have i mentioned i love my fandom

The confetti that just won’t go away reminds me that Tumblr is ten years old today, and as much as I complain about this hellsite, I’ve met some wonderful people and had some great times. So happy birthday Tumblr! Here’s to ten more. 

(I also want to take a moment to mention the people who make using this hellsite bearable, so a big big thank you to @new-xkit-extension for doing what you do.)

I’m loving the fact that the YOI and HQ fandom are so hyped right now, like on one end we have Yuri freaking confessing his love for Victor on national television & then on the other spectrum, we have the big reveal on why Oikawa bought glasses. You wanna know what’s so beautiful about this though? Two of my favorite characters are showing so much development. Yuri coming to terms with the aspect of love and Oikawa coming to terms with his volleyball career. It really can’t get better than this!!

When I reapproached Newt’s character,  I was terribly nervous.  Mainly because I knew that with the movie coming out there would have been lots of people playing the same character as me and  –  having prior experiences with other fandoms  –  I was afraid to be left out.  Instead,  I’ve found and met some of the most incredible, sweet, talented and welcoming people I could ever see on my dashboard!  You’re all amazing,  and I’m so happy to be part of a fandom that is literally  goals.  It’s rare to find a community of people that will soon make you feel comfortable and accepted,  and that’s what you all guys do,  so keep on the good work!  love you all  ❤

Also,  since the followers are the same as here,  i’d like to thank you for the 100+ followers on Gabrielle and the 150+ on Pickett!  My two other trash children are so happy that you love them.

Now,  have a follow forever uwù


@fugitivis / @unexpectedways / @barestbcnes :  Heather, you know how much I love you.  You’re great and whenever we plot something on any of our blogs it turns out to pain and angst,  but it’s alright because we’re in it together.  We also have our occasional fluff,  which is also good.  You’re an amazing writer and person and I’m so glad I have met you and I can only wish you the best,  always.  And you people  –  if you don’t follow this incredible cinnamon roll,  do it now or you’ll miss out!

@loathedlineage / @banefulbloodstream :  there are brilliant people on this site,  and you’re certainly one of those!  Amelia is such a rounded,  well-structured character that she could be canon and I’d fully accept her.  You’re a wonderful writer and I truly enjoy your humour.  Plus,  your other blogs are also incredibly well-written,  so I’m in complete owe.  You deserve all the happiness of this universe!


I apologize if I miss somebody out,  but the fandom is growing continuously and I’m not caught up with the follows :’c  Just know that if you’re playing this cinnamon roll too pure for this world that is Newt Scamander,  you’re incredible and I love you!

@beastadvocate ; @mgzy ; @briefcased ; @creaturecase ; @ofnifflersandbowtruckles ; @tofindthemall ; @themagicaluniverse ; @amagizoologist ; @fondofbeasts ; @mcgizoologist ; @nxwtscxmxndxr ; @creaturekeeper ; @findsbeasts ; @magiccaretaker ; @mummyshere

RAD PEOPLE THAT BRIGHT MY DASH  ❪ aka all the people I follow, because they are all amazing ❫

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My (respectful) thoughts on Johnlock 2017 and why John Watson does not deserve Sherlock Holmes.

First and foremost, I will mention that I am an avid Sherlolly shipper but I have always had the utmost respect for Johnlock shippers (and the shippers of other OTPs in our marvellous fandom), but I do have some points I’d like to put forward to Johnlockers after watching the recent episode of Sherlock (The Six Thatchers).

John Watson is not a good person. 

Over the course of the series John Watson has proved himself deceitful, a sexist and a cheater. (Yes he loves Mary and Rosie but not enough to resist the temptations of a smiling woman on a bus who showed an interest in him).

Sherlock is an evolved individual, who has only in recent seasons began to grow affection for his fellow human beings. He has become close and loyal to those he loves. He is logical and steady and unique. He would never betray the trust of someone he loves. 

After watching The Six Thatchers I truly believe that John Watson does not deserve Sherlock Holmes.  

