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The Thing About Carnival Row...

I’m pleased as punch to announce that Amazon has ordered Carnival Row to series. This, as I may or not have mentioned, is the series based on my first script. And it’s been a long journey for me. I was a second-year film student when I had the idea. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe that trip to England, with the production of Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Jack the Ripper walking tour. Or the film noir class and the Brian Froud book I picked up after a shift at the school library. But at some point, this imaginary place, this sooty Victorian city where humans and mythical creatures lived side by side started to come into focus. And I wrote a short student film about a police inspector who shows up at a brothel where this faerie prostitute has been un-winged and murdered. And we come to realize that he’s hiding something from the other police on the scene, that the victim means something to him.

I was probably biting off a little more than I could chew, but I was desperately in love with it. It had big wet emotions and English accents and social implications and fog and gaslight and creatures. I wanted to film it. Very badly. And I was hell-bent to figure out a way to do it. I wrangled some friends. I found a production designer. Went driving around at night after class and found like the only cobblestone street in Winston-Salem.

I was crushed when the school rejected the pitch, but my screenwriting advisor convinced me to turn it into a feature script. I didn’t want to at first. I was heartbroken. I’d wanted to make it. But he was insistent, to his credit, and the idea wouldn’t go away. So I spent the next two years writing, bringing pages to him, etc. And he’d give me notes. How to write economically. Using white space to draw the eye. Using active verbs instead of “is.” The script wasn’t just a sandbox. It was a classroom. It was the script I learned to write on.

I never thought of selling it at that point. Hollywood seemed lightyears from my little room in North Carolina. I honestly never imagined it could sell. I liked it too much to think so. It was just some fun I was having. Written for an audience of one. So in my last year at school, when an alumni in LA called to say his boss was looking for material and asked if I’d send that thing I’d been working on, I sent the script along, not really expecting anything to come of it. But a few months later, I get this call in my dorm room. And he says, “I can’t say much. But you should know — you’re about to start getting phone calls.” And my life was never the same. By the same time the following year, the script, Killing on Carnival Row, had been bought by New Line. I had reps. I had meetings on backlots. I had a career.

Even so, Carnival Row sat unproduced for over a decade. And for much of that time, I harbored almost no hope for it. It was either unlikely to get made or unlikely to get made in a way I’d have anything to say about. I had to learn to think of it as a sacrificial lamb. This thing I loved very intensely once, and gradually had to let go of. It was my first good idea. The one I bought my career with. And that was that.

The fact that it’s getting made now is extraordinary. The fact that anything gets made is extraordinary, of course. But the fact that I get to be there. Talking about the color of the wallpaper or the shape of faerie wings. Giving notes to artists. Going over lists of actors and location photos. Looking for the right cobblestone street — That, my friends, is a miracle. Because after all these years, that kid who was too dumb to be afraid he was biting off more than he could chew is back in my life, and he’s finally getting to make his weird little movie. And like Rene said at lunch the other day, “If that isn’t the fun we signed up for, it doesn’t exist.“

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.26 - Fire and Ice

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand. Ok i don’t know if you noticed but this fic has some new cover art and that is courtesy of @zenith1988 and @ziegelzeig, Zenith1988 commissioned Zigelzieg to comission this beautiful piece of art, and otakurec37 colourised it, this amazing gift actually brought tears to my eyes causing the doctors and nurses I work with to ask if I was ok, so thank you so much for this meaningful and beautiful gift, oh and @reddoshirousagi06 and @kawaiideadlyusagi you know who you are in this chapter. Thank you to everyone who liked, faved, followed, reviewed and reblogged the last chapter. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/26/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 26- Fire and Ice

Mason Bogo was sat at the kitchen table in his home drinking coffee and anxiously waiting for Judy to arrive, he wasn’t due in work until 1pm and knew Hopps would heed his words about coming to his home as soon as possible. He was taking a risk and he knew it, he didn’t know if he was being monitored, if Bagheera questioned him on Judy’s presence at his residence he would lie and say he wanted a progress report on her injured arm. There was also the possibility that if Bagheera was as dirty as he suspected his home could have been bugged with audio devices but Bogo had anticipated this, he only hoped that his plan worked. A knock at the front door had brought Bogo out of his worries, the Cape Buffalo got up and walked to the front door and opened it to see Judy looking up at him. “Hopps.” Bogo greeted in his default gruff tone.

“Mornin’ Chief, I got your text.” Judy replied, her voice sounding a little worried.

