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A friendly reminder to my gentile friends re: Charlottesville

There are a bunch of posts going around about donating to local Charlottesville charities in the face of the hate march, and I think this is a great idea.

Do you wanna know an even better idea?

Donate in multiples of $18.

Here, I’ll explain!

Hebrew is a numeric language. That is, all of its words have a numeric value. If you’ve ever seen the movie π, by Darren Aronofsky, there’s a great scene with a Chasidic Jew who explains a little about this and shares a word problem that hinges on it. So there are lots of puns and things that don’t translate, because, well, even if English had numeric values, we can’t guarantee they’d be the same, you know?

So, let’s take a second and talk about chai. Not the tea, the Hebrew word: חי. Those of you who followed my conversion may know this is also (part of) my Hebrew name, in its feminine form: חייה. It means “life.” Chai, you can imagine, is a great word! Lots of kids named Chaim (male) or Chaya (female). “L’chaim,” or “to life,” is the traditional Jewish toast. Our most important holiday, Yom Kippur, features a greeting that translates to “may you be inscribed in the Book of Life.” We talk a lot about chai.

And chai, as you may have guessed, has a numeric value of 18.

It’s a very common Jewish practice to give cash gifts in multiples of $18. For Chanukkah last year I donated $36 to my nieces’ Hebrew school, $18 for each of them, without even a moment’s thought to sync up “what I can afford” with “what’s appropriate and meaningful.” My temple does their donation forms in multiples of $18, with a couple of nominally-normal numbers like $50. It’s one of those cool little cultural things. And I promise you, if Charlottesville gets flooded with $18 donations, the white supremacists and Nazis setting up camp there will notice, and they will know what it means.

Fight the 1488 with the 18.

Fight hate with life.

(Non-Jews, feel free to reblog and share this to other platforms. In fact I genuinely and unironically hope you do, because I’d love to see this take off among gentile donators who want a great, nonviolent way to offer a one-two punch.)


So I watched the Lego Batman Movie recently and I have to say that I may have found a newfound love for the Joker. I have to blame @mooplethemarsh for this doodle. 

tw: ed mentions

OKAY SO for those who don’t know i had an eating disorder and am currently recovering. and this is relevant because after over a day of mental preparation, i watched To The Bone on Netflix

for those who don’t know pt 2- To The Bone is basically a movie about a girl with anorexia, and a couple other kids with different eds.

you see, that already had me concerned because, you know, Netflix made 13 Reasons Why and I don’t need to go into detail about that. So I watched it today to make sure it was done right, I guess? Basically to make sure it wasn’t A Mess.

And I’m here to tell you that, in my opinion, To The Bone was a great movie. 

I did some research about it beforehand and I learned that a lot of people who were part of the production (writers/actors/etc) have had EDs, and that a lot of the movie was based off of true events. This already puts To The Bone under different circumstances when compared to 13rw, and I was incredibly happy about that when I did my research. Although, of course, a part of me was still worried.

But, like I said, it turned out to be a great movie. But before I write down what I liked about the movie, I need to put it out there that it is, indeed, an incredibly triggering movie (which is why I needed a day of preparation before watching it) so please don’t watch it if you feel you’ll be badly triggered.

Now, onto why I liked To The Bone:

  • They had a trigger warning before the movie. I absolutely hated the strong lack of trigger warnings in 13rw, so I was really happy to see that there was a warning before the movie (where they also mentioned that people involved in making the movie have had EDs)
  • Lily Collins. Honestly this doesn’t even need to be explained. Also her character was incredibly blunt and idk I liked her character a lot
  • They didn’t romanticize eating disorders. This was incredibly important to me. How they showed and described eds were, in my opinion, very accurate and so incredibly blunt and real. They showed what I refer to as the ugly parts of having an eating disorder, and I was really happy about that. It showed that eds aren’t diets, trends, and how it’s not always about getting skinny (there’s a part where they talked about this and I cried because it was just so true and I was so thankfu for that)
  • The sister relationship is just so sweet and real. Like, it’s hard to explain without giving too much spoilers and this is more on the personal side but I really love the moments when the sisters were talking (another part where I cried) because I’m personally really close to my brother and yeah
  • One of the characters is a boy recovering from an ed. This was really important to me because I feel like some people don’t realize that boys can get eating disorders.
  • It ends on a good note, but not after some shit goes down. I liked this because, again, it felt real. It wasn’t some magical happy ending or anything, but it was a good ending that happened after some struggle, which is how it is in real life. 
  • I cried a lot because, like what I’ve been saying a lot in this post, it felt real. It didn’t feel like a sensationalized ed movie that’s “fake deep” or anything, it was very raw to me. It had scenes that may seem too blunt or shocking to other people who never had an ed, but to me they were relatable. And this movie is now very dear to my heart.

In short: I liked To The Bone a lot and I wanna thank everyone who worked on it because I really love how it turned out and yall did *not* pull a 13 reasons why

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Kat, kat. U've read fma right? And you think edward is pretty right? (Say yes, please) Anyway, if you write fma, I want to be enabler. So, like. Maybe edwardxkakashi. Like, they could bond over their guilty feelings. And (my god. Why are they so pretty????) Stuff. Anyway, if u don't write fma xover, u can ignore this message. XD

I have read it, and I’ve actually written a couple f brief one-shots for it! Buuuut I’ve never thought of Kakashi/Ed before and nOW I WANT IT. 

So. Have a drabble. (Post-2013 anime, CoS!AU, because I adore Ed’s character design in that movie.)

Damn but Ed hates this place, with its stupid shitty weather and it’s stupid shitty prosthetics that can’t hold a candle to Winry’s automail, its constant wars and mercenary society when all he wants is a week without something exploding. Not to mention whatever ridiculous power system they use here that isn’t anything remotely like alchemy but manages to bring up pangs of familiarity every time Ed seems people do ridiculous things with it.

With a quiet grumble to himself, he hefts his groceries a little more firmly over his shoulder, trying not to smack anyone else, and turns towards the apartment he’s renting. The people here need shit fixed the same way anyone else does, and Ed’s managed to make something of a living. Teacher would drop-kick him in the face for using alchemy on most of it, but it gives Ed enough time to scour the library. The sharp-eyed librarian won’t let him into several of the sections—something about A-rank jutsus being restricted to civilians—and whatever Ed wants to say about the shinobi, they’re even better at sneaking than he is. No luck on that front so far, and nothing he’s found mentions crossing dimensions.

Ed is frustrated and his limbs hurt and he’s carrying thirty pounds of food because Al would give him a Look if he didn’t at least try to keep himself fed, so he can be excused for not seeing the asshole meandering down the street until he slams face-first into his uniform vest. There is, however, abso-fucking-lutely no excuse for the way the man lowers his book, blinks at Ed for a brief moment, and then says easily, “Ah, sorry, didn’t see you there.”

It’s been a long day. Ed’s gotten better at controlling his temper over the years, but something things are a bridge too fucking far. A vein in his temple throbs, and he steps forward with a snarl, stabbing a finger into the unnecessarily oversized idiot’s chest. “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING TOO SHORT TO SEE WITH A MICROSOPE, HUH? I’m perfectly normal-sized, you gigantic moron, so step the fuck off!”

There’s a long, long moment of silence. The silver-haired man stares at him, something kindling in his eyes, and as the haze of rage lifts slightly Ed realizes with a plummeting sensation that he recognizes it all too well. It’s the same one Colonel Bastard wore the first time Ed blew up at him about one of his shitty height jokes.

A shiver of foreboding slides down Ed’s spine, but he can’t retreat now.