(But this is just my opinion and I continue to have respect for those who ship them, as always). 

five stages of grief

Title: Grief Has Many Names
Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Kuro and his siblings (including Tsubaki), Sakuya, Koyuki, and Mahiru.
Summary: Moving on takes time and patience, and some gentle nudging in the right direction.
Warnings: Major Character Death, suicide mention, alcohol mention.
Notes: I was going to have this up earlier, but something came up ;; My apologies for the delay and here’s the full-length story. Also, warning - it’s a long one. By the way, this was heavily inspired by P.S. I Love You, thanks to some devious minxes that put this idea in my head. (And kudos to anyone who recognizes the new contract item at the end.)

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Thank You

Hey guys. This is a post about all the people that have inspired me and I’m just so thankful for them bringing happiness to my life. There are many more people I have not mentioned, but you guys are still in my heart. It made last year worth it, despite being diagnosed with depression, the discovery of Undertale has made my life so much better and despite the conflict in the fandom, I’m still blessed to be a part it. 

My younger sister for supporting me in everything I ever made @animenoyaoichan

Toby Fox for creating Undertale

@loverofpiggies the first person that has gotten me into AUs. Aftertale, CPAU, Fresh, Error, and Gloomverse.

@hiimtryingtounderfell  and @unofficial-underfell 

You guys only increased my love of Underfell with your comics. I love you both.

@askfriskandcompany and @man-who-speaks-in-hands

Both of your blogs inspired me greatly in so many of my stories and headcanons. You guys are amazing.

@bittybones-au You made me create a whole new story so thank you very much.

@shiroba-seragaki Your art is so cute and I just can’t get enough.

@sansfulpuns Your audios, art, and streams have motivated me in ways you can’t imagine. You became my headcanon voice for sans and I just can’t stress enough how amazing you are. Thank you for helping me make so many new friends in the streams and making every single day brighter for me.

@ammazolie Your art is unique and a guilty pleasure of mines. Your YanYans are awesome. Thank you also for allowing me to use Brassberry Bitty in this blog.

@foreverafterall You are a huge inspiration Faa. I absolutely love your characters and their stories. Undercoat, UnderShade, Undermotivated, Undernet characters, and many others. I just love everything you made.

@nyehtish I have fallen in love with all your characters and art and stories for them. Starting with Pine and then all the way to Boss and his men. I adore them. 

@fontsandsins Don’t even get me started. I followed Fonty for a long time from my main blog when they posted my guilty pleasure of skelepreg then made so many characters that interacted with nyehtish characters and I just adored them. I was so happy when I won an Eemre bitty in a raffle. Hopefully you will allow me to answer asks in this blog. I still have high respect for the original creators. Also don’t get me started on how much I love Ben and Noa’s blog.

@skelepreg You have no idea how happy I am for your existence Skelly. You brought my guilty pleasures to life and have inspired me greatly with all your cute family fluff contents. This blog will include quite a bit of pregnancy fluff in the future and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I adore your style. Also, still adoring the side blogs, especially the poly papys.

@theshyestpotato Another wonderful artist that brought my guilty pleasures to life. Whether it was art or fanfics, you have made very happy.

@flargahblargh Thanks for the nice sin, wonderful audios, and wonderful content. You are an awesome person.

@smallsans Apart from my guilty pleasures being realized in here, I adored your art and style. Your font family side blog is wonderful with such unique stories that you can’t find anywhere. Thanks for the inspiration and for making my days brighter Kisa.

@askmercyseries Amazing blog, amazing art, amazing everything. 

@ask-drunk-chara I have laughed and cried with your blog. You are wonderful and thank you for bringing joy to my life.

@sinfulseeds From your art, audios, and content I want to say thank you. You have made my life brighter and you are just incredible.

@walkingmelonsaaa All Your Beautiful Art has inspired and motivated me in my own works.

@eli-sin-g Beautiful sinful art and comics. So much inspiration. Keep it up.

 @reyindee Ever since I seen Elemental Tale, I have loved your art, style, stories, and at your age you have such an amazing talent. Beautiful work.

@nsfwshamecave UnderLust is amazing. You are amazing. I love your style and stories. Thank you for making my days better.

@m4dh4ttey266 Your art is wonderful and inspiring. I adore you.

@undertalepeasant Ania, you are amazing and funny. I love your voice acting and how you react to many situations. You are very great indeed.