“I can see that, please come in.” Bogo said, stepping aside so the bunny could enter his home.

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Oh Batman: Europa, you and I had a good ride, far better than I thought you could deliver with your tiny amount of issues. I already talked about it, but since this was the big, hilarious finale, why not say more?

Let’s just go back on Bane’s ultimate evil plan for this series

  • Poison both Batman and the Joker;

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(You’ve been warned. Don’t say I didn’t tell you…)

Welcome to the Hannibal series! It’s more than just cannibalism. That has been a stigma that people have used as an excuse not to watch Hannibal. They think that have the whole plot figured about because Silence of the Lambs is all they know. But this show is so much more than that. It’s stronger with more twists and turns than you would believe. It’s based off of the first book in the Hannibal series, Red Dragon. It’s so much more than that. Not only is it just a bunch of ships waiting to set sail, it’s full of beauty and symbolism.

1. Art

We all know that Hannibal is practicing cannibalism, so let’s just get that out of the way. What you didn’t know if you don’t watch the show is that Hannibal didn’t like not being able to save people in the ER when he was practicing medicine, so he channeled his energy into the culinary arts. Whenever any of the food is prepared in the show, it looks like it belongs in a 5-star restaurant! It looks so appealing and delicious!

Not only the food, but when Hannibal kills and Will/the FBI discover the crime scene, the morbidity is lost because what Hannibal changes the bodies into art. There is one case where he takes the man and puts him in a tree. Not just “puts” him there, but plants him. The man’s body becomes one with the tree and there are flowers growing out his body. Fucking flowers. Hannibal put flowers in this man so that they could grow; so that something dark could be seen as beautiful. “From death there is life.”

2. Language

When I say “language”, I don’t mean cursing/swearing. I mean the use of the English language to create such deep and meaningful conversations. This type of communication is lost to so many people in today’s society. The communication between characters, especially pairings like Chilton/Will, Will/Hannibal, Hannibal/Chilton, Gideon/Hannibal, and Will/Gideon, is so profound. You have to pay attention to the dialogue because it is so pertinent to the show. Sometimes there are lines that Will said to Hannibal in season 1 which are repeated by Hannibal to Will; Hannibal throws Will’s words back in his face. It’s brilliant!!

Occasionally, Hannibal will be explaining something to a character (typically a patient) and you find yourself agreeing with everything he is saying and then you remember he’s talking about himself and his cannibalism. He’s a genius with his words!!

3. Character Development

There are a lot of shows out there today that only focus on the plot movement and pushing the story along that there isn’t time or room to have the characters grow. In this show, they work in tandem with each other. Major plot points in the show are the character development. The changes, twists, and turns in the nature of the characters. Though Hannibal is the assumed protagonist, and is when you get down to it, you still find yourself saying that you hate one character over Hannibal. You feel for Hannibal and the struggles that he goes through with his loneliness. That is why he takes Will Graham under his wing. He wants someone to spend time with. Your true friends know you better than anyone ever could. This is how Hannibal feels about Will. Because he sees so much potential and he sees himself in Will, he cuts off Will from everyone he loves or cares about, so that he could suffer in loneliness just like Hannibal. More like suffer with Hannibal. As much of a villain as Hannibal can be, and what we’ve seen in Hannibal movie series, he also has a part of him that yearns to find someone to share in his likeness.

4. Casting

There is so much to be said about this cast!! They have a very diverse group of actors in this show. That is not say based on ethnicity, race, creed, color, etc. It is to say that they came from all types of backgrounds.

Laurence Fishburne:
Many of us know him for his roll as Morpheus from The Matrix series, but he has been in quite a few serious roles during his career. He is extremely versatile

He has such a command a presence on screen. When he’s in a scene, Laurence commands all attention. Even when he is sharing the screen with Mads, he holds his own. When the two greats are present, you watch in awe and behold the majesty that is Laurence Fishburne. I really love his take on Jack Crawford. He isn’t just the head of his department/branch of the FBI. He befriends Will and regards him highly. Until midway through season 2.

About this time, Will Graham is suspected of being the “Chesapeake Ripper”. Hannibal skillfully crafts his web of lies and everyone falls for his trap. All but Will, who finally sees Hannibal for what he truly is. Though Jack believes in Will in season 1, you see how quickly he changes his tune and is convinced that Will is a murderer. I got really frustrated with Jack because the evidence he was searching for was always right in his face and he was just being blind. Granted, that is the nature of dramatic irony, but in a show that is written so brilliantly, you should expect a few bumps along the way for a character.

