have i mentioned how much i love cows

Happy New Year’s, lovelies! We’ve finally made it through 2016, thank goodness! Needless to say, 2016 has been rough.. But that’s not what I want to focus on right now. 

For all the tough times, for all the lost finals (that never happened!!!!), it has been such pleasure to meet and get to know more of you. It has been such a relief and comfort throughout this year to log in and “hang out” with you all. Whether it was liveblogging matches, or silly memes, or whatever was going around, I have appreciated it so much. I don’t really know how to thank you all for that.. I suppose this is the best I’ve got for now. The point is, when I talk about how important football is to me, know that you all are a vital part of that. And holy cow, I’m so grateful to know you. 

Before I get to everyone else though, I have to give an extra big shout out to @itsaporcupine and @onceuponalany who welcomed me so warmly to @dailyfrancent this year. I have loved so so much helping out with the blog and talking with you both and sharing our love for les Bleus. It’s honestly meant the world to me. Not to mention that you’re both two of the kindest people I know and I don’t think I could ever thank Hugo enough for indirectly introducing us <3 I love you both so much! Bonne année, mes belles !

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