@jakei95 Where do I begin? Your animation, creativity, talent, art, Cross sans, and just everything is heavenly. I am so inspired by everything you have made and I keep re-watching and rereading your comics and episodes. Take your time, I’m a beginner in animation and I know it takes time, patience, and a lot of love. Cross will most definitely appear on this blog. Whether he can be available for RPs is up to your consent. Tambien hablo espanol si lo prefieres de esa manera. Saludos y sigue haciendo lo que amas. 

@jokublog Oh Joku, do I love you? Yes I do. Your art is amazing, DreamTale is amazing, you are an incredible person. My love for Dream and Nightmare is huge. I sent an ask asking if I can roleplay/ answer asks as your characters according to my fan stories, but I will only do so with your permission. I also ship Nightmare with my oc Dream Catcher, but it is nothing canon unless you allow it. Hablo espanol si prefieres ese lenguaje. You are one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Just thank you for all you have done.

@comyet Creator of Ink, one of my favorite sanses in history. I bow down to you. You are an amazing inspiration for me and my crazy mind. I shall follow your rules and I hope you like my take on an alternate Ink.

@little-noko and @azraeltree You two are amazing artists and creative storytellers. I love your art and characters so much.

@missladytale and @sugartalesans You girls are amazing and have made me very happy with your art and stories. Sugar sans and Melon are just the sweetest characters and their kids too. Thank you both for everything you have done.

@lazyartz Thank you for your wonderful art and adorable shimejis. They litter my screen every now and then.

@weezy-pup Adorable art. I love your characters and just everything. Thank you for making me smile.

@camilaart Your art and animations have brought joy and emotions to me. Te mereces muchos premios y muchas cosas buenas. You deserve a lot of awards and many good things. Thank you for the inspirations. Gracias por la inspiracion. Good luck on everything you make. Glitchtale is amazing.

@furgemancs and @miyako47 Thank you for AsylumTale and a great comic to go with it. Amazing art both of you. You guys are worderful.

@sorumegane13 Thank you for Medi and for a lot of wonderful art. I absolutely love you.

@butterapplego From Sai, to Eve, to Spell and all your other amazing characters interacting with Faa’s, I have fallen in love with your art and blog. Thank you for filling my life with smiles.

@miya-sheep Your art is awesome. You have inspired me in so many ways. Thank you so very much.

@extreme-op-wuff and @golzy  GZtale and SonaTale are amazing and original. Thank you for getting me addicted guys. I adore both of your cool art styles. 

@nekophy Thank you for the adorable and cute art and your permission to use Goth here. You are a wonderful person and I love you.

@7goodangel Thank you so much for creating Paper Jam and BlueScreen as well as allowing me to use them on this blog. I hope you like my version of Paper Jam. Your art is super awesome and so are you.

@blogthegreatrouge Boy I just love everything about her. From her multiple creative and inspiring AUs, you have made me a happy pile of shipping trash. Your art is gorgeous and I smile at every update. I shall bow down to you.

 @stuffedart Cute chubby art to warm up my heart. Thank you very much for that.

@nagisaheichou Guilty pleasures have been achieved once again thanks to you, Nagisa. You really inspire me in everything. Beautiful art.

@fluffy-bumblebutt Lots of love to your art, your characters, and everything. You are a grand inspiration.

@superyoumna I bow down to your art and animation. You fuel my desires to improve.

@alainaprana, @shypurple, @renrink, @rainbowchibbit, @angexci, @outertale, @nebulawords, @barasans, @shutupadachi, and all my friends from streams. 

Thank you for existing guys. I love you all so much. This is @animesbiggestfan and thank you for the happiness.

Pokemon: Tickle Attack

Hey guys! This was just something that came to my head after playing through pokemon moon, and falling in love with Gladion. Anyway, this is based off the cute picture below. So, please enjoy, and I really hope you guys liked my attempt at this fandom for the first time XD

Gladion was…frustrated. This was almost the fifth time that he lost to that stupid trainer and his pokemon. Not to mention having to hear that loud as hell trainer that was always too happy for life was annoying as well. It’s not like he hated them, but after loosing so many times, even after his Type: Null finally evolved into Silvally when he trusted him enough wasn’t good enough. What was he missing? Sighing, the blond fell against his bed, and glanced over at his sleeping Silvally that was lying in the little bed that he had set him up with. The pokemon bed was a little small, but the pokemon didn’t seem to care. Letting a soft smile rise on his face, Gladion reached over and rubbed his fingers gently through the pure white fur on top of the beast’s head. Silvally let out a pleased huffed, and slowly opened it’s eyes silver eyes to look at it’s trainer.