Mads Mikkelsen:
What can I say about this man that hasn’t been said already!? His is fantastical it’s not even real! His talent abounds so much and his caliber of work is so astonishing. I felt like he was strong in his role in Clash of the Titans (2010). Personally, I believe that movie wasn’t the best and it definitely didn’t capture Greek mythology well, but Mads worked with what he was given and he ran with it. In fact, he did a freaking marathon! I love how when you watch him in interview, he is a quirky, adorable, precious human being. But as Hannibal, you’re pretty scared of him. He can shift so fast and so well into the character that it’s like it was written for him and him alone.

During the season 2 finale, Laurence and Mads have a fight scene. Granted, the two actors are aged men, not to say old, but not quite what they used to be. Or so it would seem! They did all of the stunts on their own, with some help from fight choreographers, but they did the scene themselves! In one instance during the fight, Laurence (52, 6’ ½") takes Mads (48, 6'0") and flips him over his back! Straight up takes his arm and throws Mads over his shoulder!! I mean COME ON!! The kind of strength that it takes to do that must be incredible. Not to mention that the crew and some of the cast that weren’t scheduled to be there that day came anyway to watch these two action gods duke it out. Hugh Dancy said in an interview that he was unable to watch the filming of the fight sequence but when he came into work the next day he asked various crew and cast members about it. He said that they looked at him and said, “Laurence is really strong.” Not in an awed manner, but in one of almost fear. They’ll never want to get on his bad side!

Raul Esparza:
This man has worked his way from off-Broadway to Broadway then to television. Some people my recognize him from his latest hit on t.v. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). He is currently playing ADA Rafael Barba. He has a command on that show like I’ve never seen before. Normally, the detectives or the captain maintain the screen and the ADA comes in only to move the plot along. Other than that, they can be pretty worthless. But Raul stands all on his own. Grounded in his character and his acing ability. This can also be said about his work as Fredrick Chilton in Hannibal. He has so much sass that it can’t be contained! I adore his character greatly. While the sass is a major part of who Fredrick is, he also is a suspicious man. Esparza can go from fun and sassy Chilton, to weary and cautious, even suspicious in an instant without losing anything.

Hugh Dancy:
Of course, lastly (but not least) we have Will Graham himself. The man who is caught in the middle of everything at all times. Who is constantly torn, not only by external conflicts, but gripping internal conflicts, as well. Will Graham is a consultant for the FBI for criminal profiling. He has multiple neuroses that allow his empathy to flow much stronger than any other human being, that allow him to imagine himself as the killer. He does get to “caught the bad guy”, as it were. But his empathy takes its toll on his psyche. 

Hugh Dancy gives all the strength to Will that is becoming of the character. Yet at the same time, allows his frailty to be seen. This is because as Hannibal is slowly taking over Will’s mind, we can still see glimpses of Will’s humanity. It’s strong even during the season 2 finale.

The mirror images were so strong during that finale. Not just Hannibal mirroring Jack, but the different sides of Will, the one he has when he talks to Jack and the one with Hannibal. We see almost the “good” and the “evil” sides of Will. There is a moment in which the scenes cut between Hannibal talking to Will, and Jack talking to Will. At the end of that scene the camera editing shows half of Jack’s face with half of Hannibal’s face. But then the camera cuts to Will and the same thing happens. Half of it is Will when he’s speaking with Jack, and the other when he’s speaking to Hannibal. It almost looks like two completely different people. This is just a testament to what an amazing actor he is. Hugh almost had me fooled, that there were two different actors, there. But in a sense there were two different characters present. Will, slightly more psychotic because of Hannibal’s influence, and Will more sobered because of Jack’s influence.

This concludes my gush over Hannibal. Go and watch this masterpiece unfold before your eyes. If you think that this is just a retelling of the movies, you’re mistaken. If you think you know everything about Hannibal, you haven’t seen what they’ve cooked up for you. It’s not just a show about cannibalism. It’s so much more.

Go and be a part of more.

Separation (Hannibal Digestivo, mid-season finale)

So, Digestivo. Please tolerate (lol) my BS a little I am quite emotional for the EP right now okay.

On Hannibal - Hannibal gave up his freedom in exchange for a chance to wait for the day Will voluntarily going back to him, either it’s out of unhealthy obsession, love, selfishness, loneliness or just another sadistic game, his decision of choosing to be apprehended showed the human side of Hannibal. Will’s (break up) speech affected him quite deeply though. The sadness was visible in his eyes when he knew Will’s decision asking him to go alone .

