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Addicted To You

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SUMMARY: You were no better than Yoongi for becoming an addict.

It had been at least a year since you broke up with Yoongi. You regretted breaking up with him within a month. You missed his warmth and comfort but sadly your pride was in the way. You didn’t want to be that girl that runs back to her ex, begging for forgiveness. No, you cared more for your pride, which was stupid of you. You hated that you cared so much, it was the only thing stopping you, your bloody pride.

You were helpless, hopeless and tired, you had friends but you isolated yourself from them. Namjoon had tried to comfort you but you wouldn’t have it. You didn’t want him, you wanted Yoongi. Oh, how badly you wanted Yoongi in your arms again. Over the past year, instead of trying to sort yourself out, you became addicted to the alcohol you had consumed, it only ruined you and you knew that, but that wasn’t stopping you from drinking the poison.

However, what you didn’t know was that Yoongi was no better, his pride and ego were also in his way, otherwise he’d be next to you. He hated the fact that there was something so stupid in the way of the him and you, but like you he couldn’t fight it.

He was addicted to cigarettes when he had met you but stopped smoking, because you became his brand new addiction, but because you left he went back to his own poison. He was ruining himself, ruining his body despite the fact that he knew the consequences, but none of these consequences would stop him because he didn’t have you.

“You know, you can’t drink that shit forever.”, Namjoon told you. “I can and I will.”, you muttered, as you grabbed your third can of beer. “___, I hate seeing you like this. You’re my best friend, I hate watching you suffer.”, he replied. “Then don’t. You can leave.”, you snapped back. “___, you know what I mean. You used to be so full of life, you used to write and produce songs, where did all of that go? Where did my best friend go?”, he voiced. “She’s dead and has been replaced by a zombie, who misses her ex.”, you mumbled. You were disgusted by yourself, you didn’t want to become who you were and yet you did. You became addicted to alcohol and you couldn’t stop. Alcohol was running your life and you hated it, you became unmotivated and stopped releasing music, making people wonder where you went.

“Seriously Yoongi, put the cigarettes down.”, Jungkook begged. “No, it feels good.”, he replied, it didn’t. He hated it, it tasted horrible but it distracted him from you, so he continued. “I fucking hate how you can smoke, it disgusts me.”, Jungkook muttered. “Hey, don’t talk to me like that. I am older than you.”, Yoongi replied, rather agitated. “Does it matter? You’re killing yourself. If ___ knew that you went back to smoking, she’d kill you before the cigarettes do.”, Jungkook said under his breath. “Why even mention her? You know what I’m going through and you still mention her?” “Whatever, I don’t care. I’m going, I can’t stand the smell of your apartment.”, Jungkook said before he grabbed his coat and left. Jungkook was enraged with fury, not only did his father smoke but also another one of the most important people in his life.

Namjoon grabbed the remaining beers and hid them so that you would stop drinking them. “What the hell? I was drinking them.”, you whined. “You need to stop, what would you do if Yoongi knew you drank like this?”, Namjoon asked. “Who cares about Yoongi? It doesn’t matter anymore, nothing does.”, you replied. Before Namjoon could answer his phone rang. “Hello?” “I’m at ___’s house.” “Sure.” “Bye.” “Who was that?”, you curiously asked. “Jungkook, he’s pissed off at Yoongi and needs to vent.”, Namjoon chuckled. “That makes two of us.”

Jungkook finally arrived at your apartment, he stank of cigarettes. “What the fuck is that smell? You don’t smoke, do you? Tell me you don’t.”, you blurted out before greeting the younger boy. “No, I don’t smoke, that’s disgusting. Yoongi smoked and his house stank, it was so fucking annoying, he wouldn’t stop smoking, even though he knows how much I hate it. Then when I mentioned you, he got all mad at me. What the fuck did I do?”, he ranted. “Why would you mention me to him? And why the hell is he smoking? That’s horrendous.”, you replied. “Uhh…I actually have no idea why I mentioned you and he’s smoking cuz he said it relieves stress but that’s just bullshit.”, Jungkook told you.

While the two of you were in a heated conversation about Yoongi, Namjoon sat quietly texting someone, that someone was Yoongi. Yoongi, ___ drinks. I don’t know how to stop her. She drinks? That’s horrible. I hate that she’s drinking. Why is she drinking though? I don’t know if I should tell you this but…it’s because of you. She misses you, a lot. She also just found out that you smoke again, she’s furious. Well, I’m pissed off about the fact that she drinks. I’m coming over. Is that a good idea??? I don’t care if it is or isn’t. I need to talk to her. And so Yoongi came over to your house within minutes.

You heard the doorbell ring, you looked at Namjoon in confusion, all he did was mouth a ‘sorry’ to you. Slowly you opened the door and saw Yoongi standing right there. “Umm…why are you here?”, you questioned. “We need to talk.”, he replied. “About?” “Us.” “Yoongi…why do you smoke again?”, you questioned as you signed for him to come in. “Why do you drink?”, he replied. “I don’t know.”, you muttered. “You’re no better than me, ___. You told me that you hated the taste of alcohol yet here you are.”, he said. “And you said you quit and here you are.”, you replied.

“Look no one is better than the other but isn’t it clear that we need each other?”, he questioned. “I’m sorry. Yoongi, I’m sorry. I was such an idiot, why did I ever break up with you?”, you said as tears started to stream down your face. It broke his heart to see you cry because of him. As he wiped your face he told you, “If you want, we can start over. Pretend this never happened. We’ll help each other quit.”, he said as he forced a smile. All you could do was nod. “I want to be addicted to you again, only you.”, he smiled, making you laugh at his cheesy sentence.

“Are you two better now?”, Namjoon smirked. “You’re up to this?”, you asked. “Yep, aren’t I a genius?”, he smiled. “Well technically you are with your IQ and all.”, Jungkook muttered. “See, I’m a genius.”, Namjoon proudly repeated. “Anyway we’re off now.”, Jungkook smiled before leaving with Namjoon.

As soon as the two were out of the apartment, Yoongi’s lips crashed onto your own. “I missed you so much.”, he muttered in between breaths. “Me too.”, you smiled before leaning in to kiss him deeper. Yoongi pulled away from the kiss and smiled as he wrapped his arms around you. “I love you.”, he voiced. “I love you too.”, you smiled back before leaning into his embrace. “Let’s just cuddle on the sofa, I missed your warmth and comfort.”, you softly told him. “I missed yours.”, Yoongi replied before pulling you towards the sofa and holding you in his arms once again.