“How are you feeling?” Gladion asked it, scratching at the perked red part of it’s ears. The pokemon chirped a little, and slowly stretched up, moving to stand next to the blond. Gladion let go of the pokemon, and covered his eyes. Even petting his prized partner wasn’t enough to cure his frustration. Watching it’s trainer, Silvally seemed to feel his frustration, because it cocked it’s head to one sign, and laid his head on the cheap motel covers, right next to Gladion’s hip. Feeling the wet nose touch him, the blond patted the pokemon’s head, and sighed again. “I’m okay Silvally…just thinking…don’t worry.”

Silvally huffed when Gladion didn’t play attention to it, so when the pokemon pulled it’s head away, the silver eyes suddenly locked on a strip of pale skin. The blond’s torn hoodie had unknowingly risen up when he flopped on the bed earlier. Blinking, Silvally slowly reached his neck over, and shoved his head right under the trainer’s clothing. Gladion flinched hard, and tried to sit up, but when Silvally decided to get up on the bed, and lay on the blond’s legs, the trainer soon found out he couldn’t move. Moving his arms down, the young boy tried to shove the pokemon’s head out of his hoodie, but when a tongue suddenly slid across the skinny stomach, the blond let out a uncharacteristically squeak, and fell back down, squirming. Silvally gently licked across his trainer’s tummy, feeling the muscles jumping and twitching from the feeling as Gladion’s legs nudged under the pokemon.

“S-Silvally! G-get out!” Gladion yelped out, struggling against the tickly feeling. Silvally seemed to ignore him, because the pokemon did not stop. Nudging it’s head up farther, the pokemon rubbed it’s face and licked it’s way up the blond’s shaking body, listening to the slight huffs and shaky giggles that were beginning to make their way out of the trainer’s mouth.  Feeling his pokemon’s nose sniffing at his ribs, Gladion twitched, and covered his mouth as more giggles began to slip out. This seemed to convince the beast to keep going because the trainer soon felt a curious lick right at the beginning of his left underarm. “N-no! Not there!”

Silvally blinked underneath the dark clothing, and slowly nudge it’s nose closer to the giggling trainer’s underarm, huffing out a breath against the sensitive skin. Gladion twitched and tensed his fist against the bed covers as his breathing soon began to hitch from holding in his laughter. Moving down, Silvally left gentle licks, tracing over each one of the blond’s visible ribs, making him let out a choked gasped, before the bright sound of childish laughter finally echoed around the room as Gladion lost the battle. Kicking his legs harder under his pokemon, the blond felt tears glisten in his green eyes as Silvally licked across his ribs, and down his sides. Shivering, the blond arched up when the pokemon gently nipped across his shaking belly, and poked at the boy’s belly button.

“P-please…nohohohoho!” Gladion cried out, laughing when the pokemon seemed to stop, like it was thinking. Silvally waited, feeling like it’s trainer was finally reaching the point where he wouldn’t be able to take the playful torture anymore. When the blond’s stomach finally started to slow down, the pokemon stuck it’s tongue out, and slipped it in the blond’s belly button, swirling it around the wall. Gladion froze for a minute before the shocking feeling of the tickles he was feeling flowed through his body as he arched and shrieked as loud as he could. Silvally let a huff of breath out, like it was laughing at him, as it wiggled it’s tongue inside and around the sensitive part of it’s human. “No! S-SILVALLY! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE! S-stohahahahahhahahaop!”

The pokemon felt the twitching muscles and the fighting of it’s trainer finally begin to die as the blond lost his strength. Gladion let out breathy giggles, as he finally let go of the hoodie covered head, and tears finally clouded over his eyes and left their marks on his flushing cheeks. Silvally slipped his tongue out, and gently slid his nose over the boy’s trembling hips, making them thrust up in sensitivity. Finally feeling like it’s trainer had enough, Silvally carefully pulled it’s head out of the blond’s hoodie, and took a look at him. Gladion opened his teary green eyes, and lightly glared at his smug looking pokemon, who looked like it was smirking. Getting off the blond’s legs, the beast carefully stalked around the small body, and curled around on the other side of the bed, gently licking the tears off the boy’s cheeks. Gladion let out a soft sigh, and allowed the pokemon to clean his cheeks, as he rubbed his fingers through it’s fur.