“Maa,” the man drawls, all breezy bullshit and mock-innocence in his visible eye. He flips his book shut, eye crinkling in a friendly smile, and adds, “I apologized, you know? No need to be short with me.”

Oh fuck. Ed’s traded one smug asshole of a bastard for another, and this is one facet of equivalent exchange he definitely could have done without.

“Look, buddy,” he grits out, and pretends he isn’t testing the weight of the sack over his shoulder. He could probably brain someone with it, given enough effort. And Ed’s never been scared of a bit of hard work. “You’re just asking to get your face pounded in, here. Back off, or I’m going to—”

That’s definitely delight growing in the man’s face. “Ah, it’s so admirable when people don’t let certain vertical challenges get in the way of their—”

Fuck it, he’s dead. Ed swings his grocery bag like a club, sees the man dodge with almost insulting ease, and sweeps underneath it with a kick to take the bastard out at the knees. He hops over it, dodges the punch Ed throws at his ribs, and flips over a second kick with a truly unnecessary flourish and flip.

“You’ve had training,” the man says, beaming, and he flips his book open again.

Ed eyes the distance between them, wonders if it’s too low to try and take him on his blind side, and decides that Teacher would never forgive him if he didn’t at least make an attempt. “You could say that. None of the twisty shit you guys do, but I get by.”

The man makes a noise of feigned surprise. “Oh? For someone with your reach, that’s impressive.”

Ed pictures pounding his face into the pavement and tries to set him on fire with his mind.

“I,” he manages when he can unlock his jaw, “have a perfectly decent reach, you bastard.”

Another flicker of amusement that he looks down at his book to cover, and Ed moves.

As fast as if he were fighting Teacher, he throws himself forward, feels the man dodge by a hair’s breadth before he plants one hand on the ground, pivots, and kicks out hard. It’s the left leg, so he can’t feel the impact as more than a jolt, but he can hear the wheeze of air leaving the asshole’s lungs before he flickers out of the way. Ed lunges again, lets the flare of his coat cover his movement, and punches up in a haymaker—

There’s a puff of smoke, a pop, and the bastard reappears on the other side of the street, nose buried in his lurid orange book, an unmistakable smile on his masked face.

“Sorry to cut this meeting short,” he says blithely, ignoring Ed’s wordless sound of rage, “but my cute little students have been waiting for two hours already. How impolite of you to hold me up further.”

Maybe he has a good reason for being that late, but since he’s absolutely an asshole, Ed rather doubts it. “You should stop worrying about them and worry more about how I’m going to kick your ass,” he growls, shoving his sleeve up. Only the left one, because the right arm is too good a surprise to waste. “You and your stupid tallness and your stupid fucking face—”

“I’ll have you know my face is very popular,” the man says mildly. “There’s a bounty on it and everything. Ah, but you might have missed it—they usually put the Bingo Book on the top shelf, and the library only has so many ladders.”

Die!” Ed roars, and launches himself headfirst at the man, who vanishes in a swirl of leaves. A faint giggle drifts back from the end of the street, and Ed abandons his groceries to their sad, squashed fate in the street and bolts after the bastard, fully prepared to chase him across the entire village if that’s what it takes to finally pound his face in.

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"Not quite as fucked as Cary Grants other roles" Please shame Cary Grant movies. Please.

okay to be clear i love cary grant movies, i really do, but i have also accepted that his romances can pretty much be summarized as, “lady, you’re a huge asshole, and if you marry this normal man you will ruin his life, but i’m also an asshole and that means we belong together in an asshole quarantine of a relationship regardless of how often you insist that you’re not normally an asshole and i just bring out the worst in you”

His Girl Friday is pretty bad in this regard, but it’s pretty easy to see the intent and how the execution falls flat when viewed through a modern lens. the intent is that an exceptional woman is trying to make herself something she’s not in order to fit with what she believes she’s supposed to want, and because cary grant loves her he wants to save her from herself by reminding her of who she really is. but since he was enough of a shithead that she divorced him and he’s shown no signs of fixing his fuck-ups and they keep telling instead of showing that hildy and bruce won’t work, he just comes off as a lying, manipulative, gaslighting fuckhead (and also, as discussed, p racist).

Philadelphia Story runs into similar problems, and honestly, most of them could be fixed by just letting tracy and dexter stay married and getting rid of george entirely. george is symptomatic of the worst of the fucked politics of the movie, since his whole deal is that he’s kind of a rude jerk who sucks - because he’s nouveau riche and gauche and lacking the literal class of the old money characters. this is also a movie where they specifically had to film in a house much less nice than a real mansion, because the filmmakers thought that seeing the actual level of opulence enjoyed by the truly rich would be too shocking for the average american. so just… get rid of george and the code-necessitated marriage conceit and give mike a different reason to show up as a scandalmongering tabloid reporter and make the movie about infidelity and let dexter actually defend tracy against her shitty father and focus his criticisms on actual flaws like being a judgey hypocrite.

i don’t know when this post turned into trying to fix those movies to better adhere to the intent versus the results but i’m exhausted right now so here we are, this is what’s happening

in sylvia scarlett… okay i can’t actually tell you the plot of sylvia scarlett, i spent the whole movie distracted by the fact that katharine hepburn in drag looks just like david bowie and is unbelievably hot.

(hepburn on the left, bowie on the right)

i’m sure it sticks to the general “let’s be in asshole quarantine together” theme but who can pay attention to plots with a view like that. was she kinda gay in this or am i just remembering what i wanted to be true?

anyway the worst of the worst in terms of cary grant movies with really fucked politics is probably That Touch Of Mink, it’s just, god where do i even start. cary grant plays a benevolent millionaire (billionaires weren’t really a thing yet) who is unimpeachably good in every possible way including his donations to charity and participation in world politics except that he likes to have lots of one night stands. his assistant hates him, because he is rich and gets mad laid, even though he is well paid and gets lots of benefits and his benevolent boss keeps giving him bonuses, because he is a neurotic prude who just hates rich people for no reason. cary grant, a Real Man, has to pay for his assistant’s therapy, because he is a Modern Man who is foppish and weak as well as resentful of the Real Man’s hard-earned wealth and scrooge mcduck vault of vaginas. cary grant brings a broke young woman with him to bermuda and doesn’t have sex with her despite The Implication which is how you know how good and patient he is. did i mention the assistant? look: it’s bizarre. it’s so goddamn bizarre. i was so distracted by the sheer fuckedness of it all that i couldn’t even appreciate… anything. apparently cary grant hated this movie, which would be reassuring except that he also disliked Arsenic and Old Lace which was a goddamn triumph and contains no problematic elements aside from all the murder as far as i can recall.

anyway: code-era hollywood films had a lot of issues in general, and in some cases it’s not even really worth mentioning imho (i.e.: “this movie is casually heteronormatively sexist” yeah no shit “this latina is played by a white lady with dark hair” that still happens) but in other cases it is super distracting because did someone actually believe this (i.e.: “the corrupt government punishes white men to appease black voters” what “people hate nice rich people even though the nice rich people let their wealth trickle down” uh)

I list of seriously under-rated animated movies that Tumblr needs to scream about as much as The Big Four but don’t for some reason:


Reason: It had an openly gay charector. And did not make him into a stereotype, they made him the complete opposite of a “gay stereotype”.They also taught very important lessons about not sinking down to other peoples’ levels, how scarey it can be to be different, why adults have such a big problem with people who are different, ghosts, witches, zombies, the antagonist is literally the ghost of a little girl who was KILLED FOR BEING A WITCH IN SALEM TIMES AND ALL SHE WANTED WAS A FREIND Tumblr you scream about these themes in movies you want and here they are

External image


Reason: Johnny Depp plays a pet chameleon who is terribly lonely and doesn’t know who he is as a person who ends up stuck in a desert pretending to be a sheriff battling a sharp-shooter snake, that should be reason enough, but it includes Beans, who has a type of panic disorder (yes she’s a lizard and alot of lizards do but the way they made a big deal of it sort of made me think of it more in this term) and the entire story is really centered on finding yourself and that’s precious, plus Johnny Depp plays a lonely lizard do I really need to say anything else?

