as though someone’s been following me over the past few days. It’s probably nothing, but I can’t shake the feeling of uneasiness…’
While you hoped to appease Eisuke, your boyfriend immediately contacted security and requested Baba check all footage of you around Tres Spades for anything suspicious.
‘Ooh…that’s very possessive, even for you boss,’ Baba’s voice chimed on the other end of the phone.
‘My girlfriend has a potential stalker. Do your job and check the tapes Baba,’ Eisuke snapped. You heard a very hurried apology before Eisuke cut him off.
When Baba did find someone lurking however; at the edge of a handful of frames, the weight of the situation began to dawn on you. It was unsettling to say the least.
‘Don’t worry I won’t let anyone touch you,’ Eisuke remarked confidently, though you could see the concern and love in his eyes as he lightly squeezed your hand.
‘Soryu, run this guys face against every database your men can access. Baba; keep watch over the perimeter and ensure security is on full alert.’
‘Boss,’ Baba nodded, his response clipped, professional even.
They were taking this seriously.
‘So what can I do? I can’t skip work and no one can watch out for this guy all the time. Especially with the IVC this weekend.’
‘Forget the auction. Your safety is paramount,’ Eisuke insisted firmly.
‘The woman does have a point though,’ Soryu remarked, looking thoughtful for a moment, before taking his phone.
‘Samejima? Free up your schedule tomorrow morning. Eisuke’s woman needs some assistance.’
Exchanging glances between Eisuke and Soryu as the latter spoke on the phone with his subordinate, you wondered just what the mobster had in store for you.
Whatever you were expecting, it wasn’t that.
‘A shooting range?’
‘For the third time, yes.’
As you drew a deep breath, looking at the targets hung at different distances, you shook your head vigorously.
‘I can’t…I’ve never touched a gun in my life, let alone attempted to fire one.’
‘Though before you could back away, Samejima took your shoulders and made you look at him.
‘Yes, you can,’ he assured you, his expression much gentler than you were used too.
‘Koichi…I don’t…’
‘The boss won’t admit it, but he wants you to be safe as much as the rest of us. It would take much longer to teach you other means of self-defence and time may not be on your side in this case. Mr. Ichinomiya will likely ensure you are under strict protection, but, if the time comes, you need a way to defend yourself.’
‘I don’t want to kill anyone…’ you murmured in concern, seeing a semblance of a smile play on his lips.
‘You don’t have too. With the right aim, you can incapacitate an enemy to allow you the advantage. That’s what I’m here for. Now, let’s begin.’
You weren’t sure how he managed it, but soon enough, Samejima had you following his careful instructions as you practised shooting at the targets.
While at first your technique was stiff and tense, Samejima slowly accustomed you to the feel of the firearm in your hands and encouraged you to relax more.
‘Now, aim for the chest area.’
‘The larger the target, the easier the practise for a beginner. Hit the large target and then we can focus on the points that you would need to use.’
While you got better at handling a gun over the next couple of days, you were still doubtful over your ability to put your newfound skill into use in a real situation.
Even with Samejima’s encouragement, you continued to fret, especially when you were presented with your own gun.
Unbeknown to you, however, that gun would be something of a saviour.
As the IVC finally arrived, Eisuke and the bidders were busy preparing for the first night of the auctions, though the owner of Tres Spades still found the time to check in on you throughout your shift at work.
Feeling a warmth in your heart at Eisuke’s kindness, you had surprised him with a kiss before he departed for the penthouse level.
‘Thank you for watching over me,’ you breathed softly, expecting him to come back with some smug or arrogant comment.
Instead, you were rewarded with a warm smile as Eisuke gently kissed your forehead, whispering one word before parting ways.
That word stayed with you when you found the IVC delayed, with everyone crowded in the lounge, conversing in hushed whispers as you pushed your way through and found a few of the bidders.
‘What’s going on? I thought I was late?’ you remarked in confusion.
‘There’s a situation in the hall,’ Ota responded, looking concerned as he glanced to Mamoru as if to ask for his help.
‘What kind of situation? Where’s Eisuke?’
‘He’s in the middle of it,’ Mamoru stated, earning him a glare from Ota.
‘Baba’s navigating the roof now to try and get in, but the guy’s pretty unstable, waving a gun around and threatening anyone who comes near him.’
‘Where’s Soryu?’
‘On his way, he was at the Ice Dragons headquarters. He’s bringing some of his guys to sort it out.’