“I know…you were only doing it to snap me out of it…right?” Gladion asked him, and when silver eyes met his green, he knew he hit the nail on the head. Smiling tiredly at him, the blond wrapped his arm around the pokemon’s neck, and brought it closer to him. Silvally was warm, and when the pokemon stuffed it’s face in his neck, Gladion relaxed.  Letting his eyes slip shut, the blond let out gentle puffs, and giggled softly when Silvally pressed loving kisses to his neck. Rubbing the grey fur again, the blond cuddled closer to his pokemon, not really caring about the small kisses the pokemon gave him. “M'tired…you c-can sleep here…tonight…”

Hearing the blond’s words slide off, Silvally slowly glanced up and saw that Gladion had fell asleep. Blinking, the pokemon moved closer to the warm body of it’s trainer, and gave his still flushed face one last lick, before settling it’s head on the soft pillow. Gladion muttered something in his sleep, and nudged his face in Silvally’s grey mane, and tightened his grip around the pokemon. Glancing down again, the pokemon noticed that the usually frowning blond had a small gentle smile on his face, and for once, he looked peaceful instead of angry. Relaxing against the pillow again, Silvally closed it’s eyes, feeling the peaceful waves of it’s trainer through their bond, and within a few minutes, the pokemon finally joined Gladion in a peaceful slumber.

Our Deepest Desires ~ Part 1

Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Hello lovelies!

Okay, this is going to be a six part series.

I got this idea from an imagine I read a while back ago from a different fandom. I really loved the concept of it, and this idea had been going through my head for a while now.

This first part is more like an introduction than a first part in the series, but for my sake, I’m just going to call it part one!

As always, please tell me what you think, and enjoy!

~ Mandy, your trash goddess

Warnings: sex mention, alcohol mention, not being able to sleep…..

Word Count: 806


Sleepless nights have taken over you. Every time you closed your eyes, and laid down, it seemed as though your mind wouldn’t let you shut off. You were convinced you had tried everything. Exercise throughout the day. Less caffeine, which had taken a toll on you in the mornings. The 4-7-8 method. You even tried yoga for a week. Nothing was working, and you were sure you’d live your life with nights filled with tossing and turning.

You confronted your friends about the problem after a week of your insomnia. They couldn’t offer much advice, especially as one of them hadn’t probably slept more than three hours since his voice cracked. Friend in question, was Alexander Hamilton. Your lawyer friend who had stayed up for more than thirty-eight hours on several occasions. One occasion being your 21st birthday party, in which Alex took one shot of vodka and passed out face first on your kitchen counter. He ended up breaking his nose.

John had suggested staying up until you were tired. The only problem, was that you were tired but couldn’t sleep. He, in turn, joked that you should just have sex and that’ll tire you out. You “kindly” ignored his suggestion.

Hercules, was actually the one who had suggested you try yoga. You met up  with him, did a routine, and went home. It was very relaxing, no doubt. Yet your mind still raced with uncertainty.

When you asked Lafayette, he had you binge watch every show on Netflix with him. He fell asleep at 2 a.m. after all of Orange is the new BlackStranger Things, and halfway through The Get Down. He looked so peaceful, wrapped up in the fuzzy blanket with his head against your shoulder.

Though your journey to a full night of sleep had so far failed, you still went on with life. 

Today, with summer in full bloom, was the day of the neighborhood’s street fair. Almost every family would set up to sell different items. It was a very fun little thing to do when the summer heat had you down.

You walked along the sidewalk, passing a few tables. One couple had some jewelry from their tour across Europe. One man apparently had every single copy of Life magazine in mint condition, and was auctioning them. And he was actually getting some bets.