External image

Ice Age

Reason: Well to begin with Scrat is the living embodiment of someone from Tumblr, as is Sid, it has Dodo Birds who have a fighting style called “Tai Kwan Dodo”, the first movie is about a mammoth, a sloth, and a Sabertooth Tiger taking care of a human baby, it also deals with alot of dark points like the food chain, betrayal, family genocide, neglect/abandonment on Sid’s part, the death of a mother trying to save her baby (well let’s be honest most animated movies have that for some reason) and these themes tend to persist (although not as heavily) in the other three films, paticuarly, the theme of loneliness and forming your own family out of odds and ends because your blood family isn’t healthy (abusive like Deigo’s, neglectfull like Sid’s, dead like Manny’s oops) Deigo is the king of sarcasm and is somehow charming, let’s be honest Ice Age is gold

External image


Reason: Shrek DOES appear on Tumblr more than anything else but mostly as a joke and I don’t understand that because Shrek has all the themes Tumblr cries about wanting in movies/kids movies, non-traditional princesses, non-traditional female leads, non-traditional romances, a princess not conforming to beauty standards and a male-lead her loves her not “despite that” but FOR that, he doesn’t “accept her”, he LOVES her, Shrek himself is the definition of a charector Tumblr should love, anti-social, sarcastic, awkward, passionate about food, and Donkey, the sarcasm machine who had hybrid babies with a dragon (again laughing in the face of traditional gender roles y the way) a cross-dressing wolf, a prince who’s actually a selfish mama’s boy, Puss In Boots- and if you don’t love him I just want to know, WHY?- who has his own spinoff movie with another BAMF, non-traditional female-lead who, instead of having to be a loyal princess, is more of a “I love you but let’s not make a big deal of it so I’ll come around when I come around” bandit in her own right, and although I honestly think the hay-day was the first two movies, the latest one DOES have Fiona as the leader of a rebellion war group…

External image

The Croods

Reason: Besides the explosive humor and adorable animals, it has an amazing female lead, the male lead isn’t just some pretty-boy love interest, he’s actually USEFULL, but I think what I love the most is actually the father role, because he isn’t presented as a clueless push-over, nor a stereotypical “No daughter of mine will __!” type, he actually represents a very accurate portrayal of the difficult to walk line between “I need to protect my family” and “I need to loosen up and let my kids make their own decisions”, he doesn’t do anything out of the “power of being a man” or just wanting his family to do what he says because he’s the leader, he very genuienly is afraid of losing his family because as the days pass the population IS getting thinner and thinner, and like most people, especially most parents, he doesn’t know how to handle that fear without going overboard, it also represents the fear of change without making that in it’s self a joke

The Secret World Of Arrietty

Reason: No animated movie list would be complete without a Ghibli film, but I’m really surprised that Arrietty doesn’t get the same love on Tumblr that Holw’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, Spirited Away, and other Ghibli films get, it was almost swept under the rug, besides having a common thread on this list with the female lead being strong and independant and having a great family dynamic, I’m mostly impressed with the male lead, who doesn’t take the typical role of a male protagonist by using strength to overcome his obstacles as much as he uses cleverness, Sho (Shawn in the English dub) has a very strong since of compassion and moral values that isn’t usually there in the beginning of the movie for male protagonists, it’s usually a learned trait, but he’s very understanding to start with of Arrietty’s compromising position and only wants a freind, he also has a heart condition that plays a part in his loneliness in the movie, Arrietty, like many Ghibli movies, also ends with the leads remaining only close freinds and not love interests, as well as with going their own ways but hoping to see eachother again, they do so in a way that leaves the ending still sweet, rather than the usual bitter-sweet feel of these sorts of things, not to mention the breath-taking animation is enough to keep your eyes on the screen even if the sweet story doesn’t interest you

Hotel Transylvania

Reason: With Monster High being the sensation it is, paticuarly on Tumblr, I’m increasingly shocked that Hotel Transylvania hasn’t made a splash, besides the absolutely adorable personality of Mavis- and Dracula makes it easy to see where she got that from- most of the charectors that so much as have speaking roles have some level of amusement to them, Mr. Wolf’s family on it’s own could be a movie as far as I’m concerned, but what really makes me love the movie is the plot, it’s more than the typical vampire/human soul mate romance (although the quirkiness of this one and the awkwardness of Johnathan) it’s more than anything about Dracula, like The Croods it shows the father role as more than the typical “I don’t want my daughter to date because of reasons” thing, it depicts a very justified fear of humans and how the death of his wife pushed his already astoundingly strong love for his daughter into a hyper-drive of overprotectiveness, and it shows that, although he is willing to go to any length to protect her, he very often has a hard time justifying his extreme actions to himself, and unlike most fathers in this sort of plot, he doesn’t just “accept” his daughter’s decisions, he actively seeks to help her get what she wants from them, and if nothing else I’d have thought that the references to cosplayers and Twilight would make Tumblr giggle, but really Dracula wins the Best Dad Ever award


Reason: Following the trends of strong female leads, we have this peice of gold, I would think Beyonce playing a Faery Queen would have put Epic on Tumblr’s radar but apparently not, the animation is stunning, by far one of, if not the, best movie on this list in terms of the animation quality, the charectors are all clever and unique, with a familiar sense of searching for where “home” is and what’s really important in life, it also puts a new spin on the faery/human relationships that we so often see repeats of, it isn’t the classic “Humans hunt faeries but learn their lesson” movie, nor is it quite as innocent as Arrietty, not to mention that the concept of the Queen and the Leaf Men are very unique in their construction

External image

Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies movies

Reason: All I ever see of Tinkerbell (this one atleast) on Tumblr is hate about wishing she was the same amount of sassy and bad attitude that she was in Peter Pan’s world, but two things aren’t being taken into consideration here (and I think the reason for that is that most people on Tumblr don’t bother to see the movies) and those are 1. Tinkerbell DID have alot more attitude in the first two movies, paticuarly the second, and she was very easily riled and very easily frustrated, traits shown in Peter Pan (although I have honestly not watched Peter Pan in yeaaaaars so I don’t remember her from there very well) in Tinkerbell’s second solo movie it was highlighted the most and she also saw just how strong those traits were in her and she decided to change, 2. This PRECEEDS Peter Pan, if I’m not mistaken Pan’s Tinkerbell had been cast out of Pixie Hollow, it would be understandable that Tinkerbell, who already had these qualities in a lower dose, would only increase in frustration and jealousy if she had been an outcast, the thing is, people change, something obviously happened for Tinkerbell to decide to join Peter and leave Pixie Hollow, the Disney Fairy movies don’t demonstrate that, they show her adventures from before she joined Pan, they may eventually show a flittering relationship/meeting between the two but I doubt it, the Fairy movies have alot of classic Disney qualities and speak out most against following rules and conformity, from the first movie when she found herself put down for being a Tinker fairy and wanting to change her talent, to Secret Of The Wings when she meets her fraternal twin sister Periwinkle against the rules of Pixie Hollow, to The Pirate Fairy when the story centers not on Tinkerbell, but on Zerena, who was constantly spoken down to and made to feel unwelcomed just for wanting to experiment with the laws of Pixie Dust, it has a carefully strung balence between “The rules are in place for a reason” and “Sometimes you need to break them and that’s ok” and it’s done quite nicely