On Will - Some people think it’s super weird for Will to chase Hannibal across the globe to Italy on boat only to break up with him like that. Will was confused when Hannibal left him with the smile scar and Abigail’s death. He was emotionally unstable and he could not have predicted how he would feel when he met Hannibal again before he jumped on that ship cough boat. It was the whole point of chasing after Hannibal, for a closure.

On the breakup - The way Will delivered the breakup speech made me feel that Will was still quite conflicted inside and only meant half what he said to Hannibal, the “I don’t want to"s sounded like exactly what he wanted to do. I think after Mason, Hannibal and Will finally know they may not survive separation after all, as previously predicted, they both chose to at least co-exist.

Will knew he could not run away with Hannibal (Hannibal : yet. /smirk/), but Hannibal could not stay because hello most wanted serial killer. So Will made the decision for both of them, asked Hannibal to go, that’s the only way Hannibal could still retain his freedom (remember in Mizumono Hannibal mentioned Will would take from him his much valued freedom and deny him his life). But no, Hannibal thought his freedom no longer matters that much compared to losing Will and being separated from Will for good. /life would be booooring without Will, as per his conclusion based on Florence/ Hannibal made his decision for both of them instead, that is for Hannibal to stay around and wait for the day Will is ready to voluntarily make the choice and go back to him (and even run away together?) /control freak much Hannibal? Always have to be the one making decisions…/ In a sense, Hannibal had set up another test for Will, much like he tested Chiyoh with the firefly man. /can you be less curious Hannibal /

Honestly, I feel that Digestivo was fucking perfect serving as a closure for the prequel arc before entering the Red Dragon storyline. In the end, Will has involuntarily helped Jack hooked the Ripper like a fish with the bait of friendship (or love, ok I am hannigram trash). This time it’s not because of Will’s betrayal, but it’s Hannibal’s own free will. Will wanted Hannibal to go and live freely for f sake, but Hannibal wanted to stay and wait for Will. It’s a bloody tragic relationship okay.

If this does not make sense I apologise it’s very late already and I am dRuNk…XD|||

ETA: I want to add a few words on a thing.

I see that there are opinions that the show and Hannigram shippers have romanticised Hannibal’s abusive relationship at the end of Digestivo because it is an abusive Hannibal simply cannot take Will’s NO as an answer and forcing himself on Will even Will ‘breakup’ with him.  

“Romanticised” - What I see is, the show has made it clear from the start Hannibal is a manipulating sadistic etc. cannibalistic serial killer who has a weird interpretation of love and would not regret using love and sex as tools to get to what he wants, e.g. Alana. The fans or Hannibal shippers specifically are well aware of the unhealthy nature of Hannibal’s relationship with Will. I do not particularly find that the show has romanticised much about their relationship, the show has clearly shown how twisted it has been from Day 1.

“Abusive” - Firstly, this is not about physical abuse or anything, it’s about the nature of their relationship. Regarding Hannibal and Will’s relationship, Hannibal, in the book or in the show, always gives Will/ Clarice a choice. Hannibal may know them too well to predict their action (sometimes not entirely) or understand which buttons to push, but he always ask them to choose their action (and he has always been curious on people’s choice of action and consequences). I am no expert on the books and the situations where Clarice and Will meet Hannibal are entirely different, so I will not take Clarice into account here. So, Hannibal and WIll. At the ending of Digestivo, yes, it could be interpreted as Hannibal being stubborn and obsessive. Was it Hannibal being abusive to Will because he cannot take NO as an answer? I do not agree.  If Hannibal is being abusive at the end of Digestivo, he would keep pushing Will anyways until Will says yes finally and take Will with him (like in fucking 50 shades jfc). But no, Hannibal walked out of the door and did not push Will further. What Hannibal did was giving up his freedom to allow Will achoice. Will has the freedom to ignore him and never visit Hannibal until he rots in the cell. My interpretation is that if Hannibal thinks Will is 100% sure not going to go back to him, he would not have done it. Freedom and basically his life is a very big sacrifice for Hannibal to give up. Hannibal did it because he knows Will too well that Will is just like him, that he could not find satisfaction in this world because inside they possess the same dark mind and worldview. Hannibal may want to roam the world with Will but what he did was not forcing him to do it. I do not agree this gesture generally qualifies as romanticisation of an abusive relationship just because Hannibal cannot accept Will saying NO.