Continuing your search for what you didn’t know, you stumbled upon a wooden table, over flowing with random yet intriguing items. A bracelet made form varying shark teeth. A string of antique looking roses, that looked to just be starting to wilt. A leather bound notebook, pages filled with messy writing in ink. A small tin caught your attention. It fit in the palm of your hand, and the edges were slightly worn. It was painted a deep red, embellished with tiny crystals. You carefully opened it, surprised to see its contents; tea. It was red and white, and looked like little flowers. You smelled the dried petals, immediately feeling relaxed.

“The tagimoucia tea?” You jumped, not realizing the old woman running the table. You only nodded your head. She looked over you, almost inspecting your face. “Trouble sleeping, no?”

“How did you-”

“The dark circles, child.” She said gesturing underneath her own eyes. You touched your face lightly, again having forgotten to put on a bit of concealer. “Do not worry. Would you like to have it? It could help you sleep better.”

“Really?” You were willing to try anything at this point, even if it was drinking some strange tea from a plant you’d never heard of. “How much?”

“I’ll give it to you for fourteen.”

“Yes, yes. Thank you,” you said digging through your wallet and handing the cash to her.

“You know,” she began. “Many legends follow this flower. The one I know is that this flower can put you into the deepest most blissful sleep, and will reveal you deepest desires.”

“Huh,” was all you said. You could somewhat believe the first part. The latter didn’t see, too likely. You started walking away, then turned around abruptly. “Thank you so much…”

The woman was gone. Strange.

Going about the rest of the day as usual, the sun began to set across the skyline. Remembering the tea in your purse, you opened up the tin carefully. Scooping out a spoonful, you placed the dried leaves and petals into the infuser. Boiling some water, you gently placed the infuser into the teacup, and waited a few minutes for it to steep.

You changed into your nightclothes, an over sized band shirt and gym shorts. Taking the tea with you to bed, you turned out the lights, sitting in the center of your bed, and started to sip the tea. It had almost a sweet, honey like taste. Followed by the taste that the flavor equivalent of the fragrance of smoke and roses.

Your eyes felt heavy, and your body relaxed completely. You mind slowed down. Placing the tea on the nightstand next to the bed, you laid down on to the pillows. Everything around you felt peaceful. And before you knew it, you were asleep.

I’ve been meaning to post a “Favorite Gillian Pictures” series for a while and I think now, the positivity is clearly needed. I’d like to dedicate the series to a few of my favorite blogs because you guys (and others that are not directly mentioned) are really and truly wonderful and creative people. I admire your strengths and your ability to prevail over the hateful people that have come into our fandom. Thank you for sticking by your passions and trying your best to turn the hate into love. This is for you.

@crossedbeams, @2moms-0fucks, @sunflowerseedsandscience, @xfile-cabinetx, @cosmic-files-87, @edierone, @storybycorey, @chileananderson, @jamofappreciation, @your-perfect-opposite, @urflirtytoday2012, @maybe-if-it-rains-sleepingbags, @campaignofmisinformation@mulderswaterbed @mypinkandyellowrose and many many others.

anonymous asked:

Hi mink! it's the American nonny from earlier :3 I'm already so cheered by the adorable mink picture... and I love all your art and ships. My fandoms are SW, DC, and Marvel so any of your fav ships from those fandoms would be amazing to see. Thank you again <3

AmericanNon! <333 I’m glad you’re feeling cheerier deary!!! 

Sorry for the delay but I wanted to sketch you up something special! Something sweet and happy and 100% fluffapalooza! I hope you don’t mind but when you mentioned Marvel I decided to go for a ship I haven’t had chance to post on this blog yet but I ADOOOORE!!! ;-) Have some Scarlet Vision cuteness and my love <3

(As always reblogs are loved but please don’t repost this artwork <3)

My Best Friend’s Brother Pt. 5

Originally posted by tomhollandorbust


Part 4 

Relationships: Romantic!Pietro x Reader, Romantic!Wanda x Vision, Best Friends!Wanda x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of smut and some actual smut. Other than that extreme fluff. 

Summary: Pietro is a very sweet gentleman to you the morning after he made love to you. But your worst fears are confirmed when Wanda discovers you slept with her brother.

A/N: GUESS WHO’S BACK!?! DID YOU GUYS MISS ME??? I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I was distracted by other fandoms that have literally been ripping my heart to shreds and college has taken a lot more of my time than I originally thought so that’s a thing but I was super productive today and now I have some time to update and I got in a Pietro mood for the first time in a long time so now hopefully I have something good to show for it! So now I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this series! 