External image

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

Reason: If I had to pick ONE movie that is the most underrated from this list, it would be Spirit, although it may look like a cute little movie about horses and rebellion, that really isn’t the case, the theme is very strong throughout the movie that the white men fighting against the Lakota tribe were in essence trying to break/imprison them just as much as they were the horses, Spirit is the only movie I know of that shows just how wrong the attack from Europeans on Native Americans was without it being a documentry of some sort, and although I think Disney’s version of Pocahontas TRIED to give off this vibe, I think it did poorly with it and gave a little too much (ok, alot too much) credit to the white men who came in and took everything the native people had,Spirit had none of that, I myself am white, but with some strong Native roots, I may be missing something that someone who’s purely/mostly Native American would find offensive, but as far as I can tell, Spirit does very well at representing the severely underrepresented group of people, and very accurately represented the cruelty of the Europeans, especially during that horrible war, even more than that though, it gave, in my opinion, a representation of Spirit and Little Creek’s relationship without making it corny or stereotyped, honestly, if I get pick any animated movie to get as much reckognition as Frozen does, Spirit would be it, because it isn’t JUST a good movie, JUST gorgeous animation, JUST a cute story… it’s all of those things, but more than anything, it’s a message that DESPERATELY needs to be heard in America, that just keeps getting shushed: Native representation, white power and how wrong it is- and was most especially when the Europeans took over- treating ALL people, as well as animals, with respect, free will, and I could just go on and on…

As much as I love the popular animation on Tumblr, Disney Princesses, Frozen,Rise Of The Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, etc, these movies REALLY need to get out there, they have some important things to say


Okay I know we all love this scene already, but aaah. I just have to pin point the moments I love.

- How plainly obvious it is that Tina is so taken with him! Like when Newt starts saying “Well it’s been…” and he doesn’t even finish before she eagerly adds “Hasn’t it?” and she’s all big smiles and 100% different from when Newt first met her!
- Newt’s reaction to her quick response! He just looks at her kinda surprised? And he doesn’t even say anything more to it. As if he’s not quite sure how he had such an effect on her?
- The way Tina’s voice breaks. She is SO full blown emotional She just really don’t want him to go and it breaks my heart.
- Newt is still not quite keeping eye contact for long.
- “I can’t think of anybody I’d rather have investigating me” *grimace* Instant classic, awkwardly hitting on Tina without intenting to.
- “Quiet life for me now” okay so this just reminds me of Bilbo Baggins at the end of the first Hobbit movie saying he believes the worst is over now. Because HA HA there’s four more f*cking movies coming Newt and you live and breathe trouble whether you intend to or not!
- “And I’ll look out for it! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and Newt looks her dead in the eye!! She just hit the jackpot right there!
- “Does Leta Lestrange like to read?” and he bloody hell says who! Who? The very woman they talked about days earlier. The same woman that has him hurting. That’s a huge thing for him to have a memory slip there. He’s found his giver! Not to mention Tina’s voice breaks when she brings her up.
- “People change” and Tina’s breathless “Yes.” 
- Newt being distracted by the ship soon to be leaving and Tina just struggling to keep her tears back. It just… ugh my heart.
- And don’t tell me Newt brushing a strand of her hair back isn’t better than a kiss in this moment? YES I ship them and YES I can’t wait for their relationship to start, but I HATE movies that forces love. This is so much more effective and fitting for these two. A slow start, but no less romantic and absolutely sweet. If there’s one thing this movie is it’s sweet and I think everyone needed a movie like this right now. Which included a slow burn relationship..
- Newt is not good at goodbyes. He leaves quite abruptly twice and you know it’s because it’s difficult for him to let her go. He just have to do it quick. It’s why he stops a last time before entering the ship, but can’t afford to look back. 
- He struggles to look at her when he’s in doubt of whether she wants him to come back. If she truly wants him. Only when she does show interest does he meet her eyes again. Like when she says the title of his future book because she gets him and now when she very much wants him back in her life.
- HER SMILE. It’s so beaming and sunshiny and nothing hurts while everything hurts at the same time
- He’s still not quite able to understand how he earned her affections. Like when he first looks at her he really looks at her as if he’s trying to figure it out.
- And he’s off and it’s all bittersweet because it hurts seeing him go, but she’ll see him again and she makes that little happy hop because she’s in love.

Okay that got a lot longer than intended, but you should really study this scene because Eddie and Katherine are just amazing with their acting. Their expressions and small details. Wow. Just focus on Tina in one go, then Newt the next. They are just brilliant. For someone who’s not much of a shipper in general it’s a big effing deal for him how deep I am in this Newtina ship <3

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Okay, so, I’m probably going to be talking about this a lot since it’s like, super amazing. A lot of fans have been pondering and contemplating things, and these are my personal opinions on it all. I’m just doing this before this spectacular plot unfolds and reviewing it so far. I guess this is gonna be kind of long?? I’m not sure, anyway here’s a something some of the fans have been talking about it.

1. How long is it going to last? 

Since Naruto was out for a very good fifteen years, a lot of people expect the same from Boruto, but a lot of people (judging from the opening scene) believe that it’s going to be a pretty short series, some don’t even expect it to last a year. It’s not because the fans necessarily hate the show, actually from what I’ve seen we’ve been pretty supportive, it’s just that the opening scene for the series is this:

So this scene is basically between some guy (who kind of looks like Iwabe? I’m not sure if it’s him, I kind of have mixed feelings on that theory) and an adult Boruto. This is what has made some fans believe that Boruto is going to be some quick, abrupt, series that’s probably going to end in a short amount of time. Others believe that it’s going to be long because, well, look at Naruto:

(Damn, I shouldn’t have picked such an emotional picture) Personally, I don’t what the Next Gen series to be short, but I’m not exactly expecting 15 years. Although Shippuden admittedly did have a lot of filler/insignificant episodes, it still takes decent writing skills to be capable of writing that long. Rather it’s a book, anime or some movie with sequels, it still takes a lot of thinking and effort. 

I love the Next Gen series with all my heart and more, but that wasn’t exactly the best scene to start on. It kind of already disappoints fans because they think that it’s going to be rushed. Or at least it’s going to feel rushed.

 But no matter how long it ends up being, I’m still going to probably love it, as long as it has a decent ending and doesn’t feel rushed are anything, I’ll be fine Besides, if it ends up getting popular among the Western side of the community, then it may end up being very long, either way I’m supportive.

2. The characters

Can we just talk about how well written out the characters are? Like, it wasn’t even much of a bumpy start in my opinion, I think everything went pretty smoothly from the start and so on, obviously, that can change, we don’t know yet, but so far it’s been doing pretty good, at least to be 

Boruto Uzumaki 

Okay, there are lots of things to say about his character but lets just start with this:


But honestly, fans thought that they were going to see that mischievous, ignorant, (yet loveable) male protagonist that always ends up rising above what everyone initially thought he was going to remain. Naruto was the original guy, besides Goku, despite their stories being quite different. But then other anime writers decided to do it, thus, turning it into a cliche.Yet, we somehow end up loving these idiots, I guess it’s because despite them having similar personalities, it’s different stories that they have to tell and different messages they have to bring out. As nerve wrecking as this cliche may be, I couldn’t imagine any other protagonists for some of these anime’s.

