have i mentioned i love this sweatshirt

  • me: *enters a room wearing heely's, an underarmor sweatshirt, nike basketball shorts, sunglasses, and adidas knee-high socks. i have a football in one hand and a bottle of gatorade in the other, and i smell strongly of axe cologne. i sit on a chair backwards, pushing my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose*
  • me: i just don't understand why the writers of newsies treated sarah jacobs solely as the obligatory love interest for jack kelly. i mean, she's a young jewish woman in the nineteenth century for fuck's sake. she had so much potential. not to mention, in the original script, she had her own song and a whole lot of character development that, in the end, got cut. and as much as i adore katherine plumber, was it really necessary to cut sarah out of the staged version of newsies? it would have been so much more interesting to see katherine and sarah getting to interact. sarah jacobs deserves so much more than she got, and i will not rest peacefully until we solve this issue.
Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

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- Being friends for awhile before either of you get the courage to express your feelings

-Peter constantly talking about his admiration for Mr. Stark

- Building Lego sets together

-You would find out that Peter is Spider-Man accidentally because he wouldn’t want to put you in danger

- He would always want to cuddle

- Peter constantly tells you that he stole Captain America’s shield

- Peter will always call you at night before you go to bed to make sure you are safe

- You get slightly jealous of girls having crushes on Spider-Man because you are scared of him leaving you. 

- lots and lots of forehead kisses

- “I love it when you call me Spidey, Y/N”

- “So, do you want to watch Star Wars again?”

- Peter will always give you his T-Shirts and sweatshirts to wear because he thinks you look better in them

-He will always take candid photos when you aren’t paying attention because you are his muse

- Peter will ramble when he confesses that he is in love with you.

- Did I mention cuddling? He is a cuddler.

- He will always want to hold your hand at school to show off his beautiful girlfriend

- He knows that you worry about him fighting crime, so he sends you cute messages throughout the day and night

-”Remember when I went to Germany and fought this dude with a metal arm? It was awesome.”

- “Mr. Stark put everything possible in my suit. I think he really cares about me Y/N”

- You blush every time he takes off his shirt because you will never get over this 15 year old nerd having abs. 

- You and Peter will invite Ned on your dates most of the time

- You smile like the Chesire Cat when Peter gets excited about the stuff he is creating

- A lot of sleepovers in Peter’s twin size bunk bed

-Peter makes you breakfast in bed when you have sleepovers

-”Wow, I am one lucky boy.”

- He tells you that you are beautiful randomly, so you feel special

“Can you believe Mr. Stark asked me to be an Avenger?”

Just too cute (Simon Request)

“Yeah babe I’m ready now” You call back to Simon as you pull your hair back.
The group of you were all heading out to central London today as the guys claimed they needed a break and certainly needed some fresh air. So, it had been suggested that you head into Leicester square for the day and see what you decided to get up to really.
You had opted for black high waisted jeans with a sdmn top loosely tucked in and a bomber jacket. A change from your more casual attire.
Simon, JJ, Josh and Vikk were all waiting downstairs for you and you followed them all outside to Vikk’s car that you had decided to drive in for the day.
“Why do you look so gorgeous today?” Simon questions, wrapping an arm around you.
“Don’t I always” You gasp with fake offence.
“Debatable” He chuckles but pecks your lips.
You all climb into the car with Simon and you of course beside each other and JJ to the other side of you. Simons fingers found yours and he tangled them together, playing with them like he always liked to.
“Why can’t I do that?” JJ jokes and grabs your hand.
“Piss off” Simon shakes his head and wraps his arm around your shoulder, clasping your fingers here instead.
“Oh my god!! The ship!!” He squeals, recreating how many of Simons viewers felt about the pair of you
“Oh babe remember I need to go out and get some new stuff for my video today” Simon mentions quietly to you.
“Its alright, I already got everything” You smile, “Not just a pretty face”
You and him were always like this. Remembering the little things. As simple as you saying you fancied some type of food and he would have it ready for dinner as soon as you were home. Or seeing something Simon liked in a shop and him going to his desk to find it laying there. The small things. To brighten someone’s day. To remind them of the love you had without making ridiculous gestures. That was you and Simon.
He grins and pecks your lips, “how about dinner tonight? Whatever you want”
“Maybe a papa johns?” You wiggle your brows.
“A woman after my own heart” He laughs.
“Ooh that’s the Snapchat of the week Josh” Vikk comments as he turns the corner onto the next road.
“Ohh for fucks sake guys! We’re just a couple having a conversation!” Your boyfriend retorts, shuffling only slightly closer to you.
“Its still weird seeing you with a girlfriend Simon” JJ chuckles.
“Yeah yeah because I was always the lonely one blah blah blah” he rolls his eyes.
“And I mean you didn’t even pick up an ugly one” Jide mentions and you kick his ankle, “Feisty too”
“That’s my girl” Simon whispers and kisses your temple
The car journey continues like this until you reach the shopping centre and you and JJ go to try and find him a new pair of shoes in JD. Simon goes off on his own into a random shop as he always did.
“No come on I need your help” JJ rolls his eyes as you hold up the ugliest pair on the shop.
“Oooh should I just buy a pair to piss of Simon?” You wiggle your brows, holding up a pair of huaraches.
“Pleaseee don’t” He groans, making you jump.
“Where did you come from?” You laugh and reach up to kiss his lips.
“I went to get you a present” He lifts up a shopping bag.
“Babe you already bought me stuff last week! You need to stop doing this” You sigh though you are very interested to see what he had bought you.
He had a habit of doing this. He would come home from going out anywhere and have bought you stuff just because he thought you’d like it or he remembered you mentioning it. And sometimes he would go far too overboard but he never failed to buy things you would love.
From the bag, he pulls out an adidas grey sweatshirt along with two pairs of Nike joggers. All being things he had recently destroyed when a video went wrong with Harry.
“Simon I told you I have plenty of other stuff” You shake your head, always feeling guilty when he did stuff like this.
“But these are your favourites babygirl. Except I couldn’t remember if it was your black or grey joggers so I bought both and you can at least have a spare” He grins and you reach up to kiss him again.
JJ snaps the picture without you noticing though you do recognise when the Instagram notification comes through on your phone.
‘Its okay @(y/n), I’ll wait until your boyfriend stops giving you random presents. Don’t worry about it😒’
You turn around and glare at him, already seeing the amount of excitement on the comments already. Just a day in the life of one of the most loved couples on YouTube…

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‘ you deserve to be loved without having to hide the parts of yourself that you think are unlovable. ’ - Danny to Charlie

“That’s easy for you to say, you’re perfect,” Charlie pouted and tugged his sweatshirt sleeves even further down his hands to hide every scar on his wrists. He takes his bracelets off to sleep, and he’d been in such a rush to leave the hotel in the morning and get on the tour bus that’d he’d forgotten to put them back on. So instead of hiding his scars with his bracelets, he hid them with a sweatshirt- in 90 degree weather.