You woke up to a strange sensation. You weren’t in your room, and you weren’t alone. Your eyes widened as you remember what happened last night. You looked down and smiled when you saw the gorgeous Sokovian heartthrob Pietro Maximoff snuggling you, naked, his face buried in your cleavage. You smirked and ran your hands through his messy silver hair. He smirked and kissed one of your tits and opened his eyes. “Good morning Printsessa.” He says and kisses you gently. “Did you sleep well?” 

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Soooo Close!

Good Day Lovelies! So I hope everyone had an epic Smut Appreciation Day! I read so many naughty, filthy, titillating things, I cannot even begin to tell you! And thank you all for you likes, comments and reblogs! 

That being said, I am soooooo close to my 1K milestone. As I have mentioned before I have a super celebration planned and really want to share it with y’all!

I am tagging my forevers and also utilizing my smut tag list (so I am sorry if you get tagged twice), since y’all seemed to like yesterday ;). Let the power of this fandom amaze me once more!

A signal boost is always appreciated as are EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! Thank you Loves!

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Series one of asoue has been out for 24 hours now and I just saw multiple people complaining about fans who have only seen the show or only seen the movie, and who don’t have a nostalgic connection to the books and basically, no

We’re not doing that. we’re not going to be intellectual snobs about this. Enjoy the series, enjoy that people are enjoying something you also enjoy, look at all the opportunities you now have to make new friends and talk about a series you love, 

Don’t start categorizing people’s enjoyment by who most deserves to feel it

I loved asoue as a kid, this show is a dream come true, and I feel like I’ve been waiting for it for a decade of my life but that absolutely does not make me more of a fan than someone who clicked on it out of curiosity and liked what they saw

(Not to mention - you can’t sustain a tv show on just the people who loved it by your rules, stop alienating half the fandom, we need them)

You can take your ‘real fans read the books’ bullshit and shove it 

I have been busy all day and there are some really awesome and interesting thoughts on my post about Milah in AUs. But instead of addressing them individually (but you should go read them!) I wanted to extend the conversation to one on AUs in general. 

Several people mentioned that AUs are essentially a picking and choosing of what to keep or discard from canon based on the narrative, the author or the setting. And while there is obviously no right way to do this everyone has their preferences when they read and write. But at what point does an AU no longer qualify as an “alternate universe” and is instead really an original story with just the basic archetypes of the characters, their names, and their physical description? 

Don’t get me wrong I read and enjoy lots of AU’s with little to no canon elements. I enjoy them because the writing and the story are good not because they really connect to my favs or canon in any meaningful way. And I am realizing that for me they are a different category from the AUs that are more dogged in their connection to canon. Anyway does this make sense? Have I offended anyone (if so I am sorry!)? 

Tagging those who replied to the first post. @tnlph, @scapeartist, @queen-mabs-revenge, @nfbagelperson, @belovedcreation, @killian-whump, @kattahj, @kellinoise, @cynmoon, @katie-dub, @justanotherwannabeclassic and anyone who wants to share their thoughts! 


Sooooo I`ve had this blog for like two weeks and OH MY GOD it was a blast?? I`d never expect it to be this much fun!! so THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, FOR MAKING THIS such a great time for me?? And I hope you are having fun as well and are not annoyed with my constant shitposting :’DD lbh i should stop but i will never HAHAHA

LONG STORY SHORT I`m going to try to mention you and will get distracted halfway there, but pls remember I love and appreciate you all with my lil dark heart <3

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One-Shot: Cophine’s Fanfic Review #7 ft. “Formation Processes” by LadyZephyr

Special thanks to @lntalley, @cophinelovin, @karinta-agogobell-unified, and @screenqueen71 for your lovely submissions. Also, much appreciation to @satousei13​ for sending in another stunning piece of fan art!

If you have yet to read this heart-wrenching piece by LadyZephyr (@ladycanuck), check it out on AO3! You won’t regret it, I promise. ;)  

As always, thank you to everyone who took the time to tune in. Most importantly, to everyone writing and sharing your love of Cophine with us, your work means so much to the fandom. Write on, my friends. :)

A few side notes…

 1. Apparently LadyZ does have an anthropology background and has been on one dig back in university. The more you know~ ;p

2. I mentioned there’d be a transcript below the cut.. still working on that. It’d be finished already if I hadn’t made the poor decision of jotting my notes down in a notebook instead of typing them up.. haha.. timestamps are as follows though.