Back to the core subject though, Boruto’s generation or Boruto himself may not or never Naruto Uzumaki, but he was the perfect guy to take on the the legacy. However, in the movie he appears to be some spoiled, cringy, selfish, good-for-nothing brat:

And even though he did redeem himself later on during the course of the movie, it still couldn’t help but leave a very bitter taste it our mouth’s, including my own. Even though I have to admit, it did manage to make me cry. But then again, that isn’t a hard thing to do. 

Then Kishimoto decided to release Gaiden, probably a pretty good move being how mad half of the Japanese and most of the Western fans were at him. But after the movie a lot of people nearly completely separated themselves form the fandom. Then came this blessing of a series:

When I first heard of this, I screamed. That was my first reaction. But then I remembered the bratty Boruto and my excitement immediately disappeared. But one day, I decided, why not try watching it? I was pretty scared that I was going to be disappointed again, and I didn’t really want that, but when I saw the series I immediately became attached to it.

Boruto is so different, yet similar to how Naruto is. I didn’t want a completely different character that made the show’s feel go away, but at the same time, I didn’t want a complete duplicate of Naruto, that would’ve been quite disappointing to think one of the writers of your favorite shows wasn’t very versatile, but Boruto has a great balance of both Hinata’s and Naruto’s personality. He’s not the shy, prim and timid person Hinata was:

But he’s not the idiot Naruto was (still may or may not be at times but that’ why we loved and still love him):

Not only that, I love the message Boruto is giving to not only his friends in the series, but his fans, that he’s not his dad, and he’s choosing to take a different path. This isn’t Naruto’s story anymore, it’s Boruto Uzumaki’s story and he’s going to live it however he wants. We saw so many sides we probably wouldn’t have found out existed in the movie or even the manga, and now that theirs a series even more. 

Not to mention the fact that he’s freaking adorable:

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You can’t convince me that he isn’t. His personality although not a classic, is still really loveable. A lot of people have mixed feelings about his character, but I’m already pretty attached to him, and I can’t wait to see what his story has to bring.

2. Sarada Uchiha 

As far as how fans view her, all I see is love. Only a few people actually hate/dislike her character. Which I don’t know exactly why, because unlike Boruto, she didn’t necessarily do anything idiotic or bad to get any hate just yet, eventually, she is, and I think that’s when fans should start actually developing actual dislike for her character. Some fans only continued to watch the series because of her and I don’t blame them, she does seem kind of badass.

But I never knew fans could like Sakura’s offspring so much, let’s admit. Sakura got a lot more than enough hate from Shippuden viewers:

This was basically a joke that got way out of hand, because a lot of people actually began ranting about how useless she was, to put it short, Sakura became the most hated character in the entire series, personally, I loved Sakura, but a lot of people didn’t. Coincidentally, majority of those who hated her also shipped NaruSaku, which I will never understand since most fans don’t exactly ship a character that they hate with the main character.

Back to the core subject-(once again smh at myself) Sarada has a very interesting story, not only that, it could have a completely different outcome from the manga version, due this being rather very different from the manga. Although I just believe that it’s going to be written out a bit differently and nothing more. It doesn’t make Sarada’s story boring though. Because honestly, it’s just something that draws fans to her. 

Like Boruto, she seems to be a perfect mixture of both of her parents, she doesn’t push any emotion away as Sasuke does, but she also doesn’t have too much emotion like Sakura tends to have. It seems like she only pushed away major emotions.

Sarada didn’t exactly have the decent or okay childhood that Boruto had, even though Naruto can be somewhat neglectful of his family (with fair reasoning) Boruto still had Naruto their during his younger years. Sarada on the other hand, was basically only raised with a mother and has little to no memory of her father. Her childhood was most definitely different from Boruto’s.

Her story also seems to be different, but it’s way different from how Sasuke’s was, that’s probably why most fans find her story to be the more compelling out of the two. She isn’t short tempered and over emotional like Sakura was:

But she doesn’t tend to accidentally come of as cruel or try to be void of emotion like Sasuke:

Honestly, if Sarada had taken more traits from one parent than the other then I’m pretty sure she would have been hated, too.

She’s a perfect mix. When you really think about it, especially from a writer’s/creator’s point of view, it’s kind of a amazing their have been more than plenty of shows where the main character’s children always end up too much like their parents. But this is absolutely perfect. Honestly, I may not have given this show a chance if it wasn’t for this character. She was pretty interesting in the movie even though she wasn’t a major part of it.


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3. Sai 

Initially, I was just going to leave it at Sarada and Boruto, but the fact that they even put Sai in the series is pretty cool. I’m not going to say that he was one of my favorite characters, but a lot of the Japanese viewers adored him. He’s not really what I’d consider a main character, but I just like the fact that Kishimoto listens to his fans. Sai could’ve been completely gone from the series and that Kishimoto kept him just goes to show that the way this whole entire series has been written is far from being messy, unlike a lot of other animes.


There is definitely a shipping war beginning to brew among most fans, a lot fans are already shipping characters. Personally, I think the fans are justified. Sakura was in love with Sasuke when she was around their age, so fans shouldn’t be blamed for shipping anyone. Although their are a lot of ships like MitsuSara, MitsuCho and more, I’m just going to talk about the two main ones involving Boruto:

Borusara and BoruSumi:

Originally posted by stella-scarlet

Can we please just take a moment of silence to admire this beautiful, wonderful, ship (I’m obviously talking about BoruSara

Okay, I’m going too far, I’m sorry. But seriously, I find this ship so cute. I’m not saying that it can’t be a simple rivalry/friendship like Naruto and Sasuke’s just because Sarada is female I strongly believe that is could being a female myself, but I do ship them pretty hard.

I love the fact that when they’re in public they constantly argue but when they’re alone they tell each other really important things. Personally, I was pro NaruHina all the way, but since Sarada and Boruto’s characters are a pretty good mixture of their parents’ this could be another chance for those who shipped SasuSaku or NaruSasu.

Obviously, I could go on all day as to why I ship these two precious cinnamon rolls, but then I’d be wasting your time. 

As for BoruSumi, honestly, initially I found Sumire to be so annoying at first, once I heard her story she grew on me though, I like her as a character in the series but I don’t ship her with Boruto. I’m just not a fan of the whole NaruHina dynamic happening all over, Hinata is the only character who can really pull it off. Admittedly, I’m probably just another butthurt BoruSara shipper. 

But whatever happens in the series as far as that, I’ll still be completely supportive, Boruto isn’t exactly a love story, afterall.


Boruto is an awesome show, and even though I had my doubts, I couldn’t imagine being without it and we haven’t even reached the climax of it yet. I can’t believe I ever wasn’t interested in this show. I’m pretty glad that I decided to be open-minded instead of being completely dedicated to Naruto like a few of other fans have chosen to.

(If you disagree with anything in this post, please be respectful about it if you don’t believe you can be then personally message me, even end up commenting anything negative that’s disrespectuful I’ll delete your comment, reblog, or whatever)

A-Z Book Recommendations

EDIT: i’m so laughing because after like three days of this being posted, i realized i didn’t have a K title 😂 so props to anyone that caught that and i went ahead and added one! lol

Inspired by @macrolit. Enjoy! 

A - All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders: This book was…interesting and not at all what I expected.  A little slow at times but really good for people who like reading about the most off the wall stories.

B - The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett: This was a tough one to choose since I had so many B books that I wanted to pick.  But I read this four years ago and I always find myself thinking about it.  I love reading books that are about books.  This was beautifully written and very emotional.  It also made me want to learn how to restore old books.

C - Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare: I wanted to read this book purely because I liked the cover so much (and it had steampunk elements).  What started as a great read for me seven years ago turned into an obsession with the world of Shadowhunters that’s still going strong.  

Keep reading

Something that happened to me at Home Depot today I have to share because of how insanely stupid of a brief conversation it was.

Backstory. I needed to buy three sturdy plastic panels for my 3D printer so I can shroud it in order to print ABS filament. Simple fix. To Home Depot I go. Beth’s with me, of course, and we make quick work of getting all our needed items and head to checkout. The lines are long today, so we settle in to wait, and are drawn out of our conversation when a guy (put him in his 50′s) in the tool rental department whistles and waves us over. No line there. We hike over pretty fast.

So the guy conversationally asks me what the plastic is for, and I tell him it’s for my 3D printer, and you’d have through I told this man I shit gold because his eyes get huge as he gets hyper-excited. 

“Oh man, oh man, I gotta ask, how much would you charge for a 3D print?”

Me: ???? and kind of warily, “What kind of print are you looking for?”

“I want to print the armor from Mass Effect! I’ve got the files! I just don’t have a printer.”

Me…. “Well, that would probably take a lot of filament, so I can’t really give you a price right now. Is this for con?” 

“Yeah! Well, kind of. I want to wear it to con, but I also want to display it on a mannequin in my house.”

We start talking cons and nerdy things while he rings me up until he asks me what I’m using my printer for now.

Me: “Printing our proton packs for Awesome Con in June”

Guy makes a face and I just KNOW what’s coming. “Oh man, Ghostbusters….really? Man, which one?”

Me with the straightest of faces: “Reboot”

“Oh come on! Really? God, it was terrible! Why that one? Why not the original?”

Me, again with a straight face: “I’m queer, dude. Why do you think I’m choosing the reboot?”

Guy kind of stutters. “Well, I mean, there’s that, and I guess it was okay, BUT STILL! After what they did to Chris Hemsworth character? Making the only guy in the movie the stupid, hunky receptionist? That wasn’t cool. I didn’t like that he was just a sexy lamp.”

I shit you all not, that was what he said word-for-word. A grown ass, 50+ year old man didn’t like his gender’s portrayal because Kevin wasn’t a “smart, productive member of the group”. 

Me, slightly annoyed at this point: “You mean how Anny Potts and Sigourney Weaver were both sexy lamps in the originals?

Guy had no comeback, and I changed the subject to Aliens because, honestly, I’m so fucking tired of having to defend my likes to people, mostly men. I went through this with Fury Road and the fuckbois intimidated by Furiosa. I’m going through this with Ghostbusters, and I’m so fucking tired of every time I mention a film I like people feel the driving need to voice their opinions as to why it was a shitty film in their eyes LIKE I HAVEN’T HEARD THE ARGUMENT MADE A THOUSAND TIMES ALREADY. I get it. Men mostly hate this movie because it made them feel inferior and “unrepresented”. I get it. I do not care. I do not. I have no capacity within in me to pat your heads and rub your backs and coddle you saying, “it’s okay, big man, you’ll get another white, male, hypermasculine protagonist in a few months when the NEXT blockbuster movie drops. Poor you for having to share the spotlight with women this one time.” 

I’m so done. I’m done having to scrape and scrabble in the dirt to find both feminine and queer representation in the movies, in media entertainment, in books. I’m so tired of getting shit on by white men and their false senses of superiority and entertainment entitlement. I swear to fucking christ the first fuckboi who approaches me at con with a complaint about my Ghostbuster cosplay is not only going to get throat punched, I’m going to Kalima his heart out of his chest and eat it in front of him Daenerys style.

At the end of the transaction the dude still had the nerve to ask me if I’d be willing to print his suit. I told him I’d think about it and headed out. Motherfucker, that print will cost you a cool 2K starting price, something I don’t think your Home Depot salary will allow. 


I know I’ve seen this same thing said about Wonder Woman in other places, but I have never seen a movie like this. And I’ve seen a lot of shows and films of the action genre that put women in title roles, but I’ve never seen a movie like this. And I don’t even know how to properly express it. 

I understand now why I’ve seen people mention that women were in tears watching this film. I get it. Completely. 

I’m completely in awe. I don’t even know how to express it.

Sticks and Stones ~ Newt Scamander x reader

Request: i’m not sure if you’re accepting requests or not but I was wondering you could write a fix where the reader and newt are in a relationship and tina is jealous and a bit rude at first but eventually comes around when she talks it out with the reader and realizes that you and newt are perfect for each other. hopefully it makes sense xx

A/N: I just want to say that first off, I have absolutely nothing against Tina and I think that she is an incredible and wonderful character, and that she also may seem a smidge ooc, but that’s because I only had one movie to base her off of…anyways don’t hate on Tina she’s great :)

Warnings: arguing, mentions of insecurities, slight angst?, jealousy etc

Please Enjoy

“Honey could ya give me a hand with the strudel?”

Ingredients and various kitchen utensils wavered through the air as they paired up to complete the necessary tasks to prepare a delicious dinner to be served in the Goldstein apartment. You and Newt had returned for a short visit, and as soon as you had left the boat, Queenie was excitedly bounding down the port with Jacob and Tina smiling behind her. You had only been to New York once in your life, and that time just so happened to be the one where a certain magizzoologist got himself into a bit of trouble with the law.

Now you found yourself once again in the Goldstein apartment, except it was more welcoming and less stressful as opposed to before. Jacob hurried into the kitchen to assist Queenie with the cooking as you helped Newt and Tina prepare the room and set the table. Candles became lit and utensils nestled themselves into the folded napkins. You continued walking around the nearly finished table, watching as the plates then settled neatly at each spot before bumping into Newt. With a small look of embarrassment, you glanced up at him and his proudly worn grin. He then leaned down and gently pressed a soft kiss to your already reddening cheeks.

“Better watch out love, you and I both know how clumsy you can be,” he laughed before proceeding to fill glasses with water with a wave of his wand.

You smiled before returning a kiss to his jawline, noting the slight scruffiness of his stubble, and heard a quiet yet still audible groan from Tina.

A lot had changed since that first trip to New York. When you had arrived, you and Newt were best friends and partners in crime from your early days at Hogwarts, however, shortly after you both arrived back in the docks of London, Newt confessed to having feelings towards you. You harbored the same, yet you didn’t want to destroy or impose upon the bond you two shared. A few candlelit dinners and romantic walks around the case later, it was as if the two of you had been together for years. You two hadn’t really told anyone about your relationship, so when you both walked off the boat hand in hand, a few squeals and pats on the back were expressed. However, while Jacob and Queenie were ecstatic, Tina was practically the opposite.

You could sense the bitter edge of the situation as soon as your boots scuffed upon the pavement off the ramp to the boat. Tina was smiling, but you had known that type of smile from experience. She wasn’t really happy, regardless of the hugs and smiles, but you still viewed her as a respectable and good-hearted person. This pattern continued, further raising your suspicion as she acted differently around Newt. Instead of faking her smile, it was genuine around him, and when you had exited the room to use the bathroom, she was awfully close to the awkward man that you fell in love with, touching his hands and scooting closer to him on the couch. You trusted newt to know he wouldn’t try anything, but your thoughts still echoed with a bit of insecurity.

Once the table was set and the food was finished, you each sat at the table, with your seat being directly next to Newt’s. As the five of you ate and exchanged stories, Newt’s hand would brush against yours throughout, and you often caught him with a loving gaze directed at you. Around the time in which dessert was being served, you began to tell about the time in which the two of you had discovered a nest of a Chinese Fireball before Tina replied with an uninterested and slightly critical tone.