‘We can’t just stand here!’ you exclaimed, moving to push past them when Ota grabbed your arm.
‘This is dangerous! Eisuke would kill us for letting you just walk in there!’
‘He’s in danger Ota. I cannot chance Soryu getting here when it’s too late. I’m not just going to stand back and do nothing when the man I love is in danger. Eisuke wouldn’t hesitate and neither will I!’
Pulling free of the artist’s grasp you ran into the hall and made your way up the stairs where Eisuke was currently trapped in the bidders usual booth.
‘You don’t deserve her! You take her for granted! You can’t love her like I do!’
‘I’m not giving her up to you…’
‘You won’t have a choice if your dead!’
Trying to steady your breathing as you headed up the stairs towards the deranged shouting of the assailant, you braced your gun as you approached the curtain, shielding you from view.
‘I won’t let you harm her…’
‘You poison her every day! Treating her like a possession! I’ve been watching you, you don’t deserve her!’
‘You’re wrong,’ you stated slowly, using your gun to push the curtain aside.
Finding Eisuke stood at the edge of the balcony while at gunpoint, his eyes flitted to you in desperation. He wanted you to run, to be anywhere but here.
That wasn’t an option.
Looking over the man before you, disheveled and clearly agitated, you drew another breath as you realised he was stunned into silence.
‘It’s me that doesn’t deserve Eisuke.’
‘No! No! You’re wrong! He’s twisted your mind! He doesn’t love you like I love you.’
‘You need to step away from him. Lower your weapon.’
‘No! He needs to understand! You and I are meant to be together! I know it…’
Realising that you would never reason with the gunman in this state, you tried to ignore your racing heartbeat as you continued.
‘You’re right…we do belong together. But I can’t forgive you if you hurt Eisuke. If you hurt him, you’ll be hurting me too. You don’t want that, do you?’
Seeing the confusion cross his expression, the man suddenly began to shake his head as he began to turn towards you.
‘No, no, I would never, never hurt you!’
‘Then, just put down your gun and I’ll put down mine and we can leave together. Okay?’
‘Yeah…together forever…right?’
‘Yes,’ you nodded, your voice trembling slightly as the gunman appeared to relax.
Though as the assailant began to lower his weapon, a loud clang sounded, sending him into a rage as you heard your names being called.
‘You tricked me! Liar!’ he screamed.
Hearing Eisuke shout your name, you could already see the danger before the moment struck as you steadied your aim.
The second you had pulled the trigger, everything seemed to happen in a blur. The bidders had burst into the box with the Ice Dragons in close formation.
While Soryu and the Ice Dragons dealt with the wounded gunman, you had found yourself in Eisuke’s arms as you dropped the gun, letting out a gasp as it all caught up with you.
‘I’m here…I’m here,’ he whispered, holding you tight as he lifted you easily into his arms, taking you away from the situation and up to his room, away from prying eyes.
Eisuke refused to let you go even once you were both on the bed, though you weren’t sure you had the strength to move.
Leaning against Eisuke’s chest as he continued to stroke your hair, you could feel your body trembling less with the sound of his heartbeat to comfort you.
‘You saved my life…’
‘You would have done the same for me,’ you managed weakly.
‘What you did was reckless, but I’m so proud of you…even if you were wrong.’
‘It’s me that doesn’t deserve you. I know that…I’ve always known that…’
If it wasn’t for your fragile state, you might have teased him about letting his guard down so much. But this was Eisuke deep down.
Caring, loving, protective and loyal. He loved with all that he had.
‘I’m not going anywhere…’
‘I’m glad…because I won’t let you,’ he murmured softly.
It was in the warmth of his embrace that you finally began to find solace. As your eyes grew heavy, the tension slowly eased from your body as Eisuke pulled a throw over you both.
‘I love you so much,’ he whispered, kissing your hairline as he held you close.
‘I love you too,’ you returned, your voice reverberating against his chest as he trailed a hand through your hair.
He lost track of how long he stayed awake after you fell asleep. As he watched over your sleeping form, Eisuke never realised until that moment just how it felt to be able to hold the whole world in his arms. His world. Money, business, success…none of it mattered. This beautiful girl in his arms was all that he would ever need.

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part 4     part 6 (eventually)

Characters : Merideth / Ophelia/ Dennis Lacey (OC) , Jerome Valeska

Contains: fluff, maybe angst, confessions of love, mostly implied sexual activities including oral, brief mention of a violent act, naughty language if I forgot something feel free to let me know

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