2:55 About the Author
7:30 Summary
43:52 Thoughts on the writing
49:54 Favorite Moment/Quote
51:10 Shout-Outs

Zoe made this first and it’s a great idea to acknowledge my wives and spouse [even tho I am typing this out on a phone in the car, bear with me if there are mistakes!! 😭] HAPPY VALENTINES WEEK!

@endless-nygmobblepot ZOE, you were literally one of the first on tumblr to speak to me, and I’m so glad you did! We share the same opinions on literally everything??? And you make me laugh even when I’m upset - not to mention how many times you have talked me off the edge. I love you so much, superbae! 💚

@flygurl2sam COLLAB PARTNER JEROME TO MY BABS!! Again, you made the first move and have become SO IMPORTANT to me!! We have more in common than we SHOULD for living on opposite sides of the world 😂 I love you, babe 💜

@riddlesandraindrops MY SALTMATE! The very first in this fandom to speak to me - and it was the best thing to happen to me. You are the first I go to when I am down and you always allow me to vent to my hearts content and make me laugh the situation off 😘 you’re hilarious, batbae and I love you 💚

@littletinygothamite TAY, MY SOULMATE & FELLOW PAN WHO TAKES NO SHIT!! You are so important to me and I long for the day that we rent a place for the weekend and have a huge cuddle pile over pizza and Gotham!! ilysm 💜

@riddlerbird LEE! You are just utter perfection and the ONLY ONE THAT UNDERSTANDS MY AUSSIE STRUGGLES 😂 my beautiful spouse that looks eerily like Edward Nygma 😍 love youuu 💚

@nigmatics MYA you’re like, the perfect blend of sweet and fight me. I admire you so much and you deserve absolutely everything good 💜

@nygggma ASH I was like, a hardcore fan of you and I’m so glad you joined our chat!! You make me laugh SO MUCH and you’re absolutely stunning in every way. Love you queenie 💚 

@ednygmatical KNOX you wonderfully hilarious babe!! You were one of the best additions to the snake crew 🐍💜 

@heartpoisedfanarts GIRL you have been there from the START and we have had the most memorable daydreams and discussions on Skype, I treasure them and you! 💚ps - your art ruins my life in the best way 

@rose-for-dead-alice TOMI, babe, your contributions to the Skype chat are everything to me - as are you!! 💜

@abaddon-queenof-hell ALICE I have known you, like, 3 days but you 100% fit into snake crew so well and I just fjdjkskcjdkdf do my makeup for me when we meet cause daMN 💚 

SPECIAL MENTIONS : @baskervilleshund @okimi79 @ohnygma @corymichaelsmithofficial @nygmaticreport @bonnefoybaggins @an-actual-birb @avenk @ryuutsu 💜 @ghxstfrxnkie @jokesterwrites @fujoshi16

I have 100% forgotten people but pls forgive me, I love you all!!! Have a great Valentine’s Day & Week ✌️

Edit: ok, never let me make a tumblr post again in the car w t f there are symbols everywhere… its a mess ok but I fixed it now. also adding some people that I foolishly MISSED fuck my life, I love you all I swear

I thought I would share my cosplay of Yandere-chan’s original design from Yandere Simulator! This was my first time cosplaying her at a local convention called Nan Desu Kan. Making her uniform and styling her hair was so much fun and is by far one of my favourite cosplays rn ^^

ATM Love Live is my main fandom that I cosplay from, but I’m transitioning for YanSim to be my main :0 my next cosplays from it are Budo Masuta, Senpai, Osana Najimi, Oka Ruto (I have a full occult club cosplay group for it!) and one of the delinquents! (also have a group for that!) I’m v excited for it because my group/friends and I have a ton of CMV and skits planned for these cosplays!

Lots of love! <3 

Yandere Simulator is owned/created by @yanderedev , all characters mentioned above were created and are owned by him. I own nothing except the photo and cosplay xxx

Please do not post on other social media platforms without permission! :)

IG: @/lucotiic