“So you just followed him?” she questioned.

“Well, yes, I mean I was observing with him…”

“But what you’re saying is that your job was to simply follow him? As in you can’t find your own job out there.”

“No I wasn’t saying that at all, my job is to help him, and I did so that he could gather information for writing his book,” you spoke, suddenly no longer hungry for the remaining strudel on your plate, yet you still put on a smile, pretending that you didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Newt’s eyes shifted as to you, as he had noticed your discomfort and nudged you under the table before speaking, “Y/n has been a wonderful assistant with my studies, and I don’t think I could have done it without the help. Y/n’s job is as mentioned, as Y/n helps me.”

“But Newt, don’t you think that you should, I don’t know, maybe have someone in your life that actually has a job and isn’t just following you around like some lost puppy?”

You were a little taken aback at her statement, as you and Tina had gotten along well before, but now, you were confused. You sensed her hint of jealousy as she had shown some interest in Newt before, but you didn’t think she would make such a deal of it, especially during dinner.

You gathered some courage before breaking your silence, “I’m not following him like a lost puppy.”

“Right, and I’m guessing that you don’t expect him to pay for and care for everything you do am I correct?”

“I don’t, Tina.”

Queenie butted in briefly before Tina cut her off, “Teenie, I don’t think you shoul-,”

“Newt you need someone who can actually handle reality, not someone who just expects everything to be magically taken care of,” Tina paused before looking at you again, “Someone who isn’t so invested in themselves.”

“Y/n is not any-,” Newt tried to interject.

“Take a good look Newt, I mean are you sure that Y/n isn’t just using you for the money that’s going to come from dating a bestselling author? Are you sure that she even loves you?”

You felt your heart sink and crack in your chest, and you turned away from Tina’s words. They were rude and untrue, as you loved Newt for who he was inside and out, and you didn’t care if he made any money from his book. Queenie’s broken expression matched up with Jacob, who had nearly let his glass slip from his hands as a chilling silence stormed over the table. The candles flickered dimly now and Newt tried to speak to Tina before she left the table in a frantic hurry back to her room.

Newt stared at you and held your hand in his own before muttering apologies. He knew how some people’s words could hurt others, and he didn’t need to be a genius to know that you were hurt beneath the surface, he knew you better than that.

“Y/n you’re not any of those things dear. You’re incredible and amazing and hard-working and-,”

“It’s okay,” you cut him off with a quick kiss, which he melted into before you pulled away. Queenie then broke the tension once more as Jacob began to clean up some of the discarded dishes.

“Sweetheart,” she said, sadness evident on her lips, “Tina is just…she didn’t mean those things, not really. She’s just hurting…”

You glanced at Queenie, a small tear forming and preparing to fall. You were strong, but words could still break more than bones. You wanted to be upset at Tina and the situation, but you had seen the look in her eyes before she exited the last time you were here. Only, the look was in your own eyes as you sat in the bathroom and stared at the mirror, observing how well you thought Tina was for Newt. Of course, that wasn’t the case, but you figured that Tina’s temper and words were not that of being snide, but rather of slight jealousy and heartbreak. Perhaps the way that you and Newt had acted with one another had set her off, and neither of you meant it to hurt her in any way. Tina was jealous that you had what she couldn’t, and her heartbreak was being hidden under her usually collected exterior.

“I understand Queenie, no real harm done. I’ll be okay,” you said as you squeezed Newt’s hand before getting up from your own chair. Newt gave you a look of confusion as you began to retrace Tina’s pathway to her room, but you pressed a loving kiss to his curly locks, explaining that you were going to talk to her. Queenie reminded you to be gentle before calling Newt to join her and Jacob in the kitchen.

You approached Tina’s door quietly before knocking a few times upon the grainy surface. A murmur of what sounded like, ‘Go away Queenie’ came from behind the door before it swung open, revealing Tina equipped with pink cheeks and tear tracks staining her appearance.

“Tina I…” you started before the door began to close once more. Reaching out, you held it, “I just want to talk to you, please Tina, just for a minute or two.”

Tina hesitated yet complied, expecting you to scream at her and return the same bitterness that she had with you. However, she was surprised when you sat next to her on her bed without an insult slipping from your mouth.

“Look, Y/n I’m so sorry I don’t know…”

“Tina it’s alright.”

She looked up at you and her jealousy plagued expression was replaced with a more regretful and saddened one. More tears began to pool out of her eyes as you handed her a handkerchief.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked, not wanting to overstep you boundaries, but Tina began to speak with a small sniffle.

“I-I was…I was jealous. Looking back I know I was horrible to you and I’m s-so sorry Y/n, I really truly am.”

You could feel the honesty in-between her tears, and you simply listened. She was a strong woman, but even the strongest people fall and break from time to time.

She began again, “When I saw you and Newt holding hands off the boat and kissing before dinner I just felt, I felt…”


“Yes…I just thought that maybe I had a chance with Newt. He seemed nice enough and passionate and intelligent, and I thought maybe I would talk to him alone when the two of you returned but I see that I was wrong now. He has your heart and you have his. I didn’t want to believe it, but you two really are perfect for one another. I can see it in the way he looks at you, when his eyes sparkle or when his smile gets wider around you. You’re smart and kind, and I know you really do love him. It was so, so wrong of me to say such nonsense. You’re beautiful and caring, and you love him for who he is, not for the money in his pocket. I was out of line for saying all of that, especially during such a nice dinner. I guess I just became angry and jealous that my chance at a love or happiness with someone like that was gone. I just wanted what you had…”

Her tears began to increase and you gave a small sigh. She was hurt, both in terms of her heart and her self-esteem. You knew she felt horrible for what she did, and instead of saying ‘I told you so,’ you sat closer to her as she dabbed the cloth at her eyes. Her tough and calm exterior was beginning to melt away like snow in the spring.

“Tina, you’re an incredible woman, and just because Newt and I are together doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there for you. You’re smart, talented, gorgeous, and I’m sure that there are many men out there who are dying to find a woman like you. You will find love someday, I promise you that Tina.”

Tina had started to calm down more after a while as she looked at you with glossy eyes, “How can you be so nice to me when I was horrible to you?” she questioned.

“Let’s just put it behind us alright? Neither of us deserves to spend our night hidden away and upset.”

You stood up and lent a hand to pull Tina up from the bed. You expected her do release it and exit behind you silently, but instead, she pulled you into a warm and sister-like hug.

“You truly are perfect for him Y/n, I’m so sorry I was too idiotic to see that,” she said as she let go to be met with your smile.

“You aren’t idiotic Tina, anyone can see that. Now come on, I think your sister is probably reading our thoughts outside the door,” you joked, earning you a laugh from Tina.

You forgave her, and she was no longer cross with you, and you both still had a long night with friends ahead. You both exited the doorway of the bedroom and Queenie immediately pulled Tina into a hug and sat her down for tea (your suspicions were right of course, as she was a legillimens, of course she heard everything). You smiled to yourself and crossed your arms, feeling the previous tension in the air being replaced by Jacobs’s laughter and clinks of mugs on plates.

You paused in the hallway and turned to see your curly headed boyfriend, who was now opening his arms to invite you for a hug. You gladly accepted and took in his minty and earthy scent from his clothes. He pressed a kiss to your lips, and you could feel him smiling through it.

“You know, you really are perfect love,” smirked Newt before he wrapped you in his arms once more.

You only laughed at him, aware that he was probably outside the door with Queenie and Jacob the whole time. You simply laced your hands with his and led him back to where the rest of your friends were sitting with their tea, putting the past behind them, and you both would do the same.


