have i mentioned no

Me: Hey look Digimon Adventure Tri. part 4 is out.

Tri: 02 kids still aren’t here or mentioned.

Me: K, I’ll see you guys when part 5 is out.

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where is your name "stargirl" from?

ooo good question! So basically when i was like in the 4th grade i read this book called stargirl by jerry spinelli (its rlly good u should check it out). And when i was making an account for club penguin (rip) i couldn’t think of a username so my sister said i should do something i like and i picked that book and thus stargirl was born!!

So many of my shitposts/theories are coming true with season 2 that at this point I feel like I can say anything and there’s a 60% chance of it coming true. So here are my predictions for season 3:

  • Keith runs into some wildlife on an alien planet and they Won’t Leave Him Alone. They’re also super small/adorable critters (ala Pidge’s trash buddies)
    • Lance teases him for them and the animals turn out to be Angry and Vicious
  • Allura/Coran confronts Haggar and they look like they’re gonna have a Moment but then Haggar pulls a shit move
    • In general: Haggar is def going to stab someone
  • Hunk, Pidge, and Coran cobble together some random machine that’s supposed to save everyone’s neck, but when they fire it up it fails. Everyone thinks they’re going to die but right in the nick of time Lance like plugs the machine in and it works.
  • The team decides to try and trigger Keith’s latent Galra genes through increasingly bad science. Keith turns purple at the exact moment he finds out he’s allergic to coconuts. At first they think it’s part of the allergic reaction, but then he stays purple.
  • Flashback to Lance deciding to join the Garrison; we see his family as they try to change his mind but ultimately support him whole-heartedly and send him off w a party
  • Lotor shows up but Allura throws him out the airlock
    • Keith is probably going to get thrown out into space again. Maybe these two events are related
  • Pidge loses her glasses and it’s just like Velma from Scooby Doo
  • Keith and Allura become friends and nothing more, I’m watching you Voltron.
Dan and Phil’s Thanksgiving Livestream // 11.24.16

Phil is wearing glasses and the pug jumper

Dan’s wearing the nasa shirt and has slightly hobbity hair

He made Dan hide behind a blanket

“I should rt you”

“You thirsty bitch” Dan to Phil

“I’m thankful for my audience on younow”

“I’m thankful for you, Phil. Is that what you wanted? Is that what you fucking wanted?”

Discussing Dan’s tumblr queue 

Phil’s eyes have been tired (from Dan’s disco suit)

Tweet after the liveshow for PINOF questions

Thanks for the BONCAS :o

“Phil is lit”

Showed and discussed their awful/amazing suits

They sang a Thanksgiving song (Phil sang Dan beat boxed)

Stre*mys who

“Pretty sure I poked one of his abs when I hugged him” Dan on Tom Daley

Tom Daley is a human ab #confirmed

They had to yell at DAPGOOSE because there was a mic problem so they didn’t have much of a voice when they got back

Dan woke up the day of the BONCAS with no voice and almost had to cancel their end performance of TIIH

They loved Dodie’s performance 

“I don’t stalk you that would be mad for my mental health” via Dan

“We promise, for your sake and our sake, we don’t stalk you” seems fake but okay

Dan got scolded for giving bad advice by philosopher Phil Lester

They’ll probably set up the tree around December 1st

Dan listened to Metallica’s new album and his favorite song is probably Moth In The Flame

Advent calendar spon at danandphilshop.com

Phil acquired a turkey hat (it’s name is Skylar)

Lots of animals are gay 

They are yet to watch Steven Universe

They like Yuri on Ice but Phil’s worried it’ll be all skating and no gay drama

Arrival gets 5 stars

What Not To Do At The Cinema strong video

They ordered Pokemon Sun and Moon but is hasn’t been delivered yet

Phil said lit about 100 times and then he said thicc idek what to do with him

“You’re just making me sad”

Dan very passionately discussed Pokemon evolution I zoned out but I know he was loud and angry about some body builder tiger 

Phil had lots of fun in Florida and Dan did lots of work

“You’re glowing Phil”

Dan almost stole someones phone at the airport wow phame changed him 

They were forced to sniff each other at DAPGOOSE congrats you fiends 

Phil is getting sun Dan is getting moon whatever

They’re jetlagged

Dan, like many of us anime trash bags, has gotten into irl skating

“Hand me the turkey”


Dan slept with earbuds which is how he slept through Phil’s video

Armpit services 

Dublin was a top show for them because it was a post TATINOF film universe

See them in Berlin danandphiltour.com cool 

Everyone was singing TIIH and they felt warm and emotional

“The internet was great” cmon Phil

All marriage proposals are a yes

“I just did that without asking you”

Trump Slump

A collab with Nathan??? Possibly a Zed?

Dan stop it

Dan moved Phil’s plant in front of a window so it wouldn’t die

They take the calendar pictures in Phil’s room how profesh 

Dan rocked the Elsa dress

“I just think my instagram is trash” “But you are trash”

Dan shoved a chocolate in Phil’s mouth and he had to guess what the flavor it is

Play that bit back with just the audio folks ^^

They made cornucopias with pals and Phil’s was future themed

Dan is very excited for Rogue One

Semi hobbit

Shaved sides 

They yelled at Siri for about 5 minutes about the temperature in Stockholm 

Sale on danandphilshop.com tomorrow 

“We appreciate you. Hope you’re all good. Eat what you want, you deserve it. Treat yourself.”

Goodbye through the hashtag 

This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.


Isaiah and Harry share cast secrets (aka the roasting of Matthew Daddario).


“I remember every wand I’ve ever sold, Mr. Potter. Every single wand. It so happens that the phoenix whose tail feather is in your wand, gave another - just one other. It is very curious indeed that you should be destined for this wand when its brother - why, its brother gave you that scar. Yes, thirteen and a half inches. Yew. Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember… I think we must expect great things from you, Mr. Potter. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things - terrible, yes, but great.