The Marvel vs. DC rivalry 100% has to stop.

I’m so sick of seeing “Thor: Ragnarok trailer has more views than Justice League.”  Or “Spider-Man: Homecoming is gonna surpass Wonder Woman at the box office.”  


Both franchises have their pros and cons.  Stop painting Marvel to be this wonderful franchise with flawless films (because honestly, there are a few I could name that were stupid and unnecessary but I will not mention so as to avoid hate).  DC is just starting their universe and doing their own thing.  Stop blaming Zack Snyder for “ruining the franchise.”

As a fan of film, pop culture, etc., I love both franchises.  I will go see their films opening weekend at the box office because I like to be entertained and I like to go to the movies.  It’s a way to escape from reality for 2+ hours.  Why can’t we all just enjoy that instead of fighting over which franchise is better?

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Prompt:  “Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.”

Character: Tony Stark

Warning: N/A

You loved Halloween. You loved the costumes. You loved the abundance of sweet treats. You loved the decorations. You loved how happy it made little kids. You ever loved watching cheesy horror movies. So it wasn’t that surprising that you burst in on Tony dressed in fancy dress and waving a bag of sweets about.

“It’s Halloween!!!” You watched Tony groan from his place sat in one of the many chairs of the living area. You were surprised no one else was up and about yet, but who cares? It’s Halloween.

“Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.”

“How can you hate Halloween? It’s literally an excuse to eat sweets and have fun!” You almost felt personally offended that Tony didn’t like Halloween, you couldn’t quite understand how someone could absolutely hate it. 

“Because people run around in masks and scare people.”

“Did you have a bad experience as a child?” You didn’t receive an answer and took that as a yes, throwing him some candy before moving on. You couldn’t make Tony like Halloween but you were going to enjoy it anyway, particularly with horror movies, Wanda, and Nat.

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top six controversial opinions!

Are you trying to get me in trouble??? To keep this from devolving into something that has the potential to eat my night, I’m going to make this “controversial opinions about fannish-related matters.”

1. I come down firmly on the side of “even if a ship or a trope is problematic, even if it personally disgusts me, people have every right to write it as long as they use relevant tags or post it in a place where that is expected.” Sometimes I go into a tag looking for edits for a show or movie or something I just watched and run into people going “well, obviously I don’t ship this, I’m not a monster” or whatever, and I am just So Tired of that culture.

2. Concrit should be opt-in 100% of the time. If someone does not have a note on their profile or at the bottom of a fic saying they would welcome it, nothing but perhaps a typo fix should be mentioned in the comments. I for one would rather have an outright hate comment than concrit from a stranger.

3. I really wish there was more division between creators and the fan community. Creators who are going to be kind to us will be kind anyway. Creators who are going to be shitty to us are going to be shitty to us anyway–Teen Wolf is the example. All those fan campaigns, the begging, the fan/creator engagement, and … what, exactly, did we end up with? I’d rather just keep a wall, even an illusory one, there. This is just as much because of fans acting poorly as creators acting poorly, too.

4. I don’t care at all if my ships become canon. That’s kind of weirdly phrased. Like, on a representation level I frequently care a LOT if they become canon? But it makes no difference to my fannish experience if they do or not, that’s a better way to phrase it. Sometimes I see “my ship is more likely to become canon than yours, thus you should ship it” and that’s just not the way my fannish experience works. If a ship of mine DOES get made canon, that actually makes me less likely to write fic, simply because I don’t feel the need to Fix The Canon.

5. On a related note, what I want in canon and what I want in fandom, and even the way I interpret things in canon vs. the characterizations and takes on events I want to see in fandom, are very very different animals. Like, thinking back to Merlin fandom, the Arthur/Gwen vs. Arthur/Merlin debate. And, like … Arthur/Gwen was super sweet on the show! But I had no real desire to read fic. And I loved reading (and writing!) Arthur/Merlin, but could see no healthy and well-done way for the ship to actually happen in the show. Or with Les Mis, I love reading the Brick Purists talk about characterization, but I like to read fic about fanon interpretations, because those characters, the patchworks created by fandom, are often more interesting and flexible and relatable to me than the Pure Hugo Characters.

6. This isn’t so much a “controversial” thing, but it has to be said: look, fandom. Can we, as a community and speaking to writers here, assume that if someone uses the word “Yep” or “Nope” instead of “Yes” or “No,” that they chose to do so because they were going to “pop the p”? Over the course of years this has become a weird obsession of mine and at this point it throws me out of the story EVERY TIME. Fandom, I love you, and this is such a small thing, but PLEASE STOP. WE KNOW. THEY ARE BEING INSOUCIANT OR OBNOXIOUS OR LIGHT-HEARTED, AND ARE SHOWING IT LINGUISTICALLY. Can we just … take it as read and stop saying “’Yep,’ he said, popping the ‘p’.” Please.

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Hi! I was wondering, do you (or maybe your followers) know of any bts fics where reader and whoever are friends first and whatever happens and etc etc? Something smutty would be preferable and not too long (as in not split into a million chapters because my attention span stinks when I have to click through chapters lol) Also I love your work!!!! Happy new year!

Did I ghost write this? idk if you’ve noticed but mostly all of my fics are best friend/friend fics and it’s pretty much all I read lmao I’ll name a few that I can think of right now and if anyone else has any pls reply to this with them!

One & Only by @allinforjongin
A Friendly Favour by @baeseoul
Lightweight by @btssmutgalore
Heartthrob by @the95liner
Into the Woods by @hobibliophile
I hate you, I love you by @jungblue
If We Were A Movie by @kimvtae
True Feelings by @kookingtae
Inked by @minsvga
F•R•I•E•N•D•S (wb) by @monstaccato
The Resolve by @wonhopes

& check out everything else by those blogs too because they have other ones, I just mentioned my favs :’) I FEEL LIKE I’M FORGETTING SOME BUT IF I REALIZE THAT I AM I’LL ADD THEM TO THE LIST. happy new year!!!! 

so split was a really good movie! I’m really glad to see M Night Shyamalan make another movie that I enjoyed (and for the right reasons, not because it was laughably bad), the guy is talented dammit.

and seriously you can tell the people who are boycotting this movie bc they think it portrays people with DID as evil clearly haven’t seen it. Before watching it, I had no idea what DID was and if you’d told me, my first impression would have been it’s a scary disorder. But having watched it, I feel sympathy and as much understanding as you can get from a 2 hour thriller. Much of the exposition regarding the disorder is delivered by Barry’s therapist who is not only earnestly trying to help sufferers control their disorder but is also in awe of the very nature of DID and it’s implications. You’ve got these personalities who are empathetic and uniquely talented individuals who are trying and failing to control the personalities that do hold bad beliefs and ill will and it’s upsetting and tragic more than anything because it’s so unfair to them.

There’s this moment towards the end with Kevin, one of the personalities that is superbly performed by James McAvoy. It brought a tear to my eye because it shows how this disorder that not many people even know about is ruining the lives of its victims. Not to mention that the movie’s message is that people who are perceived to be broken (i.e. have suffered trauma, mental illness, physical disability, etc.) are actually the strongest of us all, the ones who are awake.

So congrats, Internet, for yet again blindly hating something you don’t understand. You never fail to outdo yourself. I was actually determined to watch this movie because of the screaming of “boycott!!!!” and I’m bloody glad I did. Now I have some sort of understanding of this disorder and a massive amount of respect for the people who live their lives in spite of it, immeasurably stronger than I could ever be.